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  • creamecream
    24.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    “I love band rehearsal,

    Because it’s the best!

    Because it is fun,

    I love band rehearsal,

    And I get depressed as soon as it’s done,

    But not depressed as in like “kill yourself” depressed,

    No! I’m not into self harm, dude! I swear! here, check my arm!

    See, I just use the word to emphasize a point, show the passion that I’ve got, I am passionate a lot,

    I have mad gigantic feelings, red and frantic feelings, about most everything,

    Like gun control, like spring,

    Like if I’m living up to all I’m meant to be,

    I also have a touch of ADD,

    ...where was I?...oh! right!”

    #oh look I finished something/actually started something #I've been very distracted with genshin for the last few days and I completely blame inazuma #I haven't even gotten very far in the story quests I've just been exploring #anyway a rachael and a jericho who is taking advantage of her #rachael adores jericho so looks up to him and how he does whatever he wants #she just feels like a spare to her parents because theo is heir to the candy kingdom while sera is heir to the snakes #but rachael? she has no idea what she gets she's just a princess in title because her parents happen to be royal #she doesn't really have any responsibilities compared to her older siblings she feels neglected #and like her parents only had her in case something happened to either her brother or sister #so she rebels she sneaks out at night follows jericho around like a puppy and pours her heart into music #in truth bubblegum and yura are trying to not pile things on her she is their youngest child #and they feel like they forced theo and sera to grow up too fast they're trying really hard to just let rachael be a kid #that's a violin case mainly because I didn't know where I was going with this and it was small #jericho knows rachael has affection for him and uses that to get her to do things for him he's not a good person #adventure time#fan characters#fan children#rachael#finnceline baby#jericho
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  • kelsersss-art
    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Side profile check ✨

    #yura #katara x yura #atla fanart #my oc character #kelsersss art#atla#lok #avatar the last airbender #the legend of korra #katara#aang#sokka#suki#toph#zuko
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  • cheekbites
    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ok so i made a post before abt how a majority of the pandora hearts voice cast shows up in danganronpa which is both funny & wild. but u wanna know the funniest, wildest part?

    oz’s voice actress, who is literally named junko, is one of the few who Isn’t in danganronpa. she literally shares a name with one of the most iconic characters in the series, & has yet to be in any of its media lol

    #her full name is junko minagawa & she's very talented. she's haruka in crystal! :) #but yeah i just. registered this & think it's so funny that SOOO many of the ph cast is in danganronpa #yet the person who shares a name with one of the characters in it has yet to be lol #idk what the new game is about maybe she'll show up in that idk. but tkjkr yeah that's just. wild. is it not #imagine if she was & actually voiced junko. how iconic would that have been damn lmao #i just would've loved to have her using her oz voice for a culprit. just a taste of oz going absolutely feral on isla yura u know #closest i have is that she voiced astaroth in both catherine games & uses her oz voice. but it's Evil u know. #anyway. #mine
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  • peppermvnt
    29.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

          SLAM!  and  that  was  the  end  of  that  -  a  whole  relationship  down  the  drain,  because  he  found  someone  who  was  more  confident  in  themselves,  who  was  one-hundred  percent  better  than  she  would  ever  be.  what  amplified  the  breakup  the  most  was  the  fact  that  he  was  unable  to  hold  back  his  harsh  words.  it  was  like  he  wanted  her  to  feel  pain  after  he  left.  well,  it  worked.  gong  hayoon  was  on  her  knees  and  she  was  letting  out  sob  after  sob  with  no  opening  for  her  to  calm  down.  ( a  starter  for  @rcveal​  based  on  the  thirteenth  point! )

    #' introducing: hayoon    //    threads ' #' hayoon + yura ' #rcveal #' out of character    //    queued up ' #' for your convenience    //    closed starter ' #// silently hoping the big gif glitch doesn't happen :S
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  • snflwrs
    20.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    tag dump.

    characters pt. 9 e última, meu deus, é pra glorificar de pé a igreja ( letters t ~ z + )
    #tag dump #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   taeil kwon   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   theodosia kang   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   valerie larson   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   victoire weasley   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   william herondale   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   willa choi   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   woobin jung   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   yura hwang   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   zoella kwon   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   richard havok   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   neels larsen   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   serkan sahan   . #& .   ♡   ›   character   ⤻   hector d'aberville le blanc   .
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  • cheekbites
    18.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    mochijun i love you so much if those cryptic ass tweets under the 15th anniversary celebration aren't hinting at a reboot i will lose my whole ass mind.

