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    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    +2 alternative looks and A Vibe because the sheer power of these outfits blew my tits clean off

    #baddest bitches in the west #siva's paisley skirt. ia's chaps. #womens liberation through gun violence club #ooc: red speaks #western tbt #oc: siva // give me that hand please and the itch you can't control. let me teach you how to handle all the sadness in your soul #oc: ia // bottle fame; brew glory; and even put a stopper in death
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    12.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    who the fuck allowed me to have thoughts

    #og#chaps brewing #idk but loke its 4am adn im not sleepy and thoughts are not sexy #------ #i found this in my drafts and what the fuck
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    30.11.2020 - 8 monts ago

    I would like to uninstall my feelings please

    #djjjdjd #i hatw this #og#chaps brewing#brewing chaos#wait no #but if i do then i cant love bts #ugh why dont i have tunnel vision #i could love just bts and bts alone #no more feelings for irls #frooti stfu and die #ahah joke#djdjdjdjfjd#anyways#textposts
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    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Calendula Magic <3

    Calendula is my favorite flower, and a favorite of the pollinators too. It’s a sticky resinous member of the daisy family (asteraceae) made up of many tiny flowers. Each one of the petals and the inner bits are individual flowers! This is called a “compound flower.”

    From thepracticalherbalist.com:

    “Calendula magic is the magic of wealth, its potential, its attitude, and its beauty. Blooming from early spring into late fall and even winter, Calendula has much to teach about sustaining wealth. As a mentor and wise companion on your journey, Calendula can show you how to recognize and create the conditions within which true wealth can come into blossom repeatedly. If Calendula has come into your life, look forward the many beautiful ways in which wealth can blossom for you and be ready to make all the adjustments necessary to maintain the conditions that best support those blossoms. Calendula magic is the magic of sustaining wealth.”

    Grow calendula in your garden to nurture wealth, and to use medicinally :) brew into a strong tea and spritz on acne prone skin or rashy skin and it will be much better tomorrow. Drink an infusion of it as a tea to get your lymphatic system moving if you’re feeling stagnant. Calendula tea is especially good on long car rides. Lastly and most importantly, infuse calendula heads into oil and use to heal chapped/roughed up skin.

    Pull the fresh petals off the flower heads and put them on ice cream. Floral sprinkles <3

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    22.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i'm not kidding how did you find out??? #asks #nonny!!!
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    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Fever (James Potter)

    Word Count: 1.1k

    Summary: Reader takes care of James when he’s sick 

    A/N: No major warnings, mentions of a sore throat and other flu symptoms. James is very needy when he’s sick. No reader pronouns. My requests are open!!

    You stood in your darkened parlor, watching out the open window as your owl flew away, the sun just barely peeking over the tree line. You had sent your owl with a note for your office as well as one for James’, letting them know that neither of you would be coming in today.

    James had woken up in the middle of the night, throwing on the lights and searching through the cabinets in every room for something to cure his sore throat and uneasy stomach. Hearing the commotion, you stumbled out of bed in search for your husband. You followed the sounds of his raspy cough to find him hunched over the kitchen counter, his face flushed and eyebrows scrunched together in anguish. 

    The two of you had spent the night in a restless state as you tried to comfort him from the pain and tightness that had formed in his chest and throat. You rubbed his back and brought him a slew of necessities, but your actions did little to pacify his torment.

    Around five in the morning, you had decided that you were to stay home with him while he recuperated. You spent the early morning brewing a potion that would hopefully help him overcome his malady.

    You turned your attention back to the hacking coming from your shared bedroom. You had never seen James sick before, and you were shocked to see your boisterous and spirited husband become so dejected and clingy. You didn’t mind, really; James did so much for you that a little extra attention was the least you could offer during his time of need. 

    Gathering your supplies in your arms, you trudged down the hallway towards your shared bedroom. When you opened the door, James was hidden away in bed, completely swathed in the thick comforter. Only his flushed face and disheveled hair were peeking out from under the blanket. 

    You settled everything on his bedside table, straightening out the objects before peeling back the cover to wake him up. The rush of cool air startled the brunet, his eyes fluttering open to see you standing beside the bed. 

    “G’morning love. Made you a potion to help with your cough.”

    His eyes trailed down to the bottle of red liquid that you held in your hands. James sat up in his place, pushing the comforter off of him and rubbing his hand across his warm cheeks. He looked over at you again, dark bags prominent under his eyes and a lopsided grin taking over his features. 

    “My own personal Madam Pomfrey.”

    “I’m sure Poppy would be much better at this.”

    His small laugh turned into another round of hacking as you sat next to him on the bed. Pushing the dark curls away from his perspiring forehead, you felt his flush face with the back of your hand. He leaned further against your cool skin, reveling in the soothing feeling. 

    “Alright, love,” you held the bottle closer, the thick red potion clinging to the glass as you tipped it towards his chapped lips. The mouthful of the sharp, bitter solution made James scrunch his features in distaste, sputtering as he swallowed the molasses-like liquid. 

    “Good job, Jamie. You’ll start to feel better soon, I promise.”

    He nodded absentmindedly, grabbing the glass of water from his bedside table, trying to wash down the offensive taste that lingered on his tongue. James quickly gulped down the contents of the glass before placing it back in its place with a small thud. 

    You pushed lightly on his shoulder, prompting him to lay back against his pile of pillows once again. While James was trying to get comfortable in bed, you gathered your supplies, ready to clean up the aftermath of your morning’s labor. 

    As soon as you stood up from your position next to him, the brunet let out a whine under his breath, his arm shooting out from beneath the covers to grasp onto you tightly. 

    Startled by his sudden movement, you glanced back at him bemusedly. “What’s wrong, love?”

    “Don’t leave, please. Need you to make me feel better,” his wide-eyed expression filled your heart with sympathy. 

    “I’ll be back in just a minute. Need to put everything away and get you some more water. Y’gotta stay hydrated.”

    James looked down at his fingers wrapped around your arm, debating whether or not he should let you go. Before he could protest, you spoke again.

    “Why don’t you close your eyes and get some rest. I’ll come right back, and I’ll lay with you for a while.”

    He hesitantly dropped his hand back onto his chest, uneasiness evident in his slow movements. Leaning down, you pressed a chaste kiss onto his flush cheek, his eyelashes fluttering closed at the feeling. 

    In a hushed tone, you whispered a string of sweet sentiments to James, his sniffles becoming infrequent as he drifted off into sleep. Backing out of the room, you hastily made your way towards the kitchen. In record time, you washed your bottles and glasses, shoved the potion ingredients back into the cabinet, and swiftly returned to your bedroom with a cool glass of water and a fresh box of tissues. 

    When you entered the room again, you found the brunet boy enveloped in the comforter once more as if you had never bothered him in the first place. His messy hair stuck out against his pillow, curls knotted and frizzy from his troubled rest. 

    You straightened out the tangled comforter, pulling it back so that you could climb into bed next to your snoring husband. Sensing your return, James’ hand stretched out to find you, his eyes still closed tightly. 

    The second your head hit the pillow, James had pulled you in as close as possible, his arms and legs entwined with yours and his body thrown halfway overtop of you. James murmured unintelligibly under his breath, his voice raspy from sleep and sickness.

    “What was that, Jamie?”

    “Thank you for taking care of me.”

    Your face warmed at the vulnerability in his simple statement. Taking care of James was something that you didn’t have to think twice about. You would do anything for him, and you had no doubt that he returned the sentiment. 

    You wrapped him in a tight hug, eliminating any sense of personal space that remained. James was so close that you could hear the slight wheeze in his inhales and his heart beating steadily in his chest. Even if he wouldn’t remember this moment when he woke up, you took pleasure in the fact that you brought him a sense of ease, even in his ailment. 

    “Anytime, my love.”

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    13.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Boruto: Sacrifices [Remade] | Chap.20 - Team Konohamaru's New Member?

    Written by: Eleanor-Devil & @mirage-05​​

    Prologue | Chap.1 | Chap.2 | Chap.3 | Chap.4 | Chap.5 | Chap.6 | Chap.7 | Chap.8 | Chap.9 | Chap. 10 | Chap.11 | Chap.12 | Chap.13 | Chap.14 | Chap.15 | Chap.16 | Chap.17 | Chap.18 | Chap.19 | Chap.20 - You’re here

    And he had thought the day couldn't possibly become more challenging. Ichiro had just left the office, and he was just as much of a head case as he was the day before. The only difference was that now that he was officially the leader of the Sarutobi - which honestly was a concept Konohamaru was still trying to wrap his mind around - the teen had to act more reserved and respectable around him. Deep down, though, he couldn't help but feel like this was eventually gonna brew a rebellion sooner or later. It would take only a spark. So he was going to act very careful, so as not to make any mistakes. In other words, it was a battle of wills between himself and the clan's next heir. Lost in his thoughts, Konohamaru raised his head as he heard a knock on the door. "Come in." A chuunin walked into his office, a folded piece of paper in her hand. "Konohamaru-san," she said with a small bow, holding the paper out to him. "Lord Hokage wanted me to deliver this message to you." The brunet took the message. "Thank you." As the woman left, he quickly unfolded the paper and took a look at the handwriting. In a minute, he lowered his head in his palm with a sigh. Yep... this day indeed couldn't have turned out more challenging. ...

