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  • tippynot
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ahh yes. My cheeks are ready for winter hibernation even though we don’t have winter over here 🙆🏻‍♀️

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  • squishybellies
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Art trade for AkariTheDittaloid on FA!

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  • stillthesunkenstars
    15.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Oh so brax literally bashed what happened to him w the axis on the deindum very king shit of him

    #it’s abt winging it #ivq listens to bf #bernice summerfield#braxiatel#irving braxiatel #seeing the deindum experiencing the exact emotion brax experienced before axis is so deja vu #Irving ‘I’ll use my personal trauma as inspiration for battle strategy’ braxiatel #I’ll kiss him on his cheeks I’ll bash him w a cartoonishly large inflated hammer #GIRL‼️
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  • sandiegokpop
    08.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    He's so fgttubfsey adorable 😍

    #I'll never stop gushing about #wooyoung #lol uhh really look at him #the chicken made his cheeks bigger again it's inflated his chEEks! #2pm#vid#2pm eats #its even cuter that he was zooming 2pm & showing chan that he was enjoying his pick lol
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  • anapplepie
    30.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    mutuals, when you imagine me i hope you know i have a third butt cheek and a cavity in my skull <3

    #well you can’t really see the cavity cuz it’s covered with my hair #but you can definitely feel it #my head’s basically an un-inflated basketball #most likely i was dropped on my head as a child #that would explain a lot tbh #i’m not elaborating on the third but cheek <3 #applepie antics
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  • salvia--archimagirus
    25.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    @seistark​ said:

    “kirio!!” he BEAMS. “so good to see you! i *cough cough!!!!!* i am so sorry i couldn’t come to your dinner party last month. i *COUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* have had the worst pneumonia attack this year..... unohana is still treating me as we speak.” he smiles at her, with a hose in his arm and a little bag hanging from a metal bar that he's holding on to. containing liquid that flows into his veins.

    How in the world is this man still standing on his own two feet—was the first question that came to the captain of the 12th’s mind when violet gaze landed upon her guest’s signature alabaster locks. It was almost as if the fit of coughs itself had been the better advisory to his arrival these days, rather than the sickly man’s very own voice.

    “Oh God— Oh Dear— Please, have a seat before Retsu finds out and punishes us both with her deadly forehead flicks!”

    Overwhelmed by her own panic—and fear of the impending threat that was Unohana’s ‘disciplinary method’, Kirio wasted no second to rush to his rescue and help him keep his balance as they walked to the nearest chair in sight.

    “Geez, Jūshirō... You could’ve just sent me a jigokuchō and I’d had someone delivering my cooking to the treatment center, you know!”

    She swore it felt like she was down 200 pounds already from the impromptu cardio—and now that he had gone to the trouble, coming all the way to her place just to apologize to her in person, she knew another hundred would soon follow; for there was no way she would ever let him leave before at least a full 3-course of the remedial meal she had been experimenting on—in hope that the feast would at the very least provide him a temporary relief from whatever itch that had been trying to crawl its way out of his respiratory tract.

    “That tummy of yours... It’d better be ready for some good filling!” slender digit pointed itself at his surprisingly well-toned midriff as the lady disappeared behind the noren gracing the archway to her kitchen; ready to break another round of sweats.

    #seistark #one very special order coming right up! [ answered ] #aslkdjaslkdjaslkdjasd #kirio can't tell which one is scarier: #the thought of retsu coming after them #or the sight of jūshirō hanging on for dear life before her own two eyes #x'DDDDDD #also i figured maybe this took place before she got promoted to squad zero? #but if you'd rather put it at a different point in the timeline please don't hesitate to let me know! #i know i use her chubby-form icon here that didn't seem to exist yet back in those days but i really don't have too many options hahahahah #let's just pretend she was in her original slim-form but with inflated cheeks and pout because she was panicking lololol #the weight-loss metaphor is just there to exaggerate how much of a work she was doing to manage the situation #:3
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  • bxnusducks
    08.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Okay I swear I'm done with the berry posting for a bit

    #look #i like drawinf puffed cheeks #draws#blueberry inflation #full body inflation
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  • squishybellies
    27.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Birthday gift for @thefluffyfurret !

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  • freetobegrace
    26.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    bands visit is just two songs to me really but thing is these two songs I have so much to say about them so much to talk about for the past year and a half

    #i have thoughts i havent posted yet about memory inflation in terms of looking back at the movies tha played #and of course i always want to talk about Cheek Touching Ear and #i had the thought on thursday or something about how the translation into english makes things broken down to its essentials #in a way that ive only noticed before with ABBA’s lyrics! #post#personal#tbv#mt probz
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  • sunshineguruu
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    "EMMETT!" Mrs. Waites called from the other room. "GIT IN 'ERE!"

    Emmett released an audible gasp, clasping his hands over his mouth. The urgency of her voice wasn't assuring. Tears began trickling from his eyes and he swallowed mouthfuls of air. His chest felt full yet empty, not enough oxygen but his lungs were inflated like balloons.

    "PA. Pa! I can't do it!" he grizzled. "I can't go in there! I can't see her dead! I can't!"

    "It's going to be okay." Claus repeated. "If you assume the worst, you'll never get to know the best. Go in there."

    "If you don't, Beth will probably come out and drag you in there. You can either go in with your dignity, or lose an ear." Ashton added. "In the end, you don't really have a choice, do ya?"

    "I-I'm going to go in..." Emmett spoke in a hushed tone.

    It felt like the bones in his arm were made of cement as he reached for the doorknob. A bolt of panic surged through him the moment he made contact with the cold metal. He gave it a slow turn, pushed, and opened...

    The light from the other side flooded the hall. He managed to creep in, avoiding looking at the bed where his wife lied.

    Mrs. Waite welcomed him with the most comforting phrase he heard that night. "Yer got a lil' lad. He's a handsome 'ne, tha's fo' sure." she told him.

