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    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I Will Listen (Across the Universe)

    Luke shifted his weight, the presence of Ahsoka behind him all together still comforting. His fingers twist together, uncertainty present in the jedi master’s demeanor. It’s unlike the man. An image carved out of composed peace, the very will of the force that was almost always shown to those around him. This image of Luke was a little more familiar to Ahsoka. It reminded her of her own adolescence, Anakin’s nervousness each time he knew Senator Amidala would pass by him. The giddy happiness at being noticed. It set a smile on Ahsoka’s own lips. 

    “He’s late,” Luke sighs. 

    “He’ll be here.” Ahsoka assures. Grogu babbles softly in Ahsoka’s arm. A reassuringly warm smile given to the child as she rocks them forth in her arms. “Especially to see the little one.”

    “I know… I know,” Luke’s shoulders slacken a little bit. “I just feel so overwhelmed. I can’t believe I’m even doing this. It’s completely insane.”

    “He’ll take care of you,” Ahsoka says in that mock-enlightened tone she’s taken on in her adulthood. “He’s an honorable man.”

    “I’m sure.” Luke nods. “I know he is, but it’s been insanity trying to get this to feel any semblance of stability. The more time I spend on Coruscant, the more I worry some Senator will stab me in the back. The order needs space away from the republic if it’s going to grow.”

    “It’ll be fine,” Ahsoka rests a reassuring hand on Luke’s shoulder. “You’ll find somewhere perfect for the new jedi order. You’re not alone.”

    With those words, a ship begins to pull forward within the cluttered atmosphere of speeders and cargo ships. It’s a familiar sight to Luke by now, a large metallic ship that glints in the setting sun. A slightly larger Kom’rk-class ship with swampy green stripes painted along the ship as an accent. Luke let’s out a relieved sigh. 

    “See?” Ahsoka takes her hand back to bring Grogu closer to her chest. 

    The ship begins to make a slow descent towards the ruins of the Jedi temple. The former main temple of the Old Jedi Order only a temporary home for the handful of Jedi that have since gathered here. A gradual project to collect what can be scavenged of the old Jedi then leave the core to find a home suited for the new jedi order. What was slowly excavated, painstakingly, was the hangar they group has begun to use for their personal missions to find more acolytes. Most of the Temple left destroyed, deteriorating under disuse and destruction. The hundreds of ghosts of Jedi past still wander these falls, calling out to find peace. Sometimes Luke can’t even sleep in the temple without the heavy weight of sadness and mourning of Jedi wishing to be free. 

    The mandalorian’s ship begins to pull forward into the makeshift hangar, landing slowly. Luke can’t see the man, but he can feel the nervous energy of him through the force. A gentle pulling of him to reach and soothe this stressed creature. 

    Exhaust flushed through the room, the ship stabilizing on the ground it’s currently calling home. The ship’s landing pad dropped down. Only a few more moments and Luke is seeing the familiar Beskar glint of metal as he steps into the room.

    He fills out the space easily. Shoulders wide and imposing, posturing strong. The metal shines under the Coruscant evening light. Feet sure as they step forward to the pair, finally standing before Luke once more. 

    “He-hello, Mando,” Luke straightens out his shoulders to stand up more. He doesn’t reach the same height, an obvious difference between the two. Yet, he tries nonetheless to appear as ever the grandmaster of the new jedi order. 

    He only nods. His head then turning to look at Ahsoka, the same nod given to her. His attention remains on Ahsoka yet clear he’s focused instead on Grogu. 

    “I figured you’d want to see Grogu. Spend a little time with them before we headed out.” Luke says softly. 

    “Thank you,” Din gruffly says. His hand rises up, index and middle outstretched for Grogu to hold onto. The child easily takes the hint, happy gurgles at seeing the chosen-father in so long. 

    Ahsoka clears her throat after a few moments. Silence having settled between them as Din watches the child and Luke watches Din. “Why don’t you take him. I do still have business to do. Ezra, and thrawn, aren’t gonna be found without looking. I’ll see you again, master.” 

    Ahsoka hands Grogu over to Luke. Wide eyes on Grogu of the sudden shift match the surprised expression of Luke. Ahsoka only offers a small smile, perhaps more of a smirk. She then bows, heading off to her own preparations in finding Ezra Bridger. Din didn’t seem fazed by this change of position, his helmet simply and silently following Grogu to the new position in Luke’s arms. 

    “It’s nice seeing you again,” Din says. The sound of his voice echoed behind the mask, but still soft regardless. 

    Luke doesn’t answer, believing he’s speaking to Grogu for a moment. The child looking up at him with huge eyes. One hand is still wrapped around Don’s finger. Looking up, Luke finds the mandalorian is instead watching Luke now. The question, now obviously, was posed to him. 

    “I… um, agree. It’s nice seeing you again as well. Grogu is happy as well.” Luke stammers over his words. 

    Grogu offers another gurgle, reaffirming his happiness to see Din. The Mandalorian hums in agreement. A simple sound Luke has heard often. That doesn’t stop a warm flush rushing through his chest. 

    A moment of silence resumes between them until Luke breaks it, “why don’t I get someone to stock your ship with some supplies and we can settle for the evening?”

    Din gives another affirming hum. His finger pulled slowly away from Grogu, but stopping short of leaving entirely. The index finger flexes, dropping low to run a ghostly touch across Luke’s arm around Grogu. Then, just like that, it’s gone. 

    Luke turns his head. There’s no wish to move away from Din. Even behind all that armor, the imposing force built up before him, Luke can sense the gentle heat of the Mandalorian close by. Nearby is Artoo, just watching the events. 

    “Artoo, can you get Cal and some Temple Security to help stock the ship?” Luke asks, a heavy gulp caught in his throat. 

    Artoo gives a series of whirring noises, turning on his tail, and heading off to find Cal. Luke has spent enough time with the spunky droid to parse out the meaning behind his chirps. Harmless jabs at Luke’s hopelessness. Luke couldn’t agree more, however. 

    Luke begins to turn away, lifting Grogu up slightly to look over his shoulder. The Jedi chances his own glance back to the mando. The view isn’t all that shocking, but still one he didn’t expect of the man. Din obediently following behind, shoulders drawn down a little more with a nearly modest energy to him. 

    They walk down the long, ruined hallways of the temple. Rubble still left strewn about even after years of abandonment and desolation. At night, the halls seem to awaken with the call of the spirits. The silent steps of children, watching around the corner. Within the temple, the small group has made a small home in one of the alcoves of the temple. Practically it’s own living community space with common spaces and rooms perfect for the group to live in. Luke winds his way through the area under muscle memory alone. A practiced dance to ignore dangerous corridors and dead ends. The mandalorian’s heavy footfalls soothing in their consistency. 

    The room was mostly bare, save for a few personal keepsakes brought in by the ragtag new order. Suddenly it feels more messy than it truly is. Luke sets Grogu down. Then he watches the child waddle over to Din, excitedly cooing to the man. Din kneels down, hand stretching out to the youngling. Luke watches the exchange. His fingers find good hold together once more. Skin twisting under skin. Din seems to catch this, or he was watching all along. 

    “Something the matter?” Din says softly. 

