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  • aceredlace
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Some backlog from my twitter account! This is an AU I drew where Shadow joins Team Chaotix after the neutral ending of SHTH, I love the idea of Vector stepping in after Shadow walks away and doing his general Vector thing. After the true ending Shadow returns to Vector and ends up joining as the fourth man of the Chaotix. I really like the idea of Shadow dedicating way more effort then he needs to the team and being FULLY INVESTED in every job. I also really like the idea of Shadow gravitating towards Charmy and Charmy thinking it’s super cool that Shadows on the team and trying to get Shadow to use his powers for stupid reasons.

    #sonic fanart#sonic au#sonic fandom #shadow the hedgehog #shadow the ultimate lifeform #sonic 2#team chaotix #vector the crocodile #espio the chameleon #charmy bee
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  • sundial-bee-scribbles
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    i know nothing abt the lore

    #posting this here cause otherwise itll get lost on my main lol #sonic #sonic the hedgehog #ugh god i have to tag SO many charactesr. im gonna be basic cause im scared but. ok here goes #blaze the cat #vector the crocodile #e 123 omega #amy rose #big the cat #chris thorndyke #jet the hawk #mephiles the dark #silver the hedgehog #topaz sonic#eggman #shadow the hedgehog #charmy bee #rouge the bat #knuckles the echidna #cream the rabbit #tails the fox
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  • authorleaandres
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Important question:

    @stillafanofsonic suggested an Encanto AU once, which prompted me to say Silver would be Bruno.

    Who gets "SEVEN FOOT FRAME, RATS ALONG HIS BACK-" in We Don't Talk About Bruno? just kidding it's definitely Charmy LOL

    #silver the hedgehog #charmy bee#encanto au #charmy would just say shit like that about silver because he thinks it's funny change my mind 😂
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  • smutav
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I dont think they went to law school but they’ll take any job that pays

    redbubble link in reblog!

    #sonic the hedgehog #sth#team chaotix #vector the crocodile #espio the chameleon #charmy bee#vector#espio#charmy#my art
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  • arrows-asks
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Tails : You know... When I said I wanted you to bring me something from the beach I meant like a seashell or somewhat 

    Charmy, struggling to hold a seagull : Well, then you should've fucking said so

    #incorrect quotes #Tails the Fox #Miles Tails Prower #Charmy Bee #charmy the bee #Charmails #(( I saw this one in a tag and I couldn´t help myself )) #(( It just fit too well! )) #(( XD ))
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  • adokle
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Team Chaotix - Ghosts of Jealousy? by JoeAdok

    So long as the job pays, The Chaotix detective agency will accept a case from just about any client, young or old, living or dead. Including the case of an incident at an old era speakeasy that's gone unsolved to this day. Luckily, everyone involved ,including the client, is still around in some form or another. But are the answers still around to be found? Or is this case destined to stay cold?
    #vector the crocodile #espio the chameleon #charmy the bee #sonic#adokleart#joeadokart
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  • floofy-doodles
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    did a very simple draw 6 sonic characters the other day :) friends gave me these suggestions <3 its been soooo long since i drew a sonic-

    #sega #sonic the hedgehog #dr eggman#dr finitevus #rogue the bat #vector the crocodile #espio the chameleon #charmy the bee #drawing meme #lol did you guys know i used to draw sonic characters 24/7 when i was younger so i am burdoned with the ability to draw them #also i really liked dr finitevus when i was younger which is my only defining sonic fan quality KHSGHG #but im also a team chaotix stan so im glad my friends suggested them :]
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  • nonbinarycharmybee
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    EPIC gamer icons for all ur epic gamer needs /hj

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  • fyeahsonicthehedgehog
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #stc 76 #Sonic the Comic #sonic the hedgehog #Miles Tails Prower #Amy Rose#johnny lightfoot#porker lewis#omni viewer #vector the crocodile #Charmy Bee #Espio the Chameleon #Mighty The Armadillo #badniks
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  • yellowbirdbluetoo
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Shadow and Charmy having an big brother and little brother relationship is so important to me

