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    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Screenshot Redraws 14#

    The Girls!!!

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    19.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Bit of a sneak-peek to the new Black Cat fic. It’s still in progress, and I know it’s taking forever, but if it makes you guys feel any better, it’s the longest part of the series so far (I’m currently approaching 20 pages, which is impressive for me).

    And, yes! Horrificator is the episode this time around. I feel like I’ve been doing all of the underrated episodes.

    “Um… where’s…” Rose started rather shakily, “where did Nathaniel go?

    They all jumped at the sound of her voice- and there was a beat of nerve wracking silence before the whole class rushed down the hall (even chloé seemed a bit curious to find out what happened).

    In the middle of the hall, at the entrances of one of the classrooms there was a puddle of some sort of slime- in it was one of Nathaniel’s pens. The boy, himself, wasn’t anywhere. It was like he’d been spirited away.

    By the akuma- the monster. Surely, that was what he was attacked by. What else could it be? Because, while she disliked Chloé, Marinette knew that she was telling the truth about there being an akuma inside the school. This was just proof.

    And it was out and about, doing who-knows-what to people. Her classmates.

    (she wasn’t claustrophobic, but she could swear that the walls were closing in on her and it was getting harder to-)

    Marinette tried her best to breathe. In and out, in and out she told herself. But it was becoming hard in the crowded, murmuring hallway, three of her classmates missing.

    And it was her job to handle this, wasn’t it? She had to find a way to evacuate the building safely- that was just what the class president was supposed to do. She could almost hear her classmates’ scrutinizing thoughts, that she should be taking charge like she did during Dark Blade. But she couldn’t, because there was a monster lurking in the shadows and she had to be Lady Noire right now, didn’t she?

    She wanted to ask Plagg what to do, because he was full of surprisingly useful advice sometimes, but he was stuck in her purse. Marinette supposed she really was alone-

    Alya nudged her shoulder, interrupting her spiralling thoughts, “Hey, girl. Are you okay?”

    Marinette forced her voice to not tremble and said, “Yeah. Just- I’m just a bit scared.”

    Because of course she was.

    (no one knew that she got easily frightened by horror movies. it wasn’t a secret or anything, she had just never had anyone to tell. but now it felt almost like some sort of shameful secret, burning bright red underneath her skin. because what superhero was afraid of a few monsters?)

    In and out.

    (her hands were shaking)


    She clapped her hands together loudly, gaining everyone’s attention. It was now or never. She had a job to do. Two jobs, actually, neither of which were worth abandoning.

    Plagg had told her to find balance, a thing that she couldn’t bring herself to achieve before. But, it was about time she finally grew into her role as a hero. Because, so far, she was barely even scraping by. (she was nothing like misterbug, and she probably never would be. but she had to try. it was the least she could do)

    “Everyone, calm down. The heroes will be here soon, so let’s just make sure we all stick together.”

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    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    AYO @smol-hibiscus @shinindiamond COME GET YOUR CAT

    #enjoy the wholesome content :D #while it lasts #ayume hikkido // sugar rush #bnha oc comeback #knha // kimi no hero academia #quirk swap #catgirl ayume catgirl ayume #shes still 6'2 obviously so to reach the head at that angle youre gonna need a ladder #also fun fact! cats can't taste sweet things #though im pretty sure konekomaru can #something something cat running across a road joke something something
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    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    This sounds crazy and i really hope i'm wrong but this scene:

    For me it feels like is giving focus on the ring which is so strange, this scene can be a little of foreshadowing the finale or something? Like I really hope ladybug don't take chat ring away but a the same time i don't know what the writers are planning, feel it would be so strange if she do that? I don't know I probably just exaggerating everything thing. I Hope I'm wrong.

    And zag don't be stupid we know that marc precious think is Nathaniel, don't lie to me.

    And I would love to see more of alya and chat together they are such a catholic duo, they really look like siblings GIVE MORE PLS!!