    Luke hums for a moment, tilting his head to the side. The visor of his helmet watches him. Luke wants to crawl, placed on display with his emotions so present for Din to see without anything in return. 

    “I don’t… no,” Luke lies. 

    Din stands up to his full height. Luke gulping at the sight of the man. Grogu looks up at Din’s movement, mouth open and eyes wide. The man looks down to him. 

    “What’s wrong?” Luke doesn’t notice the hand rising to meet his face before it’s already there. 

    The cold leather presses against his face. Luke quickly gulps. The ever expressionless mask stares back at him. Luke can nearly swear he sees Din’s eyes through the visor, watching him for an answer. 

    “Just a little nervous,” Luke sighs. His eyes flutter close for a moment, head tilting slightly into Din’s hand. 

    “Why?” The gravelly voice echoes towards him. A pit in Luke’s stomach forms. 

    “You do that to me.”

     “I’m sorry.” 

    The hand nearly retracts and Luke’s eyes widen. For a moment he worries it’ll leave. Then, it doesn’t. It remains still pressed against his jaw. Luke’s own hand cradling Din’s to stop him from moving away. 

     “Don’t be.”

    Din hums once more. A gentle understanding settling between the pair. The air seems to clear. The anxiety spiking between them through the force now a mellow wave lapping gently. The nervousness is gone, now they just have to talk to each other. 

    “Why don’t we settle down,” Din offers quietly. He doesn’t immediately pull away from the contact with Luke. A moment of watching him then Din finally steps away. Luke blinks once, twice to clear his mind of foggy ideas. He doesn’t remember giving a nod to the man, but regardless he’s guided to a table between them. 

    Much of the initial evening remains like that. Luke makes up the conversation. Din lies back in the cushioned seats. He seems more content to listen than offer more words than necessary. A hum or grunt tossed out for Luke to catch. Grogu got to spend time with their chosen-father for once in a while. It seemed like an evening that would keep itself uneventful the rest of the time. 

    By the Force, Luke was incredibly wrong.

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    18.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    ..... okay then 😨😨

    #thats so fucking creepy lmao #playchoices #it lives beneath #no spoilers please #chap 1
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    14.09.2020 - 7 monts ago


    He was cold and damp by the time he finally located the correct path leading to the mansion. It was large and imposing and one would’ve thought impossible to miss even from a distance, but the trees had fooled Val, whose sight was particularly poor in the dark.

    The pines were a lush green, thick with pointy and sharp looking needles, glistening under the moonlight. They were the only thing with color, the walls of the house a dull gray whose tiles were too high up for him to see. There was an eerie silence, broken only by an occasional drop of rain.

    Fixing his coat one last time, he rang the bell, startling himself at the loud noise. He didn’t know what time it was, assuming only he wasn’t interrupting supper. A crow that was perching on a branch flew off just as a short plump woman wearing a ridiculous feathered bonnet was on the other side of the iron gates.

    “Good evening,”- she greeted sternly, measuring him up and down like she was deciding if he was worth her politeness or not.

    “Good evening ma’am. My name is Valentine Heather,”- he said, bowing briskly. – “I have a letter from the Warren sisters to start employment here?”

    He handed over the paper and waited awkwardly, staring off into space as she read the lines under the light of the street lamp. His heart clenched in anxiety, suddenly going through hundreds of ways this small moment could go wrong.

    What if I picked the wrong letter by accident? What if being able to read is mandatory? What if they’re terrible people? Am I going to get murdered? Is the house haunted?? It looks haunted!!

    He chewed the inside of his cheek until it started to bleed, looking down at his feet so if there was a ghost roaming around he wouldn’t see it. The wind breezed by and he nearly jumped out of his skin, burying his fists in his pockets for warmth and safety.

    “You were supposed to come tomorrow morning,”- the woman finally said, opening the lock with a big iron key. –“Come in.”

    “The train was a lot faster than expected.”- he justified himself, some of the unease leaving his shoulders. He had been scared on his own in the streets of London, a city so large and noisy it was like a living thing, breathing and slithering with every carriage that shot by. He was nearly run over a lot.

    When the sun started to set, he had been tempted to burst into tears and head home, but didn’t. Embarrassment made him push forward, gathering enough courage to ask for directions and finally making it to where he was supposed to go.

    They crossed the garden quickly and entered through a door that landed them into an elegant kitchen. The brick walls gave a sophisticated look to the room, combined with shiny wooden cabinets and counters. There was something cooking on the stove and it smelled so nice, Val remembered he was starving.

    “Sit.”- the woman ordered, pointing at a small table on the side. – “I’ll make this briefing quick, since you’re tired.”

    She handed him a large bowl of onion soup and a whole loaf of bread, urging him to eat as she poured two glasses of water and sitting down herself in front of him.

    “I’m the head servant of the house, Ethel. There are two other girls here, Jane and Janet, the maid and cook respectively. I trust your aunts’ words that you’ll keep your hands to yourself, lest you lose them young man?”

    Val swallowed thickly, color flushing his cheeks as red as the walls. “I have no interest in women whatsoever ma’am.”

    “Good,”- she continued, waving a hand dismissively. – “I will be taking a trip for the next five weeks, but the girls will help you settle down. You are aware of the… delicate situation the Redthorn family is in, correct?”


    He was, in fact, not.


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    11.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Ophelia ; 1

    C’est de ces jours où il faut faire semblant, de ces jours où il faut plaquer sur le visage un sourire factice, un sourire forcé, un sourire répété. C’est de ces jours où le trou dans la poitrine est trop grand, béant, le vide qui prend tellement d’espace sans prévenir, et où il n’y a pas d’autre choix que de le laisser faire. De le laisser se nourrir, de tout ce qu’il peut trouver : sentiments, regrets, doutes, peurs, espoirs, amours. Il dévore tout sans un regard sans aucune pitié. Il dévore tout jusqu’à ce qu’il ne reste plus rien, pas même un bout d’os à sucer. C’est de ces jours comme elle les hait, où l’envie de rester au lit est si grande. Tout serait tellement plus simple, dormir jusqu’à demain, ouvrir de nouveau les yeux et se rendre compte que tout va mieux. Mais elle n’a pas le droit. Elle n’a jamais eu le droit. 

    Ophelia finit par rejeter la couette, tout son corps lui semble lourd, douloureux, mais elle se force jusqu’à la salle de bain, passe surement trop de temps sous l’eau chaude pour essayer d’émerger. Rien n’y fait. Gestes mécaniques pour se préparer, avoir l’air à peu près humaine en coiffant ses cheveux en pagaille, en appliquant son maquillage pour camoufler les cernes, les quelques boutons provoqués par le manque de sommeil, les dernières traces de bleu violet sur sa gorge. Les simples gestes du quotidiens l’épuise déjà, alors qu’il faut encore réussir à tenir toute la journée, une envie de pleurer alors qu’elle se regarde dans le miroir. “Tu vas y arriver”. Murmuré à son reflet, l’index qui trace délicatement le rebord de l’objet. 

