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  • i don’t understand how someone can tell so many lies and never feel bad about it.

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  • #God is real and He cheats at baseball #in this essay i will #essay meme #angels in the outfield #angels #los angeles angels #in this essay #California angels#mlb #major league baseball #baseball#american league #interview with the vampire 1994 #the angels#la angels#angel#theology#theological#implications#cheating#scandal#sports scandal#sport scandal#celestial being#celestial
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  • sooooo i just found out my ex boyfriend whom i broke up with a year ago for what seemed at the time like unrelated reasons was cheating on me for our entire 5 year relationship living a double-life with some other woman who was also hanging with his friends and family like I was so that means most of them were in on it and he made up stories to the rest of them about how he loves me but i am not a nice person and came onto him when i knew this other woman existed which is the exact opposite of the truth. the other woman told me all this when she stole his phone while he was passed out drunk and searched through it to find my number and that’s what i woke up to so how’s your day going?

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  • While the TES IV: Oblivion undoubtedly does its best to maximize immersion and sometimes can be pretty unforgiving, it has a couple of game mechanics that feel pretty unfair, at best. What are the five things which make you feel like a cheater?

    1. Conjuration

    Everyone who has ever played a mage is probably familiar with the mischievous pleasure from conjuring some dangerous creatures to help one in a battle. Let’s face it, every ally counts, especially when one is outnumbered. However, in the game nothing really prevents us from depending entirely on conjuration, when we just summon whatever creatures over and over again while hiding around the corner and watching the show. Who could resist it!

    2. Invisibility

    The ability to turn oneself invisible can be pretty handy, even though it is not exactly a basic skill, as to be able to use the spell one must reach a pretty high level in illusion, and invisibility potions are not so easy to find. This said, using invisibility should feel like a well deserved advantage, except it doesn’t. Not to mention that leveling sneak skill while sneaking around as invisible is very much real and possible in Oblivion.

    3. Fast Travelling

    Fast travelling can be a big help in very extensive open worlds, such as Oblivion. It saves time, helps skipping boring walking (unless you enjoy it), and it is somewhat safer, as there is no chance of encountering anything dangerous. However, exactly for the very same reasons some players may feel like fast travelling should not be part of the game experience. Sure, there are limits, such as an inability to fast travel to places not yet discovered, and restrictions for vampires, but even so fast travelling can feel lazy and far too easy.

    4. Using Potions During Battle

    We all have been there - fighting for our lives and finding ourselves in need of a life saving potion. How convenient is having a couple of them in our inventory! Now we can just gobble potions in the middle of battle, without actually pausing it, with instant effect, and without giving the opponents the same chance. OK, sound legit, and totally fair!! Even though Oblivion (unlike other TES games) tries to reduce this unfair advantage by limiting the potion consumption, it still feels like something we couldn’t really do in real battle.

    5. Soul Trapping Conjured Creatures

    If you have ever played as a conjurer/enchanter, you might have discovered very convenient game mechanics. And quite disturbing as well. Namely, the game allows you to charge soul gems with souls of conjured creatures. And why exactly is it disturbing? I mean, if you can trap the souls of your conjured creatures, it means… They have souls! It also means you have the ability to conjure thinking feeling beings - with a soul. By the Nines, if this is not evil, I don’t know what is!

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  • 50 Cheating QuotesTo Help Heal Your Broken Heart Quotes About Moving On

    50 Cheating QuotesTo Help Heal Your Broken Heart Quotes About Moving On

    50 Cheating QuotesTo Help Heal Your Broken Heart Quotes About Moving On


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  • I used to cheat at battleship with my brother. It was very fun to watch him try to figure out how I had such a good strategy, to then find out the reason I was so good was because I was marking all his guesses so I knew where not to put my ships.

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  • I Still Want You | M.A x Reader |

    Summary: When a Ackermans heart refuses to move on.


    ( Mikasa Ackerman x Male Reader )

    M/N : male name

    Note : (this will be short One-shot)


    She stood frozen as her world came crashing down, Her deep Dark brown eyes stared into his broken ones.

    “Please…” The male whispered softly, His lips trembling.

    “Don’t leave me!” Mikasa yelled loudly, Mikasa shook her head as her hands covered her ears. Tears ran down her face like a waterfall, her legs refusing to stand no more.

    She couldn’t let you go, she just couldn’t. Who was she without you? She didn’t mean too and she was sure of it. It was just a kiss.

    You looked at her shocked to see such a strong women break down so easily, seeing her cry would’ve been so beautiful if a part of you actually enjoyed it.

    No.. you had to enjoy this,After everything she has done this looked so revengeful but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile.

    Maybe it was because you still loved her? Or you had just cried to much to function, it was her fault. It most definitely was.

    “I’m sorry..i really am” Mikasa sobbed,her legs fell onto the ground with her hands in a praying position. “Please!”.

    Mikasa choked on her own sob as she coughed loudly, It was just a kiss! She thought. Mikasa couldn’t speak properly anymore as she kept choking.

    “I-i’m s-so SORry..” mikasa screamed, she couldn’t handle looking into your eyes. You meant everything to her,you were her sunshine,hope and lover.

    No one could ever compete with you, you included her in things, you showed her happiness and you meant so so very much to Mikasa. She wanted you,she NEEDED you… But you didn’t need her. You looked at mikasa with disgust before walking out of the building.

    You meant so much to her, but she meant nothing to you. You didn’t look back neither did you regret it, you M/n didn’t need garbage like her.

    “I still want you” you heard a broken whisper, the broken whisper belonging to the women you thought you knew who now has become… A Nobody.