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  • skiduffle
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I made a small doodle about the quirk swap from this post by cosmic-goof.

    I was gonna originally make a small comic about what the effects of Tokiya just having his quirk get ripped out of him and given to someone else could do to him but this is a funny au so here's a picture of Tokiya as a fluffy cat boy.

    whoever gets tokiyas quirk should be fine because tokiya has been effected by time weirdly for literal years while whoever gets tokiya's quirk will only feel weird for like a week or something, i don't know how long the swap would be for in universe.

    i still want to do the comic because there was a joke that i thought was really good and can only work with this specific prompt so uhhh expect that at some point

    #bnha oc comeback #knha quirk swap au #tokiya iori // chrono #skiduffle #i tried so hard to not make cat tokiya look like a fusion between konekomaru and tokiya but i feel like i failed #but other than that i like the drawing #i tried to base tokiya off a fluffy cat even though it makes no sense since tokiya's hair is usually pretty short #or at least short for my art style #anyways thats it for now i have some other stuff to work on
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  • mlbthoery
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Let's Talk Bout a Trailer (Open Discussion)

    OK! So, there is A LOT to talk about here.

    First and foremost, the OBVIOUS: Alya having the Ladybug miraculous trusted to her by Marinette while she goes to London.


    So, the theories are official, Alya is backup Ladybug incase actual Ladybug cant perform.

    Now I think you can see where I'm going with this.

    Cat Noir/Adrien.

    Man doesn't deserve the shit that's been happening to him. I mean, c'mon, this is just cruel now. His feelings of self worth are already starting to go down the drain and now THIS happens.

    You get where I'm going with this, right? Someone else shows up in place of Ladybug, which means Cat Noir will most likely connect the dots to see that someone knows Ladybug's identity.


    I'm sorry, but we all knew that Cat Noir/Adrien was going to have MAJOR angst when this fucking season started and now we're getting into it.

    My man is getting less and less needed now.

    ISTG this is no longer Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. This is now Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Rena Rouge sometimes featuring Cat Noir. Baby does not deserve this.

    I mean, I think that the concept of Alya being the backup is cool, and I know that the angts has to happen in order for the story to fold into place, but DAMN. This is starting to hurt.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if one day Adrien just full-on quits being Cat Noir or turns evil. Like I generally will not be surprised.

    Like all those animatics you've seen of Adrien singing "Ready as I'll Ever Be" from that Tangled series if something like that ends up happening I will not be surprised at all.

    Anyways, there was another point I wanted to talk about.

    IDK if any of you remember this post I made, I posted a few teaser pics that leaked on the internet. One of them looked like this:

    I made an assumption that it was Marinette Akumatized. Cuz it's obviously Marinette. I also made a theory that her Akumatized theme would have something to do with a black widow because of the markings on her hips and the colour scheme. The classic red hourglass with contrast to the black suit is VERY black widow to me (RIP Natasha).

    ANYWAYS, I actually think I may be right because if you look at MLB history Marinette is the ONLY one on the Miraculous Team who hasn't been Akumatized. I'm not counting the one that happened with Lila being a bitch because she never fully transformed. But this on the other hand, this may be the one.

    And this would work because now we know who would be a backup if something like this were to happen. If Marinette were to ever get Akumatized then Alya would take her place as Ladybug to save the day with Cat Noir.

    But, then again, could potentially be a fake spoiler...


    Ok, now that that's out of the way, I just wanna address something that is VERY important...

    When mind controlled to give up their most valuable item Marc gave up Nathaniel... Nathaniel is Marc's most valuable item in his life...


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  • plants-and-swords
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Glad Rat Dead, a swap AU my friend @cinnapuppy and I randomly made on whiteboard.

    Glad Rat Dead follows a happy-go-lucky and carefree cat who dies in a sudden accident that he can’t recall.

    Luckily the Cat god gives him a second chance to find out how and why he died and to accept it, accompanied by his less than enthusiastic heart.

