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  • earthtowildrose
    06.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Salute to The Mountain at IAŌ Valley River • Acrylic, Watercolour, Conte and charcoal on canvas on Wood



    I’ve never resonated more than with the work I’m creating now. From the root to the fruit is where it all starts and I feel like I’m blooming. My fruit of the Earth is ripe.

    This piece describes a language I speak but cannot translate. I only know it through the language of imagery and mark making. It embodies a sacred circle below the iron rich rock. Underneath a needle and a mountain top under the sky rainfall. The height of the image. Source. Father to us. Earth - Mother to us.

    His rich energy rains down upon us and rising thoughts evaporate and linger into the air from us. Captured moments in time. A portrayal of an exchange of human and natural energy. Separate but together. Natural. In essence and in harmony with one another.

    I feel so full to be expanding my journey, my truth, my thoughts, my words, my images to the external and shining a light on my internal self. Uncovering each ancient hidden layer, of my inner self carried and honoured by this blessed human vessel. My spirit is rising. My self is rising. Blessings on my journey and yours.

    I am full



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  • astroshaliini
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • carpethedamndiem
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fatih Gözenç, Conversation

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  • mmorris353
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • meatriedtoeattheworld
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I'm not sure I will find right words for this but I have to try because I have issues. 😁

    Y'all need to be careful about getting woke and spiritual. Getting into that world can sometimes be quite rough. It does matters why are you getting there. Was it the bad childhood? Some trauma? Problems with parents?

    Bullying... Death loss... Anything!!!

    You've been partying a bit too much so drugs kicked you into awareness mode? Yea, that happens in most cases. 😁

    When we start to receive that higher vibrations, if we start to nurture them and work with them we will, naturally, start to feel more and more and more...

    I strongly believe that everyone of us has some kind of (I will use the next word only to bring to you as closely as I can what I'm talking here, it can be any variety of verbs used in English) "life-learning-cycle" in which, per say, you relive your life and social choices, it's like life itself puts put back in time for ex. 5 years. The setup is now. But people, situations, business and private life is going through that filter from 5 years ago. Some patterns come back, sometimes even the same situations AND the same people come back with basically same 'teachings' they left us with the first time. It's like life itself is telling us; hey buddy, you still didn't pass that lesson from that year about that particular type of relationship in your human life, leeets roll that back up."

    So, with practice we come to the idea that we genuinely know enough or, everything.

    Our Ego might trick us into believing that we 'handle the situation' no matter the result.

    So we stop using ways we got there in the first place. We stop learning, listening, sometimes even talking.

    We just know thqt we know no matter that we don't know sh*T. 😁

    We stop practicing with our higher vibrations, there are some lessons we might consider done but unfortunately they were not...

    And then, WHAM!!!

    You feel overwhelmed, you almost don't understand why since you 'know that you know' and you treat your mind well...

    Well, it is because when we, as human beings, start to unpack that vibrations, once we start to vibrate on those higher levels, if we stop using the efforts and work on improving them we can only end up crashed and smacked up by life. By energies, by situations, by triggering events and what not.

    You think; "okay, I totally know how to act when this hits me or if this is going to happen I know this this in my head" or, the most tricky one, you might believe that, by passing your lesson you have learned everything there was but sometimes, in one lesson there are many facts and life will continue to reflect those when time is right until you pass and learn everything there is.

    But, some not realizing this, putting their mind, body and soul into situations that are STILL negative for them... For example, I'm afraid of lacking light😂 I'm afraid of the dark, I have some issues reflecting on my childhood and by that means, I did resolve my childhood trauma, and maybe I've even healed over some stuff, but that doesn't mean I can now watch a horror-blood-fuckedup movie nor will I sit in a room where people will talk about raping if I know that even the thought of a word "rape" makes me uncomfortable.

    You really have to know the difference between confronting your fears and traumas and just being abusive towards yourself because you have to "push" yourself.

    When we start to vibrate on levels we get tired more often than usually. But we believe the hypeof peeling through dimensions of life and it's wholesome meaning so we stop resting, we take in and we take in, we go and go and we process and our logic is getting confused by biter tiredness... As humans, our bodies are capable of destruction like that.

    So we start to take energy from food and drinks, drugs...

    We start to absorb more by more because we are constantly missing what we really need - a simple rest from "knowing and feeling it all". We start to break under apsurd situations because our hormone level is acting up and out of nowhere the commercial about pancakes remindes us about our old grandpa and how he is dead and how we are missing him to the point we start to recalculate everything in our life and we start to feel the apsurd absence of our 10-year-dead grandpa when in really, we are just overwhelmed because we vibrate on higher levels.

