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  • chelseasdagger
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #i wasn’t too sure if it was real but now there’s like direct quotes and articles and aaa!! i’m so excited #i seriously can’t wait i love charlie’s portrayal of matt i thought he did such a fantastic job #and this just means we’re a step closer to bringing back those characters we love #even if the stories are slightly different because it’s not the nmcu version! #i’m just excited aaa!!! happy daredevil day we won guys :* #asks#beth-boland#charlie cox#matt murdock#daredevil#nmcu
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  • helaredemptionarc
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    LOVE klarion in the new yj episode. im not like. generally a huge fan of him being a lord of chaos instead of some asshole kid from limbo-town but i rlly enjoy that theyre finally going all in w it

    #you would stwike a widdle boy 🥺👉👈 #young justice#klarion #i just hope this portrayal doesnt fuck up any future media they put him in yknow #i enjoy Comic Accuracy #and i think a character whos an anti-hero bc they dont have a solid sense of morality is very fun and should be explored more #anyways #*points at ageless monster who tortures ppl for fun* thats my baby brother !
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  • momimarko
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Ben pierce in this movie for like 1 medium length scene it felt like while being what I thought is the most influential character #but I still felt right about it #very pleased with his portrayal
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  • odisn
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #ooc. #I'm using cengiz who is an actor #Aas a fc for my portrayal of Thor #I'm not taking a character cengiz has played #aka turgut #and saying '' her you know what would be swell? #if I took this influential Turkish hero #out of his cultural environment #and plonked him into the norse universe #'' you get me? #I'm using cengiz - not turgut #though pictures of turgut holding an axe play heavily into my imagery #that's as far as it goes #I'm sorry I don't really understand what the problem is here? #are you saying that fcs can only be used within the limitations of characters they have played? #feel free to me off anon so we can talk about this further #anon#anonymous#asks #to *DM me I mean
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  • pcrseverance
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    its honestly baffling that cullen, whose entire issue post-kinloch and during kirkwall was that he got massively overly suspicious of everyone being a danger / in danger, is just "nah don't go to redcliffe let's get the templars"

    like i know they had to hammer a couple of the advisors into a stereotype to plead the mage / templar case but 99% sure the writers broke some of cullens bones fitting him into that mold compared to his opinions they show in other canon material.

    #but what canon material? #1. dude turns away from the order and lyrium and the like so clearly his opinion differs #2. even post kinloch his whole issue was that he wanted to keep people safe so went into overdrive doing that #(which ultimately had the opposite effect but the intention itself was safety) #3. dudes never personally hurt a mage (although that doesnt mean his inaction was harmless) #so why's he now so keen to run after a dude who just slapped a chantry sister person down in public #that's (again) the complete opposite of keeping people safe #i do understand why he doesnt want to ally with the mages #but in terms of his character portrayal and shit keeping people safe is his main motivator #as is stopping sketchy magic shit #so what happened here plz
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  • bravelionheart
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

       In  Merida’s  Metaverse/WIR2  verse,  she  is  aware  of  her  movie  and  she  is  aware  of  the  other  princesses  and  their  movies.  That  being  said,  she  thinks  Mulan  is  absolutely  wonderful  and  it’s  safe  to  say  she’s  undoubtedly  a  fangirl.  In  this  verse,  she’s  fond  of  all  of  the  princesses  and  she  shares  a  great  bond  with  each  of  them  individually  (i.e.  Snow  and  wanting  to  protect  her  immediately  not  because  she  views  her  as  weak  but  because  of  Snow’s  genuine  innocence  and  how  Merida  would  associate  that  with  a  younger  sibling  figure  of  sorts;  Aurora  and  sympathizing  with  how  she  at  first  didn’t  want  to  be  a  princess  with  the  responsibilities  of  running  an  entire  kingdom  and  simply  just  wanted  to  life  her  own  life;  Belle  and  understanding  how  she  feels  outcast  within  her  society  because  she  goes  against  her  society’s  norms  simply  by  being  herself).  

