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    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    he talks in pout ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა

    #renpuppy appears once in a while and i want to touch his hair #the lips and the lipring are the main points of this photoset #*me haechan and mark lee screaming kiyowooooo in the background #loml#huang renjun#nct#nct dream#mark#renjun#jeno#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung#renjun pics#renjun icons #smcu jacket behind filming
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    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
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  • neochan
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    [7:08 PM]

    Small blue flames dance around his fingertips for a few seconds before flickering out.

    “I can only hold them for a little bit,” Son of Hades!Chenle explains, “But it’s pretty cool huh?”

    Son of Hades!Jisung glares at his older brother from across the pavilions picnic table, “Yeah, pretty cool if you wanna light a candle.”

    Other Half-Blood campers let out quiet chuckles that with one look from Chenle turn into fake coughing fits. The last thing they’d want is to anger a child of the big three, much less a child of Hades. For all they knew, one minute they’re laughing, and the next they’re staring Abraham Lincoln in the eyes.

    “You’re just mad dad didn’t give you this power” He pouts, folding his arms across his chest and letting out an exasperated huff.

    Jisung snorts, “Yes, because I sooooo want to be a human cigarette lighter”

    “Demigod,” his brother corrects, “Demigod cigarette lighter”

    #.sam #i never write timestamps but … #chenle#jisung#nct dream #nct dream scenario #demigod!nct #demigod!chenle #nct x percy jackson #percy jackson au
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  • hvangrenjvns
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #ksideoqhdochwocjoaakempanqchaobdldhd #ngl chenle is probably going to have an easier time finding a romantic partner than the rest of us 💀
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  • machanie
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    chenle and jisung are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to gf stans

    #chenle hates them with a passion . jisung would flirt with a lamp if he could
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    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


    #THEY LOOK SO GOOD #SNED HELP #chenle’s draculaura phase <3
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  • techtechonmymind
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    chenle providing post-fansign commentary is… amazing 👁

    #he said you all are fucking weird get a life lol #the kids are alright #chenle 🎧#nct#nct dream
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  • faerenjun
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    that lip ring will be the end of me

    #finals week is over so im back btchachos shshjsjlk #i only have these gifs as an offering bwaha #my sk8er boi doing the bare minimum but looking so fine #youve never seen the end of that lip ring yet akskskkj #loml#huang renjun#nct#nct dream#mark#renjun#jeno#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung#renjun gifs #smcu jacket behind filming
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  • zcls
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    to the moon, z.cl (teaser)

    synopsis y/n and chenle met when they were eight, at the school playground when nighttime was arriving. the two converse over stars and the moon; where they find out that they both have a shared interest. the two grow up falling in love with one another; dreams turning into reality when they are together. as they get older, y/n wants to go to the moon with chenle— chenle knows just what to do to bring his partner the moon. genre childhood friends to lovers!au, soulmate!au, extremely sweet fluff, i’m going to spend the rest of my life with you and i know it!au, love of your life!au word count 291 of teaser— over 2k overall!

    “i don’t know how i ever spent my life without you,” chenle began, holding your hand delicately within his, as if it were the most fragile thing within the universe and he didn’t want to break it— as if you were the most fragile thing within the universe. 

    “the first eight years of my life are so hard to remember; i only started to remember life once you were in it,” his orbs were now brimmed with tears— soft stars gleaming through. “y/n, you gave me a life worth remembering.”

    your heart began to race at his words; life before him when you were eight brought you nothing but melancholy and pain. he came into your life and brought color back to it— he gave you a reason without you even knowing. you always waited for him at the playground and were filled with euphoria when he was the one waiting for you; he always bought you ice cream and whenever you brought up paying him back, he exclaimed that your company was more than enough. 

    “now i sit here in front of you to ask you one question,” he said slowly, standing up to fix his tuxedo, “a question that will put me over the moon,” he continued, your heart beginning to race as he lowered himself on one knee in front of you. 

    you felt your heart nearly jump out of your chest as he looked at you— the one you were so madly in love with, who was so madly in love with you. his black hair covered part of his face; his lips a soft hue of pink that you couldn’t wait to kiss. him— you were in love with everything about him.

    “y/n, will you marry me?”

    #going to be posted tomorrow!! i'm so excited ))': #probably one of my bests and i'm so in awe of it #i don't know how to do these things but :')) the teaser is so small #but the entire fic has been so hard to hide >__< i love it so much gahh #zhong chenle#chenle scenario#chenle #nct dream scenarios #chenle scenarios#chenle fluff #nct dream fluff #nct fluff#chenle nct#nct chenle#chenle drabbles#chenle drabble#chenle imagines
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  • nominloml
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    ouch ouch ouch

    #jokes aside tho #he is so right #zhong chenle#nct dream#chenle#nct 2021
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  • zcls
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    chenle would be the best person to sit with in your car and sing all too well at the top of your lungs with tears streaming down your faces ))’:

