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  • I like that in the anime Mojito smiled at the approval of U7 wishing his universe back, like he suspected what the tournament was about and put up a facade of being nonchalant about his universe’s deletion.

    I feel like Mojito has been through this shit before, which kind of falls in line with the fact that I think he’s probably a middle sibling, maybe on the older side of the mid-range, but he’s also a genius so he could just be a middle sibling but acts older due to his intellect.

    I’ve been thinking about this because golly gee I hate it when people accuse him of not caring about his universe when he actually did, enough to be the angriest an angel has ever been in regards to it.  Ilu Whis but I don’t see you being that pressed.

    And no tea no shade but Mojito never made jokes about his universe getting deleted like Vados did to Champa.  Mojito is disappointed in his destroyer and Supreme Kai but not enough to get rid of them, and cares about them enough to be happy that they were going to get wished back.

    But y'know he supposedly doesn’t care about his universe.

    Kinda seemed like he cared the most if you ask me.

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  • Whatcha Gonna Do Bitch, a diptych,

    Credit:  @seikoocs

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    I so love this pic!! Also taken by @machadomerlo 🙌🏻

    Me encanta esta foto!! También tomada por @machadomerlo 👏🏻

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    Look at this AMAZING photo my PH friend @machadomerlo took me last night at Ciudad de Buenos Aires! I love it!!! And there’re more pics I’ll be sharing from now on during all this week. Sorry for the Joker spam but this all pics deserve to be shared 🙌🏻

    • Makeup & hair made by me.

    • Costume by HNQX Costumes.

    • Shoes by @ezcosplay.

    • Cigarette prop by @NewYorkCostumes (Twitter).


    Miren esta INCREÍBLE foto que mi amigo fotógrafo @machadomerlo me tomó anoche por la Ciudad de Buenos Aires! Me encanta!!! Y hay más fotos que compartiré de ahora en adelante durante toda esta semana. Disculpen por el spam del Joker pero todas estas fotos merecen ser compartidas 🙌🏻

    • Maquillaje y cabello hechos por mí.

    • Vestuario by HNQX Costumes.

    • Zapatos by @ezcosplay.

    • Cigarrillo de utilería by @NewYorkCostumes (Twitter).




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  • for writers, characters over 25 still get character development. this site lies with statistics and peaks in their 20′s themselves, look up synaptic plasticity

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  • #oh god did i become a dick grayson stan blog #i think i did #whoops #sorry not sorry #dick grayson#dc#bat family #i have no tagging convention for this shit uh oh #uhhh#Not Flash #Not DC CWTV #off topic#nightwing#robin#characterization#Anonymous
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    The Character-Driven Plot Wheel

    1. Emotions drive actions.

    Make your hero act on their deepfelt emotions. This not only adds meaning to their actions, but also helps communicate to readers your hero’s core emotional struggle.

    2. Actions trigger consequences.

    When your hero acts, give their actions consequences that affect the plot, themselves, and/or the surrounding characters. For example, driven by curiosity, maybe your hero opens Pandora’s box; maybe they act recklessly and someone dies; or maybe they stand up for what they believe in, but at great personal cost. Consequences raise the stakes and empower your hero with agency.

    3. Consequences compel change.

    Use the consequences of your hero’s actions to create a crucible of growth — challenges and situations that force them to take the next step on their character journey. That step may be forward, or backward, and it may be large or small; but something inside them changes.

    4. Change influences emotions.

    When a character goes through a change, even a small one, allow it to affect them emotionally. Maybe they feel increasingly frustrated or guilty. Maybe they’re afraid, having just taken another step closer to abandoning their old way of seeing the world. Or maybe they finally feel peace.

    Regardless of the form it takes, remember to reflect your hero’s change in their emotions. Then let their emotions drive action, to trigger consequences, which will compel further change.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    And there you have it! That’s how you write a character-driven plot.

    So what do you say?

    Give the wheel a spin.

    — — —

    Your stories are worth telling. For tips on how to craft meaning, build character-driven plots, and grow as a writer, follow my blog.

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  • Given the last two Mortal Kombat games and the launch of Nightwolf and Sindel as DLC, I feel the need to post this.

