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  • strugglecore
    04.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    new emotion unlocked 🗝

    #it's 8am rn #i woke up to go potty as u do #and i looked outside and saw my parents and my godfather standing next to his truck #it's packed to move across the country #my dad is going w him bc their friendship goes way back #i couldn't hear them bc i'm upstairs w white noise on #but i saw my godfather hug my mom. they talked a bit more and he hugged her again b4 getting in the truck #mom took pre-trip photos thru the passenger window #then i saw my godfather jump out again and run to my mom for another hug #i really dislike my godfather #but that actually made me cry a bit #he's known my parents since they were in their early 20s #all 3 of them are in their 50s now #they've had so many adventures and done / seen so much together #we were also close w his parents who have both died recently #so it's like now the only thing for him to do is carry on and live as best he can #idk it choked me up #too much for 8 in the morning on a wednesday that's for sure #was gonna go back to sleep but idk what to do w myself now #the amount of monumental changes happening this year is ridiculous #my heart can only take so much #strugglecore.txt #🧍‍♂️
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  • quanxui
    04.08.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    i write a journal but it's bland, just a pale brown hardcover notebook with a band with writings worth 4 years in it (and some tear stains lmao) and you know how there are those cute and pretty journal photos in here and on instagram? especially the ones with doodles? yeah i only know how to draw sticks or convince a friend who can draw but i tried drawing myself with a headache and it was so ugly, im never drawing on my journal ever again

    #i listed my kpop bias at the back i hate it #maybe it's time to change journals #that one's ancient anyways #ako #fyi i have a variety of these cute notebooks... they're gifts or things i bought to satisfy my short lived materialistic happiness
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  • kateis-cakeis
    04.08.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    I feel like a general rule of thumb should be that with the 5th May stream, aka the tour stream, most of what Alivebur said can't be trusted.

    He was still newly revived, still all over the place, not quite settled. And while he was being truthful with some things - like apologies, which he's been doing since then, so those are truthful - he was lying about other things - like him saying he didn't care for L'Manberg when he does.

    In the 5th May stream, he was still closed off too, of course he's not gonna tell the truth about things he thinks people could use against him.

    But ever since then we've watched Alivebur get settled, we've watched him calm, and we've watched him open up more and more. He even said that lying to Tommy about L'Manberg was eating away at him.

    Trust more in what Alivebur's been saying for the last 3 streams than what he said when he was still overwhelmed from being revived only 6 days prior.

    #dream smp#alivebur#wilbur soot #like too often i see this fandom linger when you should be actively changing opinions with more evidence #like im constantly changing my mind on analysis because new quotes reveal new things #and then i can link back and make connections #don't linger on one thing alivebur said - watch out for what he keeps saying
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  • 772love
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #life is so hard rn #idk why i have these thoughts or feelings #idk why there’s sm things changing #i literally feel useless #some days life is too much for me #i’ve been having these days for a while #i wish someone could help me #life is tough #can this end #i want to disappear
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  • scarvenartist
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can’t tell if the scene I wrote this morning is the most painful thing I’ve ever written, or the most sappy. Why are these things so indistinguishable.

    #the death scene was hard #but the kiro fallout awfulness? #SO MUCH WORSE #the especially awful thing about Kiro's very long redemption arc #is that I've planned a whole series of terrible events where he appears to have a change of heart #and then totally forgets and doesn't #and YOU JUST WANT TO SHAKE HIM TILL HIS TEETH FALL OUT #but i really really really want #a character whose redemption arc comes to birth MOSTLY when he suddenly realizes how many empty repentences he's experienced #and what if this one--this one here at the end--doesn't stick? #(my favorite song on the Kiro playlist is Hopeless Wanderer by mumford and sons but man that's a very long way away)
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  • nbgorillaz
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    updated carrd i will link later

    #i’ve updated the url and the layout but not the info #if it’s difficult to read PLEASE let me know i’ll change things around
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  • oetravia
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Every Brainia Scene Ever: 6x01 [1/5]
    #supergirl#supergirledit#brainia#brainiaedit#brainiac 5#nia nal#querl dox #cutting this scene down to the bare bones was a journey in pain I tell you #and can we talk about this scene please?! I love that it was dramatic without tipping *too* far over into the melodrama and still felt #very sincere on both Brainy and Nia's parts while also giving Nia the chance to process all the information she's received in such a short #space of time. Three months of having no idea what's happening and having it all suddenly slot into place with barely a moment to pause #because it would've been very easy to have her immediately return Brainy's I love you - especially under the circumstances but instead #we get to see Nia taking all this information in and saving it for later because in the moment there's not time #She's going to save him. She HAS to save him - also I find it really interesting that Nia's powers almost always develop when #she's under pressure because I think that tells us a lot about Nia herself and how she copes with things #(and as always Brainy being utterly fascinated by Nia's abilities growing and developing. I love that that's never changed since S4) #Then there's Brainy using what would've been the last of his strength to explain everything to Nia and make sure she knows why he did #all the terrible things he did - especially to her - and make sure she knows that he still loves her #and all things considered it's quite likely he initially thought she was some sort of illusion brought on by the radiation #(and Nia's hand slowly sliding down the glass...visual poetry) #mine#my gifs #otp: what does love feel like? #*ebs
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  • okkatsudon
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    did i just create a page for my most simped fictional character for every month? yes, i did 😌

