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  • acidwashedjeanz
    03.08.2021 - 1 minute ago
    #tmi quotes#tmi#CoB #city of bones #clary fray #sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt #clary fray quotes #city of bones quotes #the mortal instruments #the mortal instruments quotes #Cassandra Clare#cc#books#book quotes #book quote art #digital art#art#quote art#wallpaper #book quote wallpaper
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  • blueplumbbob
    03.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    i've been sitting on this for over a year now, so i figure it's time to release it lmao. i still have more things i want to make (like pinboards and other posters) but for now, this is what i have:

    blueplumbbob's mcr miniset! 🎉

    ⁽ⁿᵒᵗ ᵃ ᵍʳᵃᵖʰᶦᶜ ᵈᵉˢᶦᵍⁿᵉʳ⁾

    i am a huge fan of mcr, but i really like to keep my game simlish! so, i recolored these posters and shirts to be simlish mcr merch. special thanks to @franzillasims for the simlish fonts! i honestly had a ton of fun making these recolors, and i hope someone out there will enjoy having these items in their game.

    four poster recolors on the base game "searing indifference" mesh

    four recolors of trapping's crop tank for am, af, and tf by @memento-sims and @deedee-sims MESHES: [am] [af & tf]

    three recolors of @witheredlilies' am henley MESH: [here]

    three recolors of @deedee-sims' rachel top for af and tf MESHES: [af] [tf]

    (revenge henley not pictured)

    terms of use: do what you want, just credit me and keep it 100% free. i'd love to be @'d if you use my cc, though!

    files are clearly named and previews are included.

    download at sfs: [here] download at dropbox: [here]

    #sims 2#download#mcr#mcr set #yay happy to finally share this lmao #my cc #my cc: buy mode #my cc: clothing
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  • kaiju-sims
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    some of y’all be acting like people disagreeing with you is the end of the world.

    #do you touch grass? I don’t think you do #you make cc and poses I know you ain’t outside touching no grass 😂
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  • jinxxxed4life
    03.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    Hi everyone! I have finally updated Wretched and Divine and added a new three question survey. I want to hear from you guys about what you'd like to see next as readers. Please let me know!

    ~ Jinxx

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  • tullipfairy
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Just made a beautiful man in cas omfg

    #I spent the whole day finding cc for masc sims #he’s so cute ;-;
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  • mercuryfoam
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Sims 4 Custom animation (w.i.p)

    Morgana & Trevor’s pre-Dance

    I wished the game had more couple dances. 

    Time to make my own wish come true.

    #the sims 4 #the sims 4 cc #ts4 custom content #ts4 animation#blender#render #w.i.p #sims 4 animation
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  • haknew
    03.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #junjunies#asks#not tbz #jess.replies #✨.moots #and hhhh it really means a lot to me !!! #idk like i've been saying >.< i saw other ccs using user tags ! #and i wasn't sure if it would work out for me but seeing moots actually use it is so neat makes me happie :p #my favorite hobby lmao hyping my friends and their pretty gifs <333 #your content is always welcome xixi ! :3 <3 hehe #long post
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  • thepepperlegacy
    03.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Everyone is demanding Molly’s attention today. Especially the boys, Sparkles and Diamond!

    I let the game randomly generate their names
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  • cafeacademic
    03.08.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Marshal Commander Hardass

    Pairing: Commander Cody x Reader

    Rating: Explicit (minors dni)

    Warnings: light degradation (use of the word cockdumb mostly), oral sex (f receiving), unprotected PiV sex (wrap it before u tap it)

    Word Count: ~3.4k

    A little (and by little I mean several thousand words) something for one of my favorite Clone Commanders. This is one of several current WIPs, so it felt good to finally finish this one up! Hope you all enjoy lovelies <3

    *Read on AO3* or under the cut!

    You huffed as the door to the bar swung open and half a dozen clone troopers walked in. You were used to seeing a single soldier here and there, but a large, fully armored group meant trouble. Sighing, you excused yourself from the conversation you were having with a regular patron and returned to your place at the center of the bar.

    “To what do I owe the pleasure?” you deadpanned, not at all in the mood to have to deal with the war today. Your planet had been lucky enough to stay relatively neutral, but the arrival of the soldiers reminded you how fragile that neutrality was.

