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  • shiniestcrow
    18.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    oh no

    a new ship

    #me: *looks up fics with a beloved character* #*finds fic about that character with another beloved character* #*reads fic* #*instantly starts shipping it* #*realises there is basically no content* #oh no
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  • nightmare-rivulets
    18.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #nightmare.ask #holly tag ^0^ #sorry dfjfhjjdfh i just fixate on a select few characters #and i do not know how to look outside that lens LMAO #im working on it tho!!! im workin on it #and hes part of las nevadas (my adored) so
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  • sw4gh0st
    18.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    i dont understand the “ranboo replaced tommy” thing bc thats like…. husband replacing brother figure…. ? doesnt rlly make sense. Tubbo can have multiple close relationships with ppl, not to mention that his relationship with ranboo is /very/ different from his with tommy….

    #mcyt#dsmp #all /rp and c! btw #tubbo#tommyinnit#ranboo #im not a c!tommy hater btw i like his character #its just…… #he didnt get replaced tubbo just got married
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  • whenthejamie
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Here’s some omori art I drew over! if you have Reddit you may have also seen my post there.

    I planned to do the dream versions of the characters next and if there’s any characters you guys want me to do just tell me and I’ll try my best to do them!

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  • erifnidne
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Picrew links #4

    First post on my favorite 2 boy and 2 girl creators

    Short girl, tall guy couple: this is my basic couple creator even if it’s not the right height
    Hugging gay couple: you can’t see their faces entirely but it’s cute
    Girls holding hands: kind of creepy, tiny mouths, not any curly options
    Gay couple: Shall we dance? I like how it has orange hair as an option.
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  • wandamaximoffswifey
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    he could’ve worded the statement SO MUCH better but I kind of understand what he’s saying. On the other hand, however, a lot of people are saying it’s the lgbt’s fault for turning a platonic bromance into a romantic ship, when straights are the one who started the entire thing.

    straight men were grossed out by platonic friendships between two guys when marvel first started (bucky and steve), so we’re not to blame for everyone coding bucky/sam’s friendship as romantic. blame the fragile straight men who don’t have good relationships with their boy - friends.

    #anthony mackie#marvel#lgbt#sam wilson#bucky barnes#tfatws#captain america #the winter soldier #can't wait until marvel releases their 40th first gay character though (:
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  • ar-iia
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    i think one of my favorite things while drawing is sketching. everything just looks so much better when i sketch everything out as opposed to the lineart.

    the second one is of another big project my working on for someone uwu

    anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to take time for yourself, drink water, eat something and get enough rest!

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  • citrongarde
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #neela replies #these were a blast (8last!) to complete #vriska truly is a character #vriska serket#humanstuck#hs#homestuck#anonymous
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  • wisedreamcatcher
    18.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    TW: Mentions of racism and death

    Some of yall Theseus Scammander simps piss me of so much because of the why yall hate on Leta for absolutely nothing. Yall couldn't stand the fact that Theseus was dating Leta and that he was in a interracial relationship. Some of yall are it there calling Zoe and Leta racial slurs because yall think "she stole your man"!

    Theseus is a damn fictional character, its uncalled for to be racist assholes all because you don't like a character. It's even more wrong when your sending the person that plays that character death threats and racist hate because you don't like the character they play!

    #sorry for the rant but I just wanted to talk about this for a moment #let me just clarify that its fine if you don't like leta or if she's not your favorite character and I'm saying that Zoe has to be your fav #actress but don't be racist about it.
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  • corbirock-art
    18.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I’ve been doing some character design based on pets.

    This is Kurt, I’m not sure to call him a pet. He’s kind of a wild cat. My nighbour feeds him, and he has all the medical stuff in order and under control. But he lives outside, goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants. He’s also a diva. I’ll upload a couple more of chracter designs of this kind.

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  • asawolfen
    18.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago


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  • northvills
    18.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i love watari because i too have to enthusiastically jump and kick the air when i get excited about something

    #would 100% lobe to hear him talk about his favorite movies he's a great character #bakuten #bakuten!! #watari kotaro
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  • oheoo
    18.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    3k on Echoing.

    #''what's it about though'' #yeah that's what i'm asking myself #two characters had an entire conversation about boots and rain #and i can't tell you what it's leading to #i know i want to reread deerbrook because i want to do something like that #i also think i'm gonna pick up middlemarch #cause i know that book does similar things #i need to ground more in the time period too #cause like #main story takes place in like #1910s #1913 or so #so the parts where i'm talking about his childhood need to be more victorian #i'm really excited to talk about edwardian medicine though like #literally might read every article and book i can find about it #and play lots of vampyr lol #ciaran talks #i'm writing tag #echoing #talking in the tags
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  • somewhat-crazy
    18.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    favorite types of kisses 🍰

