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  • busemtyrn
    23.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    İnsanlar kandırılmak istiyor. Gerçeklikten, yaşamaktan korkuyorlar çünkü. Bu yüzden hep televizyon izleyip fal baktırıyorlar. Onlara yalan söylerseniz sizi severler, en çok sizi severler. Gerçekleri hatırlatırsanız sizden uzaklaşırlar, bazen nefret bile ederler.!

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  • justpinapplesonpizzathings
    23.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Charles Bukowski supremacy.

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  • abdcot
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the best part was

    pulling down the


    stuffing the doorbell

    with rags

    putting the phone

    in the


    and going to bed

    for 3 or 4


    and the next best



    nobody ever



    Charles Bukowski

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  • yourdailybukowski
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    it is when I am alone that I feel at my best. it is my normal way, it is when I smooth out, float, it is when whatever light there is enters me. - Charles Bukowski, from "The Misanthrope"

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  • milayasin
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    There was a kid eating his box of chocolates and listening to our conversation

    *kid* what did they say?

    * Man* They said : We are having some bad days, stressful days, we are sad. Maybe you should stay away from us so we can have some good days, so we can find happiness. They ask me to Go away so they can be happy.

    *Kid* Who are they?

    *Man* people i love most

    *Kid* so what did you tell them?

    *Man* i did what you do for people you love , you choose happiness for them

    *Kid* What about yours happiness?

    *Man* «sigh»

    *kid* ‘offers his box of chocolates and said «you can have some of mine»

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  • anarchocannibalism
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hi people of tumblr🍓❤️ i need new blogs 2 follow so rb or like this if u like:


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    •sitcoms (NOT himym or bbt or 2&ahm)

    •Sports night

    •social network

    •fast and the furious


    •simone de beauvoir

    •dirt philosophy

    •hating most things

    •bo burnham but only bad takes

    •goss ip

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  • bitesizedpoetry
    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Charles Bukowski, epigraph from "Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way"

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  • yourdailybukowski
    22.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    it was just one of those things which happen like the fall of the Roman Empire. - Charles Bukowski, from "Fall of the Roman Empire"

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  • dokkipokki
    22.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    The Little Merstick Chapter 5

    That voice. I can't get it out of my head. I've looked everywhere, Jacob - where could they be?" Charles spoke as him and Jacob wandered the beach as he played his flute. On the other side of the rocks, Henry is washed up and Sven and Dave are exhausted. Henry sees his legs and is amazed.

    "Well, look at what the catfish dragged in! Look at ya! Look at ya! There's something different. Don't tell me - I got it. It's your hairdo, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right? No? No huh, well let me see. New . . . seashells? No new seashells. I gotta admit I can't put my foot on it right now, but if I just stand here long enough I know that I'll -" Ellie rambled on as she tried to figure out what changed about her merman friend.

    "HE'S GOT LEGS, YOU MORAN! He traded his voice to the sea witch and got legs." Sven's eye twitches as he spoke to Ellie.

    "I knew that."

    "Henry's been turned into a human. He's gotta make the prince fall in love with him, and he's gotta ki- he's gotta kiss him." Dave said as Henry tried to get up.

    "And he's only got three days. Just look at him. On legs. On human legs! My nerves are shot. This is a catastrophe! What would hos fathers say? I'll tell you what his fathers would say, they'd say they's gonna kill themselves a crab, that's what his fathers would say! I'm gonna march myself straight home right now and tell them just like I shoulda done the minute-" but Svdn was cut off when Henry grabs him.

    "And don't you shake your head at me, young man. Maybe there's still time. If we could get that witch to give you back your voice, you could go home with all the normal fish, and just be . . . just be . . . just be miserable for the rest of your life. All right, all right. I'll try to help you find that prince. Boy. What a soft-shell I'm turning out to be." Sven shook his head in defeat.

    "Now, Henry, I'm tellin' ya, if you wanna be a human the first thing you gotta do is dress like one. Now lemme see." Ellie began.


    Jacob's head perked up when he smelled something and got excited.

    "Jacob? Huh . . . what, Jacob!" Charles calles out when Jacob darted off.

    Ellie whistled, "Ya look great Hen. Ya look - sensational." They hear Jacob and when she arrives, he chases Henry up on a rock.

    "Jacob . . . Jacob - Quiet Jacob! What's gotten into you buddy?" Charles asks as he knelt down by Jacob. When he looks up, he spots Henry.

    "Oh . . . Oh, I see. Are you O.K., sir? I'm sorry if this knucklehead scared you. He's harmless, really - . . . you . . . seem very familiar . . . to me. Have we met? We have met? I knew it! You're the one - the one I've been looking for! What's your name?" He asks and when Henry tries to speak, nothing comes out. Henry mouths "Henry" but no words come out.