    #WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE LIKE SINCERELY WHAT ELSE. #if it's smth benign like a reprint or a collab or smth when it's apparently gonna take a Long ass while... i will go feral #& purposefully never go back to normal #pandora hearts #i swear to fuck i genuinely would be cured of my depression if i could just sit down & watch ph in all its deserving glory when i got sad #just sitting there. having a time. #& busting out the isla yura episode (the chapter i just rbed earlier) & having my soul cleansed by colorful animated little shit oz #or any ozlice moment in colorful animated glory #i would literally be able to blast my depression into oblivion if i got to see the chapter the ozlice meta is abt #in all the colorful animated glory it deserves #i need it so bad please i would be content for life. esp if we got actually good & substantial merch with it #if i had a ph reboot & a b rabbit plushie id be as powerful as a video game character #w the access to immediate hp restoration items like that. #esp cause id have it right under my botw shrine & adjacent to the map. & the champions ballad picture + the map #is already a p solid hp restore #id be unstoppable if i got hp restores from ph as well #please please please please #im manifesting it im planting this seed & when i harvest it she will be the sexiest rose ever #mine
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  • yioh
    08.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i am going to be very obsessed w couple of mirrors when it airs lmao

    #if it has a manhua .................. imagine if it gets a donghua #damn yura high expectations jkhadkjhd #if it gets popular tho ;-; the plot and characters r all so nice so .......
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  • keykidpilipili
    28.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Me: zzzzz


    #pandora hearts#ada vessalius#ph spoilers #like I understand how her stubborn kindness is interesting as a character but also hmmm they could have connected that hobby to the Isla Yur #*Yura* arc or sth about her trying to join Pandora early in order to gain knowledge about the abyss #like imagine her getting closer to her father in order to get a spot in Pandora since Oscar won't even consider after losing Oz and Gil leav #*leaving* #we could have had a vessalius who gets closer to their biological father asshat of the year for their own ambitions parallel #Ada: Do I actually came to love my father Zai or am I just real good at faking? Nah I ain't gonna dwelve on it*emulates her ancestor* #like we go into the whole Izla Yura took advantage of mrs Nightray's grief to emotionally manipulate her and don't mention Ada #like have her cross reference pandora and non-gov reviewed sources dabbling in paper research or sth in the Get Oz Out Squad
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  • prismatranslates-cue
    24.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Satori [Look Up to the Sky] Part 2

    Previously: Part 1

    At the dorm: Daytime.

    Satori: Sigh...I don’t know what else to do...

    Satori’s room.

    Satori: I’m supposed to be keeping things simple, but I keep ending up writing something complicated...

    Satori: And I only have until tomorrow...

    Satori: Maybe for now I’ll read through that collection of screenplays I borrowed from the library.

    Later that evening.

    Satori: Reading the work of actual professionals is so fascinating...

    Satori: Oh no, it’s already this late? I need to get back to writing...

    Rinne: Satochin~ Manager-san’s in the living room~ They wanna talk to you.

    Satori: Please at least knock...but okay, I’m coming.

    In the living room.

    Manager: How’s the script coming along?

    Satori: I’m kind of stuck...I keep overthinking things and getting stressed out about it all..

    Manager: As much of a perfectionist as ever, I see.

    Satori: Yes... I want to write something perfect, something good enough that I could publish it for real.

    Manager: You know there’s no such thing as a perfect screenplay.

    Satori: But...I borrowed this anthology of them from the library, see. And everything in it is just so...perfect.

    Manager: No matter how good they are, those weren’t perfect from the start either.

    Manager: Their authors revised them, asked people for their opinion, and revised them again, over and over.

    Satori: They weren’t perfect from the start...

    Manager: Besides, you’re not an experienced veteran here or anything. You’re a beginner at writing, and that’s fine. Everyone starts somewhere.