    “Good evening, miss,” the presumed leader of the group said. His armor was slightly different from other clone troopers that had stumbled across your bar in the past; his helmet was framed by an orange visor, and a rank insignia was affixed to his chest plate. “We’re looking for a man named Tost. Do you have any information about his whereabouts?”

    “No,” you snapped, hoping to shut down the conversation. “If that’s all, I do have patrons to get back to,”

    “Are you sure? Any information would be very helpful--” you waved a hand dismissively, silencing the trooper.

    “I don’t know anything, and I don’t want to get caught up in this war. All it does is bring destruction to the planets it claims, and we refuse to offer ourselves up for annihilation on a silver platter,” you said impatiently. “So either order a drink or get out of my bar,”

    The regular you were chatting with earlier snorted at your little speech, and a very drunk group in the back broke out into a loud cheer. You raised a single, challenging eyebrow at the soldiers.

    “Come on, the General is probably waiting for us,” another clone spoke up from the back of the group. The leader nodded, not even turning to look at the clone who had spoken, seemingly too transfixed on you.

    “You’re right, Boil,” he said calmly. “If you can think of anything that would be helpful to the Republic cause, please don’t hesitate to come to one of our outposts. Ask for Marshal Commander Cody, and I’ll see to it that your information is in good hands,”

    You scoffed and folded your arms over your chest defensively. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,”

    As the troopers filed out, you were sure that you could hear one of them swearing at you, but you chose to ignore it.

    Later that night, when darkness had fallen completely and drunk patrons would fall off their stools every so often, two of the soldiers came in and tucked themselves away at a corner table. You grumbled a swear under your breath before walking over to the table and standing there, a single hand on your hip. The clones, now without their helmets, looked up sheepishly at you.

    “I know you told us to get out earlier, but we’re not here for the Commander. We just want to unwind and have a drink,” one of them stuttered, obviously reciting a speech he had planned since before they walked in. You softened slightly as you watched the two men; it wasn’t their fault they were stuck in this war. Offering them a small smile, you took their orders and brought them their drinks, a little extra poured on top as a sign of goodwill.

    “What’s up with them?” one of the men sitting at the bar asked you.

    “Don’t know for sure,” you replied. “The whole squad came in earlier, asking for information. I get the feeling their commander is kind of a hardass,”

    “Bet they just need to blow off some steam then,” the man said, and you nodded in agreement. With a sly look, the man glanced over at the troopers. “I’m sure you could offer them a much better way to relax,”

    “You’re such a creep,” you deadpanned back, and the man laughed. “Besides, I don’t think clones are really my type,”

    The door swung open with a clatter, and the orange-visored Commander stood in the doorway once more. You winced at the sudden loud noise.

    “Is that Commander Hardass?” the man at the bar asked, and your grimace was enough to answer his question.

    “Crys, Wooley, get back to camp,” the commander ordered, not even needing to raise his voice. The tipsy clones mumbled apologies and tossed a handful of credits on the table before shuffling out of the bar.

    “What the hell!” you snapped at the clone commander. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”

    “It was their turn for watch,” the clone said, sliding onto one of the unoccupied stools at the bar. The man you were speaking with earlier looked between the two of you, amused. “I’d like a drink. Corellian whiskey,”

    “It’s after last call,” you lied.

    “Since you won’t give me any information, the least you can do is give me a drink,” the commander said, taking off his helmet and setting it on the bar next to him. You stood there for a moment, simply taking the clone in. He somehow looked older than the other clones; perhaps it was just exhaustion from the war. His face was partially marred by a scar, but it only served to make him look more striking. It was the challenging look in his eyes, however, that made you pour him a glass of whiskey.

    “So, you must be Commander Hardass,” the man at the bar said. You braced yourself for a fight, but instead, the clone just sipped on his drink, not even glancing at the other man.

    “That’s Marshal Commander Hardass,” the clone replied. “But I much prefer to just be called Cody,”

    “Well, well! We’ve got a big man in charge, here!” the man said, obviously inebriated. You glanced at the clock on the wall; it was probably time to start clearing everyone’s checks.

    “I think you’ve had enough, hun,” you drawled to the man, taking his now empty glass away from him. “You should be getting on home,”

    “Come on! I just wanted in on the fun!” the man protested, but Cody shot him a glare, and the man dropped credits on the bar and left without further complaint.