    "I don't understand..." Sarada said with a small frown as she was walking beside Boruto. "Why would lord seventh ask to see us now?" "He didn't specify the details." the blond said, although he sounded a little... concerned, the Uchiha noted. It had been a little over a week since their friend fell into the coma, and they had never received a call from the Hokage's office since then. So both of the children were understandably... a little nervous. Although, as much as she couldn't put a finger on it... There was something different about Boruto, it was as if he was... expecting something, or else plotting something. She didn't know what that could possibly be but sometimes... the kind of determination and devotion scared the girl. Still... Sarada chose not to voice any of her thoughts as they came in front of the Hokage building. ... "WHAT?!" Naruto sighed and closed his eyes for a moment at his son's outburst. "Just calm down and listen, Boruto..." "Listen?! What is there to listen to, dad? You are telling us that you are replacing Mitsuki in the team!" "I am not." his father said patiently. "This is only a temporary mission. The boy who will be accompanying you has his own team..." "Then he should be sent with his own team!" "They are on a different mission right now." Boruto snorted out a sarcastic laugh. "What kind of a tactic is that dad? Since when have you been mix-matching teams?" "Lord seventh, please... I don't think we're really ready for a mission right now." Sarada said. "I might have reconsidered my decision if the situation wasn't urgent." The Hokage's voice was soft but it was obvious that he wasn't going to give in. "The ingredient you must recover is extremely rare and can only be collected at this time of the year, and since his grandson is the only one who can truly identify it... Teuchi-san asked for him to accompany this mission." Boruto crossed his arms and turned his back to his dad, his expression still very cross. "Find another team, dad." "Boruto..." "No, I'm serious dad!" the boy snapped, turning back furiously. "No matter how you cut it, it will still feel like he's just there as a replacement! And he will never be as good as Mitsuki!" He had to take a pause, breathing heavily because he had just delivered the speech in one breath. "Why are you doing this to us...?" he asked finally, his tone broken. In his eyes, this was nothing short of a betrayal. Naruto sighed again before getting up from his seat and approaching his son. "Boruto, Sarada... I know it's hard for you both but please have faith in me... I'm not doing this to replace Mitsuki at all... It was bec-" "Will there be any other missions like this?" his son cut in abruptly, his tone still tense but a careful look in his eyes, almost... calculating. It caught Naruto off guard for a moment, but he was quick to brush it off. "Not if there's another emergency, no." "Dad, this isn't the answer we're looking for." "But I can't give you guarantees on a matter that's out of my control. But... next time, I'll try to arrange a three-man mission, okay?" Sarada sighed a breath of relief at that, she wasn't really keen about this mission either... Boruto looked at his father for a moment, and Naruto saw that the look in his eyes, that calculating look, stayed in place... Was he... planning something? Before he could elaborate on it, though, Boruto huffed and unfolded his arms, bringing one of his hands to stretch his neck, avoiding his eyes. "Okay, okay... I'll do your mission." ... When they finally walked outside, they found their sensei was waiting for them... talking with the boy that would be 'accompanying' them. The first thing that could be said about him was... well, he was quite plain-looking. He had a thin build, not exactly skinny but not with many muscles to show. Blond, shoulder length hair framed a tanned face with brown eyes. He looks too much like me, Boruto decided as soon as they saw him, adding to his grumpiness. At least their original team had color variety. Seeing them, the boy broke into a pleasant smile. "Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm..." Boruto raised his hand to cut in. "I don't do introductions. We're only here for the mission, and that's that." The newcomer was clearly taken aback. "Uuuh..." "Boruto, be nice to him." Konohamaru said seriously. "This is Beika, and as you both know-" "I'm sorry, was it 'baka'?" "Boruto..." the brunet had a slight frown on his features now. "Eh? No, it's 'Beika', as in... baker?" "Are you trying to tell me-" "Why," Konohamaru cut in, loud, sensing that this wasn't going to end up well. "don't you quickly introduce yourselves before we start, too?" He looked pointedly at his two students. There was a moment of silence. "Uchiha Sarada." the girl finally spoke, and while her tone wasn't as hostile as Boruto's, it couldn't be clearer that she was not interested either. "Uzumaki Boruto, but you can just keep it in mind as 'stay away'." "You know," and finally... there was a frown on Beika's face, too. "You really don't have to take that tone with me." "Whatever." "Beika... let me have a quick word with these two." The boy nodded silently, his eyes still on the Uzumaki as Konohamaru drew the two friends away. "Now, listen to me," the jounin told them when they were out of earshot. "Beika didn't choose to be part of the team for this mission, Teuchi-san didn't specifically ask for our team to take it. Do you see where I'm going with this?" "He might be... as unwilling as we are?" Sarada asked. "That wouldn't be how I put it, since he's actually showing some effort to act as part of this team." Konohamaru cut in quickly when he saw Boruto was about to say something. "I know what you feel, but this is how it works in the shinobi world, sometimes you have to work with people other than your teammates. Especially after you become Chuunins.” At this point, he looked meaningfully at Sarada. “And well... since this is a very basic mission, I'm pretty sure it won't take too long. So please... behave." he finished, especially looking at Boruto. "Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it," the blond mumbled. The jounin sighed. "Boruto... Lord seventh arranged this mission so you two can ease your minds a little. It's temporary, Beika won't be here all the time for all the possible missions, and I know you better than this. So please..." "...behave. Yeah, okay, got it Konohamaru-onii-chan." Boruto said finally in a resigned tone, and this time the old epithet made the brunet actually smile a bit before ruffling his hair light-heartedly. ... "So... where are we headed to?" Beika smiled a little as he heard the noticeable change for the good in Sarada's tone. "We are headed to a small village on the other side of the hills a few kilometers away from our southern border." he replied. "The ingredient we're searching for must be of their native origin..." the girl deduced. "Yes, indeed. Actually, its origin is the snow country, but in this certain time of the year it can be-" "Yeah yeah, we got it, cut it short will you?" "Boruto, don't make me repeat myself." "What? I didn't say anything!" "Look, it's not my fault your friend isn't here." Beika started in a tone that was obviously trying to stay calm. Nobody said anything for a moment. "This... really isn't the best topic to bring up..." Sarada said, sweat dropping by the side of her cheek. It looked like the boy was going to say something else... but then he decided against it. They continued down the pathway, not speaking much with each other after that. ... They reached the village in about an hour. It was like they had stepped into another reality. Since it was the beginning of April, the weather was growing milder in Konoha. Certainly not this cold - at all. The place gave the friends the feeling that they had just stepped into a freezer. A middle-aged man with a pleasant expression greeted them at the entrance. "Welcome to Kanabiri," he said warmly as they came to a stop in front of him. "Sorry, we couldn't give you a warmer welcome... Got it? Warmer - because of the weather!" They tried their best not to look too awkward as the man laughed heartily at his own joke - all but Beika, who sweatdropped. "I see you still haven't improved your humor skills, Oyayama-san." "Beika, my boy," the man put a hand on Beika's shoulder, and with his size, the blond looked even smaller. 'What a joke,' Boruto thought grumpily. "It's been a while! Tell me about your grandfather." "He's doing quite good, thank you." "I thought you would come with the dog girl and that perma-grin boy?" Boruto and Sarada just looked at each other, trying not to roll their eyes. This team sounded weirder and weirder each passing second. "No, we got separated. This is Uzumaki Boruto, Uchiha Sarada and Sarutobi Konohamaru-sensei." Oyayama shook their hands in turn. "Nice to meet all of you. Please make yourselves at home while we make the last preparations. There is a small celebration going on right now in the village actually." And sure enough, they could hear music coming from not too far away. "Thank you, we will enjoy that." Konohamaru said pleasantly. Well... Boruto had other plans. ... They had been enjoying the celebrations - which were apparently for a wedding that would take place in the evening. She was trying to be open-minded about Beika, coming to terms with the fact that it wasn't his fault what they had been going through, and finding out that he is actually a person whose conversation she could enjoy. But of course Sarada noticed the absence of the familiar presence of her childhood friend. "Umm, sensei..." she approached Konohamaru, trying to be discreet about it. "Do you know where Boruto is?" "Hm? No, I haven't seen him in a while," the brunet replied, but he didn't seem so worried about it. "I wouldn't worry, though, he's probably somewhere around the village." "True... I just..." the girl bit her lower lip. "What is it, Sarada?" her sensei asked, still not really concerned but slightly bothered by her behavior. "Something just doesn't feel right." she concluded a little bit sheepishly. Before Konohamaru could say something, Oyayama approached them. "Konohamaru-san, everything is ready to go." "Thank you for your cooperation," Konohamaru said, and then looked around. "Now if we can find Boruto..." "Oh, he's not here." Oyayama's daughter chirped in from beside him, which left everyone baffled for a second. "What do you mean?" Sarada asked, immediately going into alarm mode. "He said something about a secret mission," the girl continued brightly, not aware of how they suddenly became tense. "Kaa-san was teaching us about some herbs and he asked about... umm, the name was..." "It was the Okanouchi flower," came a female voice behind the girl as her mother walked forward. With that word, Oyayama turned to look at her, a slight frown on his face. "Wait, I thought that flower went extinct a few years ago?" "That's what I tried to tell him," the woman replied, looking at her husband. "True, the plant's healing substances are still used as components of all kinds of medicine, but it's not as effective as the original. The plant itself..." "Healing?" Konohamaru asked, his eyes widening. "That was its main purpose, yes." Sarada didn't need any help to catch up to her sensei. "Sensei, we need to find him..." she said, worry evident in her onyx eyes. It was taken to a different level now - she was hoping that they would find Boruto before he had to suffer a big disappointment. "And we will." the jounin said firmly. "Ma'am, any ideas of where he could go to search for this... plant?" "Wait, do we need to find him immediately?" Beika asked, frowning a little himself. "I mean, it's not like he's in danger, and we need to take the ing-" "Are you seriously even comparing these situations?" the Uchiha asked unbelievably. "Well I'm sorry but there IS a reason why the mission couldn't be postponed." "Well I'm sorry to say that right now, I don't give two-" "We can arrange for the ingredients to last longer," Oyayama put in helpfully. "Thank you, we will take it," Konohamaru said before turning to Beika. "I understand your concern, but we don't leave anyone behind. I'm pretty sure this is not your sensei's way of teaching, so do comply with us." When the blond didn't say anything to that, the brunet turned to Oyayama's wife. "Please give us more information about that location." ... He was getting close. It was more of a gut feeling rather than actually knowing the territory. It felt like he couldn't do this wrong, he couldn't have mistaken or miscalculated anything, this was the chance he was waiting for, the thing he had planned all along. Of course, Boruto was quite aware of the fact that he was going to hear from Konohamaru-sensei for abandoning a mission, but he didn't really care right now. Realizing that he had almost reached the mountain top - his destination - the blond started paying closer attention to his surroundings. The plant in description sounded quite... plain, except for some details. It was a brilliant cyan in color, but the trickiest part was the leaves. From noon to two pm each day they were glowing with a barely noticeable hint of gold. It was fifteen minutes to two, so he had to be quick. Luck was by his side. He indeed came upon a cluster of light blue flowers by the riverside he was climbing. Coming to an immediate stop, excited, Boruto knelt down. These weren't the flowers he was looking for. This continued on for a while as the blond continued moving up the mountain side, looking at every group of blue flowers he could find, growing more and more desperate with each one of them. There was always something missing, something wrong that disqualifies the plant as the one he needed. "No..." he mumbled as he picked another flower, turning it in his hand to look at every detail. "No, no..." In his frustration, he tore the petals apart. "Boruto...!" he then heard a voice. He immediately jumped back on his feet and sprinted forward again, he didn't want to be interrupted right now! He still had a little time... "Boruto!" a different, more commanding voice then sounded, but the blond still acted like he couldn't hear any of them. It was finally someone grabbing him, tight, from behind that forced the pre-teen to stop. However, Boruto didn't stop trying to move out of his sensei's embrace. "Let me go!" he yelled in frustration. "Boruto..." Konohamaru's voice was decidedly soft. "I'm sorry kid..." "No... if you just let me go, we still have time..." Boruto tried again, growing desperate. Why couldn't he understand?! Time was precious - they couldn't afford to lose any! "Boruto... what you're looking for is extinct, you can't find any by just looking around..." "I can!" the boy yelled again. "Just - just let me go, I know I can fix this, Konohamaru-nii-chan, PLEASE!" That was when his eyes landed on his female teammate, and hope was rekindled in him. "Sarada... Sarada, you - you know this is real - you read about it right?! You believe me, right?!" There was nothing but sorrow in the girl's eyes, it was hard for her to watch her friend in this state... "Boruto, I-I'm sorry... Sensei is right... Okanouchi went extinct-" "No! Just - dammit!" the blond started heaving in deep breaths, coming closer to hyperventilating. "Please... we don't have time... we don't... we..." Konohamaru just hugged him tighter with his words. "Are you dense?" The voice was harsh, no sympathy whatever in it. Konohamaru felt Boruto tense in his arms, but none of the members of Team Konohamaru said anything. "What were you thinking, endangering a mission to chase after something everyone knows is gone for good?" Their blond companion was seething... not the cheerful boy they had seen in the beginning. "Beika," the jounin was frowning now. "It is not your place to tell Boruto off, I will do it myself if I find it necessary." "Well I'm sorry but when will it be necessary?!" "Don't take that tone with my sensei..." Boruto said in a low voice, frowning slightly. "I mean yeah, I got it, you somehow believe that I'm here to take your friend's place but you know what? I didn't want any of it! If I could, I would go with my friends! And maybe next time you should tell your friend not to make such dumb deci-" Konohamaru was too concentrated on holding Boruto. It didn't even register to him that someone else moved first. WHAM! Both the boy and the jounin's eyes widened a little at the usually calm Sarada's reaction. The Uchiha was practically shaking with fury as she continued looking at Beika, her hand with which she pulled the punch still in the air. The boy was also looking at her, appalled, one hand on his cheek. "You... I've had enough of you!" the girl exclaimed, her tone furious and heated. "Do you have even the slightest idea of what it means to have someone you hold dear in a very critical condition and you don't know what will happen next?! Do you know what desperation feels like?! Do you even have a heart?!" "I-" "Save it. I want nothing more than to complete this stupid mission so I will never have to see your face again." "I bet you were one of those who kept harassing Mitsuki." Boruto said, his tone just as cold. "Excuse me? I wasn't even in Konoha this past week!" "Yeah, right." "That's quite enough." Konohamaru's voice cut in, serious and stern. "We end this mission right now. We're returning to Konoha and... I don't think I have to say that my report is gonna be full of disappointment. I expected much better from all of you." The genins didn't say anything to that, but none of them were looking at each other... ... "Log, I understand your concerns but... you know as well as I do that this is not the first time Orochimaru-sama disappeared for this long." Karin was sitting in one of the lounge chairs in the attendance room, one of her hands resting on her growing belly, her red eyes on the young man standing in front of her. The oldest son - or in this case, clone - Orochimaru created was clearly in distress - although he didn't show any physical signs of it, the redhead knew him long enough to know. "I know that." Log said curtly, tense. "But something is wrong... Don't you think he would be back from Konoha by now? A week is too long for a village that supposedly doesn't trust him." The woman sighed at that, the young man was indeed talking about her worries in the passing time... In all honesty, she had been restless for a couple of days, too, pacing around, constantly sighing... It had only been for her boyfriend's sake that she had been trying to keep it under control, what with Suigetsu warning her from time to time to not get overly-stressed (who would have thought he could become such a good father even before the baby was born anyway)... But the worries were there, hidden deep. "Well...?" Log was impatient, her silence was clearly frustrating him. Karin closed her eyes for a minute before opening them again and getting up. "Follow me." Together they walked (or in Log's case, stormed) towards the exit of the hideout. Juugo and Suigetsu were outside, doing some spar out of boredom, because without Orochimaru here, there wasn't much to do other than the routine things, which didn't take much time. "Juugo," she called, walking up to them and crossing her arms as a serious expression crossed her face. "This is getting ridiculous, we want to know right now what is taking Orochimaru-sama so long. Do your thing." "My thing?" the orange haired man straightened up from his spar position. "What do you mean Karin?" "She is being paranoid... again." said Suigetsu, looking at the pregnant woman. "She thinks that something happened but I've told her a thousand times that everything is fine, it's not like it's the first time Orochimaru leaves without saying anything..." He looked at Log. "Have you been feeding her anxiety, kid?" That earned him a glare. Pregnant or not, Karin's temper was still there and... you could say it was ten times worse because of the mood swings. Suigetsu only knew what was coming when he felt something hit him hard on the head. "I dare you to call me paranoid again, Suigetsu! Do I have to remind you that I'm carrying YOUR baby?!" "Hey!" the white haired man quickly stood up. "Do I have to remind you that you agreed with having a baby too?" "Cut it out, you two." Juugo said, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. Now that he thought about it... Yeah, he would say he had stock in the worry department himself. Orochimaru had said he was going to meet Mitsuki... and since he wasn't allowed in Konoha, him being away for a week, well... It was not exactly comforting. He sighed. "Alright, I'm gonna try to learn if there's anything new from the birds." "Bird-whisperer," Suigetsu said in an undertone, to which the orange haired man just rolled his eyes. Then the white haired man looked at his girlfriend. "Look, go inside and settle down, will you? We will tell you if we learn something new." But the red haired woman was not about to do it so easily. "Suigetsu, I am not leaving until Juugo says something... I am worried about Mitsuki and if you try to hide anything from me, I swear I will track Orochimaru's chakra on my own." And there she was trailing again... Juugo was not listening to the couple anymore, he was staring at the sky as he waited for a bird to come. And it did, not one but two of them who landed safely on his hand. His dark orange eyes stared at the birds as they began chirping. The couple and Log watched on, not interrupting anymore as he listened to whatever the birds were chirping about. Suigetsu noticed it first, though, being nearer to the man, when he noticed his eyes widening slightly. "Good lord..." Juugo whispered to himself, his free hand balling into a fist. Hearing the man's words, Karin quickly approached him, worry suddenly filling her eyes. "What? What is it, Juugo?!" her voice sounded more anxious than she had actually wanted to show. "What happened?" Karin suddenly coming to the point of freaking out, Suigetsu felt the need to once again intervene, although he knew very well that it might end up in blood, and he was worried by Juugo's reaction himself. "Whoa, whoa, take it easy." he said, trying to calm her down. "Suigetsu, I swear something will break if YOU don't drop this attitude, and I'm not talking about pregnancy issues," Karin snarled. "What did you learn, Juugo?" she insisted, turning to the orange haired man. "Just spill it already!" Log, who had been silent for a while, finally burst out. The taller man allowed the birds to fly away before he dropped his arm, Karin noticed how his eyes hardened more than ever as he turned around to face them. "Something... really bad happened to Mitsuki..." The whisper was all the contrary to the man's hardened features... the whisper came out barely making it to the other two's ears... Karin hadn't really noticed that she had forgotten how to breathe, stuck in the endless moment of Juugo's declaration as his words echoed in her mind. Suigetsu was staring at Juugo, trying to wrap his mind around what he had just said, but his mind and body sprang into action when he saw Karin swaying on her feet. He caught her before she could fall to the ground. "Hey, easy, dammit..." He looked up at Juugo again. "Wha... what happened?" "He..." there was a lump in his throat. "He was attacked on the way here... the birds said that those who attacked him were going to attack Konoha. He engaged them into a fight and... got really hurt." He eyed Log and an already weakened Karin, he didn't know how to say the rest... but he had to. "He is in a coma..." With that, the older brother didn't even stay to listen for more... In less than a second, without saying a word to them, he had sprung to the trees, disappearing out of sight. When she heard that last word, Karin couldn't hold it back anymore. A sob escaped her mouth as she brought her hand to her mouth, tears falling down her face. "I knew it... I knew something happened, I knew it..." she whispered to herself, shaking slightly with the sobs. She had felt her heart tug a week ago, she didn't know why but she immediately felt it was about Mitsuki, something in her heart and head had immediately thought of the light blue haired boy that she had practically raised as her own child... and now she knew it was true... As she wiped her tears away and slowly released herself from Suigetsu's grip, she took a few steps before looking at the two men. "I want to go there." she said. "I want to go to Konoha." "We can't just show up at the border and demand them to let us see him, we are not allowed into the village, either..." Suigetsu said, as much as he wanted to go too, there was something called being reasonable. "I would like to see anyone denying me the right to see my baby boy," Karin snapped. "We are going to Konoha, now, and that's that." Juugo didn't say anything, Karin was already acting like a mother, it was just instinct and he knew nothing would stop that woman from going to see Mitsuki. "Very well, let's go then." They would think of a way to get inside the village somehow... Of course it would not be as easy as the last time they had done it was back when the Great Fourth Ninja War was happening.

