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    24.01.2021 - 2 monts ago

    SVSSS Read through 📖

    Chap 5 - Chap 15


    Let's go!

    ■Chapter 5■

    • Mission time!!

    • "don’t you know you’re exactly like that mission-giving NPC?" 🤣

    • Nice. Shen Qingqiu complained earlier about cultivators using horses and carriages when he was reviewing the book. It is a bit weird, but 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • "Ming Fan was truly well-versed in being a piece of cannon fodder." His entire character so far.

    • The Skinner. Sounds like an exciting arc is starting.

    • Ohhhhhh loopholes in the system's OOC function. He's coming up with every workaround to be nice to Luo Binghe and everyone is SHOCKED.

    • AND we already have Luo Binghe being like 'he's good to look at' 🤣

    • -5 points for smILING?! Rude.

    ■Chapter 6■

    • "He didn’t like looking at an old man in his sixties and a teenage girl fondling each other in front of him at all!" Good I'm not the only one.

    • Of course Ning Yingying went missing. So far she just accidentally starts trouble over and over again.

    • "Fuck, if there’s an Easy Mode why didn’t you say so earlier! Activate activate activate!" Honestly a mood.

    • Get's knocked out just to be taunted by the system OOC: -50 Points.


    ■Chapter 7■

    • Oh good not totally naked.

    • Immediately guesses correctly who The Skinner is and then just waits for the classic boss narrative. I love Shen Qingqiu 😚

    • Ohhh. The butterfly demon is clever! Using Shen Qingqiu as their next skin so that they can use the Xiu Ya Sword to make themselves stronger 👏 but then they just gave away the entire plan.

    • Luo Binghe sees Shen Qingqiu half naked, vulnerable, and tied up 👀

    • Please tell me there's a reason you're directing the Butterfly toward Luo Binghe with your weird roundabout complements~~

    ■Chapter 8■

    • Exploits the systems rule that only Luo Binghe can't die, but then complains about what a cop out it will be for the reader 😅

    • "...Just praised you and you said something stupid again. Please don’t talk about how to release your enemy"

    • I forgot that he set the mission to easy mode!

    • "Even if something does happen, nothing will happen to you.” hi. They're being cute again.

    •Earning a whole bunch of points and disabling OOC function. Shen Qingqiu having free control, I sense chaos in the wind~

    • He gave Luo Binghe the right cultivation methods. The best master. 💗

    ■Chap 9■

    • Enters the spirit cave to find a way to cultivate, immediately had to deal with someone's Qi deviation.

    • 'Congratulations! The system’s notice: Changed the scene ‘Liu Qingge’s death,’ the death and hatred values for the villain ‘Shen Qingqiu’ have decreased' OHHHHH he can change whole scenes and his character!

    • Each of the peaks is know for their own thing thats cool. There is an Ascetic peak? And a Lovley Ladies peak 🤣🤣

    • I love Shen Qingqiu being devastated by Liu Qingge not being a big tough guy.

    • Every single person when Shen Qingqiu is being genuinely nice: 😱🧐

    ■Chapter 10■

    • Shen Qingqiu sees Luo Binghe: oh good he's here! When he sees the leader of the demon invasion: "Don't your feet hurt?"

    • I think I need to see some art of the Demon Saint Sha Hualing. Her description is mint. 💃🏻

    • Here we go again with the making your character be less like scum. HUM. I wonder if that will change the plot...

    ■Chapter 11■

    •Shen Qingqiu out here getting all fancy fighting the one armed demon with just his fan. God that's style.

    • Luo Binghe being like 👀🤩💘


    • She is so beautiful that she has to wear a veil all the time. Damn. Thats powerful.

    •Shen Qingqiu then just fawns over both the future wives of Luo Binghe being in his presence. "The beauty of an Evil demon girl’s wild and unrestrained behavior can make him drunk; the Righteous saint girl wavering between abstinence and desire letting people’s hearts itch." Dramatic ass

    ■Chapter 12■

    • Everyone thinks he's crazy for calling Binghe forward to fight. And they basically beg him to forfit so he doesn't die... but didn't we say earlier that the protagonist can't die.