    The warmth coloring her words prompted him to drop his guard. He relaxed his shoulders and fixed his attention to their bed. "A lad...? A son?" he choked. "They're both alive? Nobody's dead...?"

    "Aye, both alive and healthy."

    It was true. There lied his wife, fast asleep with their bundle of joy swaddled next to her. The room was peaceful, the rise and fall of their chests proof of their existence.

    They were so beautiful. Their baby looked like a little monkey, his face was the shade of a radiant cerise and he had the most adorable button nose and squishy cheeks. A fresh drop of milk dribbled down his lips, his belly nice and full.

    Emmett wiped a tear away with his sleeve. He ambled over to them and sat on the edge of the bed. "My family... This is my family... our baby..." he said, still trying to drill it into his head. He was so used to anticipating the worst; his life had always been unlucky, it was how it coped and avoided heartbreak... but here they were. Sleeping soundly.

    "Emma said the kin's name would be Leon if 'e were a lad?" Mrs. Waites inquired.

    "Yes... we decided that.. that's his name... Leon. Our little Leon."

    He plopped down on the vacant spot next to him, his eyes burning into Emmeline's back. He lied there with them, processing. Emmett reached for her hair and twirled her curls around a finger. He thanked every God he could think of for this gift of life.

    "We need to have another... 5 more, at least. No. 10..." he whispered.

    Beginning ♦ Last ♦ Next

    #ts4 #the sims 4 #sims 4 #sims 4 legacy #ts4 challenge#ts4 story#ts4 legacy #the sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #ts4 legacy challenge #sims 4 challenge #sims 4 decades challenge #ts4 decades challenge #my decades challenge #sims 4 historical #sims 4 history challenge #ts4 history challenge #ts4 historical #sims 4 screenshots #ts4 screenshots#ts4 gameplay #the bresnahan legacy #simblr #sims 4 simblr #bresnahan1900#gen 2
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  • greetings-and-salutations
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “Dear Theodosia” - Remus Lupin (Marauders Era)


    Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

    “Dear Theodosia” Masterlist

    ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠂ ⚘᠃

    "Come on, you're going to be late!" Theodosia groaned in annoyance, ducking her head under her pillow as she heard her brother's loud footsteps coming up the stairs.

    "Go away, Ted. It's too early! Why are you even here? You moved out, leave me alone!" She complained over her shoulder when she heard the door open.

    "I wasn't gonna miss your first day of fifth year. This is a monumentous occasion. Now, come on, Smarty. Time to get up. Don't you wanna see Remus?" He asked teasingly. Theodosia rolled over and glared at him.

    "I should have never told you about that." She complained, sitting up and attempting to tame her bed head. Ted just laughed.

    "My baby sister has a crush. It's cute that you confided in me." He said simply. The smaller girl blushed profusely.

    "I don't like him like that. Now go away. I need to hurry, remember?" Ted rolled his eyes, not believing her for a second, but nodded, moving to exit the room, shutting the door behind him as he left his little sister to get dressed and ready for her first day of her fifth year at Hogwarts.

    Theodosia huffed in annoyance as she climbed out of her bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Ted could be obnoxious sometimes, but she loved him anyway. Even with the wide age gap between them, they were as close as siblings could be, even of he didn't live at home anymore. And, though she'd never admit it out loud to him for fear of inflating his already humongous ego, Ted meant the world to Theodosia.

    "Merlin, I'm gonna be late for the train." The Tonks family lived in a little townhouse in London, not far from Kings Cross Station, which was good, since the train to Hogwarts was leaving in less than an hour and Theodosia still had to pack.

    She could practically hear the guys making fun of her for it, even though they probably waited until the last minute too. Sirius, James, and Peter were like that. Not Remus though. No, if she had to guess, Theodosia would wager he'd been packed since August. He was good like that. It was one of the things she liked about him.

    Her cheeks flared up again at the thought of the dusty haired boy whose friend group she'd been inducted in a few years ago. She hadn't seen him all summer, or any of her friends for that matter, so Theodosia was very excited to meet up with them at the platform.

    "Theodosia, let's go!" She ran a brush through her hair aggressively, before throwing it and a couple other things into her trunk.

    "Okay, that's: books, clothes, uniform, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, that thing I borrowed from Sirius last year that I never gave back, Biscuit's stuffed mouse..." Theodosia made a mental checklist before gasping in realization of what she'd forgotten.

    "Biscuit! Where are you?" She checked under her bed, in her closet, heck, even in her trunk, but her cute little orange cat was nowhere to be found.

    "Looking for something?" Theodosia turned on her heels quickly at the sudden noise and saw her brother standing in the doorway. A medium sized ball of orange fluff in his arms.

    "Biscuit! There you are!" She grabbed the small creature from her brother who moved around her to take her heavy trunk downstairs.

    "He was ready before you were. Just waiting by the door." Theodosia rolled her eyes, but didn't comment as she followed her brother down the stairs and out the front door, their parents already waiting for them in the car. "Biscuits crate's in the backseat with you." Ted directed, pointing his sister towards the car door. She nodded, climbing in the back and situating her cat.

    "Everybody ready?" Her father asked from the front when Ted had hopped in on the other side. Both nodded and they were off, headed to drop Theodosia off at the train station, to board the Hogwarts Express.

    ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠂ ⚘᠃


    Tag lists are open!!!

    (If your on a different tag list like the Everything list or the Remus Lupin list you’re gonna have to hit me up specifically to be on “Dear Theodosia” list since it’s it’s own series!!! Don’t ask me why I’m doing this it just makes sense in my head and is easier for me 😬😂)

    #harry potter #harry potter fanfiction #the marauders#marauders era#remuslupinsfurrylittleproblem#remus lupin #james & peter & remus & sirius #remus lupin fluff #remus lupin series #marauders series#series #remus lupin x oc
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  • pinkpizzapastaspiderprincess22
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #ask#asks#angel-fxced#angel fxced #real life italian princess (ic)
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  • transformhim
    02.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    A New Delivery Service

    Jimmy picked up the delivery order from the city’s newest, most overpriced, most overrated fusion restaurant, put the delivery bag into his backpack, and stepped out of the door to unlock his bike. He hated menial, brainless, shit jobs like this, ones that got him absolutely no where and ones where the people he dealt with were reliably all motherfuckers. He couldn’t complain too much, though. He got to create his own hours, the constant to-and-from gave him plenty of exercise to maintain his lean figure, he could put in his ear buds and get paid to ride around town listening to music, and there were other perks of the job.

