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  • jazmatazzzzzz
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    A present I made for my lover and I’s 6 month anniversary 🤍🦴

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  • kihaku-gato
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Catgirl design features I need to try to do one day if I try to do catgirl designs;

    American Curl or Scottish Fold Cat ears

    Manx/Bobtail tail

    Calico pattern

    Turkish Angora pattern (specifically the pattern where there’s a bit of orange on the head, and a fair bit of orange on the tail, while the rest of the fur is white)

    curly hair like Selkirk, Devon, or Cornish Rex cats

    possibly extra fingers/toes like a Polydactyl cat

    #ramblings #Gato needs to have more cat OCs #only 'active'/completed one I have atm is Neka #and Neka takes the more Cheshire cat approach
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  • humant-hours
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    We made an incredible amount of Alice in Wonderland pronouns! We thought you all would enjoy!

    The White Rabbit

    • White/Rabbit/Whites/Rabbits/Whiterabbitself

    • (Why/Whi)/White/Rabbit/Rabbits/Whiterabbitself

    • Ra/Rab/Rabbit/Rabbits/Rabbitself

    • Ti/Tick/Ticks/Ticks/Tickself

    • Tick/Tock/Ticks/Tocks/Ticktockself

    • (La/Lay)/Late/Lates/Lates/Lateself

    • Wa/Watch/Watchs/Watchs/Watchself

    • Pock/Pocket/Watch/Watchs/Pocketwatchself

    • Pocket/Watch/Pockets/Watchs/Pocketwatchself

    • Clo/Clock/Clocks/Clocks/Clockself

    • ⏱/⏱/⏱s/⏱s/⏱self

    • ⌚️/⌚️/⌚️s/⌚️s/⌚️self

    • 🕰/🕰/🕰s/🕰s/🕰self

    • 🕙/🕙/🕙s/🕙s/🕙self

    • 🐇/🐇/🐇s/🐇s/🐇self

    • 🐰/🐰/🐰s/🐰s/🐰self


    • (Al/Ala/Ali/Alice)/Alice/Alice’s/Alice’s/Aliceself

    • Lo/Lost/Losts/Losts/Lostself

    • (Won/Wonder)/Wonder/Wonders/Wonders/Wonderself

    • Won/Land/Wonder/Lands/Wonderlandself

    • Won/Wonder/Land/Lands/Wonderlandself

    • Lo/Lock/Locks/Locks/Lockself

    • Mush/Mushroom/Mushrooms/Mushrooms/Mushroomself

    • Hou/House/Houses/Houses/Houseself

    • 🏠/🏠/🏠s/🏠s/🏠self

    • 🏡/🏡/🏡s/🏡s/🏡self

    • 🍪/🍪/🍪s/🍪s/🍪self

    • 🍬/🍬/🍬s/🍬s/🍬self

    • 🧁/🧁/🧁s/🧁s/🧁self

    • 🍰/🍰/🍰s/🍰s/🍰self

    (Relating to the ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ items in the movie)

    The Mad Hatter

    • Mad/(Mad/Madden)/Mads/Mads/Madself

    • Hat/Hatter/Hatters/Hatters/Hatterself

    • Mad/Hatter/Mads/Hatters/Madhatterself

    • Tea/Tea/Teas/Teas/Teaself

    • Tea/Time/Teas/Times/Teatimeself

    • Tea/Pot/Teas/Pots/Teapotself

    • Tea/Cup/Teas/Cups/Teacupself

    • Rhy/Rhyme/Rhymes/Rhymes/Rhymeself

    • Rid/Riddle/Riddles/Riddles/Riddleself

    • Mou/Mouse/Mouses/Mouses/(Mouself/Mouseself)

