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  • moonstruck-rk
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Move to my new place ✔️

    Finish all the requests for my 100 followers event -in progress

    Organize demon slayer themed birthday party for my nephew -😱😱😱

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  • victoriasfreespace
    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My House of Tales Game List

    I'm gonna make a list of every House of Tales Game so I can remember which ones I've played.

    Confusing as hell symbol system:

    ❤ = Loved

    ★ = Liked

    ◊ = I've seen gameplay of it

    ☓ = Intend to play in the near future

    ☐ = Played

    ☒ = Finished

    ! = I'm familiar with it

    ? = Not familiar with

    ▼ I extracted the heck out of your game files bro

    The Games Master List:

    The Mystery of the Druids: ☒ ◊ ❤ ▼ (I'm utterly obsessed with this one and it shows.)

    Black Hole: ?

    The Paper Menace: ?

    The Moment of Silence: ☓ ! ◊

    Secret of the Lost Link: ?

    The X-Files: The Deserter: ?

    Verliebt in Berlin: ! (An adaptation of a rip-off of Betty La Fea. Goddamn it why does that exist.)

    Overclocked: A History of Violence: ☓ ! ◊

    15 Days: ☓ ! ◊

    The Mystery of the Ghost Ship: ! (Wasn't this a hidden object game? That should be...interesting.)

    #House of Tales Checklist #House of Tales #Mystery of the Druids #The Mystery of the Druids #Overclocked#15 Days#Gaming #This was a bad idea #but damn I really wanna see where this goes
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    12.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #candidate assessment #checklist for candidate assessment #job museum
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  • hen-of-letters
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Series 15 gives all of the characters you could ever care about their worst possible endings, but presents these endings as somehow good or satisfying or acceptable.  Here's a list.

    The short version: they're Chuck's endings, and Chuck is a bad writer.  

    None of the characters can escape the fate set out for them or break the cycle of trauma begun by Chuck.  The show itself doesn't even realise how truly awful these endings are - it dresses up a tragedy in pie gags and pretty colours and calls it a happy ending.  And in order to inflict these worst possible endings on its characters, the narrative has to be twisted and contorted in the most absurd of ways.

    So, onto the list:

    Adam: Forgotten and left to languish in the pit, he's finally freed, only to suffer an anticlimactic offscreen death and be forgotten again.  Michael, his only companion for so long, is also killed off.  In the finale, blood family seems to be all that matters - and yet he isn't mentioned.

    Alternate Kaia: She helps rescue Kaia from the Bad Place, but chooses to remain there to face certain destruction rather than return to earth with Kaia, Dean and Sam.  This world is so hostile to her that death is preferable.  Her horrible, pointless death stands as a powerful statement about the real harm caused by exclusion, but the text doesn't seem to acknowledge the full horror of this.  Her death isn't remarked upon; it seems to suggest that both Kaia and her double are returned to their rightful places.  It's just one example of the show creating awful endings without seeming to understand how awful they truly are.  (I rant a lot more about Alternate Kaia here.)

    Amara: After being betrayed and locked away for millennia, we see Amara's initial impulse for revenge and destruction transform into an admiration for creation.  She becomes an advocate for humanity and the world.  And yet she ends up being betrayed (by both the Winchesters and Chuck) and locked away again.  She's absorbed by Chuck in a way that doesn't fit within the logic of the show.  Chuck and Amara are equals - it doesn't make any sense that Chuck could overpower her.  Wouldn't they become a blend of the two of them?  And, since their separation caused the Big Bang, wouldn't their unity end the world?  Anyway, having the cosmic feminine be voiceless and invisible is the worst way for Amara's story to end.  Having Jack speak for her, saying that they are 'in harmony' tries to make this an acceptable fate for her, but only makes it worse.

    Benny:  Another offscreen death, and this one feels particularly spiteful.  It really seems like he was killed just to be a conversation-starter for Cas and Dean.  However, if his fate can be sealed by a line of dialogue, then it only proves that confirmation of the fates of Eileen, AU Charlie and the other hunters could have been given in the same way.  Just one line could have done it - "I just spoke to Eileen, everyone's back."  Instead, at the end of 15.19 we're in the absurd position of having Sam and Dean toast the people they've lost without them even bothering to check who that may or not be.

