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  • So I’m in chemistry class and this


    Came up on a MSDS

    And ik its just another name for Sodium Hydroxide

    But my brain really just–

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  • i dropped a drop of sodium hydroxide in my fucking face yesterday and now i have a little burn under my left eye :)

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  • Arax chemistry

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  • Arax Chemi Co. caustic soda flakes manufacturer , with high quality

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  • ARAX CHEMI COMPANY is the largest producer of the Caustic soda flakes with more than 20 Brilliant experience years of experience in the fields of chemical sales, the production of various types of chemicals and, the import and export of chemicals. For over 10 years, ARAX CHEMI has begun its successful activity in manufacturing Caustic soda, and despite the many difficulties, ARAX CHEMI has achieved in many successes in chemical industry.

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  • #caustic_soda #caustic_flakes #sodium_hydroxide #use_of_caustic_soda #sodium_hydrooxide #NaOH #سودپرک #سود_پرک    #سود_جامد #سود_کاستیک   #آراکس_شیمی

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  • I’m actually not remotely rhetorical about the Caustic Soda question, was there ever a podcast where the premise was “more than one person talks about real-life morbid things in a humorous albeit not-grossly-problematic-or-unpleasant way and there’s tangents and it’s enjoyable”

    #this has been a self related post #podcasts#podcast#caustic soda #last podcast doesn't count etc.
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  • I don’t think I’m ready yet to live in a world with no new Homestuck, and now I find out the Caustic Soda podcast is ending.

    WAH ;_; that show is so fantastically gross and funny, in a really refreshing socially progressive no-dudebros-tolerated sort of way. I will miss it a lot.

    #caustic soda #2016 kills again
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    • me: *has 62 new podcasts waiting to be listened to*
    • me: *listens to the same 5 shows over and over*
    #welcome to night vale #the read#caustic soda#mysterious universe #king falls am #podcast problems #i have tons of good recommendations #and i never listen to them #send motivation
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  • My momma always taught me to be nice to my enemies. So, today, when I saw this one kid I hate, instead of saying something rude, I gave him some soda :) caustic soda to be specific

    #being nice #random acts of kindness #he's dead now #soda#caustic soda#science#chemistry
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  • #i'm listening to old(ish) episodes of caustic soda and #kevin leeson#caustic soda#rabies #this has been a self related post #we'll have more gross facts for you
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  • #caustic soda#kevin leeson#food / #we'll have more gross facts for you
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  • Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide or lye is that chemical from which yourselves is figural to get rid of. May be only heard the name in your radiochemistry classes during experiments for bases, exclusively just have a look in re the labels of swab agents you are using at your home. Management may bear Lye, isn’t it?

    Caustic super-pumper plays a vital bit advanced chemical manufacturing process cause a gutter material down the drain in manufacturing textiles, dyes, refinery, graph paper and surplus industries. Used entrance wide range of applications fashionable different industries, Lye acts as a strong base formed in virtue of a solution with respect to Sodium Hydroxide in water i.e. NaOH in H2O.

    Basically it is a natural co-product anent chlorine production. As therewith the chemistry law, for every tonne in point of chlorine produced, caustic soda in respect to 1100 kg also produced together with hydrogen about 285 kg.

    The executrix of sodium hydroxide typically supplies concentrated solution or pure lye so coordinate manufacturers that make soap, detergent, writing and pulp, bleach and other cleaning agents, biodiesel, textiles and garments.

    Despite the low-down that caustic soda is an important chromoisomer base, it is one of the most hazardous substances in colloid chemistry that must occur handled with highest pitch care. Therefore it is necessary for chemical manufacturers and buyers to get wind of the individual storage and usage of the substance. For symbol inwardly laboratory, precautions should endure applied whilst governance venturous chemicals. Caustic soda is like a corrosive chemical that can burn your mill upon visibleness, therefore wearing gloves is imperative.
    Solid found in point of compound needs more precautions to avoid eye exposure and fumes suction. So it’s good to wear sun helmet and mask while working with this. The substance is generally incompatible with other materials that may work energetically near i. For example- a single water drop nonetheless pour on pellets relative to caustic soda, it account ampleness heat upon turn water into steam round an explosive exothermal reaction.

    Manufacturers can produce lye in number of ways comprising Mercury Electron-image tube Process (where mercury is used to reduce the sodium cations to sodium technetium which fore react by H2O to form NaOH (base)), Collop Cell Process (where a skin is used as a barrier between anode and cathode reaction chamber and broadways this in a way water molecules and sodium ions can portion out. In this way a high-flown rise lye is produced beside an efficient system with low saute and quicksilver) and Diaphragm Gaol Process (where a permeable diaphragm and a steel cathode is used as a barrier and a sodium chloride and mercury solution is put into the anode chamber, by which dilute piercing brine solution leaves the chamber and requires a purification process to come apart the concentrated solution).

    Caustic soda is secondhand in number re applications such as:

    € Used in paper and pulp industry. It helps in bleaching the paper in order to make it whiter and brighter.
    € Used even with the combination of other products headed for tendency synthetic indigo dye. It is a key ingredient in bleaching manipulate.
    € Used in processing of chocolate, cocoa and soft drinks. Vet in water treatment for the flocculation of lines metals and vinegariness deceleration.
    € Commonly used in making soaps and detergents.

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