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  • I know that when it comes to Jay I cannot be objective, but I have to admit that he handled it wrong.

    Yes, he wrongfully accused Marcus, but who wouldn’t. Everything pointed towards him and he wasn’t exactly a saint. And we all know the soft spot Jay has for kids. But when he realized his mistake he once again, let his emotions and guilt get in the way.

    Despite all that, despite all his ptsd, his personal drama, despite his anger issues sometimes, despite his trauma he still remains a good guy who has never murdered anyone.

    Angela is a cold blooded murderer. He got pulled into that mess because of her, despite being beaten up he escaped and saved her and that was her way of saying thank you. Shooting him point blank.  I will never forgive her for that.

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  • There’s a lot of assumed drinking & driving in Chicago One.

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  • I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a doctor, a friend, a victim, a survivor … I am Human and my name is Avery. 

    Je suis une mère, une fille, une soeur, un médecin, une amie, une victime, une survivante … Je suis humaine et je m’appelle Avery.

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  • Is Chicago One a good series?

    YouTube recently recommended me videos from Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. Now I’m interested. But I haven’t been committed to a TV series in a long time. Are these shows any good to watch?

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  • Chicago Fire

    Sylvie Brett - 6x08 The Whole Point of Being Roommates

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  • Sorry about not being here for a month. I was so busy looking for jobs and going to job interviews. So you guys have my full attention. So what did I miss? Did anyone watch the Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D./Chicago Justice crossover episodes from last night? I’m so mad that the new episodes of SVU won’t come back until March 22nd and I going to miss it. 

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  • image

      ‘ ‘ Imagine telling Matt that you’re pregnant. ‘ ‘

    All right, I don’t know if this is the right way to do this because I’m still quite new to this platform and I’m really sorry if I didn’t credit gifs before. I really am! Gif by @sylviebret 
    Part two.
    Requests are always open.

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    You were terrified, completely and utterly terrified. You thought that your nausea was due to the bad thai you and Matt had ate a few days ago. But after you had threw up eight times in two days, you had started to worry. 
    You called Sylvie yesterdey to tell her what was happening and she was the one to jokingly suggest you to do a pregnancy test. 
    You didn’t took it as a joke, you did the test and iit turned out you were actually pregnant. How would you tell Matt? The few times you had discussed that, he said that he wasn’t ready to have kids. 

    “ I’m home! ” Matt’s voice brought you back to reality. You quickly wiped away the remaining tears from your cheeks and smiled sweetly at your boyfriend when you saw him. 

    “ Ehy. ” you said, giving him a quick peck on the lips before he could see your puffed cheeks and your red eyes. You failed in your attempt.
    Matt lifted gently your chin with his finger and watched you with eyes filled with worry.

    “ Babe, what’s wrong? ” he asked, and it took all of your strenght not to burst into tears again. For the millionth time today. You tried to cover your emoctions, avoiding his kind blue eyes.

    “ It’s nothing, really. ” but Matt didn’t believe you. He brought his hands on your cheeks, stroking them gently and giving you a reassuring smile.

    “ Then tell me. What’s wrong? I hate to see you like that. ” you took a step back, planting your eyes on the ground. You couldn’t look him in the eyes. Not now, not after that.

    “ I… ” you started, but the words didn’t came. The tears came. You started to sob, and Matt took you in his arms, a worried look plastered on his face.

    “ It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. ”

    “ Matt, I’m pregnant. ” you felt Matt’s muscles tense. He looked at you right in the eyes, and he wasn’t angry or upset. He was just… confused. Then surprised. Then a big smile grew on his lips.

    “ Wait, are… are you pregnant? You’re telling me I’m gonna be a father? ” he said incredulously, and it felt like a rock was lifted from your heart. You smiled too, widely, and giggled when he lifted you and held against his body, embracing you.

    “ Yes! We’re going to be parents. I wasn’t sure how you would react… ”

    “ Wait, is it mine, isn’t it? ”

    Matt… ”

    “ Just joking. You’re gonna be an amazing mother, I’m sure of it. ” and you felt his hands sneaking under you shirt and stroking your belly. 

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  • #jay halstead#chicago pd#one chicago#asks#my asks#sinful sunday #this isn’t even sinful #it’s just a mood #not so sinful sunday
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    Look at your face. Oh my God, your as easy to read as the hunger games.