    However,  the  princess  she  can  mostly  relate  to  and  most  commonly  looks  up  to  the  most  is  Mulan.  Merida  would  be  blown  away  by  Mulan,  adorably  fangirling  over  her  being  a  female  warrior,  or  at  the  very  least  having  experience  with  being  a  soldier  in  an  all-out  war.  Since  Merida's  society  is  very  close-minded  to  women  owning  weapons  and  fighting  alongside  men,  it's  no  doubt  Merida  would  have  never  seen  a  woman  like  Mulan  before.  Mulan  is  very  similar  to  Merida,  in  the  sense  that  neither  of  them  can  seem  to  follow  the  rules,  regulations,  or  traditions  of  their  close-minded  societies.  While  Merida  refuses  to  conform  because  her  society's  expectations  and  traditions  suffocate,  overwhelm,  and  ultimately  confine  as  well  as  anger  her,  Mulan  is  unable  to  conform  to  her  society's  expectations  and  norms  because  the  constant  injustice  and  sexism  against  women,  herself  included,  makes  her  feel  small  and  humiliated,  as  if  she  could  never  do  anything  right,  especially  considering  whenever  she  goes  against  her  society's  sexism  and  injustice,  whether  it  be  intentional  or  not,  she's  always  met  with  annoyance,  anger,  or  disappointment.  I  personally  could  see  them  having  a  deep  connection  and  forming  a  friendship  due  to  this  simple  fact.

    In  the  same  breath,  Merida  undeniably  crushes  on  Mulan.

    #╰   *  VERSE      :      WIR2/METAVERSE      ⧽  She's from the other studio . #╰   *  BEARCHILD      :       CHARACTER STUDY   ⧽ Something kissed by the wind and loved by lightning . #╰   *  PORTRAYAL     :      WORLDBUILDING      ⧽  The ancients spoke of it ; Carried through the wind  . #;; I am SO tired but I had to get this out before I forgot about it #;; that reminds me i really should make dynamic tags for the princesses tomorrow
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  • bonethievery
    03.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    wanting to talk about doc + o'malley being a system but i just dont have the brain power for words. but like. yeah

    #cant believe o'malley canonically system hops /j #protector o'malley my beloved #i know its kind of risky bc it can be a stereotypical 'evil alter' portrayal but i just think theyre neat #and also comfort characters #rvb #red vs blue #o'malley #frank doc dufresne #arson.txt
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  • librarygf
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #this movie is just SO heartbreaking bc mike is really all alone and he's actually poor and he's sick and he's so vulnerable #but he possesses such honesty and earnestness too and that's so beautiful #and scott is the mayors son about to inherit money and he had a maid and he somewhere to go in a way mike just doesn't #but he loves mike at least in a friendship way i do think so and he protects him but he will leave that behind for security and normality #and i think the magazine is so telling when he's saying that as long as you don't do it for free you don't grow wings aka become a fairy #and in that way it's such an effective musing on masculinity and queerness and tenderness and honesty and privilege and poverty #it's a very different situation but the on the question of queerness and conformity i think its reminiscent of clive and maurice in maurice #but this movie really shines in its portrayal of mike who's such a beautiful character and i think thats really down to river
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  • quick-drawn
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ;; sometimes i wonder if my jesse actually stands out from others,,,

    #✯ — нorѕeѕ ιn тнe вacĸ × [ ooc ] #okay maybe a little more often than sometimes #it's just #there's so many of them #and while i like to think i've added distinguishing depth to his character #i don't know if my portrayal....portrays that #or if he just kinda falls flat compared to others #idk #it's self depreciating hours boys #i'll feel better in the am #i hope y'all had a wonderful week #i'll be around soon #tbd
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  • kumaradosha
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I still think about the time cc!Dream talked about how he once went on a silence strike against his parents in order to get them to let him do online classes, and how c!Dream also went on a silence strike against Sam in the prison (presumably to get him to let Ranboo start visiting him again), and maybe this sounds silly idk, but I really like when cc!Dream inputs familiar traits and reactions into his character. If that makes sense.

    #dreblr#dreamblr#Dream#DreamWasTaken#AweSamDude#Dream SMP #I just really enjoy Dream's portrayal of his character so much #would love to hear more people's commentary on this #both the specific connection and in general #And I really like the complex relationship between c!Sam and c!Dream
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  • linkedswords
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    i Hate the irrational kin doubt where i'm like..

    am i kokichi oma???? am i him because i'm him or.....

    am i only kokichi because i project onto him? well, with that logic [which is obviously faulty], that doesn't explain the kin emotions.

    also even with kin emotions, i sometimes wonder.. am i feeling this because i'm kokichi or because i'm empathetic/reacting emotionally to something emotional?? LOL HELP

    grrr. i wanna slap myself sometimes lol [not literally]

    also sometimes i look at kokichi and don't really feel the recognition and that sucks? i always tell myself it'll come back and it Does but its not rad to feel it fluctuate >:[

    kin venting, dont feel obligated to reply, i'll get over all this in a few dayz.

    edit: 'kay, i'm over this but keeping it up for future reference.

