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    21.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Why Satan Hates the Child of God

    by Aiden Wilson Tozer

    As we move farther on and mount higher up in the Christian life we may expect to encounter greater difficulties in the way and meet increased hostility from the enemy of our souls. Though this is seldom presented to Christians as a fact of life it is a very solid fact indeed as every experienced Christian knows, and one we shall learn how to handle or stumble over to our own undoing. Satan hates the true Christian for several reasons. One is that God loves him, and whatever is loved by God is sure to be hated by the devil. Another is that the Christian, being a child of God, bears a family resemblance to the Father and to the household of faith. Satan's ancient jealousy has not abated nor his hatred for God diminished in the slightest. Whatever reminds him of God is without other reason the object of his malignant hate. A third reason is that a true Christian is a former slave who has escaped from the galley, and Satan cannot forgive him for this affront. A fourth reason is that a praying Christian is a constant threat to the stability of Satan's government. The Christian is a holy rebel loose in the world with access to the throne of God. Satan never knows from what direction the danger will come. Who knows when another Elijah will arise, or another Daniel" or a Luther or a Booth" Who knows when an Edwards or a Finney may go in and liberate a whole town or countryside by the preaching of the Word and prayer" Such a danger is too great to tolerate, so Satan gets to the new convert as early as possible to prevent his becoming too formidable a foe.

    #Tozer in the Morning #Devotional #Why Satan Hates the Child of God #Aiden Wilson Tozer #September 21#2021
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    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Asuka Langley

    #asuka#asuka langley#evangelion art#evangelion#nge fanart#nge asuka #neon genesis evangelion #evangelion fanart#nge #neon genesis fanart #neon genesis manga #nerv #anime / manga #manga girl#mangaart#manga#tprau#second child#anime girl#anime art#anime fanart#anime#evangelion asuka#art asuka #art asuka langley #asuka langley soryu #sexy manga girl #sexy asuka #sexy asuka langley
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    #rose my child with ron addiction
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    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    anonazureCOMMISSIONS OPEN@anonazure·4sProject: SHIP-Tember 22 (2/2)

     I drew this as a B-day gift for my my very dear friend whose b-day is ALSO


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    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Rei Ayanami

    #rei#rei ayanami#ayanami#first child#nerv #neon genesis evangelion #evangelion#nge #neon genesis manga #neon genesis fanart #neon genisis#tprau#manga #anime / manga #mangaart#manga girl#anime art#anime#anime girl#rei art#evangelion anime#evangelion art#evangelion manga#evangelion rei #evangelion rei ayanami #fan art #rei ayanami fanart #ayanami rei #fanart rei ayanami
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    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #I'm in high school #I'm a child. #shitpost#anon#anonymous#McAllister replies#ask#ask box #Warning: Following tags are long and pretentious and are clearly written by a child talking about how age effects media anaylsis #love the phrasing of this ask #like the fact im 16 explains my absurdist ramblings on video games #age doesn't play as much of a factor as experience in the field and personal taste does #I mean it for sure explains bits and pieces but as far as the media analysis I do personally I've found age doesn't effect that much. #You as a person; your likes your dislikes and your personality have a much greater effect. #Though age does play some part in it #A 45 year old critic has a much wider base of knowledge then say a 14 year old critic #Though I don't tend to call myself a critic so much as an analysist. #Granted me being in high school does explain a lot of my other content. #And my general manner of speech and mannerisms as a whole.
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  • catcze
    21.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #Beans anon #Childe would be /the friend/ for every single lesbian he encounters <3 #Kisses from Catte 🦩
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  • mav-adventurerinthenorth
    21.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I’ve really immersed myself in dog training and sports classes since we moved to Edmonton and I have some Thoughts(TM).

    (For a reminder, we moved to Edmonton from Yellowknife about a month ago. There are no dog sports in Yellowknife besides one group which does very chaotic agility training for three months in the summer. I gave that group a shot but it did not work for Mav or for me and we bailed after three weeks.)

    I’m on week three of a barn hunt intermediate and an agility equipment skills class with Mav. They are taught by different instructors through the same facility. 

