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  • girlsugimoto
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    obsessed wit the new x-men run like its actually kinda good i mean at lease house n powers of x…..way of x…..nooooott so much ://

    #i hated how david was characterized ewww #tags:#thoughts
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  • yourbitchystudentartist
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #also the fact that you talked about clothers and characterization 🥺 somebody notiiiiiced #i could go ob forever about how i design clothes but tldr: theres always purpose #theres always research i do and characterization i keep in mind for the final details #ask#anon
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  • thejasontodd
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    please i am on my fucking KNEES u can’t keep teasing me like this

    #jason todd #i’m going inSANEEEE have my prayers been answered 🙏 #all this time i’ve spent begging and pleading and crying and shaking for mr martinbrough to come back to jason …… #those two rhato issues he wrote literally were some of the best characterization we got in over a decade #i am hoping for an ongoing solo with good art and also hopefully this meaning task force z ending #i just need an official announcement plsss #🤡.txt
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  • mandareeboo
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    #Invincible#Invin03#Rex Sloan#Monster Girl#Mandar Liveblogs #Rex rlly went from 'asshat' to 'downright slime' in like one episode holy shit #it's good characterization but also JESUS
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  • garfieldbabyyy
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    A dribble for a fic of mine but it doesn't fit in the story anymore but I still wanted to share it.

    Talks of sex and implied assault

    Tory leaned in between Sam’s legs. Her back against Sam’s stomach. They watch the sunset over the sea of buildings. It colors the sky a warm shade of pink and purple. The coat from Sam’s trunk is pulled over her shoulders and wrapped so it fits around Tory too. It’s fluffy and black and way too big for Sam but her mom had

    Insistent on buying for a winter trip to New Jersey that never came.

    It’s nice here. Upon the hill with the wind blowing as the buildings below them begin to blink to life. Tory’s hair is pulled partly up, strains of it tickle Sam’s chin. She can smell Tory’s perfume and can feel the rise and fall of her breathing. Tory shifts, sinking deeper into Sam. She is perfectly warm. They sit in silence for a little longer. The sun sinks lower.

    “So,” Tory starts breaking the moment. Sam can feel her looking at her but she keeps her eyes from the city lights avoiding her look, “What happened?”

    Sam glances down, Tory’s face is only a couple of inches below her but it's dark enough now that she really can only see the outline of her features. This gives her enough courage to speak.

    “I just couldn't stay there. The rumors. God, it's worse than the first time.” She closes her eyes and remembers the outcome of Kyler’s first lie. The bananas, hot dogs, anything phallic-shaped that kids would dump on her. Hide in her bag so she pulled them out and they could snicker.

    She cringed remembering the way boys would make rude gestures to her in the hallways. The way girls would move away from her in class like they get labeled slut just for breathing next to her. That had been awful, but this. This was the worst because it was true. Sam's eyes felt watery. She gasped a little, trying to keep from sobbing.

    “Yeah, I remember the rumors from the first time,” Sam flinches. She hates that Tory heard them. Tory's quiet for a beat. Sam doesn't move to fill the space. “Do you remember mine?”

    This catches Sam off guard. Tory’s? Right, Tory’s.

    “Yeah,” Sam says her throat feels dry, and the words come out scratchy.

    Tory's had been awful. They said all kinds of things about her. She was a slut, a whore, she blew your boyfriend for a sandwich. Sam tried to remember how they started. A party she thinks. She had heard about it before she would have been invited to a party like that. Ben Macdonald had told the whole school that Tory had got so drunk that she hooked up with two juniors the same night and got handies with Kevin Mitchells in the backyard. The rumor had spiraled into a much bigger beast throughout freshman year. There had been rumors of Tory sleeping with seniors to pay her rent or buy her lunch. It didn't end as Sam’s first rumor bunch had. With a white knight kicking the ass of her trolls. Tory's had ended because Rebecca Silverman had barfed on Tory B. During a blow job at the homecoming of Sophomore year. The school had been moved on to a new girl to torment.

    Tory had a noise. Like an almost laugh. “You know the base of it was true. I got drunk at that party. Though I wouldn't call what happened hooking up. Not anymore anyway.” Tory was still looking at her because she is always braver than Sam but her eyes were so sad it hurt to look at them. “Rumors. They'll eat you whole and spit you out then move on and you're just supposed to do a lab with a girl who spread a rumor that you had sex with your French teacher to be put in honors.” Tory flashed a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

    “They hurt,” Sam says quietly; she doesn't quite feel like crying anymore. Tory's face falls and she stops looking at Sam then her eyes disappear from view. It's dark around them now.