    He unwrapped the lock on his bike and put it back in his bag and then pulled out his phone. He clicked back to the delivery app and confirmed that the order had been picked up and waited for the app to load the directions to the drop-off location. His phone chimed as the delivery address was mapped out.

    “Bitch, what the fuck??” Jimmy huffed out loud and dropped his jaws at the location. The home he was to deliver the food to was on the literal opposite side of town, up the gradual sloping hill on which the whole town was built, and was apparently a 45 minute biking route. To make matters worse, the app guaranteed a delivery time to its customers within a half-hour window, and docked it from the deliverer’s pay if that window was lapsed.

    “Nuh-uh, nope,” Jimmy shook his head and flipped through the app, making his way to the employee support portal. This called for taking advantage of those ‘other perks’ of the job.

    He arrived at the ‘Delivery Assistance’ tab of the employee support portal and entered in the details of the delivery. Well, actually he flubbed the details a bit. Exaggerated the delivery distance, over-estimated the weight of the delivery, maybe inflated some more numbers here and there... What the hell, what the company didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

    He leaned back after hitting submit, watching the spinning wheel on his phone that indicated that his request was being processed. He anxiously tapped his heel against the pavement awaiting the response, when his phone vibrated.

    Request granted!

    • Enhancement : current stats X 3

    • New delivery time estimate : 20 min.

    • Duration of enhancement : 1 hour 20 minutes

    Jimmy only had time to wheeze out a shocked laugh as he felt his phone send a jolt through his arm. He was no slouch, but three times his current stats?? And for an hour and twenty minutes?? Talk about a lucky fucking break!

    His body immediately tensed up as a high moan suddenly escapes his lips, and he could feel himself spreading upwards and outwards. His calves dropped any hint of body fat and tightened, feeling slightly like a leg cramp, but then loosened as thick muscle twisted up the length of his claves and thighs. He felt his ass lift off his seat with a giggle as his cheeks packed on dense meat. It traveled up his back and torso, carving his back, sides, and abs into a sculpted work of art as he felt his pecs begin to bounce. They thudded bigger and bigger as he looked down and giggled with a deeper and deeper moan, taking a handful of each new massive tit in each hand, his breath quickening as he felt his neck widen and thicken while his shoulders rolled forward. As his shoulders pushed outwards to accommodate his still-growing size, they bursted larger with bulging definition. His flexed his already massive arms as he continued playing with his tits and playing with his nipples. His arms had always been his most treasured feature that he kept proudly displayed with a tank top, and now firm muscle snaked down the expanse of his limbs, rising to the surface and bulging into twisting pythons of muscle. His arms crossed as he flexed and felt the new size of his bulging peaks of muscle. He threw his head back in a way-too-loud groan—garnering plenty of stares from pedestrians—at the next sensation. ‘Guess they haven’t fixed the bug yet,’ he thought with a grin as he felt his cock stir to life within his shorts. His typically 4 inch softie bloomed outward, snaking down his thigh and fattening considerably into a soft 12 inch hog, and quickly swelling into an unwieldy, throbbing 18 inch pecker, a considerable increase from his typically 6 inch hard-ons.

    Request complete! Proceed to your destination.

    He grinned down at his phone and wheezed another small laugh. He should be grateful that they hadn’t fixed that bug, especially considering some of the incredible shit they unfortunately got rid of with software updates. One of the older bugs was what actually turned him onto working for the app. One of his exes was a delivery biker for the app and would often surprise him all the time as a horned-up 9 foot giant hunk—sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger—to fuck him raw and shower him with unbelievable excesses of cum. Sometimes he’d even get big enough that Jimmy could do pull-ups on his rock hard cock hanging stiffly in the air or even use his ex’s cock slit as another hole during their impromptu lovemaking. Enough local prudes complained to the company that they were sick of seeing a bunch of horny muscular giants running around the city, so they eventually ‘fixed’ it, if you can call it ‘fixing.’

    Jimmy couldn’t get over the fact that he had so much time allotted with his enhancements. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten such a long time to enjoy his enhancements… Actually, that wasn’t true. The last time was about 2 weeks ago when he finished a delivery way ahead of time and met his boyfriend at the park after. They both loved when the enhancements came through, they were a great means of keeping things hot, impassioned, and adventurous in the relationship. But most times, Jimmy only ever gets a X 1.5 or an X 2 stat enhancement, rarely ever above that. He was a fucking beast now with his X 3 enhancements, and he intended to share his new beast body with others.

    He kicked up the kickstand on his bike and pushed off the ground, feeling the wind blow past his face as his new body propelled him on his bike through the air at a speed much higher than he was used to. He grinned as he pedaled up the hill, barely breaking a sweat, and dialed up his friend Pete, a coworker-turned-friend veteran in his early 40s that was stuck in the gig economy cycle like millions of other workers.

    He was already a pretty hunky guy—he always joked about thanking the government for giving him his ‘superman body’ but fuck all beyond that—and he was a hell of a lay, too. Jimmy thought maybe he’d be down to party.

    He held the button on his earbud and waiting for the ding. “Call Pete,” he said in a deep voice, the confirming ding echoing afterwards and putting through his call. It rang a few times until someone picked up.

    “Yyyyello?” Pete answered with his typical goofy greeting for Jimmy.

    “How’s it hanging, boss?” Jimmy replied with a grin. He always loved talking to Pete. He would have considered him sort of a father figure if they weren’t such good friends and even better fuck buddies.