    Barn Hunt: The class is structured so we usually do a very short run, work on indications or tunnels or building drive, then do a “real” run before the class ends, and there are six dog/human teams. It’s fast-paced but runs extremely smoothly imo. My issue going in to class was that Mav was not committing to indications - either due to not understanding the game or finding it more reinforcing to just keep sniffing bales instead of pointing the rat, and I went in hoping I could train a stronger, committed alert.

    My biggest complaint with the class was that the instructor wanted me to grow Mav’s pointing indication to a barking/pawing/biting indication like many terriers/herding breeds do. It left me a bit disgruntled because Mav isn’t that kind of dog; he doesn’t get frustrated enough to start acting out and instead he just disengages from the game (which really, was my issue that brought me to class). I (politely) refused and explained why, the instructor took it well, and we’ve made some tremendous progress since then. The instructor tends to give his feedback in a “criticism sandwich” (something you did well, some things to work on, something you have improved since last time), which makes it much more reinforcing for me (and it seems the other handlers) to keep working hard in the class. I am hella proud of Mav and his improvements, and really enjoying the class so far! I will probably continue on to the advanced one next month.

    Agility: I didn’t really have any issues with Mav going into this class. I want to get into agility because it’s such a cool sport, but frankly I am not looking to be competitive and agility in inherently a COMPETITIVE sport. This class is structured so groups of three or four dogs run at a time, on leash. I showed up to the first week of this class and the instructor set us off to loose-leash walking to see how our dogs responded (to body pressure? I don’t really know what she was looking for tbh), and she paused the exercise multiple times to criticize me on small things a) the amount of eye contact Mav was offering me, b) the direction I was pivoting while llw (there were no instructions besides “walk your dog to the wall, turn around, come back”), and c) that I wasn’t building drive before releasing my dog (”ready.... ready.... okay go!”). We have since moved on to obstacles and my issues were similar, so I’ll just use this exercise to describe my Thoughts.

    I have a lot of distaste for this class and the way it’s taught. It’s a beginner agility class with no prerequisites beyond [the gym’s obedience/engagement class] or equivalent. The problems I’m having with this class really just boil down to me not meshing well with this instructor, I think. I’m finding this class intense (in the way that lots of competitive agility people are INTENSE, no offense) in that it seems that SPEED and DRIVE are the ultimate goals for the instructor (again, this is an equipment skills class taught on leash), whereas I just want to bounce around with my dog who, at the end of the day, I have to live with in my home. I am not looking to build drive so he’s launching himself to the end of his leash every time we start walking (god it took like 2.5 years to break him of that). I’m not looking for a dog who quivers in anticipation when I put him in a stay. I just want to learn how to safely do pieces of equipment in a way that my handling doesn’t confuse my dog and maybe Q some novice runs in a trial. I absolutely appreciate the tips when it comes to my handling around equipment, but I’m not looking to change my entire lifestyle to build myself a top-ranking agility dog. Again, I have to live with this dog and I ADORE living with him the way he is now. Mav is undeniably well-behaved in class environments - he is engaged, excited to do what I ask him to, but able to focus and not get too excited. I put SO MUCH work into this because I wanted that focus and he had no brain cells until he turned 2. I do not want a dog that can’t keep his brain in his head, and I’d rather Mav be slower and more thoughtful than fast and chaotically drivey.

    These Thoughts have gone on long enough so I’ll end them with this: both of the classes I’m taking have taught me new skills, and both have made me a better handler. I got way better at reading Mav when he gets a scent in barn hunt, and I am much better at pivoting and watching my hands when handling Mav around obstacles (and omg, I’ve been practicing). Both trainers are undeniably effective at getting their points across and I have to guess they’re both quite successful at trials with their own dogs. But their teaching styles and the way they treat their (human) students is different, and one of the classes ends with people cheering each other on and thanking the instructor, and the other ends with sullen handlers gathering their things in silence. 