    • Binghe really takes it to heart every time Qingqiu says he believes he'll make it through.

    • He's mad that Binghe didn't win even more cool points 😆

    • The demon is so mad he lost and was shamed that he decides it would be a good idea to slight up attack Luo Binghe again. Demon logic.

    • "These righteous and awe-inspiring words didn’t just make the demons speechless; in his heart, even Shen Qingqiu’s own old face turned dark red." And I'm sure broke Binghe's brain a little bit.

    • Binghe literally: 🤩🤩😍 He saved me again, and be believes in me 💘

    • AGAIN?

    ■Chapter 13■

    •He can't stop himself from jumping in front of Luo Binghe again and again.......

    • "In his mind and heart there was a string of scrolling fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck brushed all over the screen." Honestly I'd think the same id I was poisoned.

    • Luo Binghe is PISSED.

    • "Shizun, this disciple is willing to receive the attack in your stead.” 😵 "Since you know this injury is because of you, you should properly protect your own life!” ☠💀☠💀

    • Liu Qingge is like, oh, you wanted to run away after attacking us unprompted. No.

    • Improves his own role, then sees Binghe crying for him, immediately regrets his decision, passes out.

    ■Chapter 14■

    •Luo Binghe watching his Shizun from as far away as possible is sad.

    • Shen Qingqiu is just now seeing how much he's changed the story. And how the future events scare him. Whooo.

    • "Luo Binghe immediately ran to the kitchen. The congee that he remade every hour these days finally came of use." 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Oh no. He's like fully committed.

    • The flirting is RIDICULOUS. "Why don't I make you something new everyday" 😫

    • Shen Qingqiu realizes that's his best pickup line in the original story, but being all, what a guy, why not!

    • Him trying to get away with not pushing Luo Binghe into the Abyss.

    •You're telling me that in the original book that having set with a half demon half great cultivator is the cure. And that that helps him level up?

    ■Chapter 15■

    • Liu Qingge and Shen Qingqiu being brothers is cute. But even he thought that Qingqiu might be possessed

    • Ming Fan is so mad hearing positive words about Luo Binghe from Shen Qingqiu that he throws a fit. Abd Binghe just accepts it. Hes the best boy.

    •The name Dream Realm........ I wonder where this could possibly go!

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    Val couldn’t read. His eyesight had made it a nightmare to try and decipher small letters written in barely legible cursive, so he had given up altogether after trying fruitlessly for a few months. It’s not like he needed to read, his job being fairly simple and manual. He didn’t need to read Shakespeare in order to be smart, after all, he could clean, cook, polish, garden, farm, ride and do many more useful things without needing ink and paper.

    Still, he could appreciate the aesthetic of full shelves stacked to brim with books. The library was a simple room, not too big and not too small, with a round desk in the middle and a roaring fireplace in a corner. The place smelled of knowledge and stale coffee, mostly due to the firmly closed windows that covered two thirds of the opposite wall.

    “Miss Miriam?” he asked, surveying the room for an 8 year old figure.

    The door swung shut behind him and made him jump out of his skin, nearly leaping out into the unawaiting arms of the table. Something wrapped in red cloth bounced at him with a shriek, making both of them lose their balance and slam into one of the very expensive mahogany shelves.

    “Surrender!” the something wrapped in red shouted, trying to sound intimidating. “Before I scalp you with my teeth!”

    To drive her point home, she clicked her wooden teeth twice.

    Val let out a breath of relief. “I surrender! I promise!”

    “Who are you?!”

    “I’m Val. Valentine Heather. I’m the new servant?”

    “I guess so, but I don’t know why you’re asking me. Are you a spy?”

    “A spy? Not that I know of.” Val raised his eyebrows. Were they playing a game? He could play along gladly. He loved games. “Are you a spy?”

    She took a step back and opened her mouth in shock. Her hand was tugging at one of her black braids as she thought of a good response.

