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  • immaturityofthomasastruc
    01.12.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    IOTA Reviews: Glaciator 2

    You know, I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this episode. On the one hand, it's an episode that has has some of the worst writing this season, yet on the other hand, I actually enjoy how unintentionally hilarious the writing can be. Trust me, I'll explain why. But then again, it still has far worse writing choices than funny writing choices.

    Let's get into the eighteenth (chronologically the fifteenth) episode of Miraculous Ladybug's fourth season: Glaciator 2


    We start off, strangely enough, with Ladybug and Cat Noir fighting Glaciator in the park. I'm guessing even the writers want to get this episode out of the way. While fighting, Ladybug and Cat Noir save some civilians who are too distracted reading some magazines to run away from the evil ice cream man.

    Oh, well if it's in the newspaper, that means it can't be false. Isn't that right, Harry Truman?

    Apparently, some magazine named Ladybug and Cat Noir “Couple of the Year”, which is why Andre the ice cream man believes his fortune telling ice cream was right. Why he even got akumatized this time was never explained, but I'm guessing it was over some guy thinking Ladybug and Rena Rouge had more chemistry or something. Ladybug tries to explain the pictures were taken out of context, saying the first kiss in the magazine was to break Dark Cupid's influence over Cat Noir, and the kiss from “Oblivio” they don't even remember. Of course, Glaciator doesn't trust her and believes the tabloid instead because I guess the writers decided to make this episode about how inaccurate the media can be, a stance no writer has ever taken before.

    This is one of the things that accidentally makes this episode funny to me. The writers fail to see Glaciator rabidly insisting Ladybug and Cat Noir are a couple is very similar to all the other characters saying Marinette and Adrien are “made for each other” so the audience will ship the Love Square, it really shows how little self awareness they have.

    So Cat Noir, being Cat Noir, decides to suggest kissing again to see if they'll get their memories back, but since Ladybug isn't taking his crap in the middle of a fight, she takes a page from Filthy Frank's book and throws Cat Noir into a nearby trashcan to reaffirm she's not interested.

    And let's get this out of the way. I personally think Ladybug had every right to do this. Yes, it was over the top, but I think it still qualified as self defense because Cat Noir wasn't listening and kept badgering Ladybug to the point I think it constitutes as sexual harassment.

    For anyone who has experienced sexual harassment and thinks I'm misusing the term, feel free to let me know, and I'm make an amendment post correcting my mistakes.

    The fact that some people in the fandom are claiming this constitutes as abuse while nobody had a problem with Ladybug punching Felix, a civilian, in the face, really shows the double standards here. And remember in “Felix” when Ladybug said Felix was nothing like Adrien because “the real Adrien would never be so pushy”? Well, here's the real Adrien refusing to back off from Ladybug and take “no” for an answer, and both the writers and fandom are taking the real Adrien's side here. Just because he wasn't forcing himself onto her like Felix was doesn't mean Cat Noir wasn't sexually harassing Ladybug too.

    Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, a fire extinguisher, and uses it to defeat Glaciator off screen, and for some reason, doesn't give Andre a Magical Charm (which is at least acknowledged later on in the episode), and then to confirm she's the bad guy in this situation, decides to throw the trash can Cat Noir was in onto a building. You ever notice the writers have Ladybug do stupid things so she won't have a lot of ground to stand on whenever she and Cat Noir fight? Then again, it was still stupid to do this to Cat Noir in the middle of a fight, because what if she needed Cataclysm to defeat Glaciator?

    But before we keep talking about Cat Noir was clearly in the wrong here, I need to bring up an elephant in the room regarding this episode: the leaks. For those who don't know, in late August of this year, there were snippets of the scripts for two episodes (this one and “Ephemeral”) posted online, presumably by Jeremy Zag or another social media manager, and Astruc was pissed.

    This was something that the people at ZAG clearly did behind Astruc’s back, and considering one of the leaked scripts is for a scene from the 100th episode, a major milestone for any TV show, I can understand why Astruc is so pissed at spoilers getting out. It’s not cool for executives to tamper with the work of an artist, and this is no exception. At least fanfics are their own thing and can be enjoyed independently from the show.

    Given how often episodes are aired out of order with Astruc constantly protesting the networks and executives screwing up the schedule for episodes, it’s possible there could be some trouble behind the scenes at ZAG. I’m worried things could get even more chaotic with the timeline and the leaks with the news Astruc will be stepping back from the main show to work on other material.