    Satori: You do have a point...I really should just keep it simple, after all...

    Manager: Just write what comes to mind. Don’t try to force it, you know?

    Satori’s room.

    Satori: Write what comes to mind...but what does that even mean...?

    Satori: Augh, I just don’t get it! I can’t stop overthinking things! I’m going to play some games and clear my mind.


    Satori: Oh no! I’ve been playing games for two whole hours!

    Satori: I try to construct an image of myself as someone who always remains perfectly level-headed and aware, but...really, I can lose myself far too quickly when I’m doing something I like...

    Satori: Honestly, I’m not perfect at all. I have so many flaws like this.

    Satori: Wait, I can...that gives me an idea! Yeah, I can write about this!

    In the lesson studio.

    Kirika: Mhm...This is much better, Utsugi-san.

    Satori: But the dialogue is so long-winded and awkward...and the punctuation is all over the place...

    Satori: It looks ridiculous, after the way I criticized everyone else’s work.

    Kirika: That’s what revisions are for, you know? What you have here is a very good start, Utsugi-san. Your unique style shows through, and that’s what matters.

    Satori: ...Thank you so much!


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  • prismatranslates-cue
    24.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Satori [Look Up to the Sky] Part 1

    In the lesson studio.

    Kirika: This next assignment is what you’ll be working on for the next week. You will each be writing your own original screenplay.

    Rie: Our own original screenplay?!

    Rinne: But I don’t know the first thing about that!

    Mei: What is the purpose of this?

    Kirika: Trying your own hand at writing will help you gain a deeper understanding of the craft. That way, the next time you read through a script, you can more easily grasp what the author was going for, and better capture their intent for the story.

    Satori: There’s not many better ways to learn that than by trying it for ourselves.

    Kirika: It doesn’t have to be long, and I’m not expecting high-level masterpieces. I simply want you to take it on and challenge yourself.

    In the living room: Evening.

    Satori: What an intimidating assignment...what should I write mine about...?

    In the lesson studio.

    Kirika: I’m pleased to see how much work you all clearly put into these. Now then, I’d like to hear your thoughts on your peers’ work.

    Kirika: Let’s start with Myojin-san’s.

    Rinne: I’ve never had to think so much about anything before! This was so hard!

    Satori: Yours would be better if you made proper use of punctuation marks, to start.

    Rinne: Oh, okay! ...What are punctuation marks?

    Satori: Periods, commas, et cetera. A single one can drastically change the meaning of a sentence.

    Satori: For example, “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma”. A single comma completely changes what the sentence means, you see?

    Rinne: Ooh, yeah! We wouldn’t want to go eating anyone.

    Kirika: Alright, Utsugi-san. What do you think about Maruyama-san’s script?

    Satori: The fantasy lore is complicated enough to follow, and all the foreign loanwords and antiquated speech makes it nigh incomprehensible. For example, what do “Eschatologie” and “Sceadugenga” even mean? [1]

    Rie: That is the world I envisioned.

    Satori: This is a short screenplay, not a novel. Imagine how much the actors would struggle to even read these lines, let alone actually act them out.

    Kirika: How about Toomi-san’s?

    Satori: Too many of the lines are just “...”. The protagonist barely even speaks.

    Mei: ...

    Satori: This isn’t a movie or a stage play, so relying too much on silence and heavy pauses to communicate how characters are feeling isn’t the best idea.

    Rie: Let’s see yours, then.

    Satori: Here it is.

    Kirika: ...Mhm. Utsugi-san, don’t you think this is somewhat too complicated? You should try to make it something the average person can easily understand.

    Satori: I...guess, but...

    Kirika: Utsugi-san, I’ll give you until tomorrow. Please try to write something else with that in mind.

    Satori: Okay...I’ll see what I can do.

    To be continued...in Part 2


    [1]: Eschatologie (or Eschatology, in English) is a subsection of theology concerned with the end times. Sceadugenga is Old English for "shadow-walker" and describes some manners of monsters, most notably Grendel from the tale of Beowulf.

