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  • What a messy situation Gale has gotten themselves into~ 

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  • Someone is angry :3

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  • https://archiveofourown.org/works/22318063/chapters/54578944

    Thanks for being patient for chapter 2, I’ve had the first half written for ages but I’ve only just finished it so here we are!

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  • Chapter 2 | Page 53

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  • Chapter 2: Cylinder

    Zuri turned around to see a boy just about her age, has a blonde hair that fades to white as it reaches to the hair tips and yellow eyes, wearing a light yellow shirt shirt under a white vest. “Who are you?” she asked. Mike answered in response “This is Sjau, and he’ll be carrying the box for you.” Zuri was confused, she knew Mike never had employees before. How long has he had this guy? “So is this a new thing you’re doing Mike?” she asked. Mike replied “Oh yes! You see, Sjau is a very handy person, and quite generous as well. He has been working for the past uhh…” unable to remember the days Sjau worked, Sjau reminded him “… One and forth of a month.” “that’s right, thank you Sjau” said Mike.

    Zuri had an odd feeling about this guy, but her thoughts were on hold ‘cause Athur walked over to Sjau and said “Hey! She didn’t asked your help either. So why don’t you just get out of my face?” Athur tried to threatened him with his deep masculine voice. It’s obvious that he us trying to get close with that girl. So Sjau answered “how can I get out of your face when you’re the one who made your face come to me?”

    Zuri chuckled as her hand nearly covered her mouth. It made Athur more angry so he grabbed Sjau by the arms and lifted him up. Is this guy for real? It’s obvious that girl isn’t interested in a guy like him. Perhaps Sjau just shattered Arthur’s pride a bit?

    Once Sjau is up in the air, Arthur said “You damn bastard! Are you trying to piss me off!?” and then Sjau quickly kicked him at the bottom of his chin. As Arthur felt his jaw hitting against this teeth, he lets go of Sjau’s arms. Sjau landed on his back. “Ow,” he mumbled “first time being carried by a different kind of monkey”

    Arthur recovered from the kick and charged at him with his fist. The punch’s impact was absorbed by the ground when Sjau dodged the punch. Arthur wanted to end this quickly, but Sjau just keeps on avoiding him. When he finally got Sjau where he wanted, Sjau pulled out a cylinder item from his vest.

    He hit Arthur with the end of the cylinder when he avoided his punch again. Once the cylinder touched Arthur, he felt a large voltage all through out his body. Making him fall on his back.

    It only stunned him for a moment before blacking out. “What happened?” Zuri questioned. Sjau answered “I only gave him a small shock. Guess I might have put in too much for him.” holding the cylinder.

    “But– What is that?” she demaned. “This is just something that I’ve been working on. It’s supposed to paralyze the person. But in his condition, just below average.”

    “whatever, will he be alright?”

    “I’d say, a minute?” said Sjau just before Arthur opened his eyes. “Or less.”

    Both of them glanced over Arthur. “You okay?” Asked Sjau, making sure there are no further damage.

    Arthur sat up the ground and scratches his head while Zuri and Sjau stepped back. “what the hell did you do to me?” he asked. Sjau replied “I just gave you a small shock.” Arthur responded “whatever it was, I’m out of here. Go do your job or whatever” while he stood up and walked away.

    So Sjau proceeded to do his job. Sjau walked towards the heavy box and Zuri said “let me he–” Before she could finish the sentence, Sjau lifted the box and placed it above his shoulder. Zuri was amazed about how strong he is. He’s carrying it like it was nothing.

    “c'mon, show me the way” Sjau asked. Zuri said “oh yeah, umm… Thanks for the parts Mike.” as she waved goodbye to him and walked away. Mike respond by waving back and said “Always able to help, Zuri”

    Just as the two of them left, Mike’s grandson came to him and asked “Hey grandpa, is Sjau travelling with big sis Zuri?”

    Mike responded “Yes he is. He’s carrying your old parts to her home”

    “Well, let’s hope that he’ll be alright. What do you think will happen if he entered Fróðleikrbjoð?” He asked

    “All we could do is have faith in him. He’s strong, remember that, Michael”

    “I know” said Michael

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  • So not a year in between parts but a couple months, so not to terrible. But anyways this is part two, I hope y’all like it. It kinda feels like its a bit all over the place but its really the only way I could get the story going in the way I wanted it to.

    Word Count: 1235

    Warnings: I think only curse word for this chapter

    Author: Me @bookchic20

    Part one

    And as always credit to gif maker


    Originally posted by mostly10

    -3 Months later in Wolsey, South Dakota -

    “FBI.” You say flashing your badge at the woman sitting behind the desk, before slipping it back into the inner pocket of your suit jacket.  

    “How can I help you agent…. Jett.” The woman says as she scrunches up her nose at you while chewing her gum obnoxiously.

    “I’m here to see the two bodies you’ve got in case number 982634. They might be in connection that we are currently investigating, you were supposed to be informed of me coming to look at them.” You say getting to the point.

    “Oh yeah it looks like you’re on the list, let me just buzz you back and if you go straight back it’s the last door on your left.” She says nodding to the door before pushing a button unlocking the door to the back.

    You nod at her as you head through the door walking back to the room she said. Walking back there you pass several other people all giving you a nod as they walk by till you get to the last door. You knock before being called in. When you get in there is an older gentleman siting at a desk typing away.

    “You must be agent Jett. I ‘m Doctor Steve Stevenson, yes I know the names a bit crazy but eh what am I gonna do.” He chuckles to himself as he turns back to the computer and looks as if he is logging off. “So, I have the three bodies you were coming to look at.”

    “Three? I was told there were only two bodies.”

