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    Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou - Levi #490

    Chapter 71 - 休みの日は自分を省みることで圧倒的成長 (Seventy-First Period: A Day Off is the Time to Try a Change and Maturity Like Nobody’s Business)

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    — His voice echoed in her mind still. The entrance to the catacombs was exactly where the apparition in the burnt temple had said it would be– tucked away in an inconspicuous corner of Copperlane, unguarded and easily accessible to those who knew what they were looking for. But as she stood before the humble stone archway, steeling herself for the ordeal to come, Axa had suddenly found herself swept away from the here and now into a memory from another time, another life– –It was her turn, at last. He smiled at her approach, warm and fatherly. "You are from Creitum, my dear?" "I am, Your Eminence." She smiled back, bashful and slightly starstruck. This was an honor, she reminded herself, an immense honor for such worthless caitiff as herself. "I was born and raised in Creitum." His smile broadened–

    Axa had never heard of any city called Creitum, but she had heard the name, had heard him ask her that same question before. In dreams, in memories hidden deep within her soul. "Axa? Y' okay?" She felt Edér's hands gripping her shoulders as the vision faded away, ready to prop her up should she need him to. She had wavered, but she had not fallen. Her little hand found his, squeezed it gently as she smiled up into the bearded man's face. "Yes, Edér, I'll be... I'm fine. Thank you. Let's just get this over with–" –"A fine city, one of the very finest we have encountered outside of our own. Creitum has produced many strong, principled women and men who have heard the call of the gods and answered that call with reverence and devotion, determined to spread the truth of Their word." He laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder, his smile as warm and nurturing as the sun, and she felt her heart swell with respect and adoration for him, for the gods who had lead her here. "And how did it come to pass that you should hear Their call, my child?" She had hoped, before, that he might not ask about her previous life, pathetic and meaningless as it had been. But now beneath his benevolent gaze, her answer came easily– The vision replayed itself over and over in her mind, even as she knelt before the dead man just beyond the bottom of the entrance stairs. The essence still clinging to his rapidly cooling body had revealed to Axa that, for better or for worse, they'd come to the right place to find the Leaden Key. Axa heard Itumaak growl behind her, heard Edér and Pallegina draw their weapons and Kana start chanting. She whipped around just in time to see the troll lumbering out of the shadows at them, flanked by black oozes that undulated grotesquely in the torchlight. There was no turning back now– –"I suffered through... troubled times in my youth, Your Eminence. Dark times." She was surprised at how easy it was to admit now, how the shame and sorrow that had seemed heavy enough to crush her before now slipped from her shoulders like an old shawl as she spoke. "I was lost, adrift in a meaningless world without light, without hope. Nothing made sense. But that all changed when your order brought the word of the true gods to us." He nodded sagely, his grip briefly tightening on her shoulder– "Gee back, ye clods! These hooded fiends is nae t' be trusted!" Aloth's hand shot out to grab her by the shoulder, but Axa spun on him instead, eyes wide with alarm, surprising him just enough to allow him to regain control. Strong hands seized him then, shook him roughly as he coughed and stumbled. "Postenago, what are you doing? You will give away our position!" Pallegina's golden eyes narrowed to slits in her anger, baring her teeth as she hissed at the trembling elf. He opened his mouth to stammer an apology, an excuse, anything to get the Godlike to ease off, but Axa beat him to it. "It's alright, Pallegina, he didn't do it on purpose. He can't–" She glanced at Aloth's face, winced, continued– "he can't help it." To her surprise, he didn't look betrayed or even angry with her for spilling his secret. He simply lowered his gaze to his feet, apologized again, hugged his cloak tightly around himself as Kana gently ushered him off to the side of the damp, earthy passageway to sit and collect himself. "Forgive me, I... I don't know what came over me." He smoothed his hair back with shaking hands, eyes rimmed red and watery. "But... when we're finished here, I–" "When we're finished here," Sagani snapped, "you're going to have some explaining to do, I wager." The little huntress regarded him with that mix of righteous anger and genuine