    #meme #sonic the hedgehog #like Shadow gets his own tails lol #shadow the hedgehog #charmy the bee #sonic fandom#Sonic’s hcs#ig #anyways it’s cute #rouge coming in w/ the wine aunt energy
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  • the-caped-shadow
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Sonic Heroes (2003) - Team Chaotix - Rail Canyon

    #sonic the hedgehog #sonic#sonic heroes#team chaotix#charmy bee #vector the crocodile #espio the chameleon #mppk gifs#mppk
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  • authorleaandres
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Guys, I have a Movie!Charmy voice casting suggestion from my lovely fiancé.

    Everyone brace yourselves:

    Johnny Depp.

    #charmy bee#sonic movie #for legal reasons this is a joke
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  • rechicken-and-waffles
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Took some Six Fanarts requests on Twitter and this is the first part. I will do a second one soon :)

    #sonic the hedgehog #charmy bee #cream the rabbit #espio the chameleon #big the cat #tangle the lemur #blaze the cat #fanart#my art#six fanarts #I still don't know how to draw Blaze sdfghjhgf
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  • galaxy-shapeshifter
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Some sonic incorrect quotes made by an incorrect quotes generator! Bonus my sonic ships + team chaotix. Cuz I'm unoriginal and taking ideas from my mutuals-

    #team chaotix #sonic the hedgehog #charmy bee #miles tails prower #chails #cream the rabbit #espio the chameleon #knuckles the echidna #infinite the jackal #shadow the hedegehog #infinadow#incorrect quotes
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  • fyeahsonicthehedgehog
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #stc 72 #Sonic the Comic #sonic the hedgehog #dr. robotnik #Charmy Bee#Metal Sonic#metallix#emperor metallix
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  • kolasharkattack
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    *Loud dramatic gasp* Is that... DESIGNS FOR YOUR BLACK ONYX AU???

    Yes. Yes it is.

    Honestly, I have been DYING to get back to these, especially the Chaotix.

    #sth#sonic#my art#sonic fanart #espio the chameleon #charmy bee #vector the crocodile #team chaotix#chaotix
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  • blackhakumen
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Mini Fanfic #927: Snow Chameleon (Sonic)

    1:34 p.m. Outside of The Rabbits and Chaotix's Household........

    Charmy: (Adjusting the "Snowman" In Front of him) Add a few more buttons down here aaaaaaand....(Gets Back Up on his Feet With a Bright Smile on his Face) Vola! You're 80% close to completion, Espio!

    Espio: (Gives Charmy a Deadpinned Look on his Face While Having hs Body Inside of the Snowman's Body) So this is my punishment for losing a round or two of the game to you?

    Charmy: That's right. (Starts Smirking Confidently) And I must say that you are looking mighty good as a Snow Chameleon right now.

    Espio: (Raised an Eyebrow in Confusion) Snow Chameleon?

    Charmy: Yeah, you know? Half Chameleon, Half Snowman? It's a completely original concept I made up last night.

    Espio: I see......('Sigh') Still, I'll admit that your skills in the Naruto Ultimate game are worth the praise. At least compared to mine poor attempts....

    Charmy: Well, not to brag or anything, but I'm a pretty quick learner when comes to these types of games. I can teach ya a thing or two if you want.

    Espio: I have been wanting to improve my skills in video games for a while now....(Simply Nodded) Very well. I accept your offer.

    Charmy: (Smiles Brightly) Sweet! (Points at Himself With Confidents in his Eyes) With your Charmy Sensei's guidance, you'll be a pro gamer in no time!

    Espio: (Raised an Eyebrow) Charmy-Sensei?

    Charmy: Yep. I thought about that one last night too! You like?

    Espio: It's..... something. Just don't expect me to call you that too often.

    Charmy: (Shrugs) Sounds good to me.

