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    19.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i'm on the end of the second book and i want to kiss chaol on the forehead. mwah mwah mwah

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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago



    Warning: This is not a Chaol Westfall stan account. These are my thoughts alone!

    Edit: This is a late post! Already halfway through "Kingdom of Ash" <3

    Okay tbh, I still hate Chaol even after reading this lol my great dislike for him actually grew even more after TOD despite this book being his redemption arc. This is the first time I’ve ever hated a fictional character with so much passion lol I hate myself because of how much I shipped Chaol x Celaena back then.

    Lesson learned: If a book is longer than a trilogy, then don't ship anyone until book 3 or 4.

    Yrene is pretty cool because she doesn’t tolerate Chaol’s never-ending bullshit of an attitude. Loved seeing him get the kickback he deserves for projecting his anger towards people who have been nothing, but nice to him. But meh for her, she still fell for Chaol when Kashin was there. 😶 also, ngl I'd probably be happier if Chaol and Dorian ended up together hahaha

    I absolutely cannot stand Chaol. If he’s not brooding and lashing out at everyone trying to help him then he’s either daydreaming about his old, comfortable life with Dorian or lusting after other girls AFTER LEADING NESRYN ON or being bitter and blaming Aelin for every shit that had happened. He couldn’t even end things with Nesryn before going after Yrene. I mean Nesryn is a smart woman so she knows, but Chaol was so preoccupied with his head is in his pants that he couldn’t be bothered. I swear he is even more notorious than Dorian. 🙄 He keeps saying Dorian is infamous with women, but Chaol, honey, you’re worse. While Nesryn is out there risking her life, Chaol is getting some. What an asshole. Lol I’m running out of colorful words to describe Chaol.

    The reason why I despise him so much is because of the narrow and close-minded mindset that he has which blinds him from facts, and how easily he tosses aside, hurts and blames his friends once they don’t fit in with his rigid notions. I mean I’m glad he finally made peace with himself after, but his character is beyond saving for me. 😬

    I just hate how he treated Aelin and I'm never gonna let it go. And don't get me started on when Chaol kept on painting Aelin in a bad light even all the way South. I would never forget how he kept on undermining Aelin and calling her a "monster" straight to her face. He just can't accept it when his (or ex) lover is more powerful than him because it hurts his male pride. Chaol hated Aelin because he gave up so “many” things for her. Okay, first of all, that was your fault, not hers because she never asked you to do anything. He hated her, but at the same time, he knows she's the only one who can win the war and keep Dorian safe. 🙄 WHAT A USER.

    No way am I gonna let y'all forget Asshole! Chaol (oh hey it rhymes)

    This is not even his worst, but ya know the effect is still the same. YEAH, BLAME AELIN AGAIN, CHAOL. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT.

    I mean he’s not even an outright villain unlike say The Darkling, but he is the worst. Irdk why, but Chaol Westfall really reminds me of Nate from The Devil Wears Prada, the fragile, soft boy who resents his partner's success:

    Putting everything aside, this book was pretty meh saved for Nesryn, and Sartaq’s adventures. I hope their backs are still okay after carrying this book so hard. Nesryn and Sartaq’s story was far better and exciting. Not to mention, Borte and Yeran omg the palpable tension every time they appear!! WE NEEDED MOREEEE!!

    Meanwhile, Yrene and Chaol’s story was bland and already a tried formula – a snarky healer fixes the broken patient, both fell in love, and emerge together in the light. A recycled trope used in just 2 books prior. I can’t believe it was used again 2 books later when the execution of the trope in "Heir of Fire" is already top tier. TOD also gave me Crown of Midnight vibes zzzz 🤐. Not to mention that Yrene's sassiness is patterned after Celaena/Aelin though it's a bit understandable given their connection. Wait, there's a word for this. That's right, it's✨ PREDICTABLE.✨

    Honestly, the need to pair people up is getting a bit tiring with a new couple springing up every chapter/book. I mean it is equally powerful to see the characters find healing on their own.