concern that only a parent could truly master, hands planted squarely on her hips. "Until then: Watcher, you've a job to do. And by the sounds of it, you've not much time to do it in." She thrust her chin at the door at the end of the corridor, voices behind it rising to a crescendo before coming to an abrupt halt. Axa nodded, pulled on the itchy, stifling hood and mask– –"I see. Indeed, very little makes sense taken in the context of the falsehoods under which so many innocent lives have labored for so long. Too long." His kind, gentle smile had been warped by pity into a rictus grave and sorrowful, and she feared for a moment that her words might have actually caused him pain, somehow. But the smile slowly returned as he continued speaking, like storm clouds breaking and drifting apart to once again reveal the beauty and power of the sun. "It is by the mercy of the gods alone– praise be to Them!– that we have been permitted to bear the torch of Their divine truth to these distant shores, to enlighten so many of the lost and heathen in these chaotic times." His hand tightened on her shoulder again, and the tears she had not even known were there spilled over her lashes and down her cheeks. He brushed them away with the back of one finger, showing her such compassion as she had never known in her old life. "Are you ready, initiate? Are you ready to take the oath, to devote yourself body, mind, and soul to spreading the word of the gods? To bring to the ignorant the light of the truth?" She found the courage to look into his eyes at last, and in them she saw salvation. Finally, she was saved. And in turn, she would help the order to save them all. "I am–" "State your name and purpose." Axa was not able to tell if the masked woman was speaking to her with her voice or with her mind alone. But neither had she the luxury of dwelling on such minutiae. "My name belongs to the gods, and my hand to their service." She had never been a particularly devout woman, but somehow the words felt familiar as they left her mouth. As though she had not learned them mere moments ago from some fidgeting neophyte, but had always known them, deep in her soul. "What company do you seek?" A vision of her friends outside flashed before her mind, the five of them huddled together in the little hallway, nervously awaiting her return. She pushed the thought away as quickly as her wits would allow. "I seek the company of shadows, that our labors may remain secret." Secrets and shadows seemed to dominate her life ever since coming to the Dyrwood, that much was certain. Ever since that night, the bîaŵac, the machine– "Tell me of your labors." She had yet to fully recover from the day's efforts, her body still aching from physical exertion, her nerves raw. All the problems in the city– was it all the work of these people? How could that be so? "To see that the craft of kith and wilder does not disturb what bones the gods have buried." For all that the robed man in her past life had spoken of bringing the "truth of the gods" to the people, this cult seemed awfully keen on obfuscation. Burying secrets, hiding in the shadows, locking it all away– "How do we know your purpose?" And they demanded knowledge while offering none themselves? Threatened with death those who opposed their hidden will? She thought of Kana, pursued across two continents as he quested for the truth of his homeland's history. To what end...? "You shall know it by the confession of my tongue, the deeds of my hand, and the oath on my soul." Sins kept secret. Atrocities committed against the innocent. Promises broken and falsehoods unchallenged. Axa's heart pounded in her chest. These people were very dangerous. But a choice between provoking their wrath by opposing their will and allowing them to continue their nefarious operation unabated was no choice at all. "And how is your oath guarded?" She looked into the acolyte's masked face, and saw an emotionless, inscrutable void. Whoever these people were, whoever guided them from the shadows, she would not let them subdue her, or Kana, or anyone who sought the light of the truth, ever again. She swore it. "It is sealed by the Leaden Key." —

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    “I got some strange information, I keep it to myself, I got a bad reputation-- I can't think of nothin' else...” 

    lord it’s been one of those “let me just play this one song on repeat for 3 days straight” weeks. Who better that understands that than the zombie boi? I also decided because Scraptrap was outside for most of his years, he’s got more green/rust in his design. Gives him a varied color palate so he/Max aren’t  mistaken for Springtrap/William. (Aside from the ears lol) I also like him having small patches of his original Springbonnie shade ;)

