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  • charls-issue
    09.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    I'm going to censor gifs on Kakao Talk from tomorrow.Yes. Brbr, it's okay to go backwards.

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  • roboe1
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    News and Headlines 12/8/2021: Keeping you informed.

    News and Headlines 12/8/2021: Keeping you informed.

    US News, Politics, World News, Videos, Commentary/Opinion, Keeping you informed. In The NEWS: Twitter Blacklists Account Providing Updates on Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Google Cloud/Twitter An account set up to monitor the investment portfolio of house speaker Nancy Pelosi following insider trading allegations was also taken down. The account following the Maxwell trial had over 500,000…

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  • bkworm5
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    people who say that tumblr died bc of censorship (aka female presenting nipple ban) and then hop onto tiktok, where you can't even type bisexual without getting your account suspended for 24hr just bc it has "sex" within it, confuse me so much

    #don't mind me im just ranting about how much i hate tiktok self-censorship #and the weird concept of shadowbanning #seriously wtf is shadowbanning are you sure the algorithm isn't just favoring someone else #just bc it's someone else's moment in the limelight does not mean you are actively being supressed #i only got tiktok for social media research purposes and i only mildly regret it #mine#tiktok#rant
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  • fruitylolipop
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I have a question for proshippers as someone who is neutral ship (proship leaning) I’ve been hearing arguments about creators can’t put boundaries in their artwork/series because that’s dictating fandom and I’m confused? Is this the argument or is it like more complex than that because I don’t get it how is it dictatorship to put boundaries in your work if a creators says “don’t ship my characters with x” I don’t think that’s dictatorship?? It’s only fair I mean it’s THEIR artwork and THEIR property isn’t that kinda disrespecting creators by ignoring that? (I’m not trying to say people are wrong or anything I’m just confused with this argument and id appreciate it if someone could explain this argument to me)

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  • mvaljean525
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen

    Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.


    Heinrich Heine  1797-1856


    Graphic - MassGrave/Stormcrow



    Fargo season 3 episode 1 opening scene - This is a true story

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  • thefreethoughtprojectcom
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #ghislaine maxwell #the free thought project #twitter#censorship
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  • ebookporn
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    The Authors Guild advocates for the rights of professional writers to create, publish, and earn a sustainable living as fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, translators, and journalists. Book banning, whether challenged by the right or the left, interferes with those rights, not only by suppressing free speech and freedom of expression but by making it harder for authors to sell copies of their work.

    According to the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, the number of school boards being asked in 2021 to ban certain books and concepts is unprecedented. In the past three months, school libraries in at least seven states have removed books challenged by community members. As of November 24, 29 states have introduced bills or taken other steps that would restrict teaching critical race theory or limit how K-12 teachers can discuss racism and sexism.Eight states—Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas—have already outlawed discussions of critical race theory not only at K-12 public schools but in some cases also at colleges and universities. These laws often include confusing and wide-sweeping restrictions on discussions of, and texts related to, race, gender, and sexuality in general. Indeed, of the 850 books Texas plans to ban in public schools, just eight percent center around race and racism, 14 percent focus on sex education, including reproductive rights, and a whopping 62 percent feature LBGTQ+ characters or discuss issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Among the books most frequently targeted are Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (1970), George M. Johnson’s All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto (2020), Maia Kobabe’s Gender Queer: A Memoir (2019), Jonathan Evison’s Lawn Boy (2018), and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (2006). Not one of these works references critical race theory or how legal policies institutionalize racism. This certainly raises questions about the key motivation behind these myriad book ban challenges.


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  • stupittmoran
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I tried sharing this meme on Facebook.

    They removed it 


    Banned me for 30 days! 


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  • daveparts
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Never Mind the Morlocks

    Never Mind the Morlocks

    Falling through the universe at the speed of life By David Glenn Cox The only way a book can defend itself is by you reading it. The book won’t come at you or follow you home. Without reading the book, the book is defenseless. It makes them a perfect target, a villain who can’t fight back, and stands as quiet as Amish in a prize fight. “They’re teaching Bad Things to your children!” There are…

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    #Censorship #David Glenn Cox #Republican Fascism #The new criminal Adventures of Diaper Don #This Carbon Based Life
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  • ruindunburnit
    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Fairly certain that, in most cases, people who insist that they did something terrible because a fictional villain inspired them to do it were already going to do it and were just looking for an excuse.

    Stop blaming fictional villains for real crimes.

    #fictional villains vs real villains #anti-censorship #there are supposed to be villains in fiction
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  • 247newsagency
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    NGO denounces escalation of violence against journalists and media in Venezuela

    NGO denounces escalation of violence against journalists and media in Venezuela

    La ONG de Venezuela Espacio Público denounced an “escalation of violence” by the State security forces against journalists and the media during the month of November, when 103 violations of freedom of expression were reported. According to the organization, the most frequent were intimidation, censorship and administrative restrictions, “actions that seek to reduce the citizen’s ability to seek,…

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  • oldshowbiz
    08.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    1951 - Down with Realism

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  • oldshowbiz
    08.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    December 12, 1951.

    You just can’t say anything these days.

    #censorship #fire and brimstone #can’t joke about anything anymore
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  • bemusedlybespectacled
    08.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I posted 2,082 times in 2021

    80 posts created (4%)

    2002 posts reblogged (96%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 25.0 posts.