    #i did this by myself in november when it came out and it was midnight.. it was the best experience of my life #it was me finally letting a toxic relationship go and letting myself cope ))': it felt so genuine and beautiful #although i'm still bothered by the relationship— i let so much go that night; i cried the hardest i've ever cried and finally let go #with him.. it would be soft whispers of 'it's okay' to one another #looks of concern #i love you's that are almost inaudible due to the sound of music #but knowing you're going to get through whatever life throws at you; together #bad relationships; crappy moments in life— everything— together #i remember how calm i was when i did this by myself #i walked in the house with swollen eyes but my heart felt so content— i felt so free #with chenle' he would make it an experience where you know you're loved through all that you're feeling #and you'd be the same with him; reaching over for his hand and caressing softly #after you had your moment; you'd go buy coffee and go to his house— playing games for the rest of the night #soft giggles filling the air #you didn't need someone else to be happy; really #you just need chenle. as simple as that
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  • teddibearclub
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
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  • zcls
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    chenle reminds us that it’s okay to have lives outside of kpop and idols; he tells us to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves above all. he is truly one of the sweetest idols, in my opinion, and i admire him more and more. everything he says is straight from his heart and he knows that even if people don’t like what he says, that he told the truth and that is so entirely admirable.

    #chenle #he's so right too!! you're you outside of idols and kpop #please don't give up on love just because you have no chance with them #i mean. that is literally obvious but still #you can find someone just as amazing #i just. love chenle so much it hurts #he never fails to make me feel so happy
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  • haepii
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Limerence | PJS (01)

    (n.) the state of being infatuated or obsessed with someone

    Pairing: Park Jisung + Reader
    Genre: Werewolf!AU, Supernatural!AU, series
    Series: Main Navi, Neo Culture Pack Series Masterlist, next part
    Warnings: Violence, Gore, Mentions/Use of Weapons (I.e., swords, daggers, knives), Mentions of Blood, Murder, Animal Death/Murder, Werewolves (if you don't like it, leave), Mentions of bones cracking/breaking, Mentions of witches/witchcraft, mentions of vampires/fae, mentions of werewolves (duh), Jealous/Controlling Behavious (I do not condone these behaviours in real life, but obviously this work is pure fiction and so are the characters in it even if they are based off real people), Mentions of terminal illness (a brief mention and flashbacks, it can be rather confronting and I have experienced the facing of this situation myself. I know how confronting and triggering it is, so please do not put your own mental health at sake for reading this fanfic).
    WC: 4.7K

    It was another morning, as any other, riding on your bicycle, your long hair flowing in the wind behind you as the curls framing your face brushed your blushed cheeks. Hearing the ping of a bike bell, your glanced back with a smile, seeing Ryujin, your best friend only a few metres behind you coming from an unpaved side-street. Her voice exclaimed happily. "(Y/N)!"

    Slowing for a few moments, allowing for the girl, clad in your small town's school uniform, consisting of a white blouse, with a navy bow knot tie, that had a pin of the school crest in the centre, alongside white and red accents. The pleated skirt, she'd always rolled up was navy blue with two red and white strips near the hem. The usual navy and gold accented blazer had not be worn, given summer vacation had just ended, but the heat remained thick in the air. You gave her a side look, like she was crazy. "You saw me yesterday, you can't possibly have missed me."

    "Well, I did, and here we are. Softmore year, huh?" Ryujin tended to be more risqué and feisty when it came to the dress code, overdoing it in makeup with her bold red lips, and bleached or dyed hair, which was now a deep red colour matching her gradient lip tint. Her earrings were massive statement earrings she'd bought on the school trip to Seoul the previous semester, and was reminiscent of the earrings seen on Kpop-idols in their music videos with the 'girl crush' concept. Admittedly, you loved the girl to death, but as the sophomore Head Girl, AKA the world's biggest suck-up, you constantly had to give her detentions. "Chaerin and Taegwang went camping this weekend, you know? I wonder if they'll be back yet."

    "They always are." You answered with a smile, entering the main road of the town in sync with Ryujin. The town you lived in was at the bottom of a massive mountain range, known for supernatural happenings and hauntings, alongside being a national park. One of the biggest in the world, owned by the Lee's, the town's richest family that everyone knew but, strangely, never saw. "Do you reckon they'd go camping in the woods?"

    "0h hell no! Could you imagine Chaerin, in the woods? I couldn't." Ryujin let out a laugh, as the pair of you reached the school's parking lot, moving to park your bikes in the bike parks. Ryujin took her sweet time in getting out her bike chain, and locking it as you spoke. "Hey, no need to be nasty, I'm sure she can rough it out. I'm also sure that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

    Following the girl's lead, you chained your bike to the parking spot, and got your pink backpack from the basket of your off-white, vintage bike. You hadn't noticed that Ryujin and yourself wore the same Mary Jane heels and lace-trim socks, until you heard the voice of Chaerin squealing into your ears, almost rendering you deaf, and throwing her arms around Ryujin and your own shoulders, being in between the pair of you. "Oh my goodness! Look who's back in business, and matching shoes too! You guys never let me in on the fun, don't you?"

    "Hey! I bought these in Seoul." Ryujin almost looked offended, as did you, but soon the two of you giggled for a second and the offence of wearing the same shoes was quickly put behind you. "I did too."

    "You two know how the saying goes, great minds think alike." Chaerin spoke with a slight smirk, noting how you and Ryujin seemed to always be just that smidge closer than she was to either of you. However, that was not surprising considering you and Ryujin had practically come from the womb best friends. "Anywho! We got lab partners assigned for sciences today on the notice board. I think Ms. Qian learnt from last year not to put you two with each other."