    “Currently delivering to the west side, buddy. Enjoying a X 1.5 enhancement on top of it, thank you kindly to my benevolent corporate overlords.”

    “X 1.5?! Nice, dude, so they got Super-Superman out here delivering food to the masses now?”

    “The people gotta eat, Jimmy!”

    “And eat they will! I’m sure a lot of them would prefer a taste of your specialty. What was it today, extra long sausage rolls?”

    “You know it! All day, every day my guy!” he responded cheerfully as they both laughed. A brief, semi-awkward pause laid over the conversation. “By the sound of your voice, it seems like I’m not the only one here rocking some enhancements.” There was a slight eagerness in his voice.

    Jimmy’s heart leapt as he turned the corner to head further up the hill, his cock twitching and drooling out some pre as it rested stiffly against his tree trunk thigh and snaked out of the leg of his shorts. Jimmy looked down at his massive arms and only got harder. “Guilty as charged, dude.”

    “How big, bro?” Jimmy could hear the smile in Pete’s voice.

    “Oh, you know, just X 3.”

    “X 3?! Shit, well then I guess you and I are pretty evenly matched!” He was right! Jimmy smiled and looked down at himself. Fuck, he loved looking down and seeing a porn star body. The developers had to know what they were doing when they made this feature. And come to think of it, he was basically the same size as Pete now, except almost double the package size, thanks to the system bug.

    “I’d say you’re right! Buuut,” Jimmy bit his lip feeling a grin stretch across his face. “I think I have, well… about 3 times more the package you do.”

    “Woof, shit… I guess I can deduce that you’re not talking about your delivery order! You’re making my mouth water, stud,” Jimmy could hear the grin in his voice as he painted on his bike. “Making my cock water a bit too, if you know what I mean!”

    “I think I do, Pete. I think I do.” Jimmy kept pedaling up the hill while a silence hung over the line for a second. Jimmy could feel his bulging size press against itself as he leaned over to pedal harder. “So… Meet up at the park bathroom after our delivery runs?”

    “Fuuuck yes, man! Haha, I was beginning to worry you’d never offer!” Pete chuckled to himself for a second. “Now this is gay culture: two alpha studs swapping spit and jizz in a public bathroom.”

    “It’s what our forefathers and foremothers would’ve wanted,” Jimmy quipped back, suddenly realizing something. “OOOOHH I think Richie is working today. Wanna make it a party?”

    “Abso-fuckin’-lutely, the more the merrier!”

    “Awesome. Either way, I’ll see you in like 10, good?”

    “Good. Keep it stiff for me, stud.”

    Jimmy smiled and hung up. That would be no problem; he’d been fully cocked since he heard Pete’s voice, and his unnaturally large cock head was poking out of his shorts by now, leaking sticky pre onto his thigh as he pedaled. He just hoped Richie could join in on the fun.

    Jimmy knew that Richie only worked a few days out of the week, but took only the biggest jobs when he did. He loved the extra money, sure, but he loved the enhancements more. Jimmy could remember more than a few occasions that he ran into Richie while he was looking like some body builder fetishist’s giant, sweaty, throbbing wet dream. It was comically different from what Richie was like outside of work. If you saw him on his work days versus his short, twiggy appearance and demeanor on his off days, you’d think they weren’t even related.

    He tapped the button on his earpiece again, “Call Richie,” and listened to the ringtone. After a few rings, the line answered.

    “YOOOOOOOO,” Jimmy heard a thundering, impossibly deep voice answer.

    Jimmy’s grin widened. They’d need a bigger bathroom.

    #male transformation#male tf#muscle#cock growth#dick growth #muscle growth tf #tf by app #nerd to jock
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  • capturethechaos
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #A Very GVF Christmas #danny wagner#danny gvf #danny wagner imagine #greta van fleet #greta van fleet imagine #gvf#gvf imagine
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  • dendro-bunny
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Decorating for Christmas


    Genre: fluff, Christmas event!

    Warnings: none other than tooth rotting fluff

    (a/n): hey! Ik there would normally be a cut, but for this to be a bit faster there may be some that have no cuts or read more, I apologize in advanced, I am on my phone writing this as of right now.

    The sound of Christmas bells spread through the house as ginger wafts through the air. The fireplace doing it's hardest to provide heat to the entire house. However where you are is just warn enough... In your husband, Akashi Seijuro's arms. As he holds you tightly as you out the finishing touched on your ginger bread man. The gingerbread house- well castle he made sitting on the side towering over your little man.

    "Sei.. I think you went a bit over board with the house... It's not even a house anymore" you giggle as he burrows his head into your shoulder.

    "I'm sorry my love but I only wanted the best for you, as my lover that is what you deserve... And so much more..." Gives you a light kiss on your cheek. As your face erupts into a mad blush, you push him away trying to hide it.

    He gives a small pout at losing his warmth then looks around at the boxes with lights, ornaments, inflatable snowmen, and other decorations. This is the first Christmas you guys have spent together since being married. Life can be stressful especially with Seijuro's status; you make it work though. Normally he wouldn't have time for stuff like this. However not a lot of work had to be done, so after that was done he took off and told people to go home.


    You said you didn't want a really big mansion, you didn't want a really fancy car. That wasn't 100% possible since it would put people out of jobs and neither of you wanted that, so instead you guys have a "vacation home", if you two want to get away you go there and not to the manor.

    With the box in your hands you place if on the table and start getting out the lights. The table from Ikea that you both built together shook a bit anytime you put pressure on it but that's fine. Your gentle hands that warmed his chilled persona, tried hard to untangle the lights.

    "Can you not just stand there staring and help me... Please..." You pout with pleading eyes. "My parents are going to be here anytime now, and you know how the me and my old lady butt heads."

    "Ah- I'm sorry my dear, I was just enamored by your beauty." The smirk that places itself on his lips is infuriating.