    Il n’y a personne dans l’appartement, deux nuits que Maze n’est pas repassé par l’appartement, son absence devrait l’inquiéter, mais au fond Ophelia se sent peut même un peu soulagée. leur engueulade résonne encore entre les murs, elle revoit la scène dans une grimace, la violence de la colère de Mazeo, le verre jeté contre le mur, des éclats ramassés à la main comme si rendre le salon de nouveau immaculé pouvait réparer leurs sentiments brisés. Elle reste encore un instant à regarder le salon trop vide, avant d’attraper sa valise et sortir de l’appartement.

    Les rues de Strawberry Field sont toujours froides le soir, un mélange de pénombre, de brouillard, et de lumières vacillantes. Les touristes se plaignent toujours, prétextent ressentir l’impression d’être acteur d’un vieux polar foireux où l’on trouve des cadavres à chaque coin de rue. Ils n’ont pas tort au fond, il n’est pas rare de trébucher sur le corps d’un homme entrain de se vider de son sang, une balle entre les yeux, les poches vides d’argent. Mais ça Ophelia ne le remarque plus. Une caractéristique de tous ceux nés à Strawberry Field, cette même lueur éteinte dans le regard, cette même façon de marcher le dos légèrement courbé, penché, et puis l’absence de peur dans l’aura, juste….De l’indifférence, des années à assister à la même chose encore et encore, une habitude qui s’est installée. Ophelia fait parti de ces gens là, de ceux qui ne tic même pas quand un coup de feu résonne dans la nuit. Elle se contente de trainer sa valise jusqu’au Bella’s Lair, les écouteurs dans les oreilles, la musique trop forte comme pour essayer de se convaincre de ne pas faire demi-tour, de ne pas déserter.

    Personne n’est encore arrivé parmis les clients, juste une salle qui se prépare, le larbin qui passe la serpillère, Ophelia dépose un baiser léger sur sa joue mal rasée avant de toquer à la porte du bureau de Bella. “Je vais me changer” qu’elle annonce en saluant la brune qui se tient debout au milieu de la pièce, une liasse de papiers dans les mains. “Ha oui, pas de soucis, vois avec Sean pour ton passage, je crois que Cherry est absente ce soir”. Elle retient un encore ? qui lui brûle les lèvres avant d’hocher la tête. “Ca va Bella ?” d’un geste du menton elle désigne la liasse de documents, documents que la brune s’empresse de jeter sur le bureau avant de soupirer. “Oui, ne t’en fais pas, juste une histoire à propos de Moriarty, tu sais comment c’est…” Nouveau hochement de tête, Ophelia sourit tristement. “Je vois, courage pour ça…” avant de tourner les talons pour aller se changer.

    Les loges sont calmes ce soirs, quelques filles déjà là qu’elle salue d’un hochement de la tête avant de s’installer à sa coiffeuse. Une nuit comme les autres à se préparer, finir le maquillage, camoufler la misère à coup de paillettes et de strass. Linn l’aide à serrer son corset, fort, très fort, trop fort, jusqu’à lui couper le souffle. Cela ressemble presque à une punition, la douleur pour pour la maintenir éveillée. La soirée s’annonce longue. “Il va y avoir encore personne ce soir” soupire Linn. “C’est mauvais tout ça…” Qui dit soirée calme, dit peu de clients, qui dit peu de clients, dit peu d’argent, qui dit peu d’argent, dit tout une tonne de problèmes pour les filles du Bella’s Lair. “Je suis certaine que ça va passer.” Répond Ophelia en se redressant, dernière touche finale, le miroir lui renvoie une toute autre image : de la pauvre gamine de 24 ans aux cernes mal camouflées. Même après des semaines de show, elle ne s’habitue toujours pas à se voir comme ça. Femme. Non. Forte. “J’y vais, je crois que Sean veut me faire passer en première”. 

    La musique sur scène crépite un peu, une vieille musique tirée d’un album d’hardrock des années 70 alors qu’Ophelia monte sur scène. Rapidement elle parcourt la salle du regard, en effet les tables sont presques vides. Les mains qui agrippent la barre, elle ferme les yeux pour se couper du reste du monde, tout oublier juste danser. Et elle ne voit pas, au fond de la salle, l’homme assis à sa table. Le même, encore. Toujours le même. Son regard glisse sur Evander sans même le voir, pendant que ce dernier, ne semble pas pouvoir détourner ses yeux de la scène. Il connaît par coeur sa routine pourtant, à attendre dans un coin de table, café fumant, la cigarette au bord des lèvres, le coeur battant. Non. Elle ne le voit pas. Toujours pas. Et ça lui convient comme ça.

    Un jour peut être il prendra son courage à deux mains pour lui offrire un verre.

    Un jour peut être. 

    Mais pas ce soir.

    Ni demain.

    Mais un jour, c’est certain.

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    4 shitty male leads

    I was totally rooting for The Sniper the first time I saw this image.

    But then:

    I really love this manhwa.

    #beware of the villainess #manhwa #4 shitty male leads #screencap#chap 1#meme#botv#manhwua
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    [ Cayden has joined the Party!

    Milo has left the Party??? ]

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    Mitra is feeling slightly in danger.

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    28.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    This Unusual Love: Dexter’s Turn

    AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23365357/chapters/55982161

    Ok, so this is salt cause I’m bitter bout Apple. So ya, characters MAY be OOC but whatevs. Also, so in this, me n my friend were talkin bout this fic I’d write n we’d thought it’d be fun if Raven actually had brown hair like her father. So ye, Raven has brown hair(but with small purple high lights). Finally, this was inspired by virgil-is-a-cutie and thyladyanput on Tumblr talking about different salt ideas. I hope you enjoy it!!

    All Raven wanted to do was decorate the float for Thronecoming.

    But NO!

    Apple just had to come up to her and try once more. She kept saying everyone was at risk if she didn’t sign. How her Happily Ever After was in RISK. It didn’t help that every time Dexter thought about talking to Raven he’d get glared at by Apple. Hell, even Daring was chill with Dexter talking to who he wanted.

    Though Raven had to admit it looked like he only did that since he was seriously questioning his destiny with how Apple was acting. Not that she could blame him. With every day that passed since the failure of Legacy Day, she’s gotten worse about it. Everyone could see how different Apple was. She kept going on about how unfair it was. How she needed Raven to sign to become the new Evil Queen to poison her. How she just wants her Happily Ever After.

    And they could see how she kept harassing Raven.

    “How can you be so selfish, Raven!? If you don’t sign the Book of Legends, everything is ruined! No one gets their Happily Ever After!” Apple yelled and all the students present watched the fight warily. They didn’t know what to do. Dexter wanted to go to Raven but Daring was holding him back, wary that something may happen to him if he went over there.

    “Selfish!? Is it really that selfish to NOT want to be evil!? To not want to be put into the mirror realm with the Evil Queen!? I DON’T want to be like my mother! Why can’t you understand that!?” Raven shouted back turning to walk to the lake they were near. “Oh wait, I know. You’re too selfish thinking about your own Happily Ever After to care about anyone else.”

    With that, Raven stalked over to the lake and went up to a small outcropping and sat down. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs and watched the lake. It was clear, allowing everyone to watch the Neverland Mermaids and their children swim around. They glanced up at her quite a few times as they swam. Once they stayed looking at her she looked around and found Apple standing behind her. Hiding among the trees, Raven could just barely make out her sorta friend Blondie. “What do you want? I just want to be alone,” she asked standing up slowly to face Apple.