    You let out a snort, as Taegwang, Chaerin's boyfriend of two years walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek, now walking beside the three of you. Ryujin spoke up, a tasting smirk on her lips. "I bet Ms. Qian wouldn't have put you with Taegwang for chemistry, given how loved up you two are. Especially after this weekend."

    Wagging her tongue side-to-side and wiggling her eyebrows comically, Chaerin hit Ryujin with a playfully angry expression on her face, before smirking herself. "Oh! do that all you want Ryujin, it doesn't stop from the fact that I've got a love life and you bitches don't."

    "I so have a love life!" You defended, looking between Chaerin and Ryujin who shared a knowing side-eye glance with one another.

    "Yeah... totally, with your maths textbook." Ryujin started bursting out in laughter, alongside Chearin, the two of them thinking they were the most hilarious people on the planet. Chearin gave her partner in crime high-five, wiping the tears from her eyes and chortling out. "Good one."

    "Not cool, either of you." You shook your head in mock offence, making a b-line for the notice board, and collecting your schedule from the administrations office, the other three–Chaerin, Taegwang, and Ryujin doing the same.

    "No maybe, I'm wrong, it's definitely your French paint set." Ryujin giggled, as the four of you waited in line to get a look-see at the new lab partners for the year. you gave a look of complete seriousness to Ryujin, gesturing with your fingers, only a minuscule amount. "Ryujin, I am this close to ripping those earrings out."

    "Taegwang, do you see how she treats us? She threatens violence all the time, it's practically abuse." Ryujin let out a fake sob clutching her earrings and pouting up at the much taller captain of the basketball team, Taegwang. Chaerin gave Ryujin a look. "Paws off my boyfriend."

    Silence fell over the rowdy friend group as they went to get a peak at the lab partners for the year, Ryujin looking deflated as she saw who her new lab partner was, she'd gotten Zhong Chenle, the boy in your's and her's biology class. He was super arrogant, and cocky, only really caring for the music and track programs, doing biology as a way to get an easy mark to keep up his grades for track. Ryujin knew she would no longer be able to dump the work onto you, seeing as your lab partner was Chenle's best friend, Park Jisung. On the contrary to Chenle, Jisung was quiet and shy, only really hanging out with Chenle and a group of four other senior boys, all popular, one of who'm was on the basketball team, the other on the restling, one in the music program, and the last being the school's captain. The two boys, now Ryujin and your respective lab partners were friends with Jaemin, Jeno, Haechan, and Renjun. They never spoke to anyone else, and acted as if all the other students were beneath them.

    What a great lab partner, you sarcastically thought to yourself rolling your eyes with a scowl. Secretly, you'd hoped to get Ryujin as your lab partner, but that would've been foolish. Ms. Qian made that mistake last year, and she was determined not to make that mistake again.

    "The lab partners this year are complete and utter bullshit, and to think we have bio first! Ugh!" Ryujin snapped, complaining on and on, as the bell rang for first period. The all-consuming dread now filling you as well, when you looked down at your schedule for the first time. Making a stop at your neighbouring lockers to put your bags away and to get your books before heading off again you couldn't help but feel like you were on the edge of something massive occurring, and you didn't like this feeling.

    Nevertheless, you followed behind Ryujin dazed and your mind wandering as you walked across the courtyard of the campus to the sciences block, straying a few metres behind your dearest friend, taking a moment to look up at the sky and collect your thoughts. Seeing only a pool of grey, you felt slightly relieved, knowing that the afternoon would be filled with rain and loose-leaf teas, alongside huddling under thick blankets and studying for only a short while before putting on a movie until your mother got home. A small smile fell upon your lips. The thought of playing in the rain with your dog, Maggie, or hearing the pattering raindrops on the tin roof of your home as you drifted off for a nap. Maybe you'd sit on the back porch with a steaming cup of tea and look out at the treelike of the mountain range in the distance. Your home, despite not being much, was still your home, and you couldn't ask for any better.

    You strolled biology behind Ryujin, your mind absent of any thoughts as you walked over to the lab bench you now shared with Jisung. The lanky boy with slightly pink hair, who's gaze landed on you the moment you walked into the room, leaving the room feeling heavy and as if it was caving in on you, suffocating you, leaving one thought left on your mind; what was happening to me?

    Sitting at the lab bench, waiting for the class to begin, knowing full well the dismay of Chenle when he was not put as his lab partner for the year as he waited for you. Having never had first-hand experiences with you, only knowing of you, he hadn't really come to a judgement on whether or not you were good or bad. He knew of your place in the school, and the friends you kept, who'm he was relieved picked chemistry as he detested them with a burning passion. He knew you were known for doing the most prized art pieces around the school, and had a few art trophies, and debating trophies in the trophy case under your name, he also knew you were the vice captain of the school as a sophomore, being known as Head Girl, alongside his pack mate and (technically) adoptive brother, Renjun. Knowing you hardly ever left the school grounds, he wasn't surprised that you were also known for tutoring the football and basketball teams respectively. You were the model student, and this town's closest thing to a golden girl.