    #mad rat dead #swap au #glad cat dead au #mad rat #heart mad rat dead #heart mrd#rat god#mrd spoilers
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  • shawoluvs
    09.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    nothing like having a mild panic attack in the morning because there was a spider in your pjs and didn’t know until you threw them on your bed and the spider went under your covers when you ran out to get a glass and now you can’t find it hahahaahaaaaaaa

    #[ ramblings ] #aracnophobia tw #idek if that needs a trigger warning but I literally feel physically ill and will not be able to sleep in my room tonight hahaha or for many #other nights until the issue is resolved and I'm so mad #because there's a bathroom off my room and I used to keep a tall wide glass in there for situations like this #but my mum swapped it for a pink plastic cup and I don't like using it to catch spiders #because you canny see where the spider is in the cup??? and that just makes me anxious when releasing them #so I had to run all the way downstairs to get a glass and I came back and it was gone #but last I saw it it was literally like just under the edge of my covers at the head of my bed #I stripped my bed down and took the mattress off and everything and can't find it #and cried for half an hour which is great fun #I hate things like this I fucking hating spider season so much #last year we barely got any though honestly and I think it's cause of the cat #but clearly she isn't doing much to deter them anymore #I think she might have even been in my room cause when I ran back up she came from that direction #so idek if she then saw it and chased it so it ran elsewhere #but regardless I ammmmmm feeling like absolute crap haha
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  • vancityfire13
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #lovely friend #i'll swap your cat for an alpaca? #lovely ask
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  • mtgc858
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    A remake of one of my oldest warrior cat aus ever.

    I had two different phones years ago but they both broke and I lost all my artwork so I technically forgot alot about this au.

    This au is like the human au but a twist, You see it's a gender swap as well :O and after thinking about it for awhile I decided to start doing the au again.

    Here featuring my remake of my FireStar.

    In the au, Rusty was a young girl who didn't get enough sunlight so her hair was darker and her skin was much lighter.

    After she joined Blue star she lost her ponytails,got more color and got a scar on the back of her neck from LongTail.

    And finally she grew up to be a strong healthy warrior with different clothes more scars and gotten way more fit than when she was a toddler.

    #I hope you like her design^^ #Wc au#wc au #Warrior cat au #Human au#Genderswap au#Gender swap #Warrior cat humanized
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  • smallbunny13
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Shai and sith au #Shai and sith kwami swap #Cat Perses and I forgot cat Sith’s ladybug name
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  • fragileizywriting
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    New fic is out for this AU!

    pairing: Cat!Marinette / Ladybug!Adrien (Lady Noire / Misterbug) word count: 3,247 chapter: 1/1 rating: G summary: “You make me feel safe and wanted.” “You are wanted, little kitty.” “You know what I meant.” “I meant by me. You are wanted by me— and I know you know that— but I want to repeat it anyway. I always want you to be happy here.” AO3 | Start AU Here | Previous Fic in AU


    “My mom.” It’s all Lady Noire can reply through all of her sniffles. She curls up tighter into a ball on the couch, pinching her eyes shut to the point it hurts, curling up her arms and legs and tail and head so that she becomes a single black smudge on the couch. A stain. Just simply a stain. “My mom. Always my mom. It was my mom again.”

    Her head hurts. It’s foggy and full of cotton, so stuffy from everything. She’s grateful for the shade in his room that gets darker and darker as the minutes tick by, casting the space in total darkness, so that way he doesn’t have to see how miserable she is.

    It must be horrible to have to live with an east-facing window. Her plants would love it. Her eyes, though, not so much.

    She grabs for a decorative couch pillow above her head, swiping it and hiding her face, giving her even a bit of reprieve from the light.

    Adrien sits down in front of her on the couch. She hears the noise of his pajama pants crinkling as he sits cross-legged on the rug underneath the coffee table, hears how he drums his fingers on his thighs, and hears how slow and steady his heartbeat is. He’s always so steady. Always so firm and anchoring to her. Even if the world continues in its attempt to rock her boat and tip her over and submerge her. Adrien always holds on for her when she’s too tired and too scared and too lonely to do so. “I’m sorry, kitty.”

