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  • You know how ar weddings the bridesmaids and groomen walk together down the aisle? Yeah well, judging by the photos, both Matt and Sylvie are the 2nd ones after Kelly and Stella… you know what this means…?

    Potentially Matt and Sylvie walking down the aisle together!

    Oof, the fan vid ideas I have if I have a clip of them walking down the aisle together, and the fan fiction ideas I’m already getting!

    I might write a fic about it tomorrow (it’s currently 12am right now and I’m about to go to bed).

    I need a lot of Brettsey interactions next episode. I need them!

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    Originally posted by katledison

    Summary: When Antonio and Gabby’s younger sister starts to date someone, they get a tad bit protective.
    Pairing: Antonio dawson x dawson!reader, Gabby dawson x dawson!reader 
    Word Count: 1,121
    mentions a threat, protectiveness (??), etc

    Request by: @bitweird1

    Could you maybe do one where the reader is Gabby and Antonio’s little sister (Like 22 or 23 y/o) and the firehouse finds out she has a boyfriend and they all get protective? (Like Gabby, Otis, Cruz, herrman, Boden, Brett, matt, kelly, mouch and the others?

    With a smile on her face, she walked into the common area of firehouse 51 to pour her a cup of coffee. Everyone in the room looked at the younger Dawson in curiosity. They knew her to be a happy person, but never happy enough to whistle and walk with a spring in her step. 

    She turned around and saw everyone looking at her. “What? Do I have something on me?”

    Matt looked y/n up and down with concern. When he started dating Gabby, eventually marrying her, he became just as protective of her as her siblings were. He stood up, walked over to y/n and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Why ask?” She raised an eyebrow, taking a sip from her coffee. Y/n noticed Matt’s eyes go to her neck. More specifically to the dark spots. She didn’t have time to cover the hickeys this morning because she was almost late to work. If she was late, it would raise red flags and people would question her and she didn’t want that. 

    “I was just checking on you,”

    “I’m fine, Matt,” She replied as she walked over to the round table to join Cruz, Capp and Tony in a game of cards. Matt knew he had to tell Gabby about the marks on her neck, so when she came into the common room ten minutes later, he pulled away to the bunks. 

    “What’s got into you?”

    “It’s y/n. I saw hickey’s on her neck,”

    Gabby was taken back. She didn’t know her sister was seeing someone, let alone sleeping with someone. Gabby thought her younger sister was single. “Are you sure that’s what it was?”

    “I know what I saw, Gabby,”

    Gabby muttered under her breath, walking a few steps away from Matt. The three Dawson siblings had a tight bond and told each other everything. “I’ll ask her about it,”

    “Don’t go all Gabby mode on her,”

    “I won’t, I swear,” Gabby threw her hands up. Just then, a call for ambo 61 came over the intercom. Racing to the ambo, the younger Dawson was waiting for her in the drivers’ seat. Y/n could tell by Gabby’s face that she wanted to ask her something, but the question never came. 

    The call ended up being a young kid who fell playing on the playground and broke his arm. While they were standing at the counter at Med filling out paperwork, Y/n turned towards her sister. “Gabby, I can tell you wanna ask me something,”

    “Are you seeing anyone?” 

    “No,” She mentally cursed to herself as her voice cracked. Gabby knew y/n was lying, but didn’t push the issue.

    “Go ahead and go to the ambo. I got to use the restroom,” Gabby told y/n. When y/n was a good enough distance away from her, she pulled out her phone. Looking at her sister sitting in the ambo, “Antonio, it’s me. It’s about y/n.”

    At the end of her shift, y/n stood at her locker listening to everyone talk about their plans for the night.

    “What about you, y/n? Are you going to join us at Molly’s?” Cruz asked. 

    “As much as I would love to, I got a hot date to get to. Maybe next time?” She grabbed her duffle bag and left in a hurry. The firefighters all looked at each in bewilderment. Who did their youngest firefighter have a date with? 

    The group dispersed, promising to be at Molly’s. As everybody got into their cars, Antonio pulled up. He and Gabby were going to their y/n’s apartment to see what’s going on and why was she being so secretive. Arriving, they saw y/n’s jeep, but parked in front of it was an unfamiliar black truck. They knew the mystery truck didn’t belong to anyone in the building, seeing Antonio did a background check on everyone that lives in the complex. So who did it belong to? Together, they entered and headed up to apartment 3C. When they got there, Gabby knocked on the door. 