    So yeah, this is yet another situation where I’m completely on Astruc’s side. Does this mean I like what I saw in the leaks?

    Yeah, the scene they decided to show off to draw attention to certainly got a lot of people online talking, but not for the reason they wanted to. After Cat Noir “apologizes” for being pushy about the story, he decides to make it up to Ladybug by offering to take her to the movies or a restaurant to celebrate their nomination.

    “I know you're not happy with this 'Couple of the Year' nomination, so how about we go out to celebrate our 'Couple of the Year' nomination?”

    Unsurprisingly, Ladybug blows up at Cat Noir about how they were never a couple, leading to this pathetic excuse for an apology.

    Oh, for the love of...

    First off, if Cat Noir knows he annoys Ladybug with his constant advances, that only shoots down the “he doesn't know any better because of his upbringing” argument a lot of people use. Second, “too much love in your heart”? The hell is that supposed to mean? That sounds like something you'd say at a job interview when asked to list your weaknesses while still making yourself look like a great person. That's not an explanation, that's an excuse. Third, Cat Noir is essentially guilt tripping Ladybug here by saying stuff like “I get it, I annoy you”, and “You don't deserve to deal with me”. The writers are clearly trying to make the person who sexually harasses Ladybug, as in continues to make advances towards her after she said she wasn't interested in him, out to be the sympathetic one here while Ladybug is wrong for daring to stand her ground and tell him off, and even she says he supposedly doesn't mean to. If he keeps flirting with her after being turned down time and time again, he obviously means to. How do the writers keep letting Cat Noir get away with this stuff? Finally, if Cat Noir said he was trying to stop, we'd actually see him trying not to flirt with Ladybug in the middle of a fight, much less call him “his lady” in earlier episodes, when he's still acted the same as always around Ladybug. This just sounds like he's saying it because he was finally called out. “I promise I'll stop bothering you, Ladybug! I don't know how, but I promise I'll try my best to stop!”

    I am about five pages in, and we're not even three minutes into the episode yet. This should tell you about how much I have to say about the writing here.

    After heading back home, Adrien does one of the few smart things in this episode and actually deletes the pictures of Ladybug he has saved on his phone and computer. I'm sure this moment of personal growth won't be undone by the end of the episode at all. He's still doing better than Alya, who has to be ordered by Marinette to delete the pictures of Ladybug and Cat Noir kissing.

    Freedom of the press refers to being able to report the news or publish opinions without interference from the government. Last time I heard, you're both superheroes, and your team leader is telling you to take down some pictures of her and one of her coworkers that everyone in the city ships for some reason, and you're citing freedom of the press? You wouldn't know the term if Edward R. Murrow came back from the dead to lecture you on the topic.

    In fact, this scene made me realize something that has been underutilized this season: the Ladyblog. Yeah, it was kind of placed on the back burner after Alya became Rena Rouge, but it's barely been mentioned after Alya became Marinette's confidant. Wouldn't it be interesting to have an Alya-centered episode where she considers taking it down to focus on helping Ladybug, but instead decides to turn it into a public forum to uncover Shadowmoth's identity?

    So after another scene making me question why I thought Alya was getting better in earlier episodes, we cut to Adrien's fencing class, where he loses a match, and decides to leave his chauffeur's car so he can cry in the park, leading to a pretty decent visual of Adrien sobbing in the same shot as one of the posters of Ladybug and Cat Noir kissing. This draws the attention of Shadowmoth, who creates an Akuma, but stops as soon as he realizes it's Adrien's negative emotions he's sensing. Aw, isn't that cute? The writers are trying to convince us Gabriel isn't a terrible father and human being, even though the stuff he does in the next episode to air shows he still doesn't really care about his son.

    Marinette sees Adrien crying in the park from her balcony, and decides to put aside her feelings for him and goes to comfort him as a friend... a scene that would be done in a better written show, but because this is Miraculous Ladybug, instead, Marinette sees Adrien's emotional turmoil as a chance to give him a present as a way to cheer him up and get closer to him.

    Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. At least the writers are for equal opportunity and portray both Marinette and Adrien as selfish in some way in this episode. Marinette goes through all the presents she has for Adrien (even for a throwaway joke, that's just creepy and does nothing to help Astruc's claim that she isn't a stalker), planning to get him a hamster wheel like the hamster she planned to get with him when they got together in the future, only for it to turn out she accidentally brought him a pottery wheel instead. Admittedly, it's kind of a funny joke, as it was foreshadowed in the last scene with Marinette going through the gifts and listing one off as in case Adrien got a plaster statue.

    Granted, it was ruined by the overly drawn out sappy fantasy Marinette had beforehand, but at least the writers are starting to come up with ways to humiliate Marinette that don't just involve her stuttering or Unfunny Marinette Slapstick.

    Adrien leaves the park and goes home, where Gabriel once again tries to act like a good father after almost getting Adrien akumatized by saying he's willing to hear out his problems. I swear, every time the show tries to do this with making Gabriel out to not be a garbage human being, I tend to think of this one SNL bit.

    Kagami, who had seen Adrien act all depressed in an earlier scene, talks with Marinette and says she absolutely needs to confess her love to him in order to cheer him up. Seriously.

    I once again have to ask, why does Kagami care about Adrien? Why the hell aren't they on bad terms like the ending of “Lies” established? Why are the writers just ignoring a big part of Kagami and Adrien's relationship like this? Wouldn't it be more interesting for Kagami to realize Adrien was upset and put aside her feelings to comfort him instead of just randomly being his friend again and suddenly being Team “Made for Each Other”? In fact, how will Marintte confessing her love to Adrien help cheer him up when both her or Kagami don't even know why he's so upset in the first place? What if he had just gotten into a fight with a girlfriend neither of them knew about, and the confession only makes him more emotional? I glossed over this in my “Felix” review, but it's seriously not okay for Marinette to keep thinking about exploiting Adrien's emotions as an opportunity to confess her love to him.

    Admittedly, I thought the bit where Kagami slipped up and accidentally called Marinette and Adrien “weak” when she meant to say they were sensitive was a nice touch, as it showed she still has to learn how to socialize better, but it's still a dumb scene that unfortunately impacts the plot of this episode.

    Meanwhile, Adrien declares he won't be like his father and let a memory of someone he likes get the better of him. While you might think this is a great moment of character growth for Adrien, you forget this is Season 4 Adrien, where his response to anything bad that happens to him is to either bitch and moan about it, or go out and destroy public property in his anger because he's never heard of a stress ball, and unfortunately, he chooses the latter. I am not exaggerating when I say Adrien goes around as Cat Noir using Cataclysm on the billboards with the picture of the kiss (well, he tells us he is because the animators can only show him doing it once, but the way Plagg looks and sounds so exhausted implied this billboard wasn't the first one) and orders Plagg to refuel in order to transform again and repeat the whole process.

    In any other show, Adrien would be called out for abusing his powers like this in addition to the lives at risk from collateral damage, but because Adrien has plot armor about as impenetrable as Fort Knox, this whole scene is just brushed over. Seriously, the billboards aren't even fixed by Miraculous Ladybug like the chimney in “Hack-San” was. In fact, if all of Paris' news stations were focused on the couple this episode, how did nobody, not even Alya, the one who regularly reports the heroes, notice Cat Noir rampaging around the city destroying the billboards like a maniac? I'm not an architect or a financial expert, but I'm pretty sure Cat Noir is raking up thousands of euros in property damage. But just remember, he didn't break everything. That obviously excuses him causing potentially more damage than the actual Akuma does this episode.

    While thinking of a candidate to roleplay her confession with like Kagami suggested earlier, Marinette sees Cat Noir and thinks that he'll never fall in love with her (she's technically right given “Weredad” all but confirmed Adrien couldn't care less about Marinette as a potential romantic partner, which shows how well written the Love Square is), so he asks him to fill the role of the person she likes, even though A) She just had a tense conversation with him as Ladybug, and should know he's not in the mood to talk, especially about love, and B) She continues to ignore how uncomfortable he is as she reads out one of her confession scripts.

    Cat Noir also asks who the person she wants to confess to is, but Marinette doesn't say. Why exactly is Marinette so embarrassed to talk about who her crush is when said crush is a teenage heartthrob who earlier episodes have established has a legion of fans (Dark Cupid, Glaciator) due to his celebrity status? Why not have Cat Noir learn Marinette has a crush on his civilian identity  and as a result, rethink his friendship with her? Marinette barely interacts with Cat Noir as it is, so maybe Adrien could be more hesitant to talk with Marinette because he's afraid to break her heart like what Ladybug did.