    He couldn’t tell that Miriam wasn’t actually opening her mouth as much as releasing her jaw mechanism. Or that her skin wasn’t skin at all, but carefully painted wood. He definitely didn’t notice the hair thin strings on her joints, which would’ve been difficult for anyone really to tell unless they already knew they were there.

    “No. I’m sorry for hurting you.” She apologized, frowning in guilt. “I’m Miriam. Miriam Redthorn.”

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Miriam. Your mother is waiting for you to have tea.”

    “But I want to keep reading some more. Can’t we have tea later?”

    “You can bring your book with you if you’d like.”

    She slammed her foot down, but picked up a blue book with golden trimming. “It’s not fair. Theseus can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t even have to take piano lessons!”

    “That is very unfair. Can he play the piano well?”

    “He sounds like a stomping elephant! Have you ever seen an elephant?”

    “No. I have seen pictures of elephants, but not a real one.”

    “Me too, but I have a toy that looks like one! Come and see it!” Her face brightened and she took his hand to lead him into her room. She introduced him to her elephant, Excalibur (a gift from her brother), her functioning toy train (also a gift from her brother) and many more playthings (all of them gifts from her brother).

    Eventually, Jane had to drag them and Miriam’s favorite toys to tea before it got too cold.

    While Val was relieved Mrs. Red wasn’t mad at him but rather amused, he also wondered when he would meet Mr. Redthorn.

    Tag List: @timefirewrites , @hatsinthenight , @maya-serena, @girl-walking​ 

    #red rooms #red ink writes #wip#chap 5
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    Me, to my anime/manga boyfriend:

    Me, to my real boyfriend:

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    The Villain’s Savior 

    #the villain's savior #Manga#chap 5
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    Tokyo Boy Meets Country |  TAKAYOSHI Yuri
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    Possession- Chapter 5

    I swore that Possession would be finished at the end of June. Obviously we're in July. Which was supposed to be dedicated to another story. But my brain doesn't like to play by the rules, so here we are. Enjoy another update! 

    3 days prior- 10 AM

    "You say you were attacked?" Ayako cried, alarmed by the news Mai was sharing.

    Mai shook her head and resumed her walking toward the shinkan. "That wasn't really an attack, just some shaking furniture and the door moving by itself," she explained to her roommates. "I just went out and it stopped after a little while. It didn't cause any damage."

    "You really have the worst of luck," Ayako sighed. "The moment we leave your side you get into trouble! It is a relief you didn't get hurt."

    "The manifestations have been pretty harmless up to know, I don't think Mai was in any danger," Masako remarked.

    The miko huffed in response."This is exactly the way of thinking that can get you injured," she said snidely.

    The medium pursed her lips, vexed, and opened her mouth to retort something probably scathing. But Mai adroitly prevented the upcoming argument by changing subjects.

    "It is over, no need to fret over it," she dismissed. "That's not the reason why I came anyway. I wanted to find you to tell you that we have the day off. Courtesy of our boss."

    The announcement garnered the full attention of her audience.

    "Really? You should have said so earlier! Let's try another one of those outdoor baths," Ayako proposed, her good mood miraculously recovered.

    Mai laughed at the priestess' eagerness to ditch work. Masako, on the other hand, reacted more cautiously. "I won't certainly complain but... I would have thought Naru would ask us to take action since the spirit started to manifest itself."

    Mai nodded, her friend's opinion echoing her own thoughts exactly. "Yeah, I was surprised too. Neither he nor Lin seemed to find this morning's display worrying. I expected them to request an exorcism in the very least, now that we have proof the haunting is real."

    "Who cares?" Ayako shrugged. "You know very well Naru's the type to keep his reasoning to himself. I trust his judgement, he probably has something up his sleeve. Just enjoy a paid day of vacation while you can!"

    "Yeah, you may be right…"

    "I always am," the priestess declared sententiously, missing Masako rolling her eyes. "You need to relax these exams must have really worked up your nerves, you've been on edge since the beginning of this case."

