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  • I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Rey’s “character arc” in TLJ makes absolutely no sense. It’s supposed to be about her realizing that she doesn’t come from anywhere or anybody special, and how she can still be a hero despite that. But that doesn’t fit into her established character from TFA.

    In TFA, Rey never thinks that she or her parents are anybody special. She wants to return to Jakku because she’s waiting for her parents, because she wants to know why they left her/is holding out hope that they’ll come back for her. She deals with feeling of abandonment and self-doubt because she has no idea why they left her there. That’s why her relationship with Finn is so important. From the first moment they meet Finn shows concern for her well-being, something she’s never had from somebody before. 

    One of her character conflicts is resolved after she is captured by Kylo and she sees that Finn, Chewie, and Han have come back for her. But most importantly Finn, who she already adores and hates to be separated from, comes back for her. He provides what she’s always wanted and it allows her to evolve and commit herself to helping the resistance.

    Adding on a “Rey learns that she’s nobody special” introduces a character conflict that she didn’t previously have and adds nothing to her arc. Say what you want about TROS, but that conflict resolution came in the form of learning that her parents cared about her and left her on Jakku to protect her + she has a found family who she cares about and who cares about her.

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  • They’ve evolved into something, that’s for certain. It’s noticeable.

    “You guys have been spending a lot of time together,” a friend says. “You’ve gotten really close.”

    “…he’s somehow become my best friend,” she answers, almost apologetically. She knows that it’s pathetic, the way that she soaks up whatever he is willing to share with her. She knows that she’s too honest to him when she is drunk. Like, we both know that I’m in love with you. That’s a thing. But it’s a thing that I know we won’t ever do anything about. But it’s not that he’s throwing out scraps. He texts her, and calls, and wants more. What should have just been a quick movie turns into dinner plans. He goes out of his way to introduce her to co-workers. 

    “I know he has,” her friend says. “Which is not fair of him to you, by the way.”

    “But that’s not to say that I’m stupid,” she continues. She doesn’t want to spend time with him because she wants him, she wants to spend time with him because of the person that she is around him. And if that person is someone who is happiest when they shift closer and closer to one another on a couch, when his hand reaches over to touch her shoulders or legs, when an arm settles around her but doesn’t necessarily pull her into his side, who cares? What does it matter, as long as she knows that it’s a thing that they won’t ever do anything about.   “I know that we’re closer than we’ve ever been. But I also know that when he starts dating again, it’s going to destroy me. I’m aware. I just need you to be aware that it’s going to be bad, and I’m going to need someone to pull me out of it.”


    But he’s not dating anyone. Are you coming back over? She tries to put a little bit of distance between them. I got this text today - I think it might be a new job opportunity. She asks questions, but tries hard not to cheerlead. I need one of our talks. He shares job news, movie recommendations, he watches her favorite show and reports back. This happened at work today and it made me feel so good. I wanted to share it with you. They trade books back and forth. They cook a meal together in his narrow kitchen and their steps flow like dance moves. I thought you were coming over.  There’s a new collection of photos on his wall, and he’s added one of just the two of them - drunk and rosy-cheeked, and she can’t remember the night that they took it (lifetimes ago), but she recognizes the look on her face and it terrifies her. 


    They’ve talked about how he wanted kids and a family, but how he thinks that maybe those things aren’t for him anymore. It’s bittersweet that they’re at the age where they can begin to make those kinds of honest assessments. For what it’s worth, you would be a really great father. A really great husband. They’re all together in a group, watching football in a house full of people, with kids running wild. She sits in one room, a tiara placed on her head by a toddler. She holds her niece, just shy of one and clinging to her as they make faces at one another. She looks up and sees him across the room, staring at her holding this beautiful child, with a smile on his face that is so raw and open. He doesn’t look away and keeps his eyes locked on hers. It takes her breath away and she isn’t surprised when he walks over to them and rearranges pillows on a couch so that he can lie next to where she sits, close enough that she can’t tell where her body heat ends and his begins. This is too much. This is the line. This is something that you could have, with me. This is something that I would move mountains to give you. But this is the line that we can’t cross, and that smile on your face, that look of peace that you get when you lie on a couch to me? Those looks are breaking all of the rules, and those looks are the things that are slowly destroying me.