    #ᔪ꒰ ꒪ω꒪ |||꒱: rambles #every month #i'll add someone #maybe there'll be repeats #cuz sometimes i'm too attached #i mean #commitment is also scary #zzz #oh my gosh #'m never gonna change my theme #since i'll need to fix that thing as well #if i do #but what if #hear me out #i keep this theme forever !!!!! #:00 #omg fixing my commitment issues 101 #wait wait #maybe i should change the image aesthetic #everytime i change a theme? #aaa so i'll kinda get to look back #on which months #had certain themes !! #OK GOODBYE AHJHSJAHS
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  • baby-bubble-brains
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    If I have any followers who've ever had a biopsy done before, is there any chance any of you would be able to like. Maybe calm my nerves about this whole thing? Perhaps specifically about the biopsy clips. I'm kinda afraid of them putting metal in me to mark the spot since I'm sensitive to metals and stuff and I don't wanna have a piece of metal in me the rest of my life if I react badly to it.

    #I'm so scared of this whole thing I wanna cancel my appointment so bad #I just do not wanna make permanent changes to my body that may or may not cause an allergic reaction #Bubble Posts
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  • darlingbudsofrae
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Why I’m not to keen with the idea of Cinderella (2021)

    Let me start this off by saying that Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess and that the 1950 adaptation is my favorite Disney animation classic.

    I would also like to say that while I haven’t really followed with Camila Cabello after her Havana era, I still like her music and I don’t really like or dislike her. She’s an alright singer that I can vibe to when her songs play on the radio.

    That said, I can confidently say that I watched almost every single Cinderella adaptations there is. What can I say- it’s my favorite story. (yes, even the original Grimm story)

    I actually only watched the trailer for Camila’s Cinderella just now (I think it released three days ago or sum) and I know I shouldn’t judge off by the trailer but it’s pretty much telling of what the story was going to be. 

    And I don’t like it. 

    I hated the things I saw there, and I’m going to rant about it.

    Before that though, let me give credit where credit is due and say that it’s surprisingly more diverse and “modern”, if you will. 

    I really like the change on the fairy godmother and the soundtrack doesn’t sound too bad.

    And I can see that they’re really attempting to make Cinderella some kind of feminist by teasing the conflict of the story as her aspiring to be a businesswoman.

    And that’s where my center conflict with this film lies. 

    I really hate how some feminists say Cinderella is a bad role model for kids (going on to not allowing their children to watch the movie) and a total “pushover”. 

    I hate that so much because not only is it dismissing the extent of Cinderella’s trauma, but it’s also pushing “strong” into this particular box where you’re only perceived as such if you speak out and act out.

    And that couldn’t be more wrong.

    Cinderella is one, if not, the strongest Disney princess I’ve ever watched. I have and will fight anything and anyone that disagrees with this. 

    The thing I really appreciated about Cinderella is her central theme- the kindness that she uses as a response and coping mechanism all throughout the story.

    This girl has gone through so much shit and she could easily act like the little shit that no one will blame her for but she doesn’t.

    She’s kind, generous, and hopeful. The fact that she remained positive throughout everything she went through is so admirable and so freaking strong.

    And the thing is, Cinderella can’t exactly act out. Acting out is fighting with her stepmother and the bigger the fight might end with her sleeping on the streets. It is a matter of practicality.

    By saying that Cinderella isn’t strong and that she was a pushover for taking all the abuse her stepfamily does to her instead of marching up and leaving is the same as dismissing all those kids out there gritting through their teeth and taking in all the hurt from their abusive households because they need a roof over their heads.

    Because sometimes, even if it hurts, we have to be practical.

    Not everyone has the privilege to fight against abuse. If you do, I’m happy for you but saying Cinderella is a weak-ass lame-o just because she couldn’t do the same is outright victim-blaming.

    Questioning why she doesn’t speak out or just leave is straight down just that- awful.

    Cinderella, for me, is strong in the sense that she remained strong through that.

    Her stepfamily did horrible things to her and for her to remain just as kind even after that is such a power move.

    Because again, no one can blame her if she acts like a total asshole but she didn’t- she’s kind as ever and that’s just something I aspired to be when I watched the film back at high school.

    Watching Cinderella was realizing that there was so much to strong than being loud and active.

