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  • watch-whatyouread
    07.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Gossip Girl S03E22 | Last Tango, Then Paris

    Naming Names (1980), Victor Navasky

    Red Mountain (1963), David Lavender

    The Cattle Killing (1996), John Edgar Wideman

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  • goelvetpharmaofficial
    07.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Cattle Breeding Repeat

    Repeat breeding is an expensive hitch at every level of dairy products, from small scale to large scale. It affects the profitability of dairy cattle, thus increasing the age at first calving in heifers, extending the inter-calving period each time insemination fails, and decreasing the calf crop at last.

    Dr Hemlata Telluri, Veterinarian

    When a Cow is called a Repeat Breeder?

    A cow is called a repeat breeder when it.

    1. failed to conceive even after three or more services

    2. has a normal oestrus cycle length

    3. no abnormality in the vaginal discharge

    4. no palpable abnormality in the reproductive tract

    5. has calved at least once before and

    6. less than ten years of age

    Homeopathy Veterinary

    It is the best to give to the animal family at home or farm & it is not expensive, contraindicative, no side effect. It works on the principle “the law of similar.”

    Homeopathy is a chosen medicine widely used by veterinary around the world in addition to any line of treatment because it has no side effects or contraindications.

    Different types of Repeat Breeders

    An early repeater is an animal in which the most probable event could be either failure of fertilization or early embryonic death. The cows return to heat within 17-24 days after AI.

    A late repeater is a cow in which heat is observed later than 25 days after AI.

    Reason for the repeat breeding in cattle

    The underlying reasons for a cow becoming a repeat breeder could be many of which anatomical, functional, infectious, and managemental causes are the main.


    · Persistent hymen

    · Cervical problems

    · Ovobursal adhesions

    · Fibrous fallopian tubes

    · Uterine adhesions


    · Delayed ovulation

    · Anovulation

    · Luteal insufficiency

    · Failure of nidation of the fertilized ovum

    · Deficiency of Progesterone

    · Excess of estrogen


    · Specific and non-specific uterine infections associated with fertilization failure or early embryonic mortality

    · Clinical or sub-clinical endometritis

    · Bacterial or mycotic endometritis


    · Improper semen handling

    · Faulty AI technique

    · Malnourishment

    · Incorrect AI time

    · Deficiency of energy

    · Aged sperm and ovum

    · Poor hygiene at the time of calving and A.I

    · Poor management and handling of frozen semen or poor quality semen

    · High ambient temperature and humidity, stress.

    Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities,

    This reason of the repeat breeder is common in Jersey and Holstein.

    Age, higher incidences of repeat breeding are seen in old cows.

    How to identify a Repeat Breeder?

    Diagnosis of repeat breeding in cattle is itself a challenging task. Heat record maintenance is a must to find out whether a cow is an early heat repeater or a late heat repeater. Cows that have had three services and are not pregnant should be checked before serving again by a veterinarian.

    Management tips for cows showing Repeat Breeding

    The following guidelines are recommended if no specific cause has been identified.

    1. Bringing the animal into positive nutritive balance.

    2. Micronutrients and vitamin supplementation such as Se, Zn, Cu, Mn, and vitamin A, D, and E daily.

    3. Use of good quality semen having more than 50 percent progressive forward motility.

    4. Insemination of the cow at the right time of the estrum. AI twice at 12 to the 24-hour interval.

    5. Proper AI technique.

    6. After AI, clitoral massage or 100 micrograms of GnRH or 1500 IU of the luteinizing hormone can be administered to stimulate ovulation.

    7. Skip the AI, administer 1 million units of penicillin in saline twice at 12 hours intervals during estrum.

    8. Flushing the uterus with normal saline with moderate pressure to remove cellular debris or mild blocks in oviducts.

    9. Sexual rest for two consecutive cycles and breeding.

    Best Homeopathic Remedy for Repeat Breeding

    FERTISULE, a 21 Days Course for Cattle, the cattle homeopathic medicine is one such wonder formulation specially formulated with all the necessary remedies that could relieve the animal from all the known causes of repeat breeding. It is recommended for all the animals where every other alternative did not work. This unique formulation was brought up by the leading Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine producing company The Goel Vet Pharma. The company is certified under WHO GMP practices which highlight its hygienic manufacturing facilities. All the available formulations had undergone many clinical and field trials, thus gaining trust among many veterinarians and livestock owners all over India.