    “Her idea of comforting me is by telling me to be stronger. Whatever it is.”

    He pauses. “Do you… do you want to talk about it?”

    “It— it doesn’t matter. What I was upset about in the beginning is gone— I’m more upset at my mom now. Tell me how your day was first.” Because it’s always better to ask first about others than talk about her own problems. She doesn’t want to think about it for so long. If there’s any chance of forgetting about it, even for a little while, she’ll be happy.

    And Adrien knows this. He knows this, because he knows her, and knows that her changing the subject is a cry for help. A flag upside down, calling out in distress. She’s sinking. It hurts. She’s injured. It shows. The silence is enough to make her remember the turbulent storms that made her cry in the first place, causing her to coil tighter, causing her to coil smaller, all in an attempt to get rid of the noise in her head.

    He puts his hand on her head.

    The hand at her scalp is soothing, and still damp from the shower— her lashes flutter when he gets a purr out of her, even if it’s a little watery. “My day was okay.”

    “What did you do today?”

    “I had school,” he shrugs a bit, jostling the hand that pets the soft parts of her ears. She knows about school. She’d spent the entire day boring a giant hole at the back of his head, chewing on her tongue like it was personally causing her grief, doing her utmost best like she always does to not accidentally tell Adrien that she’s the superhero that vaults through his bedroom window every afternoon. “Nothing, really. No extracurriculars for me today, either.”

    She knows that, too.

    She’d asked him at school.

    He’d managed to stammer out a whole sentence to her today. To Marinette today.

    He doesn’t have a problem talking to Lady Noire. But Marinette is an obstacle that he genuinely can’t conquer, no matter how many times she tries.

    “I just came home and did homework and went to take a shower and suddenly…”

    “And suddenly I’m here crying into your couch. I’m sorry,” she tries to fill in the gaps when he struggles on what to say next. “I’m always showing up with some kind of problem, aren’t I?”

    “I don’t mind. You know I don’t. I love taking care of you— you’re my best friend. You know that, right?”

    She does. Of course she does. That’s why it hurts so much.

    “Some hero of Paris I am, huh?” Oh, she sounds bitter. “Showing up at a civilian’s house crying about personal life?”

    “Hey,” he whispers, with something stern in his voice. “Stop that. Don’t talk like that— that’s not nice to yourself. You know you’re allowed to have problems outside of fighting Hawkmoth.”

    And that’s it, really. That’s what gets another round of tears to freefall down her cheeks, but they come out sideways because she’s laying on her side— she can’t feel the tears track down on her black hexleather mask, but she knows she’s crying. She knows there are tears sloping across the bridge of her nose and joining with the tear pattern from her other eye, because she can feel how wet the whisps of her baby hairs feel against her ear when the tears finally get there. “I wish I didn’t have this.”

    “Oh, kitty— I’m so sorry—”

    “My mom just wants what’s best for me,” she feels herself get smaller and smaller, hiccuping hard enough for her to jump. Will she disappear? She wants to. Can she? Will Adrien let her? Probably not. He has a habit of wanting her to be happy, even when she wants to do nothing but disappear forever. “But we get into arguments about what that is all the time.”

    “I know.”

    “How I should be trying harder in school.”


    “How I should”—she pauses, trying to think of something, anything, to fill in the gaps—“be trying harder to balance my civilian life and superhero duties.”

    “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, kitty.”

    “How I need to be better. How I need to stop crying. How I need to do everything except what I’m doing now, because it isn’t enough.”


    “She wants me to succeed, but instead of comforting me, she keeps adding more stress onto my shoulders by telling me how I should be dealing with my problems instead. And it hurts. And it’s painful. And I’m lonely. And I can’t do anything about it.”

    “You have something you can do. You can stay right here with me. You can stay right here until it feels better. All of it. Everything.”