    But all in all the best part for me is how everything and everyone is connected! From Falkan to Yrene's connection to Aelin. It's just so heartwarming to read how Aelin's momentarily kindness goes a long way and finds its way back to her. She gives without expecting anything and yet people and the ancient ones still shit on her. As expected, TOG's worldbuilding is still top-notch. Congrats to myself for finishing this cheesy and cringy book. I can't believe I actually dedicated a whole ass post for Chaol 🥴

    That mf ending though. While Chaol was having a grand time, Aelin was definitely NOT.

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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ok but what are the Throne of glass Characters birthdays?

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    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Celaena: We have fun, don’t we?

    Chaol: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life.

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  • discorrdiia
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dorian: Bro do you lift?

    Chaol: Yeah dude how did you know?

    Dorian: Because you lift my heart whenever you’re around.

    Chaol: Bro.

    Dorian: Bro.

    Aelin: *rolls eyes*

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    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Let’s Read: Throne of Glass

    Part 5: predictions and roasting Chaol even more

    My ass, sitting at my very serious desk job making big girl money:

    Me @ me

    Some neat irl backstory of the series

    Idk if you youngins (or oldins) know about the laundry list of ways old authors alluded to sex when they wanted a sex scene but America was waaay worse than it is now. Major version for letting the read know characters did the dirty is describing how “curtains blew in the wind”. Idk why. SJM was a lot less subtle, the first draft def had Celaena and Dorian fucking that night

    (Your book meaning the next one for me: book 2)

    I am weak

    I made this joke thinking Chaol got some and Dorian is still a virgin… until I realized now that Dorian been getting pussy since like 15

    Ok so now I misread what my friend sent, I though she said “futon”. “There’s a futon to spoil” in like how you fuck on your roommate’s furniture to piss them off. That lead to this:

    Why are all men the same? 😂 thank god I was in the bathroom or I literally would have burst out laughing in the middle of my office

    Start [X]

    Part 4 [X]

    Can’t fit anymore screenshots, part 6 coming

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  • cheddar-cheeze
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Let’s Read: Throne of Glass

    Part 4: Chaol is just hot Kronk (not to imply Kronk is not a hawty as well so in this essay…)


    Look- ok- I’m not- I’m not down bad for Chaol I swear

    The prose feels a lot different than what I’m used to, having read Game of Thrones or the Witcher. Makes sense she was cut off at the knees. Strange that in 2013 they thought this kind of stuff couldn’t sell. It wasn’t that long ago… (oh jeez I was like a freshman in high school)

    This bitch Sarah J Mass know how to write a p i n e.

    I don’t even dislike Dorian, they both deserve her. Idk why I’m so into the dumbass one 😅😅

    The next fucking day:

    I read this bitch in like 3/4 days wowow. Last time I tore through a book like that I was in middle school. I jump over a bunch of stuff that I’ll summarize real quick:

    I knew the second Cain was fucking with the Wyrn symbols in the courtyard that he was the dude responsible for the killings. I didn’t mind the obviousness of it until it took forever for Celaena to match the bloody symbols to the only other person fucking around and cleaning the same fucking symbols.

    Elena had fun Gladrial vibes yes and I liked everything that happened in the passages. Although it was weird to me Celaena would not tell anyone about it. I get not telling Chaol, 100% for not telling him. But I felt like Dorian would be understanding and could have helped. I suppose it goes to show how she doesn’t trust others 🤷‍♀️ not a flaw just a thought

    Also Chaol you were struck in the fucking face when saw a dude’s eyes engorge creepily to be completely black like a ducking gremlin and you were like “hmm must have been the wind” y?

