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  • 24.05.20 // 15:47 // Quarantine Challenge Day 54 & 55

    Sat - Would you rather get away with lying every time or always know that someone is lying?

    I tend not to lie much, even white lies to spare someone’s feelings. I’ll tell the truth, but I do think there’s a way to tell the truth without it being mean or harsh! I’d rather know when someone is lying, though I can see why this might not be the brilliant skill it seems to be….

    Sun -  Would you rather read minds or accurately predict future?

    Predicting the future. If I want to know what someone is thinking, I’ll ask them, and I don’t want to accidentally stumble across something i’m not meant to see in someone else’s head. Predicting the future would be nice to be able to better prepare for things, but I do enjoy a slight sense of mystery in my life! 

    I ended this week with a surprisingly fast run (and a surprisingly painful side stitch) and doing more physchem. I’ve made a dent in this module, and I really hope I continue this productivity towards exams! 🌻

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  • Rip B.S. in Chemistry. You were a

    dream but I can’t do THAT MUCH MATH

    HERE I COME B.A. in Chemistry

    #wish i was good at nonchem math #talked to my advisor he said there is really no future impact on a b.a. or b.s. #he was like your grades and those standarize tests tho #those hit diff #i really tried at math but i stinky poo poo #chemistry major#chemistry
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    Hey babe I’m going to go to see the doctor 🥼 morning hope you’re doing well I hope 🤞 you’re happy 😃 was a wonderful wonderful Christmas Christmas card company business experience experience and business partners


    I’ll call tomorrow morning if you’re interested in doing something wonderful wonderful Christmas Christmas card company and company for business business partners and customers interested in sharing experience business partners and customers interested in sharing experience with your Facebook well thanks 😊 well you have had some wonderful wonderful friends and family I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Christmas card and company for business business partners and customers interested in sharing your business card company

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    Monday, 25th May 2020

    Chemistry - A-Level Prep - Module 4.5.1, Haloalkane Chemistry ft yesterday’s sky

    I don’t think it’s in this photo, but I keep writing ‘catiocarbon’ instead of ‘carbocation’, whoops

    🎵 When Legends Rise - Godsmack

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  • Day 10/100

    Today i have an online-exam, i still need to do some work for it. First i have two video-calls though… this online-university-thing is getting exhausting.

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  • My new obsession. New OPT. New fav actors. amazing chemistry. LOOK AT THEM DAMNIT.

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  • Some don’t think it’s real. That extraordinary kind of love. That toe curling, heart wrenching, tummy turning kind of love that leaves you shocked that you could possibly love someone that much but I promise you, it is real.

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  • May 24, 2020

    I only have two more finals to go!!! (ft. Snufkin on my laptop) 

    This are the most challenging weeks for me because I feel the irresistible urge to be lazy or do other things because I’m almost completely on summer vacations. However, I’m trying as hard as I can to keep reviewing everyday. 

    I’ve also been having the incredible impulse to write a part of my oldest oc’s story and I actually kind of started it, but I don’t want to dive onto it just yet because it’s one way to distract me from actually studying. Anyway, I’ll probably come back to it after my finals are over on Thursday. 

     currently listening to:  JDNT // Glass Animals

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  • Me working in a real professional lab for the first time:

    My trainer: you know, I forgot if I put compound A in here or compound B


    My trainer: *smells the container*

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  • Over the last year I’ve worked as a peer mentor helping freshman navigate into the college realm. This was my on-campus job that one of our freshman programs offers to upperclassmen to continue being a part of the program after their first year. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend mentoring for anyone who loves to help like I do (also extroverts, man y’all would love mentoring!).

    I would love to be able to continue mentoring this summer as I have the time to do so and know that there’s plenty of y’all out there that will start university in the fall under some really different circumstances! I’d love to be here as a friend and a mentor to help you through the process a little easier! My DMs are open for anyone who would like to start mentoring beginning mid-June through DMs and later through Skype or Zoom if you would like!

    Here’s some things about me!

    • I’m a second-year university student.
    • I study human physiology (similar to human biology but more in-depth anatomy & physiology topics).
    • I am a pre-Physician Assisting (pre-PA) student.
    • I originally came into university as a biology pre-med major.
    • I have now taken too many lab classes, so I can tell you what lab research consists of!
    • If everything goes according to plan, I will be studying abroad in Australia next February. :D
    • I go to a fairly large, fairly popular school on the West Coast!