    "You were always a smooth talker..." You occupy yourself with setting up the ornaments for when your parents get there so you all could decorate the tree together.

    "where do these go..." After a bit of time went by Akashi holds up a few stockings with the cutest confused look on his face.

    "oh! Above the fireplace, get the hammer and nails to hang them!" The sweat on your forehead drips down the side of your face.

    Akashi furrows his eyebrows. "Love... I think that's enough...."

    "B-But Sei! We still have all the fake icicles and stuff-" as he gives you that captain stare you shut up and nod.

    "it's time for some hot chocolate and cuddles please... We can save the rest for when your parents arrive. Ok?" You nod with a yawn and walk into your house with Akashi right on your tail ready to forget all about his hot chocolate and just drown in your company.

    It was fun though... To decorate with your one and only...





    Me chilling on the couch

    Mom: yk you're birthday is coming up

    Me: yeah....

    Mom: ... You want some money or...

    #akashi seijuro#bunnix writes#bunnix#fluff#knb kuroko #kuroko no basket #FLUFF-VENT CALENDER#christmas event#drabble #akashi seijuurou x reader #akashi seijūrō #im so proud of myself for getting this done Lmao
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  • lord4-0-4
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    In the dark night.

    Part 2.

    I used to drive the panoramic route of Vallejo road when going to that park I liked -every weekend for around 5 years-

    In the way back I used to take Ellaine Road back to my apartment, mainly because of Anita's Dinner, the best sandwiches I've ever tried -not that I have any saying on what's good food or not- Anita: a very nice lady from El Salvador, she was always very nice to me, while preparing my food she used to tell me stories of her family, her country and her two dogs Camilo and Laika. All while her small black eyes that seemed to me like shiny tiny marbles that were almost shut closed by her cheeks inflated by an enormous smile that made me feel home.

    The first time we met, Anita told me about her dogs, telling me stories as if we have been friends forever, I told her I also had a dog called Rufus -truth is I never had one, I lied. I promised myself I was going to buy one and call it Rufus, but I never did- Each week after she finished telling me how Laika had scratched her favorite chair, or how Camilo had been sick that week, she always asked me: "¿Y Rufus, cómo está? How is... the Rufus... the doggie?" In a heart-warming accent. I had to invent so many lies to answer that question each week. I reckon my imaginary Rufus had a more exciting life than any real dog could have ever had, I wanna think she always believed my weekly lies.

    One specially quite night, while coming back home I stopped by Anita's as always. However, the typical noise, the salsa music quietly playing from an old radio back in the counter, and the eventual blast of laughter coming from Anita while talking to the other customers or while talking to her husband in the kitchen, that made it almost impossible to believe that such a powerful laugh could come from such a small lady. All gone. Pure quite and almost no lights inside the restaurant. The four steps to the door felt like miles as countless possibilities each worst than the other crossed through my head. When I opened the door I found Don Diego cleaning the floor in complete silence, I stood near the counter with boxes full of all the salt shakers, napkins holders and bottles for what felt like ages, he slowly looked back and saw me, it took him some seconds to start speaking in a soft but deep voice that hit me like waves of cold water "Mi Anita, she is... eh... gone" and immediately broke in tears.

    I wanted to feel sad, I wanted to walk to him put my hand in his shoulder and say some empty words to ensure him everything was going to be okay, Instead all I could think of was the fact that I would no longer have a place to eat while coming back from my park walks, It made me feel guilty for a moment, but maybe I am a terrible person or maybe that is all one can do when death arrives close but not so close that it hurts.

    We both stayed quite for a couple of seconds, he went back to cleaning. I turned around to go out and back to my car to leave forever -I had made my mind- without this place I was not going to come back this route. Just then I saw Anita's old radio in one of the boxes labeled "basura (trash)". Nothing that happened earlier that night had made me flinch, after all "Isn't death natural?" I told myself, but seeing this, changed something inside me and before leaving and in a swift move I grabbed that old beat down radio and left.

    Under the dim light of the moon shinning through the windshield of my car I whispered a last goodbye to Anita and forgot about that road, that park, Rufus, and that old radio.

    It's been years since, and it's the first time I think of this, while seating in this poorly lit room, in an uncomfortable coach, with just a coffee table, an odd vase, some magazines and that old radio that has never worked since the day I took it from Anita's place, as a barrier between me and this unexpected guest.

    This situation, while simple, it feels progressively more tense, as he is just seating in front of me with an odd smile, like reading me or expecting me to speak of a topic I don't know. His demeanor while odd it's not scary, It's only enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Seconds pass and I am gathering all the courage to ask a question I consider important, I open my mouth but before any noise can come out a loud thunder interrupted me as if letting me know that the question I had in mind was bound to get no answer, followed by a song, that quietly started playing in the background just quite enough to exist but not to become a protagonist, it took me some seconds to understand it was coming from that old radio I took from Anita's Dinner that night, ignoring the fact that it had never worked before.

    Just then I see this entity lay down his staff in the table, while seating closer to the edge of the couch in a motion that felt more threatening that it should have, I see him open his mouth. "Considering how scared you look, I can asume you still do not know who I am, is that accurate?" I clearly didn't know, but what I did know was that he could read me like an open book.

    "No!" I said immediately modulating my voice because the sudden appearance of this entity made my studio be filled with a deathly silence that made every single sound and action be so loud and real, yet he remained calm and quite, he seemed to be in complete control. I don't expect you to understand this, it could have been the anxiety this situation was causing me."I don't know who you are. Should I?" I asked.

    The entity laid back a bit and started juggling the coin in his other hand, hypnotizingly. "Everyone does, and everyone chooses to forget about me until I let myself in. You see 404, I am not a foe, neither I am a friend.

    However, today, I'm here to talk about you. To know you a bit better." He said while leaning backwards a bit. I felt an odd sensation running through my body, I could sense everything happening around me, the fan from my PC slowly running, the mosquitos flying around the corners of my room, a spider and a bug in a fated fight for survival. Everything was so alive and somehow I could feel it all.