    “You know, the first time. With the rumors. Miguel saved me.” She can feel Tory tense. Miguel. Still a sore spot. “He rushed in. Was my knight.” she laughed, it's bitter. “I keep waiting for him to rush in this time. Save me. Tell everyone that it wasn't true. Punch the trolls! Just, let them know that I wasn’t a….” Sam looks out on the city, the word dying in her throat. She thinks of Kyler, the science hall, and they kiss. She thinks of the look on Miguel’s face. She thinks of the words written on her locker. Written in angry red letters. Maybe she deserves this. “It's not true. You know. Not that it would matter if it was not if it would make it better but it's not. We haven't.” she flushes. They haven't had sex. They had kissed but Sam had stopped it there. She always had with everyone because she didn’t love Kyler. She didn’t want to do that with him. She loved Miguel. She wanted to…

    “But I did. I did cheat I guess. The first time and the second. And again. With Robby. With Miguel.With Kyler. Fucking Kyler! I don’t even like him! And I get that he's mad. I know what I did was fucked up but.” She closed her eyes and breathed hard. Why would you not just say it's not true? Why was it just that he said nothing? Letting them say those things. Write those words. She thought Miguel loved her. Maybe she deserved it but. But She wasn’t.

    Tory took her hand. Sam opened her eyes. Her hands were shaking.

    “Come on, it's cold.” That was all she said, standing up and bringing Sam with her. They walk towards the car. Tory's hand was still in hers.

    “Keys,” Tory said, Sam gave them to her without a fight. She was tired. “I know someone here, we'll stay there. Just for the night. We’ll all go home tomorrow.” Sam nodded limply. Tory started the car, a Christmas song was on the radio halfway through. Silent night maybe. She’s not sure. Sam closed her eyes.

    #cobra kai#cobra fanfic#fanfic#samtory #i enjoy some of the ideas but im not a fan I how I was characterizing Miguel or Sam
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  • falsecods
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    once again feeling like a clown for enjoying what feh could've been 😔🤧

    #like. don't get me wrong the story is COMPETE shit a good 85% of the time. but idk... some of the characters are good #or they Could be. im emotionally attached to sharena for no reason other than 'well if it were any standard fe title she'd get even LESS' #in terms of characterization. its up to me to make it good by incredible amounts of shameless headcanon and pure bias
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  • volgdemagischewinx
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #I can't remember if it automatically makes you a guardian fairy or if it's just a requirement for it #but I suppose with that idea #(which again I personally just ignore I stick close to canon for characterization and backstory not lore) #then probably the students at Alfea are all there with the intention of becoming guardian fairies to begin with #enchantix#winx canon #? #idk I like my sorting tags and feel like I need one for just straight canon stuff #ask wave#anon
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  • malachte
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    so THATS why there were human boots in the beartaur’s cave....

    #centaurworld #also i loved his characterization this season dfsgfdsg well-meaning roommate #wammawink on the other hand...baby girl what did they do to u
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  • a-biochemist-not-a-bird
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Characterization tip: Look for incorrect quotes and then figure out which of your characters would say what.

    (also works with alignment charts and memes, etc.)

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  • grifalinas
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    God, Tai and Matt... UGH I love their relationship growth...

    #they start out constantly butting heads and eventually after a lot of growth on both their parts #become each other's most important non-sibling human relationship #in fact i would argue that tai is as important to matt as tk and vice versa for tai #and the writing handles the 'fearless leader and faithful second' dynamic SO well #matt loses nothing to his characterization by being tai's second #it's not that tai moves into the spotlight it's that he takes on a very specific responsibility #and matt becomes one of the people he leans on when that responsibility becomes a heavy weight #(actually he leans on the others really well #ugh they did such a good job with his character arc #nobody touch me i'm emotional about digimon)
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  • personwithproblem
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Awase HCs that I question almost daily

    - he‘s always angry

    - His crush on Momo is all blushing and flusteredness

    - that he’s poor (But he has work boots that are probably at least $100? and his favorite thing is mobile games, so he has to be able to afford a phone??)

    I mean this is more characterization than he gets in canon.