    Like yes, strong is voicing out everything for the world to hear.

    But strong can also be silent and persistent and just that- just Cinderella.

    Not every female lead has to have that loud voice and sparkles to be called strong. Some can be just kind even after all that bullshit and be that- strong.

    The trailer where they show Cinderella having this conflict of not wanting to be a princess because she wants to be a businesswoman, it’s fine but I think it generally erases all the things the original Cinderella stand for.

    And I will not stand for that.

    Because those “dainty” princesses can be strong as well. 

    The trailer pushes this #girlboss idea and again, it’s totally fine if you’re pushing for a woman to be out and on top of a predominantly male field (cool even)- 

    but using it on a context frame as Cinderella, this is also pushing girls into one box-

    and I’m not sure if I made my point across but there is so much more to strength than rebelling and being sassy.

    There are many layers to it and dismissing those other layers kinda rubs me off in the wrong way.

    Then there’s the whole debacle about her marrying the prince and becoming a princess and living her HEA but that’s an entirely different can of worms that I don’t really want to open.

    By making Cinderella into this #girlboss, it just doesn’t seem right to me.

    I have no qualms with Camila playing the lead or James Corden being in another musical for the umpteenth time, I couldn’t care less about the cast.

    But I do care about the story because as someone who adores Cinderella a little too much-

    I just think the trailer misses the mark and central message the original Disney classic is putting out.

    And that is that in kindness there is strength, and if you wish for something and work your ass hard enough, then your dreams will come true.

    #camila cabello#cinderella#cinderella 2021 #and i know i shouldn't judge things off by the trailer but it pretty much tells the entire story #plus it was pretty clear with the changes they made all throughout the film #cinderella is strong #cinderella is a feminist icon #cinderella is a badass
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  • lloveyouinsecret
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    At any given moment I am thinking about: her

    #pressing f for the me3 animation that changed things up #it did her so dirty😭 #adventure: mele #I love her so much and I was SO LUCKY to get that first shot of her #nearly cried when I saw I had gotten it #I got a second one with a very similar expression at the end of the fight #[ x ] my beloved #James Shepard #she’s baby™️ in the 1st game and entirely way too pale lmao #I miss her scar tho🥺
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  • catbaker
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i don't think i ever wanna be in love again

    #it's just. too sad when it doesn't work out #i know that things can change and we can potentially get together again or ill find someone else #but it just hurts right now #p
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  • beyondconsciousness
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Life is great, even the hard parts

    Three weeks after he died, my brother, Billy woke me at sunrise and began describing what was happening to him in the afterlife. At first, I thought that grief was causing me to imagine his voice. But as my brother began sharing cosmic secrets with me, secrets I couldn’t ignore, I became his student.

    Billy taught me that when you’re born, that big pop gives you a kind of amnesia. One of the main things we’re doing on planet earth is trying to remember the things we forgot. But after you die, you realize a bunch of things you didn’t know when you were alive, like:

    1. Life on earth isn’t a punishment for your past transgressions.

    You aren’t acting out some type of I-did-something-wrong-to-you-in-another-life-and-I’m-paying-for-it-now kind of thing. It doesn’t really work like that. That concept of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth karmic equalizing of the score isn’t the real deal.

    2. You chose your life circumstances before you were born for soul-type reasons that are almost impossible to understand while you’re on earth.

    If you understood these reasons, life would lose some of its punch, and that losing of punch is a little bit of what enlightenment is all about. 3. Everything changes.

    When you die, you realize how much. You also realize there are immortal things, things you take with you, and they change too. The Eastern concept of Maya, or illusion, what does that really mean? It means temporary.

    4. Life is great, even the hard parts.

    And we all do things that we call mistakes. But so-called mistakes are ok. They’re just part of the earth deal.

    5. You’re meant to engage in all kinds of things on earth, things that may not make sense from a human point of view.

    So, take a moment before you judge yourself or your fellow man too harshly. Being completely non-judgmental while you’re alive is very advanced, though. You’d have to be a Buddha to be that advanced.

    6. There isn’t only one right way for things to turn out.

    Some endings are happier, some not so happy, but it’s not just the happiness percentage that matters. It’s the music of it.

    7. Society teaches limitation.

    No matter what you’ve been taught, everything you ever need is already inside you. And who you really are is far beyond your comprehension. That’s why living squeezed into the human experience can be painful at times.

    8. At the centre of everything is energy, an immaterial material called LOVE.

    Wow, and how good it feels, this LOVE. You can’t imagine it. You really can’t. There is no way for you to experience the full power of LOVE while you’re on this plane.

    9. Death isn’t as serious as you think it is.

    It’s actually very enjoyable. Couldn’t be better really. And saying goodbye to the people you love isn’t as serious as it seems either, because you will meet again.