    “It’s hard being a superhero,” she whispers. What an understatement of a lifetime. What does she choose to talk about first? What does she pick to say? “I don’t know how Mister Bug does it without breaking down.”

    “Maybe he does. Maybe he struggles just as much as you do.”

    “I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine that. Do you think he’s okay?”

    “Well, he’s just a human. Just like you are. He has problems too, doesn’t he?”

    “I can’t picture Mister Bug having problems. I should ask him.”

    “I don’t think you need to,” Adrien shrugs. “I think he already knows how much you care about him.”

    “Then, should I be going to him and telling him what’s wrong? Do you think he’s upset, knowing that I choose to talk to someone else about my problems?”

    “I think he’s happy that you have someone you trust,” he whispers, damp fingers tracing the shell of her hexleather ears. She can’t feel it like her normal skin, because it’s a magical suit, but the little triangles at the top of her head twitch as if they’re sensitive to touch. “I think it makes him feel content, knowing that you go to someone you like and talk about your issues instead of bottling them up.”

    “Love,” she corrects. “Everyone knows that I love you.”

    “Love,” he repeats back to her with a smile. “Right. Yes. I think it makes him feel good, knowing you go to talk to someone you love about your problems.”

    “The whole world knows, you know. Even Hawkmoth knows that you’re my best friend. People talk about it on social media all the time. We’re a pair. We’re a duo. We’re a matching set.”

    If only people knew just how close the two of them actually are. Selfies taken on the street when either of them finds each other, pretending to act like simply a celebrity finding another celebrity on the streets of Paris, instead of being two best friends.

    “We’re a team,” he whispers.

    “Team shark.”

    “Exactly,” he talks even softer. “We’re a team, little kitty. You and me.”

    “Because no jaw is too strong,” she replies.

    “No smile is too full of teeth,” oh, there’s a smile in his voice.

    “And no mouth is too wide to keep me away from you. Never. No Akuma. No Lady Noire’s mother. No stupid photoshoots that they pencil you in at the last minute. No world-ending apocalypse that Mister Bug and I have to fix every month. Nothing will keep me from you.” They settle into a silence that is only partially filled with her sniffles and the occasional wipe of her mask with the back of her hand. It’s a shame she can’t feel his fingers on her back, following the lines of her spine like she knows he’s doing— but it’s the sacrifice she pays up in order to stay protected from Akuma battles.

    “Nothing will keep me from you, either. No nightmares, no Akuma, no fangirls that drive me crazy.”

    She listens to the silence, opening her eyes to the darkening room, watching the sky outside his floor-to-ceiling windows start to orange and purple. It’s such a pretty sight, watching those clouds drift lazily by as Paris turns into a sight reminiscent of a dream. No wonder he doesn’t draw the curtains closed. Or maybe he just wants his room accessible to her at all times. “You know, sunshine, my uncle said that if I bottle up too many emotions I might start to break things.”

    His eyes look like stars, looking at her in alarm and worry. “Like, you’re going to get violent?”

    “No! No. Never. Not really. You know I wouldn’t.”

    “Oh. Wait, then I don’t understand what you mean.”

    “It wouldn’t be my choice. It would be just like a misfire of my powers.”

    “A misfire?”

    “It’s kind of like a protection, or a last-resort. When I’m so stressed out that my body just goes into self-preservation, making sure that it’s impossible to take my miraculous ring in case I’m indisposed.”

    “Oh. I never knew this.”

    “It’s to stop me from getting Akumatized.” As if the explanation makes this any better. “But it’s still not a good thing. Self-preservation is a pretty selfish thing to happen.”

    “What”—she watches him lick his lips, as if he’s trying to choose his next words carefully—“what does it look like?”

    “How do I explain this— it’s kind of like— uhm. Do you remember that movie we watched?”

    “We watch many movies together,” he snorts, scrunching his nose into something silly when she cracks a smile.

    “Come on. The one with the wizard.”