    'Doors Open'

    Cream: (Happily Rushes Out of the House With Cheese Floating Next to Her) Boys!~ We're back!~

    Cheese: (Holds a Hat and Scarf in his Hands) Chao Chao Chao!~

    Cream: We don't have a top hat of our own in the house just yet, but we did found this very lovely summer hat for you to wear instead.

    Cheese: Chao Chao. (Starts Putting the Hat on Espio's Head Before Wrapping the Scarf Around Him) Chao Chao Chao Chao Chao Chao.

    Cream: Awwwww~ (Pulls a Mirror Handle in Front of Espio) We told you that you would make a pretty Snow Chameleon, Espio~

    Cheese: (Happily Nodded in Agreement) Chao Chao.

    Espio: (Takes a Look in the Mirror of Himself) Hm....I do look fairly good in this unusual style. (Turns to the Duo) You did well, you two. I would pat your heads if my hands weren't buried already in this body of snow.

    Cream: (Giggles Softly) It's quite already, Espio. But now that mentioned it, how are you doing in there? Are you feeling cold and shivery in anyway?

    Espio: A little, but not too much for me to develop a cold. I'll be just, Cream.

    Cream: ('Sigh') Alright....if you insist. (Gives Espio a Firm, (Cute) Pouty Look on her Face) But be sure to come out of there if you do, okay?

    Espio: (Chuckles Very Lightly While Nodding in Agreement) Roger that.

    Vanilla: Kids! (Walks Out of the House Along With Vector) Your Hot Cocos are ready!~

    Vector: Yeah and what's with the opened doo- (Eyes Widened While Hearing Vanilla's Gasps at What is in Front of the Two of Them) No way.....

    Espio: (Turns to the Surprised Couple) Ah. Vector, mother, fancy seeing you here. I would wave hello, but.... you know.

    Charmy: We gotcha, buddy! (Moves One of the Wooden Hands Up and Down While Cream Does the Same)

    Espio: ('Sigh') Wasn't really necessary to begin with, but thanks anyways, you two....

    Vanilla: (Immediately Puts on a Motherly Glare While Placing her Hands on her Hips) Cheese Rabbit, Charmy Bee, and Cream Annabelle Rabbit! Why on Green Earth is your brother inside that body of snow!?

    Vector: (Already Snickering) Yeah and why does he look like he's about to take a vacation trip to the Bahamas or something? Hey, you need your sunglasses there, Frosty?

    Cream: You like? Espio is playing the role of our brave Snow Chameleon.

    Charmy: (Starts Smirking Again) This was after I beat him in a few games of Naruto with my pro gaming skills.

    Vector: Espio the Snow Chameleon, huh? (Snickers Again) Nice.

    Vanilla: (Turns to her Boyfriend With a Pout) Vector!

    Vector: (Chuckles Lightly While Rubbing the Back of his Head Back and Forth) Sorry, sorry. I know we're supposed to take this seriously and all, but you gotta admit, he kinda looks hilarious as a snowman, you know?

    Vanilla: (Place her Elbow on her Other Arm and Hand on her Chin in an Unsure Fashion) Mmrm....Well, he does look a tad bit silly.....(Turns Espio) Espio, are you sure you're going to be okay in there? I know you're mostly cold-blooded and everything, but-

    Espio: You have nothing to fear here, mother. I may not have much movement in the schemeof things, but I can assure that as I keep my balance, I'll be just fine- (Suddenly Falls Face Down on the Snowy Ground Down Along With the Body of Snow)


    Espio: ('Groans in a Bit of Pain and Coldness')

    Vector/Cream/Charmy/Cheese: (Eyes Widened in Complete Shock and Horror) ('GASPS') ESPIO!/CHAO CHAO!!

    Vanilla: MY BABY!!!!

    Few Minutes Later in Espio's Room.......

    Espio: (Covered Up in the Bed With a Wrapped Warm Towel On the Top of his Forehead) Ah..Ah....AHHHHH CHOO! (Sneezes on a Hanker Chift With a Sigh) Note to mental self: Never accept a challenge from Charmy. Or from anyone else for that matter.....

