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  • godza
    23.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    tumblr and instagram are just places where i share music now

    #chat #this song is so good. it directly touches my brain #Spotify
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  • true-intha-blue
    23.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Chatober Day 23: Moon

    Such a stark episode Such dread. Screw the moon.

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  • fanartfunart
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Me, on Instagram, looking at the comments: "Wow this one sure is popular with the reporters!"

    #i dont.... i dont get the purpose of reposter accounts #chat a lat #not fandom
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  • istiyorsunnbence
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    My hair after thermal and sauna, can you comb it for me...

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  • incorrectgmw
    23.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Riley: [sighs heavily]

    Farkle: Hey. You okay?

    Riley: You know me so well.

    Farkle: Yeah, plus you were sighing pretty loud, so...

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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #Ask CC#AUs #Scarabée and Kitty Claws AU #Kwami Swap#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Alix Kubdel#Alim Kubdel#Jalil Kubdel#Other Characters
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  • coughedfeathers
    23.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Gotham, we have a problem

    The Jonker's big badonkers are too huge to fit inside of any of the button up shirts that I or my dad owns

    On the plus side, orange satin ribbon has been acquired for a tie and the Jonker face mask has arrived well ahead of when it was expected!

    #Curse these FF/G flesh lumps #Does anyone want them? Come take them. #I can probably acquire a white button up from work but. Ugh. #I do need a smart shirt that fits after all... #Kit chat
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  • aroseybearinlove
    23.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Me: Oh, I kinda wanna play the new RE board game, I wonder if I should back the Kickstarter when it comes out :D

    Also me: What the FUCK does this mean-

    #I wasn’t a kid that played board games- #I was a kid the wrestled their siblings and cousins and threw soccer balls at each other’s heads #ANYWAYS I’LL JUST LEARN SJSJNSNSN #resident evil #lovebug chit chats
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  • gale-gentlepenguin
    23.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Gale Reviews: Ml Season 4 episode 21: Dearest Family

    (Spoilers and Live reaction below)

    Gabriel figured out the Ladybug charms repel the akuma

    -GASP! Nathalie figured out the same thing Alya did in episode 4! Considering she has nothing better to do

    -Gabriel failed, and Nathalie is like “Try with your will”

    -So Now he made akuma with purple electricity. So Super akuma!? Basically means the ladybug charms are USELESS. So the question is, what is the point of them now

    -Gasp magic loaf

    -They made the special bread! Congrats on fatherly bonding. Glad Tom and his Dad could be close again

    -Gallete pie. Tikki wants the sweets. Marinette is like… “Let me sleep”

    -Marinette just wanting a piece for the Kwami, But Grampa is like “WAIT B*** WE GOT TRADITION”

    -Tikki is getting surprisingly impatient

    -Marinette that is clever.

    -Look at all the families, so sweet. And Gabriel is of course not with his son. WHAT A F***ING SURPISE. Not.

    -Tikki pulled a Plagg. Oh DAMN! Im shooketh

    -So the kwami saying Tikki got a hunger greater than any of them! Damn Sass is saying Marinette don’t know tikki that well.

    -The Kwami are like “This is an emergency.” Sass is basically the pseudo leader of the group

    -Roland beating the mayor with a baguette. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LOVE THIS MAN!

    -Roland sees his wife. But seeing the interaction… I kind of see why they probably divorced


    -Tikki was totally gonna scarf that whole thing down.

    -Gina went the complete other direction after Befana. And it is hilarious

    -Tikki has lost all control

    -I agree with Tom about the bike. But if the spoilers for glaciator 2.0 are to be believed. She already drove a car.

    -You know… Im surprised Tikki hasn’t gone nuts sooner. She is in a bakery. Like it would be like plagg being in a cheese cellar

    -OOOO. So Marinette gets tikki’s hunger when she transforms. THAT IS NOT GOOD.

    -Also Hawkmoth about to akumatize a whole family

    -And Shadowmoth calls it a MEGA AKUMA. Of f***ing course

    -So he just removed the two charms. Damn

    -And our first time seeing Qillin since we didn’t see her episode yet. (she has the best design. Sabine killin it)

    -The four akuma arguing made me laugh

    -The mayor will never get his pies.

    -Marinette eating was hilarious as Bakerix shows up

    -Ladybug too busy eating, and Chat noir saves her.

    -I don’t want to jynx it but today is going to be a good day for Chat noir

    -Tikki being irresponsible. She is like a little Gremlin. I LOVE IT

    -oh no befana is here

    -Chat noir tricked weredad. Nice move kitty


    -Chat noir made a boss getaway



    -Shadowmoth levels up but is still an idiot

    -Tikki just went apesh*t

    -“Sugarcube?” Adrien learns of Tikki’s power

    -So the last time this happened, someone invented chocolate. Tikki… Mood

    -Plagg being like. Don’t worry “That’s why I exist.”

    -So did Chat noir push it out into space or was it already out into space? I am very confused

    -Either way, good job Chat noir. Way to be a hero.

    -Tikki and Marinette having a heart to heart.

    -So they kind of just gloss over the fact he can destroy the charms now

    -Nice to see the coordinated team work.

    -And Lucky charm is… a Paper crown.

    -She almost outed herself to chat noir lol. Now he has to play distraction.

    -So she gave him the piece so she wouldn’t eat it. Glad to see that it wasn’t a complete fix


    -The Way Chat noir asks. Thats a proposal, and Ladybug was down for it. They are married now. I make the rules and I say so.

    -That ladynoir scene with the paper crowns. F*** THAT IS ADORABLE. that FISTBUMP

    -She made them all new charms

    -Glad tikki calmed down. I liked seeing this though.