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    MONDAY, MONDAY (bah-da bah-da-da-da)

    “Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be...”

    It was a beautiful morning. Our hills were filled with birds out hunting breakfast as the squirrels darted around doing squirrel stuff. A hawk was screeching overhead. 

    I was on the hunt, too. I sneaked up on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, trapped it between my paws, and didn’t let go until it was drained. The fully grown adult MarkE has been known to consume up to three cups a day. 

    The younger MarkE would have consumed up to five cups of java in addition to three cans of Red Bull or similarly caffeinated beverage. His blood pressure eventually required a drastic reduction. 

    Drinking hot coffee through blistered lips ain’t easy, but sacrifices must be made. At least the blisters are finally starting to heal. Remind me to apply chap stick before riding across the desert next time, dammit.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stalk breakfast. I think there’s a vulnerable banana in the kitchen that I can separate from the herd. 

    I love you, baby. Every day of the week. MWAH!

    Y’all have a great Monday.

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    Summer of Jily Week 4

    It's week 4 for @efkgirldetective's Summer of Jily challenge! You sure did send me for a loop with this one, but I've managed to keep the one-shots turned multi chap story going!

    This week's prompts: Picking Berries and "I know I kissed you before, but I didn't do it right."

    Read on AO3


    James didn’t sleep at all that night. He couldn’t stop thinking about the carnival. His thoughts shifted between being mad at Sirius for winning that damn prize and presenting it to Lily—that was his stupid, cheesy plan that his best mate had hijacked—and the Ferris wheel ride.

    About saving your letters or waiting for you to ask me out?

    How could he have been so thick? And how is it that he keeps royally mucking things up? He’d had the perfect opportunity to kiss Lily right there on the ride, but then it had to move again, and he’d gotten sidetracked at the feeling of flying on a muggle contraption.

    Hadn’t he come along with the boys to crash the girls trip so he could spend more time with Lily? He’d devised the perfect opportunity to sweep her off her feet, and he swore to himself he would only ask her out if she made it blatantly obvious that she wanted him to. As much as it killed him, he’d rather not lose her friendship over pressing her one too many times.

    But now, she had made it clear that she was waiting for him to make a move, and what does he do instead? Lets her walk away after the sunrise, hits her with a ball by the lake, and then avoids her throughout the entire carnival until their friends force them to share a compartment on that bloody ride.

    He’d had the perfect opportunity to kiss her right there, to ask her to be his girlfriend, and what does he do instead? Freezes. James Potter, master of smooth pick-up lines, carefree, easy-going Gryffindor heartthrob (says the Hogwarts gossip circle, not that he pays attention to any of that—why would he when he’s got his heart set on one girl?) freezes.

    Well, he didn’t totally freeze. After they’d apparated back to the cabin, he and Lily were the last two in the sitting area before they went to bed. He walked her to the door of the girl’s room and kissed her on the cheek before bidding her goodnight.

    It had taken all of his willpower to not pull her into his arms and snog her senseless after her confession earlier that evening. Yet, after seeing her disappointed face before she shut the door to the bedroom, he wished he had. She’d thrown his entire game off, and he needed to fix it before he lost his chance with Lily for good.

    Resigning himself to the fact that he was awake to see another sunrise, James dragged himself out of bed and picked up his glasses on the nightstand before stepping around the mattress on the floor where Peter currently snored away. He grabbed the nearest shirt he could find and threw it on before slipping out of the bedroom.

    It was lighter out than he was expecting, meaning he’d probably missed the sunrise. The boys preferred to sleep in pitch black, but the spell they cast on the window the night before was fading, allowing the daybreak to sift through and consequently throwing off his sense of time. He started the coffee pot and leaned against the counter while he waited for the pot to brew.

    Caffeine would be necessary to stay awake today, or maybe he could sneak a nap in at some point. Hell, maybe he’d be able to convince Lily to join him for said nap. He could think of plenty of things they could get up to whilst they were in bed together. James let his mind wander to thoughts of getting to know her in a more intimate setting. The kind that he’d often wank to when he needed a release.

    The rich smell of dark roast wafted through the living area. James forced his thoughts away from images of Lily writhing beneath him as he reached for a mug. He only barely heard the click of a door as he pulled the pot off to pour himself a cup.

    “Another early morning?”

    James looked up to see Lily standing there, her hair messy from sleep. She ran her fingers through it in an attempt to comb it out. The green of her eyes were barely visible under still somewhat droopy eyelids. Something stirred within him, and despite the fact that he was only seventeen, it was a view he knew he could get used to.

    “That would imply I slept. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

    “No, but I couldn’t resist the smell of coffee. Why couldn’t you sleep?”

    “Peter’s snoring reached new levels last night.”

    The lie slipped off his lips with ease, although it wasn’t altogether convincing. A simple Muffliato charm would have allowed him the peace and quiet he needed to fall asleep. Her skeptical look wasn’t lost on him as he absent-mindedly began fixing the cup he’d poured with the amount of milk and sugar Lily preferred. He wasn’t aware he was doing it until he handed it to her.

    “Thanks,” she said. “Since when do you know how I take my coffee?”

    “Come on, Evans, you don’t think I’ve noticed? Some things stick after eating breakfast with someone over the last year.” James smirked.

    He grabbed another mug from the cabinet and poured his own cup without adding anything to it. James blew over the dark brown liquid to help cool it off as he watched Lily take a minuscule sip of her own.

    “That’s fair. I still don’t know how you can drink yours black.”

    “Some say I’m sweet enough on my own.” The quip was automatic as Lily laughed at his humor.

    Merlin, her laugh is infectious. James swore the reason he said half of the stuff he did was so he could hear her laugh.

    “Do you want to go for a walk?”

    The question came from nowhere, but the early morning was so peaceful that he wanted to experience it with her, preferably hand in hand.


    They left their coffee mugs abandoned on the Formica as they headed to the door and slid on their shoes. Lily grabbed a jacket off the coat rack and zipped it up halfway. James closed the door quietly behind him then led her over to the trail he and the boys explored yesterday. The path wasn’t terribly long, but it ended up in a quiet and secluded area where the lake met pebbled terrain.

    “So, was the dolphin a good sleeping partner?” James’s voice cut through the light layer of morning fog.

    Lily chuckled. “I don’t know, I let Marly sleep with him instead.”

    “Ah, Sirius will be heartbroken if he learns of your betrayal.” His words were meant to be a joke, yet they didn’t come across as lighthearted as he’d hoped.

    “Well, good thing you won’t tell him. Right?” Lily’s questioning eyes made James’s heart skip a beat.

    “I suppose I can keep your secret, Evans, but it’ll cost you.”

    “Oh? And what might that price be, Potter?”

    The green of the trees and shrubbery only enhanced the sparkle that glinted in her eyes. James wondered if she was testing him. Shouldn’t she know by now that he never backed down from a challenge?

    “Ditch your friends and spend the day with me instead.”

    “Like a date?”

    “Yes, Evans, like a date.”

    “Well, good thing we’re getting an early start. Now we can make the most of the day.”

    James grinned at Lily’s acceptance as they continued down the trail.

    They were nearly at the clearing by the water when Lily stopped, causing James to turn around. “Is this the path you and the boys were on yesterday afternoon?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Well, when Mary asked if you found anything interesting, you said no.”

    “Because there isn’t…”

    “That’s not true! Look at the blackberry bushes over there!”

    James’s head turned to the direction Lily was pointing at, and sure enough, there were several bushes, low to the ground and full of clumps of blackberries. Lily bent down to pick a few off the branches.

    “How do you know they’re blackberries and not nightshade or something?”

    “Honestly, Potter, did you not pay attention when Sprout taught that unit on edible plants and where to find them in the wilderness?”

    “No? Guess I was a bit distracted.”

    “Nightshade grows off the stem in one circle. They look more like blueberries, except they’re shinier and darker. Blackberries have all the little bumps on them like this. Almost like a raspberry, but a different color.”

    Lily picked a handful of berries during her explanation and stood when she was finished. James saw her holding them delicately in an effort to stop them staining her hands. Using her forefinger and thumb, she picked one up and held it to James’s mouth.

    “Try it.”

    James opened his mouth and let her place the berry on his tongue. He locked eyes with her as his lips closed around her fingers. An explosion of flavor bursts on his tongue as he bit down on the fruit. The tartness caused him to squint and pucker his lips slightly. Lily smiled at his reaction as she popped a couple berries in her mouth.

    She was right—they tasted way better when picked fresh. He held out his hand for more, and she gave him a couple to munch on as they continued walking through the woods. James’s brain was fixated on the way she fed him as his feet moved him forward. Their hands grazed against each other, and James held on after the third bump. He felt her fingers intertwine with his as their steps aligned on the dirt path. As they inched their way toward the rocky clearing of the lake, a plan formed in his mind, and he knew exactly what he needed to do to match Lily’s brazenness of the night before and kick off their day-long date properly.

    “Oh, wow,” she whispered as the trail gave way to the stunning view of the calm water ahead of them. The fog had settled across the still water, preventing them from seeing the other side of the lake.


    “Okay, the berries were one thing, but hiding this view from us? How—” Lily froze mid-sentence as comprehension dawned on her. “Did you just call me Lily?”

    “Yeah, I did, but please go on about how we didn’t tell you about this.”

    “No, I think I’d rather hear what you have to say instead.”

    “You sure? I know how much you love being able to prove us wrong.”

    James paused, waiting for Lily’s reaction. He loved riling her up like this. The way he alluded to something but then held it just out of her grasp to ensure that she truly wanted to know what he had to say. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he waited.

    “What do you mean, am I sure? Would I have asked you to tell me if I wasn’t?”

    He thought about keeping up with the banter, but he was tired of waiting.

    “That’s fair. Look, I know I kissed you before—y’know, last night—but I didn’t do it right, and I’d like to make up for that right now if you’ll let me.”

    There was a sharp intake of air, and if James could pat himself on the back for catching Lily off-guard, he would. But she regained her composure before shooting a challenging look in his direction.

    “Since when does James Potter ask permission before kissing a girl? I thought he—how did Sirius put it? Sets his eyes on what he wants and goes for it?”

    James chuckled and cringed at the same time, remembering how Sirius explained James’s intentions during fifth year.

    “Well, as true as that may be, I still try to be a gentleman about it. I’d never make an unwanted advance if that’s what you’re implying.”

    “Interesting, considering I thought I made it clear what I wanted last night.”

    Were his eyes playing tricks on him, or did Lily just take a tiny step forward?

    “Is that so?”

    “It is. And it sounds like you’re stalling.”

    “Please, Evans, you’d know when I’d be stalling.”

    “What are you waiting for, then?”

    The words barely escaped her mouth, James didn’t waste any more time as his hands lifted to cup Lily’s face. He leaned in and captured her lips with his, the tangy taste of the berries still lingering on her mouth. Everything about Lily’s lips were soft and inviting as her hands found a home on his lower back. He felt her mouth open slightly as her teeth grazed his bottom lip, eliciting a small moan from his mouth.

    James deepened the kiss as his tongue swiped across her lips. Her hands pushed him closer as her mouth widened, inviting him to explore. A quack in the distance was the only thing that reminded them where they were, as James slowly broke away. She was more beautiful than he remembered, with her lips swollen from his kiss and the dazed look of bliss on her face.

    “Well, I’m used to ending the date with a kiss, not starting it,” her words were breathless.

    James chuckled at Lily’s words. “Am I to take that as a good or bad thing?”

    “Good. Very good.”

    “And just imagine, we’ve got the whole day ahead of us now.”

    “This is true. Should we head back and get ready for the rest of the day?”

    “Sounds brilliant.”

    James had no idea what they were going to do for the day, but he planned on making the most of their time spent together. Nothing could go wrong.

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  • tetsvhoe
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    #15 sus

    – wotdofok this is my first time writing in english with filipino dialogue feels icky i hope it's not too bad

    – yn is too in over her head to notice iwa avoiding her all day she genuinely thought he was tired and/or busy

    – peep kuroo's cameo in this chap

    – iwa made like two more trips back and forth to drop off everyone else

    iwaizumi has been mulling over his friends’ comments since last night and he’s determined to prove them wrong. he argues within himself that he does things with you and for you simply because he canand he wants to‒he goes out to lunch with you and no one else, he picks you up when you’re running late and drops you off after practice and after you’ve indulged yourselves in questionable street foods, he let you meet his mom and grandmother one night before a big presentation and is delighted at how easily you make them laugh, he stays up on the phone with you until morning, lets you fall asleep on call and takes ungodly amount of screenshots of your peacefully sleeping face, he lets you bribe him out of minor subject classes to sleep in the library, your fingers tangled in his hair, he listens to your rants and gossips he swears he doesn’t care about but he keeps tabs nonetheless, he spoils you with your silly requests just to stop you from nagging him even if it gets him in trouble‒likewise he can stop doing everything altogether if he wants to. because he has no reason to do so otherwise.

    you ask him to stop by your house on the way to the university since you’re running late yet again, offering him a bowl of pancit canton in good spirits for his troubles but he tells you he already left. you stop by his and ushijima’s class to wish them both good luck with the tournament later in the afternoon, two cold bottles of water in hand. ushijima takes them both away from you instead. he has homework to do, is what he reasons. you text him throughout the day, telling him where you are especially during his long vacant hours which you know he hates spending alone.

    sa unlihan kami nag lunch, sunod ka? bili kita rootbeer 4 good luck.
    kumain ka na ba tukmol?
    wala prof namin tax parking muna kami.
    vacant mo? sto mo mag sindi sa parking? inaantok ako sa klase ko eh.

    he stares at the intervaled messages on his phone and feels his heart strings tug. his phone locks with a click before his hands move on their own to conjure up a quick reply to you, that he is on his way like any usual day. you brush the unanswered messages off as him not having any data to respond.

    late afternoon rolls around quickly. he is warming up with the rest of the team when you and your friends saunter into the gym. you give him a wave and a big grin which he subtly ignores once again. the rest of the boys return your greetings enthusiastically, so you don’t even pick up on it.

    you, alisa, kiyoko and tendou cheer for them energetically like you have in all their previous games. you shout especially louder when he scores a point, even more so when a girl across the gym shouts his jersey number a little too boisterous for your liking. he spares neither of you a glance, and you don’t mind at all. you can tell how annoyed he was with the other girl anyway.

    “nag-away kayo ni iwa?” alisa half-shouts as she leans over your ear.

    “hindi, busy lang ata siya ngayon, wala sa mood,” you shrug nonchalantly. the three of them nod in understanding.

    it’s not long before you and alisa are letting out traitorous squeals over the opposing team’s tall and brooding middle blocker with messy black hair and sharp amber eyes. your friends from the volleyball team are laughing at your antics but he still ignores you along with the annoyance brewing in his chest.

    you pile into the usual drinking spot one by one, all engaged in your own conversations. the boys free up a seat for him next to you out of habit but he occupies one next to ushijima instead, way across from you. no one seems to question or mind it. no one except him.

    your eyelids fall heavy and your speech slurs to a slower pace as the night progresses. he watches you intently from across the table as you barely bring the shot glass up to your lips. he looks around for your friends, waiting for them to scold you and tell you to stop drinking but they are just as far gone as you if not more. they probably also think that you have iwaizumi to take care of you, like they have others to each take care of them.

    iwaizumi has had enough. to hell with proving a point and having no reason. he stands up from his chair and vacates a seat for himself next to you. you greet him with a big smile and lidded eyes barely staying open.