    By Annie Kagan

    #1. Life on earth isn’t a punishment #2. You chose your life circumstances #3. Everything changes. #4. Life is great #even the hard parts #5. You’re meant to engage in all kinds of things on earth #6. There isn’t only one right way for things to turn out #7. Society teaches limitation. #No matter what you’ve been taught
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  • supergay-supergirl
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hot take crisis on infinite earths was kinda stupid

    #like hm. it was an interesting crossover but also #it broke up the flow of the whole season #also all the sets changed which was uncomfy #5b was very good very cool but i think it could have been just as good and cool on earth 38 #negativity#superspeaks #ok like i think the way it timed up with legends was actually good because it happened between seasons #so we could get a whole unbroken season #rather than having to reset things in the middle of a season like with the other shows
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  • timextoxstart
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #tth.💦 anon #dana's love letters #so im the publications head for a hall committee for 2 years and #now im unofficially mentoring the new heas #head* #i was also the team manager for volleyball #and pretty much hard carried the entire fucking thing bec my 3 captains were mia #people thought i was the captain #and now my NEW captains that I chose because the other caps are STILL mia #want me to retake the team mag position #im also a dancer for the kpop dance cover crew #someone told me to #stay low if i dont want the attention #but the thing is #im fine w the fucking attention #i just dont want ppl to blame me for the person i am when im involved w these #its not like my personality changes if i dont have these commitments
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  • candythemew
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Genocide route but make it kinda funny.

    #Undertale#frisk#Chara#genocide frisk#genocide route#Fallen human#sketch #Also evil chara is only really a progressive thing due to the players actions it only fuels their hatred of humanity and maliciousness #she doesn’t start out evil you just keep pushing them to be that way as the player chara is nuetral but depending on your actions on #a route they change #the blood and dust is on The Player and Frisk’s hands.
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  • chamomile-g-tea
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    you are so valuable

    #sorry i had this. train of thought leading up to that abt how much i appreciate other people’s perspectives and contributions to the world #even when they don’t align with mine there’s a tiny piece of everyone’s input somewhere inside me #and people don’t realize how even the little things they do are so important and significant #i am changed by all the little ways other people exist
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  • coldwest
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    obviously a far future goal but all i want is a life where every time i see someone or something to donate to to be able to give something

    #like. im never gonna have the type of money to like pay off someones medical bills. but i’d love to be able to pay $10 to everyone who #needs help on my dash ykwim? like. idk life feels super hopeless sometimes in like. this atmosphere of doom scrolling and climate change #and even if i know LOGICALLY that things arent as bad as they seem and that i CAN have an impact if i just try…helping someone even in some #small way makes that FEEL so much more real. #damn i went on this whole rant and couldve just said im a communist um anyway ✌️😔 #my life rn
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  • chapuyes
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’m freeform knitting mittens it’s all jazz baby, are they gonna end up good or matching at all?? Fuck no but they will be MY mittens to lose in the snow for increasingly larger animals to tunnel into

    #Jan Brett I am channeling ur storytelling into these poorly crafted mittens #unless I change my mind n make fingerless gloves which is always a possibility especially since I hate having my fingers covered at all #I will knit my way into cold weather. I will figure out how to knit everything and anything someday. yes I just figured out double pointed #needles were a thing after I’d knit so many hats on a circular needle set that was so so hard to decrease on. the world is my oyster now #ladies I will knit u hats & scarves & mittens & someday socks.... and out of wool or wool blends u gotta get over the itch it’s a good #material n feel so much nicer to knit with than acrylics. these mittens I’m experimenting wirh are all going to be old acrylic red heart #skeins I got like freshman year n never did anything with. I’ve got a deep red a mustard yellow a dark purple & who knows what else #tapes & coffee talk
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  • mallowstep
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    moth hawk and tadpole descriptions

    all 3 kits have long fur <3

    tadpole and hawk remain unchanged, because i choose to believe in mistyfoot with one white paw or something. a lot of her early comic art has her with a lot of white, and i think it's kind of cute.

    so tadpole is still all black. he's got long fur, and he's easily the largest. he's about the same size as stonefur, who's the largest cat in riverclan.

    hawkfrost is identical to color in tigerstar. and in stripes. he's the skinniest. very muscles tho. he retains his white belly, and one white paw.

    mothwing is the biggest change. she's fawn mackerel tabby bicolour bc i believe that adding white to cats only improves their design. she's the middle child for size. she's shorter than hawkfrost, but broader.

    #i'm not sure if i'll get to it tonight #but i do still want to draw post-tigerclan feathertail #the Biggest thing on her is the missing ear #clouded eye #and several notable scars #(she's missing her claw but that's not obvious from a distance) #(she's also small but you wouldn't know Why that is) #misty au #don't consider the designs final tho #i change my mind abt these things a lot
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