    On the other side of the door, y/n groaned, getting off her boyfriend’s lap. She was curious who could be at her door at this hour. When she looked through the peephole, she saw Antonio and Gabby. Her eyes widened in shock and turned her body towards the man sitting on the couch.

    “Hide!” she quietly whispered. Her boyfriend’s eyes scanned the room, looking for a place to hide. He spotted the hall closet and hid in there. Once he was in the closet, she fixed her hair and pulled the collar of her jack up further up her neck. Opening the door, “Hey! What brings you guys by?”

    “We know something is up,” Gabby replied. Y/n stepped aside, letting the Dawson siblings inside. 

    “What are you talking about?”

    “You were never a good liar, Y/n, so there’s no need to lie,” Antonio sternly looked at his younger sister. Y/n didn’t say anything, causing Gabby to roll her eyes and walk over to her, pushing her jacket aside.

    “Explain these,”

    “Hickeys,” She confessed. Just as Antonio was about to go into one of his lectures, there was a noise coming from further inside the apartment. 

    “Who’s else is here?” Antonio went towards the noise. He stopped in front of the closet door before yanking it open. Antonio pulled the guy out of the closet and shoved him against the wall with his arm across his throat. “Who are you and what are you doing in my sister’s apartment?”

    “Antonio! Stop!” y/n screamed, begging him to stop. “He’s my boyfriend!”

    “He’s what?” The two older Dawson siblings said simultaneously.

    “My boyfriend. He’s the one I’ve been seeing for six months. He’s the reason I have these hickeys on my neck,”

    “You’re not allowed to date anyone,” Antonio glared at his younger sister. 

    “I’m twenty-four years old, Toni. I can make my own choices on who I date. And I didn’t tell you guys because I knew you’d act like this,”

    “Do mom and dad know?” Gabby asked. 

    “Of course they do,”

    It was then that Gabby inspected the couple in front of her. She had to admit they look cute together. “Do you like this guy?”

    “I love him,” 

    “Wait… What? You- you love me?”

    “Yeah, I do and I’m sorry you had to hear it this way,”

    “I love you too,” 

    “Cute, but if you hurt her in any way, or she calls me crying for whatever reason, I’ll happily give you a dose a lead in-between the eyes,”

    “I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon,”

    Oh look! I wrote something! I’m fully aware that this isn’t the best, but oh well. And I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Remember to STAY INSIDE, WASH YOUR HANDS W/ SOAP FOR 20 SECONDS (I sing the golden girls theme song btw) AND COUGH & SNEEZE INTO YOUR ELBOW.


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  • I hate writing filler, even when it moves the plot forward and contributes to character development. I titled this story Slow Burn, but now even I am like, “just lock them in a closet already!” 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ I have them LIVING together and they still haven’t resolved any of that UST.

    I think I have been channeling/writing Foster too much lately…😂

    Oh well. Back to writing the not fun stuff so I can get to the actual fun stuff…

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  • La prima volta che l'abbiamo fatto alla festa di quelle tue due amiche ricche

    Ricordo la terra ha tremato, magnitudo 10 scala Richter

    Profumo di donna come Al Pacino,

    Io dietro di te, tu che stringi il cuscino


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    I mean, this could actually be their wedding. Just saying.

    #not taking anything away from cruz’s wedding but im picturing a sevasey wedding #chicago fire spoilers #chicago fire#kelly severide#matt casey
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  • Chicago Fire Season 2

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  • Chicago Fire Season 1

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  • *Spoilers for 8x18 so if you haven’t seen “I’ll Cover You” stop reading now*

    Matt watches from a distance as Dr. Patchefsky breaks the news to Scott. Sylvie stands in solidarity with the doctor and the look on her face physically hurts him. He drifts a little closer, but still maintains a polite amount of space. He shoves his hands in his coat pockets to fight the urge to reach for Sylvie. Now is not the time — even if it kills him.

    He can just make out Sylvie asking Scott if he’d like to see the baby. She motions to the doors she walked through earlier and places a comforting hand on his arm, but before anything else can be said Scott knocks her hand away with enough force to make Sylvie grimace and then bolts.

    The doctor sighs forlornly and then follows him, leaving Brett standing there alone looking lost and broken. A shaky hand rises to rub the crease between her brows while she sucks in a quivering breath. Matt’s at her side in an instant.

    One of his hands caresses her arm. His other hand wraps gently around her bent elbow.

    “You alright?” He asks. It’s a dumb question. Of course she isn’t.