    If you're curious, the original words Satori points out in Rie's script are "Catastrophe" rendered in katakana, and "魑魅魍魎", a word meaning "evil spirits of rivers and mountains", or evil spirits in nature in general (Note that all four kanji are relatively dense and hard to read).

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  • kuzudong
    09.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    elf page

    #had that idea cooking for a while #a princely-looking character with a rabid fanbase who refuses to see him for who he truly is #this tends to happen sometimes in fandom and i always found it funny #oc#jin#yura#yohan#my art
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  • eccentricapfel
    02.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    "Heaven isn't necessary. As long as they're strong they wont die."

    -Mudano Naito [Tougen Anki]

    this man keeps me going 😌

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  • orchidvioletindigo
    16.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Thinking about my Star Wars OCs again lads

    #tfw you work way too hard on some tabletop characters but no game with them ever sticks #Quetzal Martes#Ni'za Yura#OCs#Hex Games#sw
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  • catchbuzz2020rus
    08.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Доброго дня)

    Я решил редравнуть один из моих старопердульских рисунков,вот,гляньте,что получилось.👉

    Правда,меня немного огорчил тот факт,что "новый" Юра,получился слегка не таким,каким я его замомнил( Но результат мне в принципе нравится👁👅👁.

    В дальнейшем думаю отредравить ещё пару таких работ,так что ждите)))

    И простите за это убожество внизу😅

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  • yioh
    22.01.2021 - 6 monts ago

    the fact that touma was so supportive of them and even tried to encourage them to get together but at the end when they tell him theyre dating it still fucking hurts so bad . dont talk to me everything is pain

    #why am i reading this its not even my kind of genre and it just hurts but also the story telling is so good and the art is amazing and the #characters ... masterpiece #yura reads blue flag
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  • azulann
    15.01.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #FFXIV #Final Fantasy XIV #yura#Yura Kha#ask meme#meme#character meme #thank you for the ask! #I have one more I'll try and take screenshots later ;; #I'm so slow but I wanna get better this year #it's all about progress AHHH
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  • azulann
    15.01.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Why do you hurt?

    RULES ―  Quiz can be located here.

    You're choking on how much you have to try

    You have tried. You have carried the weight of the world on your shoulders and accepted more responsibilities than you have ever wanted, even intended to gain. It isn't crushing - you are strong enough to hold it - but you are choking. You don't know what to do with it. you don't know where it goes, how to move this weight everyone knows you can hold onto, and do you even want to get rid of it? Never. You would not give this to - force this on - anyone else. but you /can't/. But you are choking on it. Your body will hold it up even when you lose all the air in your lungs, and your footing, and your courage. It does not mind choking you. It seems almost designed to do so. If you weren't wrung out you wouldn't be doing this thing properly.

    Tagged by - @eorzeanstarlight​ THANK YOU FOR THE TAG SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG AHHHH

    Tagging anyone who may want to do it but hasn’t! I’m so late getting to this dfsdfasd

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  • cubed-melon
    06.01.2021 - 6 monts ago

    No thoughts just Wip art

    Here are some recent works, that I've been meaning to come back to!! !!

    You may have to tap for bettwr view!!

    #Tower of God #yuri jahad#Yurachel #Tower of god Yurachel #Tower of God Rachel #Tower of god yura ha #yura ha #Drew both peices with an outfit meme in mind #perhaps also projecting my own fashion taste #very happy with the Wips #Planning on doing a full project of My fashion taste x the Girls in Tog so look forward to that #Have outfits planned for atleast 3 more characters will get those drawn in time #Artest#Estrey draws
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  • chrishansenfromdatelinenbc
    03.01.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Actually I changed my mind i dont wanna stream enzai bc i dont want to get dragged for wanting to fuck bollanet. like my friends JUST stopped making fun of me for pegging my dumb nemesis 3 years ago

    #yura designing him: i want a gross man. an unfuckable man #me: maam that challenge is addressed to me and i accept #i hate to be like 'someones gotta fuck him' 'literally no one has to' (strips pointedly)'Someones Gotta' but...i mean someones gotta #and it can must should and will be me #the hill im dying on with this game is that he seems like the only adult character who knows how to eat pussy #the bar is LOW yall
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