    ((knight guard au))

    #michael afton#scraptrap#fnaf6#five nights#pizzeria simulator#max afton #knight guard au #schmidt is not michael afton #I’ve been wanting to draw Max and Scrap and have been working on this for a little over a week now when I can’t focus on client pieces. #i hope everyone enjoyed chapter 10 of Last Shift ;) #max got my adoration of music and i regret nothing #i wish i had more time to work on this but dont :c
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    zuko: *nearly beats up hahn for being mean to sokka*

    also zuko: sokka is literally just some guy.

    #hdsac#hdsac spoliers #NEW CHAPTER WILL BE POSTED TODAY IN LIKE 10 MINUTES IM WORKING ON UPLOADING IT RN TO AO3 BUT HERES A MEME ANYWAYS #yall im excited #fingers crossed i dont over hype it #atla #avatar the last airbender #zukka#sokka#zuko#fanfic#zukka fic #this is the good good
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    i saw someones translation of ch 40 in mix 10 of given on twitter and I’m REALLY going to need these sketchy and uncomfy sexy scenes to stop happening cause my bois don't deserve that and its breaking my heart

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    PSA: please don't send me asks that contain manga spoilers past chapter 317. I'm taking a sabbatical for a while because injecting myself with tiny weekly doses of gloom and doom and CRAPPY FAKEOUT CLIFFHANGERS is no longer fun. I'm sure my resolve will last right up until there's more Dadmight content I'm so damn weak

    #I swear to god there have been like 3 stupid cliffhangers in the last 10 chapters #Oh no the building exploded with everyone inside oh no!! #Haha j/k we escaped somehow! We will never reference this event again. #I told myself that 316 was a good spot to pause but then was lured back by the siren call of Dadmight for one last chapter #bnha#bnha spoilers
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    i am currently living 3 different fanfiction plot lines

    #one w my bestie #it goes like this. im in unrequited gay love w her #and she keeps dating guys who look like me are the same mix/ethnicity as me and have the identical mbti personality as me #(this is true) #so im pining away #around chapter 10 she realizes shes gay #and then there's some misunderstandings #and then we hit chapter 14 and we are! in love happily ever after #second one with sakshi #we are international internet pals #when we meet up it is very dramatic #que confessions que happy endings #neither of these are ever gonna happen #and the third one im not gonna talk about bc it actually makes me sad #and is somehow the least yet most attainable #🤞🏻#jordan rambles
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    Finding Tomorrow - Chapter 10


    Overview: It started with a chance meeting, a bold request, and a book. With a past full of loss and a future centered on searching for something more, one person may make all the difference in what tomorrow could bring.

    Pairing: DylanxReader

    Word Count: 3,308

    Warnings: language

    Soundtrack for Ch10: “Shoulders” by Levi Matthan

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    My feet are propped up on the dashboard of the Jeep, soaking up the toasty sunlight. My arm dangles outside the rolled down window, my hand catching the wind as it whips through the vehicle, making my loose hair blow every which way. My left hand is settled in Dylan’s lap where he consistently finds it between gear shifts. Zeke pokes his head out the window, tongue hanging out of his mouth and a goofy grin on his face.

    It’s a perfect day, and I’d decided at some point last night to kill my anxious thoughts of Dylan leaving and just focus on being in this moment. So far, it hasn’t been that hard to do. He makes it easy to let go of all the weight, like it’s just dust being brushed away.

    “We’re here,” he says with a rub of his thumb across the back of my hand.

    We pull off seemingly randomly on the side of the road, and I sit up from my previously relaxed position to search for a trailhead. “Where exactly is here?”

    He pulls the keys out of the ignition and points off into the woods. I squint my eyes and look harder, finally spotting a pale stripe of blue on a tree a few feet in, marking a trail.

