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  • myfireheartt
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Between the Lines Book Server

    Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with!

    We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and memes, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions! All are welcome! Click Here to Join

    Click Apply, and answer the application question :)

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  • sincerely-sorted
    16.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Found this chat for you on Tumblr

    Hey!Chat group..

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  • bigdaddycock
    15.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ladies wanna chat dm is open

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  • bene-darkmans-b1tches
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    the vast majority of you never experienced the slog and the civility of Web 1.0 fandoms limited to chatrooms where every contribution is in chronological order, the discussion is on page 431, and mods could shut down threads for being derailed

    #social media#fandom discourse#chatrooms#discussion board#forums #why did we change #it was such a better format!!
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  • bye2k
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #gaia online#chatrooms#mmorpgs#00s#internet#audio#music #never noticed how ringtoney this is before. feels something between skype and discord
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  • cut3m0nst3rg1rl
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    T.W: bad language, mentions of cheating, dysfunctional family

    M0ni: OMG 0_0

    Unknown: ffs...

    M0ni: M0mmy...she's...she's...

    Unknown: Spit it out.

    M0ni: M0mmy says she's fucking that man!!

    Unknown: uh, I thought they were just talking...and...sleeping together in the same bed...

    M0ni: *cries*

    Unknown: ...ig not.

    M0ni: he's married tho, he has a wife and child...

    Unknown: ...

    M0ni: ...but she says it's not her fault, is he forcing her?

    Unknown: I doubt it, she told you they were...doing it.

    M0ni: Fucking, she said fucking.

    Unknown: Well, idk...but it's definitely the man that will suffer...

    M0ni: Only if his child and her M0mmy finds out, right?

    Unknown: ...

    M0ni: ...well?!

    Unknown: ...yeah...

    M0ni: *smiles through tears*

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  • beckazero
    05.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I need to find Bored

    So today I had a flashback from like September november, where I met this person on an app called either Allo Chat or Teen Chat (it's unclear). His username was Bored and he was so nice to talk too. Our conversations were just hours and hours of asking eacither questions like: what's ur favourite colour in detail or how much would you want to paint ur walls. I deleted the app a while later (I dont tember why) and I dont remeber what my account was or if it was a guest account. The only thing I know is that His username was Bored and his Birthday is Noveber 9. If anyone knows him, please help me find him!!

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  • scrambledsignals
    01.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I liked the internet better in the 2000s.

    #bildungramble#bildungsgrumble#neopets#forums#chatrooms #youtube in its infancy when i could listen to crass and the clash and sleater kinney live videos
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  • juicycherrysweetpeach
    29.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • voidinthemyst
    28.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    discord is so confusing ,, chat rooms are hard someone help lmao

    #i disappear a lot #like are their ghost friendly chat rooms lmao #whenever i come back its so intimidating i just delete the app instead #discord#chatrooms#chat#online#internet#social anxiety
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  • radiantstarlightyoutube
    19.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    My classmates: Aw, you're so pure!

    My ao3 history:

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  • communicat-o
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

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  • teresa-yukibito
    29.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    SCM Chatroom: Drama Kings


    My only talent is making bad sex jokes.

    Warning: NSFW humour (duh) and graphic depictions of horny men


    Partheno has logged on

    Partheno: BOYS



    Aigonorus has logged on

    Aigonorus: thats a lot of sodium

    Partheno: u know what aigo u don’t get to lecture me on my sodium intake when ur insulin levels are off the roof 

    Partheno: i’m surprised ur not diabetic with all those marshmallows u consume

    Scorpio has logged on

    Aigonorus: actually partheno, in honour of u surviving day 1 of no nut november i have come to offer u some sweets


    Scorpio: Heh

    Scorpio: I have a cake for you too


    Partheno: you know, theres another white and creamy substance i wanna eat~

    Aigonorus: its been 10 minutes into the first day of november how r u already horny


    Aigonorus: ha, scorpios-

    Scorpio: ...shut up im not blushing

    Partheno: might as well call me Y/N because i am in one (1) big harem 🥴🥴🥴

    Scorpio: Of course you had to ruin a sweet moment

    Partheno: what do u mean? i think it was romantic of me to kiss your dick yesterday

    Aigonorus: partheno that means u lost

    Partheno: no i didnt! it really was just a kiss!