    You went about your nightly duties of wiping down tables and clearing tabs, only having to break up one drunken argument before it turned into a brawl. By the time you were finished, the Commander was the only person left in the bar.

    “Time to go,” you said, voice clipped. Cody looked up at you, still nursing his glass of whiskey. You couldn’t help but find yourself staring as an errant drop of liquid ran spilled over his lip and down his chin, trailing a path down his neck. You swallowed hard.

    “If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay and chat,” he countered, as if daring you to throw him out once more.

    “I don’t have anything to say to you,” your reply was weakened by the slight crack in your voice as you watched Cody grip his drink tightly. His Adam’s apple bobbed slightly in his throat as he swallowed the whiskey, and your eyes traced over the movement.

    “No more little speeches?” he taunted you. “I even went so far as to buy a drink,”

    “I told you, I don’t know anything about the guy you’re looking for,” you said, a hint of resignation in your voice. “And if I did, I have no reason to trust you,”

    “Your lack of trust certainly isn’t stopping you from eye-fucking me from across the bar,” Cody countered, and you blushed bright red. So he had noticed.

    “I think you may be misconstruing my looks, Commander,” you tried to regain your blasé attitude, but it was no use.

    “No, I think I’m quite right,” he said mildly as if he wasn’t laying all your dirty secrets on the table for him to peruse. “For someone who hates the war, you sure do seem to want a big, bad soldier to put you in your place,”

    You gave up on trying to act aloof: “Hating the war and recognizing a good fuck aren’t mutually exclusive,”

    A gloved hand fisted into your blouse and pulled you over the bar, and Cody crashed his lips into yours with so much force you felt your teeth clatter together. As you melted into the kiss, you weren’t quite sure if you had won your little battle of wills with the Commander, but at the moment, it didn’t seem to matter.

    With surprising grace, Cody climbed over the bar and pushed you backward, framing your body by placing his arms on either side of you. He kissed you once more, less violent, but no less passionate. When you let out a soft whimper, Cody seized your moment of weakness and slipped his tongue into your mouth.

    “Mm, cyare, look at you,” he breathed out, and you felt your face get hot at his praise. One gloved hand ran over the curve of your hip and up the side of your ribcage, before dragging up the side of your neck and gripping your chin between his fingers. “Absolutely at my mercy,”

    As much as you were sure you looked the part of a good submissive, eyes glassy and mouth slightly agape, you refused to give him the satisfaction of having won so easily.

    “I wouldn’t be so sure, Commander,” you taunted, dropping one hand to press against his codpiece. He hissed at the contact, even though it wasn’t direct, and you smirked.

    “Oh, my sweet girl,” Cody said darkly in your ear. “Don’t get in over your head,”

    “I won’t,” you replied confidently, mustering up all your strength to keep your voice even, despite the way one of his large hands was kneading the flesh of your waist. “I’m quite sure that you’ll be a mess for me by the end of the night,”

    It was like you had flipped a switch in Cody’s head, and any sort of softness he was holding onto flew out the window. The hand that was gently touching your waist soon captured your wrist in a bruising grip, and he pulled you flush against his body.

    “Is there somewhere more private that we can do this?” he asked, and you nodded frantically.

    “I have an apartment above the bar,” you managed to stammer out.

    “Good,” Cody said, grabbing his helmet and dragging you up the stairs by the wrist. You followed along but made sure to walk slowly, just so he’d have to put the extra bit of effort into getting you there. As you resisted, his fingers tightened slightly in warning.

    When you had gotten upstairs and into the bedroom of your small apartment, Cody finally released your arm. He dropped his helmet on your dresser and pushed you back onto the bed, kissing you again. You whimpered as he slipped a hand under your shirt, cupping your breast through your bra.

    “Cody--” you gasped between kisses, but Cody only smirked and pinched your nipple roughly. You cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain, trying to press into his touch.

    “No, no. Address me with respect,” he said, and you whimpered as he looked down at you. One of his legs slotted between yours, and he held himself over your chest with his free arm. All you could think of was how he looked over you.

    “Commander,” you said in a mockingly sweet tone. Cody growled and kissed you again, this time trailing kisses and soft bites down your neck and jaw. The hand that had been covering your breast was now toying with the edge of your shirt, and you pulled back to let him take it off. When your shirt was discarded, Cody made quick work of your bra, and you had to hold back a moan as he looked at your now exposed chest reverently.