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  • One Chicago Character Battle


    Winner of best PD character: Jay

    Winner of best Fire Character: Matt

    Winner of best Med Character: Will

    Winner of best One Chicago Character: Jay

    *I mean honestly is anyone really that surprised about my winners 🤷‍♀️ although the Jay/Matt really threw me for a loop*

    Thanks to @karihighman for posting these 😊 and creds to Twitter. if anyone wants the blank versions hit me up and I can post them 💕

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  • #chicago fire#one chicago#fanfic #brett x casey #brettsey#casett #i was bored #enjoy #read and review #casey x brett #just be together already
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  • #kelly severide#matt casey#chicago fire#one chicago#asks#my asks#sinful sunday #sins sins sins #goat sins#freaky sins #i may be a little passionate about these two right now
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    Originally posted by chicagosource

    “Wow they still let you have a medical license Halstead?”

    “I bet you’re still far more dangerous with that gun, not that you don’t look damn good with it.”

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  • You’re My Forever

    Requested: Yes!

    Hi! Love your account I was wondering if I can get 7 + 22 for Jay Halstead. I don’t know if you write smut, but if you do I was wondering if it can be. Maybe Jay has an off day and wants to make the most of it and can’t keep his hands off the reader. I’m kinda new to all this so I don’t know if I’m doing this right?

    Prompt(s): 7 “you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me” 22 “when I picture my future you’re in it”

    Jay Halstead x Reader

    Warnings: Smut, swearing


    You and Jay had just stumbled through the door of the apartment you shared. His lips feverishly attacking your neck, knowing for sure there would be love bites there tomorrow morning. You grabbed his face bringing his lips to yours. “Jump.” he spoke into the kiss. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he placed his hands on your bum making his way into the bedroom.

    He layed you down in the bed never breaking the kiss. You pulled away to slip your shirt off. Jay stood up grasping the back collar of his shirt and took it off, coming back down to lay kisses along your neck, collar bones and down the valley of your breasts. You ran your hands up his toned stomach, running your hands up his arms and giving his biceps a squeeze as he attached his mouth to the spot where your neck met your shoulder, causing you to let out a quiet moan. Reaching down you began to unbutton your own pants making Jay chuckle at how eager you were, as he continued to leave marks on your neck, chest and the mounds of your breasts.

    Kicking your jeans off you looked up at Jay with pleading eyes, as of saying, ‘I want you now’. Standing up Jay began unbuckling his belt, way too slowly for your liking, you knew he was trying to tease you, make you beg for him. Jay never taking his eyes off yours. You bit your lip instinctively, knowing how much he loved when you bit your lip, as he began sliding is jeans down his legs, showing the now prominent bulge in his boxers. Jay stood at the end of the bed, you were laying in the middle, staring up at him, admiring his sculpted and toned he was, Jay grasped your ankles pulling you towards the end of the bed, making you squeal in surprise. Jay leaned forward capturing your lips in his, his hand sneaking around your back to unclip your bra and slide the straps down your arms.

    After discarding your bra somewhere across the room, Jay attached his lips to your right nipple that was now extremely sensitive, he began sucking and licking the now erect bud. Throwing you head back into a moan you grasped Jay’s hair at the nape of his neck and tugged lightly earning a grin from him. Taking his mouth off your nipple he brought his mouth back to yours sliding his boxers off as you slid your thong down your legs, kicking it off some where in the room. Jay had kicked his boxers off and left them on the floor at the end of the bed. Climbing onto the bed you pushed yourself back to the head board and layed your head on the pillows.

    Jay’s hands came and spread your legs apart, lifting your left leg up he started placing open mouthed kisses starting at your ankle, and proceeding up to your thigh. Right before reaching where you needed him the most he switched legs and did the same with your right leg. “Jay please I need you. I want you to fuck me so bad” you begged. Smirking, Jay layed in his stomach, prolonging the foreplay a little bit longer, you could feel his hot breath against your heat. Jay hadn’t given you any warning, knowing how much you liked the element of surprise, instead he licked straight up your slit, making you moan loudly at the contact. Taking your clit in his mouth he began sucking on it, occasionally flicking his tongue against it driving you insane.

