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  • elspetha
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    You cannot tell me that this is not Cardan

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  • iconsvlog
    20.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    • chase hudson icons

    like or reblog if you save.

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  • spiderboy17
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • wwesource22
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    NXT Great American Bash 7/6/21: 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament field announced

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  • comatosedheart
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Chase Hudson (Lilhuddy) Via Instagram

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  • comatosedheart
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I made a gc for all of the Huddy stans to come together, that way we can all find each other in such a small Tumblr fandom lol, tell your friends 🤍

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  • fyeahshirtlessman
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • 21st-century-sweetheart
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #lilhuddy#chase hudson #asked and answered #ki asks
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  • comatosedheart
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Chase Hudson (Lilhuddy) via Instagram Story

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  • comatosedheart
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Chase Hudson via Instagram Story

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  • rainbow2002
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Do you think Lil Huddy will come out as nonbinary one day? I do not know why I have this weird feeling that he will possibly come out one day.


    The idea that there are only two genders is sometimes called a “gender binary,” because binary means “having two parts” (male and female). Therefore, “non-binary” is one term people use to describe genders that don't fall into one of these two categories, male or female.

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  • comatosedheart
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lilhuddy (Chase Hudson) via Instagram


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  • blxxdyvalentine19xx
    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    This fic might have veered a little off course, now I gott get back to the intent of it and get to the strip tease.


    Eyes on his boyfriend; Chase bit his lip, dragging a claw ring clad finger down Rook's chest, he looked at the man. "On one condition" he mumbled; his grin bordering on mischevious when Rook grimaced but didn't push his hand away. "If you're up to it" Chase got up slowly, running his finger down Rook's thigh.

    Rook's eyes followed Chase's finger as the cold metal of the ring left a faint red mark. "And that it?" He asked, realizing he'd just given Chase the advantage. Rook bit at his lip, grimacing as his boyfriend's blue eyes had a dangerous sparkle in them. "F-uck" he shivered as Chase looked up at him as the boy came back up between his legs.

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  • blxxdyvalentine19xx
    09.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Vegas fic series (establishing of relationship)

    Mod Sun x Chase Hudson x Machine Gun Kelly

    Stepping out into the night air in an attempt to catch a breath of fresh air; Chase brought his arms around himself. Taking in the quiet, he shut his eyes as he hoped to block out the uncertain words swarming his head.

    "You know...a body like yours is apparently addicting" Derek spoke when he rounded the corner; his eyes landed on a clearly wore down Chase. "Got a minute?" He asked; needing to express a few things to the boy.

    Chase jumped as Mod's voice penetrated the bubble of silence around him. "Is it? Colson says it'll be the death of him." He smiled; opening his eyes to a comfortable looking Mod Sun. "yeah I've got a few minutes, what's up?" Chase thumbed at the sleeve of his hoodie.

    "We got to talk about...." Derek started but let go of a sigh. "...about the very terrifying fact where I'm falling for both you and Col- Kells" he let his arms fall to his sides as he lowered himself onto the ground. "I shouldn't be, yet here I am."

    Colson was about to step out when he heard his friend talking. He furrowed a brow at Mod's hesitation on his name. Something in him told him to be quiet for once and just listen.

    "I don't know if I should even admit it or say it out loud" he ran a hand through his hair: gathering his thoughts. "You know I lo-" he hadn't even said it out loud to Kells, what was he doing? "I love Kells and that's isn't going to change" Chase whispered; looking at his feet as he talked. "But I find myself loving you too" he looked to Derek; biting his lip as it was out there now no taking it back.

    Hearing his boyfriend saying he loved him went straight to his heart. Colson's smile was fond, but he waited to hear the rest. The next words from the younger man's mouth had him ready to step in if anyone got their heart broken. He had put the pieces together that Chase was pining after the singer when they got back from Vegas.

    He listened as Chase spoke his mind. "I know you love Colson, you've been good for him." Derek would drop it if this was the boys way of saying there was nothing mutual. "You...what?" His head shot up as Chase spoke the next few words.

    "I love you just as much as I love Colson" Chase sat down in front of Derek and looked at the man. "I almost feel guilty about it." He was honest in saying he may have thought about Mod as much as he had his boyfriend lately. "Something about it jusr feels right, I feel safe with the both of you."

    Colson let Chase finish speaking before he injected himself into the conversation. "I love you too, baby" he whispered as he sat down; pulling Chase into his lap. "You love mod, huh?" Colson smiled; running his hand over the boys arm. Looking up at Mod, he smiled and stuck his tongue out.