    Billie: The bizarre thing about Billie being revealed as a villain at the end of Season 15 was that she was supposed to be acting in self-interest - that she wanted to be the new God.  It made no sense.  What would make sense to me, though, would be if Chuck was controlling her (as Lucifer bound Death in Season 5).  Season 15 has strong echoes of Season 4 - and Billie took on both the role of Ruby (feeding Jack hearts rather than demon blood, but nevertheless making him into a weapon, with the price being the loss of his sense of self and ultimately his life) and Heaven (persuading Dean that it had to be this way, and telling him to go along with the plan).  We only have the Shadow's word for Billie's motivation, and we know she wasn't responsible for the deaths of the AU hunters, so in the end her status is ambiguous - she really seems to be a victim of Chuck's bad writing.  She's erased from the narrative along with Castiel, when really she should have been freed from Chuck's control and fighting on the side of nature and free will alongside the Winchesters.  Supernatural also concludes with nobody in the role of Death, which is a crazy loose thread left dangling.

    Castiel: His confession was a thing of beauty, perfectly summing up the truth of both his and Dean's characters.  Both of them are made of and motivated by love.  And yet after speaking his truth, he is silenced.  He never gets to hear that he is loved in return (when the previous twelve seasons have made it abundantly clear to the audience that Dean loves Cas just as much as Cas loves Dean).  His capacity for love made him the only thing that Chuck could not control; as an agent of free will, he should have had a central role in Chuck's defeat.  

    In 15x13, when Cas is in the Empty to see Ruby, the Shadow says: "funny thing about [Death's] plan, though... she didn't say anything about needing you. Baby, you can't just traipse in and out of here. It upsets the order of things."  To me, this sounded so much like 4x22's "you're not in this story" that I saw it as a pretty clear indication that Cas would play an important part in Chuck's defeat.  Because Team Free Will wouldn't follow the plan, would they?  They would find another way, wouldn't they?  Wouldn't they?

    However, after the confession, he's never seen on screen again.  He's barely mentioned.  Eventually we're told he "helped" Jack, so he ends up where he started: as a servant of heaven.  He deserved to complete his fall, to become human, to live as well as speak his truth.  Making him a silent, unseen instrument of heaven undoes his entire arc.  Erasing him from the narrative requires the extraordinary warping of that narrative: nothing about his death suggests that it should be accepted as a permanent 'sacrifice', when we know that there is a spell that can return angels from the Empty (and, thanks to the handprint, we have his blood for it) and that Lucifer was brought back by Chuck in 15x19.  And the idea that Sam, Jack and Dean wouldn't try everything in their power to bring him back is utterly ludicrous.

    Cas' confession scene to so closely mirrors 4x01's barn scene that the narrative is crying out for the parallel to be completed by Dean rescuing Cas from the Empty just as Cas rescued Dean from hell.  However, we're never given that narrative closure - just like we are never given the reunions demanded by the scenes of Sam losing Eileen and Charlie losing Stevie.

    Chuck:  Okay, so he might not make your list of characters you could ever care about, but my point about his ending is that while it's fitting, for it to really work we also needed Cas to become human, too.  For Chuck, being human is a punishment, but for Cas it would be a reward.  We really needed this balance, otherwise all we have is humanity as the worst thing that could happen to you, which is not exactly a great parting message for the show.  (Also, how precisely is it possible to make him human?)  Not only is being human the worst fate possible, but, specifically, so is growing old and being forgotten.  Again, this is a punishment for Chuck, but it would have been a reward for Dean: growing old when the story (and his own self-loathing) constantly told him that he would die young; and being forgotten, not in a negative sense, but in terms of not being a character in a story any more: remembered fondly by his friends but no longer a legend, just a man living an insignificant little life exactly the way he chooses.  