    After some mildly (as not too annoying but still very) unfunny banter between Marinette and Cat Noir regarding the code name for the person she wants to confess to, we actually get a nice bit where Cat Noir reassures Marinette not to overthink things (a lesson she's already learned before and will learn again), Cat Noir suggests going to the movies with Marinette to take a break. It's actually a nice scene that does a good job showing their friendship, and is the only moment in the episode where both characters are actually likable.

    Of course, it's ruined by Andre seeing the two together, thinks they're on a date, and immediately questions his life because he was wrong about a single couple, which is enough for him to get akumatized into Glaciator again.

    As much as I've criticized this episode and its predecessor, I actually like the design of the titular Akuma. Even though, once again, it continues this show's trend of making heavyset characters into more monstrous looking Akumas, I still like the snowman motif going on here. There's a lot of variety in the kind of ice cream used to form him like the how his “hands” are strawberry ice cream with strawberry bits, and the fact that his face is actually made out of chocolate chips, cherries, and an ice cream cone like an actual snowman is such a great design choice, and really helps bring the design together. It's honestly one of my favorite Akuma designs from Season 2.

    His powers are okay, simply turning people into ice cream and shooting ice cream from his hands, and his motivation for getting akumatized kind of makes more. For those who didn't see the original “Glaciator”, he was upset for Marinette didn't believe in his ice cream, and because his self esteem was so low, as soon as he was akumatized, he tried to attack everyone but Marinette. Sure, he tried to attack her at first, but he kept harming innocent civilians who didn't even do anything wrong aside from being in a relationship. At least he has more of a reason to hate Cat Noir and tries to go after him to get his Miraculous while also getting his revenge, even though it's still stupid for him to get worked over this in the first place.

    Yeah, in case you can't tell, because I feel like I brushed over it in my Top 10 Worst Episodes list I HATE Andre, and I think he's one of the worst characters in the show in my opinion. The writers want us to see him as this wise love guru who helped some of France's most famous celebrity couples get together, but as soon as his fortune telling ice cream is wrong, he freaks out and attacks the people who he thinks thinks is in the wrong about for not going along with his beliefs. I get that this episode technically takes place before “Wishmaker”, so in a world where the showrunners and broadcasters could get their acts together, we don't know he served ice cream for several celebrity couples, but even in his introductory episode, he had built up a strong reputation among the people of Paris, so being wrong a single time and having a temper tantrum as a result doesn't really make him look like the nice, misunderstood character the writers want us to see him as.

    We then get easily the most shocking moment of the episode, if not the entire season. After Marinette and Adrien transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir, when the two meet up...


    OH. MY. GOD. To hell with the giant galette he casually destroyed in “Dearest Family”, I'm more impressed that for the first time in arguably two seasons, Cat Noir actually learned from his mistakes, resolved to better himself, prioritized on fighting the Akuma instead of whining about how unfair Ladybug is to him, and actually acted like he was worthy of that ring. And in the very next scene, he tells Glaciator that they aren't friends instead of enabling this walking ice cream headache, and later on, asks Ladybug if she's okay with being called “My Lady”.

    Ladybug then summons her Lucky Charm, a bitchin' sports car that puts The CW's Batmobile to shame, and speeds off. I don't even care about how Ladybug even knows how to drive all of a sudden (probably for the same reason the twelve year old Power Ranger knew how to drive his car), for once, this episode is starting to make up for the past seventeen minutes of awfulness. Ladybug tells Cat Noir to knock off one of the billboards for Ladybug to use as a ramp to drive over while Glaciator trips over it, landing on front of a heater that melts him back to his civilian form while Cat Noir Cataclysms the ice cream scoop holding the Akuma.

    So Ladybug de-evilizes the Akuma, fixes the minor damage Glaciator caused by covering a few parts of the street in ice cream, gives Andre a Magical Charm while Andre never apologizes to either of him for his behavior in this episode. But hey, at least Cat Noir learned something today. I mean, it's not like the writers are going to undo this character development at the last minute, right?

