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  • pryde-of-the-x-men
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Was thinking about how Exodus’s powers fluctuate in strength depending on how much others and he believes in himself

    I feel like this kind of summarizes it -

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  • bookwyrminspiration
    16.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #people who can associate music with characters amaze me #I do not understand how you hear the words and go oh it's like Blorbo from My Shows/Books #yet here you are!! doing it!! #but back to linh #I wish we'd gotten to see more of her power from her perspective #the short stories are interesting but they always go by so fast #especially compared to how long the books are #I want novellas of them #quil's queries#tiergan-andrin-alenefar#kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #kotlc music#linh song #kotlc character analysis
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  • ksfd89
    16.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Character Choices

    Regarding the discourse surrounding various choices made by Lorelai, Rory and other characters (but mostly Lorelai and Rory), I think there is an issue in not recognising that the characters do various things not because they are thoughtless or for some ambiguous reason, but to move the character or storyline forward.

    People often criticise Rory for being thoughtless or OOC, in contrast to how she was portrayed in the early seasons.  An example of this is her sleeping with Dean in S4, stealing the yacht and dropping out of Yale in S5 and 6 or, to a lesser degree, boldly kissing Logan at her grandparents’ wedding.  These choices aren’t intended to make the viewer think that Rory dismissing who she is, they are intended to show that she is struggling with adapting to adulthood and no longer is comfortable in her Chilton and Stars Hollow world. While these are not necessarily wise choices for Rory to make, they are consistent with her character as, in S2, Rory impulsively skips school and unintentionally misses Lorelai’s graduation to see Jess and later kisses him when he surprises her by returning at the wedding.  Rory has always acted on impulse. In these instances, Rory is not written as being unthinking towards her responsibilities and relationships, but as beginning to break away from her childhood and a new role she isn’t sure how to navigate.  In AYITL Rory makes a series of poor choices, but the writing isn’t to make the viewer loathe her.  The writing is aiming to show that Rory’s world isn’t as sure anymore, so she falls into bad habits, such as secretly seeing Logan as a means of escapism.  At the end of the series Rory wakes up to this and calls it off.  Ending things with Logan and writing her book are intended to show that Rory has found her way again (with the pregnancy for complication).  Although Rory is still in a state of indecision she has more clarity than when AYITL began.

    Similarly, Lorelai’s decisions reflect her character and overall plot.  For example, when leaving her parents at sixteen, the point is not to make Lorelai seem cruel or uncaring towards Richard or Emily, but to show her strong need for independence and to raise Rory in a world free from judgement.  When breaking up with Max and going back to Christopher, the aim is not to make Lorelai seem heartless or naive, but to emphasise that she acknowledges that the marriage with Max would be for the wrong reasons and a years-long wish that Christopher could get it together and be a father (which Lorelai is eventually realistic about).  Lorelai puts up walls as she is afraid of being vulnerable and when she fights with Luke or Rory it is often to show that she is hurt or scared, not that she is trying to be selfish or unkind. When Lorelai tries to be honest with Emily or Richard, or is vulnerable with Christopher, she is often hurt in response.  In defence, Lorelai frequently shuts people out and puts on a brave face.

    Other characters, such as Jess, are often perceived in black or white terms, with the angry young boy who arrives in Stars Hollow cast as Jess’s whole personality and fate for life. When Jess arrives he is rude and sarcastic to Luke and Lorelai, causing viewers, like most of the townsfolk, taking it as proof that he is ‘no good’ and a bad kid.  In the writing, though, Jess’s actions are largely explained by his background: his mother was heavily into pot, moved around a lot and had a series of boyfriends who stole from her and possibly worse.  Amongst this instability, Jess is forced to move away and live with an uncle he has never met.  He is angry and defensive, distrusting the adults in his life and lashing out.  Later, when in a relationship with Rory, Jess misses a lot of school to work in Walmart, eventually dropping out and, after being kicked out by Luke, finally leaves without saying goodbye to Rory in order to see his father who suddenly returned to his life.  Although few would argue that these are good decisions, they aren’t intended to show that Jess is bad news.  They are intended to show that he is a young guy who doesn’t know how to deal with communication and relationships as he has never had an example.  His outburst asking Rory to run away with him isn’t Jess trying to be demanding but a misguided attempt to show love.  Between this time and S6, Jess becomes a happy, adjusted adult, yet this is not always accepted. There is an argument that as the viewer doesn’t see what occurs in ‘missing time’ offscreen, the ‘full story’ isn’t being shown.  In fiction, however, there is no ‘missing time’ unless it is explicitly stated.  It isn’t relevant that the viewer doesn’t see exactly how Jess grows up; the point is that he does so. The fact that viewers aren’t shown it doesn’t negate Jess’s character development.   It is no coincidence that, as when Rory helped Jess at his low point in S2, he inspires Rory during hers in S6 and AYITL.