    “I’m not done talking to you, Raven. You need to sign the Book of Legends. You’re destined to become the next Evil Queen. It’s just a matter of time. You know it,” Apple said cooly and Raven didn’t like the look in Apple’s eyes.

    “Apple, how could you say that? You’re Snow’s daughter,” Raven said and Apple tilted her head with a sneer.

    “It’s true though. Faybelle thinks only of herself. She’s the daughter of the Evil Fairy. She’s following her nature. You will too. But apparently, you need to make it difficult. Why can’t you just sign the damn book? Why can’t you let me have my Happily Ever After!?” Apple demanded stepping closer to Raven who looked at her shocked and scared.

    “You don’t need an Evil Queen or a damn book to give you your Happily Ever After, Apple! Why do you want to follow that anyways!? Briar would never see any of us again. She’d sleep for 100 years with her family and staff. She’d have to make new friends. Marry a man she doesn’t even know. Do you truly want that for your friend!?” Raven demanded and Apple looked shocked at that.

    “She’d get her Happily Ever After. I don’t see the problem with it,” she answered back coldly and Raven gasped.

    “That’s a horrible thing to say. The other Royal’s even understand Briar’s worry about it. How could you not!?”

    “How can you keep thinking about yourself!? Principal Grimm has said that terrible things can happen to everyone if you don’t sign the Book of Legends!” Apple shouted angrily before pushing Raven harshly. Raven gasped as she stumbled back towards the edge. She could only scream as her foot missed the edge and she fell down into the water below. Nearby shouts could be heard and Apple turned to watch as they ran to the edge’s of the lake and watched as the mermaids pulled a struggling Raven down.

    “Raven!” Dexter shouted giving his glasses to Cedar before jumping into the water after her. Daring and Darling were quick to follow, knowing he’d need help getting Raven away from the deadly mermaids. Blondie snarled at Apple, glad she was doing the live stream. She heard rustling and Apple could only pale when she saw Milton and Giles behind her.

    “You are in deep trouble, Miss White,” Milton said tersely.

    “She’s not breathing!” Dexter shouted and Giles ran down while making sure they can get Raven to the hospital.

    “I can’t even look at you, Apple. I don’t even know who you are anymore,” Blondie whispered before walking down to the others. She could only watch numbly as Giles took over CPR for Darling. Raven coughed out the water harshly but her eyes didn’t open. Soon, Raven was in the hospital with the Charming siblings, Giles, Blondie, and her parents the Good King and Evil Queen. Mira was seething when the doctor told them the news. Her husband did what he could to calm her, but nothing was working well.

    Blondie went into the hall and held up her tablet to start the live stream to tell everyone when Dexter left the room in tears with his siblings walking him outside. Blondie only sighed when she held the tablet up and started the live stream. “Hello everyone. Blondie Locks reporting outside Raven Queen’s hospital room. The doctor has just informed us that Raven is in a coma. He nor his coworkers know if or when Raven will wake up. If you don’t know, earlier today, Apple White viciously attacked Raven Queen by pushing her into the Neverland Mermaid’s lake when she decided not to sign the Book of Legends. With permission from her parents and the hospital, I’ll be setting up a continuous live stream of Raven’s recovery. I’ll keep everyone up to date on any updates about Raven’s health,” Blondie said before ending the live stream and walking into the room once more to hear Raven’s parents arguing on a mirror pad. When she got closer she saw that it was Apple’s mom, Snow.


    Two weeks.

    It’s been two weeks.

    Dexter could hardly believe it.

    Two weeks and the doctors still don’t know how to wake Raven. The school has been abuzz with gossiping. Apple was exspelled from school and Daring told her he wanted nothing to do with her. People couldn’t believe Apple did that to sweet Raven.

    They started calling her Evil White.

    Evil White.

    It fit her.

    She changed.

    Dexter could barely handle being in the same room as people talking about her. He stayed in Raven’s room primarily, accompanied by Daring or Darling, along with Maddie or Cerise. The others came by occasionally to give their well wishes.

    But the most shocking thing?

    Snow let Mira out of the mirror dimension.

    Once Mira was out, she quickly took care of the book, making sure no one had to follow their destiny for their Happily Ever After. If they wanted it, they’d get it now. Except for Apple.

    She wouldn’t get her Happily Ever After. No one wanted to be around her after what she did. After making sure she wouldn’t get her Happily Ever After, Mira willingly went back into the mirror dimension but made sure everyone knew that if she got out, she’ll be going after Apple.

    Just thinking about it had Dexter sneering.

    He shook his head free of all those thoughts and simply help Raven’s hand in both of his. Their combined hands rested against his chin as he looked at Raven sadly. He startled when Daring put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Want any water, Dex?” he asked and Dexter didn’t answer at first.

    He shook his head after a bit but then hesitantly started nodding it. “Actually, some water sounds good,” he replied and Daring gave his shoulder a pat before leaving to get them both some water. Dexter just looked at Raven’s face briefly before looking at their hands. “I’m so sorry, Raven. You didn’t deserve this. You just wanted to be able to be yourself, to make your own choices. But Apple wouldn’t let you. I-I should have intervened. If I had, maybe-just maybe you wouldn’t be here. You’d be safe hanging with your best friends,” he said quietly and finally looked at Raven’s peaceful face once more. “You shouldn’t have to put anyone else’s happiness before your own,” he whispered so quietly that it was hard for he himself to hear. He then moved his hands closer to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to Raven’s fingers before setting her hand down onto her bed.

    As he got up to head out, those beautiful purple eyes he adored opened. “D-dex?” Raven asked hoarsely and Dexter could only look shocked.

    “Raven? You’re awake?” he asked softly shocked. Raven just looked shocked as she nodded slowly. They heard a clatter and turned to see Daring standing in the doorway shocked, two plastic cups on the ground with water all over.

    “Doctor! Raven’s awake!” he yelled out and a doctor came running in with a nurse. It was safe to say that everyone was shocked to learn that Dexter’s kiss woke Raven up. Dexter was blushing when he explained what happened and held Raven’s hand. They shared a smile as the doctor did a check up and Daring sat down next to Dexter.

    Ok so here it is!! I hope you enjoyed it!! And remember, the next two chaps are the same as this one just for different ships. Until next time!!!! -Love Willa<3<3<3

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  • unehistoirealafois
    14.09.2019 - 1 year ago

    Evander ; 01

    Un café, deux cafés, trois cafés, et la même ambiance moite qui colle à la peau. Les néons rouges de mauvais goûts, et sur la scène, cette femme qui danse, comme si elle tirait sa révérence. Un autre café ? Oui, un quatrième, et surement un cinquième, de quoi tenir la nuit, la route, de ces heures dans le vide à attendre l’instant fatidique. Toujours la même scène, la cigarette entre les lèvres et la fumée qui s’envole, ici personne ne viendras t’embêter pour que tu l'éteigne, condamnés nous le sommes tous un peu, au fond, et c’est pas un cancer de plus qui pourrait nous effrayer. J’ai plus de chance de mourir d’une balle entre les côtés que d’une métastase des poumons. Les statistiques sont les mêmes pour tous les habitants de Strawberry Field : tu y nais, tu te bats, et puis tu meurs - souvent douloureusement - une place déjà réservée pour toi au cimetière.