    Dean: Where do I even start.  Let's be clear: ending the story with his death (by any means and in any scenario) was always going to be the absolute worst possible ending for him and for the show.

    In 15x19 we have the glorious moment when Chuck calls him the ultimate killer, and Dean (heeding Cas' words from 15x18) says "that's not who I am".  Now, I mean no disrespect to Dean here (because he is, canonically, a genius) but I don't think that he was in any way necessary to the Michael double-cross plot that eventually saw the defeat of Chuck.  Honestly, if he had died in 15x18, then 15x19 could still have played out in exactly the same way.  It's as if he wasn't saved so that he could save the world - he was saved so that he could have this moment of self-realisation.  He was saved so that he could stand up to Chuck (God, and the author, and parallelled with John) and tell him that he's not the person that he tried to force him to be.  

    And yet by the next episode, this revelation is entirely forgotten.  He doesn't get to continue his self-actualisation by speaking his truth to Cas.  Instead, 15x20 presents Dean as almost a caricature of himself.  Dean loves pie.  Dean loves his brother.  Dean loves his car.  All of his complexity (present right from Season 1) is stripped away.

    Finally free to write his own story, he ends up giving Chuck the ending he always wanted: one dead Winchester - killed, you could argue, by his brother (Sam fails to call for help and instead tells Dean to "go".)  Told by Cas that he's not "Daddy's blunt instrument" and accepting that he's not "the ultimate killer", Dean goes right back to killing (even threatening torture) and following his father's words (in the form of the journal).  

    For Dean to die exactly as the story has always told him, and as he's always told himself in his worst moments of self loathing, is brutal and tragic.  What makes it truly appalling is the way in which both Dean and Sam accept his death and say it's "okay".  For Dean to say "always keep fighting" at the very moment when he gives up and when Sam gives up on him is bitterly ironic.  (Interestingly, when Cas said "you have to keep fighting" in his 12x12 death speech, exhorting Sam and Dean to save themselves and leave him behind, Sam replied with "we are fighting.  We're fighting for you, Cas" and Dean followed with "and like you said, you're family.  And we don't leave family behind".)   

    Dean has always been the symbol of humanity in Supernatural: he stood for earth against the forces of heaven and hell.  He'd rather live with pain and guilt than exist as a "Stepford bitch in paradise", and yet that's exactly what he becomes, driving mindlessly through Jack's new heaven where everyone is "happy".  Dean previously dismissed heaven's happiness as "Memorex", and after Mary's death he was the only one not consoled by the confirmation that she was in heaven and happy.  Having Dean being content in heaven is utterly out of character.  He's always fought for free will, and in heaven - where there's no agency, where he's cut off from the world - this is the one thing that he does not have.

    Eileen: An interesting, complex, kickass character, Eileen deserved so much better than being erased from the storyline.  A Men of Letters legacy, I imagine her working with Sam to share the knowledge contained within the bunker whilst also dismantling the patriarchy, elitism and colonialism of its past.  Her disappearance from the narrative makes absolutely no sense - 15x09, 15x17 and 15x18 confirm just how significant she is to Sam, and yet we never see them reunited or see Sam mourning her death.  The audience's love for Eileen is totally disregarded, too - she's ripped away from us with no further explanation.

    Emma: Okay, so she wasn't actually in season 15, but that's sort of my point.  I have a lot to say about Emma, but here I'll just say that her significance has grown massively since Season 7.  The narrative has shifted from Team Free Will being sons to being fathers.  Even if she wasn't brought back, just a mention of her would have been significant.  (I can't stop thinking about the massive potential of a conversation about Emma between Dean and Jack.)  She didn't deserve to be forgotten.  

    Season 15 was Supernatural's last opportunity to bring back characters from the past - such as Meg, original Charlie, Crowley, and Bela Talbot - and give them better endings.  Sadly this opportunity was wasted.