    Zeke’s tail is thumping hard against the back seat, and he enthusiastically jumps down from the Jeep when I open his door. It feels like we’re in the middle of nowhere, so I clip his leash to my hiking pants in case we need it and decide to let him trail run.

    We each don a camelbak backpack and then head into the treeline, Dylan leading the way. The trail is overgrown in sections, and the lack of footprints lets me know that not many people make it out this way.

    “How did you find this place again?” I ask as we climb over a fallen tree across the path.

    Dylan offers me a helping hand down. “I used to explore a lot back in highschool with a group of friends. We would go on all these website groups and try to find the best abandoned places, trails, stuff like that. This was one of them.”

    It’s a good two mile hike, and I’ve got a damp trail of sweat down my back and chest by the time we come to the end of it. The bushes begin to thin out, and then everything suddenly opens up to sand and water as we come to a small lake. Zeke immediately runs into the water to swim and lap up a big drink, coming out with a big shake that sends droplets flying.

    I set my backpack down on the ground and take it all in. “This is amazing.” I hear rustling and look over at Dylan to see him shirtless and undoing his belt. “Um...whatcha doing?”

    His pants hit the ground and he kicks them off, leaving him in his boxers and socks. “Going swimming.” He pinches off one sock, then the other. “You coming?”

    He runs into the water, Zeke fast on his heels, and they swim out a few feet together. I peel off my sweaty shirt to reveal my sports bra and ditch my pants as well, thankful I’d worn good underwear today. I walk into the shallows, a shiver running up my body at the contrasting cold, and then Dylan is suddenly beside me. Before I can do or say anything in protest, he’s wrapped his arms around me from behind and falls backwards, taking me with him.

    I have one second to draw in a deep breath, and then we’re submerged beneath the water. Dylan releases his grip on me, and I push up with my feet on the soft sediment to break the surface again, slicking my wet hair back from my face and rubbing the liquid from my eyes.

    “Hey!” I yell at him. His eyes are crinkled on the corners, his nose barely poking above the water and the rest of him immersed, like an alligator.

    I dive after him, barely brushing his toes as he swims away. Zeke and I chase him around the lake, finally catching him on the opposite shoreline. We all flop down in the sandy dirt together, giggles interrupting my heavy breathing. I roll onto my side so I can look at him.

    His diaphragm rises and falls as he regains his oxygen levels, the smoothness of his skin exemplified by the water remnants and bright sun. I reach a finger out and run it down his ribcage to the hemline of his boxers, then change course and trace random routes on his muscular arm. His eyes are closed, but I know he’s focused on my every move. When my finger goes over his shoulder and gets close to his neck, he suddenly turns his head and fake bites at it, making me jump and let out a sharp exclamation of surprise.

    He laughs and grabs my arm, guiding me with a gentle pull back towards him. I settle fully on top of his frame, arms folded beneath my chin acting as a pillow against his chest, my legs stretched out on top of his. He props his head up with his arms as well and looks down at me with a grin.

    “This is nice,” I say quietly.

    He nods. “Yeah, it is.”

    I remember fighting against anxiety back when I was living my old life, and it was over things that now seem so insignificant. Like getting stuck in one spot in the house at night, overthinking about tomorrow, unable to muster the energy required to get up and get ready for bed because that meant I was one step closer to having to face a new day. When my husband had died, my anxiety did a one-eighty with how it manifested itself, shifting from always being stuck to always being on the run. As long as I was busy, as long as I was moving, as long as something around me was distracting, I didn’t have to think about what had happened, what was going to happen, and how I’d have to now face it alone.

    I feel the change reverting now, because I don’t want to move from this spot in time. I want to lay here, with Dylan, and stop tomorrow from happening. And it’s not that I feel dependent on him, or need him to complete me or give me happiness or however else you want to phrase it, but being with him is just good, a goodness I don’t want to lose. And I know I’m about to.

    “I’m going to miss you,” I whisper.

