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  • panvani
    19.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Remembers how much I hate psychology as a study thinking about the concept of depression as a coherent identity that can or should be represented rather than literally just a pervasive emotional state

    #logxx #Like obviously clinical depression 'exists' and there are cases of people with legitimate chemical issues (rather than social / personal) #- that cause depression which can be treated via medication #But ime for the vast majority of people diagnosable with 'clinical' depression this is not the case
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  • ximxen
    19.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Men who tongue kiss women after she just gave him head are KINGS.

    #believe it #cause that shit is hot af
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  • cassthecri
    19.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    okay so regarding the new info we have for the timeline of kakyoin fleshbud here’s what i think happened just fyi

    1. kakyoin and his family go to egypt as a birthday surprise for kakyoin

    2. kakyoin is fleshbudded in cairo and goes misisng for a few days. he shows back up (still fleshbudded) and he and ryoko and his parents go home

    3. about 16 hours after being back in japan kakyoin takes off on his own as per dio’s orders

    4. goes around killing people to prove his worth to dio, staying at the mansion in the interim of killings

    5. kakyoin has proved himself strong enough after three months of this, is sent to kill jotaro

    and we know the story from there. in total he spends like only four weeks of the three months he was fleshbudded at the mansion. and honestly thank god

    #it made me sick to think about what mustve happened to him at dio's mansion #so the confrimation that he WASNT there a lot makes me feel so fucking relieved #cass cries#cddh spoilers #idk jsut cause
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  • kirayamidemon
    19.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    rip my lying dumbass when saying gon try n be bit more active n then immediately fucked off again orz

    #kira talks #im sorry im always so fucking dead nowadays lkdsjlkd #also i feel like im really starting to be really lazy now when it comes to drawing lkdjds #i just never really wanna line anymore fjsd like i slap down the base sketch n when i gotta line it next i just *uuuuughhhhhh* sdjlksdd #rip my art getting lazier now hhhhhh #people who dont do linearts for their stuff i respect n look up to them cause like how the fuck pls teach n share #hopefully i can get soemthing out again soon jlsjfd might be another masterchef comic since i havent been bothering cleaning those up #im sorry to all yall who follow me for art n have gotten nothing lol
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  • ikhebdebrood
    19.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    I thought they didn’t talk about Bruno cause he’s trans but turns out it’s cause he can see the future.

    Sorry for projecting my sexy queer agenda on every piece of media I can’t help it. I haven’t even seen this movie

    #encanto #we don’t talk about bruno #encanto bruno #I legit thought they exiled him cause he was ftm #I don’t know where I came up with that #literally nothing I’ve heard about this movie has implied that at all #my sexy brain just decided it was true
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  • hometownrockstar
    19.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    kinda sucks how much cis people have latched onto the whole "this character CANNOT be trans unless it is EXPLICITY STATED by the author/story" thing, originally just directed at harmless trans headcanons but then to actual trans rep that isnt "explicit" enough for them (because they can't read)

    like if there is a character meant to be trans through transphobic writing that paints them as "secretly a boy/girl" like the ones from dr and persona, cis fans attack anybody trying to explain how they are meant to be a (rather bad) portrayal of trans people, or try to reclaim it and rewrite it to be positive. if theres a character who is meant to be trans but they never say, directly in the text to the viewer, "I am transgender", no matter HOW MUCH subtext and coding there is, cis people act clueless or deny it, like the girl from wep or mettaton. if theres a character that uses they/them cis people will default to he or she for them, and when politely corrected they dig their feet in and claim its to make them "relatable" and as a stand-in for whatever pronouns you want to use for them. you cant win with these people because they never LISTEN.

    #honestly kind of sad how its somewhat easier to depict a same gender couple than it is to depict a trans character WITHOUT deniability #cause if they DO write dialogue where they look into the camera and say ''im transgender'' then all of a sudden its pandering #also also unrelated but i never found a place to say this: i hate how orpheus from hades is treated like a joke for his voice #NOT saying hes meant to be trans idk i havent played that much BUT i have seen MANY many dumb comments. #heavens forbid a male character have a voice like MINE and is treated respectfully by the series... 🙄
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  • prongsandlilss
    19.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    "Can you just not?" Lily said louder than the thunder and the rain outside, yet her voice failed "just not today, please"

    James stood there. "something wrong" was all he asked

    "Yeah somethings wrong. Everything is wrong. But Im not discussing that with you"


    "Because" her voice was louder now, shaking "I am not in the mood to be happy nice polite Lily right now"

    "You don't have to be"

    "well then politely go to hell Potter, honestly , because not all people manage to keep it together all the time ok? And at this point i don't even fucking care. So yeah, you can all go to hell now" she was breathing heavily, her heart was beating so fucking fast and she felt sooo mad at the world and all the fucking people fucking living in it and all the fuckers that smiled like nothing was wrong and the assholes that were just so cruel and the supidest persons alive and OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY IS POTTER FUCKING SMILING DOES HE THINK ITS CUTE??