    So after Marinette rehearses her revised confession to Adrien, we cut to a fencing meet Adrien is at where Kagami reveals to Marinette she got her advice from a manga she was reading. GET IT? She's Japanese, so she obviously HAS to read manga. Good lord, these writers make J-Pop America Fun Time Now look like an accurate depiction of Japanese people and culture. Okay, fine, we don't see Marinette confess to Adrien, but at least the episode already redeemed itself by showing Adrien change for the better. So the final scene of the episode has Adrien... bringing back... all the pictures he has of Ladybug. Wait... what?

    I just— HE WAS SO— 


    Yeah, get this. Marinette's confession was just so amazing, her vague reassurance that the girl Cat Noir likes will fall for him someday is enough for Adrien to regress back to where he was originally. The writers actually showed Cat Noir learning he isn't entitled to Ladybug's affection, had them work together perfectly without any pointless bickering... AND THEY JUST FUCKING UNDID IT? WHYYYYYYYY????

    Why show a major piece of character development for Adrien if he's just going to forget it without any time travel or memory erasure? I get that this might be a more realistic thing for Adrien to not immediately give up on Ladybug, but we're four seasons in, and this was the closest thing he got to character development since his deal with Lila. I'm going to discuss the lack of progression next time (and possibly after that as well), but in my opinion, this has to be one of the dumbest things the show has ever done.

    “But IOTA!” You might say. “In the episodes after this one, we see Cat Noir isn't flirting with Ladybug as much as he was in earlier episodes!” Yeah, but those episodes didn't give their relationship any focus (“Hack-San” was about Alya, “Rocketear” was about Nino and Alya, “Wishmaker” was about Adrien in his civilian life, “Simpleman” was about Rolland, and “Dearest Family” was about Marinette), and he still put Ladybug on a pedestal by giving her replacement attitude after trying to hurt her (Hack-San), so he's clearly learned nothing as far as I can tell.

    Obviously, I think this episode SUCKS. It had terrible writing decision after terrible writing decision, both Marinette and Adrien were incredibly unlikable, Andre continued to be a complete manchild, Kagami had no reason to be in this episode, it still isn't explained why Kagami likes Adrien now, and just when you think the writers are going to give the slightest amount of character development to Adrien, a brief moment of clarity where his character isn't defined by him worshiping the air Ladybug breathes, they just pull the carpet from underneath the viewers as if they were saying “HA! You really thought Adrien would change? Why would he even need to change when he's already perfect? We need to show how perfect he is by having him attempt to kill Alya in the next episode! Remember, Marinette and Adrien are made for each other, whether you like it or not.”

    This episode just shows how the writers refuse to let Adrien change or learn from his mistakes. All Adrien has done this season was whine about how much his life sucks, violate Ladybug's personal boundaries, and barely contribute to the action at all, with the most impressive thing he's done was clean up Tikki's mess. And of course, whenever Adrien actually does something that any competent writer would tell you isn't something a superhero should do, he just breaks down crying as if we're supposed to feel bad for him. Like I've said over and over again in these reviews, characters like Marinette, Chloe, and even Lila are more excusable than Adrien because at least the writers call those three out for their actions and show that what they do (or at least what they do that the writers say is bad) isn't what the audience is supposed to do, but Adrien?

    No matter what Adrien does, whether it's enable Chloe's bullying (Despair Bear), threaten to abandon Paris (Syren), actually abandoning Paris (New York Special) siding with an evil doppelganger because she said the things he wanted to hear (Ladybug), throwing hissy fits about not getting his way when lives are at risk (Glaciator, Frozer, Sentibubbler), ignoring Ladybug's boundaries and insist she's actually into him (Prime Queen), slack off on patrol and forgetting the responsibility Ladybug has while saying he likes to sacrifice himself to get a rise out of her (Lies), and almost everything he's done this episode, it's okay because iT's ThE WoRlD tHaT's FlAwEd, NoT hIm.

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  • lunathethestral04
    01.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    So I was watching Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, just catching up on season 4 and I noticed something.

    Did anyone else notice that magazine in the episode Chat Noir and Ladybug got voted best couple?

    That magazine certainly wasn’t written in French. Which is weird for a French magazine in an originally French show, right?

    It looked like Latin.

    It might not be Latin but it certainly looked like it.

    So why is presumably-Latin magazine in an originally French show where the magazine is supposed to be in French.