    Nouveau café, nouvelle cigarette, et l’action qui ne vient toujours pas. La nuit est déjà bien avancée pourtant ma cible n’est pas encore arrivée. Peut être que demain sera plus concluant. Qui sait. Je laisse un instant mes yeux dériver vers la scène, la femme est partie, remplacée par une autre, que je n’ai encore jamais vu. Une nouvelle. Surement. Un peu trop jeune, ça se voit à ses mouvements, à son maquillage appliqué avec insistance, à son regard de biche prise dans les phares d’une voiture un soir d’été. Pauvre gosse, certes, mais je ne pleurerais pas pour elle ce soir, ni demain, elles sont trop nombreuses à tomber dans les filets de la nuit, trop nombreuses à se faire avoir, pour une dette à payer ou l’absence d’avenir, on leur promet des diamants et des fourrures, et les voilà enlacées dans de la résille bon marché, à s’accrocher à une barre usée, comme si leur vie en dépendait. La nouvelle ne fait pas exception, je m’imagine un instant ses raisons, avant de me détourner de la scène, écraser ma cigarette dans le cendrier, c’est pas ce soir que Moriarty se pointera, pas besoin de continuer d’espérer. A demain Ev’ ? un hochement de tête alors que je remonte mon col, billet de 10 en plus sur la table pour Madeleine et ses cafés. Oui à demain. Et à après demain. Et ainsi de suite. Comme si j’étais déjà en enfer, et que mon supplice était de hanter les planchers du Gentlemen’s, sans jamais pouvoir réellement savourer.

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    Guys !!!! You must join us during... the Pandora Hearts (RE-)READING EVENT ! :D and it begin toooooooday : @ph-reading-group

    Week 1 : Retrace 1-4 (basically the first one)

    #phreadinggroup#pandora hearts#chap 1 #for the event I take my even if I'm travelling around France this week ;P #be ready to fanaaaaart
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  • jelixpo
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    Maybe I Do (Chap. 1)

    ~Author's note: This is a fictional story that will feature the Jelix ship, or Jack//septi//ceye and Pew//die//pie. This ship is in no way real and will never be real since neither Jack or Felix are homosexual or bisexual. Full respect to the very real relationship between Jack and Signe (wii//shu) and Felix and Mar//zia (Marzia). Do not tag or @ the people mentioned in this story, as they have stated in the past that this makes them uncomfortable. Thank you.~

    okay so I'm entering the busiest work month and I don't have a lot of free time but dammit if I'm not going to write this story for the month of February. I'm gonna do it!! I will! Next chap should be up in 2-3 days  This is gonna be a pretty heavy dialogue story so if you're not into that then this might not be for you. Anyway not much happens in this chapter. It's mostly just building the "scene" y'know?

       "Hello folks, this is your captain speaking. As you can see, we have finally arrived at the Brighton Airport. The time is currently 3:45 pm and we're sitting at a nice 3 degrees. Please do not exit your seats until the seat-belt sign has turned off. We thank you for flying with us today," A male voice spoke over the speakers as the aeroplane slowly pulled up to the airport, allowing the passengers on it to disembark once it was safe to do so.    It took a little while for the people in front of Jack to gather their belongings and exit the plane, but very soon he found himself walking through the tunnel towards the inside of the airport.    'Home,' Jack thought to himself, sighing contentedly as he made his way to the end of the hallway. After exiting and walking out into the airport lobby, he peered around at the people surrounding him, looking for a familiar face.    "Jack!" He heard someone shout, turning to where he had heard it come from, stood a blond, bearded Swede, waving at him. Jack returned the gesture and proceeded to make his way over to his friend, "Hey man! How was your flight?" The Swede, whose name was Felix, asked while leaning in to hug his friend.    "It was a little boring, but I'm super glad to be here," Jack replied, returning the favour as the two embraced each other for a moment.    "I'm glad you're here too. It's awesome that you moved here!" Felix said happily, "C'mon, let's go get your luggage and then grab something to eat," Felix said, turning and walking further into the airport, with Jack close behind him.    "Oh thank god, Jack replied, relieved, "I haven't eaten all day. I thought I was gonna starve to death on that plane ride,"    "Wouldn't that have been a great start, huh? You finally move out to Brighton and you don't even get to land before you're fucked over," Felix joked.    They made their way to the luggage pick-up and quickly retrieved Jack's suitcase, talking all the way. They went to the "mall" part of the airport and decided on a fast food restaurant.    "So, when's all your stuff gonna get here?" Felix asked as hey sat down at a metal table with their trays of food.    "Apparently it should be here at about 7-ish tonight," Jack replied, making an iffy hand motion before he took a bite of his burger.    "Oh, nice dude! When do you think you're gonna start unpacking?" Felix asked, taking a bite of his own food and sipping his drink.    "I was thinking I would start tonight, just so I can get a head start on it. Plus, I only have videos ready for the next 5 days or so, so I gotta make sure that my recording stuff is set up pronto," Jack replied again.    "Oh, okay. Well, I'll come help you then," Felix said, continuing to eat.    "Oh, dude, you don't have to do that," Jack said, putting down his drink and waving his hand in protest.    "No, it's alright. I want to help," Felix reassured him.    "Aw, thanks, man! Now I'll get all my stuff set up way faster," Jack replied happily.    The two men quickly finished their food and threw their trash away soon afterwards. Making their way out of the airport and into the parking lot, they both walked over to Felix's vehicle and hopped in, Felix driving away from the airport to take Jack to his new house.    "After you're done setting everything up, do you have any plans here?" Felix asked, keeping his eyes on the road.    "I honestly have no fucking clue. I'm just super excited about the possibilities," Jack replied, practically bouncing in his seat at the mere thought of everything.    "Well, hey, if you ever need someone to collab with, just gimmie a call," Felix said, smiling over at the Irishman.    "Oh, trust me, I've been thinking about it the whole plane ride," Jack replied.    "Oh, dude!" Felix said suddenly, as if remembering something he had forgotten, "I've totally gotta take you to see the Brighton tower! Have you ever been?" Felix asked excitedly.    "No, I don't think I have," Jack replied curiously.    " 'Kay, after we get you unpacked, I am totally gonna take you there. You'd die over the scenery," Felix says, excitement present on his face as he thinks about the future plans.    It wasn't long before Felix pulled his car up into Jack's new driveway and, much to their astonishment, the semi holding all of Jack's belongings had actually beaten them there. They sat back in their car and waited until the delivery men were finished unloading all of the boxes, and waived to them as they drove away. Exiting the vehicle, Jack practically skipped up to the entrance of his new home.    "Dude, I'm so fucking giddy!" Jack giggled, walking through the entrance of his home and taking it all in, "Like, I own a fucking house now! How cool is that shit!" He spoke in a sing-song happy voice. Felix crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe, laughing at the excitement of the Irishman.    "It is pretty awesome," Felix replied happily, "But now we gotta make it livable!" He said, walking over to one of the boxes. Jack unzipped and reached into the suitcase he had been carried and lifted out two xacto knives and handed one to Felix. The Swede quickly sliced into the box and opened it up.    Minutes turned into hours as the two worked to slice and unpack as many boxes as they could, as well as providing decoration to the place. Lamps, figurines, pictures, candles, you name it! The boxes seemed to be completely endless as the two unboxed item after item. After unboxing an undetermined amount of pieces, they would go around the house and place them in spots. Not necessarily for a permanent place, but more so as just a placeholder. They did this so they would actually have room to unpack more boxes. After about 5 hours, landing them at around 10:45 pm, the two finally decided to call it a night. Slumping down on the couch they had unpacked, they looked around at the work they had done. Even after working for so long, it seemed like they had made the smallest of dents in the pile of boxes that still needed to be opened. However, as small as their work seemed, they had still managed to set up almost all of Jack's recording items, a little bit of furniture for the living room, and a small portion of Jack's bedroom, his actual bed being the first thing in there of course.    "Damn dude, I don't think we're ever gonna finish unpacking these," Felix sighed, exhaustion present in his voice.    "Don't say that! We'll get through it eventually," Jack replied, leaning forward and picking up the landline phone, "You want some 'za?" He asked, looking over at Felix.    "Sure, why not. Anything is good," The Swede replied, waving his hand around as he did.    Jack called a local late-night pizza place and placed his order, then set his landline back in its place as they waited for their order to arrive. About 15 minutes later, Jack was getting up to answer a knock on his door and walked back into the living room with a pizza box and two sodas. The two sat together in silence, just enjoying their food as they laid there on the couch, both of them exhausted out of their minds.    "So," Felix started after a while, "Now that you're here, I can introduce you to all of the hot Brighton chicks. Show you how to woo 'em," He said, smirking a little, "Maybe even finally get you a girlfriend," He joked, a hint of dejection present in his voice. Jack thought nothing of it, assuming the Swede was just tired. The Irishman chuckled in response.    "Oh, because you've had so much luck 'wooin' 'em'?" Jack teased back, raising a cheeky eyebrow at his friend. Felix glared back at him sarcastically.    "Shut the fuck up," Felix jokingly snapped, swatting Jack's shoulder. Jack couldn't contain his laughter at his friend's expense. Felix looked down at his watch, "Well, I should probably head home now. I got videos to record in the morning," He said, lazily standing up from the couch and stretching. Jack followed his actions and walked his friend to the door of his house.    "Night dude," Jack said as he watched Felix walk out to his car.    "See ya man. I'll be back tomorrow to help with those boxes," Felix replied slipping into his car and backing out of the driveway, then driving away into the night.    Jack closed the door behind him and locked it. Shutting off all of the lights behind him, Jack made his way upstairs to his bed and lazily crawled in, too tired to change. Before he knew it, he was drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