    Mai slowed her steps unconsciously, shocked by the realization that what the priestess had just said was true. Well, she wasn't exactly on edge, but she hadn't been able to shake away a feeling of unrest. The surroundings of the ryokan were paradisiac, yet their beauty was tainted by an unexplainable melancholy. Like a bitter aftertaste after too much sweetness.

    But it was just because of the stress of her exams, right?

    "I know exactly what we need to unwind!" Ayako suddenly exclaimed. She paused a few moments for effect before explaining her grand idea to the girls.

    "What about we go on a trip for the day? I heard there is a village worth visiting down in the valley. Takigawa could drive us there, if I tell him it's for Mai's benefit I'm sure he'll agree. Let's invite the guys, what do you say?"

    "I say that it's called taking advantage of someone's kindness," Mai laughed, thinking about the monk having to do Ayako's biding. "But I'm sure it could be fun. Masako?"

    The young medium nodded and Ayako wasted no time putting her plan into motion.

    "We're done touring the property already, so let's ask them if they're interested."

    "How did it go by the way?" Mai asked. "Sensed anything out of the ordinary?"

    Masako shook her head. "Nothing on my part. The place is beautiful, well-kempt and peaceful."

    "I got the same feeling. The trees are healthy, and nothing is disturbing their rest. Only the shinkan seems affected. That clearly proves it's an earth bound spirit," Ayako declared confidently.

    Masako hid her laughter behind her sleeve while Mai had to bit her lip hard enough to hurt to prevent her mirth from showing.

    "What?" the susceptible priestess asked, squinting at the two girls in irritation.

    "No-Nothing," Mai tried.

    The glare intensified and Mai hastily diverted Ayako's attention with another topic.

    "Speaking of work, care to tell me why you two didn't wake me up this morning?"

    "Oh, that?" Ayako shrugged, already forgetting her anger. "Naru asked us yesterday to let you sleep. Since you seemed tired we thought it was a good idea. But, to be honest, touring the property was more like a morning stroll than actual work!"

    So Naru hadn't lied earlier! But why had he requested such a thing? He wasn't one to let his employees spend their time idly. Mai voiced her astonishment out loud.

    "Do you think he had an ulterior motive?" Masako enquired. "Although I found his request odd I assumed it was out of concern for you."

    "Or he simply wanted you to have one of those dreams," Ayako suggested. "To be blunt your presence wasn't exactly indispensable here, so it was better for you to rest anyway. Oh, miss Akiyama, hello!" the priestess greeted when she took sight of the manager coming toward them in small, hurried strides.

    The lady greeted them back politely, but Mai couldn't help but notice how strained the manager's smile was, and how preoccupied she looked. She hoped it wasn't related to the spirit wreaking havoc in the shinkan earlier.

    "I was in search for Mr Shibuya, are you by chance aware of his whereabouts?"

    "He is probably keeping watch in base. Is there something we can help you with?" Masako offered, noticing the manager's unrest.

    The lady sighed sadly. "There is indeed. Could you inform him that the interview with my mother is regretfully cancelled? Her condition has unexpectedly worsened this morning, and she is no state to answer his questions."

    Mai gasped at the news.

    "Oh no! That is terrible! I had no idea it was so serious. Will she be all right?" "We are really sorry to hear that," Masako added. "We wish her a prompt recovery."

    "Thank you." The manager smiled gratefully, touched by their sincere concern. "Her life isn't in danger, despite being almost ninety my mother has always been strong and healthy. But since my father's death…" she shook her head in desolation. "She is plagued with headaches and her strength is following ups and downs. She was recovering well until today, so I thought she had overcome her sadness." She sighed. "This relapse tells me her grief was deeper than I imagined."

    A heavy silence fell upon the little group. Ayako was the first to recover.

    "We will inform Shibuya that the interview is cancelled until further notice," she assured their client. "Don't worry about it. I am sure you have more pressing matters to attend at the moment than searching for our boss."

    "Thank you," the manager bowed, relief evident on her features. "I am indeed very busy, it is a great help. Now I am sorry but I must go back to my duties."