    Why is it even in Latin (again, presumably) in the first place?

    I have so many questions

    #miraculous ladybug#chat noir#questions #I honestly wonder what that’s doing there
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  • ohgawdplzkthnx
    01.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I'm very excited to finally share my pieces created for the Miraculous Ladybug LoveSquared zine. This was my first time participating in a zine.

    -My main piece was the ladynoir with kwami balloons. I'm never drawing the eiffel tower again. -The ladynoir masquerade spread was a pinch hitter piece. The background's perspective was a huge challenge for me but I'm really pleased with the final result of the masks. -Ladynoir kiss enamel pin design (final merch design, a stretch goal that didn't get reached). -Adrienette waltz enamel pin design (original pin design that was scrapped. The level of detail was too much for a 1" pin).

    Here is a link to the zine twitter. There are still leftover sales: https://twitter.com/MLLoveSquared

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  • s-kfreen32
    01.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I've been wondering what kind of reaction I would have if the reveal ep from mlb comes out like am I supposed to be happy or wait if them knowing each other's identity would lead to the end of the world💀

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  • deimalor
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mom and son time studying a ring

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  • llunabug
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how Marinette and Co. are making a cute video

    Then immediate cut to Adrien telling Felix, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your dad's funeral

    I laugh at senti!Adrien and Adrien death theories but...we've already come this far, ya know

    #i mean #comatose mother in your basement and dad who won't hesitate to kill you and your girlfriend #and an emotionally abusive household with a city to save on the daily #chat noir has technically died a couple of times before #miraculous#miraculous ladybug#ladybug#mlb #i just started season 4 :(( #chat noir#adrien agreste #cant wait for the uber sad s4 finale :(((((
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  • ultrakart
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I had a dream last night that Scarabella makes another appearance, and when Chat Noir shows up they take one look at each other and immediately they do the thing where he threatens the akuma by threatening to destroy her earrings.

    Like, that’s their one and ONLY plan for literally any situation lol

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  • san-fics
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Micro event

    Ladrien, Ladynoir, Adrianette

    Part 1

    Adrien was trying to get reed of Nino to transform.

    Usually it wasn’t even a problem, as Nino was quick to follow his girlfriend towards the attack for the better shot. But today Alya wasn’t at school and Nino decided to make sure Adrien was safe, not letting him from his side.

    “We can come a little closer though, so I might take some footage for Alya.” Nino proposed. “Even from far she’ll be happy to have something instead of nothing at all. And we’ll be safe at the same time.”

    “Good idea.” Adrien agreed.

    It was giving him the opportunity to move towards his lady and search for a moment to escape from Nino and finally transform.

    He could already see Ladybug swinging towards what looked like an angry giant animal. She was along and the akuma didn’t look like an easy one at all. He needed to get to his partner. And fast.

    Nino took out the phone and started registering, while Adrien made a few steps back towards the ally behind them.

    Nino looked back at him.

    “Hey, dude!” He called. “Let’s stick together. This looks really dangerous.”

    “Nino, I...” Adrien was thinking fast, not sure what excuse to leave wouldn’t look suspicious. “I need to...” His eyes widened, as he saw Ladybug’s attack blocked by the monster. Not even the protection of his identity was worth letting his beloved being hurt. “I need to save her!” He yelled, rushing towards the fight.

    “Hey, bro!” Nino grabbed his wrist, holding Adrien back. “Are you mad?! She’s a superhero! Chat Noir will save her!”

    Adrien was still trying to free himself from Nino’s grasp, when impossible happened.

    Ladybug, who was thrown towards the nearest building by the akuma, was caught on a flight and brought to a rooftop... by her partner.

    Adrien was staring with open mouth as his lady was still held bride stile on the rooftop across the street by non else but Chat Noir. Chat Noir who was Adrien.

    But Adrien was still Adrien. Adrien was here, watching her from distance in shock, not trying to free his hand anymore.

    “See, I told you!” Nino exclaimed. “He’s the best. Even I said a lot of shit about him that one time. You know I was just mad.” Nino had a guilty expression on his face. “I never saw anyone as brave as him. Especially when it comes to Ladybug.”

    Adrien was watching as Chat Noir placed Ladybug on her feet and made a bow, kissing her knuckles. She removed her hand from him fast and made a few steps backwards.

