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  • pansydaisy
    20.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    abigail hobbs, hannibal

    dani clayton, the haunting of bly manor

    charlie kelmeckis, perks of being a wallflower

    kiara carrera, outer banks

    becca gelb, the society

    peyton sawyer, one tree hill

    brooke davis, one tree hill

    bella swan, twilight

    elena gilbert, the vampire diaries

    harry potter masterlists

    my poetry masterlist

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  • lapushbaby-itslapush
    19.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So tell me how smeyer sucked the life out of every character except the dads. Billy. Harry. Carlisle. Charlie. All kings. Freud would have something to say MA'AM

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  • meduseld
    19.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Waiiiiiiiiiiiit a second. Did Stephenie Meyer accidentally make an M/M pairing canon. Like, you know Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined? She genderswapped everyone BUT Bella/Beau's parents. That way all the canon pairings still happen and SM could keep it hetero. But SM. You made Sue Clearwater a dude: Saul Clearwater. And if canon pairings remain, and the events will proceed roughly the same..... Charlie gets to hook up with a dilf and I for one am happy for him

    #Charlie Swan is the hero in a tragedy #the twilight saga from his pov is a horror story #sue clearwater#saul clearwater #you can't stop it Stephenie #twilight resurgence #i rewatched the movies bc nostalgia with friends #there may be more twilight posts tbh #also donate to the quileutes! we did that too
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  • remedea
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    nothing gives me more "gender envy" than the concept of a dad

    #thats the bluebprint #Charlie Swan.. #i just wish i was charlie swa
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  • bisexualemmettcullen
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Twilight au where this is how Charlie presents himself also hes not a cop

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  • cumberbatched-unicorn
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Me and my friend @justmystuffxoxo fixed Twilight for you –> we want it to be one singular dark indie film and thats basically it. Thanks for coming to our Ted-Talk

    #twilight#meme#indie #edward x bella #bella x alice #bella x rosalie #bella x carlisle #bella dies#dark#humour#Bella Swan#edward cullen#the cullens#headcanon#movie idea#fun#charlie swan#carlisle cullen#alice cullen#rosalie cullen #twilight: new moon #twilight: eclipse #twilight: breaking dawn #fuck stephanie meyer #amazing#ships #romeo and juliet #someone make a fanfic #someone make a movie #funnymemes
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  • emmetthastiktokforsure
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Do I have homework? Yes but am I drawing Carlisle and Charlie instead? YES

    #I have motivation for one thing only #Charlie swan#carlisle cullen#charlisle
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  • t-o-m-hollands
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Me: Do you think I have a tendency for falling for older men?

    My friend: ...................

    My friend: Remember that time when we were 14 and we went to the cinema and saw New Moon? And how after we all started to argue who was hotter; Jacob or Edward?

    And how you in the middle of that argument piped in with 'I don't know, I thought Bellas's dad was kinda hot?'

    #i regret nothing #charlie swan was a goddamn dilf
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  • booksxoceans
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Does Renee know about Renesmee????

    Like, it's never mentioned in Breaking Dawn at all. I realize Charlie would be a prominent figure in her life, what with them living in Forks and everything, but if Charlie was the one who told Renee that she has a grand daughter??? Like oof.

    Bella never calls Renee again after Renesmee is born.

    And when Charlie comes over to see her, he says this:

    "I don't know how much we should tell Renee about this. I'll think of something." - BD, page 512

    I also understand that her mother is a little childish and neglectful - at least that's how Meyer writes her. But i'd feel like she'd at least like to know or even visit Renesmee.

    Headcanon that Bella gets postcards and gifts from Renee for Renesmee every year.

    Also do we even know her last name? 😂

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  • twilightinanotherlife
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    AU Timeline (Cullen family & Swan family edition Part 2) Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

    1938: Jessamine leaves the vampire wars with Peter. Travels with him and his mate Charlotte for a while before going separate ways.

    1948: Alice and Jessamine meet in a diner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    1950: Alice and Jessamine join the Cullens.

    1956: Marie marries Beaufort Higginbotham in Downey, California.

    1968: Renée Higginbotham is born in Downey, California.