    Vanilla: (Walks in the Room While Hold a Food Tray in her Hand) We made you a bowl of chicken noodles soup, sweetie.

    Cream: (Follows Behind her and Everyone Else With a Cup of Hot Coco) And we reheated your Hot Coco for you.

    Cheese: Chao Chao Chao.

    Espio: (Gently Receives the Cup of Hot Coco From Cream's Hand Before Taking a Sip of It) ('Sigh') As refreshing as always....

    Vector: How you holding up there, champ?

    Espio: The warmth and recovery is going smoothly thanks to your efforts. I apologize for giving you all a scare earlier.

    Vanilla: (Smiles Softly) There's no need for you to apologize, honey. (Takes the Warm Towel Away from Espio's Forehead) As long as you're in here safe and sound, then that's all it really matters. (Kiss the Top of Espio's Forehead) But I really wished you didn't agree to be in the snowman earlier. Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?

    Espio: Yes, but....to be frank, it's not the worst cold related scenario I've been through so far.

    Everyone: It wasn't?/ Chao Chao Chao?

    Espio: Nope. (Smiles a bit Sheepishly) Oddly enough, when I was a lot younger, it was first time I learned the essence of meditation. So naturally, I decided to meditate in various surroundings: on top trees, during rainy, sometimes snowy days, I even tried meditating under a cold waterfall once.

    Cream/Cheese: (Eyes Widened in Awe) Woooooah......

    Charmy: Sick!

    Vector: Sheesh, Espio. I know that you wanna be a ninja and all, but did you had to take drastic measures like that?

    Espio: You'd be surprised how careless and reckless I was in my younger years. (Takes Another Sip of his Coco)

    Vanilla: (Already Gives Espio a Pout, Disappointed Look on her Face While Mumbling)

    Espio: (Eyes Widened at the Sight of his Mother's Stare) B-But rest assured! Master has already scolded and disciplined me during those times. So there's really no need for you to worry, mother.

    Vanilla: (Stares at Espio For a Brief Second Before Sighing in a Bit of Defeat) I'll take your word for it. Just promise me you won't do something like that anymore, okay? (Turns to Three of Her Other Children) That goes for the three of you as well.

    Vector: (Turns to the Trio While Crossing his Arms) Yeah, it's all fun and games until one of you ends up getting hurt or sick. So, no more of that, alright?

    Cream: Yes, Mom and Mr. Vector.

    Cheese: Chao Chao.

    Charmy: ('Sigh') We'll try to be more responsible next time.....Unless....

    Everyone: CHARMY!

    Charmy: I'm joking! I'm joking! I promise I won't do anything like that again!

    Vanilla: Thank you.

    Story Idea Inspired by the Talented @rechicken-and-waffles







    #sonic series #espio the chameleon #charmy bee #cream the rabbit #cheese the chao #vanilla the rabbit #vector the crocodile #humor #sweet family moment #snow day #lots and lots of fluff here #vanilla is best mom
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  • aestheticallypleasinggalaxy
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    More Sonic Headcanons baby!

    If you haven't seen the other headcanons I've made here ya go:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Anyway let's get started!

    •First things first is I resigned Knuckles and Sonic because I didnt like how they looked. It's very different from how they used to look

    @frogboy0 for the help with these two!

    •Okay so Knuckles looks more like he's related to the Kuckles clan and Sonic looks like he came out of the 90's or something like that XD. @frogboy0 thought the Letterman like jacket would look better on him and he was right. We also decided to give Kunckles a headband because we thought it be cool and it was.

    •Okay so this headcanon is gonna surprise you but.....Knuckles is Sticks adoptive father. Sonic found her in forest one day and was stuck in a bear trap or something so Sonic, being the fucking king he is, saves the little garbage child but she put up a fight. Scratching and clawing at the blue hedgehog. Sonic took her back to his house he shares with Amy, Tails and Kunckles (who stays there only occasionally in account of having to guard the Master Emerald.) 