    He removes a hand from behind his head and brushes a thumb down my cheek. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had someone to miss.”

    “Well, aside from Tyler.”

    “Oh, yeah, we have to video chat every night so I don’t cry myself to sleep.”

    “Do we get to video chat?”

    His hand moves to play with the loose ends of my hair. “I think that would be nice. I’m not sure how much free time I’m going to have, but I’ll definitely want to check in with you. When are you planning to leave for Colorado?”

    My brow scrunches as I run calculations. “Well, I need to get my van into the shop, replace some parts. And I’ll want to work all this week to get some petty cash, and my manuscript is due on Saturday so that should help-”

    “Wait-” he raises his brows- “manuscript?”

    “Yeah, job number three. I edit for a local publishing company.”

    “I honestly thought you were kidding when you said you worked three jobs. That’s kinda cool and crazy at the same time.”

    “Eh, sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes the stuff they send me for the month is hella boring. But it helps pay the bills.”

    The sun has done a good job of drying me out, so I push myself up and off of Dylan and brush the loose sand and dirt from my garments and skin. I offer him a hand up, and then we start to walk around the shoreline back to our castaway clothes.

    “Truth or truth?” I ask.

    He looks at me questioningly. “Shouldn’t it be ‘truth or dare’?”

    “But the dares are so... juvenile. And definitely not as fun if you aren’t in a group. Besides, it’s the truth questions that really show you who a person is.”

    His arm goes around my shoulder. “I think you’re just afraid to take a dare from me. I’m the king of dares.”

    I wrap my arm around his waist. “Truth or truth?”

    “Well, guess I’m going to have to go with truth.”

    “What’s one thing you regret in life?”

    “Man, you’re really just going for the kill right there, aren’t you?”

    I poke his stomach with my finger. “I play to win. What’s your answer?”

    We’ve made it back to our pile of discarded fabric. I let him think while I pull on my hiking pants. My shirt is still damp with sweat, so I find a low tree branch to hang it over to let the sun do its thing.

    “So,” he starts, “I don’t think I regret a lot of things in life, because that’s the only way you learn and grow, you know? Nobody’s perfect.”

    I smile. “Agreed.”

    “But,” he continues, “something that comes to mind is how long it took me to start putting myself out there for auditions. I never really pictured myself as an actor, it was almost something that just kind of happened, and I never actually thought I was going to make it, some kid who’s only experience was doing YouTube videos in his spare time, and those same videos  getting me rejected from every film school I applied to.”

    “Hey, you can sing the Spice Girls to me anytime.”

    “Hah, funny. But yeah, I think if I could go back I’d audition for a lot of the things I wanted to, but chickened out on.”

    I nod in thought. “That’s a pretty good answer.”

    His shorts are back on, but his shirt has joined mine on the tree. We sit down together, and I dig into my backpack to find the PB&J sandwich I’d packed.

    “My turn, right?” he asks.

    I take a bite and nod.

    “What was going through your mind the first time we met?”

    “Oh man,” I say around a mouthful of peanut butter and bread, “what wasn’t going through my mind. So many things.” I swallow and pet Zeke’s head, nestled in my lap to beg for crumbs. “Mainly shock. Confusion. Adrenaline. Not logic or reason, that’s for sure.”

    “Why’d you ask me for coffee?”

    I smile. “Because you stayed. You sat down and entered my crazy world, asked me questions about my books, and then you stayed and helped me clean it all up. And you didn’t have to...but you did. You just… you took a step into my bubble, and I didn’t want you to leave.”

    I find his hand and entwine our fingers. “I guess I figured that the worst that could happen was you’d say no. Which I was honestly expecting, so...yeah. My turn. Why did you say yes?”

    I feed Zeke the last bite of my sandwich while I wait for him to answer. The last time I’d asked him that question he’d told me he didn’t know why. Judging by the contemplative look on his face, I’m hopeful he might have a different response this time.