    The girls expressed their understanding, reiterated their best wishes for Mrs Akiyama's health and the manager left to welcome some important customer.

    "This is so sad," Mai murmured, gaze lost in the distance. "I'm sure Mrs Akiyama loved her husband very much. She must miss him terribly."

    "Yeah," Ayako agreed. "I can't imagine losing someone after spending such a long time with them." After a moment she added more lightly, "I can't imagine living together with anyone for so long though. I would probably shorten my husband's life by strangling him at some point."

    A teasing grin bloomed on Mai's previously pensive face.

    "Oh really? Do you have a potential husband in mind to say something like that? Seems like you do…"

    Ayako flushed crimson.

    "What- what are you talking about," she spluttered. "I didn't think of anyone in particular."

    "I wonder who it is..." Mai ignored the priestess deliberately, a smug, knowing smirk on her lips.

    "Masako," Ayako called, glowering at the medium who was hiding her own grin behind her yukata's sleeve, "we're going to plan the trip I was talking about. Mai, you go tell Naru about his cancelled appointment. Let's meet in our room in an hour."

    The flustered priestess dragged Masako away, leaving a laughing Mai resume her walk toward the shinkan.

    She entered the base after a few minutes, surprised to find it empty. She then recalled that Lin had sent Naru to their room earlier, so she veered her steps toward the boy's bedroom.

    As she was coming closer to the shoji door she heard muffled voices. She stopped and strained her ears, frowning. They sounded like they were having an argument.

    … temperature drop in her room… can't be related to…

    … natural cause… I stand by my first hypothesis…

    what about your… you know it's dangerous… shouldn't have…

    ... I did what was necessary… couldn't let her…

    "Suit yourself. I'm going to analyse the data once more."

    Mai recoiled from the door which Lin had opened with a little more force than necessary. He glanced down at her, muttered a "if you will excuse me" and left to go back to his beloved monitors.

    Mai passed the threshold and cleared her throat loudly to signal her presence to her grumpy boss.

    "Naru, can I come in?"

    "Mai?" Her boss sounded surprised.

    "Yes, it's me. I, hum, I have a message from miss Akiyama."

    She heard a shuffle and Naru came the next second. His complexion was paler than usual and he features were drawn. Mai wondered if he was unwell.

    "What is it?" he demanded bluntly, ignoring her concerned stare.

    "Geez, you could use some manners," Mai muttered. "She wanted to let you know that her mother wasn't feeling well enough to attend the interview, apparently she fell ill this morning."

    A flicker of interest passed in his eyes. Was it her imagination, or was Naru actually pleased by the news?

    "I see. Tell the others they can have tomorrow free, too."

    "What? But-"


    Her mouth clamped shut at the piercing gaze Naru was sending her. He took a step forward, his eyes never leaving hers, and she stood rooted in her spot like a deer caught in headlights.

    The proximity, the intensity of his gaze, this was too close to what happened in her dream. She closed her eyes, vainly trying to repress the onslaught of memories featuring a very naked Naru.

    "Are you certain you have nothing else to tell me?"

    His voice was smooth like silk, and he was now close enough for her to smell his soap. She gulped, her throat painfully tight, her heart hammering in her chest.

    He wasn't going to kiss her, was he?

    "Aa- N- No?" she stammered.

    Naru leaned in, his head coming closer in slow motion. Mai stopped thinking, her breath suspended to his slow, deliberate movement.

    A stinging pain on her forehead broke the spell.

    "If you say so."

    Mai's hands flew to where he had flicked her forehead. She was gaping at him, mouth inelegantly open and probably as red as an overcooked lobster.

    Naru, on the other hand, had the nerve to smirk.

    "If that is all, you can leave."

    Mai hadn't even finished processing what happened when she found herself in the hallway facing a closed door.

    She blinked, before realization dawned upon her that Naru had purely and simply thrown her out.

    She raised a vengeful fist to the door, muttering curses under her breath and went to her own room to wait for her coworkers.

    If she had paid more attention, she would have noticed that Naru's tiredness wasn't natural. But all she could think then was how infuriatingly attractive her narcissistic boss was.