    “hajiii,” you slur. “congrats on your win today!” you stretch your arms and loop them over his neck, dragging him down to a messy hug. he props you back up on your seat. “bakit ang busy mo buong araw?” you pout, poking a finger onto his chest.

    “thanks. uuwi na tayo niyan uminom ka na ng tubig,” he commands completely evading the last question. he fills up a cup with cold water and pushes it up your lips until you forfeit and drink from it.

    “gusto ko pa uminom,” you protest between hiccups, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. he clicks his tongue disapprovingly. “hatid ako ni kou,” you add, blindly pointing to where you think you last saw bokuto sitting.

    iwaizumi follows the direction of your finger and finds bokuto at the end of it, hunched over the table and leaning next to hinata. he shakes his head. “lasing na si bokuto, halika na hahatid na kita para mahatid ko na rin ‘yung iba,” he loops your arm around his neck and hoists you from your seat.

    he finds the closest remotely sober person in the table to inform them where you were going which happened to be suna. at least he learned from last time.

    you stumble your way to the parking lot in a haze. the next thing you know, iwaizumi is strapping you into the passenger seat of his car. you mindlessly giggle.

    “haji why are you doing this?”

    you could not have picked a worse question than that at the moment. he freezes in his tracks for a moment before wordlessly circling around his car and sliding into the driver’s seat.

    after a moment of complete silence, save for your soft snores and the quiet hum of the engine, he finally answers. more for himself than for you.

    “because i think i like you.”

    iwaizumi hates to admit defeat, but he finds that he in fact has a reason. and it is that he might like you more than he allows himself to believe.

    taglist | anitwt

    @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @bakugouswh0r3 @aizameow @mirakeul @erinoikawa @haji-bby @seijohoe @szeonn @banananaa4 @stffychn @vvvselfindulgence @devilgirlcrybabiey @knmsapplepi

    #haikyuu smau#filo haikyuu #haikyuu filo au #haikyuu college au #filo!iwaizumi #filo!iwaizumi hajime #haikyuu filo smau #hq filo au #hq filo smau #filo hq#filo iwaizumi#iwaizumi smau #iwaizumi hajime smau #iwaizumi angst#iwaizumi fluff#iwaizumi smut #iwaizumi x reader #haikyuu angst#haikyuu fluff #[ archive ] #[ 🍰 : mango graham ]
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    AOT Headcanons: How they react after a two week sex ban

    Eren Jeager

    -Once the ban is lifted you’re afraid because he’s acting suspiciously sweet, complementing you for everything, hugging and kissing you softly, but you know something’s brewing in that evil head of his because of his starving eyes.

    -“All right time to get to bed you little shits!”, Levi barks at all of the cadets and that’s where you all start scrambling back to your rooms but you never make it back.

    -You pulled away by an all to tight grip and dragged into an unoccupied office, his head is between your legs in seconds tongue hungrily lapping up your cute slit to taste you again.

    -“Come on baby, relax for me. I need it, please? I’ve forgotten how you feel inside so I need you to remind me with your cute pussy.”, he growls against your clit.

    -His fingers slowly start to stretch your little cunt, chapped lips and tongue tease your your sensitive clit until your thigh are shaking against his ears.

    -He continues bullying you until your dripping down his chin and pooling on the wood floors, you’re able to take almost four fingers before he finally decides to thrust in you.

    -You giggle at him since he cums almost instantly once your snug walls have enveloped him but he doesn’t care, Eren is still rock hard and raring to go.

    -Your whining and bouncing beneath him and he’s enjoying every second of it, rough, fast, deep thrusts stir up your creamy insides making Eren crazy.

    -“Yeah you feel that? That’s me fucking you stupid, you banned me from sex for two weeks now you get to take it till morning, I made sure to save up all my cum for you so now you have to take it like a big girl.”

    -He’s rough with you the rest of the night completely prepared to breed you full and stupid all because you decided to be a brat and deny him the pussy he deserves.


    Armin Arlet

    -He’s patient, he understands that you both need to focus on your work as scouts for a bit but god does he becomes needy.

    -He craves your kisses and touch to the point where he almost creams his pants just from you brushing your hand over his shoulder.

    -As soon as the ban is up he hunts you down like a wild beast, he finds you in the bath house and locks the door behind him before stripping of his clothes and joining you under the warm cascading water.

    -Blue hues carve every small detail of your frame into his brain, he finds you with your fingers gently plunging into your tight hole, hiding your soft airy moans under the water.

    -Armin is already hard for you, his long member is twitching for you, ready to fill you.

    -“Honey, why are you using your tiny little fingers? They can’t fill you like I can.”, he whines making his presence known.

    -No words are exchanged you both know that you need each other and nothing else is said, your fingers are combing through his short blonde locks gently tugging at the roots as he slams his cock into you and drinks you moans through his kisses. Your pinned against the shower wall and his body, legs wrapped around his hips allowing him just the right amount of thrust to your needy pussy.

    -This desperate man begging you so sweetly for release is just to cute to deny.

    -“(Y/n) can I cum? I need to cum please, I was a good boy right? I deserve a reward for being good and patient don’t I?”, Armin huffs like a child, sinking his member as deep as it could go and slowly rolling his hips to tease your insides.

    -You cup his face to get his attention and smile at him pulling him closer until your breasts are squished between his chest, “The best boy, so good for me. All patient and whiny but still so good. Cum for me please Armin.”

    -Listening to your sweet breathless voice makes him cream immediately, he fills you so perfectly, all nice and warm but still fucks his seed deep inside of you.

    -“I’ve missed you, I-I’ve missed this so much.”, he cries, you kiss him softly and just praise him making him go faster and faster until he’s reached his end.


    Reiner Braun

    -He hates himself for the whole two weeks, believes it’s his punishment for upsetting you and that he has to endure this to make you happy…but he can’t do it.

    -He misses your warmth and touch so much but you’re focused on your work so he shouldn’t disturb you.

    -It’s the night of the final day of the ban but he can’t wait anymore he goes to your room and picks you up by the back of your thighs and carries you to bed, the whole time kissing you silly until your moaning against his lips.


    -“Sorry princess I can’t wait anymore. Can I make you feel good? I know I don’t deserve to enjoy your sweet body but I need it, I’m addicting and these past few days I’ve been suffering withdrawals. Please let me get even more addicted to you Princess.”

    -And that’s that! He’s laying beneath you watching and groaning while you use his cock to please yourself, your slick coats his fat cock, spongey walls clamp around the girth of it making him groan and throw his head back with pleasure.

    -“P-Princess it’s so good I can’t! Please don’t stop fucking my useless dick, I need it, I need you so bad.”, he whimpers.

    -He’s so dramatic, reaching above himself to hold the headboard while you ride him like the needy slut he is, “Reiner you feel so good I can’t!”, you moan legs shaking with your impending orgasm nearing.

    -He positions himself to allow his hips enough room to thrust up into your cunt meeting yours as you slam down on him.

    -Reiner cums before you do scolding himself for not holding out long enough to feel you squeeze around him.

    -“I’m sorry Princess, I’ll take over. I’ll make you feel good with my shitty dick I promise.”


    Levi Ackerman

    -Mildly annoyed, like okay with the ban but hates it.

    -Levi loves to waste the last of his energy passionately thrusting away into you and sharing an intimate moment with you but you’re denying him that just to be a brat.

    -So when it’s over he makes you beg for forgiveness, by treating him to a sloppy blowjob.

    -You know what you’re doing, teasing the head of his cock while massaging his heavy balls before taking him all the way in.

    -He tries to keep his moans back but you can tell he’s holding them back, the way his Adam’s apple jumps with each moan that wants to come out makes you giggle.

    -“Focus on sucking brat! It won’t be funny when I leave you high and dry after cumming down your throat.”, he growls down at you slapping your cheek to punish you.

    -It stings of course but it wasn’t strong enough to hurt you. You smile and hollow your cheeks, the noises you make while going down on him are far too loud for his liking but you have him shaking in his office chair.

    -One hand is buried in your hair pushing you down as you pull away, the other slammed against the red oak wood of his desk as he tries to keep himself composed.

    -Your throat feels so good clamping around his shaft, he’s unsure how you’re able to breathe while taking him so well but god does he love it.

    -Your arms hook around his thighs keeping him still, “F-Fuck beautiful, t-that’s it don’t stop. Fuck!”

    -His thighs spasm, his abs flex, moans and breaths hitch in his throat, but you’re happily and sloppily bobbing your head around his cock until you feel his warmth running down your throat.

    -It’s a big load you have no choice but to swallow it, usually he’d complain about it since it’s “dirty” but right now he’s so fucked out of his mind that he doesn’t seem to register it.

    -“Fuck to good I can’t.”, he groans watching the head of his cock twitch against your tongue, you allow him to see the last few pumps of his sweet cum coat your tongue before swallowing it.

    -“Dirty girl, get up here so I can have a taste.”


    Zeke Jeager

    -It was supposed to be a punishment for you! Your sex drive is so high you so he thought putting you on a ban would teach you a lesson but instead he’s the only one suffering because he craves your pussy at night.

    -You have no right looking so good in your military uniform, no right looking so happy while he’s sexually miserable, how could you even function without your daily dose of dick you evil little succubus!

    -He quits after a week much to your amusement, he’s fucking you into the mattress slapping the meat of your ass raw every time you dare to laugh at his desperation.

    -“Ahhh~ P-Poor Zeke. M-Missed me so much. Heehee so good.”, you moaned with a cocky grin on your face.

    -You cry out again as his hand leaves another red imprint on your ass, you bounce your hips to meet his moaning as his fat cock stretches you so good.

    -He’s already filled you twice but he’s making sure he buries those loads deep inside you to get you round and pregnant for him.

    -His deep grunts and moans against your ear make your pussy clench tightly around him, you can’t bring yourself to stop.

    -“Zeke you’re pounding me so well. Oh god I love you!”, you squeal rubbing your puffy little clit wildly between your fingers.

    -His rough hands grab your plump ass and use it to make you bounce back harder on his cock.

    -He’s rubbing all the right places and you don’t want him to stop. Your wet colliding sexes holding each other so well you’re both drunk off each other.

    -“Cum for daddy Princess! Cum for daddy right now!”, he orders pressing himself into your back to bury you deeper in the mattress.

    -You whine beneath him shaking as your orgasm washes over his cock, you’re screaming into the sheets but he doesn’t stop.

    -He’s got seven days to make up for and even if you want him to you won’t.

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  • cynical-roll
    21.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I was thinking about an idea me and my sister have for a book in our heads for years now, and without anywhere else to really post it, I'm going to put it here. It's worth noting that this is literally just an idea so far, we haven't written a word of it at all.

    It's called "The Boy Done Good: the Battle's Point of View From Villager Number Two". The idea is that it's your standard medieval fantasy, sword and sorcery deal, but told through the lives of the everyday, ordinary people in the background rather than the heroes. The main narrator would be an older chap called Will (or possibly Bill), who's around 45-50, and has a simple, honest job like a farmer or innkeeper. He was a soldier for a time in his youth, took up the sword to fight for king and country and all that, but when the war ended he went back to his peaceful day job, and now he's semi-retired and spends his days regaling his neighbours and grandchildren with stories of the past.

    Cue the usual plot development of orphan farm boy (or girl) in a distant village/kingdom discovering their hitherto latent magical powers and destiny to save the world from the forces of evil. However, rather than the main POV being said hero and their companions, interspersed with the villains, the story would be told by the villagers behind the scenes, as though the reader is a traveller listening to the stories told in a tavern. The overall epic adventure is revealed entirely through second-person accounts and anecdotes of the villagers in various taverns, households etc. discussing the latest news and gossip, with all these earth-shattering events playing out in the background of their day-to-day lives.

    The overall vibe of the story would be a mixture of things like Discworld, Horrible Histories, Monty Python, and the narrator in Ella Enchanted - more comedic than serious.

    News of what's going on in the world comes through by way of rumour, hearsay and various cousins/aunts/uncles/friends/old comrades in neighbouring villages along the lines of "did you hear what our Agatha said about [town]? Terrible, it was! That dragon near destroyed the place!" "I've got an old drinking buddy out [X] way, he told me, he said..." "Well, I don't know about [place] but us folks here in [name] are good, honest people! We don't want any of your fancy foreign trouble here, thank you very much!" Basically like the old hobbits in the Green Dragon sitting around with their pints -"war's brewing, ooh arr. World's gone mad." The whole point would be to show that while the hero's adventures are all very important and exciting, there's a whole world of ordinary people outside of them. So you'd build up the story by showing the impact the events have on the working class people, such as:

    The blacksmith complaining about his workload because yes a commission from the king is good money but how on earth is he supposed to make enough swords for a full battalion by next Tuesday?

    The laundry maids gossip about how lord and lady so-and-so's affair isn't nearly as secret as they think it is because the staff know full well what those stains on the sheets are, they're not fooling anyone. Also, yes of course they're all very grateful the rampaging ogre/demon hordes have been defeated but do you know how hard ichor is to get out of wool?? It'll leave a stain, no matter how hard you scrub.

    The tailor gripes about the hero's company coming through and ransacking all the good weatherproof capes and paying in coins from the next kingdom over, which is all very well but they don't have that kind of change and the war has made the exchange rate tank so they ended up with a bad deal.

    A travelling merchant complaining to the tavern about how he was forced to practically give away his life's savings because the hero wanted him to exchange a bunch of second rate rusty swords for the magic artifacts he'd spent his life obtaining.

    Children and travelling players acting out the recent events, at first from personal experience and then through increasingly dramatised second hand accounts that grow ever more inventive and creative in the retelling.

    All the details of the actual plot need to be worked out - what the hero actually does, who they fight with and against, what kind of magic they have etc etc, but it's just a fun little project we've had in the works since we were about 16.

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  • inthemcmlxxv
    21.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    There she lay in the middle of the vast yet desolate meadows, filled with wilted lilies and shards of broken vows and dreams of lone travelers. Years of pain and suffering left her torn and miserable like life itself had given up on her; her face gaunt and filled with scars evident on her ghost-like skin, eyes void of light yet brimmed with unshed tears and lips chapped and as dry as the Sahara—implicating the unsaid suffering and screams of help.

    And her skin turned into a canvass; red marks lining her wrist, livid purple and blood-filled bruises hidden underneath her clothes, evidences of the how cruel this life had been to a powerless little girl. Blood, sweat and tears pooled beneath her blistered feet as she stood next to a nameless grave—the piercing and agonizing screams that resounded in her head suddenly fell silent.