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  • A Study In Blue

    Sooo… I’ve been away because I’ve had a bit of trouble finding my motivation to write and I didn’t want to post anything that I’m not proud of. Thank you all for your concern!! It’s lovely to hear from you all! Anyway, to make up for it here’s a character study with a side of shipping!!!!!!


    Originally posted by glow-lovely

    Blue represents a lot of things. To some it is synonymous with sadness, to some it means authority, to some it represents calm, to some it demonstrates strength, and sometimes even spirituality and ethereality. There are a lot of things associated with the color blue and it’s many shades. Bright blue is often thought of in association with the ocean and other large bodies of water, thinking of strength, dependability and coolness, reprieve from the harshlands outside of them. Light blue is quick to be thought of in relation to the sky, it’s peace and infinity, something that makes one feel infinitesimal and larger-than-life at the same time. However, no one knows where the association of dark blue with intelligence, trust, dignity and authority comes from, for those particular shades of the color don’t occur often in nature.

    John Watson cannot speak for the general public but dark blue, in his opinion, is the most gorgeous color -in any shade variation, quite frankly- to ever exist. Not only because it is rare in nature and represents trust, dignity, authority and intelligence, but because to him it means security and reprieve. John Watson saw the color dark blue most often during thunderstorms as a child and it was always during those storms that John felt the safest. He would sit by the window of his room and stare out the window for hours on end, watching the beautiful, captivating, destructive bolts of lightning split the sky into hundreds of little pieces before retreating as quickly as it appeared and leaving the world whole again. Watching something pull the very world apart one second, creating tiny little individual segments too small for the eye to see, than put it all back together again and leaving something more in the air, something sizzling and ecertify, thrilling and frightening all at once, was by far one of the most beautiful things John has ever witnessed in his life. Thunderstorms were his first love, the thing that brightened his life from his childhood onwards, the thing that took over his heart and never quite left.

    Afghanistan might have sullied light and bright blue for him, making him think of the endless golden desert and the scorching sun beating down on his back from a clear bright blue sky, the faded dull, light blue that the colored the sky just before a dust storm making John itch and want to close his eyes tight, hunker down behind a solid object and not move for hours or even days but it never corrupted the beauty of Dark Blue. Dark Blue only appeared rarely, almost always just when the sun had almost already set, the stars and moon already in the sky overhead. John always tried to watch the sky for as long as he could when that happened. It was some of the only times he was able to completely relax during his whole deployment. The night sky was never quite the same as a thunderstorm, and John Watson couldn’t help but miss his first love with every fiber of his being.

    London was different. Coming home hasn’t quite felt like coming home because there was no Dark Blue anywhere in his life. Just drab, dusty blues -more gray than blue, to be completely honest- and overly bright, offensively neon blues that was to be expected in an urban metropolis like London. And not a single lightning storm in the middle of the night to brighten his mood either. Just the occasional rumble of sound that carried into the city from some far away place during those dreadfully drab grey-blue showers that London was prone to.

    Then, just when John had all but given up on his first love, a human being that could be called the literal embodiment of a lightning storm walked -though that really didn’t do the actual action of bursting, consuming- into his life. When Sherlock Holmes’s eyes focused on him for just a split second, John could have sworn he was struck by lightning. Then this impossible man began to rattle off facts about John that he couldn’t have possibly known from a single glance and yet.