    AN: I think this will need to more chapters to be complete. I'll try to update next month, stay tuned :)

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    Fuck yall good vibes-- Not really. Tbh, same, Kalin. 

    And that’s all for Chapter 5! Quite the journey to be goin ;w; <3 I can’t believe we’ve made it this far :D It’s super interesting how far this comic has come, and Sabers’s anniversary is gonna be in November! 2 YEARS MAN!! Anywho, I hope that you guys enjoyed what was presented ;w; Thank you all who have come to chill out for this ride! I appreciate all the support guys QwQ <3333 We’ll see when Ch. 6 happens tho! I’m still in the inking stage so it will be a bit of a long hiatus if I’m not too busy Q-Q!! I’ll try to get it out as soon as I can!!

    Have a good ass day yall ;w;

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    Chap 5 preveiw 2

    As soon as he hears Hanzo’s footsteps leave, he dials the first person who comes to mind for help. “Hullo?” She answers, her voice foggy with sleep. “Jess?” “Pharah,” he hisses. “Help me.” “What’s going on?” Her tone immediately changes, and in the background rustling can be heard. “Where are you? Do you need a ride? What happened?” He keeps talking, cutting her off. “So y’know how all this shit’s happening, and I’m kinda stressed, so I’m out with Hanzo and it was great, and we went back to his house except I had a little freakout on his couch-” “Who’s couch? Hanzo’s couch?” “Yeah, and anyway he reached over and held my hands and sat with me, I thought we were gonna kiss and everything. That’s pretty damn gay, right?” “What.” The sound of a door slamming shut punctuates her flat statement. “I’m not reading too much into this, am I? Holding someone’s hand is a couple thing, right? But he said he wasn’t interested in dating or anything so I’m confused as hell now. Is hand holding normal friend thing, or is it not?” Her answer is a groan of frustration. “Jesus fucking christ, Jesse.” “I know! I didn't think I had a snowflake’s chance in hell, but he’s making me reconsider.” “When you call me in the middle of the goddamned night, saying ‘I need help’ I’m going to think you're dying, not having a fucking guy problem. I was halfway to my car in my fucking PJ’s!” “Sorry. But also, what do I do?” “How the hell am I supposed to know?” “Look, if it was you freaking out on Angela’s couch and she reached over and held hands with you and looked you in the eye like she was going to kiss it better, you’d think it was cuz she was into you, right?” “I guess, but that’s a bad example because I am this close to paying her to sit on my face.” “So it is gay.” He hums, pacing the room. This man was going to be the death of him.  “What do I do now?” “I dunno, Jess, I am not a dating genius here either, hence the ' I will pay her' part of my last statement.” “Fareeha!” She sighs and he can picture her rolling her eyes. “Look, why not in the morning, you ask him for coffee or something. Hang out with him. Make sure you’re not experiencing some weird form of stockholm syndrome ‘cuz he bailed you out or whatever the fuck is going on.” “Coffee. I can do that.” “Or I suppose you could wait till he shows up in court to testify about what a colossal fucking turd you are. It’s two a.m!” He glances over at the nightstand where a small alarm clock displays the time, and realizes she right, it was far later than he thought. That means he’d spent almost half the night with Hanzo and he’d enjoyed every single second. Another though seizes him. “What if he don't like coffee?” “Good night, Jesse.” “Pharah wait! What if it’s not-” The line is dead.

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    Koopaï le garde du corps chap 5

    -Excuses-moi ?

    -Pourquoi m'avoir choisi comme garde du corps ? Pourquoi pas M.Goom ou un de de vos meilleur soldat ?

    -… Fiston, laisse moi t'expliquer.

    Koopaï fut surpris du terme que venait d'utiliser pour le nommer. Il écoute alors le roi des koopas avec une très grande attention.

    -Si je t'engage c'est en premier lieux par la demande de mon fils. Il souhaite t'avoir comme «  copain d'aventure » pour reprendre ses mots, et tu dois certainement savoir à quel point il est difficile pour moi de refuser quelque chose à mon fils sauf si c'est totalement inutile de mon point de vue.