    Her labored breathing, the cawing of the ghastly grim ravens above, and the rumbling of the brewing storm in the distance were the sounds that made echoed in the eerie meadows as it held its breath for the lost of another worn out angel.

    // skeletons in her closet.

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  • theleafthatfelloff
    16.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    a brew for the day

    The large window in my room remains shut these days. The bougainvillea grows along the wall and has now burdened the fence below it. The fazed, yellowed, peeling wall looked aesthetically beautiful, now that the pink and red flowers added a blush to it. The afternoon sun, painted the wall a beautiful chrome and it shone in its modesty. 

    I haven’t opened the window for days. ‘‘We got it painted blue (aquamarine), only so she would get up from the bed, walk to it and open it wide. Only so that she smiles !!’’; I hear voices of mum and dad from down the hallway. They whisper, but the silence in my mind makes everything so loud, that I drown myself even further. 

    I can’t bear to see the white curtains fluttering, because of the draft that comes from the little opening in the window. I gaze across my room, listening to songs, my mum believes I love. I stare at my room, seeing everything in a certain haze, like there are clouds floating in here. 

    The sun sets and I know it, the chirping birds tell me about it. The sky is starry and I know it, the little shiny line on my white curtain screams it out loud. The rain is about to come, my mum’s rush to take the clothes off the line tells me. The autumn’s here, the aroma of the maple leaves fill the air and boast about it to me. The snow has fallen, I know because the excited children in the neighbourhood howl about it whilst building their snowman. I hear its the new year, the thundering fireworks fill me with terror. I hear and know seasons coming in and out. 

    Mum brews coffee just the way I like, only to make me come running ; dad plays the guitar and makes the deliberate mistakes, just so I would get up and correct him. I see them make these little tries to bring me back to myself. 

    I on the other hand, look from the corner of my room, for I have no strength or material to make my parents believe that I exist. I see, mum has brought back my books, those she had given away to my cousins, so that I would sit and arrange them in the shelf; I see dad left the bougainvillea overgrown, so that I would arrange them back. 

    I just hope, they had seen me, early enough, to recognize that I had lost all my urges, months ago. I just hope dad had made these deliberate guitar mistakes and taken me to the therapist. I just hope, mom had read my blogs, instead of reading my diary entries and talked to me sanely about what I was going through. 

    I see them talking to each other like mad chaps, expecting me to get back; only if they had heard me talking to myself in silence, putting myself to sleep with tears in my eyes, only if they had stopped quarreling for once and come close and made me the brew for the day, the one they make now, drink as if I am still alive and then pour my share into the bougainvillea, once its gone cold. 

    I just wished they had read the little scrawls I had made on the corner of my bed... instead of reading the suicide note, that lay next to the scribbles !!  

    #One Life to Live #don't quarrel#pls stop #just an opinion #life
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  • raksh-writes
    14.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Tagged by @onedayiwillwritestuff thank youuuuu ❤❤

    Rules: tag (nine) people you want to get to know better/catch up with.

    Favourite colour: violet, the deep vibrant one exactly im the middle between pink-ish and blue-ish ;p

    Currently reading: oh my, I haven't touched a book in a good while xd So aside from books for my exams its all about fanfics, tbh ;p

    Last song: I just got back into listening Black Veil Brides on repeat, lmao, so I’m basically playing In The End, Scarlet Cross and Fields of Bone interchangeably now 😂 And damn, but I still loooove this band so much, and In The End is just such an amazing song, really, guys, give it a listen y’all, you won’t regret it, I promise! (And if you like it, go listen to Scarlet Cross too xD)

    Last movie: ahhh, I don't really remember? I've been rewatching bits and pieces of Inception for my thesis, but besides that... maybe Knives Out?

    Last series: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! And when Im done with all my uni stuff Im gonna be catching up on Loki, Lucifer and Shadow and Bone too prob ;p

    Sweet, spicy or savoury: saltyyyyy (it should indeed be here!)

    Craving: hmm, nothing specific at the moment, although I'd looooove a good, italian pizza, fresh from the oven and all, damn

    Tea or coffee: gonna go with coffee, altho I only drink one in the morning now and get tea or some herbal brews through the day

    Currently working on: My new "Foxes in the backyard" Voiles verse! ^^ Or "Backyard full of foxes", haven't decided yet ;p I need to find more names for the lil' buggers, lmao (also gonna be working on rewrites and edits on LitA's chap 27 as soon as I can ^^).

    Tagging: @the-cookie-of-doom, @plushrumpasaurus, @tesnick-k and whoever would like to do it! Def tag me, I’d love to know y’all better ^^ And, as always, absolutely no pressure to do this! All the love ❤

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  • smallestsparrow
    13.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Memory Museum // Id/entity V G/t, post-canon AU

    Chap 1 // Chap 2 // Chap 3 // Chap 4.1 (Chap 4.2)

    TW: Extreme G/t, fearplay, breakdown, uncomfortable silence, mouthplay (no v/ore), nudity

    A/N: do read the first part linked above!

    "Please drink, if you can. It should soothe you and warm you up." Bi'an smiled gently at her. Probably because she was able to talk and relax a bit. "I'll be taking over cooking."

    "Yeah, everything's already frying." She could hear the other distantly. As footsteps affirmed to her the switch of attention. She dipped her hand into the tea, rocketing it out from the sheer heat.

    "It's freshly brewed, I don't think you'd want to be boiled in there." Wujiu's voice was behind her as he sat down again. He took his time, lowering himself so as to not agitate the table. Ibon saw the black sleeves frame around her. He sat behind her, and pulled another cup towards him.

    The cup was the same size, it was just a lot smaller with Wujiu holding it. It ascended beyond her head, her attention focused on it's travel. Ibon looked up and could only see his chest and throat. His head was tilted up to drink the tea. Seeing the Adam's apple bob from one small sip, her eyes widened at what her mind slipped quietly.

    She shook her head, trying to get the cursed curiosity out. She started to think instead of the body changes she observed on the two. The corruption seemed to be everywhere on Wujiu's skin. Very few parts of his body were normal, mostly favoring his left face to be intact. Compared to Bi'an's corruption. Their faces were mirrors of each other in terms of coloration. But Wujiu noticeably had his uncorrupted skin be a grey tone, instead of the pale blue Bi'an had.

    She started to wonder how they died. A secret she may not be able to find out so soon.

    "Hey, you're staring again~" Ibon blinked, realizing she had spaced out and was observing his skin. Or rather, instead of his neck, she was looking at his grin. His head leaned closer downward, so the Hunter's breath washed over her as he spoke. "You see something you like?"

    She quickly looked down at the tea she was leaning over and thought of shoving her whole head in. At least the red on her face would be more bearable than the embarrassment on her mind. She leaned over and gently blew on the surface. It was the tiniest of ripples, not even really moving the surface. Only small shadows of the ripples ever told her of her effect.

    She rested her hand to skim the surface and drink. It was cooled enough, like dipping a hand into a sauna to drink. Bi'an did know how to brew this tea really well. Maybe she'd ask about it.

    Her thoughts were interrupted with Wujiu's voice. "Don't have a reason? Or could you not think of one?" She felt a nail poke into her back as he prodded verbally and physically.

    Ibon stiffened and turned to bat his finger away. Her face was still red from just the audacity of her own mind. "I have a reason, Fan! I just don't need to say!" She turned back to her tea and took more handfuls of drink.

    She could feel his smile burning into her. Just taunting her about how she's reacting. He rested his finger on her head to calm her down. "Aww, not even a hint? C'mon, I'm not going to hurt you."

    She didn't want to admit anything, so she just placed a free hand on the side of his finger and kept quiet for a bit. What is there that she could say?

    -Hey! I've only thought of these thoughts in my wild dreams. I never thought I would live out both the adventures and dangers of it!-

    Ibon let out a sigh that only drowned in the tea. She took a few more drinks before answering. "There's so many risks that come from being this small, you know." She said aloud for Wujiu to hear. Having to tilt her head up and backwards just to make eye contact. "It's a novel of an idea, but it's dangerous."

    "It can't be that bad." She could see him shrug his massive shoulders. Then effortlessly, his left hand descended to pinch her waist with his ring and index finger. Ibon let out a shout as she was effortlessly yanked from her comfort cup.

    She felt weightlessness for a split second. He had effortlessly tossed her up and caught her right in the crevice where the digits meet the palm. She got raised up to where he could meet her eye to eye. "See? Bi'an and I are used to handling smaller things."

    "Wujiu, stop teasing her. That's for some other time in the future." She could hear Bi'an chastise him. But what caught her off guard was the "in the future". She was scared of them earlier, and this confirms that it would just continue!?

    "I want her to open up. There's something on her mind she's just not saying, though. I caught her staring at my throat again." Wujiu had lowered his hand to where she could feel the table once more. Ibon froze, hearing it verbally now. She just realized a problem.

    When the other was in the umbrella, how hyper attuned were they to her? Every peek did they notice? Then tell the other?

    "Hm.. It really doesn't matter who between us, does it? The little sparrow's curiosity of this height is... thrilling~" A bowl descended in front of her tea cup. She tried to raise her head up to peer over the porcelain. She felt her sides be compressed so she was lifted up to match the tableware.

    "I'm... I mean.." Ibon tried to stammer out, she still couldn't tell if they could hear. She tried to wiggle to get on top of his knuckles to no avail. She cleared her throat and shouted to be heard. "Everything is so big and dangerous! I don't think you guys realize just one slip and I'd be dead!" This gave both of the giants pause in settling in for their meal.

    "In food? Gone! On the floor? Crushed! I could easily be stolen! Or, or, I could fall from your hands into a puddle and drown! Do you see me as an easily replaceable pet!? What about the lack of caution when handling me, huh!?"

    Unease crossed Bi'an's face visibly as he looked at his friend. Whatever her holder's expression was, she couldn't see. She did notice the White Guard reaching up to his throat, gently stroking it in a self comforting manner.

    "Well, that's why I'm asking." Wujiu brought her high up to match his face again. She had to crane her head to look over her shoulder. His concern was worn all over his expression. "You're worried about your safety. I get that, even when I'm teasing you. But you are safe with us. I just want to know what your mind is focused on so we can do something about it. We're used to having life and death handled by our hands."

    "B-but can't tell you! I... just can't. I don't know you two like that." Ibon slumped in her spot, she half considered that she should admit that she'd rather die. Things were getting overwhelming and it's her brain and his bullying. "It's....it's private okay..."

    "Ibon. If you can't tell us, then we'll have to show you we can at least make sure you are safe." Bi'an's ears were drooped. "We're.. already being as accommodating as we can."

    "Then please, don't consider me a pet. I can't go through it again!"

    There was a silence that washed over the table. The two giants just stared at her as she stared into the distance. Ibon was too well aware of their quiet breaths. They just kept looking at her. She took a deep breath and bowed her head. Her legs just curled up as much as they could.

    Why did she say that?

    "I'm sorry..." Ibon muttered to herself. "We were going to eat..."

    "Well... at least that little outburst gave me a clue." Wujiu could only sigh and lower her onto the bowl's edge. He didn't let go, however, and just brought a chunk of meat to her using chopsticks in his right hand. "Here. Eat."

    The meal had a tense atmosphere, compared to earlier. Ibon felt guilty that she got paranoid. Was she right that they saw her as a toy and pet? They still talked to her like a person.

    Maybe she WAS paranoid. Something deep seated. The "again" was true. She wouldn’t want to relive awful memories of her youth. Knowing her own curse, it could compound too.

    She took what food Wujiu and Bi'an offered and ate as she could. Having to take bites of one ingredient at a time to get the whole taste was a bit cumbersome. The fact that her lower half was still dangling a bit of a distraction she focused on.

    Come to think of it, Wujiu's hands were completely covered in the darkish skin corruption. Or is corruption not the right word here? Is it just discoloration? Since it seems, just like Bi'an's, there are raised bumps that go over their skin in lines and waves. Inelegantly, she thought of brains first, then corals in the ocean. Maybe there's a compliment there, somewhere to muse.

    Every now and then she glanced up at her holder to see what their reactions were during the dinner. The black guard's face was hidden sheerly though not focusing on her either. Surely having food on his fingers must have felt a slight bit repulsive.

    Ibon looked at the white guard's face next. Bi'an was deep in thought. It looked like he was having an expression talk with Wujiu judging from his gestures and small, subtle lip movement.

    How long did it take for them to master that, wordlessly? Years of friendship, possibly double digits too.

    She returned to the food and sighed. One large strip of pork was almost demolished, along with a bamboo shoot cut into a cube and some egg chunks. She almost wished she could have tried the dish at regular size to get the whole range.

    It's temporary. This is a temporary situation. Maybe later, they would be able to eat at a table normally. Her sitting next to them, elbows rested on the wood instead of skin. From her own bowl instead of given pieces to eat.

    She felt a sad longing for a proper meeting that might not ever have been. At least she met them at all. Ibon pushed the food off and just sighed. She couldn't find herself to eat anymore from how full she was.

    Minutes passed as she waited for the two giants to finish. She had just watched them clean out their bowls like it was a mukbang. Bi'an certainly ate more cleanly. His movement was precise andlight. Compared to Wujiu whose hand was struggling with the chopsticks. Was that not his dominant hand? And yet... he still tried not to address it.

    She wanted to sit at this point, she had lost feeling in her legs. The grasp she was in loosened, and she slipped between the two fingers so now it was her arms supporting her up. She kept a grip as much as she could from the sudden drop in gravity.

    Wujiu had raised his hand up to his mouth, and he gently licked the residue of the food particles.

    Ibon shifted back as far as she could. She could feel his hot breath as fingers entered into the darkness between his lips. His tongue snaked out and started to cover each surface that was affected. She tilted her head away and closed her eyes. Trying not to think of the sounds or the sticky saliva that hit her hand.

    Enough was enough.

    She kicked her feet out to press on his chin. Her legs shook, pressing as hard as she could to stop him from moving closer. He paused his actions from her touch. Ibon wondered if she made a mistake.

    She shook as she felt a solid, soaking touch that completely covered her legs. It inched further into the dress and applied pressure to her leggings. The cloth easily soaked with the amount. Eventually her legs were freed from the torment.

    Her face was a bright red, in one swift moment she felt more exposed than ever. She drew back her legs so the dress hid the rest. The uncomfortable stickiness was awful, and there wasn't going to be an easy way to clean it now.


    "You ought to be mindful, you are holding our guest." She could hear Bi'an behind her. Slowly, she was moved away from his face and saw his yellow eyes staring at her. She felt heat rush to her cheeks with his eyebrow quickly lifting up before he set her down.

    "Sorry, it was just a little mess and I didn't think much of it." Wujiu responded to him. Ibon felt her wet feet touch the table. As she tried to regain her balance, Wujiu let go a bit too early and she collapsed on the table from the slip. "Oh oops."

    She glanced to her left and saw the offered nail to stand up with. With a huff, she took the offer and pushed herself up to stand, heavily leaning on him.

    "Thanks... still, I'm sorry I ruined dinner." She looked up at the Black Guard. "I guess I just let everything out at once. Ahahaha." Her nervous laughter and turning away out of embarrassment. She must seem like a fool for being reactionary of her emotions. There was just too much to take in.