    1986: Renée meets and falls in love with Charlie in Phoenix, Arizona. They marry and conceive a child.

    1987: The Cullens relocate to Phoenix. Carlisle works the nightshift at St. Joseph's Hospital where Charlie works as a nighttime security guard.

    September 13, 1987: Bella Swan is born in Phoenix, Arizona and is delivered by Carlisle. Renée Swan dies in childbirth.

    1999: Marie Higginbotham dies of a heart attack.

    2003: The Cullens relocate from Alaska to Forks, Washington. Carlisle and Earnest pose as Edythe's, Rosalie's, and Jessamine's uncles. Emmett and Alice pose as siblings who've been disowned by their family and taken in by Carlisle.

    November 13, 2004: Charlie and Bella go on a hunting trip. They are attacked by nomads James and Victoria. Bella escapes, but Charlie is killed.

    November 2004 - January 2005: Bella is on the run and being hunted by James and Victoria.

    January 18, 2005: Bella arrives in Forks. She poses as an emancipated minor. She buys a house and enrolls herself in school.

    January 25, 2005: Bella's first day Forks High School. Meets the Cullen kids. A near-fatal car crash forces her to use her hybrid abilities to save herself.

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  • twilightinanotherlife
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    AU Timeline (Cullen family & Swan family edition Part 1) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    January 20, 1640: Carlisle Cullen is born in London, England

    1663: Carlisle is turned into a vampire at age 23

    March 31, 1664: Charlie Swan is born in Fordwich, England.

    1687: Charlie is turned into a vampire at age 23.

    December 23, 1844: Jessamine Whitlock is born in Houston, Texas.

    1863: Jessamine is turned into a vampire by Maria at age 19. Forced to join the Southern vampire wars.

    May 1, 1895: Earnest Platt is born in Colombus, Ohio.

    February 19, 1901: Mary Alice Brandon is born in Biloxi, Mississippi.

    June 20, 1901: Edythe Masen is born in Chicago, Illinois.

    April 22, 1915: Rosalie Hale is born in Rochester, New York.

    July 14, 1915: Emmett McCarty is born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

    1917: Earnest marries Charlene Evenson at age 22.

    September 1918: Edythe is turned into a vampire by Carlisle at age 17.

    1919: Grace Platt is born in Colombus, Ohio.

    1920: Alice is turned into a vampire at age 19. Awakes with no memory of human life. Has first vision of Jessamine and the Cullens.

    1921: Charlene drunkly jumps off a cliff with Grace. Earnest jumps of the cliff to follow his daughter in death. He's found in morgue by Carlisle and changed into a vampire at age 26. Marie McCarty is born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

    April, 1933: Rosalie is turned into a vampire by Carlisle at age 18.

    1935: Emmett is turned into a vampire by Carlisle at age 20.

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  • enchantedpersephone
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    @muchymozzarella post said: "Someone once said that between Carlisle Cullen, Charlie Swan, and Billy Black you could have a rehash of the Twilight Saga love triangle but with hot dads. Make it happen internet."

    I did and then started to be so confused about all the pairings situation, they'll be pairing with...the moms in the saga? Or, they would be with...who exactly? Idk. I'm so lost.
    Putting any of the daughters of Carlisle or Charlie's daughter in the match and things would get a bit too creep, so... Who are they be pairing with?
    Leaving aside Sue, Renée and Esme giving a mature romance vibe. There's only Jessica, Leah, Angela and the Denali sister to make a rehash of Twilight with hot dads, right...[?]
    Damn, that's so complicate. ç-ç
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  • twilightinanotherlife
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hybrid! Bella would be great for a Bella and Rosalie friendship. Bella already knows about vampires. She's half vampire and was raised by her vamp dad Charlie. So there's no worry about Bella "finding out the big secret and exposing them." There's no "does Bella become a vampire or not" disagreement. Bella's gonna stop aging in her late teens. Nothing she can about that. And Carlisle didn't change Rosalie with the intention of her being Edythe's mate. So when Edythe falls for Bella, Rosalie doesn't feel jealousy over Edythe not being attracted to her. Really, Bella being half vampire eliminates all of Rosalie's reasons for disliking her.