    #jelix#septicpie#chap 1#j/ack#F/elix #friends to lovers #writings #some writings or whatever #maybe i do
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    Elements Adventure (chap 1) page 1-5 So is better to post now. So you all can see our story that we work on! Draw by @revaart Serena Roxyna by @revaart Dragoria Flavia by @vannesawinter Natasha Kitty Lie by @natashakittylie

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  • rigels-nigels
    15.11.2017 - 3 years ago

    The Iron Soldier

    Chapter 1

    (I just had a random ‘what if’ idea, as one does, and decided to write it down. essentially, what happens is Hydra captures Tony and, as you could probably guess from the title, they sorta end up trying to make him their knew soldier/ally. i read a few fics like this where they had taken tony and p much did to him what they did to barns (just erase his memories and add in some programming), and while that is simplifying it (they had some unique ways of doing it), i cant blame em cause thats not only simple but can be taken many different ways(improved tech and such) anyway, kinda started rambling, point is, i decided to take my own spin on it and here we are.

    warnings: brainwashing, abuse(emo, verbal, etc), very possibly(probably) some stockholm syndrome sorta stuff later on, cold hearted betrayal, probably wont get finished)

    Pain. Cold. Nothing new to him. Pain was an old friend, and the cold was a regular visitor. He would say the pain in his chest was new  but really you'd have to specify which pain, the physical? That was both old and new. The emotional? Well that's been there for as long as he can remember. Turns out his dad was right after all, Captain America would never like some like him, someone as selfish and weak and heartless and as much of a failure, as him. Maybe- maybe if he had tried harder? Maybe then this wouldn't have happened, it might have turned out better, Rhodey would still be able to walk. Maybe, if he had just tried harder from the beginning none of this would have happened, Banner wouldn't have run away, Peggy would still be alive, Ultron wouldn't have happened, JARVIS wouldn't have... Jarvis would be so disappointed in him. Him and Ana... Pepper and Rhodey, and Peter too probably, all disappointed in him. And, and Cap- he had to move, he had to get up. Damn his feelings they don't matter, never have never will. He needed to go back, maybe he could fix things- no, no he needed to fix things, it was one of the things he could actually do right.

    He opened his eyes (when had they closed? Why didn't he notice he would have -should have- noticed) and flinched at the near unending darkness. When had it gotten so dark? Did he fall unconscious? Wasn't it still light just moments ago? What if he got captured again and- no, no that didn't happen he could still hear the wind howling from outside, even if it was slightly muffled by the ringing in his ears. Okay, it's okay, he just needed to get to a light switch or computer or something, and he could contact Friday and the others and find a way back.

    He tried to turn and move onto his stomach, make it easier to push himself up, but he couldn't, why couldn't he? Was he paralysed, what did Cap do? This wasn't supposed to happen he was supposed to find Steve and help him and then they'd save the day and everything would be good, just like it was before (it was never good, the captain never liked him, he just tolerated him, was relieved when he didn't need to live with him(just like the others)). No, no, no, he needed to focus. Just count his breathing like JAR-, like JARVIS taught him.

    In, 2, 3,

    Out, 2, 3,

    In, 2, 3,

    Out, 2, 3,

    In, 2, 3,

    Out, 2, 3,

    He repeated this 8 more times and froze. He could a sworn he heard, yes! He did! Voices! He could hear voices! Someone came back for him! He could barely believe it, some part of him still doubted that there were actually people but no there were! He saw lights first, and damn did that hurt his eyes but he ignored that because someone was coming for him!

    "In here!"

    They were speaking russian.

    Other people came and he could see what they were wearing, barely, it was so blurred. Some weird black armor, helmets, they had guns, probably automatic, hell if he knew. And that weird warmth that he felt quickly disappeared. They didn't come back for him, best case scenario they told the military and they came to get him, it was far more likely they heard the explosions and went to check it out. Worst case scenario, the original owners of the base were back.

    "What is it?"

    "I think it's the iron man suit. Wait no, it's the man himself."

    "Iron man's here?"

    "Yes, but he's not moving. I don't think he can."

    "Get him out and make sure he can't. I'll call in the others and tell them to bring a carrier for the suit."

    "I might need help to get him out, and the good captain's shield is here as welL."

    "Good. Now hurry. There’s no telling how much time we have."

    The man who had spoken first moved towards him.