    Aigonorus: its never ‘just a kiss’ w/ u

    Scorpio: No, he’s right. It’s just a kiss

    Aigonorus: he just kissed ur dick & left?

    Scorpio: I told him I tolerated him and he just took off my pants and kissed my dick

    Partheno: it’s common courtesy to award a compliment with a blowjob, no? but since i’m not allowed to give him a blowjob, i kissed his lil wee wee

    Aigonorus: “wee wee”

    Scorpio: It is NOT little

    Partheno: i mean....i’ve seen bigger👀👀👀👀

    Scorpio: who? bitch who?

    Krioff has logged on

    Partheno: krioff~~~ have you come to visit me my love? ♡♡

    Scorpio: He has a bigger dick than me?!

    Aigonorus: YES. & IT FEELS AMAZING.

    Partheno: i was just greeting krioff, but yes he does have a bigger dick than you

    Partheno: that’s why he fucks me all the time 🤤🤤🤤

    Krioff: yiuy only love m for my fick?

    Partheno: no honey, of course not

    Partheno: i love you for your adorable personality, big hunky arms, your precious smile, your protectiveness, your unconditional love for your family...

    Aigonorus: just say ur in love

    Partheno: i AM in love❤️❤️

    Scorpio: Disgusting. Get it away.

    Partheno: shut up scorpio i know u love us

    Scorpio: I tolerate you

    Partheno: ah, another kiss on the love stick it is then~

    Scorpio: I take it back I hate you

    Aigonorus: every day, parthenos synonyms for “penis” grow

    Partheno: what can i say? i have a very extensive lexicon

    Krioff: you dont even kniw wht “itinerary” meant

    Scorpio: Bimbo alert

    Partheno: ur banned from having ur dick in my mouth ever again

    Scorpio: You’re already banned from that

    Partheno: grrrrrrrrrrr

    Aigonorus: ....lol

    Tauxolouve has logged on

    Huedhaut has logged on

    Aigonorus: hey

    Tauxolouve: This message is a warning to everybody planning to go to the common room: dont

    Scorpio: Why not?

    Tauxolouve: Teo is jerking it in there

    Tauxolouve: Which officially makes him the first loser of NNN

    Partheno: i can’t believe he backed out of our deal! what a traitor (;`O´)o

    Huedhaut: You had a deal with him?

    Partheno: he said that if either him or me feels the urge to lose, we’d tell each other so we would lose together

    Partheno: we even pinky promised to it!

    Partheno: *sniff* w-we used to share nipple clamps t-together 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

    Partheno: UGH! THATS IT. from this day on, teorus is not my best friend anymore <(,,Ծ‸Ծ,, )>

    Scorpio: Tch, that outburst doesn’t even deserve my response

    Krioff: there tnere

    Aigonorus: L

    Tauxolouve: What does “L” mean, Aigo?

    Huedhaut: ...Remind me why I should care?

    Partheno: hue i am in DISTRESS! how could you say that to me?!

    Huedhaut: Partheno I adore you, I truly do, but there are some things that are better left unheard

    Partheno: Glad to see how much you care about me Hue :).

    Partheno: I feel so loved by you.

    Huedhaut: Your proper grammar and capitalization would have been an outstanding achievement if there wasn’t a petty undertone hidden to it.

    Partheno: WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME

    Huedhaut: I do, very much so, even.

    Partheno: :(( tell me more pls

    Teorus has logged on

    Partheno: on second thot, put them on hold

    Partheno: i have a bitch to end

    Scorpio: Damn is it already 10?

    Tauxolouve: Yup, it’s exactly 10:28AM, just in time for their daily quarrel

    Scorpio: What’s that dumb cow and freak always fightin’ for? Always causing trouble for the rest of us

    Aigonorus: just lock em in a room, theyll make up eventually

    Aigonorus: that or they die

    Teorus: i was going to say hi but you know what you dont deserve my greetings

    Partheno: great, bc i didn’t want your greetings you backstabbing hoe

    Krioff: iss this my cu 2 leave

    Huedhaut: Hey Partheno, I heard that Teorus jizzed in your face cream

    Partheno: he WHAT?!

    Partheno: its okay, its fine, the zodiac was originally 11 anyways. 

    Partheno: taurus doesn’t exist.