    “See something you like?” you teased, but the dark look in Cody’s eyes shut you up immediately. He looked near feral, as if he was trying to stop himself from lunging at you right then and there. Involuntarily, a grin started to creep across your face.

    “Something funny, pretty girl?” Cody said, reaching out and grazing his thumb over one of your nipples.

    “You just look so eager--ah!” you were cut off as Cody took one of your nipples into his mouth, rolling the other between his fingers. You could feel him smirk against you as you continued to whimper, your breathy moans turning needy as he continued his work.

    “You like that, sweet girl?” he teased, sitting back so he could watch your chest heave as you sucked in labored breaths.

    “Cody, I swear if you don’t fuck me right now,” you said, but your threat had no force behind it. Nonetheless, Cody started to remove his armor, his eyes never leaving yours.

    “You’re not very patient,” he said, one eyebrow raised.

    “I’ve been known to be a bit demanding at times,” you said, pleased that you got what you wanted.

    “The only thing you’ll be by the time I’m finished is a cockdumb little whore,” Cody challenged, and you swallowed thickly. He had finished taking off his armor and was now pulling his shirt over his head, and you tried to memorize the plains of his body as quickly as you could. The muscles in his abdomen flexed as he relaxed, and you couldn’t help but notice the thin trail of dark hair that crept down below the waistband of his blacks.

    “See something you like?” he parroted back your earlier words. You nodded, and Cody smiled as he tugged you closer to him once more. His hands worked at the button on your pants, and before you knew it, he was shimmying the garment down your hips, leaving you in just your panties. With a gentle push, you fell back against the bed and Cody positioned himself between your thighs.

    “You’ve soaked through your panties, pretty girl,” Cody said, tracing one finger lightly over your slit. You whined, trying to jerk your hips up for more friction, but he merely chuckled and placed an arm over your hips. “No, you’ll take what I give you,”

    “Yes, Commander,” you looked down at him with glassy eyes, the feeling of his warm breath ghosting over you was almost too much. Luckily, you didn’t have to wait long, because Cody pulled your panties to the side and dove in, lapping up the wetness you had already created before wrapping his lips around your clit. Your mouth dropped open with your loud moan.

    “For all your bravado, you’re quite easy to control,” Cody said, voice rumbling against you in a way that sent sparks flying up your spine. He was right, as much as you hated to admit it; the way he was working your body right now, you would’ve committed murder if he’d asked. His tongue traced lazy circles over your clit, occasionally dipping down to thrust into you for a moment, making you squeal.

    “Ahh! Commander!” your moans were whiny, and you could almost feel Cody’s ego inflating as you writhed underneath him. Suddenly, he slipped one thick finger into you, and you clenched around it so hard that Cody throbbed in his blacks.

    “That’s it, take my fingers. Have to prepare you for my cock, pretty girl,” he growled before giving your clit another teasing lick. A second finger joined the first, and you bucked your hips up to meet them. Cody laughed. “It’s so easy to make you squirm,”

    “Don’t get smug on me,” you tried to scold him, but it came out as a whine. You could rapidly feel your orgasm approaching, and you tried to warn the man underneath you, but your words all turned into moans as you tried to form them.

    “Come on, pretty girl, let go for me,” Cody ordered, and you did as he asked. Clenching around his fingers, you whimpered as he worked you through it. It wasn’t until you were too over sensitive to bear it that he finally pulled away.

    “Holy shit,” you said dreamily, head still a little fuzzy from your orgasm. Cody kissed you once more, and you could taste yourself on his tongue. “Commander, please,”

    “Please what?” he said back, and you rolled your eyes.

    “You know what I want,” you said, trailing your hand down until you could rub him through his blacks. He groaned as you palmed him, and you smiled innocently.

    “Ask for it nicely,” Cody teased. He was nearly as impatient as you were, however, and he was already reaching for the waistband of his blacks.

    “Please fuck me, Commander,” you said, rolling your hips against his in an attempt to get some friction. Your shame had flown completely out the window, your brain now singularly focused on the man above you.

    Grinning eagerly, Cody pulled off his pants and discarded them, and your mouth hung open slightly at the sight of his cock. You quickly closed it when you heard Cody snort in amusement, and pouted as he lined himself up.