    “So when I first saw you, huddled up behind your little fortress of books, I was honestly just curious as to what the hell you were doing. And then-” he looks up at me- “I don’t know, you just…talked to me, like I was anyone else. Treated me like a human being. Made me freaking jump through an obstacle course so I wouldn't mess up your thing rather than clearing the way for me. I loved that.” He grins. “And you’re beautiful, so that helped.”

    I blush and look down, intently studying my bare toes. He reaches out and pulls me into his side, pecking my temple in a quick kiss.

    “Alright, I’ve got one for you,” he continues. I look up, waiting, watching his face as he takes a minute to compose his words. “After your husband died, why did you start traveling? You kind of left everything behind and started new, which I can understand, but it also feels like the route you went was a little...extreme I guess?”

    I see the worry as he looks down to meet my gaze, like he’s afraid his question might have offended me. I smile gently, and he relaxes.

    “So after I got the news, after I buried him and after the whole storm of people had died down, I guess I just looked around our house one day and realized how empty it was. I hadn’t gotten rid of his stuff, so everything almost felt normal, like he was going to walk through the door at any second, like nothing had happened.” The feeling of the memory of that first month isn’t a pleasant one. The ache in my stomach reserved for that loss grows slightly. “And then Zeke, he didn’t understand what had happened. We’d let him smell the casket and everything, but he still didn’t get it, you know? So every day around six he was sitting at the front door, waiting for him to come home. And he wouldn’t leave that spot until I’d gotten into bed for the night.”

    “Hey, you good?” Dylan asks gently. His thumb brushes my cheek, and only then do I register that some tears had slipped through. I lean my head into his hand and take a deep breath.

    “I’m okay. It’s just hard to talk about.”

    “You don’t have to-”

    “No, I want to. I need to.” I clear my throat, take a breath. “So one day I woke up and knew I was going to drown if I stayed there any longer. I sold almost everything in one estate sale, listed and sold the house, took the equity and bought a camper van, and I just... took off with Zeke. I’ve been living off the leftover house money and his life insurance for a while now. The odd jobs I pick up help me find routine, provide some extra cash and keep me busy and connected to people.” I settle against his chest, and he wraps an arm around me, securing me to him. “But at some point I always get that itch to leave again. I’ve been planning the Colorado trip for a while now.”

    “When are you leaving?” he asks.

    “I think one week from today. I drop the van off at the mechanic tomorrow, and it should be done by Thursday.”

    “So we’ll both be adventuring at the same time, then.”

    I smile. “Yeah, but my trip is going to be way cooler than yours.”

    He laughs. “You’re probably right. When I get back, we’ll have to go somewhere together.”

    I stretch up, place a kiss on his cheek. He turns as I’m pulling back, his hand going behind my head, and he kisses me, slow and soft. My fingers find his hair, his bare arms, the muscles on his stomach, and he’s pulling me impossibly closer to him, to where I can feel his heartbeat against my own chest.

    Zeke suddenly lets out a loud bark, and we both jump, pulling apart with laughter.

    “Sorry, bud,” I say, “are we boring you?” He wags his tail at us, and I reach out to ruffle his ears. “Want to go back and ride around in the Jeep?” He barks again. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    Dylan stands and offers me a hand up. “Are you planning to sell your current house anytime soon?”

    I catch the double meaning in his question, and it makes me smile. “No, I’m going to keep this one. It’ll give me a place to come home to.”

    We put our now dry shirts back on and begin the trek back, his hand holding mine like a tether, leading me down our path.


    We drive aimlessly for the next few hours, taking winding back roads and enjoying the views and the weather. Twilight eventually finds us, and Dylan turns the Jeep towards home. We get back as the moon begins to peek out from behind the clouds, and I don’t even have to ask the question as Dylan shuts off the engine and follows me into my house, a bag slung over his shoulder.

    “So… do you want to take the first shower, or…?”