    I added 1,723 tags in 2021

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    Longest Tag: 136 characters

    #i had four teeth removed solely for aesthetic reasons when i was like twelve and no one was handwringing over my irreversible mutilation

    My Top Posts in 2021


    on the flip side of “characters are not real people and so shouldn’t be held to the same standards we hold for actual humans,” real people aren’t characters whose traits are chosen by an omnipotent author. real people are people who are a unique constellation of traits, each of which is shared with millions of people.

    the usual problem with a fictional character falling into a stereotype is that it’s their only characterization. the important thing about the damsel love interest is that she’s in danger and she’s in love with the protagonist, so we don’t need to know about her passion for stamp collecting if it isn’t plot-relevant; there’s no scene where we watch the evil terrorist check out the devil wears prada from his local library immediately before trying to murder the hero with ten other terrorists. and, typically, they are the only character of their kind: the only gay guy is the villainess’s sycophantic sidekick; the only black woman exists only for the heroine to have a best friend.

    but humans, by dint of being human, are always three-dimensional, multi-faceted beings, and are always one out of millions of other people. having the only female character in your cast have no personality other than “liking pink” is trite and overdone; an actual human woman who likes pink is always going to be more complex than that.

    if your complaints about someone’s actions, experiences, or inherent traits read like an editor complaining about overdone tropes or stereotypes, you aren’t actually making a valid critique, you are demonstrating a fundamental inability to discern truth from fiction. 

    1973 notes • Posted 2021-11-15 04:57:05 GMT


    ~hot take~ about a book that came out ten years ago but one of the biggest reasons 50 Shades of Grey fails as a fanfiction - not as a piece of writing, but as fanfiction specifically - is because it fundamentally misunderstands the central conflict throughout the Twilight novels and as a result makes Anastasia and Christian’s relationship even more incomprehensible and unhealthy than Bella and Edward’s. that conflict NOT being the Volturi or anything to do with other vampires, but the fact that Bella wants to be a vampire and Edward doesn’t want her to be a vampire. 

    like, Bella doesn’t want to grow old, she’s been parentified by her parents, and she feels boring and ordinary, so eternal youth + superpowers seems pretty fucking cool to her. meanwhile Edward hates being a vampire and sees it as a burden, especially since part of being a vampire is the constant threat of accidentally injuring or killing his girlfriend. the tension is the push and pull between what Bella wants and what Edward wants, and it’s only resolved when she does actually become a vampire.

    so if we assume that BDSM is the vampirism metaphor in the 50 Shades fics (namely, something dangerous but also sexy and alluring), then Anastasia should be completely gung-ho about the kinky shit and Christian should be wracked with guilt every time he even considers spanking someone. finding out Christian is kinky should make Ana realize that whatever feelings she’s had before has a NAME and OTHER PEOPLE and is NORMAL and that her secret kinky fantasies are validated, while Christian should be crying into his pillow at the idea that he’s corrupted poor innocent Ana with his perverted ways. 

    what I’m saying here is that it not only makes the storyline way creepier, because BDSM - and a relationship with Christian, since the story explicitly says you can’t have one without the other - is something that Ana is afraid of instead of excited about, but also makes it WAY more boring. oh ho hum, “a sexy millionaire overcame my protests and had his sexy sexy way with me!” said every fucking Harlequin novel ever. groundbreaking.

    tl;dr: the plot of 50 Shades should be “Ana discovers Fetlife on bing.com and they go back and forth on their kinky needs v. Christian’s guilt at potentially hurting his love until they split the difference and have Ana top”

    2895 notes • Posted 2021-11-03 21:42:21 GMT


    one of these days I’m gonna get an expensive mic and Final Cut Pro and I’m going to do an extended Youtube series called “You Don’t Know How To Write Fanfiction” and it’s going to just be me tearing apart big-name writers and directors for having shit characterization and no idea how to write creative plots for existing franchises because they’ve never had to write a crossover or AU in their lives

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    the thing that bugs me the most about the censoring of the internet to please advertisers is like... tv shows aren’t having less sex and violence in them. movies aren’t having less sex and violence in them. HBO can do eight seasons of graphic murder and nudity and it’s the cultural phenomenon of the decade, but I can’t show a nipple on tumblr or talk about death on tiktok. it’s not that the internet is becoming “safer,” it’s just making these topics a privilege only for very rich people, and putting it behind a paywall for everyone else.

    16355 notes • Posted 2021-11-28 15:57:39 GMT


    disney looked at the success of maleficent and thought audiences really wanted shot-for-shot live-action retellings of existing disney movies and/or villains with tragic backstories, when the success of maleficent really was down to two things:

    a well-crafted version of sleeping beauty that was still recognizable as sleeping beauty, but with enough deviations that it felt like a new story, complete with worldbuilding/lore and a very sweet and realistic mother/daughter relationship between maleficent and aurora, and

    sexy bird man

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #utterly shocking that my maleficent hot take has more notes than my internet censorship one but then again it has several months headstart #personal
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  • stellarflex
    08.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Credit on pic

    I'm laughing af

    #chinese censorship#cdrama news #bl novel adaptation #Asian bl drama #chinese bl
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  • modernvintage
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Unsurprisingly, it was the year of JATP, my grief and pandemic coping show 🤣 all of my top 5 posts were JATP, but this gem of my longest tag sums up 2021 and my feelings on current fandom LIKE NO OTHER:

    #tumblr year in review #jatp #this was the year I went hard on #anti censorship #the fanfic debate #anti fandom purity culture #and then#juke#🤣🤣🤣 #well rounded diet there
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  • galahadwilder
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • lordandgodoftheobvious
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Only one in every six posts I make tagged “free palestine” actually appears when you search the tag in recent mode--a condition I do not believe afflicts me alone, because the tag used to be quite lively and now is almost dead. And it wasn’t a gradual die-off, either--one day, the flow just stopped, like someone turned off the tap.

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