    His gaze flickered to you, as you entered the biology lab, your biology and art history textbooks clutched absentmindedly to your chest. You were clearly pensive as you strolled over to the lab bench, dumping your books on the bench and putting your book bag on the bag of your raised stool, sitting down next to him. Though you seemed away in your own mind, Jisung stared at you intently, taking in the scent of lavender, vanilla and summer rain as it consumed his senses and blurred him to anyone else in the room. His eyes fell upon you as if he were analysing you in a way that would make any outsider think he'd never see you again. His gaze focused on your pink headband, and he curls that rested free to fame your face, or how the light waves of your hair cascaded down your back, then moving to focus on your lightly blushed pink cheeks, and hot pink lip tint. From the light eyeshadow on your eyes to the bronzer on your cheeks, or the way your lightly mascara-clad eyelashes fluttered when you blinked.

    Then he felt it, that fluttering warm sensation bubbling in his chest. The one his brothers had described earnestly when they met them, their mate. The feeling he was instinctively taught to know of without ever being told of, engrained into his senses, on a spot in his heart from the moment he was born. His mate.

    Chenle, sitting at the lab bench in front of him, with Ryujin, who was checking her nails absentmindedly had turned around to say something, a playful smile already on his face as he opened his mouth to speak up, before frowning and closing it instantly. He felt it too, the feeling not unlike what her felt for the mates of their pack brothers, or their pups that were not far from entering this world. The pull to protect you at all costs had now consumed him. The unmistakable voice rang in his head, only through the strong bond of a pack link could such be shared. "I think... I just found my mate."

    "If I'm going to be honest... I think you did too." He said back in shock, not even bothering to turn back around as the lesson began, and Ms. Qian had done her best to teach the lesson, continuously faltering and pausing to look at you, Jisung and Chenle, almost failing to teach the class the fundamentals of the powerhouse of the cell, too distracted in what was going on.

    You on the other hand, tried to intently the focus on Ms. Qian's teaching, desperately trying to ignore the heavy gaze Jisung had held on you for the entirety of the lesson. When the bell finally rang, you made a point to be one of the first out the door and run down the halls and outside the science building to the arts building, which was conveniently in the main building of the school, attached by a covered walkway, unlike the science building. You hadn't even realised that the rain for the day had begun to pelt down relentlessly covering you in head to toe as you walked into the art class, recieving the same faltering look from Renjun.

    The same look Chenle had given you, and the same look you had swore Ms. Qian gave you too. Not you as well... what is with everyone looking at me today? You thought as you looked at your fellow Head student, Head Boy to be precise. You sat down your book bag by your easel and perched yourself onto your stool, making quick work of taking out your paints and setting them on your palette. Renjun had to take a moment to process the overwhelming need to protect you, just as he felt for the others. He spoke up in his casual tone that he'd usually used with you, being Head Boy and Girl meant you two interacted a lot and often. "Did you not stop to check that it was raining? You do know we have a semester start address at assembly after lunch, don't you?"

    "Oh, was it?" You frowned, all of a sudden feeling cold and shivering as you sat down underneath the cool air conditioning, as water dripped from your blouse, that had gone slightly see-through. At this point, Renjun was just about cursing himself for not knowing sooner about you being the mate of someone in his pack. He held out his wooden navy jumper to you, which he conveniently brought everyday knowing how cold the air conditioning can get, and how much he hated it. "Here, you'll need it."

    "I'll look like a mess on assembly, but thank you." You took his jumper and pulled it over your head, it was slightly too big and smelled of his cologne, but you supposed that desperate times called for desperate measures. Renjun just shook his head with a small smile. "You'll look fine, I'm sure you'll dry out by then too."

    You turned your attention to the hyper realistic painting of a Koi pond you were working on for your Japanese cultural project, showcasing architecture, culture, and wildlife. You had already completed three other pieces, one of traditional dress, in hyper-realism, and one of architecture in surrealism, the last one you were doing was one of wildlife in hyper-realism, aiming to tell the story of Japanese culture. Picking up your paintbrush, you began to do some touch ups on what had been started rather than start any new portion of the painting, blending and shading being your only goal for this hour-long session.

    Renjun on the other hand was working on a series of graphic drawing depicting the trials of adolescence, based on an Australian coming of age movie, the name of which you hadn't cared to remember. Just as you were getting in the zone of painting, the bell had once again rung, and Renjun walked across the room over to you with a small smile. You returned the small smile, gesturing to his jumper. "I suppose you want your jumper back?"

    "No, you can keep it until assembly. I was wondering if you had written anything for the address." He shrugs, looking over at your art works propped up half-hazardly against the wall, most of which were paintings or framed sketches from the past semester. You shrugged in return giving a playful smile to the slightly taller boy. "No, no... you know me, always speak from the heart."

    "You mean wing it." He chuckled, at which you let out a laugh. You never understood how Renjun could get you to let loose so easily, how he could make you become calm and free-spirited. Perhaps it was just his nature, having that theraputic presence about him, or perhaps it was something more sinister. You suppose you'd never know. "Me, wing it? Never."