    "What's wrong? What is it? You can't speak?" Henry shakes his head.

    "Oh. Then you couldn't be who I thought." Henry and Jacob look frustrated. He tries pantomime.

    "What is it? You're hurt? No, No . . . You need help." Charles asks as he falls into him.

    "Whoa, whoa, careful - careful - easy. Gee, you must have really been through something. Don't worry, I'll help you. Come on . . . Come on, you'll be okay."


    Henry was now in the bath playing with bubbles.

    "Washed up from a shipwreck. Oh, the poor thing. We'll have you feeling better in no time." Alice Hamilton picks up Henry's "clothing".

    "I'll just - I'll just get this washed for you." Cut to Sven still in Henry's clothing getting washed.

    "Well you must have at least heard about this guy." One of the washers spoke.

    "Well, Gretchen says . . ." Sven is dunked. . . . "since when has Gretchen got anything right. I mean really, this boy shows up in rags and doesn't speak-"

    "Madame, please ! . . ." Sven tries, but it is futile since the two gossiping woman are too caught up in the event that has happened.

    ". . . not my idea of a prince. If Charles's looking for a special someone, I know a couple of highly available ones right here . . ."

    Sven finally makes his escape and dives into the kitchen and sees various fish cooking and faints.


    "Oh, Charles, be reasonable. Nice young gentlemen just don't - swim around rescuing people in the middle of the ocean and then - flutter off into oblivion, like some -" Quentin started his speech until Charles cut him off.

    "I'm tellin' you, Quentin, they are REAL! I'm gonna find that mystery person - and I'm gonna marry them."

    "Ha Ha. Come on honey. Don't be shy." The maid helping Henry with his bath earlier speaks. Henry entered in a beautiful blue outfit.

    "Oh, Charles, isn't he a vision?" Quentin spoke as he adored the male now downing a beautiful blue outfit.

    "You look - wonderful." Charles spoke, his mouth agape.

    "Come come come, you must be famished. Let me help you my dear. There we go - ah - quite comfy? Uh. It's - It's not often that we have such a lovely dinner guest, eh Charles?" Quentin spoke looking at Charles. Henry starts combing his hair with a fork. They look dumbfounded and he is embarrassed. He sees the pipe and brightens.

    "Uh, do you like it? It is rather - fine . . . " but Quentin was cut off as Henry blew its contents into his face and Charles stifled a laugh. Well, he tried too.

    "Oh, my!" Alice gasped.

    "Ahem, so sorry Quentin." Charles apologized like the gentleman he is.

    "Why, Charles, that's the first time I've seen you smile in weeks." Alice spoke.

    "Oh, very amusing. Alice, my dear, what's for dinner?" Quentin asked while wiping his face off.

    "Oooh, you're gonna love it. Chefs's been fixing their specialty, stuffed crab."


    Sven was watching chef Calvin and chef Konrad cook. They are humming to themselves.

    "Les poissons

    Les poissons

    How I love les poissons

    Love to chop

    And to serve little fish

    First I cut off their heads

    Then I pull out the bones

    Ah mais oui

    Ca c'est toujours delish

    Les poissons

    Les poissons

    Hee hee hee

    Hah hah hah

    With the cleaver I hack them in two

    I pull out what's inside

    And I serve it up fried

    God, I love little fishes

    Don't you?

    Here's something for tempting the palate

    Prepared in the classic technique

    First you pound the fish flat with a mallet

    Then you slash through the skin

    Give the belly a slice

    Then you rub some salt in

    'Cause that makes it taste nice

    Zut alors, I have missed one!

    Sacre bleu

    What is this?

    How on earth could I miss

    Such a sweet little succulent crab?

    Quel dommage

    What a loss

    Here we go in the sauce

    Now some flour, I think

    Just a dab

    Now I stuff you with bread

    It don't hurt 'cause you're dead

    And you're certainly lucky you are

    'Cause it's gonna be hot

    In my big silver pot

    Toodle loo mon poisson

    Au revoir!"

    Sven hops back and Calvin grabs him again.

    "What is this?" They ask and Sven pinches on of the twins their nose and a battle ensues. Sven knocks over a large cabinet.


    A huge crash is heard coming from the kitchen.

    "I think I'd better go see what the twins are up to." Alice said and scurried off.


    Calvin and Konrad was trashing the place. "Come out you little pipsqueak and fight like a man!"

    "Calvin! Konrad! What are you two doing?" Alice chastsized.

    "Well - We - We were just - er, er, we are sorry, madame."


    "You know, Charles, perhaps our young guest might enjoy seeing some of the sights of the kingdom. Something in the way of a tour?" Quentin suggested.

    "I'm sorry, Quentin, what was that?" Charles asked since he wasn't paying attention.