    “Do you know how little that narrows it down?”

    “The one with the demon.”

    “Oh boy. Remind me not to join any charades groups with you— we’d lose every round.” The two of them snicker at each other.

    “Okay, it’s the one where the woman who falls in love with—” she pauses. “A guy.”

    “Wait a minute. What were you going to say?”

    “Just some guy.”

    He narrows his eyes. “Some guy you really like.”

    “He’s okay.”

    “What’s his name?”

    She twiddles her thumbs. “Howl.”

    Recognition sparks in those beautiful emerald green eyes of his. “Oh. Oh. The love of your life, yes. I’m aware.”

    “He’s not—”

    “Yes he is.”

    “I’m not—”

    “Don’t bother lying, little kitty. I know why you love rewatching the movie with me, you little gremlin.”

    “The music,” she argues, feeling her cheeks heat under her domino mask. “The atmosphere. The flowers—”

    “The magician boys,” Adrien grins. “Howl especially. Admit it. You have a thing for blondes.”

    “I— I do not. Anyway,” she tries her hardest not to grin back. If only he knew. If only he knew that she’s not thinking of Mister Bug when he says that. “Shut up. Stop looking at me. Stop it.”

    “Am I right? Am I?”

    “You’re harassing me.”

    “It’s not harassment, it’s endearingly interrogating.”

    “I’m moving on! I’m moving on from this topic!” She paws at him when his mouth twitches hard, trying to keep his laughter out. “Do you remember when Howl got so upset that his hair changed color?”

    “And there was goo coming off the walls?”

    “Yeah! Exactly! The room was shifting super weird and goo was dripping everywhere? Something similar happens with the black cat miraculous when they’re super upset.”

    “Similar? Or do you actually make goo?”

    “Just similar. I’m not a gooer.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I promise, I’m goo free.”

    “How free of goo are you?”

    “Pretty gooless.”

    “I don’t want to see you all gooey,” he ducks his head, smiling at her with a quirk of his mouth like he always does when he’s teasing. “I don’t ever want to see that happen. Ever. And it’s not going to happen, because you and I are a team, and team members don’t turn into goopy sludge.”

    Does he know how much that means to her? To hear the words out loud that he doesn’t ever want to see her get to the breaking point where her miraculous powers start to drain and create vacuums in the air around her? That he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that she never gets to the stage where she breaks windows and concrete and whatever surface it is she’s standing on— whatever object she’s holding?

    Her smile is so watery.

    So, so watery.

    “What? The concept of a jelly Lady Noire too strange for you?”

    “Anything that isn’t my kitty in her normal and natural form is too strange for me,” he shares a smile with her, those beautiful green eyes looking at hers. “But don’t worry. If it ever gets to that point where you’re a gelatin, I’ll love you. Even when you’re gooey.”


    “And oozy.”


    “And goopy.”

    “Ugh. Why do I sound so disgusting?”

    “I’ll love you even if you’ve turned into a slime.”

    “Watch out, Hawkmoth. Slime Noire is here. Even though I don’t actually turn into slime physically, I am emotionally. Try taking my miraculous now.” They share laughter hard enough to hurt in the spaces between her ribs. His laughter soothes an itch that is somewhere next to her heart— it’s a warm and gentle balm. She loves him. She loves him so much.

    “I’m glad you’re here,” he tells her when she finally picks up her head from the couch, wiping at her eyes, smiling down at him. He has to crane his head up to look at her from where he is, sitting on the rug, but it doesn’t look like he minds it. “I’m glad you showed up, kitty. It’s lonely without you here.”

    “I like coming here.” As if she even has to admit it. As if he doesn’t know. The only reason why she doesn’t stay permanently in this room is because of all the plants she’s populated her room with. And, of course, the whole problem that Adrien doesn’t know her secret identity. Hard to take a shower in a hexleather suit. It’s not like she would be able to move in and be able to use the bathroom. “You make me feel safe and wanted.”

    “You are wanted.”