    With a trembling hand Adrien touched the ring on his finger. The miraculous was at it’s place.

    He looked into his pocket to check his qwami’s presence. Plagg looked back at him, wiggling nervously.

    So, Chat Noir’s identity was still Adrien’s. And it wasn’t someone else with his miraculous.

    And Ladybug could see it too! She knew it wasn’t him! Adrien felt a little relieved. Of course his lady would know the difference and recognize any copy-cat!

    But who was it? Another akuma? Sentimonster?

    He needed to get there immediately and save her! But Adrien couldn’t look away, as Chat Noir made a few steps following her. He was saying something and gesticulating, probably trying to convince her he was real.

    Ladybug stopped backing off. Then she said something back. And then the impossible happened again. She ran back to Chat Noir and hugged him tight. Adrien wasn’t sure she ever held him like that.

    But how could she be mistaking?! They’ve been through so much together! He was sure she’d be able to tell the difference!

    And what this impostor told her to cause such an affection?! Adrien himself was held by her like that only after near death experience...

    “I have to go.” He said to Nino, and abruptly freed his hand.

    Nino apparently no longer expected his action and didn’t have time to grab Adrien again. And Adrien didn’t have any patience to argue anymore.

    He turned around and ran towards the ally he saw before, where he transformed and ran out from the other side towards the akuma.

    “Chat, get behind him!” Ladybug yelled, when he jumped on the roof to the opposite side from his partner. “The akuma is in his collar, I’ll distract him while you cataclysm it!” And she ran towards the victim.

    Chat looked around. The other Chat Noir was nowhere to be seen. Was it only his imagination?! But Nino had seen him too!

    There wasn’t time to lose though, as Ladybug was already fighting the beast.

    Chat Noir sighed and went to cross the akumatized victim from behind.


    “Hey, LB, wait!” Chat called when the fight was over and his partner was about to leave. “Who was that? Who... who saved you?” He added without much enthusiasm in his voice.

    “Oh, you saw him.” Ladybug slowed down and blushed a little, biting her lower lip. “He... uhhh... he didn’t want to meet you, so he left quickly.”

    “So you know he wasn’t me?” Adrien still couldn’t understand what was happening. So there was another Chat Noir, who apparently had more affection from Ladybug then he usually could get. “Who was he? What did he tell you?” Chat pressed his lips together tight.

    “He was you, silly.” Ladybug was smiling brightly. “From the future. He had some stuff to deal with in here. So he just told me where the akuma was.”

    “And that is why you held him like that?!” Jealousy clearly sounded in his voice.

    “Oh, that’s what got into you, little jealous kitty.” She was smiling even wider now. “It was still you, remember?”

    “Not for me, he wasn’t.” Chat protested.

    “Chat, present you, or future you — you are my friend. I can hug a friend.”

    “You don’t hug me like that. Why is he better?” Chat couldn’t stop.

    “He isn’t better. He just... uhhh... told me some news from the future.” Ladybug looked away.

    “What news?” Chat Noir’s cat-ears moved attentively.

    “It’s uhhh... personal...” Ladybug was still avoiding his gaze.

    “You just told me he was me.” Her partner insisted. “What is so personal about you, that he can know, but I can’t?!”

    “It’s about my... civilian life, Chat. Identity and all.”

    “He knows your identity?” Chat Noir’s felt his mouth fell open.

    “Turns out he does.” A soft smile ran through Ladybug’s face. “He told me few things to prove he was you. Like my name, my worst nightmare and... some other things only I would know.”

    “Only you and my future self, apparently.” Chat frowned. “I know your worst nightmare though. It’s losing your powers. I saw it during Sandboy, remember?”

    Ladybug looked away not saying anything. Why was she hiding her eyes if this was safe territory for her — he already knew this secret. Unless...

    “It wasn’t it, was it?” He asked.

    “No.” She admitted.

    “So tell me! I’ll know it anyway one day. You’ve seen it by yourself!”

    “I can’t, Chat.” Ladybug crossed her hands on her chest protectively.

    “Why not?” He started to walk there and back. “You already told your identity to someone else, you even gave your earrings to her. What is so special about your fear that I can’t know even this secret?!”

    “Stop it, Chat!” Ladybug was getting angry too. “I would tell you everything if I could, you know it! But now that Shadow Math can overcome the magical charms...”