    #cattle breeding repeat #cattle breeding
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  • zoobus
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    No idea why the otome isekai rec chart is doing numbers again but

    1) don't follow me, i mostly post annoying tag essays and other people's political essays, not comic opinions anymore. I haven't kept up with anything in months. I hear they caught Mielle now? I dunno.

    2) I redact The Princess Imprints Upon the Traitor from the rec list. It's fine as a story, you probably won't hate it, but I shouldn't have put it in the the "otome isekai that's saying something about systematic oppression." It's about a homunculus who starts a slave rebellion against the monarchy but goes back in time to save is beloved special one-of-the-good-ones princess so she can enact gradual, incremental, non-revolutionary change. "What if I could stop a violent revolution by single handedly initiating a 🌊🌊#bluewave🌊🌊 using my royal clout" does not belong there. Go read Lady Evony.

    If I'd made a category for like "stories where the author could have written a world of sexism to girl power her way through but instead made all of important, interesting characters female and most of the unimportant mob characters male with little dialogue, without ever commenting on this fact, (always the better choice)" I would put it there. That's it's own post though.

    #otome isekai #again it's not bad it's just more in that 'mc goes back in time and uses her knowledge to become a businesswoman' subgenre plus romance #it's not really 'saying' anything about homunculi other than slavery and treating people like cattle is bad
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  • youneedone2
    07.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Montana Ranch Ride by Amy Toensing

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  • rhianna
    07.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    The motto of the French at Verdun was: “They shall not pass!” This was our motto, too, and it referred equally to our friends, the oxen, and to our enemies, the Rumanian cattle-thieves. Our knife-blades were deep in the ground and our ears were pressed against the handles. We could hear every step of the roaming oxen and even their grazing operations when they were sufficiently near to the dead-line. We knew that these grazing operations were regulated by the time of the night, and this we estimated by the position of certain constellations like Orion and the Pleiades. The positions of the evening star and of the morning star also were closely observed. Venus was our white star and Mars was called the red star. The Dipper, the north star, and the milky way were our compass.17 We knew also that when in the dead of the night we could hear the faint sound of the church-bell of the Rumanian settlement about four miles to the east of us, then there was a breeze from the corn-fields to the pasture-lands, and that it carried the sweet perfume of the young corn to the hungry oxen, inviting them to the rich banquet-table of the corn-fields. On such nights our vigilance was redoubled. We were then all eyes and ears. Our ears were closely pressed to the ground and our eyes were riveted upon the stars above.   [16-17]
    Source: From Immigrant to Inventor by Michael Pupin
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    07.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer #Animal Feed Manufacturer #Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer #Bio Pesticide Manufacturer #cattle feed manufacturer #rabbit feed manufacturer #Organic Waste Decomposer
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  • surajsreechemicalsltd
    07.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Most Used Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer Process

    Fertilizers are substances that supply plant nutrients or improve soil fertility. They are the most effective means of increasing crop production and of improving the quality of food and fodder. Fertilizers are used in order to supplement the natural nutrient supply in the soil. Fertilizers are soil amendments applied to promote plant growth; the main nutrients present in fertiliser are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and other nutrients (‘micronutrients’) are added in smaller amounts. Fertilizers are usually directly applied to soil and also sprayed on leaves. Fertilizers are chemical compounds applied to promote plentiful plant and fruit growth. Fertilizers are applied through soil for uptake by plant roots, or by applying liquid fertilizer directly to plant leaves.

    The typical fertilizer provides proportions of the three major plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Secondary plant nutrients such as calcium, sulfur, and magnesium are also contained in fertilizers. Fertilizers can be placed into the categories of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers. Natural provide increased physical and biological storage mechanisms for soils, reducing the risks of over fertilization. Organic fertilizers' nutrient content, solubility, and nutrient release rates are typically much lower than inorganic fertilizers. Among various companies, Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd. is the best organic fertilizers manufacturer in India.

     The importance of cattle feed in India

    According to the latest census, India has the largest cattle, buffalo, and goat populations. There are about 200 million cattle, 50 million buffaloes and 90 million goats in the country. About one sixth of the cattle, about half of the buffalo and one fifth of the goat population in the world are in India. Animal husbandry plays an important role in national life and accounts for about 10% of the national income. In particular, the contribution of cattle and buffalo to the economy is considerable. They are the main source of drought power for agricultural operations and rural transportation, as well as the main source of essential foods like milk and meal.