    "Who'ur yuh." He slurred. That, was not good. How out of it was he? Did cap really knock him around that bad? The man in front of him snorted and spoke into his coms.

    "*I don't think we have to worry about Stark moving, he can barely speak*."

    The man crouched down and started examining the suit, pushing and pulling at things occasionally. Then he started poking at the reactor. It was horrible, heart wrenching one could say (as if he had a heart), when Barnes did it, but he could move then. Now though, it would be just like Obie, like Obadiah, all over again. He couldn't  move, he could barely even see, and there was that fucking ringing in his ears.

    "Nh, don't. Ge' th'fuh away."

    The man ignored him, tracing the indents from where Barnes tried to remove it. Moments later the man said something indecipherable and more people entered the room. What was concerning him the most now was how the room seemed to be getting darker even though it really bright and woah holy shit! He didn't recognize this place, fuck did he teleport or something? Wait he was being dragged, but he still should have noticed them moving him. Oh fuck, he  had a concussion or something didn't he? It’d explain a few things. He could be dying too, of course, but that was wishful thinking. Especially if it really was Hydra. They'd probably want him alive, and Hydra is far more organized and efficient than the Ten Rings. Far smarter too, he wouldn't be able to pull the same trick with'em. Granted said trick wasn't all that sneaky but whatever, he could pull something off. Probably. God he hoped... fucking hell he needed to focus! Okay, so, where were they? From what he could see, they seemed to still be in the base, and hey, he still had his suit on, that was good. That means they can’t get to him, or his tech... yet. They continued dragging him for a while, coulda been anywhere form a few minutes to half an hour before they hit a dark patch, well that or he blacked out, he probably just blacked out. No yeah he did, if the somewhat sudden softness (weird, why would they put him on something soft?) was anything to go by. They were still talking, about something, and he couldn’t hear what, the ringing just barely loud enough to block it out. Well, this was fun. He couldn’t hear, didn’t dare open his eyes again (he could practically feel the lights burning him already), and he couldn’t move. No one could say he never waited for anything at least. Right now he waited, for gods know how long, when finally everything seemed to stop for barely a second and when the hell did they go the the fucking sun, why was it so goddamn hot?!

    "He awake?"

    "I don't think so."

    Great, more talking and more boot clanking, at least they stopped dragging him. Seconds later he reconsidered that thought as he felt a horrible burning sensation engulf his side. They had fucking kicked him (or impaled him, he wouldn't be able to tell the difference) and the biggest question he had now was why? Was it fun for them to hurt people, or were they just bored? Maybe (it was payback from Steve (he wouldn't, he's not cruel(he's hurt civilians (by accident (he hurt you (I deserved it)))))) they just wanted to beat him up some more or-

    "Yeah he's awake, for now."

     -or that. Fuck that was so obvious! He'll  never manage to escape if his brain is like this.  

    "Well, you best bring him to the infirmary. Wouldn't want him to die on us."

    He was pretty sure the guy who kicked him said something in reply but at that very fucking moment the ringing (or his maybe-concussion) decided to go a bit (a lot) crazy on him, and he fell into a blessed nothingness moments after.

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  • canikostar
    25.10.2017 - 3 years ago

    Bleeding Doll Case

    First 2 1/2 pages of chapter 1 for the bleeding doll case. The rest of the chapter is almost done, but I still gotta flesh out actions around the dialog. Please enjoy this mostly unedited part for now. Just as a note, I’m listing Naru as 18 even though he’s sort of a month away from turning 18. Naru is about 10 months older than Mai, so August is that weird month during the year where They are kind of the same age.

    August Monday 10:32 am 17-year-old girl with short brown hair stretched and yawned as she entered the office, her eyes still shadowed with exhaustion. My name is Mai Taniyama, and I have a rather strange job.

    “Mai, you're late. Make Tea.” An 18-year-old boy with black hair and pale skin ordered. That's my boss, Naru. He goes by Kazuya Shibuya, but he's actually the famous Oliver Davis, a psychic researcher with powerful Psychokinesis. He runs Japan's sector of SPR, the Society of Psychical Research, but that's kind of a secret. To our clients, SPR stands for Shibuya Psychic Research, a company that investigates paranormal activity. Basically, we hunt ghosts. We actually just finished a case Thursday. It took a while to complete, so Naru let me have a three day weekend. Mai can only thank routine for successfully making tea. She surely wasn't awake enough to think about what she was doing. Either Naru didn’t notice, or he didn’t care about his assistant’s current state of consciousness. He simple left her to filing the notes on the most recent case. Something about picking up the manila folders triggered a memory of what kept her up most of the night.

    “Oh! Hey, Naru? Are you going to look into that case John is working on?” He’d just been about to step into his office with some of his notebooks when he looked back at her. John Brown, a catholic exorcist we’ve worked with on several cases, couldn’t join us on the recent case because he was working on a case of his own. Teens and young adults in some of the neighborhoods of foreign workers are falling into comas, and there's no explanation or treatment. Just before our most recent case, John came to the office to ask Lin some questions. They also exchanged a few emails and phone calls during our case. I didn’t hear much of what they were talking about, but Lin offered to help once we finished the case we were on. We didn't expect this case to run so long, so everyone was really tired. I don't think anyone has talked to John after we got back. Naru's deep indigo eyes narrowed as he answered her.

    “No. Unless John asks me to help with his case, it is none of my business. Why are you asking?” Mai shuffled awkwardly.

    “Um. No reason, really. I just couldn't help thinking about it, and John seemed kind of tired before we left. Since we finished this case and we don't have meetings with clients planned for another couple of weeks, I thought maybe we could help.” Naru wasn't convinced. Maybe he really had noticed she was tired.

    “That's not all there is. You look as though you didn't sleep at all.” He turned back to her, letting his office door shut behind him. It was true that she hadn't slept much after that dream woke her at 3 am, but that wasn't the tone of a concerned coworker or friend. That was the tone of someone determined to get what they want, and Naru wanted an explanation.

    “I may have had one of my dreams last night, but I couldn't really make sense of it. I just had this really strong feeling that it was related to John's case, and-” At this point, Mai trailed off, trying to put the feeling into words. She didn't really understand what was happening in the dream at all. All she could say is that there is possibly someone bringing ball-jointed dolls to life, and that puts John in danger somehow. There doesn't even seem to be any dolls involved with John's case, but her instincts weren’t often wrong about this kind of thing. One hand pressed over her heart, she continued with decisive confidence. “There's just something about that case that feels off. I don't have evidence beyond my intuition, but John is in danger and something from his case is the cause.”

    #Ghost Hunt #Bleeding Doll Case #Chap 1#part 1 #Tempted to cut it off here and more or less give immediate continuation from here in chapter 2 #Looking for feedback #Advice please?
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    06.08.2017 - 3 years ago

    I have no idea what am I doing.  Anyway. Please enjoy.

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  • lazymilkshakecolor
    09.06.2017 - 3 years ago


     Summary:The world is about to enter a fifth shinobi world war and a huge responsibility falls on Sarada who has yet to discover her clan's secrets and the grey morality of the world.I suck at summaries, so could you please give it a try?

    This is tagged Sasusaku cause this fic will have Sasusaku moments.