    “How does it even related to the new akumas?!” Chat was too upset to think clearly anymore. “You know what?! Don’t answer. I don’t wanna know.” He turned away after the last beep of his miraculous. “Good you have another Chat Noir, cause I don’t want to be one!” And he jumped from the roof to the nearest alley to transform back to Adrien.

    [part 2] Dec 4th

    [more MLB fanfic]

    [December 2021 posting schedule]

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  • llunabug
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The way I'm a Felix Stan after that episode (but poor Adrien can't catch a break, someone please just love that boy properly)

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  • deadboytryingtosurvive
    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I forgot the name miraculous ladybug and I said, with all the confidence in the world, Cat Boy and Lava Girl .... just kill me already

    #miraculous ladybug #shark boy and lava girl #chat noir #miraculous chat noir #lmaoo
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  • lolaagreste
    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Daily dose of chat noir

    Ps: his teeth look brighter than my future.

    #miraculous ladybug season 4 #miraculous ladybug spoilers #miraculous #miraculous season 4 #ml season 4 #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #chat noir#funny
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  • jaz-miracles
    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Felinette November 2021

    Entire collection on AO3

    Day 1, New Recipes

    Day 2, Flower Picking

    Day 3, Take Flight

    Day 4, Fruit (not Pomegranate)

    Day 5, Sway

    Day 6, Pride

    Day 7, Prejudice

    Day 8, Rooster

    Day 9, Unexpected Weather

    Day 10, School Dance

    Day 11, Box

    Day 12, Reaction

    Day 13, Enemy of my Enemy

    Day 14, Shipwrecked

    Day 15, Catpurrchino

    Day 16, Captured

    Day 17, Begrudging

    Day 18, Fairytale

    Day 19, Glass Door

    Day 20, Take Out

    Day 21, Friendship Bracelets

    Day 22, Revolution

    Day 23, Bridge

    Day 24, Pageant

    Day 25, Chivalry

    Day 26, Sweet and Sour Soup

    Day 27, Apathetic

    Day 28, [Evenly] Matched

    Day 29, Redemption

    Day 30, Past Time

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  • llunabug
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Okay, Kwami Buster is my least favorite episode in all the seasons

    The mouse transformation?? Who approved??

    The jump rope???

    This and the snake transformation, I can't do it

    Chat noir was...just there the whole time? and at times not even there

    The unifying!!! I hate the unifying!!! it feels like lazy writing, which I'm sure it's not but...I don't like it

    Multimouse felt like lazy writing too, but again maybe just me

    I guess marinette just knows all the powers of all the miraculouses right off the bat? That might be her guardian training

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  • honeybearheiress
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    headcanon: chloe is stupid /j

    #Chloe is miles and beyond my favorite ML character and I genuinely think she's the most interesting one out of them all #which is why i bully her so much #Chloe Bourgeois#Adrien Agreste#Chat Noir#Queen Bee#doodles #ITS PUNS btw she doesn’t get puns and she and Adrien are besties and I think that dynamic is hilarious
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  • sorryicantquitequeeryou
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ⚠️Spoiler warning for SandBoy Episode⚠️

    In the episode Sand Boy Marinette's nightmare of Adrien ends up at Master Fu's and Master Fu could have just accidentally outed Adrien right then and there.

    Master Fu: "Chat Noir? I never told you where I live. How did you find me? Where's Plagg?"

    Simple. Reveal.

    I am not caught up please don't spoil the latest season, it's hard enough to keep away from spoilers

    #mlb #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous ladybug#miraculous reveal#sandboy#mlb sandboy
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  • reallytenaciousphantom-verified
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Lmao adrien just watched her walk into doors? Several times? And just? Let her fight doors? Like she squared up and he was like? Yaassss marinette get that concussion? Okok

    #ml #ml ny special #miraculous ladybug #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir
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  • theofficialadyblog
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The replies under this post is Chat Noir's internet history. GO!

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  • sternschauer-detektiv
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Cozy Julerose Sketch

    That's all I see when I hear their names :D

    I might redraw them when I get my graphic tablet today or tomorrow 😍

    Click for better quality

    Credits to me - Do not repost

    #miraculous ladybug #prodigiosa las aventuras de ladybug #tales of ladybug and cat noir #les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #juleka couffaine#rose lavillant#julerose#traditional art
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