    Ibon saw the pale blue fingers in front of her before she gently got scooped up, much like a ski lift. She tried to squirm out, but the White Guard's firm hold didn't leave much room for escape. One finger wrapped around her and she admitted defeat. She sighed and stopped writhing. She rested her head on the slender finger and decided to get comfortable.

    "I would like to request that you don't struggle when we carry you." Bi'an's thumb petted her head. She didn't like the affection method, wanting to throw her question again of pet or friend. But, it did feel nice. And if it helps them well, it is mutual. She just closed her eyes and listened. "During the night games we get enough struggling from those we carry."

    "Oh, maybe she'd struggle if she didn't look so relaxed now." Ibon opened one eye and saw how Wujiu smirked at her. He reached a finger out to pet her head. She weakly batted at the air and sent the hardest stare. There wasn't a way he'd see the glare, but it felt satisfying to do so.

    She sighed and spoke up. "I can't exactly help myself when I'm this small. Not until we do some thinking to better adjust can I move on my own."

    "Oh like what? The tiniest knife?" The black guard rolled his eyes. He was cleaning up the dishes, but her cup of tea was set to the side. How accommodating. "Bandages to climb up onto places?"

    There was a hum from Bi'an as he lifted her up to his shoulder. Realizing that this is probably the designated spot now, she climbed onto the cloth and tried to find her grip. "That isn't too bad of an idea if she's athletic enough. What do you say, little sparrow?"

    "Y-yeah! It would be better if I can keep myself safer when on the floor or climb up if you guys aren't around." Ibon placed a hand on the wall next to her, and paused when she felt him flinch. She looked at what she touched. It was just the collar of the outfit that covered his neck.

    Ibon couldn't help but touch her own neck. She recognized that notion all too well, she realized.

    "Bi'an? You alright?" She rubbed small circles into the cloth. "You went tense."

    "Ah, best not while we're like this." She found herself plucked from her spot and onto Wujiu's shoulder instead. She was able to get the view now of Bi'an having frozen in place. She clutched onto red cloth instead as Wujiu patted his other's shoulder. "Hey, Bi'an. Focus on me."

    He moved to walk right in front of his fellow spirit and placed his hands on the sides, just under the white sleeves. Ibon sat by and had to think how she could help. Grounding method sounds good, but if they were together for a long time maybe there is something established to help.

    "We're okay. We are together now, and nothing is going to separate us. We're in our home." Bi'an was pulled into a hug, Wujiu gently stroking his back. Ibon carefully walked around to the back of the neck to see Bi'an's face.

    She reached out a hand to touch the discoloration on his face, trying to look into the violet eyes that had entranced her before. "You're not alone, Bi'an." She tried to reassure him. "You have Wujiu right next to you."

    His eyes closed as the hug was returned, and quietly the three remained as such.

    Why was this familiar to Ibon?

    Her heart was pounding from the intimacy of emotions just shown.

    It was from earlier where she felt in peril.

    An outsider seeing trauma that seems deeply linked.

    It was from knowing the strong power imbalance.

    She didn't belong between the two of them, they would have done this alone too.

    "...May we never have to return back there." Bi'an muttered to the two. He slowly shifted to take a better look at Ibon. She could only guess from his lost and bitter look in his eyes about a memory she didn't know. She found his hand wrapping around her waist and legs again, picking her up.

    "And you.... Ibon, perhaps we could find your reason why you were called to the town."

    She looked at him as she was pulled away, and around Wujiu's neck. She found herself standing on Bi'an's palm, right in between them. How could they think of her right now? She did something wrong by touching his neck. There wasn't a reaction earlier, before the transformation.

    "I just came here from an ad. Just as Hastur predicted. If he's powerful, he'd know." She reasoned to them. "I can't think of other reasons why I've been called here. Aside from providence. More importantly, are you alright?"

    "Oh don't confuse clairvoyance with fate. And... I will be fine now." Bi'an smiled softly. "Hastur saw your arrival, but whatever ties you here is something yet to be seen. No one who will register within the 5th ever has a clear story."

    "So you got a little secret in that history of yours that your memory wants to forget." Wujiu crossed his arms with a smirk. "And I bet we can find out."

    Ibon walked over to hold onto Bi'an's finger so he could walk freely. Her history huh? She remembers bits and pieces from time to time. She glanced away from them in thought. "I don't know.... if I can. I was looking for a way to get to a place, but I can't remember why. So what secret is evading even me makes it a bigger mystery."

    She almost lost her grip as the two guards started to walk. Her sight focused on their direction forward. Wujiu had laughed lightly at her. "Well don't try to solve it all in one day. We have a lot of time together."

    The group had gone into a side room that was next to the staircase. Though since she was trying to memorize the house. The entrance led to the living room and dining room, kitchen... the easiest conclusion is bathroom.

    She saw the tiles and congratulated herself for an accurate guess. The toilet and sink counter were on the right hand side. Over on the left were shelves against the wall, some black and white towels hung, and a bath indented into the floor.

    Bi'an easily set her on the cold sink counter. Her wet feet were used to icey floors, but she shot a glare at Wujiu. He nonchalantly walked up to her and leaned his weight on the sink. He glanced down at her and looked with a quiet frown.

    She crossed her arms and glared right back. He had no right to lick her legs at all. If she wasn't so preoccupied, and perhaps not afraid of consequences, she would have told him off. The guilty party has already made it an unsaid secret. If Bi’an knew, what would his reaction be?

    She hoped he would be on her side,

    "Let me get a cup for you to bathe in." Bi'an called from the other side of the bathroom, looking through the cabinets. "We can give you your privacy as you clean up for the night. At least it will be a temporary setup until we can figure something else out for a solution."

    "Or until the book that can get me out of this situation is in my hands." Ibon sat on the lip of the sink. She stared at the drain, thankful that it had mesh over it to catch hair that fell in. "If I was stuck like this forever... I don't think I could handle it."

    "And why not? You've survived half a day so far. Most others couldn't for 10 minutes." Wujiu poked her side, knocking her to her elbow. She winced from the fall, as her arm felt numb from impact. “Much less with some of the town’s Hunters."

    "I would think that is because we aren't pursuing our little Survivor." Bi'an returned to the sink and started running the water. Wujiu leaned against the white wall to give space at the sink top. "If we were, it would be over very quickly. Just like earlier."

    Ibon sat up, huffed, and crossed her arms looking at the two. "If I was given a fair chance maybe. I've survived my fair share of scraps. I could probably survive this whole connected past this "5th" has." Bi'an just chuckled as he set aside the cup behind her. Very light steam coming off of it.

    "Once you see the night games we use to remain ever vigilant, I believe you may understand then." They both backed off from the sink to give her space. Ibon stood up and tested the offered water with her hand. "If you ever participate, I certainly would not mind showing you how we play."

    "Well that's if I ever get to participate. It might get too chaotic if I have to cling onto you while you're running around this game." She looked up at the two and glanced to the side. A blush started to creep over her face once more. "Um... are you going to leave? So I can..."

    "Of course~" Bi'an bowed at her. "We'll be in the room just outside. Shout if you need anything." Wujiu bowed as well as they made their exit and closed the door behind. Ibon sighed and looked into the water. Calling her a survivor when she had no context for it.

    She undressed and set aside the clothes far enough away from the water sources. She laid the leggings on the lip of the sink so it could dry. She unhooked her lanyard around her neck and set it on the dryer clothes. Hopefully everything will stay in place.

    Ibon looked up at the mirror above the sink. She couldn't see herself, but she was secretly glad for that. The scars that were rather large on her body. Hopefully she can keep it a secret still. So long as they don't see the scar right over the heart, it'll be fine. Or the one that matched it on her backside.

    Or the one thinly hidden by lanyard placement.

    She slipped into the warm cup and sighed. Ibon couldn't remember the time she relaxed in a bath. She leaned back on the cup's lip and sank up to her shoulders. Her legs were brought up to her chest to be sure to fit completely in the cup. Her arms folded on top of her knees.

    It was comfortable. Much like a hot tub. She just shut her eyes for a little bit to relax. The warmth of the water slowly eased her mind away from reality. Her head bent backwards over the edge, as she lost consciousness to sleep.

    It was supposed to be for a little bit.

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    perks of being a prefect

    Remus Lupin x femReader smut

    A/n: the gif below is not mind! Credits to the owner
    Warnings: explicit language, swearing, degradation, slight praise kink, use of the words “whore” “slut”, dom!Remus, vaginal sex, fingering, 18 +

    You felt mischievous today. From the very moment you woke up, you knew you wanted to mess with Remus- have him be all flustered during class, and test his attention to academics whilst his girlfriend was being naughty.

    In order to do so, your attire had to be cut down. You dressed in the shortest skirt you owned and a tight white button up that was a tad sheer before throwing on your house robes. You had a strategy that was sure to drive him wild.

    Breakfast went swimmingly. The great hall was filled with the murmur of cheerful students and you and Remus sat side by side on the Gryffindor table as usual, chatting with your friends. His hand was playing with your’s absentmindedly as he laughed at Sirius teasing James about Lily. Once breakfast was over, you and the brunette walked to potions hand in hand, him being incredibly cute and sweet as always that you almost felt bad about what you were going to do during class when you took off your house robes to reveal your scantily clad body. But you didn’t feel bad enough to abandon the plan.

    Upon entering the murky dungeon which was the potions class room, you heard Slughorn’s voice address you. “Y/l/n, I’d like you to partner up with Mr. Avery.” Nodding, you made your way to him. He was a Slytherin boy you didn’t know very well. His matted black hair curled around his head that was smaller than the rest of his body ; he wasn’t exactly attractive but would have to do for today’s shenanigans.

    You turned your head to locate your boyfriend, spotting his sandy brown hair next to the dark brown locks of Marlene Mickinnon, one of your friends.

    “Turn to page 279 and follow the instructions very carefully to successfully brew the Felix Felicis potion. This will be part of your term grade so I suggest you start now” Slughorn said and with a flick of his wand, all the textbooks flipped open to the page.

    Now the fun begins, you thought to yourself as you hiked up your house robes from the back and bent over your book, studying the ingredients. You made sure to arch your back and stick your arse out while doing so, your long legs taut. “We’ll need some Ashwinder eggs” you said looking up at Avery who has his eyes wide. His small face was bordering a vibrant red as he tried to stop his eyes from trailing down to your arse that was barely covered by your skirt. Your panties were mere mini metres from being exposed. Normally you would smack any guy across the face for being such a pervert but this was the perfect way to get Remus heated and jealous.

    Avery gulped before fumbling with the bottles, trying to find the ashwinder eggs and whilst he was busy you glanced at Remus subtly from the corner of your eye. The tall boy had his head turned to you, his hands grasping the cauldron tightly and his jaw was clenched. Uh oh he had noticed. Perfect.

    You slipped the robes off your shoulders, throwing them on the stool and rolling up your sleeves. “Oof it’s hot in here” you whispered. This time Avery’s eyes had widened even more, if that were even possible- you were scared that they would fall out of his head. A loud thud came from your right, two desks down ; Remus had dropped his textbook but he did not go down to retrieve it. Your eyes met his green ones, that were tainted with fury. You couldn’t even feel bad for what you were doing because your boyfriend looked incredibly hot when he was furious- Remus’ jaw was clenched, accentuating his already chiseled face, his skin was flushed and his eyes scathing.

    Never breaking eye contact with Remus, you pulled your long hair into a messy bun. But not just any messy bun, it was how you did your hair before going down on him and the hungry glint in his eye recognized that fact. Remus drew his tongue out, wetting his chapped lips, his eyebrows were knit together and his fists were balled. You had never seen him frustrated, angry and turned on at the same time and it surely had your panties soaked within seconds.

    It took a lot of effort to break away from his eyes and focus on your task, but by the way Remus looked, you sure were left flustered. You were lost in your thoughts about the boy, causing you to knock over the container of Murtlap Tentacles. Bending over to the ground to pick up the object, you didn’t realize the position you were in until you heard a low gasp above you. You looked up to see Avery’s mouth open, practically drooling because you were bent in front of his crotch in a very suggestive manner.

    That’s when you heard Remus’ voice right next to you. “Come with me” his voice was hoarse and low. His figure was tall and intimidating, looming over you. “Why-“ you were cut off when you felt his hard clamp down on your forearm, dragging you away from your work station and towards the desk at the back where Slughorn was standing, exasperatedly observing a Hufflepuff and Slytherin student that had managed to mess up their potions terribly. “Professor, y/n isn’t feeling very well I think I should take her to Madam Pomfrey”. Still staring at the pair of students’ cauldron he murmured distractedly, “yes yes Mr Lupin go ahead”.

    The brunette boy pulled you out of the classroom, leading you down the corridor not saying a word the entire time until you broke the silence. “Where are w-“ he cut you off again, his tone stern and harsh “shut up.” You smirked at how hot and bothered you had gotten Remus. It was very unlike him to skip class especially during a marked assignment. You were truly intrigued to see what would happen next.

    The pair stopped outside of a large dark oak door that had a silver plaque with the words “Prefects’ Bathroom” engraved on it. Remus whispered the password before throwing open the door, pushing you inside. It was massive and absolutely gorgeous. The bath was luxurious and the size of a swimming pool and there was a stained glass window with a mermaid in the centre. However you didn’t have much time to take it all in because Remus stepped closer to you, pinning you against the marble wall.

    His green eyes were furious and seared into yours. You looked away, intimidated by his stare but his fingers grasped your chin hard, forcing you to look back at him, “look at me slut”. You had never heard him say that word before but fuck it was hot. “What was that little stunt you pulled in class huh? And what the fuck do you think you’re wearing” his voice was raspy and patronizing, his eyes dragging over your scantily clad body. “I was just working” you answered in a low, innocent voice, looking up through your eyelashes. “Don’t lie. Avery was practically drooling over you.” You gulped, retaining the innocent look in your eye.

    “Such a whore. I can see your bra through your shirt.” He said through gritted teeth, placing his hands on your waist, coming even closer to you. Your breath hitched as you looked up at his face longing to have him kiss you and fuck you against the wall. “Please” you whimpered pathetically at the lycanthrope. “Please what, bunny” Remus’ voice softened slightly. “I need you so bad” you pleaded. A flash of lust crossed his face “well bunny, you should have behaved then right?” You nodded up at him, blinking your eyelashes. “m’sorry” you whined.

    “You’re gonna have to prove that” Remus said before pushing his lips to yours, the kiss was harsh and bruising. You bit down on his lower lip, revelling in his taste, causing him to growl and slip his tongue into your mouth, exploring the sweetness. His hands drew up to your breasts, kneading them through your shirt, having you gasp at the sensation. Remus expertly undid the buttons on your shirt, ripping the tight material off of you. He broke away to stare down at your exposed top, smirking in satisfaction, “my pretty little slut”. Attacking your neck, he made sure to mark it thoroughly, even the exposed skin on your upper chest.