    “You know what I meant.”

    “I meant by me. You are wanted by me— and I know you know that— but I want to repeat it anyway. I always want you to be happy here.”

    “You already make me feel happy. Always.” Oh, she can feel how her cheeks stain harder underneath her hexleather mask. “I know your house is quiet, but— when I’m here with you— it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Being in my house makes everything so loud. So many cousins asking me to help them. So many aunts and uncles begging me to cover their shifts or go do errands. And my mom—”


    “You don’t have to do any of that here.” He lifts his arms up, offering himself for a hug when she cuts herself off and starts to think about it all over again. She slips off the couch quick enough to startle him, planting a knee at the side of his hip and another between his legs and crushing his broad shoulders into a hug. His fingers find a way through her braid, just like always, massaging a certain spot on her scalp that makes her eyes role and see stars. “You don’t have to do anything. I want you here.”

    “You’re just trying to make sure I don’t turn into Goopy Noire.”

    “Maybe I like the idea of being able to save the citizens of Paris from a sludge,” he laughs so warmly into her shoulder. “Being a superhero of my own. Who knows. Or maybe I really do care about you, kitty.”

    “What a weirdo.” Oh— her voice is cracking.

    He doesn’t mention it. “God, I know. Caring about my best friend is so stupid these days.”

    “Yeah. Who does that?”

    “People who love one another.”

    “Wait. Are you admitting you like me?”

    “Don’t tell anyone. No one will hire me for modeling gigs if they found out about my secret.”

    “You know what? Just because of that, you’ll be the first one to get consumed by my goo.” She dissolves into laughter so hard that the both of them tumble backwards on the rug from how much the both of them shake, grinning at each other like the idiots they are, snickering and poking fun at each other.

    “Ew,” Adrien manages to say at some point during their laughter. “That sounds disgusting.”

    “It’s the price to pay.”

    “What price? What am I paying for?”

    “No idea. But it’s the price you’re going to have to pay,” she wheezes out between snorts, peeling away from their hug just enough to make eye contact.

    He can’t see her as well as she can see him. It’s dark now, and it’s way too dark for human eyes to see in his room. She can see him in perfect clarity, of course, because her miraculous allows her to see in the dark as if it were still daytime— so she gives herself the luxury of looking at him without him pulling a face or teasing her.

    Just a little snippet.

    Just a little indulgence.

    Just a little moment that is hers that she won’t share with anyone else.

    And yet, it’s as if he knows what she’s thinking about anyway, like he can read her face in this much darkness. His thumb rubs circles on her domino mask, wiping away her tears and her worries and her problems with that smile he only gives her. It’s not his Agreste smile. It’s Adrien’s smile. Toothy and stupid and silly and his— he’s not self conscious about himself in front of her. He never is. “You’re important to me, little kitty.”

    “You’re important to me too, Charming,” she wiggles her toes in her boots before tackling him into another hug that makes her feel all warm and fuzzy. “I love you.”

    “I love you too. Always. Every day. Gooey or not.”

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  • artistoons-blog-thing
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    My mom saw me drawing fanart and suggested that I show her some characters that I made so she’d know which are mine. Here it is! Gee, I... I have a lot less OCs than I thought... *Sweats*

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  • bythehourofnine
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    How many ways can I mess up your progress in defragging and updating your laptop?

    #my life #the answer is all the ways #she swapped the settings tab with her butt #i cant use anything rn #but such is life with a cat #cats
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    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Like dadsushi says, I hope you all have a good night

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    02.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    It's good to see you.

    #there are two possible things that could happen after this and i can't decide which i like better #on one hand: ghirahim doesn't leave and there are interesting story differences #on the other: impa walks over. sticks her hands under his arms. and picks him up like a cat #do you see my dilemma #loz impa#loz fi#loz ghirahim #skyward sword swap #sss ghirahim#sss fi#uu skyward#uu light#my art
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    Chelone AU: Intro Part 2

    Part 1

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