    In general, of course, writing choices and bad decisions are not mutually exclusive.  Lorelai, Rory, Jess and characters such as Emily and Richard all make choices which can be stupid or thoughtless.  The point, though, is that these decisions are not made to make the viewer hate said character. The point to consider why this writing choice has been made, how it progresses the character and plot.  As a side note, viewers generally tend to be a lot harder on female characters.  The understanding that Jess and occasionally Luke are sometimes unfair or closed off due to things they’re dealing with is rarely extended to Lorelai and especially not to Rory.  She cannot remain who she was at the beginning of the series, and often stumbles as she figures out adulthood.  Gilmore Girls is a show about people and about life.  Everyone makes choices which are complicated and sometimes stupid, particularly those made in youth or times of transition.  The question is not if the characters are good or bad, the question is why they have been written to make the choices they have.  The answer is often nuanced, as is a lot of life.  

    #Gilmore Girls#lorelai gilmore#rory gilmore#jess mariano#analysis #I have been wanting to write this for WEEKS but had papers to finish #there was a lot more I could have said about other characters #and sometimes life getting in the way affecting storylines like Dave going to California #and a lot of literati stuff #but this is long enough
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  • misssylvertongue
    16.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Jinx + mental issues through the show (including ptsd)

    #arcaneedit#jinxedit#*mental issues #i'm not a specialist !! #so don't be angry at me #i only based this on some analysis i had read #and my personal point of view #character: powder/jinx #tv show: arcane #jinx
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  • thedarkesthistories
    16.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Where did the How to Get Away with Murder characters go to college?

    Michaela Pratt / Yale University Mentioned in passing during the final season, Michaela went to Yale for undergrad and was on the pre-medical track.

    Wes Gibbins / Community College (near Willowick) During a conversation between Wes and Rebecca, Wes mentions going to Community College and then finishing his degree in night school.

    Connor Walsh / Boston University, not confirmed Big city is somewhat of a characteristic of a college I see Connor weighing down a lot. Great school, no doubt he might’ve gone there.

    Laurel Castillo / Brown University This was actually confirmed in the show. She fit well into Browns more liberal style and with her top grades and the influence of her parents, it is spot on.

    Asher Millstone / University of Pennsylvania, not confirmed Asher’s college was big on sororities and frats (Penn recognises Greek life as opposed to Princeton where he might’ve actually been), in addition to the prestige of an Ivy and possible legacy, this is very likely where Asher went for his bachelors.

    Gabriel Maddox / University of Chicago, not confirmed He has multiple times been mentioned to have taken care of his mother, and seeing as he was an exceptional student was was originally from Chicago, it makes sense for him to have graduated from UChicago.

    Bonnie Winterbottom / Middleton University Bonnie was hired as one of the K4 at 25 in 2004, making her finish college at 24. As Annalise approached Bonnie in early 2002, it means that not only did Bonnie finish college in two years but started at 22-23 when Annalise had an assistant professor position at Middleton. She guided Bonnie through her schooling so it makes sense for her to have gone to Middleton.

    + Bonus Annalise Keating / The University of Tennessee

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  • i-got-the-feels
    16.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    This whole conversation. This is Vlad wishing Karl good luck on his journey, wishing that they could be on the same path but knowing that they cannot - not without him regressing backwards or without pulling an unready Karl forwards.

    So while, Karl who still wants to stay inside (Cab we stay here forever?) will reach outside, Vlad (I want to be out there) will be there to welcome him, and hold his hand and guide him. But for now, until then, it has to be a goodbye.

    And it is no one's fault but the world's that makes queer people think they have to hide their love and have to be brave to express their love.