    “You still want this?” he asked, face so close that you could feel his breath on your neck.

    “Stop teasing and just do it already!” your voice pitched up as he slowly pushed himself in. You could feel him stretching you, and Cody swore under his breath as he bottomed out.

    “So fucking wet for me,” he groaned, rocking his hips slightly to let you adjust to the movement. You hooked one leg around his waist, trying to pull him deeper into you.

    “Please, I’m not gonna break, Commander,” you gave him your best doe eyes, and Cody growled and thrust into you hard, pushing you up the bed slightly. He kept a steady pace, making sure to press his cock as deep as it would go with every thrust. He grabbed the leg that you had wrapped around his waist and pulled it up until it was sitting on his shoulder, letting him hit a whole new angle inside you.

    Your whimpering turned into loud moans as he continued pounding into you, hitting the bundle of nerves inside of you that sent spots flying through your vision. Cody gripped your chin, forcing you to look at him as he fucked you. His face was dusted pink from exertion, and his pupils were blown so wide that they nearly eclipsed the soft amber of the iris.

    “That’s my girl, taking me so well. Tell me how good I’m making you feel,” Cody groaned, his grip on your chin tightening. “Want my pretty girl to feel good,”

    “So fucking good, feel so big inside me,” you stammered, unable to think about much other than the way he was fucking you. Your back arched off the bed as Cody dropped your chin and trailed his hand down to your clit, rubbing tight circles on it.

    “There’s my little cockdumb girl,” he said, a tinge of admiration in his voice. “Taking me so fucking well,”

    “Yes, please, anything!” your words were jumbled, but Cody seemed to know what you meant. His thumb worked faster on your clit, and you squirmed, trying to lean into the touch and wriggle away from it at the same time. Cody held you in place, watching your chest heave as he brought you closer and closer to orgasm.

    “Come for me, sweetheart,” he said, and you did, a broken moan of his name on your lips. He fucked you through it, his thrusts getting erratic as you tightened around him. As you trembled with the aftershocks, you were able to see Cody pull out of you and jerk himself a few times, before spilling all over his hand and your stomach.

    “Where the hell did you learn how to do that?” you said. Your voice was still a little shaky, and Cody laughed at how fucked out you sounded. He swiped a towel from your attached ‘fresher and cleaned you off, before falling into bed beside you.

    “Practice,” he said smugly, and you rolled your eyes. “So was I?”

    “Hmm?” you mumbled sleepily, snuggling your face into the clone’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you comfortingly.

    “You said I looked like a good fuck. Was I?” he said, kissing the top of your head playfully.

    “Well, I’m not completely cockdumb like you said I’d be,” you said, a mischievous smirk on your face. Cody sat up, a wicked look in his eyes. A surge of arousal pooled in your stomach.

    “Guess we’re not done, then,”

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    03.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago
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    #s#d e #z. CC
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  • duawheat
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i want to post a blurry as picture of me as a baby would that be against internet safety rules or weird cause i think the picture is funny and my face is barely part of it

    #it’s the picture i would post and force everyone to use as their profile pics if i was a popular faceless cc #duas talkings
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pensé que me querías.

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  • c0rncheez
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    [potential mha spoilers?!?! Idfk]

    Y’all is Mineta really inlove with deku?? Or am I being trolled 😭😭 I like mha but idk what’s going on with the fandom over there lmaoo

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  • florenceisfalling
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    just read the whole smp boundaries page for all the streamers i actually am familiar with, very helpful 👍!!! however i thought it was rlly funny that some people are like "hmmm well i don't think i want [this] or [this]" and meanwhile the dream team is like "i could not give less of a shit"

    #if i were a cc id have like a million boundaries so it's just rlly funny 2 me that three guys are like. no actually it do not matter #my dsmp bullshit
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  • cisphobicfives
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i love 99... :’]

    #in my heart they r alive and thriving #tcw #the clone wars #99#clone 99#my art#ult ccs#ccs
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  • lesbiantechno
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #up to u tho #if ur favorite ccs are active on twt it might be #but like. if ur emduo or s/bi fan? probably not lmao
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    this lesbian farmer pack is nice
    #i promised myself not to go overboard with the cc #since i lost it all #i wanted to go for a oshinsims vibe #that being said #im at 60gb #rip #anyways thanks for another milestone #i love yall #sims4#sims 4#ts4
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