    Garth: He actually seems to get his happy ending, on several levels.  He finds a family; he finds happiness; he's acknowledged as a hero by the Winchesters, who had previously mocked him.  Dean's words to him about embracing happiness are powerful.  Garth lives as his full, authentic self - monstrosity now included.  It's that monstrosity that's the issue here, though - as werewolves, Garth, Bess and little Sam and Castiel are doomed to go to purgatory when they die.  Mia Vallens said to Jack that "it doesn't matter what you are - it matters what you do", but in this case the opposite is true.  It's hideously unfair, but again the show never acknowledges this.  It would have been simple to change in a line or two - just a quick mention about how purgatory has been fixed, so that only truly monstrous beasts like the leviathan are kept trapped there - but the injustice remains.

    Jack:  From his birth, his destiny was either to be the monstrous destroyer or the divine saviour of the world, which is precisely why he should have side-stepped it and found another way.  He deserved to live without the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Instead, he was forced to take on the power of God - and since when has someone suddenly taking on a huge amount of power ever ended well for Team Free Will?  Then, he repeats the exact same pattern set up by Chuck.  First, he abandons his creation by walking away and disappearing off to, in the words of Bobby, "wherever he went".  Like Chuck, he ignores earthly suffering: if he's now omniscient and omnipotent, is he in fact complicit in Dean's death?  Secondly, he's controlling: he remodels Heaven as he sees fit, making it a place where everyone's together and everyone's happy, with its inhabitants given absolutely no choice in the matter.  There's also no reason why Jack had to vanish from the story - Chuck was capable of spending time on Earth.

    The mechanics of the bomb plot also irks me no end.  We're told by Death that the bomb will kill Jack.  However, their plan fails, and Jack survives the blast.  In 15x19, Dean tells Chuck that all the work done to turn Jack into a "cosmic bomb" has turned him instead into a "power vacuum."  It makes it seem like a side-effect, and also that "sucking up bits of power" has been charging him up to the point where he's "unstoppable".  He's able to both absorb and appropriate Chuck's power.  However, in 15x17 Adam and Serafina explain that the bomb will create a "metaphysical supernova" that will make Jack into "a living black hole for divine energy" - which suggests that, actually, the bomb worked as intended.  

    But if the plan worked, why is Jack still alive?  Billie made it clear that Jack wouldn't survive.  And "nothing can escape" a black hole - so how is Jack able to use Chuck's powers to bring back Earth's population? Besides which, didn't 15x17 reveal that Chuck himself had "orchestrated" the entire thing?  Which makes the theory that Chuck possessed Jack really the only outcome that makes sense.  (Particularly as Serafina talks about Jack making his "vessel" strong.  Jack is a nephil, not an angel - he has a body, not a vessel.  Also, the bomb is made by fusing his soul with his grace - so, the two things that make up Jack, his humanity and his divinity, are annihilated.)  Deliberately making Chuck win, however (with no tease at the end that this might be the case), makes no sense either.  My head hurts.

    Kevin: As if he hadn't been treated badly enough by the story already, we find that Kevin hasn't been in Heaven since we last saw him, but rather hell.  He ends up as an untethered ghost, presumably just wandering about for all eternity.  His fate comes courtesy of a bizarre new rule that souls from hell can't go to heaven - when previously both Bobby and John have done exactly that.  Again, just one line telling us that he's now in heaven could have changed his ending.

    Michael: Bringing back Adam and Michael was a brilliant move, and this version of Michael was utterly compelling - struggling with his faith in his father after being abandoned, torn between his loyalty to Heaven and his relationship with Adam.  I thought that his handing over of the spell was very similar to Cas' "just so you understand … why I can't help" moment, and it seemed the precursor to Michael becoming an advocate for humanity, even a member of Team Free Will.  However, instead Michael was doomed to play out his father's narrative: killing his brother and repeating the cycle of sibling conflict and trauma that Chuck began when he betrayed Amara.  (And we'll credit Chuck's bad writing with the fact that the battle between Michael and Lucifer that was once predicted to wipe out millions and scorch the globe can now happen in the bunker without so much as a chair being knocked over - and without wires as well.)