    Derek fumbled as he looked for the words to say and looked to his best friend. "Damn you kells" he smiled as the blonde put am arm out to him.

    "I guess I do, yeah" he instinctively leans into Colson's chest. Relaxing as his boyfriend wasn't mad. "I think you already knew that though." Chase whispered as Mod took Colson's hand; coming forward.

    "I figured it out after Vegas" he laced his fingers through Derek's while he talked. "You were a bit of a wreck to be honest." Colson smiled; pulling Derek towards them. "It wasn't easy seeing you seem like you were lost."

    Looking at the youngest of them; Derek brushed a thumb over Chase's cheek. "I've broken just about every one of my rules because of you" he glanced to Colson; grinning as the rapper's head was at rest on Chase's shoulder. "You did seem lost though, like you were figuring stuff out."

    Chase leaned into Derek's hand as it cupped his cheek. "That's a theme with you two, breaking the rules over me" he hummed as Derek's other hand ran through Colson's hair. "I had a lot to figure out and loving you wasn't easy admist all of it."

    He leaned in; one hand cupping Colson's head, the other, Chase's cheek. "That's pretty much hitting the nail on the head." Derek brushed his fingers over Chase's lips and smiled before kissing the boy; savoring it as they tasted of raspberry. "Worth trying a poly relationship?"

    Colson felt the anxiety smolder and fizzle out as Derek's fingers were gentle and grounding. "Rules are made to be broken with this boy" he mumbled; letting his eyes shut. "Mm, I'm sold on the concept."

    Chase stopped Derek from pulling away. Pulling the older man back into the kiss; he slipped his arms around Derek's neck and tugged at his upper lip. "Don't pull away yet, please" Chase felt at home with himself for the first time and hummed as Colson's arms wrapped around his waist.

    Derek brought his other hand up; hooking his thumbs behind Chase's ears. "Mm, not going anywhere" he steadied himself and smiled as the boy held onto him like a lifeline. Derek pressed a kiss to the corner of Chase's lips and looked at him once Chase pulled away.

    He pressed a hand against his boyfriend's stomach and smiled as the boy and his bestfriend kissed. "God, you two idiots are adorable." Colson shook his head, moving his hand downwards.

    Running his hand over Chase's thigh; he slipped it under the boy's shirt. "You don't realize how beautiful you are" Derek kissed Chase again and moved to the boy's neck.

    Chase locked his fingers in Derek's hair; breath catching as the man kissed his neck and Colson's hand palmed the bulge in his jeans. "Humm fuck" he gripped Derek's shoulder; reveling in the two men making of him.

    Colson grinned; undoing Chase's pants as they teased him. "Let's take care of you baby" he squeezed lightly and moaned as Chase's hips rolled against his dick.

    Derek let a hand drop. Meeting Colson's as he kissed back up to their boyfriend's lips. "You always this hard around us?" He licked over Chase's lip and smiled as the boys hips arched.

    "Please" Chase whined as Colson's hand breached his boxers as Mod's palmed him. "Fuck, mod, please" he was begging and needed relief.

    Colson pulled Derek into a kiss and grinned Chase's hips. "How about you suck his dick" his eyes sparkled as Chase begged for relief from the teasing. He pumped the boy a couple times and hummed as Derek shifted.

    Getting Chase's jeans and boxers down; Derek sucked at the tip and swirled his tongue around it as Colson's hand occupied the shaft. "And what? You're gonna watch?"

    Colson's hands on his waist prevented Chase from bucking his hips upwards, making him whine out as Derek's mouth was barely on his dick. "Mo- need more" he gripped Colson's arm and whined.

    "Mhmm" he pressed a hand to the back of Mod's head and smiled as Derek looked up at him. "C'mon babe, he's begging for it" Colson keened, pushing Derek's head down a little. He kissed over Chase's neck and smiled as the boy's grip tightened.

    Derek let his eyes shut as his head was controlled by Colson's hand. Wrapping his lips around Chase; he hollowed out his cheeks and sucked lightly. Moaning as Colson looked at him.

    Chase forced his eyes opened and bit down on his lip as Derek was at Colson's will. "Ughhh, ohh fuck" His dick taking up space in the man's mouth as he sucked. He shivered as Colson bit at his neck.