    "Alright, I'll speak first and hand it to you, considering you did the closing address." He says with a 'business as usual' smile that you knew all too well, knowing that you were not only peers but colleagues that the school loved to show off at any chance given. You smiled with a nod, before picking up your things and heading to lunch. "All good."

    Walking into the lunch hall, you found yourself walking over to the table claimed by Chaerin and Taegwang, as they were picking at their lunch trays. Chearin had been cuddling up to Taegwang, and you could see how they loved each other deeply, despite only being an offical item for a couple of months. Young love was fickle, you knew this, so much could go wrong. High school sweethearts don't often stick around.

    Before being called over by a group of her more popular friends, she kissed Taegwang on the cheek and ran off to anyone table, just as you sat down with your own tray.

    "Your's looks more wholesome than mine." Nodding from his own tray to your's, the stark contrast between the colourful and nutrient feast on your tray, to the deep fried and golden mass on his.

    "Eh... well, mother-dearest is on a business trip to Sweden and won't be back for a few weeks, and the only things at home are eggs, milk and ramen." You took large bites of the meat and vegetables on your tray as you spoke, as if never wanting to confront your true emotions on your family life.

    Your mother owned a law firm, originally based in the city, but expanded to Europe and since had grown on the other side of the globe. The only twist with this is that your mother and father started the company together, only to divorce once the firm had grown. In a successful attempt to get full custody of you, she split the firm, based it Sweden, and used the cover of moving in with your terminally ill grandmother in this small town. Since her death, you had figured that your mother only stayed in this town as a way to be closer to her. Staying only to cherish her for a few more years until you eventually moved for a career, and the house would become just another relic on her growing property portfolio.

    After a beat of long silence and eating, Taegwang spoke up after talking a long sip of his drink. "You can stay at mine for a bit if you want."

    "No, no... I'm fine, she'll be back before the whether turns, I'm sure of it." You gave him a small smile, as if reassuring him that you'd be fine in the house that gave you such fond, yet such confronting memories. Having known you since you were both young, Taegwang knew that you were not fine in the slightest, and knew the only he could do was be there. "At least let me drive you home."

    "Your girlfriend would crucify me."

    "One, she's not that clingy, and two, I don't want you getting sick, three, who's jumper is that?" Taegwang let out a laugh at the smirk that plastered itself on your face as you took a sip of your own drink, before he'd turned more serious. Almost like he was repulsed instead of just being there, like he had to protect you from something.

    "It's just Renjun's– I acciedntally walked in the rain." A beat of silence fell over the two of you again, as Ryujin plopped her tray down on the table, immediately feeling the tension rise between you and Taegwang. You looked him in the eye. "Is there anything wrong with that?"

    "No, nothing at all."

    You nuzzled yourself into the jumper further, taking more bites of your lunch, feeling a flock of burning gazes on your back, you glanced back at Ryujin for a moment, seeing that she was contemplating on leaving, awkwardly blurting out. "I think I'll go sit with Chaerin."

    "No! I want you to sit with us."

    Out of you perhiphial vision–which you had seen a lot out of today–you could see the table of the six most well-known boys in the school's eyes focused on you in bewilderment, some even gaping at you. Jaemin, Jeno, and Haechan all had their eyes on you, while Jisung, the youngest, at his food and was determined not to look at you. On the other hand, Renjun and Chenle paid no mind to you, talking in rapid-fire mandarin, engrossed in their own conversation.

    From their table, not far from your own, Haechan, Jeno, and Jaemin all gaped at you. They all felt that simultaneous need to protect you, knowing full-well who you were, what you meant to them, and what it would mean for the future. Noticing your discomfort at the three boys gaping at you, Renjun broke off from the conversation about the possibility of alien life with Chenle, and looked at the three jocks.

    "Maybe if you idiots stop gaping at her like she's a zoo animal, then we might actually be able to befriend her without her running for the hills first."

    Haechan was the first to tear his gaze from you, and focused on Renjun with an annoyed scoff. "If you spoke to her about your alien bullshit, then she has been running for the hills, as you put it, well before now."

    Rolling his eyes, the only one with any rational sense in the group, so happening to be the youngest and tallest, stood up and went to clear his tray, which was not unlike your own, as it was piled high with colourful foods full of nutrients. Jisung had found no amusement in his brothers' supposed 'caring for his wellbeing', already having an earful from their adoptive-sister-in-law, slash the glue that kept these boys from ripping each other apart on the prospect of you. He had never spoken to you, but he'd seen you before, so why–all of a sudden–did you become his mate and, subsequently, his partner in crime?

    He always heard of the prospect of the mate bond, without ever picturing himself having one. He knew what it meant for the pack, another person they were bonded to, and another person who made them happy. Seeing how his adoptive brothers, specifically the older ones interacted with their mates, he knew it wasn't just genetic. There was an aspect of choosing in the process. Yet, here he stood, dumping his leftovers into the large containers for the homeless shelter, a program which you had started, while lost in thought. He was confused. While screaming at himself to run to you, to kiss you and to call you his, he also told himself that you were too good for him, better than any other girl he could've asked the moon goddess herself for. He could only think of one person he could go to for guidance.

    Leaving school, and making a b-line for his moped he put on his helmet hopped on and drove off. He hadn't even bothered to tell his pack mates where he was going, they probably already knew, and if they didn't know, they could take a pretty accurate guess.