    -So Marinette agrees no moterbike for a few years,



    It’s a cute episode.

    I will be honest, I REALLY wanted this episode to be more dramatic and I was expecting this to kind of build on the ladybug and Chat noir drama, but this episode helped me realized how much we are blowing up this idea of a fallout? I mean after Hack-san I started thinking that maybe it wont be as big as we think.

    But getting back on track, I loved that we got to see a negative to Tikki. Tikki had been such a bore for most of the seasons. Seeing her as a hunger gremlin made me LOVE her. I can feel Tikki as a mood. It also shows that Plagg can be responsible when Tikki lets loose. Which I find hilarious.

    Though I will say how F***ING REFRESHING it is to see Chat noir not get shafted. He gets cool moments, shown to be competent and they dont ruin it. This is such a nice sight to see for my boy actually being super useful. I think we are getting more of that now and I appreciate it.

    Down sides of the episode tho. The Pacing was awful. The first part was fine but man the last few minutes went by ultra quick and it raised more questions.

    I think mega akuma are REALLY STUPID.

    Basically it destroys the charm just by being a stronger akuma. So it basically makes all of the charms useless. Because now all shadowmoth has to do is make a mega akuma every single time.

    I say that what should happen is this.

    The mega akuma are super draining and Shadowmoth cant maintain a transformation for too long after making it, OR it escalates the strain on his body when he makes it. Have it have a drawback. And then buff up the akuma abilities. Like how about the akuma made by it are completely feral and can only focus on their own desires once shadowmoth detransforms.

    (This whole thing pushed this episode down for me. But I will say outside of it, I really enjoyed the episode

    Overall 8/10

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  • wickedthiswaycomes
    23.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    location: home

    Tyler frowned as he tried to turn the page of the cookbook he had propped open on the counter, the pages sticking together stubbornly. His whisk was almost forgotten in his hand, until a large glob of brownie batter dropped onto the counter. “Dammit--” he muttered, abandoning the cookbook to reach for a towel, the whisk dropping more batter with his movement. The kitchen was going to be a disaster by the time-- the sound of the door opening had Tyler looking up with a wide (somewhat sheepish) smile. “Hey you, I was hoping to have these in before you got home so you wouldn’t see the mess,” he greeted Margot.


    #chat: margot | tyler wallace
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #Ask CC#AUs #Scarabée and Kitty Claws AU #Kwami Swap#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Alix Kubdel#Jalil Kubdel#Other Characters
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #Ask CC#AUs #Scarabée and Kitty Claws AU #Kwami Swap#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Alix Kubdel#Jalil Kubdel#Other Characters
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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  • loqov
    23.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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  • melloian
    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Awakening Form

    Awakening form is the secondary permanent and final form. Once an owner gets enough friendship with an kwami, they unlock this form. This form gives user preference outfit (and miraculous) afterwards.

    This form unlocks new abilities and weapons (sometime it doesn’t change). They also unlock a tool.

    This form is also the way how to get true form (a form that is limited).

    This form was created due to kwamis wanting something better for their owners.


    I have to stop focusing what I was doing, it was getting too much. I was stressed out so badly. So I would just focus this au now again.

    #miraculous marinette #marinette dupain cheng #Marinette#adrien agreste#chat noir #ml chat noir #miraculous chat noir #ml marinette#chloe bourgeois#miraculous chloe#miraculous ladybug#miraculous au#miraculous adrien #ml queen bee #miraculous ladybug reboot #ml reboot #miraculous ladybug au #miraclous ladybug
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  • glazelilyy
    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    sometimes i like to reminiscence about the anon wars, kaeya anon and scara anon's rowdy fights, and the mess that was hands anon, duckie nonnie, and childe anon engaged in a 3 way street fight amidst plans that fischl anon, hu tao anon, and other sweeties who stopped by made for a tea party with everyone.

    i'm not usually super sentimental but i'm grateful for anyone who's ever taken up an anon name or note and just decided to stop by and say hi, it always makes my day hehe :) <3 even if you don't come around under your anon name anymore, i'm still glad we got a chance to chat hehe <3

    #luce chats—☆ #sometimes i wonder how some of u nonnies are doing #i hope you're happy and well!! much love from me to u <3
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  • karkalicious769
    23.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I'm willing to forgive "Dearest Family"'s insulting dismissal of the extent of Chat Noir's powers as long as either:

    1. This has happened before and it's already been discussed. (Clowning on "Qilin" being a Chat-Noir-being-a-badass episode.)

    or 2. It will be mentioned and discussed in "Ephemeral."

    Mostly because "Dearest Family" already had a lot going on (and honestly should have been a two-parter). I'm hoping it's the first option, because "Ephemeral" already sounds like it's going to be another busy episode and I don't think they'll have time to have the "Wow, I didn't know you could destroy something that massive" conversation and the "so my protective charms don't work anymore" talk at the same time.

    #miraculous ladybug#chat noir #ml season 4 spoilers #ml speculation #seriously is NO ONE going to talk about how INSANE chat was in Dearest Family??? #NO ONE IN UNIVERSE IS GOING TO SAY ANYTHING??? #not even a high five or something???
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  • richitozier
    23.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    not the final ep of locke and key hitting me with shrike by hozier. like what if I cry, huh. what them

    #chats #locke and key spoilers #kinda #good grief man
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    23.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #Ask CC#AUs #Scarabée and Kitty Claws AU #Kwami Swap#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Alix Kubdel#Alim Kubdel#Gabriel Agreste#Other Characters
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