    When Chaol took Celaena to one of the crime scenes and she makes some basic simple observations and Chaol is like “what does that mean???” Like no fucking wonder none of these murders where ever solved. …ever omg Chaol never knows what happened in this book nooo 🤣

    Ok, some post-thoughts while I was bored as hell at work

    Look- I’m not- I’m not that bad for the Kronk man I just-

    I swear I’m not-

    Dorian is cute and charming and a hot twink that Celaena is real into, but- like- when the chips are down it always Chaol. Like the duel him telling her to get up. But also him pulling out and offering her his sword 🥵🥵 like even if Celaena was a man and there was no romance angle to the relationship, that’s some quality character progression.

    “Gets a turn” lol I know they don’t last but like they need to get together for a little I mean come on…

    Me @ me


    Start [X]

    Part 3 [X]

    Part 5 [X]

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  • cheddar-cheeze
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Let’s Read: Throne of Glass

    Part 3: where I finally get fully into it and start memeing

    Ok so this is around when Celaena is training a lot with Chaol and I just had to point this out

    It’s beginning

    Celaena calls Dorian out for being a male thot. I’m getting OT3 vibes buy now a little into the first couple of tests (love triangles no longer exist, only OT3). But also at this point I’m just getting vibes they are hawt for her and would be bros enough to share, ya know?

    Like at this point for both of them, Celaena is here on the crazy/hot chart

    Just the facts I’m sorry

    What a fuckin Halloween wow

    Oh yeah, it’s all starting to come together. I realized, in a fit of clarity:

    Part 1 & 2. [X]

    Part 4 [X] 😂

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  • thenerdandfandoms
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Unexpected Encounter: Join the Fight

    Here’s chapter 1! Set during chapter 9 of Infuriating! :))


    Chaol won’t leave her mind. His copper brown eyes are distracting Yrene even hours later, making her pay less attention to the children she is teaching. 

    A student raises their hand. Yrene told them no questions at the beginning of her lesson, but she calls on the boy anyway. 

    “Are girls hurt when they bleed? Do they have a cut or something?” He asks, with all the childhood innocence only an eight year old could pull off. 

    Yrene almost winces. “We’ll, no. Girls aren’t hurt when they have their menstrual cycle. It is just a natural process that happens to all young women as they go through puberty.” 

    “But why?” Another child calls out, she doesn’t seem happy at the prospect of bleeding every month for almost a week straight.

    “Well, do any of you have younger brothers or sisters?” Yrene asks, she thinks she knows how to explain this. 

    Some children call out “I do!” and others nod along.

    “Alright, do you remember your mommy being pregnant?” More nods. “Well, every month a woman’s reproductive system prepares itself for being pregnant. It builds a lining. And when that woman doesn’t get pregnant, the lining sheds—with some blood—out of the woman.” 

    “Does it hurt at all?” A girl with wide brown eyes and thick curls asks. This is why Yrene was chosen—why she willingly accepted—to do this. To console the children should one or multiple get upset. 

    “No, sweetie. The blood doesn’t hurt. It might be a little uncomfortable at times, but it shouldn’t hurt. There are things called menstruated cramps, though.” She might want to console them but there is no point in lying either. “And they can be very painful, but there are many steps to prevent and ease pain when you do get them.” 

    The little girl nods. Another asks, “Will you tell us what we can do to stop the pain?” 

    And Yrene does. 

    After a long day of parents chaperones telling her she’s done an amazing job at teaching the heavy subjects and boys and girls alike thanking her for any advice she gave them, Yrene collapses into a chair in the break room.

    One girl had started crying, and no-one had been able to calm her down except Yrene. One boy had vowed to carry around pads and tampons—which Yrene explained to them previously—for any girl who might need them. 

    A nurse comes into the break room. Yrene knows her—her name is Alex. 

    She stops before Yrene. “A man is asking for you up front.” Her kind eyes shine with anxiety. 

    “Is something wrong?” Yrene asks, worry setting in. 

    “I—No. Well, I have no reason to judge this man. But, h-he gives me a creepy feeling . As a friend, be careful,” Alex warns. 