    Hearing chase moaning was sweet and dirty. Hollowing his cheeks; Derek felt the ghost of tears welling at his eyes and managed a breath in through his nose. Just in time too as he was basically forced to take all of Chase as Colson pushed his head down again.

    "Right like that babe" Colson bit his lip as Derek's cheeks showed the outline of Chase's dick. "Fuck I don't think I'll ever get tired of this." He mumbled and groaned as Chase bucked upwards into Derek's throat

    Getting enough leverage as Colson removed the hand off his hip, Chase bucked upwards. Fucking himself into Derek's throat as the man let himself be used. "Shit, mm close" he cried out as Mod's hands gripped his ass.

    Colson licked his lips as Chase had been reduced to whining and bucking his hips as they worked his dick. "Don't cum just yet." He wrapped a hand around the boy's neck and kissed him roughly. "You cum when I say"

    💚 💚 💚

    Derek ran his fingers through Chase's shower damp hair and grinned as the boy curled into him. "You alright baby?" He asked, massaging the boy's thigh.

    "Mm, mhmm" he mumbled and curled into Derek; drawing an arm up he cupped his boyfriend's cheek. "Kiss?" Chase asked, looking up.

    He kissed Chase softly and cocked an eyebrow as the boy shifted, sitting on him basically. "Don't think another round is in your best interest right now."

    "Not interested in sex right now." Chase tilted his head; looking up as Colson walked in. "Other things in mind" he mumbled as he pumped Derek's semi hard dick.

    Colson smiled a crooked grin as Derek hadn't clued in yet. "Ohh, this" he took up the other side of the bed and kissed Chase softly.

    "Kind of looks like that" Derek hummed as Chase nuzzled at Colson's cheek. The blonde was gentle with the overused boy.

    "It's not what you think, mod" Colson leaned down and kissed him as well. Wrapping his hand around the man's dick, he smiled as Chase sighed out, sinking onto their boyfriend's dick.

    Chase sighed out as Derek's dick filled him, letting himself relax, he walks his hands down the man's chest and leaned forward. "Cockwarming" he mumbled as Derek wrapped an arm around him. "Innocent really"

    Derek hummed into the kiss with Colson as Chase leaned forward and layed out on top of him.

    Colson shifted and lit a blunt as Derek pulled him close. "Just his way of feeling like he's safe." He kissed Chase's cheek and slapped the boy's hand away from the blunt. "You and I used to do something like it, but it was usually when I was too tired to really do anything."

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  • blxxdyvalentine19xx
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Shiii! He could be Will Herondale if the infernal devices became a tv adaptation.

    Also that tie gives my writer brain ideas

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  • atlascolors
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

          ˀ̣ ご愛猫ス 𝗹Ꭵ𝗸𝗲ᩚ 𝗼𝗿 𝚁𝖾𝗯𝗹꩜𝗴 ! ꉂ 𖤐 ⋮ !ꐚ  𝗰𝗿𝟑𝗱𝗶𝘁𝘀 ლ𝕖. ─ 𝚁𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺 𝙸𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀 ☆★ ¡ଡ଼ⴰマミとモ𑇛ᩚ䨻䕽›᠉︵ இ 💭♨️🖇・⍰コ ᦰ 🍄꒧ⴰ ⍣ 爱❛◞ <3′

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  • littlespider3000
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Chase Hudson supremacy ✨

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  • blxxdyvalentine19xx
    07.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    My little baby Chase

    Colson Baker + Chase Hudson 

    Warnings: none.

    Chase let go of a guilty sigh as Colson once again brought up the idea of them spending the night together. "Kells...I've got shit I need to do and I'll never wanna get out of bed if I stayed" it was a lie, but he needed a cover story.

    "Right, fine, if you don't wanna have sex just say it" Colson started "I don't care if we do or not, it isn't about the sex, Chase" he really didn't care if they had sex or not, it wasn't that important to him. He just wanted his boyfriend to be comfortable with him.

    it wasn't that he didn't want to; because he did; he just wasn't fond of it being found out that he had a habit of 'sucking' his thumb at night. "It isn't about sex..." Chase whispered.

    "Whatever, it's fine" Colson dropped the matter; moving on from it. He walked into the kitchen to get himself a drink.

    He let his head fall back on one of the couch pillows and shook his head. "Fucking christ" Chase mumbled out; he knew he'd have to give up lately and take the chance.

    Few days later

    Colson was spread out on the couch, his feet on the coffee table as Chase's head occupied his lap as they were watching some movie of Pete's. "God, he's such a lovable air head sometimes." He mumbled; smiling as Chase grinned.