    (Also, how I wish Eric and Adam's bridge breakup scene had gone- like while Eric didn't outright blame Adam and its even fair he wants to break up- I don't think he appreciated Adam enough and that hurts)

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  • jostenneil
    16.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i just do not see the fundamental value to viewing batman as an addiction. no other superhero’s work is viewed as an addiction and Yes that’s bc bruce is a bit different in terms of what motivates him towards his crusade in the first place, but his problems are with how he, himself, as a human being, fails to cope with trauma. the problems are not with the suit or the fact that he wants to save people and do good. that is always something worth doing and it’s annoying to see writers tackling a character who will realistically never quit being a hero with the angle of “actually him being a hero is a problem” as if it will actually take them to any place of value

    #bruce wayne#dc#mine:media analysis #like the thing is. bruce has an inability to overcome certain issues #but the suit isn’t an escape #people who act like it’s an escape are just leading themselves into a dead end with his entire character arc #there has to be a belief that he decided to put the suit on bc he wanted to do good #what do you even have of substance without that belief?
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  • wilburlives
    16.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Quackity and Wilbur are actually a lot alike. Both used to be so hopeful and idealistic and a certain kind of innocent that heroes posses. But time changed them. They still act very similarly- coy, careful, strategic, petty, and even have somewhat similar speech patterns. Quackity just acts more formal. But Wilbur can fake even that. And inside they still are those big, inspiring goofballs they used to be. The difference is that quackity is trying to hide who he was, and wilburs somewhat using it to hide what he now is.

    Idk it’s late and it made more sense in my head

    #dsmp character analysis #dsmp analysis #c!wilbur #c!quackity
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  • odekirk
    16.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #inbox #i haven’t Studied succession the way i’ve Studied better call saul so my feelings toward the characters are in no way an analysis #it’s just a feeling i have
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  • cherryblossomshadow
    16.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Silco & Jinx

    Silco is a great villain. He's objectively right in wanting to establish independence from Piltover. He has a menacing demeanor, and his words skillfully twist so many to his side.

    But even more than that, from a character perspective, Silco is so much more complex than you'd expect from Arc 1. And it's his relationship with Jinx that makes him so interesting. It’s fun because it's not a completely Good or Bad relationship. Jinx really humanizes Silco. He was pretty cartoonish in Arc 1, but through Jinx, not only do we see him doing his twisted version of nurturing and encouraging, but without Jinx, he wouldn't be doing any nurturing or encouraging. Like Jinx isn't just a vehicle for showcasing his nicer tendencies, she's the reason he has that spark of humanity at all.

    However, while Silco gives Jinx the father figure she craves, gives her purpose and reassurance, he is also extremely damaging to her mental state. Manipulating her away from her sister, rewarding bad behavior, etc.

    Off the top of my head, most relationships are straightforward - mutually beneficial, mutually detrimental, or parasitic. This one is complex in a fun way. And has the added bonus of Jinx being in no way bound to this relationship. She could leave at any time.

    But he continually tells her that he's the only one who cares about her, etc (Yikes!). Yet, he is also a huge simp for her though she continually causes problems for him that he just … sweeps away. So yeah. Complex!

    #arcane series #jinx nee powder #arcane jinx#arcane silco#i post#i speak#character analysis#ship analysis #platonic or otherwise #god i have to figure out a better tag for that #i'll cede the point of caring about the zaunites #ugh i typed so many drafts trying to frame things nicely #whatever #he was in a hard place #and he honestly doesn't have enough power to right all the wrongs he tried to #my point is that he was a pretty classic villain in Arc 1 #drug distribution#and#child labor #are normally things associated with villains #i ramble in the tags
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  • elviriel
    16.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    a black sails musing that i had the other day is how i personally associate most characters to a physical place that's not at sea except for silver and vane. as in, i associate flint with miranda's house, eleanor with the inn/the fort, max with the brothel/the inn, jack with the brothel, madi with the camp, etc., but that's not the case for vane and silver for me. even when they spend a fair amount of time in certain places, such as the camp or the fort, i don't have that person x place association that i do with other characters. they don't have "homes" to me, aside from maybe their ships and i think about the fathoms deep podcast, where they presented the notion that silver and vane are very much opposites, in the sense that silver works in personas and molding himself to what the situation needs, while vane is very much a "what you see is what you get" person

    and idk it's interesting that they're somehow united in my eyes in this lack of grounding- for vane, it's probably due to be that aversion to domesticity and what he views as compliance, and for silver, the fact that he's so slippery that he can't really settle anywhere there's no real point to this post aside from the fact that it's interesting

