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  • Hi. I have a confession. Can you please keep me anonymous.

    A couple of years (married 30f) ago I went out with my girls for a bachelorette party. Not mine. Anyways it was a weekend getaway where we were out of town and had a house rented with a hot tub.

    Friday night we got settled in and started drinking.

    One of the girls was the life of the party and encouraged us to drink. We all (5 of us) decided that the hot tub was calling our names and of course why not go naked. It was awesome. Apparently we were being too loud and not paying attention to the neighbor knocking on our front door. So he decided to walk in and come ask us to please quite down. When he got our attention at the hot tub we all went quiet. I think because we all were horny and thought he was cute. He asked us if we could please keep it down. One of the girls said she would rather see him get it up being a smart ass with a smile on her face.

    For a split second he seemed a little bit caught off guard and then without a hitch said fuck it and started stripping naked. The next thing I know he’s in the hot tub with us girls. I felt his hand wandering on my leg and so I leaned over to him and asked if I could sit on his lap. He helped my slide my ass over on top of his erect cock and as we were all giggling and being obnoxious I was also wiggling my ass on his cock. I could feel the tip lined up to my tight hole as I leaned forward he pushed his cock in. Omg I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a strange dick inside me. The rush I was getting from the other girls not knowing I was getting fucked right in front of them. He didn’t know I was married and at that moment I didn’t care. I came a couple of times and then excused myself claiming I had to go lay down because I drank too much.

    What I didn’t know until just a few days ago was that night he fucked all 5 of us. The next night him and two of his buddies came over. We were all drinking. Once the guys got us girls drunk they started encouraging us girls to get naked for the hot tub. It was so much fun partying with them. Everyone got laid and I let all 3 of them take turns fucking me once the other girls passed out. My pussy was so sore for a couple of days. My husband was pissed because I wouldn’t give him any when I got home. I claimed it was that time of the month. If he only knew.

    It was a weekend we all agreed to never speak about since all of us were cheating.

    To this day I fantasize about that weekend as I masturbate and wonder if I should cheat again. It was the best sex I’ve ever had.

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  • You really need to stop painting yourself as the victim.

    You cheated.

    You lied.

    You broke up with me.

    I got hurt.

    I picked myself up.

    I got over you.

    But yet I’m the bad guy.


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  • This was crazy lmao. Now it’s been 359 days since I’ve had sex and tbh I just wanna feel like I can attract another human at this point.

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  • (When I would not accept the tickets)

    My phone bleeped. It was Harry. It had been over a month, the longest I had gone in two years without hearing from him. An eternity. He told me he wanted to send me something.

    Me:      “I don’t want the tickets. Please keep them.”

    Him:    “I’m not trying to buy your forgiveness or ease my conscience but the tickets are for you. If receiving them is going to cause you distress I’ll sell them and donate proceeds to charity.

    Me:      “Yes, do that please.”

    I paused.

    Me:      “There is one thing you can do. There is one thing I would like to know to be completely free of you. You can tell me the real reason you didn’t want to be with me. The real reason.”

    Him:    “Because I’m a coward.”

    I surveyed the words, my throat tight. He was a coward, I knew. Perhaps the prospect of the enormous fallout really had been too frightening for him. Perhaps he didn’t love me enough to take the risk.

    Me:      “It’s okay. Lessons learned.”

    Him:    “If it’s any consolation I’m even more of a mess now than I was before.”

    Me:      “You’re back home, I presume?”

    Him:    “Does it matter either way.”

    Me:      “Yes, then. So much for remaining separated and organising ‘alternative accommodation’.”

    Him:    “You’ve assumed yes because I didn’t say no. I can tell you exactly what’s happening if you think it will make you feel better.”

    Me:      “Yes, tell me.”

    Him:    “I don’t understand why you want to know the detail.”

    Me:      “Shouldn’t have offered to tell me, then.”

    Him:    “I pretty much stay at home as often as possible because looking after a ten month old with both parents working is brutally difficult.”

    Me:      “Doesn’t sound that shit, Harry.”

