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  • Students’ gift

    Disclaimer: This story happened before pajama party event. So that there was no confusion ^^’


    When King of Hell found some strength to continue his duty, things were slowly getting back to its daily state. It was not only about his tasks in Hell. Human realm duty called him too. Since that day when he became a teacher of literature as a cover to watch over Nazeel at school, students were confused at first and didn’t really accept new teacher. Well, except couple of students, who got interested in him, maybe even had a crush. With time students got used to him, even more got attached to him. The atmosphere in the class was better since Lucifer appeared in their school life and lessons more interesting. Those who had zero interest in literature, changed their attitude to it. And when Lucifer didn’t appear at school for a couple of weeks, students showed their concern about him. Different rumors were walking around the school, from illness to tragedy of his family member. But all of them were vanished when Lucifer finally appeared. And yet, students noticed his anxious behavior, lack of concentration, mumbling. To students question about his state Lucifer only replied with the phrase “I’m fine”. But one group couldn’t leave it all like this. They decided to try one thing. Today they were about to have the last lesson - literature. Couple of minutes left before the start of the lesson, and only five people were present in the class - two males and three females.

    ???: Is the pie still warm, April?

    April: Yeah, Hugo, warm and fresh. Good thing I had some ingredients left for a pie.

    ???: Weren’t you too mad at us for such request?

    April: Oh, don’t worry, Monika, I like to cook and bake. Plus, it’s all for our teacher Lucio McKelin.

    Monika: It’s true. I just wished we could do something more.

    ???: Well, at least it’s better than what Pierce suggested.

    Pierce: Hey, what is bad in parties?? They are fun! Plus, your idea is not the best too, Elza.

    Elza: What is bad in making yourself beautiful and greet our teacher like this?

    Pierce: You want to do it because you want to make an impression on Lucio~

    Elza: Weren’t you trying to do the same?~

    Monika: Guys, let’s leave arguments for later. We have other important mission.

    Hugo: Monika is right. Plus, what will go wrong if we all skip a lesson like this?

    April: Well, maybe he will give more homeworks to do, but I guess it’s worth to try. I tried my best to hide this pie till the end of the lesson.

    Hugo: Agree, you did pretty big pie. I’m sure it will be delicious.

    April: I hope so. I was amazed that only we came to the last lesson.

    Hugo: Others were probably thinking to skip it. You know, since our teacher didn’t pay much attention to them lately due to his anxiety.

    April: That’s sad honestly, but can’t blame them. The only thing that confuses me is the papers with words “Thank” and “You”.

    Monika: Oh, this was my idea. As a member of cheerleader club I thought that little detail will make better impression on Lucio.

    Pierce: Good that you didn’t bring pom-poms with you.

    Monika looked at Pierce a bit angrily as others giggled while Elza walked to the door to check up on their teacher.

    Elza: You know, pom-poms would be a nice touch, but yeah. We’re just trying to cheer him up, not to make a show. Speaking of the devil….he is getting closer to our classroom.

    She rushed back to others as everyone were getting into their positions. Hearts were beating fast, feeling like they were on some kind of big test that decided their future. Steps were coming closer and closer, until the door started to open. And in front of them appeared their teacher Lucifer, who at first didn’t look at them.

    Lucifer: Sorry, guys for being late, unexpected things happened on my way to-

    April: Mr. McKelin

    Hearing his last name he looked at his students….with astonishment. Only five of his students stood here, with papers and pie in front of him, smiling.


    Everyone: Thank you so much for everything, Lucio McKelin!

    Such unexpected moment made Lucifer speechless. He was confused, not understanding what was going on. No words could come out, while students replied.

    April: We’ve noticed that you were feeling down lately and despite your reply on our question, we thought that we could do something for you as our grattitude for everything you did for us.

    Hugo: I would not imagine that I will change my opinion on literature. I mean, I’m still not a big fan of it, but one thing for sure is I won’t judge a book by its cover.

    Monika: Your way of teaching woke my interest up to some books I have wanted to read for a long time. Despite my trainings, I found strength to do it, and thanks to it, my speech during trainings at cheerleader club was better than years ago!

    Elza: We will not ask the reason for your anxiety, Mr McKelin. But know that whatever happened, you can always rely on closest people. Like us~

    Pierce: Well, we’re not as close as family, but thanks to your stories and how honest and open you were during lessons, I felt like we were not just students and you were not just a teacher, but we were like friends. Damn, I didn’t even fall asleep for the first time!

    April: And so we came up with such idea. Maybe it’s not much and not that great, but if it can cheer you up, that’s what matters.

    Everyone: Thank you again for everything, Lucio McKelin!

    They smiled brightly while Lucifer didn’t make a move for a moment. He didn’t expect that such little group of human students would do something like this to the King of Hell himself. Sure, they don’t know about it, and such things shouldn’t be unusual to him. However seeing that there are still students who can change their attitude to the subject, who can still find a strength to work with teacher despite anything, it was something. He covered his mouth with hand, trying to hold his emotions, while little tear drops were betraying him. Students noticed it as immediately got worried.

    Monika: S-Sorry, Mr. McKelin, we didn’t meant to-

    But their worry changed to confusion when Lucifer giggled softly, still trying to hold his emotions. Pierce was confused more.

    Pierce: Umm, is everything alright, sir?

    Lucifer: You guys are something, I must say~ You honestly didn’t have to do it. My situation is not something you should worry about.

    Hugo: But we still wanted to do something to cheer our teacher up. Well, it was honestly April’s suggestion to do it, and we agreed.

    April: In our school students always do something like this, so it’s not our first time.

    Lucifer: I see. Well, I’m impressed, that’s for sure~ But aren’t you afraid that like this we skip our lesson?

    Students looked at each other with a sweat. They knew he will ask it. But their expressions changed again soon when Lucifer giggled softly again, drying his tears.

    Lucifer: No need to do such looks, I won’t tell other teachers~ I was not in a mood to do a lesson anyway.

    Pierce: Wait, really??

    Elza: Are you sure about it? Cause some of our teachers used to do lessons even with such mood like yours.

    Lucifer: And yet, it’s been couple of weeks like this. You know better than me that it isn’t good for a sleepshedule and health.

    Monika: Yeah, it’s like with my trainings. Once a big event comes up to our school, we all are on nervs.

    Lucifer: See? Plus, we can make it into a little dispute lesson, where we can discuss a new topic that I prepared for today.

    Elza: That can be possible. Plus, it’s nice to have something for a discussion time.

    Lucifer: Agree. So, shall we start our disput lesson?~

    Pierce: Hell yeah!

    Monika: Pierce, don’t shout!! Teachers are still at school!!

    She quickly shut Pierce’s mouth with angry expression as everyone laughed.

    April: Well, then let’s try a pie.

    Hugo: I can bring some cups from our classroom cupboard here and an electric kettle.

    Lucifer: Let me do it, as a thanks for such surprise~

    Students wanted to disagree with it, but Lucifer did it anyway. Pierce was on guard if any of the teachers were walking pass by their classroom. Once they were sure that no one will walk in, they settled things up for a little resting time, chatting, discussing the new topic for the lesson and just chilling.


    And that’s another story for our universe^^ So sorry for not posting anything lately^^“ Life kept me away from here. Still, hope you will enjoy it^^

    April, Hugo, Monika, Elza, Pierce and Lucifer belong to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

    Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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