    Watching Sherlock work, the way he broke a crime scene, person, situation apart in split seconds then reassembled it in his head was like watching a lightning storm. Every time he saw it, John could only think of his childhood’s favorite activity of sitting by the window and thinking of the world in being split pieces and put back together by the same force of nature. Sherlock Holmes, in a way was a force of nature, and one just as elegant and mesmerizing to watch as a lightning storm. And just as captivating, John quickly learned. It was impossible not to watch Sherlock work, just like it was impossible to ignore a lightning storm, whether it was because of the sight or sound. Just like the lightning storms John held so near and dear to his heart, Sherlock demanded attention and one way or another he would get it

    Not only did Sherlock embody what a lightning storm visually but he was also steeped in Dark Blue. Sherlock wore intelligence like he wore that stupid swish coat of his, he was drapped in a special kind of dignity that no one else could hope to come close to achieving. A strange, off-kind of authority was always in his cadence, his every step and word demanding attention and recognition, some sort of reaction from those around him. The trust itself did not come from Sherlock- which, fair enough. Sherlock himself wasn’t trusting but he inspired it. John, while wary of Sherlock at times, trusted him with his life. This man, through proof and evidence and persistence, earned the trust of the coopers.

    Sherlock Holmes is Dark Blue, there is no doubt about that in John Watson’s mind, and he was all the Dark Blue he could ever desire in the world.

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  • (16/62) are they calm or bad-tempered? Nervous? Pugnacious? Violent? She is calm and reasonable. She isn’t violent unless the situation calls for it. A healer she may be, but she is still the Goddess of the Bloodbath. Only the foolish forget that.

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  • Literally this fanvid maker is responsible for my all time fave character studies (I’ve watched the Lan Wangji video SO MANY TIMES).


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  • Show: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
    Characters: Leif Donnelly
    Summary: Magnesia (n). An almost perfect city. Second best. Never quite enough.


    #zoey's extraordinary playlist #zep#zepfanfiction#leif donnelly#character study #leif.docx #idk what to say i've read so much plato in the past 2 days #did i work on this instead of my many many many WIPs? yes absolutely
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  • I was trying to find a good way to draw claws and teeth and some light shadows so I made this doodle

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  • Running Our Hands Through Embers

    by MarvelousMar

    E, 136k, xicheng, wangxian

    Summary:  If asked, Jiang Cheng would compare falling in love with Lan Xichen to a moth inevitably drawn to a flame.

    It burned.


    In which Jiang Cheng discovers that even death can’t help him escape from his trauma, so he embarks on a quest to save the people he loves, fix what he can, make the love of his life fall for him, and maybe, somewhere along the way, do a little bit of healing.

    Part 1 of Embers. Spanish translation.

    My comments:  Very interesting story wherein Jiang Cheng reincarnates… but remembers everything, which he considers a curse, since he was such a monster in his first life, killing and torturing and falling in love with a man who was in love with someone else. Story lingers on a few of the lives (notably the second and the second-to-present). Focus for much of the tale is on Jiang Cheng repairing his various familial relationships, primarily Wei Wuxian and his parents. It does seem that once he’s corrected something it stays corrected in the following lives.

    But in every. single. one. lan xichen trusts meng yao over jiang cheng and meng yao betrays everyone and jc has to watch lxc fade away from sorrow and regret. As he realizes at one point: lxc has never chosen him over anyone else. Never.

    The final setting is modern, and jc recalls all his many pasts when he’s six years old, and this time, this time, he’ll let lxc go. So he sets about locating meng yao and bringing him under his wing, so that he’ll be deserving of lxc when they finally meet….

    Family feels, angst, trauma, plot and long, slow, hard-won character growth. It’s satisfying. (Slow burn is slooow, so pace yourself for about 120k to pass before the figure out what they want.)

    reincarnation, many many reincarnations, modern au, child jiang cheng, child everyone (at first), fencing, jc is a badass 6 year old, and a competitive fencer, kid fic, until they grow up, xicheng endgame, implied/referenced suicide, slow burn, angst, family feels, regrets, loneliness, self-worth issues, self loathing, angry grape jiang cheng, introspection, character study, trauma, healing, personal growth, pining, love confessions, protective jiang cheng, he’s protective of all his people in all his 20 lifetimes, jealous jiang cheng, v1rgin jiang cheng