    Nightwolf’s backstory has been retconned slightly and his tribe has at long last, been named. I’m of two minds about that. It’s good that the “Matokan” people have finally been named, but the whole “Nightwolf is a title” thing feels… arbitrary. The guy’s been around so long, going by the name “Nightwolf” The retcon could just be that he’s the lead Shaman/historian of his people because of a different title altogether like “Great Whale” or something. However, I will say “Grey Cloud” still feels consistent with what we know of him from the past timelines. He’s an honorable warrior, very attuned to spirits and all that, it’s good, it’s solid, I’m glad one of my favorite characters is back and feels more like himself than say… Sindel.

    Sindel in the original timeline was a mostly good person. She did ONE selfish action, Killing herself to get away from the guy who not only killed her husband but untold numbers of her people. Can’t say I blame her. This new Sindel, though? She’s gone from someone who tearfully frees her daughter from Onaga’s grasp, tries to rule her people with a kindness and fairness almost none of them would not know otherwise, and in her non-cannon MKA ending, pulls her late Husband from the heavens, and with her daughter, forms a “Triad of the just” to protect the realms from tyrants like Shao Kahn, to a greedy, uncaring, unfeeling, treacherous slut who A. admits to being the one who ACTUALLY killed her husband, B. Only wants to live in comfort and power. It’s bullshit of the highest caliber. 

    Why is it that they can portray some characters well but not others? Why make one of the kindest people in all the realms such an evil and maniacal bitch? This whole thing is kind of like discovering that Shao Kahn is, in all actuality, a very kind ruler who often listens to the concerns of his people. This new personality contradicts so much, even in the new timeline where Sindel’s Suicide is an act of heroism because she protects Earthrealm with it. If all she wanted was comfort, why would she do that? There are several lines of dialogue in intros that imply Quan Chi did it but HOW? How would Quan Chi get Sindel alone long enough to kill her, set up the barrier around Earthrealm, etc. And why go to all that trouble? What is the point of doing that, Quan Chi? And why establish that her mind enslaved by Shao Kahn in 2011 just to go back on it? 

    These aren’t just retcons, these are character KILLING changes that add more plot holes to a game that already has six thousand and a half of them. This woman is not the queen of Edenia.

    … As I type this, a thought has occurred to me: What if they did this JUST to piss people in the fandom off? What if the whole situation is a grab to get some internal controversy going? Because the only other explanation that makes any bloody sense is they were so ignorant of Sindel as a character that they thought anything would do…

    As someone who’s been following the series relatively religiously since Deception, I feel the need to make the following plea:
    Netherrealm, please, for the love of the elder gods, STOP. WITH. THE. RETCONS. These characters were fine as they were. The Matoka have a name, fine. That’s basically just world-building. This shit with Sindel, all the changes from the old timeline before Raiden actually did anything, relationships that never existed, “I was always there but never did anything, except I totally did stuff” villains… Just stop. Hire more Writers for your next game. I used to love this series but after Sindel, I dread some of my favorites and characters who could use more development EVER returning. 

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  • When people say Mojito didn’t care about his universe I sort of can’t believe that and it kind of irks me.

    Mojito clearly wears a portion of his feelings on his sleeves.  Like yeah he’s disappointed in the way it turned out, and let’s be honest U9 was probably on the lowest of rungs, but if Mojito wanted he could have not entered the tournament.  I mean his universe would have been deleted but if he truly thought they weren’t worth saving he could have easily just done away with them.  

    Angels can choose their Supreme Kai and Destroyer, and Mojito never really saw a need to get rid of Roh or Sidra, so despite his exasperation at them I feel like he saw something in them enough to grant them divination and not just get rid of them himself and start all over again for the sake of making U9 better.

    Also, upon introspection, Mojito actually got angry that his universe was in such a bad state that people were leaving it.  Enough to bear his teeth and growl. If Whis is anything to go by it takes a lot to make the angels angry because of their usual easy going demeanors.  If Mojito didn’t care about his universe then why would he have such a visceral reaction to it’s diminishing state?

    On that note why enter the tournmanent knowing he couldn’t find enough fighters.  I feel like he was probably disappointed in the fact that Sidra let himself be manipulated by Quitela, and Roh decided to cheat and put them in a really terrible light when it comes to representation, but Mojito also knew that they were fighting a losing battle and allowed them to try and save themselves regardless.

    After they were deleted Mojito blatantly says he knew they were going to lose anyway.  There’s also the fact that he went with them to try and gather people for their team.  