    •She wouldn't answer any of his questions about who she was or anything like that. Once he made it home, Amy and Tails( mostly tails since...well look at her) were freaked out by this child. Sonic and his siblings try to calm her down but it didn't do much. Later on as they do this, Knuckles comes in after a tired day and sees the three of them all disarranged as a manic little badger messes up their house. Knuckles gets told what happened and he angrily yells at the girl who is shocked at how he isn't afraid of her in the slightest. And she liked the echina.

    •Sticks then clings to Kunckles all the time and follows him everywhere, him being the only few to touch her.  She starts to see him as father and Sonic finds it adorable while Amy and Tails laugh and make fun of Kunckles who (lies) hates being called that. 

    •She starts coming with him to watch the Master Emerald and Kunckles is glad she enjoys it as much as he does. She also starts wearing body paint like him too and dresses like his tribe would. Knuckles is utterly soft for it. (I love them so muchhhhh)

    •Soon though, when she meets Rouge she starts to do the same thing she does with Knuckles, much to Rouge's distaste at first. She hates kids (lies) so the moment she sees this trash child she voices her opinion about how unclean she looks (as one does). Knuckles proceeds to yell at her for calling his daughter unclean. Sticks was shocked when Rouge was so willing to voice her opinion and sees how unhinged the bat was and was quickly star struck by the cool bat. Sticks then calls her mom because who wouldn't want someone as badass as Rouge as their mother?

    •Rouge, of course, is utterly shocked when she called her mother and soon is oddly touch that this child sees her as her parent, (as weird as she is) even though she is slowly warming up to another person that she cares about besides herself.

    •Sticks is a full supporter of wanting Knuckles and Rouge to be together. Why wouldn't she want her father and mother to be together?

    •She waste no time trying to set them up whenever she got the chance. Though, when they (finally) get to get together, they become a cute little family (HHHHH IM SO SOFT OKAY)

    •Okay so (I think) as I said before about Cream she loves Blaze and Shadow so much that she starts taking their punk/alternative kinda aesthetics and dresses like them. 

    •She is still nice to everyone but Tails because they gonna throw hands. They both still think the other is copy them

    •Amy and Sonic cry together as they go through old photographs of Tails and Cream because they were more friendly with eachother back then. They just want them to get along. Cream and Tails are lesbian and pan hostility

    •Cream gets a crush on Sticks because she is wild and she likes her women stupid

    •"wow she's so dumb, I wanna marry her"

    •She is also in a relationship with Marine too and hates how Tails also has two bfs now( Ray and Charmy) because this is too much of a coincidence to be true that they are so similar XD

    •Tails and Cream fight over Cosmo because they want her to pick who she likes more but she just smiles and walks away

    •"Cosmo dont you want to be with me more?" "Bitch no me!" "..... :) bye"

    •Blaze and Silver are siblings okay

    •When Blaze first met him he gave her his scarf to keep warm even though she can make her own body heat with her fire (he's an idoit okay) and she has hardly ever taken it off since

    •She is extremely attached to him and one of the first reasons Blaze fell in love with Amy was how good she takes care of him

    •Amy and Blaze just spoil lil Silver because he is babey

    •Amy just love anyone sonic shaped. Shadow, Silver, metal sonic etc. 

    •Speaking of metal Sonic, Amy and them are besties

    •Amy colored blush on two nail nuts on his cheeks to look like he is always blushing and eggman thinks his child is adorable 


    That's all for now (again) but I hoped u enjoyed my shitty headcanons :D

    #sonic #sonic the hedgehog #Knuckles the Echidna #sticks the badger #Amy the hedgehog #Amy Rose #Tails the Fox #Rouge the Bat #knuxouge #shadow the hedgehog #blaze the cat #cream the rabbit #marine the raccoon #charmy bee #ray the flying squirrel #cosmo #silver the hedgehog
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  • legionizedfreedom
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    okay but you know Charmy would love Blue’s clues

    it’s a show for junior detectives

    #;danger hides when the hyper bee flies (Charmy)
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