    #I’m not saying he’s rich I’m saying he’s a hardworking middle-class citizen #and his crush could be like he respects her #Respects her for being the badass she is #first one is self explanatory #even when he knocked out monoma he wasn’t cussing him out or even insulting him #and he’s not yelling like ever unless he’s in danger #characterize him right 🔫
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  • obeysword
    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ive made a few salty comments about pq2 back when i first started playing this. picking up again, oh boy that salt is stronger than ever. aside from the MASSIVE problems i seem to have with yu and minato’s bond attack (like minato could ever hold his own with someone as adept in combat and swordplay as yu who loves fighting while minato wants to nap) the writing has taken a dive. teddie... ilu but HOW is yu SUNSHINE. i wanna know who was smoking what when they put that line in there. i know he’s a beacon of hope, but why that metaphor of all things? since when has yu ever been someone who represents the light of the sun?

    and idk where p3 fem protag went tbh

    #▼ OOC △ #p3 team came in and said: we're here now time to steal the show #p4 sidelined af and while p5 team is still present it's just for oneliners without a lot of characterization #and hikari nice to see you finally have a personality /at the end of the game/ #i think i gotta switch back to pq this is getting too exhausting #vent tw #i'll delete this but omg the complaints are stacking lmao
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  • peapod20001
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Oh the changes the fruit dads went thru

    #random post #like. through their lives. not from a design or characterization stand point XD
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  • lvlcurrent
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #omg dogy raph tho... *crying* #mammon is already characterized as a dog even tho he's a cat person so we can do the opposite for raph i think #ask. #anonymous
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  • f1vegas
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #in that press conference daniel being obviously the most warm the most joking (they get asked about tires and all of them give non-answers #except daniel who volunteers max to answer and jokes: 'max has a lot of experience with them' gesturing. big grinned #and max has to swallow his spit and smile and say that 'the tires feel good to me' in his frog voice) #and daniel is asked about giving him advice and he says this is probably more cameras he's been in front of for the first time in his life #and something like he'll just drive well on track thats what matters #and seb and lewis quietly talking to themselves the entire time :) old married #anyways its all very interesting. sorry if this didnt answer the way you anticipated i kinda just plodded along #and sorry if you've sent me an ask im trying to get through them!!! #asks#anon #max the lionheart #max verstappen#max characterization #sorry i'll come up with a new tag that doesn't full name #33#mine
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  • workingforitallthetime
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    the athletic:

    thom bordeleau, leaning in close with a tube of lipstick in his hand, smearing color on owen’s gently parted lips as owen’s eyes flutter closed: c’mon, show me how special you can be

    #idk why the idea of thom introducing owen to some light feminization kink is so compelling to me but oh it is #that’s actually a lie i can identify several complex and interconnected aspects of their characterizations to explain why it’s compelling #anyway my point stands
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  • characterization-queries
    07.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Of your characters with unnatural abilities, are these abilities latent (from within) or are they from an outside source? Did your character seek out these abilities, or were they given them on accident? Was it a "wrong place, wrong time" kind of thing, or was your character chosen specifically to receive said powers?

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  • myprogrammingschool
    07.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Module: Heroku Flow -Trailhead salesforce answers

    Module: Heroku Flow -Trailhead salesforce answers

    What Is Heroku? and why it is used?Heroku is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It abstracts away the complexity of building and running cloud infrastructure. You can use Heroku to deploy, manage, and scale your apps without the fuss of hardware or virtual machines. In this module, you learn how to get a real Java application running on Heroku in just a few steps. #1.Learn About Continuous…

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    #Heroku#Heroku Flow #How do you set up Release Phase? #What are some of the benefits of continuous delivery? #What characterizes continuous integration as a development process? #What Is Heroku? #What&039;s one thing you can do with Release Phase? #Which feature provides one of the fastest solutions to bad deploys on Heroku? #Which of the following is a valid Heroku Pipeline name?
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  • bokunoheroanalysisforthefuture
    07.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Character sheet! And boy, do I have some thoughts.

    The first thing I thought about, when I saw this, was the most recent character poll that just came out. More specifically, Katsuki:

    Between this and what Best Jeanist says to Katsuki about drafting him in [this chapter], I end up with the feeling that Best Jeanist might have deliberately selected Katsuki because he likes that wild energy, which contrasts heavily with the ‘do-gooders’ he’d been getting before then.

    However, as he states, Katsuki’s also got some serious attitude issues, which he wants to help deal with before Katsuki goes too far down a path he might not be able to escape.

    He’s the first one to actually point out how heroes and villains are similar, as well as challenge Katsuki to think about what makes someone a hero. He really is important for Katsuki’s character development, and it’s no wonder Katsuki wanted to wait to share his hero name until the next time he saw him.

    Well played, Horikoshi. Well played.

    Meanwhile, the entire discord:

    #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #Characterization#chapter 48 #hero killer arc #best jeanist #me: wow i love these subtle character and relationship nods #the discord: lol streakers
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