    The poultry industry, which requires less capital to enter than other animal industries, and the feed industry, which provides the cost-effective feeds on which the poultry industry depends. Feeding is the largest input for any livestock production system, accounting for 60-70% of the cost of production. Growing demand for livestock products, a shortage of feed resources and animals with improved production potential are some of the major factors responsible for greater interest in the improved feeding management of livestock. Cattle raised in a feedlot environment are fed a very high-quality diet in order to gain the necessary weight.  Many different strategies are used to maintain the animals' health and well-being. Since 1975, Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd. has been the highest quality cattle feed manufacturer and believes in offering a complete solution to farmers for all aspects of organic agriculture and always focusing on a zero-wastage approach.

    Role of plant protection products 

    Plant protection products are chemical or biological products that are used to protect plants or plant products from harmful insects and fungal infestation. There are different kinds of products available to protect plants from fungal and other unwanted weeds. These products help in reducing soil erosion and improving soil quality.

    Original Source: https://sscltd.blogspot.com/2021/11/most-used-organic-fertilizer.html

    #Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer #Animal Feed Manufacturer #Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer #cattle feed manufacturer #rabbit feed manufacturer #Organic Waste Decomposer
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  • magnoliamyrrh
    06.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    on that note, ppl on this website love to act like sexism somehow doesnt exist

    #thousands and thousands and years of opression #dismissed. why? wait i can answer that myself #because they are sexist #FGM? rape? forced pregnancy? women being sold like cattle? girls breats being ironed? #foot binding? #the killing or female infants? naaaaaahhhhh #not an issue
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  • ioag
    06.12.2021 - 22 hours ago


    inverted II

    (an impression slide stained with MGG from the lung of a dead calf)

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  • scumsucking
    06.12.2021 - 23 hours ago




    #I'm not cattle though #scribe
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  • girlbossmorse
    06.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    thinking about peter jakes and ronnie box once again as two of the most realistic and insightful character backstories of the whole show (and incredibly similar in their overall tone) because they very much boil down and crystallize the idea of working class angst / childhood poverty and trauma / failures of authority figures / dysfunctional families of origin / the 'dog-eat-dog world' toxicity of post-war low-prestige masculinity / the realistically twisted idea that truly no one else will be there for you if you aren't the only valuable player in your books / in box's case even a sort of 'well, someone has to be the breadwinner' attitude w his mum and all that / a spiteful ambition that hinges on being the one on the top or else it all comes tumbling down

    and both ended up class traitors for it which is ultimately a lot more realistic portrait of the average man of the period than very-romantic-even-with-his-problems good-cop morse.

    incredible. i want to de-skull their brains with a tin-opener and poke inside.

    #i would add ludo in with this bunch but i feel like YOU (you know if this applies) would make a callout post for it about me being #idk [insert form of bigotry here] because ludo idk is a more cartoonishly homophobic caricature of a villain and his backstory is only #alluded to but let me tell you it's the same and you will never experience the depth of him as he is inside my brain. #and jakes is class traitor ^2 because he ditched being a cop for being a cattle baron but. it's ok. live your life you nasty (affectionate) #ludo is the only one of them with enough grit to keep saying acab and for that i respect him
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  • selenadem
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eyyy!!! Calf! ♡ Ash from the new Book VI from Fire Emblem Heroes!

    #fire emblem echoes #feh ash #I LOVE YOU #i love cattle.... sorry #calves and lambs my beloved #okay so um this book looks cool ngl #elm looks cool #i hope the book doesnt lead to alfonse x vero #the music is a banger #yeah cant wait tbh #also they said ash was the retainer of the GOD ASKR thats interestinf #yeah I cant wait #im excited for summoner duels and awakening banner! #never doodled so fast in my life
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  • sillyshelterdogs
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Spider Woman

    Australian Cattle dog X Blue Heeler |M| Edinburg, TX

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  • sidetongue
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    little blue 

    #she was particularly sassy today #yelled at many dogs #big loud cattle dog voice #frightened the pants off of half of them #bad dog#miller#dogs
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  • pettyprocrastination
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The term breeding in fanfiction:🥰

    The term breeding in real life: 🤢

    #tj talks #if you call irl people 'breeders' pkease rethink they way you view others #sone weird ass antinatalist posts came on my timeline and....gross #dont talk about people who chose ti have families like theyre cattle just cause you dint agree with their choice #its incredibly dehumanizing and shows you dont see them as people
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  • peppermintack
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    today…………is going to suck

    #wish my brain would just work without me having to poke it with a cattle prod #now everyone's going to be miserable
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