    “Take off that excuse of a skirt” he growled at you. You obeyed quickly stepping out of it, leaving you only in your sopping panties. “All wet for me huh?” He brought his hand down to cup your panty clad core, your legs turning to jelly as you moaned out . “I haven’t even done anything bun, and you’re already putty in my hands” he mocked you, placing his free hand under your arm to hold you up. “Rem, s’not fair that you’re fully clothed and I’m naked. Wanna see you” you said, bringing your hands up to unbutton his shirt innocently. “You know what’s not fair bunny? That you had me so turned on during class with your arse out and your shirt hugging your tits, that all I wanted to do was fuck you like a whore you are, right there in front of everyone.” You whimpered at his words, pressing your legs together to relieve the need between your thighs.

    Pushing his shirt off your shoulders, you marvelled at his gorgeous body. It was covered in scars which you always thought added to the beauty. His abdomen was toned and chiseled perfectly and his torso was long.

    You were broken from your reverie when you felt his long warm fingers sneak inside your panties, stroking the wetness, teasingly, at your entrance. You pathetically squirmed at the contact, bucking your hips and moaning. Remus pulled off your panties swiftly, stepping closer to you so that his chest was pressed against yours, his mouth directly above your ear. The pads of his fingers lightly traced figure eights on your swollen clit that was begging for attention making you yelp at the euphoric feeling. His breath was hot against your skin as his fingers worked on your dripping core. “It feels so good, rem, don’t stop” but just as you said that he stopped, causing you to scowl.

    “Bad girls don’t get what they want” he simply stated, unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down, causing it to fall to the floor with a clink. His length was straining against his boxers and that sight alone could make you cum. Remus pushed his knee between your legs, and with his other arm lifted you up to the wall. His hot body pressed flush against yours and you could feel every inch of him which had you gasping for breath.

    He reached inside his boxers, pulling out his cock- it’s spongy head red with anticipation, pre cum leaking from the top. You groaned at how turned on he was. “Please fuck me please please” you begged, forgetting every ounce of your dignity in your desperation.

    The lycanthrope scoffed “pathetic” and then grabbed your waist harshly ,pushing into you with a hard fast thrust, leaving you screaming. He continued pounding into you hard and unforgivingly, grunting into your neck and pressing bruising kisses to your hungry lips. “You liked to be fucked like a whore don’t you” he said quickening his pace if that were even possible. “Y-yes m’ your whore only yours!” the words fell out of your mouths in gasps. You were moaning like never before- actually scratch that you were screaming Remus’ name like it was the only word in your vocabulary.

    “Could Avery ever make you feel this good huh?” He demanded as his thrusts never ceased. “N-no rem never!” His cock felt so good inside you. The texture of the veins of his hardened shaft rubbed against your spasming walls and the spongy head stimulated your sweet spot with every thrust, drawing you to the edge.

    Remus handling you roughly and fucking you into oblivion was so incredibly erotic that it made your mind go blank with pleasure. His pubic bone grazed against your sensitive clit with every movement of his hips which drew you closer and closer to the edge until you couldn’t hold it any longer.

    “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna cum” you gasped out urgently. “Cum on my cock pretty girl” Remus grunted out, pushing your body against the wall so you didn’t fall down. Waves of pleasure washed over you, dragging you under and rocking your body. Grasping onto Remus’ forearms, you screamed out in pleasure, voice hoarse and throat dry. He followed shortly after you, his thrusts growing sloppy and body tensing as his hot seed spilled into your worn out core.

    The tall boy placed you gently on the floor, seeing as you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself up. Pants fell from the both of you as you came back down to earth. “That was fun” you said as your attempted to smooth over your hair. “I should get you jealous more often”.

    Remus chuckled before cocking his eyebrow at you “you wouldn’t be able to walk to class”. He made his way towards the large bath and turned the taps on which had water the colour of all the houses streaming out of it. He then picked you up, bridal style, placing a chaste kiss to your lips, cheeks and then temple. “But then I could always carry you”

    You smiled up at Remus, looping your arms around his neck while he carried you to the warm bath that was already filled will bubbles. “A bath during classes? We’re such bad students” You questioned in mock astonishment. “I’m sure our teachers will understand that you were running quite a high fever and needed someone to keep you company at the hospital wing” his dulcet voice rang out.

    “And why would they believe us so easily” you challenged, amused, gathering bubbles in your hand and placing it atop his messy, sandy brown hair, laughing at how goofy it looked. “Because that’s one of the perks of being a prefect” he replied winking at you before making you your very own bubble hat too.

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    “‘Samu, I think I’m bi.” “Good for you.” Atsumu’s lips turned up into a frown as he stared at the darkness of the room, almost wanting to pout. Late night conversations between them weren’t uncommon, but this response? It was almost like he didn’t care. “That’s all you have to say?” “Don’t know what else you want me to tell you.” Osamu snapped back, a yawn slipping through. It was late, and tomorrow would be an early morning for them. “Obviously I know you’re into girls with all the ones you’ve kissed and gushed about. And the way you talk about Ki-” “Oh, shut your trap!” It was Atsumu’s turn to huff, flipping onto his side and tugging his blanket up. “I’m going to bed, maybe you’ll be nicer in my dreams.”

    The topic wasn’t brought up in the morning, the twins simply eating their breakfast in silence and ignoring the remarks of how odd it was for them to be like this. Unspoken words and glances at each other told them all they needed to tell each other. They still had each other to support, they would get through anything together, and Osamu wouldn’t judge.

    A few days later, the conversation was practically repeated. Silence as they both shifted in their beds, Atsumu being the first to talk. “Samu, what if I’m gay?” “Then you’re gay, doesn’t change anything. Why are you asking?” Osamu shifts, leaning over to try and squint at the other in the darkness. “Did your date today not go well?” “No, not that. I..I think I have a crush on Kita-san.” “Ask him out then.” “No! God, you’re the worst brother ever! I’m going to bed.” Though he closed his eyes, he could hear Osamu grumbling complaints about him, silence taking over once more.

    Despite the questioning Atsumu had, they fell into a steady rhythm. Teasing, fights, volleyball practice, nights spent together. Their secrets went unspoken, a silent promise between the two of them to keep it all to themselves.

    It was a quiet weekend afternoon after volleyball practice when the topic was broached again. Atsumu’s controller was tossed aside as he was killed, arms crossed over his chest with a pout. “Hey, Samu?” “Yeah, Tsumu?” “I wanna ask Kita out. Like, on a date.” Atsumu jumped as he heard the coughing from Osamu and the sounds of his character in the video game being killed. He leaned against the cushion, looking over at him. “What? Why do you seem so surprised?” “Never thought you had it in you, that’s all.” Shock was the only way Osamu could describe it, closing his eyes for a second and rubbing his temple. “Is he even gay?” “Does that really matter?” “I have no fucking clue, Tsumu, I’m not gay. It’s you.” Almost a cruel reminder, but he knew Atsumu could handle it. Biting his tongue in this situation was useless. “Just ask him out how people normally do, yeah? Like a note or flowers or a confession or something. Worst thing he does is say no.” Cheesy, almost too predictable. Atsumu nods as though he cared about the idea, new ones already brewing in his head. His controller was picked up as the next round started, more than happy to insult his brother with every awful move.

    It was the earliest he had ever been up on a Sunday morning, evading his entire family and grabbing his bike. Atsumu pedaled as fast as he possibly could, taking in the sight of the rolling hills and the crunch of the gravel beneath his tires. The Kita family farm, only giving a wave to Yumie as he passed. The house was just around the corner, and he skidded on the bike, nearly falling off. “Kita-san!” Kita stood from next to the small garden, watching Atsumu trip over his own feet. He stepped closer, ready for him to hit the ground, but it never came. Not even a greeting, with the larger hands on his shoulders and warm, chapped lips pressed against his own. Kita could feel his own cheeks flushing red, out of words as he looked at Atsumu, who was equally red. That wasn’t Atsumu’s plan, but the action came before the thinking, his hands shoved into his pockets and his eyes looking at anything but Kita. “I…” Swallow your pride, he thought, taking a deep breath. “I really really like you, Kita-san. I was..wondering...we could..” Kita could see his grandmother’s head over Atsumu’s shoulder, the older lady walking faster than he had seen her before. In a hurry, as if she had watched the entire interaction from afar. “You should apologize for the kiss first, Atsumu.” It was a light scolding, the corners of his lips teasing up into a smile. Atsumu was a stuttering mess, a state he had never seen the other in before. “Why don’t you come in for some tea? Granny looks like she wants to talk to you.” Hours passed before Atsumu was home, the sun setting as his mother cleaned up the dishes from dinner. He ignored her call, heading straight up to the shared bedroom. He didn’t bother giving a courtesy knock, too happy to care about how fast his brother scrambled on his bunk. “Hey, Samu?” “What now, Atsumu? You know ma panicked when you were out all day, you should talk to her.”

    “I will,” Atsumu insisted, rolling his eyes. “You know how I thought I was bi, then gay? I’m still not sure, but I know I like who you like.” Osamu leaned back, the blanket still covering his body. “Great. Did you ask a new girl out?” “No, Kita.” Atsumu took joy in the way Osamu sputtered. He only moved at sensing the danger that would come as Osamu scrambled to get ready to drill the details out of him, turning sharply on his feet to run to their mother. If anyone deserved to know first, it was her, and he had a feeling the entire volleyball team would find out if Osamu knew.

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    once more to see you | kth 01

    pairing: taehyung x reader ft. seokjin

    genre: angst, fluff, unrequited love

    synopsis: taehyung is the complete opposite of you, and you're so in love with him. he's not interested in you at all, but he's willing to pretend so he won't be known for breaking the sweetest girl in school's heart. he knows you'll end up hurt either way.

    warnings: taehyung is an idiot, a lot of pining, y/n is annoyingly dependent on validation, y/n does a lot of silent prayers, y/n is a track star, childhood bsf seokjin (cute), mentions of deceased family member

    music for this chap: she had the world , carry me out

    a/n: taehyung will disappoint u in the beginning but hes cute i promise

    "I get why you like him Y/N," Sohee swallowed the rest of her sandwich before finishing her sentence, "He's so hot. People say he's interested in you too, y'know?"

    Sohee visibly tried to get food out from the back of her mouth using her tongue, and it made you chuckle at the sight. "I don't think he does." You sighed, resting your chin in your palm.

    You were both situated at the table in the inner corner of the cafeteria, with a full view of who walks in the door, and sometimes you swore you could see Sohee drool when attractive guys walked in that exact door.

    "Hello, of course, he does! Even his friend Jimin told Kang Seulgi from Class 1, who told Go Euntaek in class 3, who eventually told his girlfriend Baek Ho-rang who ran to me to tell me the great news." Sohee gasped for air after rambling, and you rolled your eyes,

    "Stories change when that many links contribute." You scoffed, sitting back in your chair and reaching for your juice box on the table, taking a huge slurp, which you knew would annoy Sohee.

    "You don't believe me? Guess we gotta ask a link closer to the source then." Sohee stood up from her chair, and you looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

    "Park Jimin, get your ass over here will ya?" She nearly shouted across the cafeteria, and now all looks were pointed at you two, and you felt the urge to just slip down the cracks of the floor tiles and hide there forever grow stronger for each nanosecond.

    You sunk further down on your tacky, orange chair, but you could still see Jimin's black locks sway a little over the crowd as he walked over to the table you were sitting at.

    "What's up sugar?" Jimin smirked at Sohee, and Sohee didn't even budge, and you had no idea how she did it. He was stupidly attractive and could make any girl drop her pants with a comment like that.

    "Jimin my dearest, a little birdie told me that Taehyung likes my sweet Y/N, could you confirm?" She batted her long lashes and smiled prettily at Jimin.

    He looked to the left, sucked his teeth, and said, "I can't, I'm sorry." You realized you had grown a little too hopeful, and your heart sunk quite a bit when he spoke.

    "Does he think I'm pretty at least?" You spoke up, eyes shining when you looked up towards the standing Jimin, the harsh lights in the cafeteria reflecting in them.

    "He hasn't mentioned you much, to be quite honest." He shrugged, walking back to his table, where Taehyung and the rest of his friends sat.

    Your heart thumped when he met your eyes, and you looked away in panic. The rest of lunch was just Sohee apologizing and you avoiding eye contact with any of the students at the nearby tables.

    Jimin mentioned you and Sohee's name several times, he was a loud speaker, and you were so scared of what he was saying you could probably die right then and there.

    Saved by the bell, you picked up your stuff and got ready to start running to your classroom, praying you wouldn't meet any of Taehyung's friends, and especially not Taehyung as you ran Usain Bolt style.

    You looked down while running, not thinking twice about leaving your best friend behind, you suddenly fell to the ground with a thud. This was surely not one of your glory days.

    When you looked up, you wanted to cry. It was none other than Kim Taehyung, and he didn't look pleased. You gathered your things and muttered "Sorry." under your breath probably about 10 times, and he just watched, disappointingly.

    "You're a klutz. Why were you running?" He spoke, and your knees turned into jelly when you tried to stand up, you nearly fell and dropped all your stuff again, but he caught you by the arm, straightening you up like it was nothing.

    "Uh... Uhm... Err..." you mumbled, and he rolled his eyes, and not in a joking manner. "Fuck that, why are you going around telling people I like you?"

    Your breath hitched, and he stared at you coldly. "I didn't! Gosh, my friend Sohee told me someone had told her that you liked me, and- uh... We asked Jimin, and-" He put his hand over your mouth, making you shut up.

    "I don't want you two to go around making up baseless rumors about me, it's incredibly annoying for me to go around correcting people who assume shit just because your little friend speaks louder than a bunch of hyenas at a tea party." Taehyung nearly spat, and you took a step back.

    You noticed that people were listening in, their stares burning holes in your back. He was livid, and you didn't understand why, you just smiled, praying to god that this would end soon.

    "I just thought you liked me-" You began, and he interrupted you, "You thought I was gonna like someone like you? Get over yourself and enter the real world."

    The hallway went silent, your lips trembled as hot tears raced down your face, and like the track star you were, you fled the scene and passed the finish line into the bathrooms.

    You stayed till the school day ended, not knowing what was unraveling outside the four walls of the stall.

    Sohee 💜: 01:12 pm

    Y/N, where are you? i heard what happened :( i hate taehyung im gonna chop his sausage off

    Sohee 💜: 01:38 pm

    taehyung is fighting w doyoung because doyoung decided to defend you this is hilarious
    but fr where are you

    Sohee 💜: 01:57 pm

    doyoung gave taehyung a black eye damn
    doyo is on the verge of tears when taehyung said you liked him and not doyo
    taehyung cant not have feelings for you like there must be smth deeper going on

    Sohee 💜: 03:39 pm

    class just ended i'll wait out back

    Sohee always knew when to leave you alone, so she did, partially. You usually shut off your phone when you're upset, but she still sends you texts to update you whenever you turn it back on.

    This time, it was quite dramatic, and you rushed out of the icky stall and ran (again) to reach Sohee to get the full story, and as you expected, it was interesting.