    "Fuck off Potter I swear not today"

    "Well fuck off you too, Evans"

    "Holly SHIT you're IMPOSSIBLE did you know that"

    "I did, actually, yeah"

    "Well then you probably also know that people tend to break at some point and that i just can't be the pretty nice girl all the time. Maybe today Im just not in the mood to be a lady, not in the mood to let those toxic fucking horrible people step on me like Im nothing and then act like it's nothing and then having to be the bigger person all the fucking time and- and-"

    And then she actually broke. She got tired of holding back the tears, tired of faking a smile all day long, tired of having to hear little comments of people pretending to give a shit, tired of acting like a lady, tired of being polite, she just... gave up.

    "Come on Lily" James strechted out his hand. He had tears on his eyes too. "Not having a great day myself either you know? Let's just- go somewhere"

    And then they actually did go somewhere. They walked straight up into the rain that furiously fell from huge black and grey clouds outside, into an absolutely dark and lonely night, into a huge sky that was mad at the world too. And just- stayed there. Crying. Cause it was ok. To just cry and get soaked and hate the world and all the people living in it. And breath out and let it go.

    #holly shit that was kinda dark #damn #jily coming harddd #jily #james and lily #james and lily potter #lily evans#james potter#harry potter#marauders#marauders era#hc#written#my writing #alot of words #short story#fanfic #just how fast the night changes #cause thats the song Im listening to rn
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  • lanternlighting
    19.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    She wore sweaters in July, thick and woolen, cable knit, speckled with blue-green lint. The Florida balm couldn’t lick her brow; she gave no scent and shivered as she swung out her palm. Her hands were cut from ice, smooth and elusive, slipping from his grip as quickly as they found purchase. He bristled for just a moment, the chill settling into the heart of his palm. He cocked his head, then let his brow unknit and presented her with her room key.

    Her showers were scalding, a lobster boil, all brutalized skin and cherry cheeks. She chewed dried chiles from an old shampoo bottle. She dove underneath the covers, casting dark hues into the duvet. Her hair hung in wet strands that suckered to her neck as she curled, a primordial spiral shell, playing hide-and-seek from the cold. She buried her fingers into her cunt, incanted his name, slipped the room key into her mouth to taste it’s nickel. Warmth bloomed in her groin and she cherished it. Summer, at last. 

    #unedited stream of consciousness cause i be drinking
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  • tinytulip
    19.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago


    #idk why they look blurry ☹️ #probably cause the lighting SUCKS 😁 #me#my pics
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  • autumnsamdean
    19.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    I sort of want Jensen to become more problematic for everyone in the fandom because he’s had an abusive relationship with us for like 15 years he’s due a hot girl summer.

    #and like honestly #we are the least of his worries #his fucking dream gig ended right in front of his face in the most trauma inducing way it could have #and this was like- in a pandemic #and he’s just ended a 15 year chapter in his life #like that dude might be rich (cause that ironically means everything to you lot) #but he must be psychologically scarred by the last couple of years because how can he not be #he should blow up a bit because everyone in this fandom deserves it lol #literally I want him to do something unforgivable in the eyes of fandom because I will just think it’s sexy #we have been insufferable as a whole #from his own deranged AA stalker fans #to the psycho female incel coded Minion antis that call him a homophobe #to Jared stans that think Jared is a little delicate princess #to the tfw stans who are secretly anti Jared and upset when Jensen supports him #literally all the groups are bad
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  • girlfriendcas
    19.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    You know sometimes you just need to explain to someone else why you’re holding onto something to properly let go

    #rehks rants #I got an eyebrow piercing 55 weeks ago #it’s been hell and it hasn’t healed and it’s painful almost all the time #I explained to my friend that I didn’t want to take it out because that meant I failed #he didn’t understand so I explained the money and time I put into it only for it to still not heal #that was two weeks ago #today I took it out and for the first time since last December I feel free #like I don’t have to be careful taking off shirts and in a few weeks I’ll be able to sleep on my right side again #I explained it to him and I realized it was causing me more pain than happiness #and since I can always pierce it again once it closes I feel good just letting it heal #without me being annoying this time
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  • in-the-middle-of-difficulty
    19.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago


    #oh fuck its the problem of am i nb or am i a trans man in denial again #there was a beard filter thing on tiktok and i tried it and holy fuck #for the first time in a long time i truly loved how my face looked #maybe its time to just accept that demiboy but sometimes an extra serving of boy and the rare occurrence of a dash of girl is the real me #fuck i hope that made sense #maybe i was closer than i thought when i thought i was genderfluid in high school #maybe genderflux would be a better description? #fuck now i gotta do research on gender words i thought i was done with this #not me wishing there was a slightly more adult word for demiboy/guy besides like demiman cause that sounds weird to me #fml#gender problems#life#rant #wow if you read this far you are dedicated to my life drama; hey i dont judge im the dumbass that puts it on the internet 😂
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  • seraphdreams
    19.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago
    #wait cause this is making me want a relationship #i cant handle that #i’ll sob rn #seraph.replies! #🍰.lookie link!
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  • kyoujinz
    19.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago


    #kind of a vent in tags so don't read it if you don't want to #man. i'm back and i was happier than ever but why does it feel like all my mutuals are starting to dislike me more #i made pretty much all of them uncomfortable at some point tree old mutuals currently have me blocked #which isnt a bad thing i thought it was funny all of the time. i quite literally thrived on it #but now i'm here again and i've calmed down a little and it just feels like i'm boring #me being obnoxious and funny was the only thing i had going for me and now it's gone #and idk what to do cause i feel like everyone is gonna leave me at some point. it feels like stepping on eggshells everytime i have to- #-interact with anyone #i don't feel welcomed
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  • guyjinka
    19.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago


    #txt #I heart Mercedes cause he looks like hasebe my beloved
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  • kolasharkattack
    19.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago


    #vent tw #I feed like the sad thoughts have crept up on me again... #Like... I'm constantly floating around from fandom to fandom but I'm losing all the connections I've had with people... #Like I'm out of place and getting nowhere fast #Hell... is there even a real place for me in any fandom?? Sure doesn't feel like it #Just wish I could rekindle the same joy I had when I was starting out with the 30 days of Sonic... #I feel like I'm a really bad mutual.. I barely talk to anyone cause I'm but I shouldn't be shy anymore goddammit #I've followed the people for months now why don't I have the balls to talk to them dammit #The anniversary of this account is coming soon and honesty I feel like I've already peaked in less than a year... big sad
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  • moeblob
    19.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    was craving OCs out of nowhere so here’s Kiel (left) and Rem (right)

    #my characters #good boys on the wrong side ... which seems to be a recurring theme for me #people thinking they're doing right but really are just manipulated into doing wrong #kiel does his best to get rem to open up and rem doesnt like to talk so he gets him a cell phone so they can just text and yeah #rem doesnt like getting attached to people cause hes one of the few that realizes what hes doing and the goals are wrong and bad #and he can erase memories and has had to erase teammates minds before when they realized what was going on bc the boss guy #has control over rem pretty much like uhhhh kinda like a hostage situation? and uh #rem just does as hes told and he goes through lots of partners in the group because no one clicks and they all ask to change to someone else #so he expects kiel to do the same but kiel just keeps trying to look out for him and that throws rem off #and he gets really fond of kiel and wants to swap partners but cant bring himself to do it and lives with a guilty conscience for a bit #when he asks kiel if it bothers him that he could just wake up one day with no memories? kiel just smiles and says he knows rem wouldnt #without good reason #and that just makes rem sad because hes had to wipe memories for bad reasons before and he just.... suffers after that #bc he feels like one day he really will have to wipe kiels memories and yeah #basically good boys on the wrong side but one completely oblivious #and that my guys has been story time in the tags
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  • mothfiends
    19.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    i know my grandfather doesnt hve much time left i feel it im going to try not to post too much about it but i know that it will be really difficult for me to lose him so .. fair warming 

    #texting his nurse and she doesnt think he will hang on much longer and i agree #just seeing how fast he declined and what he cant do anymore that he did just last week #and hes so confused just same question over and over he keeps spacing out not making sense talking about things #bringing a bed out tomorrow cause itll make it easier to change him #he wants to die here and i want to be with him. i just dont know when it will be #🐁#death tw
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  • across-tython
    19.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    two 97s, one 98 and three 100s on my report card let’s fucking go

    #crying and sobbing rn cause i have a 93 in chemistry BUT i will get it up to a 96 at least #my post
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  • batmobilegirlysoundversion
    19.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    my hip hurts so abd

    #like 2 years ago i fucked it up really bad cause i did too many squats 🤣 hope that dudnt happen again 🤣
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