    • Door/Mouse/Doors/Mouses/Doormouseself

    • (Stra/Stry/Stray/Strange)/Strange/Stranges/Stranges/Strangeself

    • 🎩/🎩/🎩s/🎩s/🎩self

    • 🐭/🐭/🐭s/🐭s/🐭self

    • 🫖/🫖/🫖s/🫖s/🫖self

    • ☕️/☕️/☕️s/☕️s/☕️self

    • 🌀/🌀/🌀s/🌀s/🌀self

    The Cheshire Cat

    • (Che/Ches/Chesh/Cheshire)/Cheshire/Cheshire’s/Cheshire’s/Cheshireself

    • Cheshire/Cat/Cheshire’s/Cats/Cheshirecatself

    • Cat/Cat/Cats/Cats/Catself

    • Purr/Purr/Purrs/Purrs/Purrself

    • Meow/Meow/Meows/Meows/Meowself

    • Smi/Smile/Smiles/Smiles/Smileself

    • (Gri/Grin)/Grin/Grins/Grins/Grinself

    • (Smi/Smir/Smirk)/Smirk/Smirks/Smirkself

    • (Tee/Teeth)/Teeth/Teeths/Teeths/Teethself

    • Claw/Claw/Claws/Claws/Clawself

    • (Stri/Stripe)/(Stripe/Striped)/Stripes/Stripes/Stripeself

    • Pi/Pink/Pinks/Pinks/Pinkself

    • Pur/Purple/Purples/Purples/Purpleself

    • Van/Vanish/Vanishes/Vanishes/Vanishself

    • 🐱/🐱/🐱s/🐱s/🐱self

    • 🐈‍⬛/🐈‍⬛/🐈‍⬛s/🐈‍⬛s/🐈‍⬛self

    • 🐈/🐈/🐈s/🐈s/🐈self

    • 💜/💖/💜s/💖s/💜self

    • 💖/💜/💖s/💜s/💖self

    The Caterpillar

    • (Cat/Cater)/Caterpillar/Catterpillars/Catterpillarself


    • Butterfly/Butterfly/Butterflies/Butterflies/Butterflyself

    • Smo/Smoke/Smokes/Smokes/Smokeself

    • Puff/Puff/Puffs/Puffs/Puffself

    • Blue/Blue/Blues/Blues/Blueself

    • 🌀/🌀/🌀s/🌀s/🌀self

    • 🐛/🐛/🐛s/🐛s/🐛self

    • 🦋/🦋/🦋s/🦋s/🦋self

    • 🌫/🌫/🌫s/🌫s/🌫self

    • 💨/💨/💨s/💨s/💨self

    • 🏺/🏺/🏺s/🏺s/🏺self

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

    • Twee/Tweedledee/Tweedledee’s/Tweedledee’s/Tweedledeeself

    • Twee/Tweedledum/Tweedledum’s/Tweedledum’s/Tweedledumself

    • Twi/Twin/Twins/Twins/Twinself

    • 🎀/🎀/🎀s/🎀s/🎀self

    • 👥/👥/👥s/👥s/👥self

    The Cards

    • Card/Card/Cards/Cards/Cardself

    • (Kni/Knight)/Knights/Knights/Knightself

    • Sol/Dier/Sols/Diers/Soldierself

    • Soldier/Soldier/Soldiers/Soldiers/Soldierself

    • Guard/Guard/Guards/Guards/Guardself

    • Heart/Heart/Hearts/Hearts/Heartself

    • (Dia/Diam/Diamond)/Diamond/Diamonds/Diamonds/Diamondself

    • Club/Club/Clubs/Clubs/Clubself

    • Spade/Spade/Spades/Spades/Spadeself

    • Suit/Suit/Suits/Suits/Suitself

    • Deck/Deck/Decks/Decks/Deckself

    • Spear/Spear/Spears/Spears/Spearself

    • Sword/Sword/Swords/Swords/Swordself

    • ♥️/♥️/♥️s/♥️s/♥️self

    • ♦️/♦️/♦️s/♦️s/♦️self

    • ♣️/♣️/♣️s/♣️s/♣️self

    • ♠️/♠️/♠️s/♠️s/♠️self

    • 🃏/🃏/🃏s/🃏s/🃏self

    • 🗡/🗡/🗡s/🗡s/🗡self

    • ⚔️/⚔️/⚔️s/⚔️s/⚔️self

    • 🌹/🌹/🌹s/🌹s/🌹self

    • 🌹🎶/🌹🎶/🌹🎶s/🌹🎶s/🌹🎶self

    The Queen of Hearts

    • (Quee/Queen)/Queen/Queens/Queens/Queenself

    • Heart/Queen/Hearts/Queens/Heartqueenself

    • Cro/Crown/Crowns/Crowns/Crownself

    • Crown/Crowned/Crowns/Crowns/Crownself

    • Red/Red/Reds/Reds/Redself

    • White/White/Whites/Whites/Whitself

    • Red/Rose/Reds/Roses/Redroseself

    • White/Rose/Whites/Roses/Whiteroseself

    • Rose/Red/Roses/Reds/Roseredself

    • Rose/White/Roses/Whites/Rosewhiteself

    • Fla/Flamingo/Flamingos/Flamingos/Flamingoself

    • Cro/Croquet/Croquets/Croquettes/Croquetteself

    • Off/With/Their/Head/🪓self

    • 🦩/🦩/🦩s/🦩s/🦩self

    • 👑/👑/👑s/👑s/👑self

    • 👑♥️/👑♥️/👑♥️s/👑♥️s/👑♥️self

    • 🌹/🌹/🌹s/🌹s/🌹self

    • 🌹🤍/🌹🤍/🌹🤍s/🌹🤍s/🌹🤍self

    • 🤍🌹/🤍🌹/🤍🌹s/🤍🌹s/🤍🌹self

    • 🌹❤️/🌹❤️/🌹❤️s/🌹❤️s/🌹❤️self

    • ❤️🌹/❤️🌹/❤️🌹s/❤️🌹s/❤️🌹self

    • 🌹/❤️/🌹s/❤️s/🌹self

    • ❤️/🌹/❤️s/🌹s/❤️self

    • 🌹/🤍/🌹s/🤍s/🌹self

    • 🤍/🌹/🤍s/🌹s/🤍self

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  • goldenxseptember
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    Your eyes are driving me mad.

    They’re like one of these autumn days I love so much, when the weather finally gets better after a week of rain.

    When the clouds in the sky create that perfect blend of blue and grey with the sun shining through from time to time and the only thing left by the rain is the fog that mysthically hovers over the dark green color symphony of the woods.

    So inscrutable, exciting and beautiful.

    Like a sweet promise that anything can happen and nothing is what it seems.