    #black sails #black sails ramblings #just realizing i don't think i associate billy to a place either but it may be because i don't really think about billy that much xD #he's not a character that awakens meta/analysis in me
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  • bookdragonlibrary
    15.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    (adding @sparklyaxolotlstudent because their thoughts are interesting about the subject)

    Adrien didn't try to murder Alya. Cataclysm will only do that on a civil and he knew Scarabella wasn't one. She was a miraculous holder who stole the earrings to Ladybug (and hurt her doing so) or a sentimonster. A cataclysm would have make a sentimonster go berserk but wouldn't have destroyed her and against a miraculous holder it would only hurt just like in Miraculer. It was said during the episode Ladybug the suit of a miraculous holder makes them invulnerable so a cataclysm wouldn't kill them.

    I think out of anger, Chat noir was trying to see what he was dealing with first. He probably didn't want to be manipulated just like in the episode Ladybug.

    Be careful when you use words, especially heavy ones like murder!

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  • offwrldfairy
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I was shuffling around some OC ideas and it brought up a lot of questions I have about the fairy tail universe, which turned into headcanons about laxus

    under the cut because but lemme know your opinions!

    I love the series but the worldbuilding opened up a lot of avenues that probably couldn’t be approached in a PG-13 manner.

    Ivan Dreyar is a great example; it’s said that Laxus was a sickly child and insinuated that he was a source of disdain/embarrassment for his father, which is why Ivan implanted the lacrima in Laxus

    Basing it off this timeline (major spoilers for the whole series), I would say children usually manifest their magic between the ages of 4 to 6, which means Ivan would have noticed Laxus falling behind in his developmental milestones and implanted the lacrima around 7 or 8 years old which is super fucked up to me, he basically mutilated his chronically ill son for what? his ego? financial gain?

    Ivan would later tell Gajeel that he’s going to extract the lacrima, possibly at the cost of his son’s life as its power has grown exponentially over the years that Laxus had it

    This leads me to believe Laxus has massive reserves of magical energy from Dreyar genetics (similar to Cana and Gildarts) OR Laxus’s sickness was a result of the fact that his body could not process or contain the ethernano from the atmosphere, leaving him with a moderate but chronic condition of magic deficiency syndrome, which can be fatal in severe cases (this one’s my personal fave)

    the lacrima may have either fed on that power and stored it OR stabilized his magical container enough to allow Laxus to function as a mage, somewhat like a magical pacemaker (the removal of which could have fatal consequences) ((Iron Man’s arc reactor would be the best comparison in fantasy as it’s a lifesaving device that grants the user immense power))

    If the latter theory is the reason, I suspect that the reason not many people know about it is because the implantation of this kind of lacrima as treatment for MDS is considered illegal and unethical with a high mortality rate, which is why Ivan did it himself and kept it hush 

    In the same vein, it’s common fanon that the scar and its distinct lightning shape are from the lacrima and while there’s no scar when the lacrima is implanted (see above) it’s possible that Ivan might have sedated him and manually made the scar, as an outward reminder for Ivan that Laxus is useful and he should remember to protect his investment even though that’s his child and he should protect him regardless. Why? Because Ivan’s a sociopath  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    To be specific, antisocial personality disorder (general tw for the link). I’ve seen some people classify him as a narcissist but  ASPD includes intense physical aggression and unlawful behaviour (please note that I am not an actual psychologist, I am rambling about a fictional character that we have very little canon information on)

    In Ivan’s twisted mind, he feels vindicated by taking the “stain” on his reputation as a powerful mage (his disabled or chronically ill child) and exploiting it for his personal gain, fueling his god complex with the knowledge that Laxus now relies on the lacrima to live but Ivan can take it away when he pleases

    What’s also messed up is that in Laxus’s backstory flashback, he is well into his teens when Ivan is finally expelled