    "Basically, Doyoung punched Taehyung and Taehyung was a little too OP, so he failed to initiate a fight, so it just turned into Taehyung being an ass to Doyoung for defending you." She shrugged, adjusting the straps of her leather backpack as you walked home.

    "Taehyung's rep is so tainted right now, I don't know how he's gonna fix this my dear Y/N, so I guess he got his karma. He's an idiot and I'm glad other people are starting to see."

    You nodded yes, pushing out a fake chuckle, while silently you prayed that everything would soon be back to normal and that Taehyung would forgive you for the mess you caused.

    Being in love with Taehyung for a year had taken a toll on you, and your best friend since freshman year had noticed too. You were different.

    You used to be so independent and optimistic, but now you would strive for validation, and you had turned into one of the most insecure people Sohee had ever met.

    Sohee tried to pull you away from him, but to her demise, it only got worse when you tried to meet other guys. She figured that the only way for you to disconnect from him was if you had your go with him, or if he treated you like a complete idiot.

    You waved goodbye to Sohee as you entered your house, kicking off your shoes and throwing yourself down on the couch. You wanted to scream, but you saw your brother's and another guy's shoes in your hallway, so you kept it inside.

    After having watched an episode of Seinfeld, you could hear the floorboards creak, and your gaze found its way to the hallway, where your brother, Yoongi stood, peeking out from his door.

    "Ah, Y/N, you're the one who's home?" He smiled brightly, eyes turning into small crescents, which made you awe at the sight.

    "Yuppers." You said and sat back again, pressing play to start the next episode. "Who's your guest?" And as you uttered your last word, another head peeked out from the door, and you couldn't help but feel the happiness brew inside you.

    It was Kim Seokjin in all his glory, and this time, he looked even hotter. It had been about two years since you last saw him because he moved to Germany to study medicine.

    Seokjin had been your neighbor since you were born, and you pretty much grew up with two older brothers who always took care of you.

    No one dared to mess with you, because Seokjin and Yoongi always got to them first. That way, you grew up without a care in the world, protected from all evil.

    You had no idea when you fell in love with him. It was somewhere during puberty, where your interest in Brad Pitt and Kim Soohyun from Dream High had grown stronger.

    You remember Seokjin was scouted for modeling, acting, and even idol groups all through your childhood. He did a few ads, photoshoots, a popular teenage drama called Double Trouble, and even managed to get his own Wikipedia page.

    There was no doubt that Seokjin was an attractive man, and in the two years he had been gone, his face fat was completely gone, and he had defined cheekbones, a slimmer and tighter figure, and you thought he couldn't be any more perfect.

    "None other than God himself," Seokjin said smugly, opening his arms to greet you with a hug, and you threw your blanket you were covered into the side as you bolted into Seokjin's arms, legs wrapped around his waist.

    He slowly put you down so your feet touched the parquet, and you felt a kind of euphoria as he smiled at you again, the same smile he had flashed you as long as you could remember.

    Everything about Seokjin had matured and changed, but his smile remained the same. "What are you doing back?" You sniffled, holding back the happy tears that were forming in your eyes.

    "Hey, don't get me wrong, I love Germany, but it's a little bland. I miss ahjumnas complimenting me on the subway and the bomb ass food here in SK." Seokjin grinned as he wiped a tear that fell down your face.

    Yoongi was leaning against the door frame, smiling at the grand reunion. You knew he liked seeing you two together, and you had a small suspicion about him shipping you guys.

    "Please don't ever leave again." You gripped onto his shirt, digging your face down in his chest, and he said, "I swear to god if you're wearing makeup right now-"

    You laughed as you pushed him away, placing your hands below your chin and batting your eyelashes dramatically, "I'm all-natural."

    "Naturally pretty." Seokjin leaned forward and whispered in your ear, and your heart did a little somersault.

    Seokjin's always been a charmer.

    You woke up in your room, pink sheets draped over your half-naked body as tons of messages poured in on your phone, vibrating so much it nearly fell off the edge of your nightstand.

    You grab it while rubbing your eyes, and you're shocked to see the messages that had exploded on your lock screen.

    Unknown: 08:39 am

    Hey, it's Kim Taehyung.
    Look, I'm sorry for the shit I said to you and I would love to make it up to you in some kind of way.
    Maybe I could take you out?
    I get it if you don't want to, but I heard you were interested in me so...
    What kinda food do you like? Activities, hobbies?
    I really wanna make this right :)

    You: 08:43 am

    oh hey! I'd love to, you kinda owe me one. if it's your treat, I suppose we could get some sushi and boba...
    btw I don't like u like that

    Contact made, saved as "taehyung <3" at 08:44 am

    taehyung <3: 08:47 am

    Okay. Meet me at Nori Table at 6 pm. Don't make me wait.

    Your heart was palpitating, and when you pressed your phone up to your chest, you could feel your body heat up from your scalp to your toes.

    Maybe Kim Taehyung had no interest in you right now, but he sure would after tonight. You were gonna make him love you, soon enough,

    Running to the shower a few hours of Seinfeld later, you scrubbed with all your might with your newest strawberry scrub, did your makeup, curled your hair, and sat down on the couch, outfit draped over the armrest of the chair.

    It was an hour till you were leaving, so for the time being you sat with hair rollers in your hair, dressed in pink sweats. Seokjin and Yoongi had been awake all night, you had heard them laugh and play Mario Cart all night, it reminded you of old times.

    Old times where you went to bed crying because Yoongi and Seokjin's bedtime was later than yours at sleepovers. Thinking back, your parents made a pretty rational decision, but you resented them for it.

    When Seokjin left for school in Germany, during your Sophomore year you cried again. You thought it was so unfair that you had to be two years younger, why couldn't you come with him?

    You were painfully in love with him, and you had been probably since you were. A few months after he moved, your feelings faded. You were love-free, only to fall stupidly in love again with Taehyung just a year later.

    You were forced to snap out of your train of thought because you heard the floorboards creak again. When you looked over at the dark hallway, you saw a tired, yet familiar face smile at you.

    Seokjin looked quite disoriented, hair ruffled and eyes puffy, yet he looked like a Greek god. Sculpted to perfection, he smiled at you like he did yesterday and all the times before.

    "Morning." He grunted out, his morning voice prominent. You chuckled when you looked at the time, feeling kind of bad for Seokjin who had slept away the majority of his day, which you knew he didn't like.

    "It's 5 pm, cutie. Mom said you guys could order takeout, cause she's working late." You stood up, and Seokjin gave you a good look up and down, and then diverted his gaze to the lavender ruffle skirt and white long-sleeve blouse you had neatly hung over the armchair.

    "What's the occasion?" He nodded over at the clothes and then your hair rollers and full-face makeup-covered face. He threw a few walnuts from the little bowl on the coffee table into his mouth.

    "It's none of your business, but I have a date tonight," you said smugly, and a walnut flew out of Seokjin's mouth in shock.

    "A date? Like a real one?" He frantically asked, and you nodded as you walked away with your outfit in hand.

    You came back out minutes later, and Seokjin had to hold his mouth shut so it wouldn't drop to the floor. You had matured so well, a white blouse adorning your waist, and the lavender skirt hugged your curves nicely.

    You had decorated your neck and ears with golden jewelry, and you had a pair of Air forces dangling from your left hand. You were beautiful, hair let free from the hair rollers, curls swaying as you did a twirl.

    "It's alright, I guess." He pretended not to care, and your proud grin morphed into a frown pretty quickly, and he noticed.

    He stood up and walked towards you, standing very close. His tall figure was hovering over you. Seokjin leaned forward towards your ear, not whispering this time,

    "You're gorgeous." He pushed your curls behind your shoulder, adjusting your golden necklace as he returned to Yoongi's bedroom.

    You were screwed.

    The time on your phone showed 6:06 pm. You recall him saying ‘don’t be late’. What a hypocrite. It had started to pour down, so you were squeezed up against the brick wall of the restaurant so the ledge above you would shield you from the rain.

    You were shaking from the cold, legs exposed because of your skirt. Sighing deeply, you reached down into your purse to text Taehyung, but when you looked up, you saw him running over to you.

    He was holding a bouquet of pink delphinium and peonies. You’d always been interested in flowers, and this small gesture made you all fuzzy inside.

    “I apologize for my late arrival m’lady. The flower shop was about to close down for the day, and I had to beg the cashier to let me in, promising to buy a huge bouquet if she did.” He smiled as he stood in front of you.

    “No worries sir, I haven’t been waiting for long.” You chuckled, as you accepted the bouquet. His eyes scanned every inch of your body, and he said, “You’re shivering. Let’s go inside.”

    This was a side of Taehyung you had barely seen before, caring and warm. This was also the side of him that initially made you fall for him.

    The memories of him reading stories for children at the hospital was heartwarming. Whenever you went to visit your brother, who has now passed, you would see him read stories for all the unlucky kids.

    Your brother, who was only 7 years old talked about Taehyung like a superhero, and it seemed as if Taehyung’s stories were the highlight of his days at the hospital.

    Daejung wasn’t a kid you would pity. In his last months in the hospital he never once cried. You believed that Taehyung was a big part of the reason.

    That’s why you fell in love with him. He hadn’t been a superhero in the form of saving lives, but he definitely made a whole lot of sick kids happier.

    How could you ever repay him?

    Taehyung rested a hand on your shoulder and lead you inside the door, and there stood a beautiful tall woman, black hair to her waist, almond-shaped eyes, and full lips.

    She was beautiful. You looked up to see Taehyung’s reaction, and he wasn’t looking at her, he was looking at you. His eyes met yours, and you could’ve sword the whole world stopped.

    “Excuse me?” An unfamiliar voice spoke up, and it kicked you right back into reality. It was the pretty woman speaking, an even prettier voice to match her.

    “Do you have a reservation?” She questioned, smiling so genuinely from ear to ear. “Yes. It’s on Kim.” Taehyung spoke so confidently.

    “Ah, for two. I’ll be your server tonight.” She waved for you to follow her, and before she turned around, you saw her name tag.

    Bae Eunmi. A pretty name for a pretty person. Of course, she had to be pretty. Your confidence sunk even lower, and your insecurities grew.

    “I’m not interested in her, by the way. I’ve talked to her before. She’s all beauty and no brains. Not for me.” Taehyung whispered into your ear, possibly to reassure you.

    You sat down at the table and ordered a huge plate of different types of sushi, maki, nigiri, uramaki, and even sashimi.

    This restaurant was fancy, nearly too fancy for your liking. It was huge and flashy, and it made you doubt your outfit choice completely.

    The restaurant fell silent since there weren’t many guests here this early. The silence wasn’t awkward between you guys. It was just, too silent, and you decided to break it.

    “Do you still write stories?” Taehyung’s face froze. How did you know about the stories he wrote? Had you been stalking him? Was this when everyone would find out how weak he truly is?

    “How did you find out... About them?” He asked hesitantly, fidgeting with a small woven basket with bread placed on your table.

    “When sun and moon met, moon felt bad. When the moon was alone at night, he cried, because he wanted to shine just like the sun.” You quote his story word by word, it was your favorite paragraph.

    He looked at you with a confused look and his eyes told you that he wondered why you knew the story so well.

    Before he could speak up, you said, “My brother's name was Daejung. He looked up to you and constantly told me about how he wanted to be like you when he grew up.” You placed your hands on top of his over the table.

    Taehyung was speechless. He sat there, body completely frozen as he processed what you just said. The little boy he had mourned for many months was the same flesh and blood as you.

    “Daejung told me how he wanted me to marry you because he thought no one else deserved me.” Letting go of his hands, he continued sitting completely still.

    First, he felt disappointed in himself. Disappointed of the way he had treated you, how sad Daejung would be if he knew.

    Second, he could see him in your traits. Your button nose matched his completely, and your eyes sparkled just the way his eyes did.

    Third, he realized he had to take care of you. Fall in love with you, for Daejung. Taehyung had promised the little boy to take care of his friends and family when he has at his worst.

    His expression completely changed. It softened, and his eyes looked at you like you were godsent. He believed you were too. It was fate.

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    a/n: u guys know the angst isn't over lol u guys r never gonna see the light at the end of the tunnel ! this chapter was originally a bit longer but i have to test the waters and seeing how u guys like it !! pls reblog <3

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  • thomashxmilton
    25.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Charleston AU

    Thomas had been in the cage on the docs with the other inmates and slaves for the better part of a day. The sun had been beating down on them for hours and his skin was chapped and blistered from exposure. With no room to really sit, he was leaned up against the edge of one of the crates when he saw them. That is, he thinks they saw them.

    An intimidating man was walking around with Ashe’s men, but there was something familiar about him. At first Thomas didn’t recognize the man, only seeing short red hair pulled up out of his face. As he turned around however, Thomas shook his head, no, no that cannot be James. He shook his head to try to clear it, knowing his mind often played tricks on him. But as he looked back, Thomas paled, seeing the brunette woman walk up next to him, he realized who it was.

    Miranda. Then the red head was in fact his James.

    It was his two loves, it was his two loves, alive, no more than a stones throw away from him. Standing up right he gripped at the bars of his cage, yelling their names, trying desperately to get their attention. But from all the noises of the bustling sea town, his cries fell on deaf ears. Thomas broke down crying as the group below had moved on. They had been so close. 

    Perhaps it was better this way.

    It was early the next. morning when he could see a commotion brewing underneath him. He frowned as he saw a casket being carried by cart through the streets, the townspeople shouting along the way. They all seemed to be congregating towards the center of town. Thomas turned away, his thoughts on Miranda and James.

    Not a few hours later, hell seemed to have rained down on Charleston. Screams and explosions seemed to be erupting around the pier. Pushing his way to the other side of the cage that had a slight view of the water, Thomas could make out pirates coming ashore. During the commotion, one of the raiding pirates undid the cages, Thomas slipped out and made his escape.

    Unsure of where to go, he made his way down the path where the casket had been taken. Trying to keep to himself, trying to avoid eye contact wherever he could. But as he got to the town square he looked around and saw the destruction from whatever had transpired. 

    But the same coffin that had caught his attention earlier caught his eye again, propped up against a building with the coffin lid off. Who would desecrate someone’s coffin like that? Walking over to the coffin, Thomas could feel his heart sink into his stomach as he saw who it was.

    It was Miranda.

    Thomas shook his head, no, no no no this was wrong. She was alive, she was alive with James yesterday. She wasn’t dead. She was safe. But as he got closer he saw the bullet hole in her temple and Thomas’ jaw dropped in horror. Reaching out he touched her a moment before breaking down, sobbing quietly as he cupped her cold face. 

    “I’m so sorry,” Thomas said softly, brushing her cold cheek he shook his head and said what he felt. “This is my fault.” It was his fault. Miranda was dead because of him. And if she was dead, that meant James was as well. Letting go of her he dropped to his knees and lowered his head, not caring if he was captured, mourning his wife. Completely unaware now of what was going on around him, allowing his grief to consume him as his fingers clutched at the bloody dirt underneath him. 

    He was now truly alone.


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