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  • Lin: Stop it.

    Tenzin: Stop what? I’m not doing anything, I’m literally just breathing.

    Lin: Exactly.

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  • Lin Beifong is a cat:

    • loves affection although doesn’t show it
    • claims to be better off alone, but cherishes her friends
    • gets a rush of energy during the evenings; is a night owl
    • threatens her loved ones (lovingly)
    • stealth 100
    • graceful
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  • headcanon: Lin talks in her sleep. She says single words, usually something that appears in her dreams. Kya is a light sleeper. At the beginning of their relationship, she would wake up in the middle of the night surprised why Lin calles her name.

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  • “Are you absolutely sure you’ve tried everything else, Pema?” Lin is almost begging. Her glasses on the report she put down to take this “emergency” call.

    “Lin this is the fourth kid I’ve raised. After Meelo. I HAVE tried EVERYTHING. Please. Please. Please.” Her sister in law is on the verge of crying now. Lin can hear it. That and Rohan’s piercing cries.

    Lin sighed. Kya was going to have a field day with this.

    “Fine. I’ll be there in 15”. She had to take the receiver away from her ear- Pema expressed her relief through a screech that beat Rohan.


    It’s dinner time by the time Lin gets home. She is beyond grateful for her wife everyday, but even more when it’s late, she is tired, and had to stay to catch up on paperwork.

    “Hey babe” Kya greets, kissing her softly.

    “Hi. Thanks for cooking” Lin replies, hugging Kya before sitting down.

    “I came to the station around lunch time. Mako said you has to pop out for an emergency? Nothing too serious I hope?”

    Kya raises an eyebrow and looks at Lin quizzically. Her wife is mumbling and avoiding eye contact.


    The earth bender sighs again. Puts her fork down and looks at Kya.

    “I had to go to show and tell” she says dramatically.

    Kya chokes on the sip of wine she’s tried to drink.


    “Pema called. Rohan was having a tantrum. Something about bringing his favourite thing to show and tell at preschool and me being the favourite thing. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Kya’s smirk turns into a shit eating grin.

    “Chief Beifong. Are you getting soft on me?! Did you come home this late because you had show and tell with your 3 year old nephew ?!”

    “I am NOT getting soft.”

    Kya raises an eyebrow at her.

    “I was this late because I missed 3 hours this morning.”

    “Three hours of show and tell?!” What kind of a daycare was this.

    “And also nap time and story time. But I AM NOT GETTING SOFT.”

    Kya’s laughing now. As in holding her belly laughing. And everytime she looks at Lin, her wife’s scowl gets deeper and she is laughing harder.

    Eventually she calms down, wipes her tears and grabs Lin’s hand. Kissing her knuckles, she looks at her fondly.

    “I like that you’re rough but soft, Chief”.

    Lin broke composure and smiled at her wife.

    But she would die before she told her she was now signed up to be an accompanying parent on the next two field trips. Darn Rohan and his big puppy eyes and squishy cheeks. She was NOT getting soft.

    The End.

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  • More detailed sketches of Lin I guess

    I still have no idea how her hair works

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  • Lin Beifong doesn’t like children. Why?

    Well, the obvious reason, they have no boundaries. They are all over the place and we know how Lin needs to know everything that’s going on around her. However, she respects the kids for their honesty and candidness.

    Now, the reason that hurts.

    She remembers her childhood. She was a happy child, curious and eager to discover, often laughing. When she was able to dress on her own, she would choose bright colors. But when she and Su started growing up, and they started fighting for Tophs attention, Lin started fading. She realized that her mum didn’t hug her anymore. She wanted to make her proud, to earn a piece of affection coming from Toph’s side. Unsuccessfully.

    Lin Beifong looks at children and envies them, especially when she sees them with their parents, hugging, laughing. She misses the times where she had been like them: unaware, hopeful, happy, before the fight for Tophs attention began.

    She looks at children with sadness, because once they start growing up, there’s no turning back. And she knows how much they will long for those innocent times.

    Lin Beifong doesn’t like children, because they make her sad.

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  • People hardly realize how extraordinary Lin Beifong is.

    People see how successful she is as a police chief, sure, but they don’t see things like Lin tinkering with the cables and their storage mechanisms to make them safer and more efficient.

    They don’t see the little motions she makes, bending this or that tiny piece of earth or metal to prevent a fight or satomobile crash.

    They don’t see the way she looks at Kya, and how that look all but says that she’d do anything for the woman she loves.