    I look into your eyes and I’m Alice falling down the rabbit hole straight into Wonderland.

    I can see the white rabbit with the pocket watch.

    “Oh dear, oh dear, I shall be late.”

    And for me it’s already too late.

    I’m falling.

    I’m falling deep into your eyes.

    Flying pianos playing marvelous melodies.

    Secret moments with stolen kisses and Cheshire Cat smiles.

    Caterpillar rolls his eyes while blowing smoke rings in the air.

    Queen of Hearts screams “Off with her head!” but I’ve already lost my head the moment you looked at me.

    I think I’m going mad.

    “We’re all mad here.”, I hear the giggling whispers.

    Mad Hatter’s laughing at me and I’m just laughing back accepting my fate.

    I entirely got lost in the Wonderland of your eyes.

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  • bremerton130
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    This new skin for Cheshire is so beautiful 😻

    #azur lane #The Cat and the White Steed #cheshire
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  • mcrow-creations
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    My take on Cheshire Cat from a few years back

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  • thegoldenbuccaneer
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just want to share those images of my Alternate Universe where Jay walks around the castle and finds a curious white rabbit which reminds them of their beloved brother and follows it to the Whomping Willow wondering why that lovely rabbit looks like Jacob if Jacob’s animagus form was a raven?

    #hphm #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery#jacob sibling#jay wingdings#jacob wingdings#orion amari#charlie weasley#mahoutokoro wizard#patricia rakepick #alice in wonderland #alice madness returns #white rabbit#cheshire cat#mad hatter #knave of hearts #queen of hearts #R #there's a dragon there
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  • annoyingthemesong
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    Psychedelic and as strange as Ub Iwerks’ nightmarish animation - daring for the time and for the company, and initially a failure until it started showing on television. Adapting Carroll was an idea that had gestated a long time with Disney, who admired the books from a young age, and it’s still the best adaptation. Also worth seeing is the 1933 live-action version but it’s way more grotesque. 

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  • arrowknife
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    you carry your mother in your eyes

    summary: a short study of jade and lian’s perspectives on each other based on a poem by nikita gill.

    need a snippet . . . ?

    So to summarize, her relationship with her mother was ridden with joy and love, but also anger at the past they would never get back, and the future they might never have. Deep down she wasn’t angry at Jade. No, she loved her mother with all her heart. When you love someone, you embrace their flaws and mistakes. Her mother was ridden with them—internally, of course. She was hideously scarred and nearly shattered beyond repair, but it seemed that Lian was enough for her to start picking up the pieces. So yes, she loved and adored her mother.

    But she hated Cheshire.

    tags: lian harper & jade nguyen, hints at roy harper/jade nguyen, jade nguyen, lian harper, roy harper — mentioned, character study, relationship study, pov multiple, mother-daughter relationship, implied cheshire cat lian, bitterness, internal conflict, family feels, stream of consciousness, familial relationship. no archive warnings apply!

    read on AO3

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  • athena14044
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just watched the MOST boring version of Alice in Wonderland. If you're going to make me watch a straight adaptation of both books squashed into an hour and a half at least have the decency to cut the fucking poems and make it look like a wacky drug trip.