    “Yeah — I mean, no, but not because of Scott. It’s—it’s a shock. He just needs time. I’m sure of it. They won’t release the baby for a week at least since she’s preterm so surely he’ll—“ her sentence ends abruptly as her face crumples and a few tears escape. “She’s so tiny, Matt. And soft and…very pink.” An almost smile forms on her face and he can’t help but reflect it back at her. “You don’t think he would…leave her, do you?”

    He’d like to say no. No, never. But he knows better than that and so does Sylvie. “I think the three of you are just going to have to take it a day at a time.”

    “But—“ she stops to hiccup through a couple of sobs before regaining a bit of composure. “Julie, wouldn’t want—She would want Scott to raise her. Or—or someone else they’re related to. She would never want her to end up with DCFS—I can’t stand to think of her here all alone.”

    He sees the exact moment words become impossible for her and feels tears stinging his own eyes. He pulls her into his arms and wraps her up in them. She comes eagerly, her hands fisting in his sweater once they come to rest on his back.

    This is unjust. Too tragic. Too sudden.

    For everyone.

    “She’s not alone, Sylvie,” he assures her. “She’s got you and I don’t think any kid could dream of a better big sister than you.”

    They stand there, embracing, for several minutes. She’s crying harder than he’s ever heard and leaning so heavily into him that he’s practically holding her upright. Eventually, she lifts her tear stained face from his chest and looks up at him with glistening bloodshot eyes.

    She sniffles and gnaws hesitantly on her bottom lip as if chewing on her words. “Can I ask a favor?”

    “Anything,” Matt swears, earnestly.

    “I want to go see the baby again but I don’t want to do it alone. Will you…will you come with me?” She asks, softly.

    His answer is immediate. “Of course.”

    Sylvie takes a deep breath and swipes her sleeves at her cheeks and then leads him through the doors that head back to the Neonatal ICU. He knows this is standard for prematurely born babies, but after hearing the doctor describe what happened with Julie walking through the NICU is still unsettling. He can’t begin to imagine how it feels for Brett.

    They step into a small room just as a nurse is leaving. The nurse smiles softly at Sylvie and squeezes her arm, but says nothing. There’s a rocking recliner in the corner and another less comfortable looking chair beside it. But otherwise the room is sparse, with only the baby lying peacefully on her compact bed.

    “Hey there, baby sister,” Brett greets softly as she picks her up as carefully as possible. “Your dad’s not quite yet ready to see you yet, but he will be. You’re too beautiful not to love. Hm?” She sniffles and swallows thickly, fending off tears, and then tilts the baby toward him for a better look. She’s right Julie’s baby is beautiful. Even for a wrinkly newborn. “Look at her, Matt. Isn’t she amazing?”

    He smiles warmly at the sight of Sylvie holding her sister. He’s seen her with kids lots of times, but she’s never looked this besotted. He knows this situation is fucked up, but he’s relieved that at the very least she got something miraculous out of it.

    “She is,” he agrees as he leans over Brett’s shoulder for a closer look. “And you’re right. She is very pink.”

    Sylvie releases a short soggy laugh and, for a moment, Matt feels like he’s won. He’s not sure what exactly, but getting a laugh from her at a moment like this is certainly rewarding.

    Brett leans her face toward the baby and nuzzles her nose against the tiniest pink nose he’s ever seen.

    “I guess, for now, it’s just you and me, princess. But don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.”

    And, god help him, neither is he.

    Sylvie’s going to need help and, just like she made a promise to be there for the baby, he’s vowing to be there for her. She deserves nothing less.

    *Full one shot to come! Keep an eye out! I’ve written 8,057 words so far and I am just now starting the last section so it’s gonna be a long one, folks!*

    #chicago fire spoilers #8x18 I'll Cover You #Brettsey #brett x casey #matt x sylvie #my fic#angellwings writes#chicago fire
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  • Chicago Fire - 8x18

    Stella: I am killing myself trying to get this program off the ground. And I’m working with this girl who is insanely competitive who used to have a thing for my boyfriend. I know, but it’s worth it.

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  • Chicago Fire - 8x18

    Cruz: So I just hopped on Reddit, and there’s this thread that says, “Do you know this firefighter from 2004?” So I clicked on the link, and behold.
    Casey: Oh, my God. It is from 2004. That’s Shimblecock. We only worked Engine 128 together for one year.
    Ritter: That’s his name? Shimblecock?

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