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  • Dado que ellos fueron todas sus primeras veces, mi amiga y yo nos pusimos nostálgicas con el Linzin viendo la serie y entre el excesivamente bien planificador de Tenzin (prueba con sus vacaciones en el libro 2) y con la experta de Lin en guardar recuerdos importantes (básicamente toda la serie) Esto tuvo mucho sentido de pronto 😂😂❤

    Drabble situado tiempo después de que se convirtió en Chief

    Muy temprano en su relación se dieron cuenta de quién era el más sentimental de los dos o al menos, el más apto para recordar fechas con precisión y justo cuando sus agendas comenzaron a apretarse más, su sensible novio lo usaría a su favor.

    “¿Qué se necesita para conseguir una cita contigo?” le había preguntado un Tenzin frustrado después de otros planes cancelados.

    “Ya cenamos juntos todas las noches…” Había replicado Lin a lo que se ganó una ceja arqueada del maestro aire. “Bien… la mayoría de las noches al menos”

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  • Here’s something I think about on a daily basis (spoiler alert I guess):

    So at the end of book 3 when Korra nearly dies, Zaheer starts laughing and Lin asks him why. He looks directly at her and says: “You’re too late! The poison’s been in her system too long. The Red Lotus has won”. He speaks specifically to her, without breaking the eye contact. So then Jinora comes and says, also looking at Lin, that the poison is metallic and she can save Korra, it takes her some time to realize what it means. Her expression changes quite late, when Su already runs to get the poison out of Korra. Lin really thought it was over and was so taken aback. So if anyone says one more time that Lin doesn’t care I will literally punch them, because she cares the most.

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  • Kya loves her wife and everything about her.

    She loves Lin’s face and Lin’s body and every one of Lin’s scars.

    She loves the way Lin holds her tight and the way Lon understands that sometimes needs space.

    Really, Kya loves everything about Lin.

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  • Lin carrying Kya bridal style, revealing their relationship to the krew: I’ve only been dating her for a day and a half, but if anything happened to her I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

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  • image

    Well, I tried…

    It’s a quick drawing I did during history class.

    Maybe if I’ve spent more time on it it would good…yeah, fuck it.

    I just saw this drawing of a couple and decided to redraw it with young Kyalin

    #also the anatomy is fucked up #sorry for that #also the colors are fucked up on different devices #and the whole drawing is just weird #and I'm sorry for that too #i will draw them again and i promise it's gonna look better #at least i hope so #anyway enjoy this attempt at... something #and ignore the rest of the hashtags #avatar the last airbender #the legend of korra #lin beifong#kya#chief beifong#kyalin#young kyalin#tenzin#bumi ii#avatar aang#katara#sokka#toph beifong#korra#asami sato#mako#bolin#opal beifong#suyin beifong#avatar fanart
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  • Kya is a master healer. As such, she’s seen, dealt with, and become unfazed to just about every body type known to humankind.

    The only time she’s been unprofessionally awed by any of her patients was when that patient was Lin Beifong.

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  • The Office

    (Kyalin) (Mako and Bolin)

    So I wrote this to be in the same like univers as “The Box” (last chapter) but its vague enough to be a stand alone so 🤷‍♀️. I think I’ll probably do a third one with the dinner, but maybe not I’m not sure yet. I had an idea for a separate one where their moms find out, so I might do that instead.

    “So Mako, are you ready for dinner? I’m so excited to see everyone again!” Bolin cheered. Mako grinned, loading their stuff into the back of the satomobile.

    “Sure am, just have to stop at the precinct first, I left a file on my desk.” Bolin sighed, hopping into the passenger seat.

    “Its always business with you, brother. Paul!” The fire ferret climbed into Bolin’s sweater and Mako chuckled. The drive to the precinct was short, and Bolin had insisted on coming in to “inspect” his brothers workspace. The office was dark, save for a few of the night crew and janitors and Mako made his way to his desk.

    “Where is it?” He asked himself.

    “Hey Mako?” Bolin asked from near the Chief’s office.

    “Yes Bolin?” He replied, not fully paying attention.

    “Isn’t the Chief coming to dinner?”

    “Yeah I think so. I don’t know maybe she decided its not her thing.”

    “Hmm, well maybe she took it off your desk.”

    “Bolin, please help me look. Beifong went home hours ago.”

    “Are you sure?” Bolin asked, pointing to the door.

    “Yes I’m sure.”

    “Okay well I’m pretty sure she’s in there.” Mako sighed, making his way to the door and standing next to his brother.

    “Well,” he said reluctantly,“ the light is on.” He tilted his head looking at the light under the door. He lifted his knuckle to knock just as the door was pulled open.

    “Oh, Mako, right?” A tall watertribe woman asked.

    “Um yeah,” he replied. She smiled and Mako remembered who she was. He hadn’t seen her in almost four years.

    “Kya,” she said shaking his hand.

    “Right, Harmonic Convergence.”