    "You can't spend all your time moping about, you need to get out. Do something, have a life." Quentin lifts his plate's cover to reveal Sven cowering in the salad.

    "Get your mind off -"

    "Easy, Quentin, Easy." Henry lifts his own plate cover and signals for Sven to hide there. Sven rushes across while no one is looking.

    "It's not a bad idea. If he's interested. Well - whaddaya say? Would you like to join me on a tour of my kingdom tomorrow?" Charles asked and Henry nodded vigorously, leaning heavily on his plate's cover.

    "Wonderful, now let's eat, before this crab wanders off my plate."


    Henry is watching Charles and Jacob from balcony.

    "Come here boy! . . . Arrr . . ." Charles sees Henry and waves. He is embarassed and goes back inside.

    "This has got to be, without a doubt, the single most humiliating day of my life. I hope you appreciate what I go through for you, young man. Now - we got to make a plan to get that boy to kiss you. Tomorrow, when he takes you for that ride, you gotta look your best. You gotta bat your eyes - like this. You gotta pucker up your lips - like this." Sven sees he is asleep.

    "Hm. You are hopeless child. You know dat? Completely hopeless."


    Seahorse swims up to Reginald and RHM.

    "Any sign of them?" Right asks his little seahorse servant.

    "No, Your Majesty. We've searched everywhere. We've found no trace of your son - or Sven."

    "Well, keep looking. Leave no shell unturned, no coral unexplored. Let no one in this kingdom sleep until he's safe at home."

    "Yes sires." Then the little seahorse leaves, leaving the kings to themselves.

    "Oh, what have we done, Right? What have we done?"

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  • aar-ish
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    If I've got to suffer, it may as well be at your hands, your pretty hands

    — Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit

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  • pulmunduk
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    When happiness leaps itself into my arms I think to myself, this is gonna end badly.
    But then again, if it leapt into my arms, It must be a dream. And I wish in that moment to never wake up.

    -pulmunduk// Happiness comes with a price

    #aesthetic #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark academia#female poets#poets corner#spilled poetry #excerpt from a book i might write #excerpt from a book i'll never write #poetry #dead poets society #haruki murakami#sylvia plath #excerpt from my book #virginia woolf#charles bukowski
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  • yourdailybukowski
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    it was just one of those things which happen like the fall of the Roman Empire. - Charles Bukowski, from "Fall of the Roman Empire"

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  • rifqah-rahwani
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    These are from my sketch book...so I post it (the first is about my fav ships of HSTC)😅

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  • weappreciateart
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    "But we joke and laugh otherwise we would start screaming."

    - Charles Bukowski

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  • ocavalheirodatristefigura
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    #ressacas provavelmente tive mais delas do que qualquer outra pessoa viva e elas não me mataram ainda mas em algumas manhãs fizeram eu me sentir horrivelmente próximo da morte. como você sabe, o pior dos porres é o que se toma de estômago vazio, fumando pesado e se afundando em diversos tipos de bebida. e as piores ressacas são quando você acorda no seu carro ou num quarto estranho ou num beco ou na cadeia. as piores ressacas são quando você acorda para descobrir que fez algo absolutamente infame, ignorante e possivelmente perigoso na noite passada mas você não pode lembrar exatamente o que fez. e você acorda em vários estados de desordem – partes do seu corpo machucadas, perdidos o seu dinheiro e/ou possivelmente e com frequência o seu carro, se você tinha carro. você liga para uma mulher, se você estivesse com uma mulher, para com frequência ouvi-la bater o telefone na sua cara. ou, se no momento ela estiver por perto, sentir sua eriçada e ultrajada raiva. bêbados nunca são perdoados. mas bêbados perdoam eles mesmos porque precisam beber de novo. é preciso muita resistência para ser um bêbado por tantas décadas. seus colegas de porre são mortos por isso. você mesmo entra e sai de hospitais onde o aviso mais frequente é: “mais uma dose e será o seu fim” mas você supera tomando mais de uma dose. e quando está perto dos setenta e cinco você descobre que precisa de ainda mais bebida para ficar bêbado. e as ressacas são ainda piores, a recuperação é mais demorada. e a coisa mais estúpida é que você não se arrepende por ter feito isso tudo e por continuar fazendo. escrevo isto agora sofrendo uma de minhas piores ressacas enquanto lá embaixo esperam várias e várias garrafas de álcool. tudo tem sido tão bestial tão adorável, este rio alucinado, esta loucura que me assalta e arrebata, e que não desejo a ninguém além de mim mesmo, amém. #charles #charlesbukowski #bukowski #velhosafado #livros #igliterario #undercut #boemio (em Sebo itinerante O Cavalheiro da triste figura) https://www.instagram.com/p/CM3wxkMjRlB/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • j4julietsdreams
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    About him and her

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