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  • Emmett: so the first person to weird charlisle out wins. I call it the daddy game.

    Roseilie: that sounds dumb…

    Jasper: what do we win?

    Emmett: if you win I won’t break your stuff

    Alice: your going to trash all of our rooms???

    Edward: I’m in. Stay out of my room.


    *Alice and rosalie running down the stairs past charlisle*

    Alice: hi daddy!

    Rosalie: hi daddy

    Charlisle: hi…. girls… ???


    Edward: daddy I need your keys

    Charlisle: *doing paperwork in his study* w-what???

    Edward: they keys…. to the car. I need them

    Charlisle: oh yes their in the kitchen…


    Charlisle: *walking down the hall when he passes jasper*

    Jasper: *nods his head* howdy-daddy

    Charlisle: huh-howdy? Hi. Hi jasper.


    Emmett: this is taking too long!

    Edward: calm down we can’t blow our cover

    Emmett: I’m bored already. *stands up and loudly moans* AAAAHHH~~~ DOCTOR DADDY!!!

    *everyone breaks out into laughter*

    Charlisle: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS?!?!?

    Esme: *pokes her head through the door* daddy do you know where the broom is?

    Everyone f*ckin looses it.

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  • if stephenie meyer defied logic in her canon twilight universe in order to have renesmee exist i wouldn’t be surprised if she bent her own rules in life and death’s alternate universe just so the baby would still be born at some point

    #charlisle cullen#GOOD GOD#text#renesmee cullen #i haven't even read l&d so idk how it ends or if bd could still happen but w/e
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