    The angels do have an amount of apathy to them because of their neutrality as divine beings, but in the same vein Mojito showed more emotion about his universe than most of his siblings.  

    I sort of feel like he was one of the few angels who invested some kind of emotion into it - enough to be angry that it fell apart so badly, enough to show abject misery towards it’s state.  Someone doesn’t look that defeated unless they have emotionally invested something into into their universe, otherwise it wouldn’t be so taxing on their emotions.

    Idk I’ve been thinking about this, especially in light of Mojito’s character because hoo boy he has a stigma that I feel is very misconstrued.  

    He’s just a guy who knows he’s on the losing end and everything in his universe is going to die around him, but lets them fight anyway despite the fact that deep down he knows what their fates are, and probably saw their deletion as a bit of a mercy killing.  When you think about his state, which is probably depression but I digress…. I can’t believe that he’d feel so terrible and watch in disapproval of what the deities of his universe did with sorrow in his eyes and a frown etched into his face only to be labeled as someone who doesn’t care about his universe and was happy to see them suffer.

    I’m going to save that particular scene because I’ve ranted about it enough on this blog but it just kind of pains me that so many people think Mojito is an unfeeling piece of shit when he really tbh expressed far more emotion than the majority of the angels during the tournament.

    #characterization #just my hot take of the morning don't mind me
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  • I know that Robbe’s low-key and shy and everything but I’m not liking this tend of people speaking for him. I know that’s it’s early and it’s probably part of the growth cycle where he’s going to do a “‘Mon mec” moment but he’s turtling a little bit. It’s a little concerning.

    #wtf wtfock?! #robbe ijzermans #protect them at all costs #characterization#growth#wtfock
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    Adolf Mas i Ginestà, 1860-1936 (Estudi de fotografia A. Mas, Arxiu Mas) :: Maria Barrientos caracteritzada per a Il Barbiere di Siviglia, ca. 1913 | src cdmae (Centre de Documentació i Museu d’Arts Escèniques) #1920s #vintagephotography

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  • There are just some things about characterization that stand out or simply just irk me. Underlying concept: characterization is literally just ADJECTIVES. Not too bad is it? What irks me is the unknown. The literal unknown of knowing tacking on that one word that we can all describe but never know. It’s like that one friend that decides to stay back and watches you tie your shoe while the group moves on. That’s me, but I would never know how to describe it. Another big thing on characterization is the comparison and assumption that goes along with an author’s direct and indirect way of characterization. Indirect is basically saying here’s a character, now tell me all about him. I would just stare and be like ok so um, they have a nice shirt? Then they’ll be staring at me with their wide eyes, as if I was about to hit the jackpot. I on the other hand, would stare blankly back.  Well, it isn’t too hard to assume what people are because that’s what we do in real life ALL the time. Moving on from that, direct is literally direct. The author lays out who they are, and we simply go along with it.

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  • ~A little on character.~

    if you’re a writer, interested in writing, or anything in between you’ve probably heard this piece of writing advice:

    “Make your readers care about your characters.”

    I, personally, hate this phrase – or, better yet, I hate the wording of the phrase. Honestly, it used to drive me up the wall (in retrospect, I probably took it a little too literally but there ya go) HOW can you make readers do anything? It’s so stupid. What the hell are you even on about? Shut up ughhhhhh.

    But, like I said, I hate the wording, not really the message. When I changed the wording of it, I finally understood exactly what I was being asked to do and could easily articulate an answer.

    “Why would readers like your characters?” OR, if you’re writing unlikable lil rascals, “Why would readers find your characters interesting?”

    In my experience, it’s way easier to understand – and answer – these questions then the one above. AND it’s easier to think about these characters in an expansive way; you can think of your own history! What are some characters you’ve loved? What made you love them? Made them interesting to you?

    I like these questions better.

    Or, idk maybe I’m just dumber than the rest of you.

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  • So…

    Now that I’m re-reading Damian’s first appearances, I’m noticing so many things…

    Things like Ra’s calling him “It”


    (badly written) Talia constantly using/manipulating him…


    How he tried to compete with Tim because he was jealous and genuinely thought that was the correct way of reaching his father’s side


    How he just wanted to be “useful”, as if he were a mere tool…


    And how he’s just a kid who wants to be worthy of his father’s attention, praise and love


    Not gonna lie, though. It took me literal months to love this hurt child’s flaws and difficult personality, but now I’d literally fight anyone for him.