    #i hate it. if youre going to adapt a book into a play then fucking adapt it and cut the things that dont work on stage #it didnt even look cool! they were just like. blue. where are the psychedelic lights??? #i swear im going to design some lights that are soo psychedelic #also before we started watching we ordered a cutout of the cheshire cats smile that we could put over a light #and then when we got to the cheshire cat scene in the recording. theyd used the exact same thing we'd just ordered. #horribly embarrassing for them really. #general nonsense#theatre
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  • gavillain
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Cheshire Cat #Alice in Wonderland #Disney Villains
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  • 1-8oo-wtfbro
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Oh, to lie on a giant mushroom— you are not the size you once were, mind you— and smoke many wonderful questions with the caterpillar instead of running after the rabbit.

    Oh, to sit with the Mad Hatter and move down the table with him, the March hare and the door mouse. To listen to the wonderful stories the three have to tell of their wonderful old friend, Time.

    Oh, to laugh with the Cheshire Cat, his smile brighter than all the stars in the sky. To watch him disappear, all of his stripes reappearing and disappearing, a wonderful sight to behold.

    Oh, to play croquette with the Queen, laughing as your old friend curls around the stiff monarch’s shoulders. To hold the wonderfully pink feathers of your flamingo as you try to hit your hedgehog…

    Oh, how wonderful. How wonderfully wonderful it would be.

    #alice in wonderland #wonder#wonderfull#twisted wonderland #the mad hatter #the door mouse #the queen of hearts #the cheshire cat #wondercore #once upon a time in wonderland #Oh#how wonderful #the white rabbit 🐇 #white rabbit
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  • kris-dragyn-the-mama-moose
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I've decided that when I get into a relationship, if they don't exasperatedly say "damn it, woman" at least once in a while to me, I'm not sure I want it

    #i just want to be difficult i guess #damn it woman #then i grin like the cheshire cat
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  • kathywaller1
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    We're All Mad Here

    We’re All Mad Here

      I wear masks. Disposable. Cotton print. Functional. Boring. When I ordered them, I thought the plague, and thus the mode of dress, would be temporary. Seeing no end to the madness, however, I’ve decided to dress in style. To an English major, style looks like like this.   Shakespeare knew about plagues. He lived through them. The article ‘He Didn’t Flee’: Shakespeare And The Plague begins this…

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  • j-hampton10-artist
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    "You are entirely bonkers, but I will tell you a secret. All the best people are.-Alice

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  • ungodlyroys
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Cheshire (Jade Nguyen) & Cheshire Cat (Lian Harper) in Catwoman #35 by Ram V and Nina Vakueva


    #tuesday spoilers#jade nguyen#lian harper#cheshire#cheshire cat #THAT’S MY FAV MOTHER-DAUGHTER DUO! #look at them i love them #the same pose and everything #please let them meet in the next issue
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  • smashingmirrcrs
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #dddisgusting #i'm leaving this a little open ended! #if you don't want to continue it (which is A-OKAY DON'T FEEL PRESSURED) just assume he went ahead #if not i wanted to give u an option for interaction :3 #♠ | ♡ | ♣ | ♢ casual affairs ( answered asks ) #♠ | ♡ | ♣ | ♢ cheshire cat ( chester glasgow ) #also this got long i'm so sorry :/
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  • seraphicghost
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    tag urself , my wonderland oc edition

    #wonderland#oc: alice#oc: luciel #oc: Cheshire Cat #oc: mad hatter #OC: Queen of Hearts #OC: White Rabbit #OC: Teacup #oc: march hare #Draw
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  • obscured-omniscience
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    "We're All Mad Here"

    actually the sayings, "Most Everyone's Mad Here."

    Cheshire never once said "We're All Mad Here."

    sorry to disappoint anyone with a "We're All Mad Here" tattoo

    #cheshire cat #alice in wonderland #we're all mad here
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  • americanmcgees-incorrectquotes
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Alice: Just be yourself.

    Carpenter: 'Be myself'? Alice, I have one day to win my sweetheart over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?

    Walrus: Couple weeks.

    Oyster: Six months.

    Cheshire cat: Jury’s still out.

    Carpenter: See?

    Carpenter: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?

    #american mcgee's alice #alice madness returns #alice: madness returns #alice asylum #alice madness returns incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#alice liddell#cheshire cat#the carpenter#the walrus#chapter 2
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