    #also i really wanna talk to other kokichis who feel similarly to me abt ships n fandom portrayal they dont feel represented by #like gay ko is cute and all and im glad that its a thing but #aroace agender ko rights!!! its kinda weird to see romantic ships as popular/everywhere when you don't feel the same way! #i look at shumai as Some Guy and i feel a bit excluded by most ko kins loving shumai #and then i feel guilty for that since it is technically canon in the original [one-sidedly] #my only solace is that on some kinfession blogz there are some kokichis and shuichis that dont like the ship either. etc. #i love all interpretations of queer kokichi but sometimes i feel.. like i need to be a certain way to be valid. #which is.. irrational i know x___x #kin ramblings#caps #and i even think that i feel bad about not following along w common perceptions regarding kokichi being gay #like i look at kokichi and i cannot see a gender or sexuality anymore whatsoever. so i literally cannot agree x____x #delete later #i think what i need to internalize is that no one is gonna see a character the same way. and any queer hc is equally fine n valid n okay. #kin doubt
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  • fantastic-nonsense
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #barbara gordon#dc comics#dc meta#batman meta#asks#young justice#yj spoilers #showcasing different disability narratives is important! #anyway secondary shoutout to Scott Peterson & Kelley Puckett for doing a nuanced and sensitive portrayal of disability for TWO characters!
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  • phoenixduo
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    people are allowed to dislike horror & there is a line that i have seen be crossed but also c!dream is the villain of the story and villains looking scary is cool.

    #like i will admit people have taken it too far in terms of like.... portrayal of the character instead of Just a scary design #but i personally think horror-esc designs are Inherently bad #*arent #might try and find my fave and rb it again bc its so fucking cool #also dont. fight me on him being the villain. cc!dream has said on two separate qna streams that he is lmao.
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  • yourockthebeatofmyheart
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    So the good news is that live-action Ed is just like anime Ed.

    Bad news is that live-action Ed is just like anime Ed.

    #cowboy bebop '21 #cowboy bebop netflix spoilers #by which i mean #i'm impressed by how accurate the portrayal is #but for some reason it just... doesn't work in live action #they played around with all the other characters why not ed???
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  • beautyofloneliness
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Me, reacting to the portrayal of Russian characters done by MCU: (눈‸눈)

    Me, reacting to the portrayal of Russian characters done by Bubble: (つ≧▽≦)つ

    #I'm not even sorry #it's a known fact that marvel made its russian characters as stereotypical and out of touch as possible #and I want to throw up every time I see that repeating all over again #it's just... with time it became so disgusting and bland that I left everything marvel without looking back #sometimes you can just ignore it (like most eastern europeans do in such situations. yes. we just got used to it.) #but then it penetrates certain things that you just CAN'T STAND AT ALL #listen the best portrayal of russian characters done by foreigners is still Anastasia no questions asked #Dimitri is one of the most Russian™ characters I've ever seen it's like somebody actually analysed rus lit and made their thing #rant#mcu#bubble comics #because somehow the diversity of russia portrayed by russian creators made me feel alive again
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  • always-anxious-skychild
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    How I imagine Koulakani (@the-vault-apprentice) meet Horizon? Well...

    Horizon accidentally scared her.


    "So... you're the newest vault apprentice?"

    Within the seemingly endless and dark achieves, the voice echoed hauntingly in the walls. Koulakani flinched at the voice, nearly dropping her lantern.

    "What's your name, little one?"

    "Koulakani," she answered as bravely as she could. The voice don't scare her at all. Not at all. "Who... who are you? Show yourself."

    "First... Your lantern."

    "What about it?"

    "Can you tone the light down for bit please?" the voice asked politely.

    Suddenly, the scary voice wasn't so scary anymore.

    "Oh..." As bright as a bonfire, the lantern's light became as bright as a candle.

    "Thank you very much," it said before a figure dropped down from a shelves, surprising her once again.

    It was a sky child, someone quite taller than her. Especially if you're counting the horns that sat upon their head. They bowed down respectfully as they introduced themself, "Hello! My name is Horizon. Nice to meet you! I've heard about a new apprentice joining us so we've been expecting you."

    Koulakani let out a sigh, "Oh, it's just another sky child, thank the elders. You scared me there a bit. I thought it was a malicious spirit or something."

    "Hmmm?" Horizon tilted their head in confusion before realizing it.

    "Oh! Did I scare you?" They blushed in embarrassment as they started bowing and apologizing. "Sorry! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just... your lantern! It was so bright and I... have to hide from it."