    Rowena: She seems to be relishing her reign as Queen of Hell, but the way she's so casually condemned is jarring.  Surely her previous good deeds and her final act of self sacrifice would be enough to tip the scales in a heavenly direction?  (It worked for Lily Sunder - another woman who vowed never to be powerless again.)  They could easily have said it was Chuck's fault that she had to remain in hell - but instead it just seems like a foregone conclusion.  She deserved better.

    Sam: If we're supposed to believe that having a "normal" life is Sam's idea of writing his own story, why doesn't he do it as soon as Chuck is defeated?   Instead, his suburban "apple pie" life only happens after Dean dies, which makes it seem more of a grief arc than a happy ending.  (Just as he escaped into a self-professed "fantasy" life with Amelia after Dean's death, or when he succumbed to the comfort of a fake married life in Charming Acres after the trauma of losing all the AU hunters).  

    The idea that he'd keep hunting for Dean doesn't ring true - Dean had been the one openly craving retirement and domesticity for several seasons.  After all, the idea of Dean as a hunter and Sam as the brother who wants to be normal is Chuck's story.  Dean wasn't the "ultimate killer" that Chuck wanted him to be, and Sam too had been forging his own identity as a leader, a Man of Letters, and a powerful witch.  He'd also found love - and with Eileen, he could be his full, authentic self.  The idea that he would leave her is absurd, as is the idea that he would abandon his entire extended found family, who seem to have no part in his new life.  When Dean returned from purgatory, he was furious that Sam had failed to help Kevin.  Would Sam really do the exact same thing again - walk away from Jody and the girls when they are mourning both Cas and Dean and need his support?  Would he just abandon Rowena's entire witchy collection and leave the huge store of knowledge in the Bunker locked up in the dark?

    The Shadow: again, dubious on a list of characters you care about, but hey - all they ever really wanted was to go back to sleep, and can't we all relate to that?  Anyway, they made the list for being one of the most frustrating open endings of the show.  What did it mean for the Empty to be "loud"?  Who is the Shadow, anyway?  Just how did this cosmic entity fit in with the mythology of Chuck and Amara?  It's maddening that the Shadow and the Empty were made central to several seasons only to be suddenly dropped.

    The Wayward Sisters: my beloveds. Such a brilliant cast of characters and such wasted potential.  They're an important part of the Winchesters' family and Team Free Will, but, in the end, they're forgotten.  Claire may have gotten her happy ending with the return of Kaia, but this happens off screen.  We never see her reaction to the deaths of Castiel or Dean.

    The final few episodes seem to be about stripping away all of the characters except Sam and Dean, so they are completely alone by 15x20. Phrases such as "just us" and "just you and me" and "it's always been you and me" seem to suggest that this is a good thing, but previously the idea of them being isolated and alone has seemed like the worst case scenario (for example in Season 8, when Sam and Dean are forced to give up Amelia and Benny, respectively, or in Chuck's vision of a future in which the brothers lose Eileen and Cas along with Jody and the girls, give up hope, and end up as vampires, killed by their remaining friends). 

    Anyway, the whole idea of just Sam and Dean going wherever the road takes them is Chuck's story.  It's on the cover of his books.  By making Chuck the villain, Season 15 itself makes it impossible for a return to this idea to be a satisfying conclusion to the story.

    In fact, Supernatural was never about just Sam and Dean.  It was always about family.  Season 1 was about Sam, Dean and John.  Bobby introduced the phrase "family don't end with blood" in Season 3 and Dean coined the phrase "Team Free Will" in Season 4.  It's an ethos that has spread into the fandom, too.  Didn't the SPN Family deserve a finale that celebrated that idea, of banding together, of caring about the whole world, of love being the ultimate expression of free will?

    You can't help but pick up on a theme: characters that were forgotten are forgotten again.  Characters who were locked away are locked away again.  The same narratives and the same traumas play out again and again.  No-one escapes their miserable, predestined fate.  It's Chuck's ending.  And it's Chuck's spiteful ending.