    Yrene nods earnestly. “Thank you, Alex.” 

    Alex nods and scurries away. 

    A man with vibrant red hair greets Yrene at the front desk. His smile sends uncomfortable shivers down her spine. 

    “Good evening, sir. What can I help you with?” Yrene asks politely, just because he seems like a creep doesn’t mean she can’t be polite; do her job. 

    His voice is deceptively soft. He glances around and seems content when he finds no-one else around. Strange, Yrene thinks. People are always around. “It’s very nice to meet you, Yrene Towers. You probably don’t know me. Though you will soon. I’m just here to warn you. Be careful.” 

    And then, before Yrene can say a single word, before she can call for security or help or someone, he sweeps out of the building. 

    She rushes to the break room, where two doctors and a nurse wait. Doctor Emrys, Doctor Malakai (who are husbands), and Luca. 

    She breathes a sigh of relief, though a small one. She always feels safe with these three. She still scrambles to gather the stuff she brought with her today.

    “I have to leave early today. I’m sorry. I’ll come in early tomorrow.” With that she leaves, though Luca runs after her. 

    “Is everything okay, Doctor?” 

    She sighs at him calling her ‘Doctor.’ Yrene had told Luca to call her by her name when they were alone, it would make it seem more like they're friends and less like she’s his boss. 

    “Everything is fine, I just have to leave,” she lies. “Thank you for worrying, Luca.” 

    “Of course.” 

    And then she’s out the door, her keys in her hand, and walking at a fast pace to her car. 

    She drives home in record timing, but instead of going to her apartment—taking out her keys and clicking them in the same lock—she finds herself going to the door she saw Chaol and his friend go into that morning. 

    Her reason for doing this, Yrene doesn’t know. She just knows something—something in the back of her mind—is telling her to come here instead of home. 

    She knocks. 


    She knocks again. 

    Yrene is greeted with beautiful blonde hair and gold-ringed blue eyes. Her heart sinks (she’d like to say inexplicably but she knows why). 

    Shit, she thinks, Chaol’s got a girlfriend. 

    The blonde grins at her as if they know each other. Well, technically, they’ve passed each other in the hall many times, so they sort of do know each other. 

    “Hi,” her neighbor says. 

    “Hi…” Yrene trails off. 

    “Do you wanna come in?” She asks. 

    “Umm,” she almost backs out, afraid of what she originally wanted to say. “Yes. Do you think we could…talk?” 

    Her neighbor must have picked up on her shaken demeanor, because she immediately said, “Of course. Come in, but I must warn you, it’s a bit crowded.” 

    Yrene tilts her head, confused. The blonde just shakes her head. 

    She doesn’t need to ask again, because— moments later—she walks in her neighbors apartment to the living space of at least five more—if not more—people. 

    “Oh my gods…” She murmurs in awe. 

    “Yeah, it’s a lot of people, but that’s a story for another time,” she leads Yrene to one of the bedrooms as she talks. “By the way, I’m Aelin. I hope you don’t mind, my roommate, Rowan, will be in the room as you talk. I can kick him out if you’d like.” 

    “No, no it’s completely fine. I just—I don’t know why I’m here. Something just told me to come here to tell you what happened.” 

    Finally, they make their way to the bedroom and Aelin invites Yrene to sit on the bed with her. 

    And Yrene starts. 

    “I guess I should tell you—tell you both,” she acknowledges Aelin’s roommate. “That I’m a doctor. Doctor Yrene Towers. Today, I was just at work; in the break room because I had had a long day. Some eight-year-olds had a field trip, and I had to teach them about puberty.” Yrene cringes at the pointless details, but Aelin urges her to continue. “Anyway, a nurse came in and said there was a man waiting at the front desk for me.” 

    She pauses, takes a deep breath; trying to remember the man’s exact words. 