    "If you don't mind me asking... you don't like light?"

    "No! It's because... I'm can't really stand too bright," they explained. "You see, I'm a child of... darkness. I'm an opposite of you, a child of light."

    "Ohh... okay."

    "You're okay with it?"

    "Yes, of course!"

    "Oh, thank the stars. Well, how about I show you around? As an apology. I can even show you the secret areas but don't tell the red caped resident that I told you..."

    #(oc: horizon) #it's nearly midnight and yes kani you are give me criticisms about my portrayal of your character #im open to comments #(anxy writes)
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  • take-ya-to-the-ghey-bar
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    This is a super random post, but-- if i was to make a vocaloid based multi-muse at some point, would anyone be interested in interacting there?

    #{|ooc post|} #blame a small kick of nostalgia i'm currently having thanks to dipping into playing project diva again-- #but-- while i have the thought-- figured i'd poll lol #current plans for the blog if it happens would be mostly AU sort of portrayals based off certain songs or PD outfits-- #but i'd have at least a couple general versions of characters as well-- such as a standard Kaito for example
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  • captainshadowgirllostfan
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    So there’s this guy whose comments always sort of bothers me even though I half agree with what he’s saying, and I couldn’t resist commenting but it turned into an essay and now I just want to share:

    “I kinda disagree with your notion on "improved character"... frankly I don't think a good character has to be likable. He/she has to have flaws and bring something to the story. By that notion, I personally would've probably prefered a mean Billy because I prefer continuity. This idea that Sheldon has got his entire history wrong is discrediting one of the most popular and iconic characters in Big Bang into nothing more than an idiot. Never mind that Young Sheldon is deliberately not showing key events mentioned in the Big Bang show. Sheldon says that Billy put something deep into his nose. Maybe that was his mind, that whatever was put in his nose wasn't that deep and he just thinks that. That's fine. But the fact is that it must have happened. I saw an article the other day by screenrant (horrible publication like most papers about entertainment that just spat out drivel to appease the creators instead of what people are really thinking but then are people really thinking when they watch these shows?) that Missy apparently forgot her childhood and how she and Sheldon split rooms when they were older and how the easy bake oven story might happen in the future except why would a 12-year-old Missy play with an easy bake oven when easy bake ovens are mostly for elementary kids. This Missy seems keen to grow up. Anyway, I do agree that Billy has become developed. There are hints that he's going to grow troubled. They're making Billy more relevant and I do love complicated characters. So if they're going to do the same to Billy as they did with George Sr, show why Billy became mean to Sheldon (I'm sure there was a justifiable reason. Sheldon says previously that he wished he was more mindful of Billy's feelings about his father leaving him when he complained about how he'll never get back the data he lost in his computer and how Billy would never understand that) then I'm okay with that, just like I do like how they're showing a very understandable reason why George Sr is kind of distant to Mary and why he's having problems committing to his marriage (though he is trying...) and his family and that the guy made so many sacrifices for his family over his own happiness. George Sr, in my opinion, is the best character in the show. As is George Jr. (even though I would've preferred to see what was said in Big Bang. A drunk father who was too macho, manly, and domineering, and kind of an idiot...Georgie is the only one that fits continuity which is why I have the least problems with him but I've come to love George Sr honestly. I love his story arc and how much the character tries, honestly, he tries so hard with his family to be a good husband and father and everyone just puts him down. This man deserves better. He deserves a reward.) though I honestly do wonder if that "cheating" will even happen because well you know everything Sheldon says in Big Bang is just a misunderstanding and he's basically wrong about...everything... sighs. tbh that does seem to be what the writers are doing. 187 IQ genius, idiot about the things going on around him.”

    I’m sorry Young Sheldon’s lack of continuity and it’s excuse of Sheldon just didn’t know, misunderstood the situation, and was just basically wrong about everything will always annoy me. Why you ask? Because the moments where he becomes fragile, where he breaks down and spouts out some childhood tidbits of his are so genuine and seemingly traumatic for him, that I’m like seriously? 

    You’re just going to sidebrush the fact that this character seemed bothered that he could never relate to his father because his father wanted him to be into football, hunting, and archery when he would’ve preferred to do science. 

    You’re going to sidebrush the arguments his parents had that he listened to but apparently “misunderstood” when his dad was shooting up his mother’s china or when his mother prayed for the will to not grind up glass in his father’s own meatloaf?

    You’re going to sidebrush the fact that his mother said that his father once fought a bobcat for a stick of liquorice?