    My point and fair share of advice is; you cannot get one experience from something you had to solve and expect that you learned everything there was. Especially if that something really left an impact on your life.

    You can't expect that if you healed over the fact you were raped as a child, now you can look at the scene in which the rape act is being performed. You just cannot. It is

    You can't expect that if you healed from trauma drug gave you, that you will be okay if put back in the same situation, no matter the 'lack of drug'. Our brains are like a hard disk. Everyone knows this. But, we repeatedly forget and we think we have some kind of power to change the memory pattern that is so deep, we are not even conscious about...

    So we remove what caused us pain, we manage to pass that one time being confronted with the problem and we will continue to put ourselfs under same toxic situations believing that we 'got this'.

    But, in fact, we overcame the first stage, reacting. But issues buried deep down, nah, they are still real. 😁

    A young girl, started using drugs in her 15 years of age, she was drinking alcohol by then for 2 years already...

    In her 18s started to feel obnoxious panic attacks, sleep paralysis, she suddenly started to feel nervous at situations, she would be so unbalanced so she went to see a doctor.

    They took the shot of her brain, they say, drugs managed your nerves. Obviously you should stop. You're young and all that.

    She stopped. She cleaned her sistem, she started eating properly, everything was good and well but she repeatedly refused to accept the fact that she is still triggering...

    She removed the 'problem' that was - drugs, and she improved her life by lifestyle, but she didn't work on her problems really. She didn't took one moment to see what she already knew. She knew that "thanks to drugs and shrooms she can feel people and energies" but she didn't realize that was the thing that was eating her. So she would get herself back into that stage where she would be overwhelmed with the awareness she contains not knowing how to project the real problem.

    Many people will heal themselves with spiritual practices not knowing that brings consequences on its own.

    They will open chakras, they will go into that meditative stage and they will even sometime heal each other. Nothing wrong with that. Only thing that we need to care about is shifting energy when using those practices as a tool in healing.

    Many people will consider that they can take much more than they really can, because they are somehow wronged that by pushing themselves they will get better, they will heal faster.

    In theory that is not wrong. But when working with spiritual practices we need to know the thin line between healing and hurting ourselves.

    We need to remember that by learning how to breathe, how to communicate or talk about your deepest core of existence, that doesn't mean we are suddenly strong intuitive warriors who cannot be broken again.

    Spirituality works best when working on yourself and it's practices all the time, improving and learning how to trust.

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  • elisheanaufeminin
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Finalisation de la Première Phase du Triple Portail d’Ascension

    Finalisation de la Première Phase du Triple Portail d’Ascension

    L’Éclipse Solaire du 4 Décembre L’Éclipse Solaire du 4 Décembre arrive rapidement maintenant. Cela finalisera la première phase du Triple Portail d’Ascension qui clôturera l’année 2021, une année extrêmement transformatrice. Nous serons mis au défi d’ouvrir davantage notre mental à l’inattendu et au grand inconnu qu’est notre nouvel avenir. Soyez prêt à être surpris et impressionné. De nombreuses…

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  • meatriedtoeattheworld
    06.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Into the woods I go...

    My truth is me myself.

    I can't forego it on anybody's account.

    So I won't let ego to rule over my truths.

    As for, if I don't have my truths, what kind of man I am?

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  • auraquartzcrystal
    06.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Created through millennia in the hearth of Earth, absorbing energies and messages along with those sent by the Sun, Moon and oceans, natural crystals and gemstones hold power and emit those energies, helping raise your personal vibration and enhancing your psychic and intuitive powers.

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  • imeditativemind
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #528hz #seed of life #meditative mind #brings positive transformation #brings positivity#golden chakra
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  • daytoursofpyramidsinegypt
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

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  • crazyshapebyelo
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    🌺Hey Coucounou! Le lundi c'est toujours HYPER difficile pour tout le monde! Et bien crois le ou non , j'ai bien dormi et jme sentais d'attaque ce matin!! Comme quoi trainer sur le tel le soir ne sert vraiment a rien hors mis que tu sois encore plus fatigué(e)que d'habitude... Brrreff! J'ai eu mal mais ça fait vraiment du bien ;) et toi tu en es où de tes séances? #bodybeast #positivité #onestlesmeilleurs #bonheur #mamanmotarde #bienveillance #loidelattraction #sante #nature #husky #couple #provence #sourire #amour #chakras #mamancomblée #tatouages #determination #cheveuxrouges #meditation #renaitre https://www.instagram.com/p/CXIULXpMqqJ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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