    He sets his bag on the floor. “We could arm wrestle for it.”

    “Well that hardly seems fair-” my words get stuck in my throat as his right hand trails down my arm, grabs my hand, pulls me closer to him, his left hand settling on the base of my waist- “f-for, uh, fair for you, that is.”

    “Oh yeah?” His hand is behind my neck now, eyes intently focused on me. “I think I could take you.”

    My heart is pounding rapidly in my chest, all of my senses on fire as he lowers his forehead to mine, our noses brushing.

    “Are you trying to take advantage of me, Dylan O’Brien?” I whisper.

    His nose slides down my cheek, his lips finding my neck, leaving a gentle kiss there and then brushing across my collarbone. “Me? Never.”

    “Because...two can play at that game.”

    His eyebrows go up, and a sly smile curls up the corners of his mouth. “I dare you.”

    My hands slide under his shirt, firmly grasping his waist, thumbs dipping under the hemline of his shorts. “Now that’s a dare I’m willing to take.”


    I wake up in a tangle of sheets and entwined limbs. I’m smushed into Dylan’s side, our legs hooked together, arms around each other’s torsos, my face in the crook of his neck. I let out a deep sigh, and he shifts under me.

    “Morning, sunshine,” he says quietly into my hair.

    I reposition myself so I can see his face. “Hey, you. How long have you been awake?”

    “A while. I didn’t sleep all that much.” He runs his hand through my messy hair. “You slept like a freaking rock, though.”

    My brow furrows. “You had trouble sleeping? Was it my fault? I could have-”

    “No, not your fault. I just-” his forehead creases, his hand still playing with my loose hair- “I had a lot on my mind last night.”

    “Anything you want to share?”

    Some of the tension leaves his face and is replaced with a small smile. “Mainly thinking about everything that’s going to happen in the next few months.”

    “Well, no one can predict the future.”

    “True, but there are some things I’d like to know.”

    “Well-” I pull myself up slightly, propping my head up in my left hand- “if you’re worried about being trampled to death by a moose in Canada, I can give you some of my best moose defensive moves.”

    “Oh my god-” his head falls back into the pillows- “it’s like you can read my mind.”

    I pull myself out of the covers and sit criss-cross on the bed, looking down at him. “Hey, everything is going to be great.”

    He opens one eye and looks at me. “Is your fourth job fortune telling?”

    I grin and pick up the hand resting on his chest, raise it to my lips and kiss the back of his fingers. “Maybe. With some things, at least. Now, let’s get you ready so you don’t miss your flight.”


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    「『ブラック・ジャック』第94話『サギ師志願』,第227話『刻印』, 第33話『獅子面病』」


    #Black Jack#BJ Manga #BJ Chapter: The Volunteer Swindler #BJ Chapter: Print Proof #BJ Chapter: Lion Face Disease #Vol. 10 #Vol. 9 #Tezuka Osamu#Manga#Anime
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sorry I've been neglecting this blog y'all! Quotes will be back tmrw uwu

    #ive been just taking a really boring art philosophy class and taking notes over a chapter takes me 10+ hours of pure agony #off topic
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    Comic on Deviantart Consider my Patreon

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  • everylevishot
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou - Levi #489

    Chapter 71 - 休みの日は自分を省みることで圧倒的成長 (Seventy-First Period: A Day Off is the Time to Try a Change and Maturity Like Nobody’s Business)

    Mr. Smith, even I think laughing at that is pretty mean.