    “He had bright, long red hair and green eyes,” she hears Aelin gasp quietly and murmur and “Oh gods no.” 

    “He said, ‘It’s very nice to meet you, Yrene Towers. You probably don’t know me. Though you will soon. I’m just here to warn you. Be careful.’ I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but-but…I’m scared. And I needed someone to know.” 

    Aelin replies, sounding guilty, “I’m so sorry, Dr, Towers. This is all my fault. He-he must have realized you lived in the same apartment building as me and thought we were friends—oh gods—“ Rowan is at her side, rubbing her back and telling Aelin it’s not her fault. 

    Aelin takes a deep breath, mutters a thank you to Rowan. And starts. “The man you met’s name is Arobynn Hamel. He’s a bad person. His threat—and trust me, telling you to ‘Be careful’ is a threat—is not an empty one. He will hurt you.” 

    “H-How do you know him? Did he do something? Shouldn’t I—Shouldn’t we call the police?” Yrene is near hysterical, she doesn’t want to get hurt, she doesn’t want other people hurt. 

    “Back when I was in college, I was in love with a man named Sam. Arobynn told Sam and I he could help us with grades, get us good dorm rooms, and so much more. Then he drained Sam’s bank account, and I helped Sam out. I couldn’t let the love of my life die because he had no money, when I still did. When Arobynn found out, he hired a guy to kill Sam.

    “He’s made sure there’s no proof of anything he’s ever done, and he seems indestructible. But he’s not. If we can get proof, out in the open, about him, then we got him.” Aelin finishes her explanation. 

    “But if you don’t want to be part of his downfall—then we’ll leave you alone. But we can’t promise he will.” Aelin hopes Yrene will accept the offer, but it’s clear Yrene is getting an out. 

    She thinks over it, though she knows what her answer will ultimately be. 

    Aelin’s story is terrible and gruesome, and Yrene is sure there must be more to it. Yrene thinks about the other people’s lives Arobynn must have ruined. 

    “I’m in.” 

    Aelin grins, but it wobbles slightly, as if feeling her story has taken most of her energy. Yrene sees Rowan’s eyes soften as he rubs her back comfortingly. 

    Rowan says, “Would you mind telling everyone else? They’re not all here yet, but we’d appreciate it.” 

    Yrene nods once, “Of course. Is it okay if I wait here? I-I don’t want to go home right now.” 

    Rowan tells her it’s absolutely alright and she leaves the two of them to each other. 

    When she sits on the living room couch, Yrene notices Chaol’s friend from that morning. She didn’t see him when she walked in, still in shock and panic from Arobynn’s words. 

    He watches her quietly. Then he says, “Hi.” 

    “Hi,” she says quietly. 

    “What’s your name? Why are you here?” He asks her. 

    “Yrene. I met Arobynn.” 

    His eyes widen, almost comically. “Shit, I-I’m sorry. I’ve heard he’s an a-hole.” 

    “He is.” 

    “Are you joining the fight against him?” 

    “I plan to put him in jail for the rest of his life.”


    Let me know what you think!!! :))


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  • thenerdandfandoms
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    You’re The One That I Want: Complicated

    Set during Chapter 9 of Infuriating!


    Dorian wakes up in a bed not his own.

    With Fenrys sprawled across his chest. His bare chest. Fenrys’ bare chest.

    Oh gods no, Dorian hopes they didn’t—

    He peeks under the sheets. Naked.

    He freezes, not knowing what to do. Wake Fenrys up? Leave before Fenrys wakes up and pretend this never happened?

    Dorian is tempted to do the latter, but he knows that would be wrong.

    It’s not that it wasn’t good. No. He remembers it, it was glorious. It was amazing.

    But this will make things very…complicated.

    He feels Fenrys stir in his sleep and warm breath—that sends a shiver down Dorian’s spine—fans across his neck.