    Or the fact that his father after getting angry at the Dolphin’s win, wanted to shot the television and actually did. (I hope this gets shown in Young Sheldon).

    Or how Sheldon used to cry after hearing his parents argue and how his mother admonished his father to stop yelling because Shelly’s crying and George Sr answers “He’s upset because his name is Sheldon”.

    Or how Missy mentions that Sheldon created a Death Ray against the neighborhood kids who used to pick on him but instead pissed off the neighbor’s dog (I believe this might’ve been off-handedly mentioned in Young Sheldon though when Georgie asks one of the neighbor’s to buy a snowglobe and again when Mary confronts Brenda and Herb about their dog and Brenda mentioned I think the Death Ray) 

    Or how he messed with her Easy Bake oven and it fizzled out her eyebrows so that her mom had to scribble on eyebrows when she entered the second grade (the series happens a bit later when Sheldon is 9 years old so I guess this could be excused but god that screen rant article annoyed the hell out of me). 

    Or how he created a CAT scanner and tried to use it on her hamster Snowball but ended up killing Snowball and suffering radiation burns. How about that saying that came about after that incident, “Not a Snowball’s chance in a CAT scanner”. That saying is NOT even mentioned in the entire series!!!

    Or how he tried to bring free electricity in his own neighborhood only for the Feds to come and ruin his project... (though actually I think they did try to make an episode... an episode probably exist of this actually so there’s at least that)

    Or how he messed with the staircase for an experiment and broke his father’s clavicle. 

    And how he had to go to boarding school (which was never shown in Young Sheldon. It just shows him going to high school with his older brother). 

    Or how their dog Lucky got run over by a truck.

    Or how Sheldon asked for a centrifuge for his birthday and got a dirt bike instead and was so upset about it that he came to hate birthdays. They don’t even show him hating birthdays! Just that he didn’t want to attend a birthday party. What about his own birthday? His and Missy’s?

    Am I missing anything else? Please be free to add more if anyone can think of anything.

    The point is, Young Sheldon is a good show, but it sucks as a prequel in my opinion. It’s retconning so much. 

    Exhibit 1, Sheldon’s family which is hinted to be poor IS NOT POOR. They are middle-class. 

    Exhibit 2, young Sheldon for some strange reason is dressed up like he’s a young version of Bill Nye or Urkel instead of the superhero tees that’s shown throughout the series and we know how neurotic scientist does not like change. Why is he dressed up like a middle-schooler as an adult but like a grown up (a dorky grown up) as a child? 

    Exhibit 3, George Sr is shown to drink a lot but no where does it indicate that his drinking is causing problems to the family aside from the fact that it’s eating their finances. It’s hinted that George Sr’s drinking has caused problems in his marriage with how much Mary wanted him to stop. In Young Sheldon, Mary barely tries to do anything about George Sr’s drinking. 

    Exhibit 4, Mary in Big Bang seems exasperated by Sheldon’s neurotics, in Young Sheldon, she indulges them (though it is likely she changes her methods of dealing with Sheldon later on...)

    And again like I mentioned, it doesn’t bother to show the scenes mentioned by Sheldon. Instead it deliberately tries to make it like he’s got his personal memories wrong. He. The guy with the eidetic memory who can remember Penny’s outfits and menstrual cycle and also when Howard and Leonard made a pact to never date Priya. Like wth is with this show. I’m sorry as a Big Bang fan...Idk how you can like Young Sheldon without ignoring the fact that it’s a prequel. Because it’s a great show, but it sucks as a prequel.

    #seriously they're following the George Lucas route it seems #ruining an iconic character #Sheldon Cooper #the Cooper family #Young Sheldon #anti-Young Sheldon I guess #Big Bang Theory #will also label this Shenny because some of these points came from the site #Shenny#pro-Sheldon Cooper#Missy Cooper#Mary Cooper #I also don't really like MeeMaw's portrayal in Young Sheldon too but that's another story tbh... #George Sr #George Sr is growing on me but I still don't like that he's so different from the Big Bang version #George Jr #Honestly I'm treating this show as an AU
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  • lawfulwittebaby
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    // if Howell looks tired, it is most definitely because of dealing with Belos

    #// hmmmm love when Belos mutuals post stuff about their portrayals and views of him as a character #// like. -sits down- please continue. #tbdeleted
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  • flamejob
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #specifically i love how the show makes tetch into something horrifying compared to his cheesy comic portrayals #also shoutout to zsasz. no character development there he's just a sexy killer #asks
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