    Partheno: i will hex your entire fucking bloodline teo.

    Partheno: also u were adopted.

    Partheno: mom told me that he found you on a cow farm and felt bad so he took you in.

    Partheno: dad tried to get crows to eat you when you were a baby too.

    Partheno: you know how i said that i liked your sweater last week? i was lying

    Partheno: it was the ugliest thing i’ve ever laid my beautiful eyes upon

    Partheno: my dad taught me some very exquisite torture methods and i’m excited to finally have a victim to try them out on so

    Partheno: i hope you burn in hell, you tramp.

    Aigonorus: y do u insist on watching the world burn hue

    Huedhaut: It’s amusing.

    Scorpio: I feel like I just witnessed a live reenactment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians 

    Krioff: hw would you kniw what thar looks like

    Huedhaut: I’m guessing that Scorpio has been watching reality TV as of late.

    Scorpio: Shut your smart mouth

    Teorus: lol patty is such a dramatic bitch im sure hes just in his room crying rite about now

    Partheno: i can read what you write you fucking uncultured swine

    Teorus: ... hahahahah you wouldnt happen to be banging on my door right?

    Teorus: ...you wouldnt do that would you patty?



    Krioff: rip

    Aigonorus: there’s nothing like witnessing a murder first thing in the morning

    Huedhaut: Makes my coffee that much sweeter.

    Scorpio: You two have no hearts

    Krioff: though yu wer e the ine with th “black heart’ scorpu

    Dui has logged on

    Ichthys has logged on

    Ichthys: i just saw patty wrestling teo and im not sure who to root for~

    Dui: They’re trying to pull each other’s hair out 

    Aigonorus: ur just watching?

    Ichthys: with popcorn! u want sum?

    Aigonorus: nah, theyre too loud

    Aigonorus: esp parthy he fuckin screeches when he breaks a nail

    Tauxolouve: Is this why the King likes to mess with us so much?

    Huedhaut: To be fair, it is quality entertainment.

    Scorpio: Maybe you’re inheriting more traits of that sick bastard than you thought, Mr. Smart Guy

    Ichthys: that nicknames kinda lame

    Scorpio: You don’t get to have an opinion you damn fish

    Ichthys: that nicknames kinda lame too lol

    Aigonorus: ichthys is winning an argument with scorpio? i always thought it’d b the other way around

    Scorpio: It is the other way around, stupid goat

    Ichthys: lolololololol thats also a lame nickname

    Scorpio: Shut up!

    Ichthys: awww i love you toooo scorpy( ˘ ³˘)♥

    Scorpio: Get those nasty frickin hearts away

    Dui: But Scorpio, why do you play the tough guy act when we all know you’re a big softie?

    Ichthys: absolutely obliterated lmao

    Krioff: ...since wne was scopri plaiing tiugh guy?

    Aigonorus: lmao how bad do u have to be @ playing “tough guy” if we that all see you for the tsuntsun softie u r

    Scorpio: I will frickin choke you out in your sleep

    Aigonorus: choke me out when im awake u coward

    Scorpio: You’re this close to entering comatose. Why do you even wake up anymore?

    Aigonorus: dick

    Ichthys: ....yea its a pretty good reason

    Tauxolouve: Yeah okay, next time I need to wake you up I’ll just whip my dick out

    Aigonorus: oh please do

    Scorpio: So the real whore in this house wasn’t the sex crazed freak at all, it was you

    Scorpio: Ha, you deprived lil shit

    Huedhaut: I can’t take that seriously knowing that you popped a boner when I called you my “little bitch boy”

    Huedhaut: And I was kidding that time

    Dui: Is this a good time to tell you that Scorpio popped one after reading that?

    Ichthys: awwww scorpys blushing

    Aigonorus: lol what a little bitch boy

    Scorpio: STOP IT

    Leon has logged on

    Scorpio: The last person I want to see

    Leon: ?? Then leave, bitch

    Aigonorus: b careful calling him bitch, leo. scorpio likes that

    Scorpio: NO I DONT SHUT UP

    Partheno: scorpy does this mean you’ll finally stop bullying my kinks

    Scorpio: Go back to beating the shit out of Teorus

    Teorus: i lived, bitch

    Ichthys: told you he would, dui

    Dui: Teo’s more durable than I thought

    Partheno: i always beat teo

    Partheno: because teo will never survive the winter

    Teorus: what a lie! you couldnt even survive a little bit of rain!