    Within a short while, he'd arrived to the pack's house, a house nestled into the thick forests of the mountain range, in which was their territory, known mostly as a national park. Their private estate being on their privately owned land, they made a commission for use of the national park by the government. By no means were they middle class, they were straight upper class and their home, for the location, views, and land they were on would be worth millions.

    Parking his moped in between Lucas' and Johnny's respective motorbikes, he hopped off, taking his helmet off as he did so. He walked up to the house, dragging his feet, feeling mentally drained to the point where he couldn't focus on anything. Without even thinking, he headed to the one room in the house he knew he'd be taken seriously.

    "I know you left school, Jaemin contacted me as soon as you did. Come in, won't you?" The voice from inside the office rang through the air, with a tone of gentleness and patience. Contrary to what Jisung had been expecting, from the seething Taeyong he'd envisioned on his ride home.

    Plonking himself on one of the seats opposite Taeyong, Jisung spoke cooly. "It's not his job to do that."

    "He was worried." Taeyon soothed, knowing full well the confusion Jisung is going through. The alpha of this pack, their leader, felt it in his bones, the worry and concern, the confusion. He didn't like it when his pack was worried, it ebbed at him and put him on edge. "He thought you'd be jumping for joy, and wanting to spend every second with your mate."

    "I'm confused for fuck's sake!"

    "What is there to be confused about?" Taeyong stood from his office chair, finally looking up from his work, and moving around to sit with Jisung, but rather than sitting in the chair next to the younger, he leant on the armrest on the other, facing him.

    "We're too young."

    "Look, Jisung... I may not have been as young as you when I met Areum, but I knew the moon goddess herself knew what she was doing the second I had an actual conversation with her." As Jisung had expected, Taeyong had taken him seriously, as he'd always done and as the younger had hoped he'd always do. "Selene never makes mistakes."

    "I don't want to scare her off."

    "Then don't." The elder shrugged, before asking out of pure curiousity, not to taunt him, but just to know. To coach him through the thick of it. "Do you have any real reasons to befriend her, or is she one of the peers you don't talk to?"

    "She's my new lab partner." The younger shrugged, but then again, what interesting conversations could occur over investigating DNA?

    "Great! Get to know her, I don't see what's stopping you."

    "I don't want everyone to go nuts over her though, you know how us lot get about mates." Despite the elder thinking, for a split second, that the younger was joking, the shock on the elder's face was a dead giveaway that he had not been expecting this reaction from Jisung, but nonetheless listened.

    "I won't let them."

    "I don't want to mark her until we're older."

    "That's valid."

    "I don't want to hold her down from her dreams."

    "Only she can determine that, Jisung." Sighing, Taeyong gave the younger a small smile, giving the only reassurance to the younger that he could think to give. His own experience. It was the only way to make him understand that this bond is not to tie someone down, and it is definitely not a ball-and-chain. "Areum is going to law school, nothing is stopping her, and I would hate it if she thought I was stopping her."

    "That's different."

    "No, Jisung... it's not." Taeyong's gaze analysed the younger's confused expression.

    Looking up at the elder, Jisung had a broken expression, feeling as if he'd lost you before he'd even had a chance, as if he never even had one to begin with. "Tell me what to do."

    "What do you feel is right?"

    © @haepii 2022

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    you tell em chenle !!!

    #he rlly said fuck the ssngs !!!! #chenle#zhong chenle#nct dream
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    #the music bops too #also .. perhaps he moves up my bias list #along with jaemin .. #CHENLE IM SORRY #˚.*ೃ my beloved ky ♡ #*:・゚val's visitors!
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    MARK. his busy schedule. he loves you, he really does, and he tries to make as much time as he can for you. you know how important his career is and you’d never make him choose between the two of you, but as selfish as it sounds, it just isn’t enough for you.

    RENJUN. insecurities. he isn’t as charming as jaemin or as funny as haechan. so why did you choose him? that question always lingered in his mind and eventually created a hole in your relationship. it was tiring to give him constant reassurance.

    HAECHAN. it got boring. it was the same routine over and over. your relationship just didn’t have the same spark as before. there wasn’t anymore butterflies between the two of you and the i love you’s felt forced.

    DOYOUNG. he nags too much. it made you feel warm, his constant nagging for you to take care of yourself, but eventually it got to be too much. you felt like you were being scolded for the smallest of things and you just wished he’d comfort you instead.

    CHENLE. didn’t let you in. never opens up about his troubles or concerns and when he does, it seems like he opens up to everyone, but you.

    YUTA. commitment issues. he felt trapped in the relationship. he didn’t want to be tied down, he still wanted to meet new people without having the weight of a relationship on his shoulders.

    XIAOJUN. too many arguments. it started off with small arguments here and there, and seemingly out of nowhere you were fighting about everything. one day everything was fine and the next it wasn’t.

    JAEMIN. you felt unworthy of him. you felt as if he deserved so much more than what you were giving him. of course he’d disagree, but he couldn’t stop you from leaving.