    #rosalie hale#bella swan #vampire hybrid bella #charlie swan#vampire charlie#carlisle cullen#edythe cullen #edythe x bella #bella x edythe
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  • renesmeeslittlelocket
    15.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Renesmee gives Alice someone to spoil in fashionable clothes, Rosalie the niece she never had to adore, Edward and Bella the daughter to complete their family, and Charlie a granddaughter to spoil and love.

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  • tildeathdo-i-write
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    One Shot #17 - Coney Island

    Warnings: toy gun (like at the carnival, those games), I mention the mafia after the readmore as a bit of backstory.
    Bit of backstory: Charlie is in the mafia, her therpist is Asher’s mum, that’s how they met. Charlie is Italian, adopted when she was 2 and kidnaped when she was 7 by some evil organisation who turned her into a sort of assassin (think Black Widow but she’s 16). She escaped at 15 and went back to her mother, Allison who is dating her biological father, Evan (none of them know this), who is also in the mafia and that is why Charlie was kidnapped
    I’m still working on this story so please bear with me. Currently, these characters exist only in one shots.
    Asher doesn’t know any of this by the way and his mum asked him to help C relax (she’s playing matchmaker).



    We strolled along the beach quietly. I didn't know what to say to her, or even how to start the conversation. Charlie was a mystery not even Sherlock Holmes could figure out. She was quiet in a completely different reason than I was. I didn't like socializing, hated it because too many people made me uncomfortable; she was just observant in an unnerving way, preferred not wasting time on meaningless words.

    The ferris wheel grew larger with every step, looking over us.

    "Can't believe you drove us to Coney Island just because mom said you needed a break," I murmured. Charlie shrugged. She must have been really hot in the long black jacket. Sure, she wore a crop top underneath but I couldn't see her taking the jacket off any time soon. In fact, u don't think I'd ever seen her without a jacket or something covering her arms. It wasn't a matter of being uncomfortable since she wore denim shorts. She had long since removed her ankle boot and carried them between her fingers.

    I'd love to paint her.

    She shook her head, pushing the hat further up her head to let the sun fall on her face.

    "Fair enough," I murmured. "Seventry three isn't hot anyway."

    Charlie paused in the sand. "Scusi? Seventy three?"

    "Seventy three degrees, like weather."

    "You don't mean Celsius, si?"

    I grinned and shook my head no. She nodded once and turned away from me, back to the oversized wheel.

    The games were rigged. Everyone knew that. Course, there were a few honest games but most of them, like the basketball hoops and the rings were rigged. According to mom, winning your date a prize is like handing them a diamond necklace or something.

    Maybe, just maybe, winning Charlie a prize would make her smile. That was my mission this morning: make the pretty Italian-British girl smile. Mom bet I couldn't do it. "Wait." I tapped her shoulder, jumping when she jerked away. She had the same reaction of someone touching burning water. "Sorry I just-"

    “Don't touch me."

    "Right. Okay, sorry," I apologised. Holding my hands up, I took a step back. Charlie's sharp features softened slightly, her frown disappeared. I was awarded with a half nod.

    "What do I get if I win?" I asked the rosy-cheeked girl behind the counter. She smiled, a dimple in her left cheek. Four guns were attached to it, pointing straight at clouds with targets slapped on the middle of them. I was almost certain they would start moving once the game really started.

    She scrunched up her nose. I smiled. Her mouth twitched. She didn't smile, but I was making progress. As intimidating as she was, Charlie was — oh god, please never let her find out I said this — actually really adorable.

    Three kids ran past me, hitting Charlie's leg on their way to their mom. She clutched the top of her hat to keep it from falling, scowling at the kids. "Don't like kids?”

    The girl – Jaina, her name tag blinked in the sun from her collarbone – waved her hand at the prizes hanging from the wooden rafters and on the shelves "Those, these whatever. Knock down five and you get the big shi- stuff."

    "Rubber bullets?" Charlie inquired, peering at the gun.

    "Yeah, kids and all that. You get six bullets, knick down five clouds. Good luck."