    Teorus: “mY hAir! my hAiR iS goNna bE ruiNed!!11″

    Scorpio: wimp

    Partheno: SAYS YOU

    Leon: Out of all of us, the “wimp” would be you, ugly scorpion

    Scorpio: Out of all of us, you should shut the frick up, dumb lion

    Karno has logged on

    Zyglavis has logged on

    Krioff: evryones jere

    Ichthys: Altair and Vega erasure

    Karno: Excuse me? Who’s not giving my children the love and attention they deserve???

    Partheno: i’ve gotten no attention from you!

    Leon: If I could scoff I could

    Karno: You 11 accidents are not my children

    Zyglavis: Would you look at that, rabid lion, you got demoted to “accident”

    Leon: You’re a part of those “11 accidents”, you anal retentive kitchen scale

    Aigonorus: that stupid nickname is prob y ur demoted lol

    Tauxolouve: Why is it that we can never have a peaceful discussion in the four walls of our screens

    Scorpio: Don’t pretend like you haven’t disrupted the “peace” here before you senile old prick

    Huedhaut: Well, there’s not much “peace” if people like Partheno are here

    Partheno: really?! you’re gonna play me like that, hue?

    Huedhaut: You’re not exactly the calmest one here

    Huedhaut: Or in general, really

    Partheno: i bring the flair and party to the room! i don’t see you contributing anything but being mean and nasty! 

    Huedhaut: ...Boohoo :)

    Krioff: hiw did yiu do the smley fade?


    Tauxolouve: What does that mean Dui?

    Aigonorus: god u 2 r so old lmao

    Teorus: lol i cant belive u made hue mad enough to use a smiley face lololol looooooser

    Huedhaut: *Believe

    Huedhaut: You’re still as illiterate as ever

    Teorus: hey, i thought u were bullying patty, not me!

    Huedhaut: I can multitask

    Zyglavis: It’s always a verbal massacre every time I open this chat

    Leon: Speaks a lot about the effect of your presence, doesn’t it?

    Zyglavis: As always, your lack of maturity astounds me to no ends

    Ichthys: lololol grandpa ziggles has balls lololol

    Zyglavis: Not “Ziggles”

    Krioff: whst balls sre u taking abiut?

    Dui: It’s not important, Krioff

    Ichthys: u guys seriously dont know the slang??

    Scorpio: Sounds lame anyways

    Teorus: no ur lame >:(

    Karno: ..Do you need help with something? Like finding a therapist? Or a new hairstyle?

    Partheno: find me a dick and i don’t care who it’s attached to 

    Karno: Okay, so you want a dick attached to a person, not just the dick right?

    Partheno: i already have dildos, mother

    Dui: I am very uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the chat today

    Zyglavis: You learn to tune it out in due time.

    Tauxolouve: The chaos of this mansion is very hard to tune out in general I don’t see it changing just because it’s in text

    Zyglavis: Unfortunately I don’t see our dynamic changing no matter where we are either.

    Zyglavis: However, being at home shouldn’t erase all your dignity. Compose yourselves for once in your lives.

    Zyglavis: How complicated is it to conduct yourselves in a proper and presentable manner?

    Aigonorus: ...lol u wish

    Leon: You wish indeed

    Zyglavis: This is why an HR department should be instilled.

    Karno: ...If we had HR, we would have lost Teorus and Ichthys a long time ago

    Ichthys: ziggy said he likes me tho >:(

    Teorus: why would i be lost

    Aigonorus: u drink milk when ur thirsty thats already a crime 

    Teorus: but im vegan, so technically ur just hating on vegans


    Teorus: uGH your so dumb

    Huedhaut: *You’re

    Karno: Is that seriously coming from you, Teo?

    Partheno: of course kri’s dumb! he got a big d

    Partheno: there’s not enough blood in his body for a big pp and a big brain

    Partheno: it’s just science

    Krioff: r we ignring that tou caleld m e dumb?

    Tauxolouve: Teorus do you even know what a vegan is

    Teorus: yea its when you only eat animal products like eggs and milk and stuff

    Huedhaut: There are approximately 1,010,300 words into English language, but I could never string enough together to properly express how much I want to hit you with a chair

    Teorus: thats so rude hue :((( i thought we were soulmates

    Zyglavis: Agreed, Karno. We would have lost Teorus a long time ago.

