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    Original title: ラビリンス
    Source: Diabolik Lovers More, More Blood Vol. 13 Kino [CD not owned by me]
    Audio: Here (38:03 ~ 48:00)
    Seiyuu: Tomoaki Maeno
    Translator’s note: The plot thickens!! I’m definitely enjoying the different approach taken in this CD. When there’s 13 CDs all with the same basic plot, it’s nice to see they put in some effort to make every one of them unique. Overall, I think the MMB series was handled quite well, but this is soon turning out to be one of my favorites even though I have very little attachment to Kino as a character!

    Track 1 ll Track 2 ll Track 3 ll Track 4 ll Track 5 + Epilogue


    Track 4: Labyrinth

    “Ah-aah~ We’re finally done! After repeating the announcement so many times, I guess it only makes sense I remembered the text by heart. But it wasn’t half bad! I’m sure you had fun as well, no? After all, I took such ‘great’ (1) care of you~”

    You protest.

    “Huh? What a cold reaction...Are you upset, perhaps? Because I used the Hourglass to my heart’s content and sucked your blood time after time?”

    You shake your head.

    “Hmm~? So you’re upset about something else? Let me just tell you, but you’re the one who failed to suppress their voice, so you only have yourself to blame for how the announcement ultimately turned out. I’m not to blame.”

    You complain about Kino not rewinding at the very end.

    “Hahaha! What are you saying? Why would I rewind the last time? Your performance was broadcasted across the entire school after all. Hehe~ I’m curious what kind of rumors will be spreading tomorrow. ...Still, it’s odd. I figured a raging teacher would come bursting it at some point. Maybe people don’t actually pay attention to the school intercom at all.

    ーー Or rather, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around in general. I wonder if everyone went home already? ...In that case, what was even the point of our announcement? Guess we should grab our stuff and hurry back home too.”

    Kino turns his head towards you.

    “So? We’re still not at our classroom?”

    You seem confused.

    “What do you mean, ‘if I recall correctly’...? Don’t tell me you spaced out and got ourselves lost again? I visited the broadcasting room for the first time today, so I don’t remember the way back to our classroom.”

    He looks around.

    “I’d be able to tell once we reach familiar territory but...Say? Isn’t there something off about this atmosphere? Classes may have already ended, but it still seems too deserted. I feel as if there’s way too many doors as well...? 

    Kino comes to a halt.

    “Rather than just a hunch, there’s actually too many, right? ...Say, which part of the campus are we currently at?”

    You explain.

    “Eh? Nearby our classroom? No way, right? I should be able to recognize it by now. There were never this many doors around!”

    You insist that you know where you’re going.

    “Yeah, yeah. Let’s try opening one up then. At this point, any classroom will do. I’m not in the mood to get lost with you.”



    You ask him what is wrong.

    “I-It’s...a hallway.”

    You seem skeptical.

    “You should take a look as well!”

    You peek inside the room.

    “See? I wasn’t lying, right? Don’t tell me...There’s hallways which lead to another hallway in the human world as well?”

    You shake your head.

    “Well...I guess so. It doesn’t make sense, huh? Then how do you explain this?”

    You shrug.

    “Guess there’s no way you’d know. Anyway, we have to get back to our classroom. Somehow I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”


    “This is...No, let’s not. These kind of places usually have traps.”

    He continues walking.

    “I mean, there’s no way this door leads to another hallway as well, riーー”


    “...!! No way...”

    You rush to his side.


    “This one too...”

    You continue following Kino around.

    “As you can see, all of them connect to other hallways...Say, something really messed up is going on over here, no?”

    You start to panic.

    “Even if you ask me what to do...All we’ve got to work with is this row of doors, nor do we know what is going on outside. Guess we’ve got no other choice. Let’s try and walk down this hallway. We might be able to find a way out somehow. Worst-case-scenario, I could always use my magic to blast through the wall.”

    You agree as the two of you continue walking.

    “This hallway has a bunch of doors as well...Not exactly something I want to see right now. Let’s try opening them one by one starting from the corner. Can you handle the opposite end?”

    You nod.

    “Mmh. Let’s get started then.”


    “...Another hallway!? How about yours!?”


    “...No luck, huh? Try opening them all! There might be one leading to something else! I’m sure!”


    “Ugh...This one too...Fuck!”

    Kino continues opening all the doors but to no avail.

    “...!? What is going on!? All doors lead to hallways!?”

    You finish opening all doors on the opposite end.

    “...Ah. No luck on your end either? This sucks...There’s still some doors left, but we don’t even know how long this hallway is exactly...This reminds me of a game bug. I was having so much fun using the Hourglass as well...So why did this have to happen!? ...!! Hourglass...Time...”