    Slowly, as if not to wake Fenrys, Dorian starts to move out from under him. Finally, after a lot of maneuvering, Dorian gets out. Fenrys let’s out a light snore and shifts to lay on his back. Dorian’s heart jumps at the sight of bare chest.

    Dorian looks around the room and sees that it’s actually a hotel room. So our drunk minds were smart enough to rent a hotel room, but not smart enough to not do this.

    He grabs his phone off the floor—it must have been knocked off the end table during their…activities—and sees he’s missed four messages and six calls.

    One message from Connall, asking where he is. Two from Aelin asking what happened to him. And one from Chaol checking to make sure he’s okay.

    Three calls from Chaol—with three voicemails. One from Connall, asking if Fenrys is with him in the voicemail. And two from Lorcan threatening him if he doesn’t answer his “godsdamned phone.”

    He checks the time and his eyes widen. He’s scrambling to get dressed immediately.

    It’s ten-thirty.

    Shit, shit, gotta get to work, he thinks, then stops.

    He doesn’t have work. He works from home—well, Aelin’s home—now.

    Dorian let out his breath in a whoosh. He’d panicked, but there was no reason to.

    Dorian hears the sheets rustling and a groan—signaling Fenrys having the same hangover Dorian has. He turns around and sits back down on the bed, waiting for Fenrys to realize what happened last night.

    And praying, praying, to all the gods Fenrys remembers it.

    Fenrys sits up and looks at Dorian, his onyx eyes showing he’s putting the pieces together of what happened.

    “Oh gods,” he mutters when he figures it out.

    Dorian just nods, not saying anything.

    Fenrys looks under the sheets and nods as if confirming what he had already thought. Dorian had already put underwear and a shirt on.

    Fenrys lays back down and Dorian hands him a bottle of water sitting on the end table. He takes it and murmurs, “Thanks.”

    Dorian doesn’t talk, knowing it will only worsen both of their hangovers.

    When Fenrys has drained the entire bottle, he starts talking, “So…should we talk? I mean we just met, so I guess that makes it weird. And you’re Aelin’s friend and I’m Rowan’s friend which I’m realizing has nothing to do with this, so I’m just gonna stop—” He doesn't, in fact, stop, so Dorian takes it upon himself to stop him.

    “I mean, it’s not that weird. We were drunk, there was a mutual attraction, and we did..adult things.” He takes a deep breath before continuing, “So, if you want, we can just move on.”

    Fenrys looks at him with wide eyes, before starting to nod. “Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Awesome.”

    And then he stands up, forgetting he’s naked. How does someone forget they’re naked? Dorian thinks while trying not to ogle.

    He tears his eyes away and closes them for good measure

    The fire in his veins makes it hard to think straight, hearing the scratch of clothing as Fenrys gets dressed is very distracting.

    Moving on is going to be hard.


    Let me know what you think!!!


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  • cheddar-cheeze
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Let’s Read: Throne of Glass

    Part 1

    Ok so, I finally got convinced to read Throne of Glass @bayyshort96 and I’ve been sharing my thoughts with my friend and they are just too good to not share. So now y’all are going on this journey with me

    Start of the book:

    They open with the guard captain leading the main character all over the castle to confuse her but didn’t put a bag over her head so she couldn’t see?

    Not a great start, I was iffy and may have put it down if not for having a free sample. That and I wanted to try for my friend.

    Celaena’s bravado in her internal monologue was off putting. Like bitch you so great why haven’t you escaped yet? She grew on me later but at the start, nah. Thank god for Dorian, I was now at like chapter 2, he was actually the hook that kept me in with that sassy attitude.

    When Celaena is trying to brag about almost escaping and being hot shit and Dorian just shuts her down by reminding her she was allowed to get away with it. Poetry

    Me absolutely refusing everyone else’s interpretation of Dorian (although the fan art may be of and older Dorian). Like damn that has is too sharp for a guy that prefers reading over fighting.