    The End


    Note : Thank for taking your time into reading this!, i don’t know how qrite angst but i’m trying!. I really want feedback so please take your time to give me some!.

    Thank you.

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    Is it just me or is anyone else so freaking confused my lily james???

    arm & hammer and the director man are just as responsible(!!!), but they were both very much married, so it’s not like Lily didn’t know. Cheating is never okay. I’m not trying to shame her or tear her down, by the way. I’m just confused and disturbed bc I was a big fan of her in the second Mamma Mia movie, so it’s a bit disappointing. I just think it’s something worth acknowledging, because it’s clearly not a one time thing.

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  • HOLLYWOOD—I am ecstatic and I mean ecstatic to see that the writers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” did not drag out this storyline of Liam and Steffy cheating for over a year. Yes, it seems the writers are learning that sometimes you can drop a bomb sooner than expected and let those ramifications of the big secret spread like a wildfire. Liam being the great noble one was forced to spill the tea to his wife Hope, after Steffy dropped a bomb that seemed all too familiar: Steffy is pregnant and does NOT know the father of her child.

    Did I see this coming? Absolutely? The fact that it has transpired a little over 2 years after it first happened, a bit predictable to say the least. I mean it does not make the character Steffy Forrester look great in my honest opinion people, but that is another tale for another time. What this secret has done is given Hope’s portrayer, Annika Noelle the opportunity to show a bit of range.

    I mean we saw her demeanor clipped when she confronted Flo about stealing her baby and passing it off as Steffy’s. I mean that scene still gives me chills when Hope slapped Flo and her hand was shaking during the entire scene. It showed vulnerability that was anticipated and fans eagerly wanted to see and we saw that again this week.

    Hope had all the rage, sadness and frustration that someone who has been betrayed by her supposed husband yet again. That is what makes this situation so worse: Liam has cheated on Hope again and with Steffy of all people. It is like a constant loop, one that never ends people, and as a viewer it’s one that you want to see end because the repetitiveness is not fun to say the least people. I will admit watching the Hope and Liam scenes were far more interesting, than seeing Steffy be forced to reveal the truth to Finn. I guess we have seen things like this with Steffy before, however, the reaction from Finn said a ton. He was seething mad people.

    When Steffy first confessed the kiss, Finn was able to get over that, but when he realized the woman he had fallen in love with slept with Liam it broke his heart into a million pieces. He was devastated and it was fine acting from Tanner Novlan. So now that the truth is out, we are going to start to see the ramifications of things start to explode. Brooke is going to be livid, Ridge is going to be bewildered, Bill is going to say it’s always been Steffy who had Liam’s heart and Hope is literally falling into a million little pieces.

    So what does all this mean? I cannot wait to see the confrontation between Steffy and Hope. It will be a showdown for ages people. I would love to see a few slaps or an actual catfight, but with Steffy being pregnant we know that is not likely to transpire. The other big love triangle brewing involves a foursome: Zende, Paris, Carter and Zoe.

    This one has to be the oddest ever because Zoe nearly demanded her sister NOT to accept at job at Forrester Creations because she didn’t want her sister infringing on her turf. Hmm, why don’t we call it what it is? Zoe wants Zende and just won’t say it. How she fell for the guy so quickly I cannot explain in words people I just cannot. I wish I could, but the writers did a terrible job at it. The one good thing about this sibling rivalry is that it will only intensify because Paris is staying and she and Zende shared a kiss.

    So things are building people and if my intuition holds true, the truth about Zende and Zoe having feelings for one another will come to light. It will lead to Carter and Paris being blindsided and I’m sure those two will end up sleeping together. I wasn’t really happy about this narrative at first, but I’m starting to get excited people. In other news, there seems to be a “B&B” and a “Y&R” crossover and I don’t know why except to give Bill Spencer, who has been missing in action for months a storyline, and for Wyatt and Flo to do something because we all know with Sally Spectra in Genoa City, these two have NOTHING to do, and I mean nothing people.

    I yawned seeing Flo and Wyatt, and yawned even more seeing Kyle and Summer, the writers at “B&B” got rid of Sally Spectra, so she moved over to “Y&R.” So explain the crossover for me because I would have preferred the character to be completely done with Los Angeles? Let’s be honest if Flo gives Summer ammunition about Sally’s past, it makes it an even playing field for Sally to spill all the tea about Flo stealing someone’s baby and passing it off as someone else’s. Flo’s background looks far worst that Sally if you’re asking me people.

    Hope Learns The Truth On “Bold And Beautiful!” was originally published on San Francisco News

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  • Lady can’t tell who got her pregnant between her husband and her father in-law

    Lady can’t tell who got her pregnant between her husband and her father in-law

    A Nigerian lady has muster courage to reveal to a relationship coach that she can’t figure out who is the father of her unborn child.
    According to the lady, both her husband and his father has been sleeping with her since after the marriage and now she’s pregnant. As such, she can’t figure out who is the father of the child between the two men.
    Watch the video below:



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    Anime: Bleach

    Rating: M

    Pareja: Ichigo & Rukia

    Sinopsis: Ichigo Kurosaki nunca esperó que a la loca Orihime se le ocurriese la “grandísima idea” de prestarle su novio a una mujer todavía más loca. Su novia lo estaba cambiando por un estúpido vestido.

    Advertencia: Lemon (NSFW)


    Por: Maeda Ai.


    .:: Capítulo 12 ::.



    * Vamos, cariño, di chappy… cha… ppy. *

    La pelinegra alargaba las palabras y hacía gestos graciosos, tratando de enseñarle a hablar a su pequeño.

    Ichigo la miraba entre aburrido e incrédulo.

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