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  • floresance
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #❀ 。 *   ⑊   rhythm  takes  hold  …  no  time  for  fear.   ›   in  character. #❀ 。 *   ⑊   a  girl  made  of  both  silk  and  steel.   ›   semblance. #❀ 。 *   ⑊   steady  your  heart  …  find  your  beat.   ›   answered. #❀ 。 *   ⑊   may  her  steps  and  her  heart  be  light  as  air.   ›   portrayal. #❀ 。 *   ⑊   grace  enough  to  mask  her  doubts.   ›   musing. #❀ 。 *   ⑊   a  dance  of  two  hearts  reunited  in  war.   ›   irelia. ( defyances )
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  • trshmouth
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    me: i am not sure if i am writing richie ‘richie’ enough. 

    me also: im protective of w/e richie i Am writing tho

    #we love to write ocs here #bc? i do very much enjoy writing him either way... #this is dumb i realize this #like no one actually care it's tumblr rp. me feeling like i have to explain my portrayal for some reason #i think my writing got a bit caught on this bc idk if anyone expects just remake richie u know? even tho all i do is explain Canon Divergent #but genuinely thats what it's about no one writes a character the same or reads them the same #tbd im sitting here cranky i can't write
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  • wdova
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    ok so the new black widow run (2021) and widowmakers: yelena belova and red guardian will influence yelena's personality.

    #codename widow ; out of character. #i really like the interactions with natasha and it fits with my portrayal of them as sisters like #i also vibe with just the widows and the idiot pair bucky and clint amazing #and widowmakers i just thought was neat
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  • intelligent-trash
    03.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    tbh the way that Kate manipulated Jo’s obvious feelings for her then brushed it off like it never happened really rubs me up the wrong way, like girl kinda has issues with how she relates to women in particular and its v oof honestly

    #line of duty #Kate fleming #lowkey have been put off her character by this ngl #like the trope of a straight woman playing on a queer woman's feelings for her for her personal gain? uhhh #Kate comes off as v manipulative and self-serving #and sure she gets her comeuppance for that in the way that her personal life is essentially in shambles #but equally #it really does feel off #props to Vicky McClure tho she is fab at acting it all but jed lowkey wtf #idk the writing of Kate seems really screwed up and treating her as a plot device without feelings and for that to be our main 'good' female #portrayal seems v yikes honestly #also her whole season was about how she was happier away from ac-12 only to go back at the end uh what? #ffs jed#flemson
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  • trunksgender
    03.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    honestly the way palace (aka valese in the english dub) is portrayed is very interesting to me like. on one hand it seems like its supposed to be a "oh isnt it funny she doesnt know about anything!!" thing but on the other hand the way goten approaches this aspect of her is so genuine that it makes you wonder if her character is even meant to be played for a joke at all??

    like i suppose it could easily be intended to make fun of goten too for being patient with and nonjudgmental of her lack of knowledge about stuff but from where i stand it just shows that hes a really thoughtful person and that youre supposed to agree with him that like. yeah its unusual & unexpected that palace doesnt know what a hamburger is but that doesnt mean she should be judged for it cuz like hey not everyone has the same kind of experiences in life! shes just sheltered and that doesnt mean anything about her as a person

    i also think its really good that goten was specifically shown to have an awareness that her lack of knowledge makes her vulnerable & to protect her from potentially being hurt or manipulated

    it would have been easy for them to go down a route of like,, him praying on her naivety or something, but thats explicitly shown to not be the case and. idk they did goten a lot of justice in gt thats all i can say ! feminist king

    (as a sidenote i wanted to make it clear that this isnt meant to be a ship post between them lol)

    #ive been told that there are people who ship these two and i dont get it lol #this is just my thoughts on the portrayal of palace and a bit o goten character analysis #dragon ball #dragon ball gt #son goten#valese#dbgt#goten#palace
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  • protomun
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    In Defense of Essek Thelyss / For those who think that Essek hasn’t been punished enough: “Punishment” for treason would almost certainly be death. (Thanks @spades1360 for confirming this from the Explorer's Guide). Essek chose, following the conversation with the M9, to exile himself from the comforts he’s enjoyed his whole life - comforts that he went to every extreme to have access to, and the power associated with them - both to protect himself and to give himself distance to see his circumstances clearer. He's relinquished his lab, his tomes, his research - all of it, the cumulation of everything he cared about prior to meeting the Nein - and has been living in harsh conditions with the daily, looming possibility of actual danger. AND!, for the first time, he is taking responsibility for the lives of the people around him (“this is my outpost and I have to protect these people”), something the Essek they originally met would not have cared for, and a responsibility he only left when he was needed more by his friends on an adventure that would ultimately decide the fate of not just the outpost but possibly the whole world.