    He’s come so far! and this is exactly why I don’t understand how some writers have such a hard time characterizing him without totally dismissing his character’s development… you know?

    Top 1 most unjustifiably villianized character in Batman’s history.

    #I'm very passionate about my bois im sorry #Damian Wayne Defense Squad #Damian Wayne#Characterization
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    1. Establish the Struggle: Convey your character’s core emotional struggle near the beginning of your story.
    2. Push your Character with Plot: Use the plot points of your story to push your character to confront their struggle incrementally — making small realizations and victories, having setbacks, making progress again, and so on.
    3. Build to a Moment of Crisis: Continue pushing your character until they reach a moment of emotional crisis, where they’re forced to either overcome their struggle or succumb to it.
    4. Demonstrate the Change: After the crisis (which is often the climax), have your character take an action that demonstrates their change.

    Here’s what that looks like in an outline:

    1. Establish the Struggle

    Sara is a talented singer-songwriter who’s always lacked confidence; but now, after an envious boyfriend/co-writer tore her down during a messy breakup, she’s lost nearly all confidence. She no longer performs in front of crowds or writes music.

    2. Push your Character with Plot

    • Late one Saturday night, Sara goes to her college’s empty music hall, sits at a piano, and sings a song she wrote before the breakup. Katherine, a music student who’d fallen asleep drunk in a nearby practice room, wakes up, barges in, and scares Sara off as she tries to tell her how great she sounds.
    • Katherine runs into Sara again on campus and apologizes for scaring her. She asks a bunch of questions, and Sara admits she used to write music. Katherine asks to hear more of her work, but Sara refuses.
    • Sara gets cornered by Katherine in the music hall on another Saturday night, but Katherine has a new tactic: she asks Sara to help her finish a song she’s been working on. Sara tentatively agrees.
    • Katherine performs the song they wrote together at an open mic, and the crowd loves it. Sara seems to gain some confidence, but refuses to admit her capabilities.
    • Still, later that night, alone in her apartment, she grabs her roommate’s out-of-tune guitar from the closet (Sara had sold her own) and starts playing around with a new song.
    • A week later, Sara shows the song to Katherine, and Katherine loves it. She records the performance on her phone, shows Sara how happy she looks performing, and convinces her to join her at an open mic.
    • They perform together in front of a small crowd. It goes well. As the story progresses, maybe there’s drama with the ex-boyfriend, maybe there’s romance with Katherine, etc., etc. But wherever the story goes, everything continues to push Sara forward (with maybe a few temporary steps back) on her journey to overcome her struggle.

    3. Build to a Moment of Crisis

    Sara has come a long way in regaining her confidence, now writing and performing regularly. But that confidence is still fragile.

    The college’s end-of-year talent show arrives, and Sara and Katherine perform together. In the final round, Katherine surprises Sara by backing off the stage and having her sing her original song alone. Sara begins the performance beautifully, but then some drunk guys in the front row distract her, she fumbles, and the song falls apart.

    Sara runs offstage, mortified and angry at Katherine — vowing to never do any of this again. But then, someone from the crowd approaches and tells her how much the song connected with them, and that makes Sara pause.

    4. Demonstrate the Change

    Katherine doesn’t hear from Sara for two weeks. She fears she’s given up on music. But then she goes to a local bar for open mic night, and there’s Sara onstage — with a guitar in hand and a nervous, but determined, smile.

    Parting Notes

    • You can show a character’s journey in various ways; this is just one of the clearer, more straightforward methods. It’s also pretty effective. :)
    • When using this approach, be careful not to oversimplify complex issues (such as mental illness) by using the “crisis” as an overly simplistic fix/cure. Always give the subjects of your story the depth and complexity they deserve.
    • Remember, life is an ever-continuing journey, so if you write a multi-book series, you can use this structure repeatedly to continually evolve your character. For example, in my own WIP, the main character’s arc is a long, complex one, so I’m running him if through this process in each book to bring him incrementally closer to his full realization.

    — — —

    Your stories are worth telling. For tips on how to craft meaning, build character-driven plots, and grow as a writer, follow my blog.

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