    (You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

    #Wangxian Fic Rec #The Untamed#wangxian#mdzs#jiang cheng#xicheng#reincarnation#modern au#kid fic #child jiang cheng #slow burn#family feels#brotherly feels#self-worth issues #angry grape jiang cheng #introspection#character study#trauma#healing#personal growth #protective jiang cheng #jealous jiang cheng #Running Our Hands Through Embers #MarvelousMar #long fic >50k #epic length fic >100k #nc-17
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  • JJBA Characters in D&D #1 : Bruno Buccellati

    Race: Protector Aasimar

    He doesn’t seem to know where that celestial blood comes from, neither of his parents are from celestial descent. Buccellati is a righteous and honorable person who shows kindness towards his friends. Even though he has been through a lot of bad things, he still fights for his ideals, commits selfless acts and would risk his life for what he deems to be fair. His angelic light would guide the rest of the party, giving them the will and courage to go through the worst. Despite his crimes, Bruno is good at the core.

    Class: Fighter, Battle Master

    His fighting skills are undeniable. He is a powerful and smart opponent who has proved himself to be ressourceful as well as very perceptive. As a Battle Master, he has shown to many how versatile he can be in battle.

    Background: Fisher

    Bruno grew up helping his father with fishing, nets and other fish related details. He has experience within the fishing business, something that can come in handy when traveling.

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Wishing to put some particular crimes to an end and yet not always following the law places Buccellati under the Neutral Good alignment.

    Proficiencies: Insight, Perception, Survival, History.

    Insight & Perception: Bruno is a very sharp person, on multiple occasions he has shown to read through people’s lies and opponents actions. He is quick to notice changes and subtle details.

    Survival (from Fisher): He knows his way around the wilderness, especially near lakes, rivers or other bodies of water.

    History (from Fisher): Buccellati might not be the most knowledgeable of the group, but he does know a couple of tales and informations about specific historical events.


    ∆ Strength: 17 - His years spent helping his father helped him build a solid musculature. Later in his life, he worked on it more seriously so he would be more efficient in battle.

    ∆ Dexterity: 14 - Surely, Bruno isn’t a clumsy one, but acrobatics, dodges, contorsions aren’t his forte. He is more of a blocker than a dodger.

    ∆ Constitution: 12 - One would think his rough past would have granted him more of a solid body, unfortunately for him, it didn’t. He can take a couple of rough blows but his health might quickly become critical.

    ∆ Intelligence: 8 - Like many children, he didn’t receive a good education. His knowledge is limited and even though he has developed some fancier vocabulary, he tends to speak a bit roughly around his friends.

    ∆ Wisdom: 16 - Bruno is good at many things, but especially at reading people and situations. He is an insightful individual that many look up to for guidance and help.

    ∆ Charisma: 15 - His celestial genes granted him an aura of serenity and trust. While he may look rather simple to an outsider, Buccellati is an amazing leader as well as a charming person.

    Other details:

    • Bruno has chosen the Protection fighting style. He would rather risk his life than the one of his comrades.
    • He wears a beautiful custom breastplate when in battle as well as a shield for protection.
    • His weapon of choice is a longsword that can be separated into two smaller swords.
    • He speaks Common, Celestial and Elvish.

    Hi ☆

    This is my first post ever on Tumblr, I can’t say I know exactly how this platform works but hopefully I’ll discover it soon enough.

    I hope you enjoyed this silly little post, I really wanted to delve more onto the Vento Aureo characters and do some character study.

    Feel free to request a character from JJBA (part 1-6 only) and I’ll be happy to try and translate them into a D&D character.

    Peace ♡

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  • the forest begins with a tree - https://archiveofourown.org/works/26681269

    Sometimes being immortal is about fighting. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s about stories and homes and justice and closure. There are, after all, many different ways to live forever.

    #the old guard #the old guard fanfiction #fanfiction#my writing#character study#backstory #i love this movie so much i can't even #kaysanova#joenicky #andy x quynh
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  • I’ve been working on this study of an OC of mine since yesterday and I’ve finally got the rough sketches finished! 

    I’ll pick out the ones I like the best, ink and colour them at a later date.

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