    Makarov is not exactly the most attentive or well-adjusted parent, so if we’re following my earlier theory on the lacrima implantation, it is possible that Ivan is expelled because Makarov finds out (years later) what he did to Laxus, which would deepen the rift between all three Dreyar men 

    Makarov feels guilty because in prioritising Fairy Tail, he neglected Ivan, who would continue the abusive cycle with Laxus

    Laxus feels guilty because while Makarov’s official reason is that Ivan endangered a member of the guild, Laxus knows that he is the guild member that caused the excommunication

    Ivan doesn’t feel guilt but he is furious that the details of his ‘investment’ is not only exposed to a Wizard Saint, but the one man who has the power to protect Laxus from him and control where he goes and (to an extent) what he does

    #laxus dreyar#ivan dreyar#makarov dreyar#fairy tail #laxus character analysis #laxus lore#mine#laxus headcanon #I'm sorry my grammar is really inconsistent #I've been thinking about this all day and I'm really tired lol #all because I wanted to write a modern au where laxus has to do community service after fantasia and finally meets normal ppl his age #I'm more of an academic than a creative so this is my fave kind of thing
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  • baetidae
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    éowyn is superstitious, she would not fuck a monster


    éowyn is hubristic, she would fuck a god

    #dredging the depths of character analysis #although #i will say that she is 'aware' of gods she respects them #but she doesn't /fear/ them which is an important distinction #but like supernatural ala monsters / wizards / etc she sees #as separate / discordant to the sort of hedge magick of #the gods or the fates or peddlers / etc these sort of things #that she is used to are fine even if she doesn't always #put stock in them but things like dragons / vampires / or #other 'not of this world' creatures these are things to be #distrusted or avoided i don't know i'm rambling just take #it as it is she is not a monster fucker we have it on record #also she herself is god-touched so who is keeping count
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  • bookwyrminspiration
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #I think it also depends on how much you relate to Fintan how queer-coded you see him #because I don't really relate to him so I don't see him as queer #but I am one of many experiences and just because I don't immediately see it doesn't mean it isn't there #I'd love to talk more about it!! #but I'm going off memory here and I didnt pay a lot of attention to fintan the last time I read so it's fuzzy #now I'm curious to reread it and see if I'd think him more queer this time through #kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #quil's queries#nonsie#fintan pyren #kotlc character analysis
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  • i-got-the-feels
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Bad Buddy Episode 5/Bad Buddy Episode 11

    Pran: It's okay Pat, you don't always have to be strong one. The brave one. I can be too. It's my turn to take care of you.

    Pat: I just asked because that's who I am when I am with you. To me, it is my expression of love for you. How can that be difficult?

    Pran: I know, which is why I am saying, now it is my turn to express my love and care for you. Let me do it, na?

    And of course let's Pran do that. Because it is his Pran and he is Pat.

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  • i-got-the-feels
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    They did not break up for the their parents. Or because they don't trust in their love.

    They broke up because they love each other completely for who they are as individuals. Not just as each other's romantic partner.

    And as individuals they have their own dreams, hopes and aspirations. Dreams that they cannot currently fulfil without their parent's financial support and stability.

    You know how much the word silly hurts? Because even Pat knows that just because they are away from their parents the shadows cast by them don't go away. That their time in this bubble of happiness is a mirage, like oasis, like sand between fingers - there but not really there. So all they can do is become a part of the illusion for some time, create it further and then gain strength from that to live survive the reality.

    That is why he thanks Pran for never once leaving him alone, once he committed to the illusion that is. For not leaving him on the beach, like he left him on the roof. For not reminding him that this is an illusion before he was ready to do so.

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  • time-variance-archive
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Character appreciation post : He Who Remains

    I'm making this post because I don't think He Who Remains recieves enough attention and love from the fandom.

    First of all, you won't see me calling him Kang for one simple reason : he's not a Kang anymore. The same way calling Sylvie Loki (unless it's to call her "a Loki" which is different), calling him Kang feel very wrong to me. He chose another destiny for himself, and he's a very, very different character from Kang (at least the comic versions of Kang)

    Who is Kang ?

    In the comic books, Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang the Conqueror, has been a dictator several times, but it's not it's ultimate goal in life. His first motivation is war for the sake of war, and of course victory. Back in his youth, Richards was a young man from a very peaceful future, sometimes a bullied kid, or at least someone who didn't fit in his society and dreamt of more brutal times, when life was actually dangerous.