    TAGLIST: @perhapsthanatos @fcxryzen @catscoffeeandkpop @azxswl @1800-love-me @wtfyuta @kyoneko @blaqpinksthetic @jisunglvrs @fairyjunn @koishua @fkwplctmjz @cookydream @my-soft-sunshine @squiishymeow @yangyangshomie @psycho-nightrose @leavethemonsteralive @jenoslov @luvmarissaaa @whyyvess @nurenciye @gigilame @odetoyeonjun @lilykitt3

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    Renjun, laying down: I love these lazy Saturdays

    Chenle: It’s Wednesday

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    Neo university - part 6 (smut)

    Preview: His hands are much bigger than yours, making him look and feel much older than you, and he is always at least wearing two metal rings. You didn’t know hands were something you were so attracted to until you met Mark. You realize that he is the perfect guy to make you forget about Haechan. 

    Pairing: Nct dream (mostly Haechan) x reader

    Words: 2,1k

    Warnings: corruption kink?, virgin kink?, size kink, y/n liking older boys (all legall) 


    A month has passed since the Haechan incident in the diner's bathroom. He has not talked to you since, and because of that, you have failed the school project. You want to be mad at Haechan for ignoring you, but you just can’t. Your heart already belongs to him, while his heart belongs to another girl. 

    Even if he didn’t talk to you, that didn’t stop him from watching you everyday at school. You tried to ignore it but sometimes you couldn't help but to look back at him, making your eyes meet for a brief second before you turned your head away, embarrassed. 

    “You have to stop thinking about Haechan, y/n. It’s not good for someone like you to be in love with someone like him” Chenle says, you and him walk from Neo university. You look down on the ground, resting your face on your scarf, the cold autumn breese making your nose freeze. “I'm not in love with him! I'm just a little hurt that he left  me in the diner bathroom all alone, wishing he could stay. I just wanted to have sex with him, thats all.” Chenle looks at you, with his hands in his pockets. He had only known you for around 3 months but already knew when you were lying.

    “I know you are lying y/n”. You look at him knowing it’s true. Even if a big part of you really wanted to saythat all you wanted to do with Haechan was to have sex with him, you can’t lie and say that you didn’t want more. 

    Without answering Chenle you just walk silently beside him in the cold weather, your feet stomping on fallen orange leaves. You have to move on, that’s what you are thinking about. The problem is that you just don’t know how, you have never been in a situation like this before! 

    “Well, you could just, I don’t know, have sex with someone else everytime you want to have sex with Haechan”. You look at Chenle and realize that this boy is a goddamn genius. You don’t need Haechan, you are hot as fuck you can just go and fuck someone else! Isn’t that what everyone in movies is doing? Well, it does not work most of the time but you just have to give this idea a try. What could go wrong?

    But now there is only one problem left. Who? You don’t know a lot of guys at Neo, and the ones you know of are a big nono for your part. You don’t know Jisung very well and it feels wierd to have sex with Chenles number one bestfriend, so not him. Chenle is just. No. You are way to good friends and sex is not going to ruin your stable friendship, so not him. You have only spoken to Renjun once, Jeno doesn't even know who you are and Jeamin is too much of a douchebag. So, who is left? 

    Suddenly you feel a strong pair of arms wrap around your and Chenles shoulders. “Wassup, what are you two doing” 

    Oh. Its Mark. 

    You haven't spoken to Mark since the first time you did. You look up at him. Mark has always been one of the boys at Neo university that you were really attracted to and everything about him matched perfectly with your secret sexual fantasies. He is wearing a black beane and his blonde-ish hair is sticking out of it and the cold weather is making his nose and cheeks red. His ears are pierced and he is wearing small silver hoop earrings and a dark gray hoodie under his black oversized bomber jacket. The jeans he is wearing are black and perfectly ripped and he is wearing Dr.martens. 

    Dr. martens. 

    Are you kidding me? That’s so dangerously hot. 

    And to top it all off, the thing about him that is making your legs feel weak, your mouth water and your brain filled with dirty thoughts, is his hands. His hands are much bigger than yours, making him look and feel much older than you, and he is always at least wearing two metal rings. You didn’t know hands were something you were so attracted to until you met Mark. 

    You realize that he is the perfect guy to make you forget about Haechan. 

    Chenle looks at Mark, surprised by the sudden attack of his arms around his shoulder. Mark speaks up again, “I just wondered if you guys wanted to come to Jenos party this Saturday. A lot of people are going to be there and It's going to be amazing, you don’t wanna miss it. I promise. Don’t be a square” Chenle looks over at you, already knowing the thoughts you had in your brain earlier when you saw Mark. He looks back at Mark, “Yes we will be there”. 

    Mark gives Chenle a big smile before turning towards you. “See you there”, before answering him, Mark walks away. 

    You look at Chenle and he has a big grin on his face. “I think we just found your distraction”


    Already super drunk from all the shots Renjun and Chenle made you take earlier is making you feel super dizzy while you dance in the middle of the crowd. The music from the speakers is so loud, that you can feel your heart beating to the music. The color pink, blue and purple is flashing everywhere from the discolights. You are wearing a tight black dress with a low cut in the front and you couldn't help but think about two boys while picking out the outfit. One of them completely ignoring you, and the other one being completely gone from this party.  

