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  • Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, @willtheobsessivenerd and his twin sister Sarah(Yep, he has a twin sister)!

    I wish you both a safe and sound happy Birthday and enjoy it to the fullest!


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    #Chelsea speaks #happy birthday William and sarah #hugs and kisses to you both #i love you both
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  • due to multiple dreams about a previous classmate little me was “in love” with in middle school

    my hyper romantic mind has now created

    ✨yet another unhealthy crush✨ on him

    #i can never have nice things #why#chelsea speaks #d. n. #i hate everything #also i've had ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN stuck on my head from multiple tiktoks #yet again i will still state that i will only ever simp for seven boys and that is BTS #Kim Namjoon will still and always be Zaddy #but damn my mind went ~crush~ again
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  • this is a stretch but alex if ur awake text me it’s ✨important✨ hehe

    #i need help with a post #damn #it really be almost 4am #chelsea speaks
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  • Well, another year has been and gone, and I’m now 28. I haven’t cried yet, so I guess that means I’m okay with it. 😅

    #chelsea speaks#nonsims#text post#delete later #sorry for being bad at tumblr this year
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  • why is it that when i straighten my hair i feel like i can accomplish anything

    #straight haired chelsea feel so powerful #just wish it didn’t take TWO HOURS goddd #i started watching good time half way through so that’s a plus #chelsea speaks
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  • spent 2.5 hours on a sketch and i think it’s really good now but i know in the morning it’s gonna be shit

    #this happens EVERY time i draw past 12 am #i think it’s amazing and when i wake up i’m like ‘wow what a beautiful 3 year old’s piece:)’ #add in the fact that it’s in a style i’ve not really done before and i just KNOW it’s gonna be trash in a few hours #i need to shut up #chelsea speaks
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  • Just a heads up, I am going to be adding some Fruits Basket posts to my regular content on here. ^_^

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  • on today’s chelsea exposes herself on tumblr:

    i think i forgot to tell y'all that during the week that BTS love yourself Tear was released they had a bunch of spotify code posters on my campus.

    I stole one and now it decorates my wall :)

    #chelsea speaks#bangtan#bts #love yourself tear #bts love yourself tear
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  • If I ever say “sorry I don’t bang people when I first meet them”


    (Because your respect makes me want to fuck your brains out)

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  • what if i went thru my spn tag on here and unleashed hell on all of u

    #i wont. maybe. #chelsea speaks
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  • Happy 5th Anniversary of Me Rejoining Tumblr!

    Today’s the day I’ve decided to start over and rejoin Tumblr. And for 5 years, I’ve been doing great! I have some friends to talk to and I have a boyfriend here!

    I’m so happy for this day!


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    #Chelsea speaks #5 year anniversary #i’m so happy
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  • not me standing in my laundry room actually tearing up because my dumbass never shut the lid to wash my comforter so i can go to bed  :(

    #they never tell you how hard life can get 😞 #LITERAL#TEARS #it's so cold i just want a blanket to sleep in :( #chelsea speaks
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  • for today’s daily chelsea exposes herself on tumblr you all get to find out that i do simp for Denahi from brother bear 🤪💜


    Originally posted by lhaewiel

    just look at that eye roll 😫

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  • sspiseaa —–> aestros

    #i changed it back and changed my theme!!! #chelsea speaks#aestros#hehehe
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  • not me falling in love with the guy who handed me my food at chick fil a 😳

    #he was clumsy AND cute #i’ll remeber you forever ethan 😔 #shut up chelsea #chelsea speaks
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  • not me finishing up my winslow drawing at 3am

    #doesn’t help the drawing looks like shit too lol #i swear i’ll get over this man one day #today is not the day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #chelsea speaks
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  • This is somewhat late - I wanted to post it on my birthday, but alas, that plan failed. However, what better time to do it than now?!

    Name/nickname[s]: Chelsea, but close friends and family call me Chels

    Pronouns: She/her

    Age: 16

    Birthday: October 17th

    Height: 5′8″

    Personality types: ESFJ-T (MBTI type), Hufflepuff (Hogwarts House), phlegmatic (temperament sorter), Artisan (Keirsey temperament) type 2 (enneagram), lawful good (moral alignment)

    Country: The USA! And more specifically, a city in Florida called Hollywood 😁

    Hobbies: Sewing, drawing, playing Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, making cookies, swimming, and writing

    Favorite color[s]: I love any shade of pink, but especially pastel, peach and bubblegum! 💖💖💖

    Favorite food[s]: Sandwiches, but specially BLTs 🥪 However, chocolate and fries are up there, too!

    Favorite season: Autumn

    Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip 

    Interests: Miraculous Ladybug, GoT/ASOIAF, ATLA, The Time Quintet/A Wrinkle In Time, video games, LotR, volleyball, Dance Moms, Taylor Swift, Dylan Conrique, Johnny Orlando, dogs, fashion, history, science, and I’m finally starting to get into the 90′s Sailor Moon anime!

    Always feel free to message or ask me so we can get to know each other, new friends are always welcomed 🥰🥰🥰

    #chelsea.txt #things about me #pinned post#my stuff#chelsea speaks #get to know moi
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  • sorry in advance but im not waiting to post mando spoils on here. i absolutely will tag them with my usual tag tho.

    #not that im reblogging a lot since i dont have my pc rn but a psa #just in cases #chelsea speaks
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  • #literally any sort of stubble and i’m a fucking mess so yeah when i saw it on neil i lost my mind #i think the way his hair’s always a bit messy and his suits are a tad wrinkled just add to him and really reflect his character #i read a whole article with the costume designer speaking about how he purposely messed up neil’s suits to show his personality #and it’s something that i hold dear to me. the way his suits aren’t pressed and his shirt’s wrinkled... he’s just the loml #anyway #shut up chelsea #asks#death-wife
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  • continued from: source link
    for @blushdrunks


    it’s a relief that valentina always understands where she’s coming from. it’s nice to have someone who sees her; understands her – and even if she doesn’t, attempts to just the same. “see, and i’m pretty shocking with adults. kids, they make it easy – adults, they’re all complicated and confusing. can’t say i enjoy that. not unless it’s in the pages of a book, of course.” there’s a smile that touches her lips over the other’s words, keeping herself as close to the other as she can; all the more comfortable when in her girlfriend’s gravity. “you think they will? i love babies. but, i always quite like being able to give them back…” she laughs, turning her head a little to give the other a proper kiss to her lips. “that does sound pretty perfect. i absolutely need a tan…” she trails off, as her fingers reach out; tangling within val’s golden locks. 

    #* speaks | chelsea riggin. #* featuring | chelsea & valentina. #blushdrunks #q.
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