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  • Psychic message for today!⁣

    Princess Saviour.⁣

    Even if you feel uncertain about facing a challenge, believe in yourself. You are strong enough to conquer this. There will be help if you need it, but you already have the inner resources required overcome any obstacle and attain the most beautiful outcome. If you are in the process of letting go of someone or something, perhaps an old habit, an old way of life, a relationship or a situation in which you have felt trapped, don’t allow insecurity or uncertainty to stop you. You have got this and you’re doing the right thing in moving on. When you realize that you are strong enough to save yourself (which you are), you never have to be afraid again.⁣

    The most precious treasure that you will ever have is the divine gift of yourself. There is nothing more valuable and no one that is worth losing yourself over. You don’t need permission from anyone other than yourself to decide to walk away from what isn’t right for you, or to stand your ground and honor your values or to say no and refuse to give in to pressure.⁣

    In what way will you honor yourself today?⁣

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  • What psychics aren’t telling you! ⁣

    When you go have a reading and ask a question like “What are they thinking and feeling?”, you may not get the kind of answer you expect. Framing questions in such a limited way doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter. Sometimes it is hard to ask the difficult questions, the ones you may not want to hear the answers to so, instead you ask a question that feels easier/less risky. The problem is that you are not getting the most out of your reading that way.⁣

    When you prepare questions before a psychic reading, give yourself the best chance to get great information and ideas to apply in your life to improve it! ⁣

    Remember, your reading is a safe space for you to express your concerns with someone who is there for you to help you upgrade and transform your life - not just to figure out what someone else is thinking about you. ⁣

    Asking questions like this “I am interested in the best way to grow my connection with this person, can you help me?” Or “What do I need to do to speed up this relationship?” Or even “What do I need to do to navigate this life challenge smoothly?” - questions like these will dynamically improve your reading!! ⁣

    I love empowering my clients and reminding them to take an active role in creating the life they want! ⁣

    If you are interested in booking a session, there is a link in my bio⁣

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    (at Chicago, Illinois)

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