    I’m super passionate about helping others, and I hope that I can help you during this time! Maybe if this goes alright I’ll wrangle up some studyblr friends to mentor those who aren’t STEM majors aha!

    Happy studying!

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  • Tag yourself as these science subjects

    all songs can be found on this playlist here

    Biology: ‘Nothing’ by The Hails

    greased smears creating unexpected art on the window panes, muted flowers perched on top of the fireplace, flaky pastries consumed on the side of cobbled streets being littered with pelting rain, tiny experiments growing up the walls of your small apartment

    Psychology: ‘Getting Along’ by The Magic Gang

    subtle tones of pink and purple streaked across perfect notes, soft cardigans worn over tank tops, crafting daisy chains and leaving them for your beloved, losing the grains of sand from the hourglass under the golden rays of the sun, sweet berries staining your mouth

    Chemistry: ‘The Less I Know The Better’ by Tame Impala

    dark wash denim jackets rolled up at the sleeves, brightly coloured geometric shapes scattered in patterns you see, dull bus rides frosted and silver, coke and rum glasses filled with shots of adrenaline, fingerless gloves, bleeding lips stained with splashes of lilac and jade

    Astronomy: ‘still feel. - w/ Orchestra’ by half alive

    shattered shades of navy and silver in all your outfits, vintage maps of complicated concepts embellishing your bedroom walls, falling in love with the comforting plush of velvet, bashful kisses that drench your body in glittered shivers like sparkling wine

    Physics: ‘Vanilla’ by Flipturn

    nightly hours that melt into nothing, mouth-watering clean white paper with specks of black ink like chocolate shavings, pouring your mind onto the fogged window with white pen, black brogues scuffed and marked from clumsiness, the crackled sound of vinyl waltzing around your ears

    Geology: ‘So Sad, So Sad’ by Varsity

    water-coloured skies acting as a backdrop as you cycle through the city, making all the wrong decisions, stones that resemble hand boiled sweets bouncing in your backpack, rushed grabs and passionate moves, detailed picnics scoffed upon nature’s hair

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  • Its all cz of bonding in chemistry (in life as well)

    Basics of chemistry is bonding….
    So, why do the reactions occur as they occur? Can you mix just hydrogen and oxygen in a gas chamber and get the water that you drink?
    Whatever around us we see all things are made up of small molecules…which in turn includes atoms, their shape, their bonding , their nature weather it is accepting or donor…etc etc..
    In short there is a chemistry behind everything out there…and in basic of all that there is a big word - BONDING
    here are basic bondings of chemistry…
    without this bondings chemistry can not be imagine…these are the heart of chemistry and every chemist…

    same is applicable in real life also…

    when your basic bonding, understanding, needs of each other are clear..you can have whole world in your palm…but if it is lacking of bonding, communication, sharing, understanding than don’t think that will go more…
    definatelly you have to have your basics clear than only you can have relation as well as chemistry (🤔🤔🤔) in your hand….
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    Revising азбука

    Plans for tomorrow:

    • Chemistry revision
    • Russian revision
    • Running
    • Reading The Sorrows of Young Werther 👌

    I hope it’ll be chill day tomorrow

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  • 22.05.20 // 16:51  // Quarantine Challenge day 53

    Fri - Would you rather speak all languages or be able to speak to all animals?

    Speak all languages, I love learning languages but I’m very bad at it and I don’t enjoy being bad at speaking them! After my exams i’m going to try and learn some Italian though! 🌻

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  • “Oh, non mi vergogno di questa dipendenza, di questa, se vuole, folle, sciocca passione. No, io non ho ancora mai amato; ora soltanto capisco che cosa significa. Finora, nella mia vita, tutto era stato solo prologo, solo attesa, solo passatempo, solo tempo sciupato, fino a quando ho conosciuto lei, fino a quando l'ho amata, veramente e profondamente amata. Mi si è detto, se non proprio in faccia, quanto meno dietro, che non faccio che guastare, che pasticciare la maggior parte delle cose. Può darsi, ma non avevo ancora trovato ciò in cui posso mostrarmi maestro. Vorrei vedere chi fosse capace di superarmi nell'arte di amare. Certo, è un'arte miseranda, ricca di sofferenze e di lacrime; però me la sento così naturale, così mia, che ben difficilmente vi rinuncerò.”