    Him:    “It’s not shit. The situation is far better than I had any right to hope for. It’s just me who’s fucked up. I started to replace sex with food but fortunately realised pretty quickly I was too vain for that so instead I appear to have become addicted to the gym and spending all my money on shit I don’t need. The alternative to that being suicidal depression. I’m not asking for sympathy, I just want you to believe you’re better off without me.”

    I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    Me:      “No shit you’re not asking for sympathy. As far as I can tell you’re spending lots of time with your daughter, married to somebody who will forgive you for literally anything, working out a bunch, and buying lots of nice things with all your money. I’m not entirely sure what you have to be suicidally depressed about. Did you just panic when I asked you what was messed up, and try to make up something bad?”

    He did not respond, angry or humbled. That was that, then. I felt no better. I felt worse. Infinitely worse. I forced the pain down, deep down into the smallest space I could find, some tiny nook in the bones of my chest or the synapses of my brain.

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  • Les joueurs de cartes (the card players) 1615. Valentin de Boulogne.

    Cheating at cards!

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  • Just For Tonight

    You’re stepping out of the bathroom when you see that the house is dark, which makes sense at such a late hour. By the dim light of the microwave clock you can see she is ahead of you, slipping through the kitchen and back to the bedroom, seemingly eager to continue your debauchery. The linoleum floor is cool against your bare feet, an unwanted wake-up call in this too-perfect-night. You know in this moment what you’ve always known, that she would never be truly yours. But as her perfume mingles with the cigarette smoke you let yourself forget all this. Tonight she is all yours and when sunlight creeps through the blinds you will return to the awful normality. Looking at the furniture decades out of date propped against wood paneled walls scraping popcorn ceilings you know this place will never be the same to you, but then again it couldn’t get much worse. Your lofty thoughts float you to the door to your room, to her arms, just tonight, no sleep, because its just for tonight.

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  • Okay, so I know i haven’t talked about my life in a long time. Be prepared for a little rant.

    My ex, David, and I broke up. Then I started dating Alex and we got engaged. But David started threatening to kill Alex and I. He also started stalking and harassing me. With the things he did to me when we were together, I got a temporary order of protection against him. It was time for court, and he never showed up. So the judge granted me an OP for 1 year.

    The stress of everything made me angry, and I was constantly picking fights with Alex. I found out he was going to meet another girl in her dorm room the next day. She told me, and I broke up with him.

    David pushed me down a hill last Sunday. I was limping so bad Alex called 911. The hospital wouldn’t admit me, or take me back to the shelter (I’m homeless.) So I limped down the highway for a ways before calling 911 myself, as two drunk guys were following me.

    The officer didn’t believe me when I said it was accident. I ended up telling him the truth, and he put out a warrant for him. And I will have to go to court again.

    Alex moved back to Montana the next morning. I missed him so much. But my mental declined badly after he left.

    I started smoking weed again, and smoking a lot more than usual. I would not eat all day and binge at night. I started sleeping with random people. Overtime, I became suicidal. But I haven’t attempted yet because I was loving my new self. I was angry, self reliant, and didn’t care what people thought of me.

    Of course, that ended when I realized I was, in fact, depressed. And I started hearing stuff from old friends about Alex and David.

    Alex moved back to Montana for a girl named Hannah. Alex had been talking to other girls while we were together. Alex didn’t want to sleep with me because he didn’t love me that way, because he’s tall and skinny, and I’m short and fat.

    David, oh, where do I begin? David said the only good thing about his relationship with me was the sex. David said he put hits on my head. David said I have multiple personalities. David said I’m a fat whore will sleep with anyone that looks at me. David said I used him, and that I lied about everything.

    I became depressed when I started to feel sick with the flu. I’m always so tired. I can’t hold much food down, but that’s good, I guess. I made it down to my lowest weight, 126 pounds. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. But skinny is worth living for.

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  • Two weeks ago I thought you were the love of my life, the one I will build a future with.

    One week ago you broke my heart and I found out the truth.

    Today you mean nothing to me.

    Life is funny like that, isn’t it?

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  • Friday 30th March 2018

    (When I got tested)

    I was functional. Nothing terrible had happened. I was working, eating, even socialising.