    #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#snk#levi#every levi #shingeki! kyojin chuugakkou #chuugakkou manga #chuugakkou volume 10 #chuugakkou chapter 71 #chuugakkou manga 489 #chuugakkou manga levi #cleaning levi#smol levi#armin#eren#erwin#jean
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    In case someone forgot, it's my duty to remind you all this was Draken's face the moment he heard Emma calling Takemichi "yo, lil' coward <3" and he found out they already knew each other:


    #tokyo revengers#drakemma#draken#ken ryuguji#emma sano #draken x emma #tokyo revengers spoilers #tokyo revengers chapter 10 #tokyo revengers my comment and analysis
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    remembering how i was writing more fics at 12 than i am at 22... i wish i could just write more than 600-1000 words or if i could just commit to like 2k of a solid story. i wanna do multi chapter but lol

    #okay and tbf my fics at 12 were horrible #and ppl bullied me in my comments #but the point is that i like COULD write #shout out tho to my one kl//ance fic that’s 10 chapters long #and like 27k #idk how i managed that one #i have like 50 partially written fics #im DESPERATE to get this shit written and posted #speaks #okay to like and reply and rb
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    #this has been my brain 24/7 since reading chapter 10. brain damage #ramblings#stoja wiseman #also stoja changed so much from her initial design. baby. baby girl
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    There are cracks, moments where the facade slips just a bit. Not enough for Harrow to see that it’s there, or to understand why, or even to notice them sometimes -- but it slips.

    "A cavalier’s life is conflict,” Harrow tells Ortus. “She is a warrior, not a human-sized sponge.”

    She. A cavalier can be any gender, and the one before her is a man, but she uses she. 

    And when Harrow tells him, “I need a cavalier with backbone,” he replies simply -- “I am glad, I think, that I never became that cavalier.”

    As I re-re-analyze that reply, perhaps he means he’s glad he never changed himself to her mold -- but I certainly read it at first glance as... I never served as your cavalier. Because he didn’t. And perhaps an echo of him knows that, a scrpa of Harrow knows that, even as her memory tells her otherwise.

    #annika reads#quote #Harrow the Ninth #Tamsyn Muir #Harrow the Ninth: day 6 #Harrow the Ninth: chapter 10 #The Locked Tomb
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  • annikasafternoonread
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I gotta say, Ortus is much more obsequious and decorous than I would have expected from the few sentences we got in the last book. I would have expected him to be more bumbling and awkward and skittish -- I suppose taking any opportunity to share his masterpiece makes sense, but I would have thought him more cowed to Harrow, more begrudging in his duty, rather than willing obedience and a certain amount of backtalk. Is he blending with Gideon and her sass and fearlessness? Is he blending with Harrow and her ability to improvise out of any situation? Is he just stronger than I gave him credit for?  

    #annika reads#Tamsyn Muir #Harrow the Ninth #Harrow the Ninth: day 6 #Harrow the Ninth: chapter 10 #The Locked Tomb
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  • annikasafternoonread
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tamsyn Muir says we can have a little more Magnus and Abigail wholesomeness, as a treat, and I love her for it. 

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    Kiss Him, Not Me CHAPTER 35: The Girl That I Actually Like



    Chapter 1: https://evereadssweetmanga.tumblr.com/post/645929837409730560/kiss-him-not-me-chapter-1-unbelievably-this-is

    Previous part: https://evereadssweetmanga.tumblr.com/post/654188083861995520/kiss-him-not-me-chapter-35-the-girl-that-i

    Chapter 36: Coming soon!

    ight that was short um I'm going to binge watch how to train your dragon now bye

    #kiss him not me #watashi ga motete dousunda #manga #Kiss him not me chapter 35 part 10
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    outlining and writing is going Exceptionally Well. as you can tell. i swear it’ll turn out as readable human words,,,, eventually.

    (we’re actually 4k into some initial drafting, excluding the epilogue so that’s neat :>)

    #issalam #lychee's word trash #we're onto 8/9/10 and i'm struggling so much lmao #did i ever mention that i've had plans for literally every chapter #except 8 and 9? #yeah i wasn't even going to HAVE a tenth chapter in the first place until i was like But Cliffhangers #basically for the first time since starting i actually have to Think about this bullshit #which means probably another week of dropping into discord and spamming my chat with like #this garbage probably hjdkhsbhsksdhbfdkj
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