    You tilt your head to the side.

    “No...But perhaps...This might be a result of turning back time.”

    You seem shocked.

    “Think about it. You remember, don’t you? You got the classroom we had to move to wrong earlier today, no? So we ended up spending time on the rooftop instead. You were having trouble locating the cafeteria as well and inside the broadcasting room, the start button swapped places. That switch...I remember very well because it was right by my hand. I’m fairly certain it didn’t move until after I had used the Hourglass.”


    “If time and space warped every time I used this to rewind time...Then this bug-like situation isn’t entirely unthinkable. We repeated the process several times, so it wouldn’t be strange for the distortion caused by that to draw forth this kind of situation...”


    “Whoever made this item must have had one hell of a rotten personality. I’d ‘love’ to meet them.”

    You grow scared.

    “Ah, no need to tear up. In that case...While I do feel kind of bad for the school, I’ll just blow away this whole hallway. Stay back for a bit, okay?”

    You step away.

    “Here I go...”

    Kino charges his magic before charging it at the wall.



    “...!! Why...!? It won’t even budge...This is bad. The magic is blocking it. It’s almost as if even my magic is being warped and rendered null...I guess that means the Hourglass’ energy is flowing through this entire airspace...Fuck! If we don’t play our cards right, we might not be able to make it out and remain stuck in here forever...”

    You grow desperate.

    “...! No need to cry. ...There’s no way there isn’t a single exit at least. There’s a solution to any problem. ...Don’t you think so as well?”

    You nod.

    “See? So you do understand after all. ...Well then, why don’t we start from scratch and try opening the doors again? We have to quickly solve this predicament...For your sake as well. There’s nothing fun about seeing you tremble in fear over something or someone other than me after all.”


    “...Bet you wondered why I would do that given the circumstances, huh? However, I felt like doing it exactly because of this current situation.”

    You frown.

    “Ah! That wasn’t meant as a death flag or anything so rest assured! Well then...Shall we get going? Let’s hold hands...So we don’t get separated.”

    Kino grabs hold of your hand before the two of you walk off.


    Translation notes
    (1) The term かわいがる or ‘kawaigaru’ can be used in an ironic fashion. In that case, it does not mean ‘to spoil/to dote on’, but ‘to tease’. 
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    Chuck Rock Año: 1991 Plataformas: Amiga, Game Boy, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Master System, SNES, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Mega CD, Amiga CD32, Acorn Archimedes

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    This might sound weird but every time I open this CD it brings me back to when I bought the cassette and that new cassette smell it had. Not sure why it only happens with this album. I know weird after over 30 years that scent is still in my mind. I wonder if I still have that cassette🤔

    Great album here. So I’m cranking it up and sending him back to Hell!!!

    Stryper - To Hell With The Devil (1986)

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    still can't really believe i actually bought hot sauce

    #it's been so long since i last bought an album #i don't even have any use for the actual cd #but i'll keep the dreamies on my shelf forever 🥰🥰 #grazi talks
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    Should we get a little Rated X?

    Pat Benatar has had so many great albums with so many hits. This album is one of her best. So many songs on here like Heartbreaker, In the heat of the Night, my favorites “My Clone Sleeps Alone” and “Rated X”. I would say this album is awesome from beginning to end.

    Pat Benatar - In The Heat Of The Night (1979)

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    #usbornechickenlickencd #usborne chicken licken cd #Usborne Chicken Licken - CD - Tủ sách 24h #Sách #Tủ Sách 24h #tusach24h
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    busy blaming all my life problems on ebay stuffs

    #why dont they have merveilles thats not fair #why is it so hard to find #✿.txt #and no *m*z*n im not going to pay 40 dollars for an audio cd
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    Some Motor City Madman!!!!

    Picked up these three Ted Nugent CDs. The first three solo albums. Listened to the first two already and they are rockin. Lots of great music and energy.

    They also each have a write up in the insert. Read the first one. Gives some good insight on the album and him going solo. I hope the others are just as good to read.

    Ted Nugent - S/T (1975)

    Ted Nugent - Free-For-All (1976)

    Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (1977)

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    ><ㅤlayouts :ㅤkpop cds !!?  🗯

    please like or reblog if you save / use !
    do not repost!!

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    Look what I got in the mail :D <3

    Can we talk about how wonky the graphic editing is though? S.Coups's torso looks like it's just floating in space lol

    #SVT #I don't get the photocard craze honestly but anyway #I opened the CD packaging and a surprise Jeonghan fell out xD #Pls ignore my filthy ass keyboard it really needs to be cleaned I know
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    Philips (1983)

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