    I handed her five bucks and picked up the gun. It was strangely heavy, probably real and modified to accommodate children. I missed the first shot, then the second. Those freaking clouds were teleporting, im certain of it. I hit one ball on the fourth shot and missed the rest.

    Charlie studied the gun silently. Who am I kidding, she's always silent. Just when I figured she would insist we leave, she handed Jaina ten bucks. "Come here," she bent her fingers in her direction twice. "Hold it like- yeah, just like that."

    Jaina cleared her throat. She looked about eighteen, probably working a shift here. Charlie ignored her and positioned my hands on the gun, chin on my shoulder. The perfect height for this, she was only an inch or so shorter than me. She had aldo never sounded more British than that "yeah."

    "Legs–" she kicked my feet apart– "like that. Aim." She moved the gun with me, slightly out of sync with the moving clouds. I tried to aum the muzzle at the aren't, but she jerked against the. "No, look. Use your instincts. Aim ahead aaand... shoot." Her hands left mine when I pulled the trigger. I actually got one cloud down. I hit outside the mide but shooting wasn't exactly one of my everyday activities.

    "Give it here. Don't wanna waste a tenner on this shit."

    She took the gun from me and in four quick shots, knocked down four clouds. On the bullseyes. Now, I have never seen anyone do something like that. Ever. Not even Dylans dad, a cop, managed this, and this... this Charlie just hit four freaking bullseyes. "Where did you learn to sho0ot like that?" Jaina gaped, squinting squinting the clouds, then Charlie.

    My date– I mean, moms client I was helping relax– sighed and tucked a purple strand behind her ear. "Somewhere in Italy."

    That was weirdly vague. I nodded, leaning over the bar to peer at the clouds. "Choose something," Charlie said. Jaina watching the stall seemed to be in shock. "Stop waffling around, Asher, choose."

    Uhh... I pointed blindly at some necklace at the back. I must have chosen a level one prize or something because Jaina passed two over the counter. Charlie looped one around my neck, and hooked the other behind hers. Yin yang. She touched the white piece and the corner of her mouth tilted up. Someday, I swore, someday I would get her to smile.


    I scheduled this. If you're reading it I'm probs asleep. Wrote it at like 3 because I can. Charlie's awesome. Asher is cute. I want an Asher for my birthday. That's all.

    - Ash✌🏼


    @reyna-herondale (I hope its OK that i tagged you, you were on my previous taglist) @writing-is-a-martial-art @phoenix-carstairs @niagotthomastair-inthesanctuary

    IIIIiiiiiifff you wanna be on this taglist please lemme knowww


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  • merakiaes
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago


    (UPDATED 14/04-21)

    REQUESTS (2)

    Paul Lahote

    The Lahote Temper (Requested by: unknown)

    Charlie Swan

    Midnight Stroll (Requested by @musicalgeneration-wattpad)

    #paul lahote x reader #paul lahote imagine #charlie swan imagine #charlie swan x reader #twilight imagine #twilight x reader
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  • hopesought
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago

                 Charlie stared down at the coffee cup cradled between his hands, thumb tracing all the lip of the mug, mouth dry as he attempted to piece together the thoughts that bounced around his head as though its sole purpose was an echo chamber and not the home of all that he was. Bella, even in her absence, had and always would be the entire universe to Charlie, ever since he’d held her in his arms for the very first time. He did the best that he could, given his complete lack of emotional understanding, to do the best for his only blessing. 

                 To see her now, so out of sorts without Edward, was breaking his heart. What had he done wrong to make her entirely codependent on another person, a man, at that? Perhaps there was too much of himself in her and not enough of Renee, who had no qualms with the absence of someone she cared for. Charlie cleared his throat, swallowing his fear and his pride, and reached for Bella’s hand, squeezing it softly in his own. “How do you feel today, Bells?”  

                              @znosyns i am ;;; i am so in pain SEND HELP 
    #☆ thread  ➵ charlie swan #znosyns #i will  someday have icons lmao #EVENTUALLY PERHAPS #but here have this #it hurt TERRIBLY to write lmao #☆ you get to exhale now.  ➵ queue
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