    "Are... are you going to kill me?" I asked while feeling a strange mix of relief and fear. "No" He said, but of course he could be lying I thought to myself. "What do you wanna know?" I asked. "Your story" He said.

    "There is really nothing interesting about my life" I said "I work fixing technical issues for other people, I can't think of a more boring job even if I tried" I continued, trying to calm myself down to think straight.

    He stared at me for a second, while calmly reaching to his chest pocket and grabbing a fancy silver cigarette box and a golden Zippo lighter. He pulled two cigarettes, put one to his mouth and lighted it. He then made a sign as if offering me the other one.

    I instinctively nodded slightly and put my hand out, I guess 6 years of smoking has affected my instinct response. He landed it in my hand and waited for me to put it in my mouth to then offer me to light it up for me, just then I understood what situation I had put myself into. We both stood up slowly and he reached out the fire towards my cigarette. When the cigarette was on, as I inhaled the first drag of smoke I realized his eyes where intensively put on me. "Don't worry, I'm not a murdered" He repeated while his face twisted in an absolutely menacing grim, his thin lips and almost inhuman excessive teeth made me cough out the smoke while plummeting down to my couch, hitting the coffee table with my foot, making the old radio drop on the table and the vase to move as if it was alive.

    He leaned in and slowly putting his hands on that small coffee table and looking directly at me he said "Why don't you tell me about the last time you went to that park around Vallejo?" I stayed quite and shaking for a few seconds "H...how do you know about that?" I asked why grabbing my cigarette and pulling it out of my mouth, I never told anyone about those escapades because they represented something so private to me.

    "Oh no, I recall saying we are going to talk about you" He said, while seating back in the couch. "Tell me about that day please" He repeated in a calm voice. "I enjoyed going to that park, Yes." I said while trying to think if I ever told anyone about my days at the park, with no luck. While stuck in that trance of trying to remember I noticed the entity started to loose the calm demeanor and it started to look more stern. "That's not what I asked" He said. "What happened that night?" He asked in a more monotone voice.

    "It's been so long, I don't think I can remember anything about it, really." I said while still trying to figure out who that person was and thinking if lying was a good alternative. "Why don't you try" He said while putting out his cigarette in the radio that was now laying down in my table while still playing that monotonous song.

    Part 3 soon.

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  • hawksugarbaby
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bakugo x reader- Rocky horror romance

    Fluff + Sexual implications

    His eyes were longing for something. 

    Lingering on your lips for a second longer than they should. 

    Listlessness toward anything that wasn’t you standing there. 

    Lost in the sweetness of your perfume. 

    Loving the way you pulled off your outfit without any effort. 

    Who’s idea was this in the first place? How long had you been standing in this queue for? He couldn’t remember what you were going to see but he’d followed you to the theatre like a puppy dog completely hypnotised by your excitement and the tickets in your hand flapping in the wind violently. He needed to catch them if the wind blew them out of your hand, he couldn’t see you sad. 

    Why was his jacket still on his shoulders and not covering your shivering body? Change that quickly. He pulled his jacket off with a tongue click and draped it over your shoulders and your head tilted upwards to smile at him. 

    “Have you been to the theatre before bakugo?” the queue shifted forward slightly and he melted with your soft tone. He just grunted and shook his head in fear of his voice giving up on him. “It’s fun. My first kiss was at the theatre y’know. Have you had your first kiss?” 

    The blond furrowed his eyebrows, his stomach turning inside out at the thought of another man kissing you but how was he supposed to even think of kissing you if “No, I’ve not” he’d never even kissed anyone else. 

    “Aw really? I thought you would have by now” normally you’d backtrack and make up an excuse about what you’d said but you didn’t care today? He seemed too oblivious to your feelings in the first place? He did have a large ego and your words would only inflate the balloon in his skull if he’d paid attention to them. 

    The queue inched forward again making you next to have your tickets checked “What are we going to see again?” he grunted. It was supposed to sound soft, that’s how it sounded in his head, so why didn’t it sound the same coming out of his mouth. 

    “Oh did I not tell you?” you tilt your head and his mouth twinges with a smile bug no he has to hide it. 

    ‘You did I just forgot’ “No you didn’t” for fuck sake why is he lying? 

    “Oh! I should have told you before I dragged you all the way to the theatre. I'm so sorry! It’s the rocky horror picture show” 

    He remembered now. You’d went on about how you get to shout at the stage after specific performances and taught him the time warp in the living room once he’d begrudgingly stood up but he wasn’t really upset about it. It ended up being fun and he ended up agreeing, not because he cared about the show but the thought of you -you who gave him a sugar rush because of how sweet you were, you with skin smooth as caramel and words dripping with honey- you could lace your words with arsenic? 

    There was no way you of all people would scream “Asshole” at the stage in an audience filled with people. 

    And suddenly he was sitting next to you in the front row and the narrator had just said “Janet Weiss” and you were screaming


    At the top of your voice. And now you were engraved in his memory more than before. You dressed to the nines with a corset cinching your waist to what he thought was impossible, and your fishnet tights, knee high leather boots, latex gloves up to your elbows and maid dress under your corset. He didn’t know he was supposed to dress up but he wished he had. 

    “What am I supposed to shout?” he whispered to you and you leaned next to his ear warming his cheek with your warm breath. 

    “When Janet and brad are introduced to someone new shout slut for janet and asshole for brad” 

    Okay, simple. He was good at shouting. Usually. But he wasn’t good at shouting when his hand subconsciously rested on your cheek and his thumb grazed your chin holding your face so he could see directly into your candied eyes and lean into you. His lips brushed against yours until they pressed against your prettily locking together. 

    Music started and you hurried your kiss pulling off of him and pulling him to his feet but you wouldn’t let go of his hand. “You're going to make it hard to jump to the left” you snicker and nod your head in the direction you're going. 