    -D'accord votre alteste.

    -Et il y a aussi autre chose.

    -Quoi donc ?-


    -On en parlera plus tard si tu le veux bien.

    Koopaï ne répond pas et avance avec les figures royales et entrent (ENFIN) dans la salle du trônes. Et tout ce passe comme il l'avait prévue ; les regards sont tous sur lui et dans quelques instant sur la cicatrice. Il le savait, il en était sur.

    - Tout le monde est là ? Parfait ! Il est maintenant temps que je vous présente Koopaï, le nouveau garde- COMPAGNON D'AVENTURE de mon fils. Si vous avez des questions, posez lui !  

    -Alors c'est lui Koopaï ?

    -Il est plutôt mignon.

    -Il doit avoir quoi ? L'âge de l'avorton ou un peut plus.

    -Nova, Wendy, Roy, on vous entend !

    -Iggy tu crois qu'il à un problème géné… Génémi ? Génécique ?

    -Génétique Lemmy. C'est vrai que vue sa carapace et ses yeux, ont peut se poser la question.

    -Vous croyez qu'il est aveugle ?

    -Je vois aussi bien que vous M.Larry. Mais c'est vrai que mes yeux peuvent posez problèmes à mes ennemis . Et pour répondre à M.Lemmy et M.Roy, non je n'ai pas de problème génétique. Du moins pas à ce que je sache. Et j'ai 9 ans.

    Grand silence … Et puis :

    -9 ANS ?!!

    -Bwahahahaha ! Ça vous en bouche un coin hein !

    -Ce qui me choque le plus, c'est que tu as engager UN GAMIN BON SANG !!!

    -Hey Mario, calme tes nerfs ! Je sais ce que je fais !

    -Voulez vous me combattre avec votre frère pour vous prouver ?

    -… Es-tu sur de ce que tu dis petit ?

    - Koopaï je ne crois pas que-

    - Cherry, laisse le faire. Le combat va se dérouler à l'extérieur dans un quart d'heure.

    - Très bien votre majesté.

    Armé d'un maillet, Koopaï se prépare à affronter les frères Mario, impatients de commencer le combat.

    -Heu… K-Koopaï ?

    -Vous voulez quelque chose M.Luigi ?

    -T-Tu es sur de vouloir combattre ? Je veux dire, si tu changes d'avis, on ne t'en voudra pas hein !

    Koopaï lâcha un petit rire.

    -Je n'ai pas peur de ce combat. A vrai dire, je suis impatient de le commencer, ce combat !

    -… Tu es un drôle de Koopa.

    -Je sais. On me le dis très souvent !

    Luigi regarde le jeune koopa sourire et sent une étrange brise caresser sa moustache.

    Nova et Cherry appartiennent à @ask-bowser-and-jr

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    13.05.2017 - 3 years ago

    PAGE 40 (beginning of the chapter 5)

    Chapter 1: The new universe

    Chapter 2: I’m Lost

    Chapter 3: Let’s go

    Chapter 4: Head dog



    Lost: me

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  • briannamarguerite
    08.10.2016 - 4 years ago
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  • neverfeedthesarlacc
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    feeling like total junk today but I made multiple data visualizations for... a job I don't have.........

    #i just want to finish everything and read fanfiction #mae.txt #posting the last chap of your wip like 5 days early to get the stress of unfinished things out like AAAAAA
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  • delusivist
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    If there's one thing in common that my liked and hated people have (irl), it's that I either don't reply to them– or I reply to them after 2 fucking days.

    #suvi.speaks🎙️ #been a while since i used this tag #important announcement before i forget #im making a short series to cope with my writer's block #around 2-5 chaps #its abt akaashi #tell me if u wanna get tagged #but it's angst tho
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  • levinneheart
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i stg i'm so done #im done being nice #imma make chap 5 hurt like a bish #so yall betta give me feedback #me = atsumu pissy #nice anonnie #🗳.asks #levinne.replies
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