    Let’s also not skip aside - If he were to own up to his part in the war, he would also be revealing the Cerberus Assembly’s part in the war in full, and that likely wouldn’t happen without putting his friends in further jeopardy. (You think Trent won't target Caleb and crew to get back at someone he obviously knows is close to his former student? Absolutely.) As I said in my previous post, the earnestness of his commitment to this change is completely on display each time he postpones his own selfish desires for knowledge to remind the Nein (and Caleb, specifically) that they have more pressing goals, despite the obvious temptation he feels traveling through an ancient ruin completely littered with all of the answers he's been seeking in his century of existence. Not only that, but he is risking his life alongside them with each new encounter they face and, despite calling himself a coward, he has shown no sign of turning tail or backing down when he is needed - again, working to put others before himself, no matter the cost. Giving himself in some ways, you could say, a taste of the warfare and the bloodshed that he had a hand in putting others through for his sake. He’s not playing the system; he is genuinely taking to heart the things that he has done and working, in small steps, to rectify them.

    #essek thelyss#essek theyless #( As a writer I love the subtle details of Matts portrayal of his character arc ) #( Because in some ways its becoming a foil to the Neins ) #( Theirs happened across an entire season ) #( Essek is moving through these things at a much faster pace for having known them ) #( It's a beautiful give and take of them learning their lessons and imparting them to someone else ) #( It makes me sad to see that some people would be so toxic about BUT HE DESERVES PUNISHMENT ) #( Because as with all things - with life in its complicated ways - its never that simple ) #( And rarely that satisfying )
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  • just-friend-a
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    See I’m not really hyperfixating on Phantom of the Opera I’m just intensely reexperiencing a thing called ‘I am extremely in love with Hadley Fraser’s Raoul from the 25th anniversary performances’ and talking about it to anyone who will listen

    #tbh I don’t understand people’s dislike of Hadley’s Raoul his is my favorite portrayal of the character #also he’s very pretty #raoul vicomte de chagny #phantom of the opera #hadley fraser #raoul de chagny #phantom of the opera 25th #phantom of the opera raoul
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  • swordmate
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i found a post in my drafts abt seonho and i feel like crying but i am too dehydrated to produce any actual tears <\3

    #his character is so well written and complex & woo dohwan’s portrayal of him is just!!!!!!!!!! absolutely excellent #x
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  • alltheangelssay-uwu
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I don't think that's how exposure therapy works--

    #think that's just gonna uhh. worsen the trauma #to be fair i guess that is why tubbo and ranboo r there to help in case he gets too stressed #still. oh lord #as someone in exposure therapy oh noooooo #im not meaning this as critical of the portrayal im just saying its a little thrown together. the character is making do w what he has tho #just ahhhhh bro c!tommys gonna end up just with more repeated traumas holy shit #dumbass thots#mcyt tag
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  • nevermore-was-here
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    English dub Yuichi [left] and his original Japanese voice actor [right]

    This is kind of an exaggeration but it’s also not.

    #it’s not a bad performance in the slightest #but I feel that it gives a warped idea of the character as opposed to an authentic portrayal #maybe it’s the hyperfixation talking #paranoia agent ichi #paranoia agent#yuichi taira#ichiposting
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  • heartsbreaking
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i am going to dip, cause the fomo of wanting to write with my gr*shaverse mutuals is REAL 

    having not finished the books or seen the show causes me a great deal of anxiety about actually writing for the characters i have picked out tho so instead of freaking out imma go start crooked kingdom (and watch my muse for wyIan skyrocket)

    good night y’all. i’ll be on tomorrow probably

    #wyIan my beloved <3 #listen i have an oc im working on too and there's no way i cab start comparing my portrayal if its my character #but still#we stressin #so i go read #goodnight #*[ OOC ] . . . too many cups of coffee #nico reads the gr*shavcrse
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  • ssaalexblake
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    ppl playing games of ‘we pretend not to see it’ when it comes to female character’s development to trash a writer for not being good to their female characters in some weaponised feminism smokescreen when the development was Absolutely there, half the problems they list weren’t plot points At All, and all they’re really doing is trying to prop up their m/m ship that said female character Ruins because she’s endgame with one of the said men because She’s Just Not Ready For A Relationship because she wasn’t Developed! (she was) These problems weren’t Sorted Out! (they never existed) and i... Am so sick of the lot of u who are actually now i think abt it calling bi characters het b/c they’re in m/f relationships so idk why i’m surprised at all but w/e you all Really Suck stop using feminist language to make your anger at not getting your ship canon seem legit and not infantile 