    "I've only met him the once and I figured that." Chase glanced upwards at his boyfriend. He was tired, but fought the sleepy feeling as Colson's finger ghosted the shell of his ear. "You and him are fools together."

    "And he thought you were an asshole" he pointed out; chuckling as his boyfriend slapped his cheek lightly. "You were more nervous than cocky and came off a little full of yourself." Colson leaned down and kissed Chase's forehead.

    "You make him take that back!" Chase smiled; teasing the older man. "I was scared shitless, he's got a certain self awarennss that's terrifying." He gave a cheeky smile and went back to watching the movie.

    Couple hours later

    Chase wasn't really paying attention as they were on the second movie of the night. His eyelids heavy as the last nights lack of sleep was catching up to him. He had one arm wrapped around Colson's waist and the other bent upwards as his thumb ghosted the bow of his bottom lip.

    Running his fingers through Chase's hair; Colson shifted lightly as not to disturb the boy and smiled fondly. He whispered as Chase's arm gripped him tighter "it's okay, mm not going anywhere baby" Colson looked back at the tv screen as he played with his boyfriend's hair as the boy was close to nodding off.

    Nuzzling into his boyfriend; Chase relaxed again as Colson settled back into a comfortable position. Not long after; he nodded off and fell asleep.

    Looking back down after a while of Chase not saying much; Colson's heart was warm as his boyfriend was long asleep and the boys thumb just inside his lips. Hearing the guys get in from partying, he sushed an over dramatic Rook. "Be quieter, Chase just fell asleep here a bit ago"

    Rook looked up as he was sushed; realizing Chase was asleep in Colson's lap, he quieted himself and smiled as the boy looked at peace for once on what was a busy week. "Ohh, the body gives in to sleep eventually."

    Colson snapped a picture of a sleeping Chase and set it as his background. "I'm pretty sure he was exhausted, I moved at one point and he wasn't fond of it." He spoke quietly as Rook plopped down on the empty end of the couch.

    "He probably needed the sleep, he's been non stop the last few days." Whispering; Rook stole the bowl of chips off the coffee table and smiled as Chase had an iron grip around Colson's waist. "I know he's your boyfriend and I shouldn't be saying it, but he's beautiful, Kells"

    "He was up late last night too, I was on call with him well past midnight" he brushed the black hair out of Chase's eyes and cupped his boyfriend's cheek. "You're right you shouldn't be, but yes, he's fucking beautiful"

    "You should have been the adult and told your boyfriend to go the fuck to bed." He suppressed a chuckle and grinned as Colson called him out for calling Chase beautiful.

    Later in the night

    Colson and Rook had stayed up for a while talking before calling it a night. Carrying a still dead to the world Chase to bed; he shouldered his bedroom door open. He managed to pull the covers back on his bed and layed the boy on the bed before going over to the opposite side and slipping his shirt off. Setting his phone and wallet on the nightstand; he slipped into the bed and let his head hit the pillow.

    Next morning

    Chase awoke with a start; the odd body heat against his back was a shock to his system. The arm around his waist hadn't helped either. "What the fu..." realizing it was Colson as he woke up a little; he bit his lip and sighed. "Well fuck" Chase whispered as the rapper stirred.

    "You fell asleep in my lap last night" Colson was half asleep when he felt Chase wake up; the boy must have curled up next to him in the night.  "By the way you're cute as fuck when you sleep." He buried his head in Chase's neck and pulled the boy against him.

    "Did I?" He asked; letting himself stretch out a little, blushing when Colson let go of a breathy moan. "So you probably realized why I was wary of staying over" Chase ran his fingers up into his boyfriend's messy hair.

    "Mhmm" Colson grimaced as Chase's bum was against his dick. "I did, for the record I think its fucking adorable, baby" he hummed; kissing Chase's neck. "My little baby Chase" Colson grinned up as his boyfriend had a rosy blush on his cheeks.

    "Shut up!" Chase hid his face in his hands and groaned. "Its not adorable! I'm too old for that shit" he flipped over and pulled Colson into a kiss. "I am your baby though" Chase whispered against his boyfriend's lips and purred, ripping at Colson's bottom lip.

    "You shut up" Colson pulled Chase up against him. "Its fuckin adorable baby, and there's nothing wrong with it." He rubbed Chase's back; pressing a kiss to the boy's cheek. "I love you so god damned much baby"

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