    Then, one day, he found Dr Doom's lair and stole his time machine. He thinks he's Doom's descendant, even if he was named after his ancestor Nathaniel Richards and his probably a descendant of Reeds Richards (I think he's canonically both). His first step was in Anciant Egypt, where his technology allowed him to become the Pharaoh Rama Tut. But he quickly became bored of ruling and started new wars at several places in time, before he discovered the multiverse (that he has probably caused himself with his time travel).

    The recent comics confirm the idea that Kang is motivated by adrenaline, and in some way a dark version of Doctor Who bumbling through space and time with no real goal. He's often depicted as a bored man who has nothing more to achieve and sometimes even revels in potentially mortal danger. Even his love life is made of boredom and contradictions : he desires the beautiful princess Ravonna, but everytime he manages to get her on his side, he becomes bored with her and regrets the days she was fierce and independant.

    And who is He Who Remains ?

    In the comics, HWR is the last director of the TVA, who's mission is to assure the reboot of the universe when its death is imminant. He's a very old man, and even if he's been rumored to be a Kang variant, it was stated he is not.

    MCU's version is a mix of comics HWR and Immortus, the ultimate version of Kang. This variant is the last surviving Kang, an older and wiser man who found inner peace in his citadel at the end of time with a Ravonna variant he "rescued" from his own counterpart (while still being extremely abusive to her, at least psychologically). He even got a son called Marcus Immortus (yes it's funny and his design is as stupid as you can imagine a 80s Marvel character to be).

    Why do I love Loki's version of HWR ?

    First of all, I really love the idea of merging the TVA, Immortus and Alioth in a single faction. It makes things simple and give all of them a consistant role that I find a bit more interesting than all of them separately. In the comics, the Time Keepers exist as physical entities who do what they are meant to do : keep the universe in order so it can reboot correctly at the end of times. As I already said in this post, I think making the Time Keepers a lie was a clever writing choice.

    I also really appreciate how he mirrors Sylvie. Both are characters who have explicitely refused their assigned purpose. She's a Loki who has the powers of an Enchantress, he's a Nathaniel Richards who became He Who Remains. His whole purpose as a Kang was to live a life of meaningless destruction and chaos, but he chose order and a purpose higher than himself (in his own mind). I ultimately don't think HWR is a villain, at least not in the traditional sense. He sees himself as a protector of the multiverse, and he effectively brough peace in the world and probably made a lot of sacrifices for it. Yet, he's self aware about the death he caused and calls himself a villain. Unlike Thanos, though, he doesn't cry over a crime he's about to commit, but he assumes his own responsibilities.

    But there's another aspect of HWR that I find fascinating : his visibly very unstable mental health. He's been stuck in his tower reading MCU scripts for probably centuries (which is a very miserable life, we all agree ^^). While he did what he had to do to stop his variants from coming to life, he also likely regrets the life he's been missing out. Just like Sylvie is ultimately showing her Loki colors, betraying the one she loves because of her trauma and her need to fullfil her "Glorious Purpose", HWR shows excitement when he talks about his variants. He also implies he has their memories, another power of Kang who can absorb his variant's minds and possess their bodies at will. The Kang sculpture in the last sequence shows Kang's true colors finally won. Unlike the discreet, "benevolent" HWR who didn't seek any personal glory, this new TVA director is acting like the boastful and megalomaniac Kang from the comics.

    Finally, I want to praise Jonathan Majors for his terrific acting. His portrayal of HWR is very unsettling at first, and I think most of us felt disapointed at the first viewing. And that's the point. HWR isn't this charismatic big MCU villain we all expected. He's just a man, and not a very impressive one. He's acting silly, seems a bit pathetic and doesn't even fight back (which is the creepiest thing in the whole show in my opinion).

    For all those reason, I am really fond of this character, and part of me wants him to have some sort of a redemption arc because he did have the best intents (and he's also very sweet and goofy). I don't think it's going to happen, though my personal way to end the multiversal war would be to fix what leads people like Nathaniel Richards to become supervillains. Maybe a bit of healthy competitive hobby would save the multiverse ^^.

    #character analysis #he who remains #kang the conqueror
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