    this is like every character i remember

    - jeff woods

    neck or lip kisses

    pretty rough more often then not

    unless he's touchstarved then they're really soft n gentle

    - liu woods

    he likes cheek n temple kisses

    :( so sweet

    sully likes your collarbones btw

    - jane the killer

    neck kisses

    and nuzzles

    and sleepy kisses

    im gonna cry

    - ticci toby

    just lil pecks on the lips 😭

    so sweet n soft n affectionate

    - ben drowned

    playful kisses ftw

    like on the cheek/temple ughhh


    - masky

    stomach or back kisses forever

    but also a lot of cheek kisses 😩

    - hoodie

    little kisses on the tip of your nose

    its just so cute ahh

    - eyeless jack

    neck kisses ahhh

    n like cuddly kisses??? just chilling on the couch reading a book and him giving you lil kisses now and then???


    - laughing jack



    the type that makes you really happy

    - bloody painter


    also gives you lil pats on the head all the time

    😭 i wanna date helen sm please

    and also like hand kisses??? absentmindedly grabbing your hand and giving you a lil kiss?? yes please

    - the puppeteer

    nah he just makes out w/ you hehe 💅

    but other than that he really likes nibbling on your neck for really no reason except to be weird lol

    - kagekao

    he loves giving you kisses on the forehead


    sign him up 👌

    - x-virus

    neck and cheek kisses

    off topic but holds your hand like 24/7

    this is just so ADSFJSFHS i can't

    - dr. smiley

    hand and collarbone kisses all the way

    he also sometimes randomly bites your lip and you can't make him stop 🙈

    - candy pop

    he'll be happy as long as your kissing him tbh

    but mostly sticks to your lips? either that or neck, doesn't really have a 'favorite' part bc he loves all of you :))

    - jason the toymaker

    cheeks or collarbones sfdsdfasfhsd

    he radiates good kisser vibes 👀

    idk maybe its just me

    - zero

    silly yet passionate kisses!!

    like yk the ones where you can tell that they love you n they're sweet yet silly yet passionate at the same time???

    - judge angels

    neck or collarbones foreverrr

    you can't convince me otherwise 😶

    and she has a hand on you 24/7

    - lost silver

    sweet kisses on the cheek

    thats all that needs to be said

    - nathan the nobody

    hand kisses or like on your neck the part behind your ear?

    he's just really soft from kissing okay ashfajfhjsd

    #GUYS IVE NEVER EVEN KISSED ANYONE BEFORE BUT I WROTE THIS #IM GOING TO HELL NOW #creepypasta characters#creepypasta#creepypasta headcanons#creepypasta headcanon #eyeless jack x reader #eyeless jack x you #eyeless jack headcanon #eyeless jack creepypasta #creepypasta eyeless jack #eyeless jack #jeff the killer creepypasta #jeff woods#jeffrey woods #jeff the killer x reader #jeff x reader #jeffery woods #creepypasta jeff the killer #jeff the killer #jeff the killer headcanon #creepypasta x y/n #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta x you #cp hcs #cp x reader #cp#cp headcanons#happypasta liu#liu woods
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  • tovezza
    18.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Amina and Seema. Hilda and Joanna. Blue and Maura. 

    #just some mother and daughter realtionships that are SOOOO important to me SO #there should be more! #love the mothers and daughters in WALP because there are three (3) mother and daughter relationships and that gives #a breadth to what that relationship can be? #there's seema and amina and oof that one is so real. i love it. like seema is so supportive but her view of the world is so differnt from #amina's. and the bitter irony of imho amina's worst moment in the show being when she talks back to her mom #ironically against the way her mom is trying to help and support her in a way different from what amina wants #but according to. what amina probably actually wants #and then there's bisma and imani which we only see a little of but LOVE how one of the punk rock band members is a mum! #the way bisma is shown to be a great and loving mum while also having a bunch of other interests #like raging feminist screed comics and being in a punk band! she's got a full on personality and friend group while being a mum and a main #character which is sadly so rare! and refreshing! #and then there's saira and her mother and oof. oooofff. the way that relationship is handled OOF #but the portrayal of saira's pain the validity of saira's pain while she still clearly loves her grandfather and may want a place in her #family again and the nuanced but deeply painful and empathetic to saira portrayal of maternal abuse..... #it's all so much
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  • ghostisonline
    18.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    [reblogs are appreciated!]

    my first set of adopts !!!

    - if you want to buy one dm me pls

    - prices are in canadian!! when you send the money through paypal it lets you convert currency

    zombie: $35 cad/$28 usd OPEN

    candle: $15 cad/$12 usd OPEN

    lolita: $15 cad/$12 usd OPEN

    - i will send you the unedited files for digital art as well !

    - once you buy them you can change;do whatever you want with them, but if you ever resell or post these pictures credit me for the art.

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  • lesbat
    18.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #or a sweater if im in the mood #god. i feel like a character in a bad fanfiction rn #ty tho! #asks
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