    Chapter 1

     '' Why are they backing away?!'' Boruto asked his teammates as he dodged another swing of his opponent fist.

    '' I don't know why just keep fighting them off.'' Sarada ordered.

    '' These monsters are quite ferocious, be careful guys.''

    The village hidden in the leaf has been invaded by snakes, aliens, a nine tailed fox, but nothing as violent as these monsters.

    They were ferocious, designed to destroy everything the insects in its brain orders it too, the one controlling the insects is Kenta Aburame, a former Konoha scientist that went rogue after the head medic , Sakura Uchiha , refused to let him experiment on patients with no hope of surviving.

    Kenta was second in command of the rogue organization lead by the criminal that killed the seventh Hokage, Kawaki, who is the second human to be blessed with power from the gods themselves.

    ''They seem to be heading towards the center of the village.'' Mitsuki said as he finished off the last one of the monsters left.

    ''Sarada , Mitsuki look!'' Boruto said while pointing towards Sasuke's Susanoo floating in the air, above the hokage mountain, he could see his master and his aunt in its head as black marks resembling the byakugou release covered Susanoo.

    ''Huh this is the first time I saw Papa's full Susanoo fused with Mama's byakugou release.''

    ''It's amazing isn't it?''

    ''My parent told me that Sasuke –san and Sakura-san used to be called the strongest duo, maybe that's why.''

    The trio continued watching Sasuke prepare Indra's arrow until Mitsuki pointed something out.

    ''Hey Sarada have you noticed that only the monsters with red skin went towards the center of the village?''

    ''Yeah, that's strange.'' She said as she crouched down to examine one of the creatures blue bodies.

    They seemed to have human DNA, if they weren't mutated humans that is.

    ''Maybe each color symbolizes a troop?'' Sarada said, directing her question towards Boruto, who was busy admiring his master.


    ''Yeah, maybe.''

    ''Waitguys.'' Mitsuki said a worried look came on his face which got Sarada instantly on edge.

    ''Do you remember when Kawaki threatened the hokage to make his monsters explode in the village if he didn't surrender?''

    ''Yeah.'' Boruto answered hesitantly since the subject of his father death is still a sensitive subject.

    ''The monsters present at that time were red too.''

    ''Ahh so that's why uncle Sasuke is firing an arrow towards them so they destroy themselves.''

    ''Boruto.'' Mitsuki said as his eyes met Boruto's

    ''Why do you think your dad didn't defend the village using a chakra cloak?''

    ''Huh?'' a confused expression marred Boruto's face.

    Mitsuki expected Boruto to answer but it was Sarada that broke the silence.

    ''Their explosions were designed to destroy armors made of chakra.'' She said an expression of terror on her face as she looked at Mitsuki, hoping he'd disagree.

    But to her dismay, he nodded.

    ''No, they wouldn't.'' Sarada said as she started to run towards her parent's location.

    ''Wait Sarada! '' Boruto shouted as he ran after the girl.

    When Mitsuki finally got close enough to the frantic girl, he stretched his arms and used them to hold Sarada down by the shoulders.

    ''LET ME GO!.''

    Boruto looked at his godparents , as if wondering if he should go towards them.

    ''Boruto you know if we go we wouldn't make it, and I can't keep both of you down so help me.''

    Boruto decided to listen to his best friend, since if he headed towards the two remaining members of the legendary sanin, Sarada would follow him, and he can't bare to lose Sarada in a situation he was sure to be of no help off, cause there were no stopping them now.

    Boruto took one final look at the Susanoo before he crouched down next to Sarada, who was still struggling to get out of Mitsuki grip.

    ''Boruto knock her out, I can't hold her down.''

    ''We're close we can stop them!''

    Sarada said as she flipped Mitsuki over and tore his hands off of her, she ran towards her parents while Boruto tried to catch up to her.

    Boruto saw Indra's arrow hit the monsters, and he saw the monsters explode one by one, it seemed the explosions caused a chain reaction, and the regenerating Susanoo appeared to be the only thing keeping the explosions from getting to the center of the village where most of the hospitals and the orphanage were.

    But he could see it, Susanoo was collapsing as the markings that symbolized Sakura's byakugou disappeared.

    Boruto jumped at Sarada and they both fell on the ground.

    It broke him to do something like this to her but he had too.

    ''NO NO LET ME GO!''    

    Boruto saw his godparents look towards them before giving a final boost of chakra to the fading Susanoo.

    But even the mightiest can't hold on forever as Susanoo faded and the Uchiha couple got caught in the what appeared to be the last one of the lizards like monsters explosions.

    '' MAMA! PAPA!''

      Authors note: Next chapter we will see this event in Sasuke and Sakura's point of vue.

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    01.06.2017 - 3 years ago

    The best laid plans of meringue and men, however, as the saying goes.  The one corner of the kitchen I had yet to truly touch, the kitchen sink, was broken beyond repair when I went to retrieve water for my brushes.

    “Oh sweet sassafras, what else can go wrong!”  I fumed to myself indulgently for almost ten minutes before I gave in with a weary sigh and pulled out my phone. “Cheap... home... repair... aha, here, Angel Food’s List, sounds promising.” I entered my new zip code and found, to my dismay, that most of the contractors were either out of business entirely, out of my price range, or didn’t do plumbing fixtures at all.  After searching in dismay I turned to a neighborhood message board and found a hopeful lead. “Ask Acai!  Local jack of all trades, no job is too big nor small, I’ll do it all!  Give me a ring at...” Quickly I hit the number and soon my phone was buzzing merrily away. “’yello Acai speaking.” I paused; his voice was unexpectedly husky, smooth and deep like chocolate fudge.  To be honest I was caught unawares.  I stammered for a second and jumped slightly when I heard the phone rustle and Acai spoke again, saying, “Hey uh, not that I’m not into the whole creepy not-talky-heavy-breathy business but it’s a little early in the afternoon for-”

    “No!”  I sputtered, shaking my head as though he could see, “No I’m sorry I just spaced out; my name is Daphne, Daphne Cane, I live just up the road a touch from town, in the little trailer at the edge of Caramel Cove.  Do you know what I’m talking about?”

    “Sorry,” here he sounded slightly chagrin himself, “I’m a little new to the area, but I can Maple Quest it.”

    “Oh!  I’m new myself, just sort of uh, inherited the place.  I didn’t mean to bother you, but I’ve got something of a situation going on with Nan- I mean, my kitchen sink.  Am I right to have called...?”

    “Oh yeah!  No absolutely, it’s just I’m a bit, well, tied up at the moment-” In the background I heard what sounded like a faint giggle, and the sound of clothes brushing against the receiver.

    “But,” he continued in a rush, “I’m all yours in what say an hour or two?  I’ll swing by after this, and we’ll see if we can’t get your recalcitrant sink into some sort of order, and if need be I’ll come back in the AM with more tools.  Sound good?”

    “Yeah!”  I felt a rush of relief as Acai and I wrapped up the call, and by the time I had hung up the phone I sat back feeling fairly accomplished. “Look at you, big shot, adulting all by yourself.” With a dose of self satisfaction, I propped up my feet and flicked on the television to wait for Acai, the handsome sounding handy-man.

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