    Zyglavis: And solely for that reason, I’m not sure if that makes me want an HR department more or less.

    Aigonorus: It’s more, definitely more.

    Partheno: i’m the queen thot and teo never seems to understand it, so i’m all in for kicking him out

    Teorus: you wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid

    Scorpio: This is the reason why Wishes sucks

    Leon: You’re the reason Punishments stinks

    Scorpio: You wanna frickin’ go? Meet me in the lobby in 20 minutes, I bet you won’t fight me you coward

    Leon: You couldn’t even win an arm wrestle against me what makes you think you can win a fight against me?

    Aigonorus: lol loser

    Scorpio: I’m not taking that from someone who’s on the verge of death

    Aigonorus: thought it was comatose

    Scorpio: I change my mind I want you dead

    Aigonorus: hey leo u mind if i watch the fight?

    Leon: Not at all

    Aigonorus: nice i’ll be cheering u on

    Scorpio: Traitor

    Aigonorus: yea yea laugh it up

    Aigonorus: enjoy the last moments w/ ur rep b4 i spread the vid of leon beatin u up all over the heavens

    Leon: Atta boy, Aigo

    Aigonorus: say that again & i’ll be rooting for scorpio instead

    Leon: Whatever

    Leon: I’ll be down in 10, loudmouth scorpion

    Leon: I’d tell you not to be late but knowing your already tardy presentation, you will be

    Leon has logged off

    Aigonorus has logged off

    Scorpio: The NERVE of that stupid dumb idiot bastard lion!

    Scorpio has logged off

    Karno: Theoretically, if I left you all without supervision for a short impromptu vacation-

    Zyglavis: Which would be irresponsible.

    Karno: I know you want to join me

    Zyglavis: .

    Zyglavis: The departments can’t run without us.

    Karno: God I know...but it’s so, so tempting

    Huedhaut: A vacation away from the mansion is a luxury at this point

    Karno: More like a really nice dream

    Zyglavis: I will never be able to indulge in such luxury, ever.

    Ichthys: hey turn that frown upside down~

    Zyglavis: I am not frowning.

    Ichthys: i knew you were about to

    Partheno: wait u would leave us without supervision?!

    Zyglavis: No. Never. I would never ever ever leave you without supervision.

    Partheno: ziggy is so protective of us awww

    Dui: I’m not exactly sure that was protectiveness, Parthy

    Partheno: well, regardless of if ziggy is here or not i would still have loud sex <3

    Tauxolouve: You hear that? It’s the sound of Zyg’s sobs

    Zyglavis: I do not sob.

    Teorus: thats not what you said last night

    Zyglavis: As always, your jokes are outdated

    Aigonorus: i did not just hear you of all people calling something “outdated”


    Krioff: wh T DOwS TAT MEAN

    Huedhaut: It’s called a keysmash, Krioff.

    Aigonorus: man u r as old as lou

    Tauxolouve: Hey now, I’m not ancient

    Aigonorus: u dont even know the most classic vines

    Tauxolouve: I don’t understand them

    Zyglavis: The more you talk, the worse my migraine gets

    Karno: You get used to it

    Huedhaut: Do you need me to pass you the vodka?

    Karno: ...yes please

    Partheno: ur coping mechanism is kinda unhealthy

    Aigonorus: ur a freak of nature partheno. trust me, mom needs the vodka 2 deal w/ u

    Partheno: excuse me, darlings. i have to introduce aigo to the end of my new stilettos 

    Partheno has logged off

    Aigonorus: ffs i hate his heels so much

    Aigonorus: whoever protects me from partheno gets a dick riding

    Teorus: as if! u dont even do any work!

    Aigonorus: ...whoever protects me from partheno gets one of my plushies

    Ichthys: ME ME ME ME!!

    Ichthys: ur plushies are sooooooo soft

    Ichthys: move, the new aigo defense unit is coming through!

    Dui: Ikky that is such a bad idea

    Ichthys has logged off

    Dui: Oh no

    Aigonorus: lmao so easily bribed

    Aigonorus has logged off

    Dui: I sadly have to stop Partheno. The end of his stiletto is a sight I don’t wish for anyone to see

    Dui has logged off

    Teorus: hmph! im not staying here with you stinky bullies! ur all mean to me!