    You tangled your fingers through his hair and tugged lightly. Jay inserted his finger, and curled it up into you, hitting a very sensitive area. Your back arched off the bed, “fuck Jay just like that!” Jay smirked, knowing every single sensitive area on your body, and knowing exactly how to use it against you. While continuing to suck on your clit, Jay then added another finger. He began pumping his fingers in and out of your sensitive area making you sigh at how good it felt. You could feel the familiar knot forming deep within your abdomen and you knew how close you were. “Jay, I-I’m so close, ahhh.”

    Suddenly Jay pulled his mouth off your clit making you whine, and glare at him at the loss of contact. Taking his fingers out of your sweet pussy he stuck them in his mouth and suckled on them. “Mmm baby you always taste so damn good.” Jay said while smirking. At this point you were aggravated. Flipping you two over, you were now straddling Jay’s hips. You didn’t want to waste any time with foreplay, you needed Jay now, and from the look in your eyes he knew that you needed him right then and there. Stroking his dick a few times earning some muffled moans from him, you positioned his cock at your entrance, after looking at him for a minute, nodding his head you sank down onto his dick, enveloping it within the walls of your vagina.

    Throwing your head back you moaned at the feeling of his dick stretching you out. Jay whines momentarily at the contact of his dick in your tight pussy. Slowly you began to move up and down on Jay’s dick. Jay’s hand grasped your hips, helping you move up and down with ease. Every now and again Jay would buck his hips to meet yours so that you didn’t have to do all the work. After a few minutes your legs had begun to get tired, and Jay took notice of that quickly.

    Jay had flipped you two over and was now above you, sliding his dick in and out of you with ease. Moaning at the new position you arched your back up into him, allowing him to bury his head in the crook of your neck, leaving more marks for everyone to see tomorrow. “Jay go faster, fuck me faster.” you begged. Jay lifted your right leg, bringing it over his shoulder so it allowed his dick to bury itself deeper inside of you. Jay picked up the pace and increased the speed of his thrusts. All that could be heard throughout the room was skin against skin as well as your moans and the moans of Jay every time his dick had hit your g-spot.

    As the knot began to form again within your stomach you looked up at Jay, his eyes closed in concentration. “Jay I’m gonna cum.” you warned. Jay nodded his head, “me too baby, be a good girl and cum all over my dick.” Jay’s thrusts got faster and deeper than before, throwing you over the edge, your orgasm washing over you as your legs began to shake. Jay continued to thrust into you, riding out your orgasm. After a few more thrusts his thrusts began to get sloppy and he jerked his hips into you as he spilled his hot cum into your soaking pussy.

    Pulling out Jay collapsed onto your chest. After a few minutes of both of you panting heavily trying to catch your breath, Jay lifted his head and kissed you firmly on the lips. With that he went into your en-suite bathroom and starting running a bath for the two of you to clean up. Coming back into the room Jay lifted you from the bed, seeing that more often than not after he fucked you, your legs had turned to jelly, so he lifted you up bridal style and carried you to the bathroom.

    You and Jay sat quietly in the bath, just enjoying each other’s company while cleaning up a bit. It was such a blissful moment. Moments like these you always treasured, getting to spend time with Jay, being intimate or even just sitting with him in your company, that was always enough to put you at ease. After a while of silence, Jay finally spoke up, “Do you want to know something?” Humming in response you nodded you head eagerly, adjusting yourself so that you could look up at Jay. Jay began rubbing your arms up and down massaging your muscles a little while pressing a soft kiss to your shoulder. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I truly mean that Y/N, you keep me so grounded, it’s like whenever I’m all over the place or whenever I feel like I’m slipping away from reality you’re always there to bring me back.” Jay spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the moment.

    You smiled up at him, pecking him lightly on the cheek. “I’ll always be here baby, always, no matter what happens you’ll always have me.” you replied quietly. “Well honestly that’s a relief. Because thinking about it, when I picture my future you’re in it. You’re front in center, you’re the only thing I’m absolutely sure about in my future. And I’m never letting that go.” Jay said while giving you a kiss on your head. Turning more so that you could face him you grasped his face in your hands and brought your lips to his.

    After a little while you pulled away, resting your forehead against Jay’s and smiled, “well you’re lucky Mr. Halstead, because you’re the only thing I’m sure of in my future as well.” Jay smiled widely at you, kissing you again. You and Jay both knew how much you loved each other, both of your were 100% sure that you wanted each other for the rest of your lives, you both wanted more adventures together, all the ups and downs that came with it, all the laughs and the tears. You wanted a future together, and that was a fact.

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