    It's the ending that kills off its beloved characters, and also destroys their whole world.  The bunker is left in darkness.  Time has moved forward by so much in order to accommodate Sam's natural death that we can't even imagine the ongoing stories of other characters like Garth or the Sioux Falls family (ironic, given the episode's title).

    It's the kind of ending you get when a show is cancelled and the writer decides to kill off their characters and wreck their world so that there's no possibility of another network or another writer taking over their story.  (And yet outside of the show, there's no evidence to suggest this - you would think that the ending had been designed to make a reboot impossible, but it has already been talked about.)

    If we were not going to get a sense of the world continuing, then we could have been given a more radical and satisfying ending.  We could have had Death collect on their promise to one day reap God.  We could have had a world freed from the supernatural entirely: heaven, hell and purgatory obliterated, and Team Free Will finding peace in life on earth.

    Because Chuck has been the author and the narrator the entire time, it makes no sense for the story to continue past the point of his defeat.  (It makes even less sense for that story to revert back to Chuck's ideal narrative.)  So, really we should have been given a more open ending: Team Free Will triumphant over Chuck and their future left open, the author dead and the characters' stories entrusted to the audience.

    Instead, in the end, it's a bizarre mix of needlessly closed-down endings (killing off Cas, Sam and Dean, and vanishing Jack) and frustrating open ones (the loud Empty, there being no Death, Kevin wandering, the ambiguous fate of Eileen, Adam, Donna and the AU hunters).  

    And the final two episodes are also objectively bad.  The double-cross plot in 15x19 is lame when the resolution of the Chuck storyline should have been profound. (It invites comparisons with the Season 11 finale, which was excellent.) 15x20 feels weirdly empty and flat.  Dean's death is unrealistic; it echoes Sam's death in Season 2 and Dean's in Season 9 (which, if you think about it, would only be possible if Chuck was still writing it), but lacks the emotional punch of either.  Dean's "I'm proud of us," in his Season 9 death scene is so much more powerful than his "I'm proud of you" in the finale.  And let's not even mention that wig.

    In conclusion: every single character deserved better.  The actors deserved better.  The audience deserved better.  Because the ending we were given was not the ending that the season, or the entire series, had been building towards.

    The ending tries to destroy every good thing that Supernatural has ever given us - vibrant characters, the fight for free will, the value of found family, the power of love - but it fails. Ultimately the characters and themes are too powerful to be contained by that terrible, flimsy ending. So now I've gotten all of that off my chest, I'm going right back to finale denialism.

    #so I've been compiling this list for quite a while and now seems as good a time as any to get it off my chest #it's also the checklist for the fix-it I'm writing so really I should go and work on that #supernatural#spn#spn 15x20 #spn 15.20 #tw dean's death
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    #it's been a while since i've done audits but i'm prbly in the same field as you anon n__n;;; #the long hours...the frustrating back and forth with clients...the neverending checklists...the journal entries that never make sense... #(the relief when smth is below materiality so you can just pass on it and move on to another working paper...) #such fond memories 🥲🥲🥲
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    God i am being so productive today. Getting so much shit done.

    #I'm trying this system of alternating days where one day i have my nose to the grindstone and i have a big checklist to do #and then the next day i slack off and sleep in and do nothing #and it seems to be working!
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    Something I wish more people understood when they talked about “insurance companies don’t want to admit they hired someone without a degree to look for buzzwords and deny everything” is that for the most part the actual issue ISN’T that the person the company hired can’t make medical decisions, it’s that coverage rules are often DESIGNED so that anyone with access to the rules themselves can make a call with no medical knowledge

    Like, if a contract says something is covered once a year, no exceptions, the insurance company has made sure medical knowledge doesn’t matter. If a contract says a procedure requires 6 months of conservative treatment, it’s set up so that someone with nothing but decent reading comprehension can look at records and see whether a patient has had say, physical therapy or has taken over the counter medication.