    #i am vague posting over here tonight lads #but in all seriousness if a male character deadass says they're in love with another male character but is then later #in an in love relationship with a woman yes that Is in fact a blatant description of bisexuality and is perfectly acceptable #and good representation of it #another character having a homophobic reaction To said bisexuality doesn't??? mean??? it was a joke??? portrayal???? #it means the other character was as biphobic as u but just in a different way :) #just fyi #now none of u have a single problem with the biphobic reaction but sure pretend to care go n
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  • jaybirdss
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    #already being on the verge of a mental breakdown bc of general life and school #and then nearly bursting into tears over a poor portrayal of a bi character #really is my life tonight ig LMFAO #im fhsjsj way too tired for this shit omg
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  • wonderfullyalone
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    read the first 10 chapters of tgcf and the different mediums vary a lot imo

    #there’s so much detail in the book that’s left out of the donghua and manhua #which i kinda get it makes sense it cut some of the more excessive details #but also the manhua is really bare bones #the writing of the novel is alright it’s not really that impressive but it’s certainly easy to read #but the novel does provide a lot of detail that i feel enhances the story #esp xie lian’s character and backstory #i do have some overall frustration to the story bc it really takes it’s sweet time getting into the main plot #of all the mediums i think i like the donghua the best?? i enjoy visual mediums a lot more in general and i think it has a good balance #of details #my only frustration of it would be their portrayal of xie lian #he seems so much more flimsy? in the donghua #like in the novel i feel like i get a much better sense of his character #and he has stronger characterization in the novel
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  • kettterdams
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    archie renaux was the standout performance of shadow and bone. he is so talented it's fucking crazy man

    #mal's not even my fave character but archie's portrayal is just #immaculate #THE FJERDA BORDER SCENE W HIS PALS DYING #HIS ACTING WAS ON FUCKING POINT #;caroline’s ogs#p:archierenaux#ch:maloretsev#s:shadowandbone#f:grishaverse#type:text#s&b spoilers
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  • sicariav
    24.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

         [ I keep seeing amazing people receiving hate and I'm beyond pissed. I thought we were all out of pre-school but I guess some never left. 

         If you don’t like villains, you probably can’t write a good story for shit. The heart of story telling is conflict. Those characters you love? Guarantee you wouldn’t give two shits about them if they never went through hardships. If their life wasn’t devastating. 

         Show some appreciation for the villains who murder, manipulate, and destroy. They made your fave that much more compelling. You could never.

                                                   TL,DR: DO BETTER. ]

    #yo i know the marvel fandom was toxic af before #but i prayed fucking FIVE YEARS would make a difference #grow the fuck up and move on if you don't like a blog #or a portrayal #or a story line #or A CHARACTER #you don't need to be sending hate to anyone #love yourself first and just delete your opinion of what someone else should do with their blog
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  • explxsiveoutcxst
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Out of explosions {ooc} #What is it? {Ask} #Anonymous #you get too in character I am like. I AM the character it's a kin thing #well I was whitty in a past life and that's what my portrayal is based on #so it makes everything more personal in a way #idk. it's hard to explain but uhhh...yeah....sorry again
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  • fulltimeviking
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Freddy talking about Kaz and his dynamic with the crows can be something SO PERSONAL 


    #I'm so excited to see his portrayal of Kaz I think he's going to kill it #and I'm looking forward to a possible blooper reel where we see Kit making Freddy break character 👀 #shadow and bone #shadow and bone spoilers #Freddy Carter
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  • animemisandry
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i would just like to state that in order to say sakura doesn’t care about naruto, you would literally have to ignore about 90% of her scenes in the manga in relation to naruto and mind you i’m only speaking about part 1. at that point it’s on you; you’re the one who doesn’t want sakura to care about naruto.

    #you are ✨projecting✨ #and then there are the people who only watched the anime so the only sakura they know sp’s purposely shitty portrayal of her character #and that is an entire separate beast #sakura#naruto #then there are also the people who think men and women can’t just be friends and therefore sakura cannot possibly care #its just so fucking weird to see people who read the manga think this bc wow you’re just admitting you don’t read #just look at the pages head empty no thoughts #but given some of the takes i see from this and other series that is not surprising #yes i gave in and i am rereading naruto 😒 #they’re besties love that for them
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