    My menstrual cycles still bothered me. I knew that all it would take was a single missed period to cast me into a vortex of terror. Indeed, I had retreated to my bed and stopped eating for two days that very month when I’d thought I was not going to ovulate. But these episodes were becoming less frequent, and shorter in duration, and easier to recover from.

    I thought about Harry every minute of every day. I tormented myself, wondering what he was doing and how he was feeling, and I could not understand, however much I went over it, how he could have abandoned me in this way. The grief and the love and the anger and the bewilderment all ran into one another, and the weight and intensity of the emotions was often more than I could carry.

    Still, these emotions were easier to exist alongside than the premonition. No matter how deep my heartbreak, it was something human, and could be managed and worked around. I could behave for the most part as a functional person. The premonition, however, was not something that could be worked around. If it returned to, me I would be lost.

    I went to see a fertility specialist in London to be tested for the causes of recurrent miscarriage. It was perhaps a good thing I’d not realised beforehand that I’d need to give fourteen vials of blood, and I sat for a good few minutes with my teeth clenched shut as the metal vampire sucked greedily from my arm.

    I feared, most of all, a genetic balanced translocation. Such a chromosomal abnormality could cause miscarriage in the carrier in upwards of 90% of their pregnancies. It seemed more than likely that both my mother and I carried the mutation. To ensure an embryo was unaffected the only solution would be IVF with chromosomal screening. Such a process would be not only expensive but intensely stressful. Too stressful, probably, for me.

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  • Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader, Dean Winchester x reader, mentions of Lisa Braden x Dean

    Summary: This is an SPN AU and will also turn dark in later chapters.  Sam Winchester is a hot new lawyer making a name for himself and looking to make partner at his firm by the end of the year.  It’s all work and no play for Sam and Y/n as Sam puts in all that overtime at the office and Y/n is stuck home alone.  All of that changes when Sam’s mechanic brother, Dean, needs a place to crash as he tries to get back on his feet after his wife Lisa kicked him out.  

    Warnings: Cheating, smut, dirty talk, dub-con

     Count: 3k

    A/N:  So things are progressing, we are starting to see a little bit of darkness in Dean.  He is definitely not a good brother in this one.  A big thank you to @negans-lucille-tblr​ for being my beta!


    You were quick to jump out of Dean’s bed. “God, I can’t believe we did this.” You were almost in tears as you frantically looked for your clothing.  “Shit, Sam is going to know.  He’s going to find out and he’s going to leave me.” You began to ramble as you gave up looking for your underwear and instead tugged your dress over your head so you could hide your body from Dean’s eyes.  You don’t know why it mattered now, but you weren’t thinking rationally.  

    “Hey.” Dean was out of the bed and still gloriously naked at your side as he grabbed your wrist to stop your panicked movements, “hey, Sam is not going to find out unless you tell him.  Take a breath and calm down.”  

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    #Craving #Craving chapter 3 #dean winchester#sam winchester #dean x reader #sam x reader #cheating#spn au#dean dub-con#LAWYER SAM#mechanic dean #dark spn au
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  • You said everything was fine

    that she meant nothing

    but here I am, broken and bleeding inside

    all because you lied.


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  • image

    Pleaseeee understand. It’s not easy for us. 

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  • Long haired Kurt Fletcher and stud Spencer Hawkins make a wish and then tear poor smaller Joey McCoy apart!!! As his manhood is torn apart, his begging and pleading with his arms mean nothing to the bullies!

    All 3 men are studs……but Spencer is a real fuckin hottie…….


    ……having taken both boys on separately…….

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  • How the fuck did I miss this pic in the Austin Tyler vs Tyson & Wolf Boy match????

    Tyson and Wolf Boy looking hot AF in their socks……..strip Austin of his socks and use it as rope to tie his barefeet and hands together!!! So much easier for them to work him now!!

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  • I don’t know what I was thinking, falling for you. Waiting for your words to jump across the screen, pulling me out of my day dreams. Somewhere along the way I slipped, tumbling down the hole you were digging for me. Everytime I start pulling my way up, you cause me to fall even further. I guess this is all a game to you, the way I act for you, the hiding behind her back, but somewhere along the line, you started feeling guilty. Acting like it was my fault, and yet here you are still messaging me, and i just know, I’m falling even more.

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