    And it doesn’t make a meaningful difference in the result/what people deal with, but I’m uncomfortable with how disdain is misdirected away from the insurance company executives (and government entities) who make these rules. The solution wouldn’t be insurance companies getting doctors to review requests, it would be changing the rules themselves so that a doctor handling a case would actually make a difference

    #I also think that this actually is not something Medicare for all will fix #because Medicare does the same thing! it’s a feature of the system not a bug #a lot of medicare rules are designed to be a cheap to evaluate as possible #not all! there are doctors who have to review cases #but a lot of rules are just checklists and that’s it
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    Got bored this morning and wrote the opening scene of a non-existent novel called "Sun Spot." It's a pastiche of Carl Hiaasen, if Carl Hiaasen lived in Oregon instead of Florida

    It was a rare rainy day in Central Oregon, one of those afternoons when thunder rumbled in the mountains and the sky opened up to let down a deluge of fat, heavy raindrops. Rick Bradley rolled up his windows and slowed his Ford to a crawl. Even at this lower speed, it bounced over the potholes and tree roots marring the NFS road. Change jingled in his cup holders. He grit his teeth and cursed.

    Rain pounded against his windshield, drowning out the Johnny Cash cassette tape he'd been listening to. Swiping one hand through his salt-and-pepper hair, he jabbed at the power button with a convulsive motion.

    Rick Bradley liked rainy days, although he'd stayed in Sunriver for so long in part due to his appreciation of the sun. It showed all over his skin, from the freckles dotting his shoulders and back to the scars on his cheek from multiple skin cancer surgeries. What had him in such a foul mood, the reason he'd gone for a drive in the first place, wasn't the weather. It was the new scratches on his truck spelling out "Mona" in crude capitals. A gift from his ex-wife, a realtor who had recently started shacking up with one of her clients from California.

    Rick shook his head and lightly tapped the brakes as he approached a corner. Something shiny caught his eye, the glint of an object reflecting what rays of sun peeked through the gray thunderheads. He stopped the truck and hopped out, heedless of the downpour.

    It was a pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, battered and muddy, the kind favored by naïve out-of-towners who thought spending a small fortune at REI made them outdoorsmen.

    "Goddamn Californians," Rick muttered, stooping to pick up the sunglasses. He pictured the jackass who had left them, some vegan bikepacker who cut his toothbrush in half to save weight but insisted on hauling a drip coffee machine out to the backcountry.

    At the exact moment Rick turned to throw the sunglasses into his backseat, a scream shattered the air. He paused for only a moment before walking back to his truck, his mind going to the handgun he kept in the glove compartment.

    In the forest, a scream like that meant mountain lions, and Rick knew better than to stick around. But then it came again, higher and longer and louder.

    Rick was certain no mountain lion had ever made a noise like that before, and never had a big cat moved so carelessly through the brush. He could hear it now, heavy footsteps and crackling branches.

    Rick stuck his hand into his truck, feeling for the latch of the glove compartment. Branches rustled and swayed. Blue lightning split the air.

    And then, out of the forest, stumbled the most beautiful woman Rick Bradley had ever seen.

    She was half-naked and covered head-to-toe in blood.

    "Goddammit," Rick sighed, slamming the glove compartment shut. To the woman, he said, "You know anyone who recently lost a pair of sunglasses?"

    #a 3-note post for my beloved mutuals #the checklist: #manly misanthropist protagonist with an improbably catchy name ✔ #descriptions of nature and local color verging on gratuitous ✔ #deep hatred for tourists and people who litter ✔ #general disdain for people who enjoy nature the 'wrong' way ✔ #beautiful woman in some kind of danger ✔ #i did miss 'weird/vulgar metaphor to describe something grotesque' but this is only the opening scene. there's still time #carl hiaasen #life and times
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    #ladder inspection checklist #ladder inspection checklist Services
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    go stupid

    go crazy

    go monke

    #honey.txt #checklist for today
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    How to face rejection in interview?

    Introduction: It is quite understanding that facing interview is the most challenging part of life. everyone wants to crack it in one shot. Whether you are a student or graduate, you have to face interview either to get admission in schools or colleges, or campus placement. For any interview one needs to have proper interview preparation, specially how to deal in case there is rejection? It is a serious concern then. So, let’s have some discussion on this.