    Traced cause I’m lazy

    So this is about chapter like 3/4. Celaena, Dorian and Chaol make it to the Glass Castle and are parading around. Celaena shares a horse with Chaol so he can keep an eye on this dangerous assassin when I say this:

    Good for them

    >Dorian ain’t no simp

    The irony

    Stay turned for part 2.

    No spoilers plz

    #throne of glass #booktok made me do it #booktok#Celaena#dorian havilliard#chaol westfall
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  • silversparks27
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Friendly Reminder

    All the events from Throne of Glass to Kingdom of Ash take place within a single year. Let that sink in.

    Now contemplate all our beloved characters had to go through within the span of one year.

    All Aelin had to go through. The competition, losing Nehemia, embracing her powers and royal status, finding her mate, learning she is to be sacrificed, being captured and tortured by Maeve, defeating the Gods AND Maeve, also Erawan. Not to mention all the childhood trauma, shit with Arobynn Hamel, losing Sam and Endovier just before all this.

    You may now attempt to enjoy the remainder of your day.

    #throne of glass #throneofglass#tog #aelin ashryver galathynius #queen aelin#rowan whitethorn#rowaelin #aelin x rowan #dorian havilliard#manon blackbeak#manorian #dorian x manon #chaol westfall#yrene westfall #crown of midnight #heir of fire #queen of shadows #empire of storms #tower of dawn #kingdom of ash #lord lorcan lochan #elide lochan#elorcan#lady elide#fenrys moonbeam#the cadre
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    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Celaena: I'm not telling you anything!

    Bad guy: We have our ways to make you talk... *pulls out knife*

    Bad guy: *cuts into a chocolate cake*

    Celaena: I want a piece.

    Bad guy: Sorry, this cake is for talkers only.

    *half an hour later*

    Celaena: *mouth full of third cake* and THEN-

    #celaena sardothien #throne of glass #sarah j maas #dorian havilliard#chaol westfall#aelin galythinius#rowan whitethorn#cake#adarlan's assasin #king of adarlan #terrasen#sjm#incorrect quote #incorrect throne of glass quotes #nehemia#kaltain rompier #lord lorcan lochan #elide lochan#manon blackbeak #queen of terrasen #queen of witches #queen of shadows #crown of midnight #hire of fire #kingdom of ash #aedion ashryver#lysandra#bastard queen
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  • jyns--ersos
    15.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    chaol and dorian are in love fuck sarah j maas

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  • manonandaelinmyqueens
    15.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Here’s a snippet of the first chapter of Unexpected Encounter:

    She drives home in record timing, but instead of going to her apartment—taking out her keys and clicking them in the same lock—she finds herself going to the door she saw Chaol and his friend go into that morning.
    Her reason for doing this, Yrene doesn’t know. She just knows something—something in the back of her mind—is telling her to come here instead of home.
    She knocks.
    She knocks again.
    Yrene is greeted with beautiful blonde hair and gold-ringed blue eyes. Her heart sinks (she’d like to say inexplicably but she knows why).
    Shit, she thinks, Chaol’s got a girlfriend.

    Let me know what you think!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  • lycarstairs
    14.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    it's Aelin feeling instant connection and attachment to both Yrene and Manon (and helping/saving them even though she just met them), Chaol's and Dorian's future lovers, for me <3

    #throne of glass #aelin galathynius#yrene towers#manon blackbeak#chaol westfall#dorian havilliard #the assassin and the healer #queen of shadows #qos#sjm#sjm books
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  • silvernesta
    14.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    me 🤝🏾 misunderstood characters

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  • throneofhavilliard
    14.06.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • starry-lu
    14.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Dorian: when we were kids, chaol told me that the paper strip in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for a year.

    Chaol: they are

    Dorian: FOR REAL?

    Chaol: of course not. Why would you fall for this again?

    #chaol westfall#dorian havilliard #throne of glass #incorrect tog quotes #incorrect tog #chaol and Dorian #king dorian
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