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  • i think there’s too much junk in there because it kept running out of free space so i couldn’t continue making gifs lol

    yes, i was blurring each frame, manually 🤣 it couldn’t take no more, i ended up starting over and edited the video before making the gifs. wow, that was great. *sarcasm



    while i was editing, i noticed the subtitles kept changing position o.o i never noticed before o.o (ps: i used some online converter for this gif)

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  • o wait i forgot about xmh here 💧

    happy 2k days to svt btw

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  • Chiisai (小さい, one of my OCs) meets Al (or, Aru… I’m more used to Aru since that’s how it’s written in Japanese, アル, that’s how people at Arks-Layer wrote it). Lol, “are you me?!”

    PS: Yes, Chiisai’s ears and neck are really like that because he is a cast (android / robot). And “chiisai” means small; he is small.

    Screenshots were taken in February 2017, back when Episode 4 was pretty much new. Aru’s stuff was so cheap (for male) because nobody wanted it LOL except for his hair but all hair tickets compatible with female characters are always SO expensive grrrr (yes, I’m missing the scarf because it’s a ticket compatible with female characters)

    #pso2 #phantasy star online 2 #OC: 小さい#chanaqinns
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  • (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु What!!!!

    I was just trying to complete my map on the east coast when I went to this bridge, I was unable to drive faster because it’s too narrow + police coming from the other side + the truck was too slow… then I noticed its wheels were half way inside the concrete…!? And a bit further, there was this car just…. even more inside the bridge. When the truck reached it, it came to a stop and was free from the concrete. Must feel awful inside the bridge!

    #the crew #hello uplay it's been years because i forgot my password #video games#glitches#chanaqinns
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  • (O∆O)

    #skies of arcadia #video games#chanaqinns
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  • 1 year old footage
    was cropped while recording bc d#mb

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  • Taken, respectively, on the 31st of July (LLSIF) and 1st of August.

    For both, I just thought they were never going to come back so I

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  • can i brag?

    little voice: yes


    idk why it’s in frenglish but yee took forever (i suc at osu!mania but idk if it’s because of my theme)

    #osu! #osu!mania #idk#video games#chanaqinns
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  • LMAO!!

    Context: I finally got to learn how to make poses for TS3, so I made one as a test. Basic. That’s all. I wanted to play around with the face but didn’t know what to do lol.

    No, I will not share the file.

    + That’s my main Sim atm. I didn’t introduce her.

    #I'm also not gonna tag this correctly #ts3#lmao#chanaqinns
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  • i’m still around

    #just an update #and a joke #it's been 2 years #chanaqinns
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  • Min Yoongi, you mean a lot to me.

    I admire you more than anyone else because your skills are awesome.

    You’re the best.

    Happy birthday, my precious Suga ♥

    사랑해 ♥

    (cr: this montage is mine)

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