    First, we need to know why we sit for interview? Or why any institutions or company set an interview structure? To answer both it can say that any institutional organization or job front, they arrange interview to choose the best students or candidates respectively amongst many. And, while facing interview the candidates get chances to proof their skills, knowledge at their level best. At the same time, it is one of the platforms where your body language, your facial expression, attitude, all kind of emotions will be judged.

    In every field whether in schools, colleges or in work front one has to face failure or rejection once or more. As there is any such situation occurs, sometimes candidates can handle, sometimes not. As you are taking interview preparation, make sure that you are learning those skills of overcoming demotivation, which comes from rejection. Keep few things in mind –

    First and foremost, you will face questions     which may not be liked by you. Shall create conflict.

    You will not like to talk anything about     your shortcomings, weaknesses, but remember one thing, you will get     questions where somehow the interviewer will judge your shortcomings,     weakness etc.

    The interviewer can directly throw     question like “How will you be able to handle rejection in life or any     field?”

    You will be given situations to solve     instantly. Definitely, the situation will not be in your favor.

    To handle these situations, it is always better to be prepared for interview, whether for campus selection interview or directly any job interview.

    Conclusion: Take guidance from interview preparation books. Be rest assured that you can’t escape of facing tricky questions, yet, don’t get stuck. Be fluent and confident.

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    EXTREME Super Sim Checklist

    Sul sul spreadsheet nerds!

    Are you interested in doing the EXTREME SUPER SIM CHALLENGE? By extreme I mean, Super Sim Challenge but you try to try everything the game has to offer. (Or at least everything that I can think of for now.) I like to challenge myself + I love keeping track of things in spreadsheets, so I made the extreme checklist.

    Preview of what’s inside:

    -Try living in all worlds, attend all events, woohoo at all possible places, paint all paintings, eat all foods, meet all townies, and more!-

    You can do it with one sim or on multiple generations. You can use some or all of the trackers. Do whatever you want with it. Or use the checklist in some other challenge/gameplay.

    (up to Dream Home Decorator Pack)

    File download below the cut.


    !! There are formulas in the file, please be careful when editing. 

    !! Let me know if there are errors (missing items, incorrect tags, incorrect formula, spelling/grammar mistakes), or any other game features you want to include in the list. I don’t usually explore occults so let me know if I missed anything. Helpful feedbacks are welcome.

    !! Includes an overview list in-case you don’t want the strenuous act of typing everything and just want to highlight things.

    Thank you to: Carl’s Sims 4 Guides, Sims Community, and Sim Fandom for their respective articles in which I validated my list. 
    Thank you Morphinomina for the complete painting list, and Shimrod101 for the count. Thank you Fogity for the locked CAS parts list.
    Credits to James Turner, original creator of the Super Sim Challenge.

    DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Drive, no ads)

    Feel free to share this post. And tag me when you complete the extreme challenge!

    TOU: Tweak it to your own liking but please do not claim as yours.


    (( check my works here, connect with me on instagram! ))

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    In retrospect I think the ‘Bi characters in tv shows should have scenes saying they’re bi.’ that dominated as an opinion for a long time was dumb.

    #In that people want to rundown a checklist of having lgbt+ characters. #Not really a position that facilitates writing people or writing meaningful human experiences.
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    Powerful On Page SEO Techniques & Keyword Placement in Article

    Powerful On Page SEO Techniques & Keyword Placement in Article

    Is your post not being ranked? Views not coming? Don’t worry, today I will show you some of these on page SEO techniques. If you are a new blogger or don’t know how to seo articles, then this post is for you. Google is now so advanced that it cannot rank articles using any tricks. That’s why you have to focus on your content, because content is king. If you create content with the following…

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    Cyber Incidnet Response Checklist

    Want to save your data from cyberattack? Then, you must go through the cyber incident response checklist. It will help you prepare and plan a defined response to a cyberattack or data breach. This checklist points out the key considerations for creating an effective cyber incident response checklist. You must visit our website, as there you will get free cyber incident response process and plan!

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