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  • On your own terms. ⁣

    Card of the day for today.⁣

    You are not the person you once were. You know it, but others might not always be ready to let the old you go so easily. Do not allow yourself to be shoved back into patterns of behavior that are not true to who you are now. You have worked hard to grow and become this new you. Believe that you are more real than the old you, even if you feel less familiar to others, and maybe even to you at this stage. All that will change and what is new now will become familiar and easy for you to sustain in the near future. Be stubborn in a good way while you, and others around you, come to realize that the new you is the real you.⁣

    #betruetoyourself #newyou #change #transformation #clairvoyantsofinstagram #chicagopsychic #psychicmedium #createchange #cardoftheday #psychicreading #getanswers (at Worldwide)

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  • Sending you joy and happiness!⁣

    Today I grabbed this beautiful citrine to boost energy, creativity and joy. Citrine is like holding the sun in the palm of my hand. I have always felt it as the best happy stone. Citrine changes my mood almost instantly. ⁣

    Focus on the picture and feel the warmth radiating out to you, carrying with it a burst of joy and inspiration. Breathe it in. ⁣

    This stone connects to your solar plexus chakra, where your personal power comes from.⁣

    Do you have a favorite stone to change your mood?⁣

    #citrine #certifiedcrystalhealer #happiness #psychicmedium #chicagopsychic #chicagohealer #happinesslifecoach #crystaloftheday #boomerang (at Chicago metropolitan area)

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  • Harmony. ⁣

    Sound. Tuned in. expression. Music. Song. ⁣

    Card of the day.⁣

    Work with sound to help you find harmony within. You’re in tune! You’re a Clear channel of love, wisdom and spirit. Relinquish all doubt and allow this natural connection to unfold for you. The way you express this divine energy at this time is through sound and music. Trust and know that this is a perfect expression for you. Your connections are becoming clearer every moment. You are inspired to work closely with sound or music to help you find your inner sense of harmony. ⁣

    Lee-Anne Peters created the wonderful Speed of Light Oracle. I love her art, description and energy!⁣

    “I am in harmony with the sweet orchestra of the Universe."⁣

    #harmony #cardoftheday #oraclecards #healingenergy #psychicmedium #chicagopsychic #chicagohealer #happinesslifecoach (at Lakeview, Chicago)

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