    “You can let go if you want. Not like I really care” what fucking Tsundere bullshit is this? What is he pulling right now? ‘Stop you idiot’

    You smile and step on his foot when he accidentally steps to the left instead of the right. “I think I’d care” 

    He squeezes your hand tighter and starts paying attention to the direction he’s going in and when the song is over he sits next to you. He doesn’t pull his hand away because he expects you to, and you don’t, so why would he? You lean over every time he’s supposed to shout something and he buys you chocolate ice cream during the intermission for you to scarf during the show and he tightens your corset back up when you return from the toilet. He doesn’t question why you're biting your nails and sucking your bottom lip between your teeth the tighter he pulls. 

    And then the show begins again. 

    And then the show ended in a flash. Did he pay attention to any of it or did he stare at you violently shouting at the actors when you were supposed to. 

    “So thoughts and feelings?” you asked walking back to the dorms. STILL holding his hand. 

    “It was fine” 

    “Favourite part?” 

    He grabs your face again and pulls you into him resting his arms on your shoulders and yours snake around his neck. He plants his lips on yours backing you up against a wooden fence and you sigh, biting his bottom lip. 

    “Oh? It does bite” he smirks. If anything right now was the perfect time to be cocky. 

    “I can bark too” you whisper and your hands travel under his shirt, the latex pulled at his skin and he cocked an eyebrow. “But what was your favourite part?” you persist and he laughs giving you another gentle kiss. 

    “Probably you” 

    You laugh. Definitely a laugh from your stomach that doesn’t struggle coming out and he smiles. 

    “Then let’s go back to my dorm and you can enjoy me some more

    ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ☆ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹  ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚  ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎⊹

    Read more here!

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    #tears of themis #vyn richter #marius von hagen #artem wing#luke pearce
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  • bi-naesala
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    Mirror mirror on the wall

    Fandom: Arcane (League of Legends) Rating: E Warnings: / Relationships: Jayce/Viktor Characters: Jayce, Viktor Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Trans Viktor, Top Viktor, Anal Sex, Mirror Sex, Cunnilingus, Vaginal Fingering, Bottom Jayce Summary:

    Jayce doesn’t remember exactly what Viktor said when he hanged the small mirror right in the middle of the wall, surrounded by all their notes, but he’s sure it was some sarcastic comment about his already too inflated ego. It’s quite funny how much he hates that thing, though there is one thing he loves to do with it...

    (Also on AO3)

    Jayce doesn’t remember exactly what Viktor said when he hanged the small mirror right in the middle of the wall, surrounded by all their notes, but he’s sure it was some sarcastic comment about his already too inflated ego - which he doesn’t have obviously - and when he told him his reason - being a councilor now meant that he always has to be presentable and no, it’s not just so that he can stare at himself more than he already does - he just rolled his eyes and ignored him.

    From that moment on, every time his eyes lie upon the mirror, a frown appears on his face. It’s quite funny, Jayce has to admit - though not to Viktor’s face - how much he hates that thing. Jayce wouldn’t honestly be able to tell what he stares at more, their work or that damned thing; does he think that if he shoots enough dirty stares at it it’ll fall?

    Is he jealous of it or something? Jayce would like to think he is, but if he has to analyze this - although nonsensical - situation, he’d say that there must be another explanation for Viktor’s disdain, even though he still hasn’t found it.

     There’s one thing Viktor loves to do with the mirror, though, which is shoving Jayce’s face against it when they fuck.

    It doesn’t happen too often, since it has to be a particular good day for Viktor to be able to do it standing up without his leg screaming in pain, but when it does, well, it’s certainly a ride.

     The cold mirror surface would be soothing against Jayce’s burning skin if only it wasn’t so hard, though he’s quite distracted by Viktor’s wonderfully tight grip on his hair.

    Jayce knows that he could turn things around, they both do, just like they both know that Jayce likes when Viktor takes the lead, and that if he happens to be a bit rough while doing it, well, he’s not going to complain.

    He can’t hold back a groan when Viktor thrusts his hips just at the right angle, feeling the dildo - it’s custom made - brush right against his prostate, and he doesn’t miss Viktor’s whimper as well, as the small part of the toy inside him is pushed by his movements.

    “Right there…” Jayce is able to mutter, and Viktor is kind enough to go along his request, mostly because, while standing, he can’t afford to take too much time.

     It’s so good that Jayce almost forgets that he’s got his face squished against the mirror Viktor hates so much, and again he wonders why he’d do it, if this is just retribution for his vanity or if there’s something else to it.

    He thinks he finds his answer when Viktor pulls his hair, forcing Jayce to pull his head back. All he can see in front of him is his own face.

    Well, at first he can barely see a thing with how foggy the surface had become, between Jayce’s breaths and his sweat, but it takes little time before the fog clears out, and Jayce’s own reflection stares right at him.

    Is this what Viktor wants? To get him off by making him stare at himself? Does he really think he’s that self-centered, or is he supposed to interpret it as a joke, a way for Viktor to express his peculiar - at least according to Jayce - sense of humor?

     And yet, he can’t lie, it’s doing things to him, though it’s not exactly because of his own face, but rather because, like this, he can clearly see the effects Viktor’s having on him.

    Flushed cheeks, foggy eyes, lips hanging open, sweat on his forehead, hair all over the place… Is this what Viktor sees every time?

     “Viktor… Close…” he warns him.

    Viktor hums, without saying anything, but his thrusts become faster, at least as much as he can manage, and he stops holding Jayce by the hair in order to close both his hands around his lips, both to better steady himself and to draw Jayce closer, moving him along at each thrust. Jayce gets the message immediately, and every time Viktor pushes forward, he pushes back, groaning at the feeling of his ass speared open even deeper than before.

    All Jayce can do now is abandon himself to this feeling, closing his eyes and pressing his forehead against the mirror as he edges closer and closer to the edge…

    “Viktor, Viktor, Viktor, Vik--”

    His whole vision turns white as he comes, and he shivers and trembles, doing the best he can to remain up as Viktor helps him ride his orgasm.