    “We got a new one in late last night. I just got finished going over it a few minutes ago. It seemed like it might be the same type of case as the other two. So, I figured you might want to look at it too.” He says as he leads you over to the tables with the bodies on them. “Here they are, do you need anything from me or anything I could help you with.”

    “Um… no thank you actually you’ve been very helpful so far. If I could just have a little while by myself, please the case I’m working on is highly classified.” You say as you pick up the notes he has laying by the tables and start to thumb through them.

    “Yes of course if you need anything just use the phone and call extension 4675.” He says before turning and walking out the room.

    Hmm… what a sweet old man. Too bad he doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s actually dealing with. Eh anyway let’s see if my hunch is correct. You shrug your shoulders as you continue to read the report. Nodding your head when you find what you’re looking for. Yep there it is no hearts in all three of them. Alright well let’s get the dirty part over and just double check. Rolling up your sleeves you pull some gloves on before removing part of the covering on the bodies.

    Reaching in you discover that there are indeed no hearts and it looks like it was clawed and bit out. Sighing to yourself you check the other two bodies before removing your gloves and tossing them in the trash Damn it I hate when I’m right about stuff like this. Fucking werewolves, and by the looks of the different sizes of marks, more than one.

    You look down groaning. There’s no way I’m going to be able to handle this on my own. Hopefully Bobbys got some people nearby he can send. Hell, I’m close enough he might volunteer to help. Ha you laugh to yourself, Lets hope not even Bobby Singer shouldn’t take on multiple werewolves.

    -A few towns over outside of Sioux Falls South Dakota -

    “Bobby come on man tell me.” Dean grumbles, as he grabs a beer out of the fridge, and tosses one to his brother and Bobby.

    “Boy! How many times do I gotta tell you, No!” Bobby says popping the cap of the bottle off and taking a long swig.

    “But Bobby…” Dean starts before Bobby interrupts.

    “Don’t make me repeat myself Dean. I said no I told her I wouldn’t tell you why she left.” Bobby continues as he takes yet another long swig. “That’s between you two to figure out. None of my busy to get in the middle of.”

    “He’s got a point Dean.” Sam nods toward Bobby.

    “Shut up Sammy.” Dean responds, throwing his bottle cap at his brother. “You know you wanna know where she is too.”

    “Yeah I do, but she obviously doesn’t want us to know where she is, or she would have already contacted us by now.” Sam states as a phone starts to ring in the other room.

    Bobby heads out of the room to grab the phone mumbling under his breath. “Hello.” He says answering the phone.

    -Back in Wolsey, South Dakota in your hotel room-

    “Hey Bobby, Yeah its (Y/N). Yeah no I’m fine. I need some help with a case though.” You say into the phone.

    “What do you need and where are you. I’ll see who I can get out to you as soon as I can.” Bobby responds.

    “I’m in a real small town not to far from you actually. Wolsey.” You say looking at a map. “You ever hear of it?”

    “I can’t say that I have, but I see it here on the map.” Bobby looks at his map tracing a path to Wolsey, and then gets a smile on his face. “What exactly are you needing help with?”

    “Hearts missing, multiple different sizes of claw and teeth marks.” You say nonchalantly.

    “Werewolves.” He states.


    “You know I think I got a couple of guys that could help you with the job and they’re only about 2 hours or so away from you.”  He smiles.

    “Alright hold on a minute.” You open a text on your phone and send Bobby the address of the suspected home of the werewolves, and your hotel into in case they want to meet there. “Alright Bobby I just sent you an address where I’m pretty sure the wolves are staying its some old farmhouse that’s been empty for a while, but when I went by there, I saw some sleeping bags and fresh food.”

    “Alright the boys will be there as soon as they can.” He says still grinning from ear to ear.

    “Bobby?” You question.

    “Yeah? What?”

    “Never mind.” You say shaking your head not able to shake this strange feeling in your mind. “It’s nothing. I’ll be waiting for your people.”

    “Alright kid. Then why don’t you swing by the house afterwards. Its been awhile since I’ve seen ya.”

    “I know Bobby. I’ll try to swing by soon, alright. Talk to you soon, bye.” You hang up the phone and sigh.

    You really do wish you could see Bobby more often but the chance of running into him is just too high.

    -Back at Bobby’s-

    “Boy’s, I have a case for you.”

    “What have ya got Bobby.” Sam asks.

    “An old friend of mine needs some help with a couple werewolves, a few towns over.”

    “Alright were on it.” Dean says knowing he’s not going to get any more information out of Bobby and would rather just throw himself into his work.

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  • You receive a message on your tablets early in the morning. 

     "[Shu-hua Chiu] Hello! Sorry for the short notice, but I’d like to hold a workshop this afternoon. We’ll be reviewing self-defense techniques. This also doubles as a chance to work out, because everyone loves a good work out! 

    [Shu-hua Chiu] …Or is that just me? 

    [Shu-hua Chiu] Anyway! I’d very much appreciate it if you showed up. Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for exercising in. If you don’t have any, I’ll gladly lend you some! 

    [Shu-hua Chiu] See you then. It’ll be held in the arena area.“ 

    Sure enough, some new posters have joined the others in the hallway leading to the Action Set. They’re signs detailing everything that she mentioned in her text message. The posters are a tad overloaded with smiley faces. Someone’s either overly enthusiastic, nervous, or both! Either way, why not head on over to the arena and see what’s going on?

    [Event continued on Discord!]

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  • Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 | Top Secret Launch Trailer

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    • A lady tucked a pencil behind her ear, strolling onto the scene of the crime. There was police tape around a bush outside of the house in question and Kathrine Plumber sighed lightly. The body had already been taken by a forensic team, Kathrine would be given the details about the body found later, she was just here to look for other clues with her partner that was trailing behind her. Jack Kelly was holding a camera in his hands tightly following her into the house, ready to investigate the alleged murder of Antonio Higgins.
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