    Outside in the backyard, a lot of people are jumping in Jenos pool . Some people are even so drunk that they have been convinced that they need to be naked if they want to jump in the pool. You know you drank too much tonight because your brain is barely functioning. The reason why is because you wanted to get more brave tonight so you could speak to Mark, and alcohol was the only option. Feeling like you are going to pass out, you decide to sit down on the sofa in the corner of the living room. You let your head back, breathing slowly in and out trying to sober up. You do not want to throw up tonight, then the ‘Mark plan’ will be completely destroyed. 

    It’s the sudden weight change of the sofa that makes you look up to see who decided to sit besides you. To your surprise it’s Mark, giving you a lob-sided grin, obviously also being super drunk, like you. “So, what is a pretty girl, like y/n, doing by herself at a party like this? Did you have too much to drink” He says and lays one of his hands on your thighs. You let out a small yelp, quiet enough so only you hear it. You can’t believe that the plan may be working, you haven’t even done anything yet, except for wearing a revealing outfit. Were boys really this easy? 

    You have to think of something smart to replay Mark, so he doesn't get bored. 

    “Well, if you think I'm so alone, why not be my company, Mark?” You say and look up at him, trying to give him your best ‘fuck me’ eyes. He licks his lips, the alcohol making it really hard for him to resist you. You suddenly get a good idea and wrap your arms around his neck, while feeling his arms going around your waist. 

    “It’s just, you are making me so nervous, Mark. I have never talked to a boy your age before” e He lets out a low chuckle and looks away from you before looking at you again. His other hand caressing your bare thigh. Even though you and Mark had only talked to each other once, you had always found him attractive and always caught him looking at you in the hallways. 

    “Why are you so nervous y/n? Do you think I am dangerous?” He says teasingly, liking how dominant he feels while talking to someone like you. You give him a smile and bite your lips while touching his hair, still having your arms around his neck. 

    “If I’m going to be honest, then I think the dangerous feeling of talking to older boys, like you, is kinda hot”. 

    You say to Mark teasingly, not noticing a jealous Haechan watching you both from a distance. Mark gives out a small groan, your words awakening something he never thought he would be into. He leaves your thigh from his grip and slides his hand up towards your waist, both of his hands holding it. Wow, you are so small, so fragile. He has never wanted to destroy and completely take over someone like this before. 

    Because Mark hasn't answered you yet, too distracted with the last sentence you told him, you understood that the plan worked. 

    You continue toying with his hair, “Because if you are older than me,” you sigh and bite your lips, “then you can like, destroy me”.

    It’s impossible for you to not see the sudden change in Mark's eyes. His eyes are now dark, filled with lust. “What do you mean by that, baby?” He says and leans in towards you, making your lips barely touch.

    “I think you know what I mean”

    Before you know it, Mark has already placed his soft lips on your own. His lips taste like vodka and a little bit of smoke, making the feeling of making out with him euphoric. It feels like the whole world is surrounding you. Mark grabs your hips and lifts you up so you can sit on top of him. While feeling his tongue dance with yours, you have one of your hands on the back of his head, scratching his hair with your nails making him groan. Your other hand is now creeping up his shirt, feeling his toned back muscles. Both of his hands are on your hips until one of them goes down towards your inner thigh, giving it a small squeeze, making you gasp. 

    He looks at you with a smirk and leans towards your ear, “Didn’t know a first year like you could be such a slut” 

    His words only makes you more aroused. Already missing his lips on yours, you kiss him again. This time Mark has left his hand from your thighs and has it around your neck. The feeling of his cold metal ring touching the front of your neck is making you moan into the kiss, making Mark know that what he is doing is completely right. 

    The make out session gets hotter and hotter every second, knowing you are doing it infront of everyone on the living room sofa and you let out another moan when you can feel his cock getting harder and harder every second when you are sitting on it. Making it impossible for you not to imagine how it would feel when he fucks the shit out of you, leaving you out of breath. 

    Before you can grind down on his cock, you suddenly feel a hand on your arm pulling you away from Mark. “What the fuck!”, you say and turn around to see an angry Haechan looking at you. Mark, being too drunk to speak, just sits there and watches as you and Haechan look intensely at each other. Haechan doesn't say anything and just drags you to the side of the living room, with fewer people. You are still super drunk, swaying back and forth until Heachan grabs your shoulders, making you stand still. 

    “Why the fuck are you making out with Mark?” he screams at you, upset. 

    You look at him blankly, suddenly feeling more sober by the stupidity that comes from his month. “Why are you angry at me for making out with Mark, Haechan? You are not my fucking boyfriend, you can’t tell me what to do! You already have your stupid girlfriend, why don’t talk to her, why are you suddenlt talking to me? You ignored me for a MONTH making me fail my first ever school project at this university and now you are speaking to me because you are jealous?” Haechan just looks at you and you can see him turning more angry, if that's even possible. 

    “Screw my fucking girlfrind I don’t care about her anymore!” you look at him. Is he a fucking idiot? If he didn’t like his girlfriend and didn’t care about her, wouldn't he break up with her? But, no. 

    “You know what Haechan, I hate fucking you. Screw you”  you say and push his hand off from your shoulders, walking out of the house to the backyard. 

    This time, you are the one leaving him alone. “Oh I know you do”.

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