     Only once he comes down his high Viktor pulls away, forced to abandon Jayce in favor of gracelessly plopping down the chair they’ve learned to keep close by during these situations, letting his body rest.

    Without any kind of support, Jayce crumbles to the floor. He almost rests his entire body against the wall, but thankfully he notices the stains of cum before he can do that; luckily they’ve been careful enough to remove all the papers they had attached to the wall before doing this, or else they might’ve soiled their important research - and how would they explain to someone why there are bodily fluids on these papers?

     He recovers pretty soon, and once he does, he doesn’t even bother getting up, opting instead to crawl towards Viktor, who’s breathing heavily, both because he’s tired and because he still finds himself quite excited, and in fact as Jayce’s hands creep up his thighs, gently pushing them open, he twitches.

    “You don’t have to…” Viktor mutters, accent even thicker now.

    “I want to,” Jayce replies immediately, as if he’d let his partner hanging like that.

     He helps him out of his harness, and a chuckle escapes his lips when Viktor whines as the dildo slides out of him, entrance twitching at the feeling of sudden emptiness.

    It’s quite the short-lived feeling, however, because Jayce’s quick to replace the toy with his fingers - Viktor’s loose and wet enough for him to get two inside already - and even faster to part his lips around his cock, licking and sucking the sensitive nub without bothering with going slow, not wanting Viktor to wait for it any more than he’s already done.

    He was already halfway there, so it doesn’t take long for Jayce to finally watch Viktor come as well, moaning Jayce’s name in a way that makes his dick twitch, though he’s too spent for doing anything more than that.

    He keeps at it just for a little while, because he loves teasing Viktor, but when it’s obvious that it’s becoming too much he pulls away, starting with his face, then his fingers, going not to hurt the other.

     Once he’s done, he rests his head on Viktor’s thigh and begins caressing it, waiting for him to catch his breath.

    “You alright?” he asks then.

    Viktor huffs, amused, at his question. “I should be the one asking you that.”

    “I’m great,” Jayce replies, staring at Viktor with such an adoring gaze that almost makes him look away - almost, because as much as it’s too intense for him, it’s also true that there’s nothing else Viktor could look at, not with that view under his eyes. “You were amazing.”

    “Flatterer,” Viktor retorts, though he can’t deny how pleased he is hearing that, and in fact he continues. “Please, keep singing my praises.”

    Jayce laughs at those words.

    “And then I’m the self-absorbed one,” he jokes, raising an eyebrow at Viktor, though he soon finds himself distracted from his own point as Viktor stretches a hand towards him, first caressing his hair, then giving him light head-scratches, like he’d do to a cat.

    Jayce loves it when he does that and he leans into the touch, a low hum escaping his lips that makes Viktor smile in amusement. He still finds it quite hard to believe that he holds this much power over him.

    “I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to take a page from your book,” he shrugs then, and that seems the end of it, with Jayce too busy enjoying Viktor’s attentions to bother with their banter, which Viktor doesn’t mind, also because it implicitly means that the last word is his.

     They both know that soon they’ll have to clean up and get back to their work, but for now neither of them makes any move to disrupt the quiet intimacy they find themselves enjoying.

    For now, they’ll keep indulging just a little bit more.

    #i can't believe i'm writing lol fanfics #jayvik#jayce#viktor#jayce lol#viktro lol#arcane #league of legends #my fics#mine#spicy
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  • surgeryiniran
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    Everything About Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty

    Fleshy nose rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries in the field of nose jobs. To define fleshy nose rhinoplasty, we must first know what a fleshy nose is or which noses are called fleshy noses. If you look closely at some of the noses, you will notice that they are fatty with open nose pores and thick skin. The tips of the fleshy noses are droopy. Therefore, it can be a good sign to diagnose a fleshy nose. The fleshy nose is more common in men. The secretion of testosterone causes a fleshy nose. The fleshy nose rhinoplasty makes the nose look more beautiful and the nose tip is raised.

     Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

    In fleshy nose rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilage is strengthened, resulting in a flawless nose. In the past, in fleshy nose rhinoplasty, the cartilage of the nose was removed. This not only caused an undesirable result but also wounds and dents in the patient's face. Now, this procedure is performed differently. The doctor personalizes the result nose shape according to other facial components such as eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and lips, resulting in more harmony in the face. In some cases, fleshy nose rhinoplasty is not in the best interest of the patient, and their nasal problem can be resolved by performing another operation. Therefore, choosing an experienced doctor can be helpful. If the tip of your nose is droopy or fatty, fleshy nose rhinoplasty can be a good option for you. But the final decision can be made after the doctor’s examination.

     Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty Results

    In fleshy nose rhinoplasty, it takes six months to a year to determine the final result of the surgery. It may look like that the desired result has not been achieved after the operation or that no changes have been made on your nose, a month after the operation. At this time, it cannot be concluded that the surgery was useless, but one must wait longer for the final result to become more visible. It is almost impossible for the nose to return to its original state after the stated time, and this is because the nasal skin is thick and takes a long time to heal completely.

     Possible Risks of Fleshy Nose Rhinoplasty

    During any operation, you may be at different risks, and the surgery may even have complications that affect your postoperative life. Fleshy nose rhinoplasty is not an exception. This surgery has certain complications that can be easily prevented. To do this, it is best to inform your surgeon about your medical history and let your specialist know about any surgical experience you have had before. If you are taking certain medications, be sure to tell your doctor.

    However, fleshy nose rhinoplasty may pose risks and side effects, including:

    1- Frequent nosebleeds after the surgery.

    2- Respiratory problems

    3. Sometimes the patient's body reacts to anesthetic drugs.

    4. Numbness at the surgical site

    5- Inflation

    6- Pain

    7. Revision rhinoplasty may be necessary 

    To learn more about fleshy nose rhinoplasty and find the answer to all of your questions, contact our expert counselors at Moj Aramesh Amitis Health Tourism Company.

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