    Teorus has logged off

    Zyglavis: Ever so dramatic. Doesn’t it get boring?

    Huedhaut: It has. It’s gotten boring a long time ago.

    Tauxolouve: Which heel do you think Partheno took out? Is it the new diamond ones?

    Krioff: he git spikey ones revently

    Karno: Oh dear, I’ve seen them

    Karno: Partheno’s going to aim for Aigo’s eyes first

    Karno: I have to go stop him. We need Aigo alive

    Karno has logged off

    Krioff: do u realky need aigp aluve?

    Krioff: je doesnt do muvh

    Zyglavis: I agree. Every time I have seen Aigonorus, he’s been asleep. In all the time I have known him, I’ve never seen him with a single document.

    Krioff: lol hpw do u take a pictore

    Tauxolouve: Camera button

    Krioff: tgis one?

    Krioff has logged off

    Zyglavis: Would you look at that, Huedhaut is laughing for once

    Huedhaut: How can you not? It was hilarious.

    Tauxolouve: Should we get an instruction manual for Krioff?

    Huedhaut: Absolutely not. This is quality entertainment for me.

    Zyglavis: It does put me in a good mood.

    Tauxolouve: Maybe more of the King has actually rubbed off on us than we thought

    Huedhaut: I’ll take that in stride if it means getting to witness more chaos

    Zyglavis: You truly love to watch the world burn

    Huedhaut: If you can’t beat the madness in this mansion, might as well join in

    Zyglavis: Well said.

    Tauxolouve: You wanna record the Aigo-Parthy fight?

    Huedhaut: Already have my professional camera ready

    Zyglavis: I suppose I’ll prepare the first aid

    Tauxolouve: And I’ll dig out mom’s fake passports in case we ever need them.

    Huedhaut: We’re such a good team.

    Tauxolouve: Too bad we use it for evil.

    Zyglavis: How fitting of us.

    Huedhaut: Indeed. Meet you in the foyer, then.

    Tauxolouve has logged off

    Huedhaut has logged off

    Zyglavis has logged off


    #old man squad = lou zyg and hue #this was so many months late #but i mean enjoy ig #u can see i worked hard bc i ignored this draft for a couple months #its my only method of writing #i come back with a fic then die again and the cycle repeats #i did had a fun time writing tho so theres that woooo #scm chatroom #star crossed myth #scm#scm scorpio#scm partheno#scm leon#scm tauxolouve#scm teorus#scm dui#scm ichthys#scm huedhaut#scm zyglavis#scm krioff#scm karno#scm aigonorus
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    [ Drama Kings ]

    Dui x Aigonorus

    The Warmest Winter (is with you) [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

    I have decided to make a new masterlist with works I’m actually proud of. I personally don’t want any of my old works displayed on here and I plan to rewrite some old works in due time. If you really want access to the old works, please go to my tumblr archive.

    #masterlist #star crossed myth #scm#scm chatroom #i have edited the chatrooms listed here and plan to fix tiny details in all of these fics #have fun reading <3 #my old work has been bugging me for a long time so im glad i've finally solved that #sorry to all the people who like it #you can always find it in my archives #i considered linking the old list here but that would defeat the point of me taking off the old works from my masterlist #should i be posting rules? maybe? #idk ill fix this all down the line its late
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  • bubbleandspeak
    24.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    Hello everyone!

    This is a blog, which will be talking about your experiences with learning foreign languages and in what ways the knowledge of them influences the way we think. I will ask for your opinions and you answer honestly, so that we could learn from others.


    Cześć wszystkim!

    To jest blog, który będzie opowiadał o waszych doświadczeniach w nauce języków obcych oraz w jaki sposób ich znajomość wpływa na to, że inaczej myślimy. Zapytam o wasze opinie, a wy odpowiadajcie szczerze, abyśmy mogli się od innych nauczyć.


    Hallo alle!

    Das ist ein Blog, in dem über eure Erfahrungen beim Fremdsprachenlernen gesprochen wird und wie sie uns beeinflussen, anders zu denken. Ich frage nach eurer Meinung und ihr antwortet ehrlich, damit wir von anderen lernen können.

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