    “The one and only,” he sidestepped allowing her to pass. Lin was sitting at her desk, her armor sitting in the corner of the room, which was odd, but she had glasses on, reading a file.

    “I got you’re file,” she said from the desk, “no thanks to you.”

    “Sorry Chief, I came back to put it in the Dropbox.” Lin smirked, did Mako see that right? Was she smiling? He looked again to Kya, who waited outside the door with them.

    “Lin, come on.” Kya said and Lin stood up.

    “Alright, alright.” The chief said, taking a coat off the hanger and putting it on. Bolin tapped Mako on the shoulder, pointing to either woman. Mako just glared at him, not sure what his brother was suggesting.

    “We’ll see you too in a bit,” Kya grinned, waving a small farewell.

    “Dont be late!” Lin hollered at them. The two boys watched as the woman linked arms, making their way to the elevator.

    “Mako.” Bolin whispered. “Mako.” Mako turned slowly to his brother the realization hitting him.

    “Mako Chief’s got a date.” Bolin said, looking around like he expected her to throw a Boulder at him.

    “No I- it can’t be.”

    “Mako did you see the way they linked arms?”

    “I saw it, Bolin.” Bolin placed his hand on his brothers shoulder.

    “This means Beifong’s got a date before you.” Mako glared at him and Bolin raised his hands in the air as a sign of peace. Without thinking, Mako pushed open the door to her office, looking on the shelves for a clue. He came across a sticky note on her calendar reading:

    Date night

    Repeated on every Monday.

    “Mako, are you sure this is a good idea?” Bolin asked, watching the door.

    “I need to know.”

    “I think we-” Mako shot daggers at him and Bolin silenced, turning back to the door. He went to a chest on the left wall of the office, it was locked and he sighed.

    “Not enough evidence to be sure but-”

    “What are you two doing?” Mako froze, turning slowly to see Lin standing with her arms crossed in the doorway.

    “Bolin!” He scolded.

    “I’m sorry! I saw her but I didn’t know what to say.” Mako facepalmed, wishing he was an earthbender if only to hit his brother with a nice flat rock. Lin pushed Bolin into the office, closing the door behind her. She didn’t say anything, just staring at them with a raised eyebrow.

    “Chief, I can explain.” Mako started.

    “Then explain.” He was caught off guard, usually she yelled at him when he said that.

    “Okay well, we uh, saw you and Kya and Bolin said- so I had to…” he trailed off, ducking his head. It was silent for a moment before Lin snorted with laughter.

    “Your laughing? Mako she’s laughing!” Bolin said, laughing nervously himself.

    “Have to admit, I’d thought it’d be Bolin digging around.”

    “What?” Mako asked, turning to face her.

    “Definitely thought he was the nosiest of you lot, but I was wrong. Again. I’m too old for this.”

    “Chief whats-”

    “Kya said I should just let you two look all night for nothing, but I thought you’d miss out on the free food.” The brothers looked at each other with confusion.

    “Kya’s my fiancè, bozos. Now get out of here, or all of us are going to be late for dinner.”

    “Um, right Chief.” Mako said, darting.out of the office, Bolin close behind. They took the elevator, in hindsight they should’ve waited for Beifong, but Mako needed to remove himself from the situation to think.

    “Hey Mako,” Bolin said sheepishly, “Did she say fiance?”



    “You should’ve seen their faces. Thought Mako was red when Korra kissed Asami last week but this, I think I broke a new record.” Kya laughed as Lin got back into the satomobile.

    “And Bolin?”

    “He’s probably processed it by now.” Lya put a hand on Lin’s arm, laughing.

    “They’re going to stare at us all night, you know.” Kya said.

    “Yeah well, I’ll shoot him a look and Mako will spend the rest of the night looking at Pema’s houseplants.”

    “Sounds like someone else I know.” Kya insinuated and Lin rolled her eyes.

    “That was a long time ago. And you weren’t glaring at me.”

    “Right, I was doing something else.” Lin blushed, and Kya rested her head on her fiancès shoulder as they drove to the pier.

    “So, we telling everyone else tonight?” Kya asked.

    “Do we have to?”

    “Well if we’re getting married I think its time.” Lin sighed, kissing Kya on the forhead.

    “Alright, but not until after dessert, I want to be able to actually enjoy their meal. And I’m not taking questions.”

    “Spoken like a true Beifong.” Lin side eyed her and Kya kissed her on the cheek, excitement bubbling in her stomach.

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  • Headcanon:

    Lin Beifong has literally zero (0) pairs of socks.

    Like, at home she obviously walks barefoot and outside she basically always wears her uniform, in which we see she doesn’t wear socks. So she doesn’t need any.

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  • Young kyalin for you simps out there

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