    J. W. Goethe, “Le affinità elettive”, 1809.
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    Cosmic Rays as the Source of Life’s Handedness

    By Susanna Kohler

    You might expect living cells to be composed of a random soup of materials — but look closely and you’ll find they’re built from molecules with distinct orientation preferences.

    How did life’s preferred “handedness” arise?

    Living Single-Handedly

    Billions of years ago, perhaps on the barely solidified crust of young Earth, life somehow arose from non-living matter.

    Today, we still haven’t solved the puzzle of how this transition from non-living to living occurred — but nature has left behind some helpful clues, including the intriguing geometry of life’s building blocks.

    Many organic molecules come in two forms: left-handed and right-handed versions that are mirror images of each other.

    Just as you can’t put a left-handed glove onto your right hand, the mirror images of these chiral molecules are distinct and cannot be superimposed.

    But while the pre-biological soup of material on early Earth contained both left-handed and right-handed forms of chiral molecules, living organisms are homochiral: they’re built almost exclusively from left-handed amino acids and right-handed sugars and nucleotides, which preferentially construct right-handed DNA and RNA.

    A Cosmic Influence

    What determined the handedness of Earth’s life?

    Was it a random initial disequilibrium — perhaps an overabundance of right-handed nucleotides trapped in a prebiotic nursery — that was then copied to all subsequent life?

    Or might the bias only have arisen later, driven by an outside source?

    In a new study, scientists Noemie Globus (New York University and Flatiron Institute) and Roger Blandford (Stanford University and KIPAC) explore how cosmic rays may have shaped the evolution of early life forms.

    Mutating for Survival

    Cosmic rays are highly energetic, charged particles that careen in from space and slam into the Earth’s atmosphere, producing a cascade of secondary particles that can reach the planet’s surface.

    Irradiation from cosmic-ray cascades is thought to drive gene mutation in DNA — an exploratory process that is critical for evolution.

    Many successive gene mutations in the earliest stages of life likely allowed proto-life forms to adapt to their environment, increasing their complexity and their chances of survival.

    Intriguingly, the physical force that governs cosmic-ray cascades naturally introduces a preferential handedness in the secondary particles that reach the planet’s surface.

    Could this handedness somehow have introduced homochirality for life forms?

    Pick a Hand

    Globus and Blandford propose a model in which prebiotic chemistry produced both of the mirror versions of DNA and RNA.

    As these proto-lifeforms worked to self-replicate and evolve, cosmic rays rained down, introducing minor mutations.

    The handedness of the cosmic rays caused a slight difference in the mutation rate of the two different chiral forms, giving a tiny edge to the right-handed DNA.

    Over many generations of self-replication, this small chiral bias eventually resulted in early life dominated by a single handedness.

    Can we test this model? We might find supporting evidence from laboratory experiments that simulate the influence of cosmic-ray irradiation on bacteria mutation rates.

    And, of course, we can hope that we’ll one day explore life’s building blocks in samples from asteroids and other planets, further pinpointing what led to life as we know it.

    “The Chiral Puzzle of Life,” Noemie Globus and Roger D. Blandford 2020 ApJL 895 L11. doi:10.3847/2041-8213/ab8dc6

    Artist’s impression of the shower of particles caused when a cosmic ray, a charged particle produced by an astrophysical source, hits Earth’s upper atmosphere. [J. Yang/NSF]

    CENTRE IMAGE….This generic amino acid exists in both a left-handed and a right-handed form: all the same things are attached in the same order, but the two forms are mirror images and cannot be superimposed. If both forms exist, why is life built from only left-handed amino acids?

    LOWER IMAGE….In this schematic, the authors illustrate how the decay of a cosmic ray proton produces a shower of spin-polarized particles. When these particles reach the Earth’s surface, they affect right-handed and left-handed molecules differently, imparting a chirality bias. [Adapted from Globus & Blandford 2020]

    BOTTOM IMAGE….Prebiotic chemistry may have produced both the left-handed and right-handed forms of RNA (which the authors cleverly label “evil” and “live” to underscore their mirror-image nature). [Adapted from Globus & Blandford 2020]

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  • is there a social media site for scientists?? I want to ask questions and see what other people are up to without the bullshit of tumblr or twitter lol

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