    #dogblr#dog training#dog sports#agility#barn hunt #i honestly dread going to the agility class #i haaaaaaate being called out #and i know everyone does #but like #I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS DOG #i fucking love my dog #he is drivey when i'm actively asking him to do things (esp off-leash) but very very easy to live with on a day to day basis #i think it boils down to: the agility trainer is very focused on good handling (which is great!!) but doesn't point out the things #that we already do well #so it feels like very discouraging nitpicky criticism #and it's not a fun class environment #there is a child in this class and i haven't heard the instructor say one positive thing to this kid since we started #last week i made it a point of catching the kid and her mom outside and complimenting the FUCK #out of how much progress her and her dog have made in the last two weeks #anyways #tonight i am trying agility with a FRIEND and I am EXCITED #also barn hunt trial in two weeks and i am very very hopeful for our novice title #oh also as a side note mav would run agility in the same bracket as border collies #like how and why would i ever want to try to be competitive in that bracket??? #i dont #i just want to qualify and title my dog for funsies
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  • the-whispering-sakura-tree
    21.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago
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  • animeundmangaworld
    21.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Rei Ayanami

    #rei#rei ayanami#ayanami#first child#nerv #neon genesis evangelion #evangelion#nge #neon genesis manga #neon genesis fanart #neon genisis#tprau#manga #anime / manga #mangaart#manga girl#anime art#anime#anime girl#rei art#evangelion anime#evangelion art#evangelion manga#evangelion rei #evangelion rei ayanami #fan art #rei ayanami fanart #ayanami rei #fanart rei ayanami
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  • ymiwritesstuff
    21.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Lack of You

    So I’m not the biggest fan of Childe in all honesty HOWEVER I decided to write this Yan!Childe fic for him because let’s be honest, he’s lowkey unhinged lmao. Anyway this is probably the darkest fic I’ve ever written so be sure to read the warnings carefully if you feel like that’s necessary. Please enjoy!

    Genshin Impact

    Yandere!Childe x Fem!Reader

    Summary: After thinking you had found peace in Liyue after a difficult escape from your home, all your hope comes crashing down when you see him again.

    Notes: Angst, Mentions of NSFW, DARK THEMES, Mentions of past abuse, Swearing, A hint of Zhongli x Reader, Yandere/Obsessive themes

    As the grand entrance of Liyue Harbor slowly came to view, your lips turned upward into a warm smile, your feet picking up just a tad bit more speed. It had been a delightful vacation, the freshly picked windwheel asters in your basket were proof of that, but you were happy to return to the region you had called home for some time.

    It felt nostalgic in a way. As your feet discovered the wooden surface of the bridge leading to the harbor once more, you found yourself reminiscing of the time you first arrived in Liyue. It had been a stormy day, the wind raged and rain fell, but you remember feeling a strange sense of calm as you familiarized yourself with the surroundings, not quite sure if what you saw was real.

    You placed your hand on the railing, peeking down at the shallow waters below that eventually bled into the vast ocean. You inhaled the familiar air around you, allowing your (E/C) eyes to close themselves in this brief moment of basking in the beauty of Liyue.

    Mondstadt had its moments, and you had enjoyed your time in there in the underlying presence of the Anemo Archon. In the city of freedom, you did indeed feel like a bird in the clouds, unrestrained. But nothing would surpass the utter feelings of tranquility and joy that engulfed your being every time the warmly colored leaves of Liyue entered your vision.

    Despite leaving the cold region you had once called home behind abruptly on that fateful day, an action which many would write off as strange, not an ounce of regret floated in your conscience. As far as you were concerned, Liyue was your home. And would always be.

    You retreated from the edge of the bridge and continued deeper into the harbor, eyes sparkling with joy. The flora that lay in your basked was blessed with a small glance from your orbs as you pondered what to do with them. The orange petals spun beautifully in the nourishing winds, so placing them outside somewhere was most ideal, you thought.

    As you walked, your ears picked up an unusual amount of commotion, but you figured it must have had something to do with the recent Rite of Descension and just how horribly it had ended. You had received the news when in Mondstadt and you weren’t quite sure if you even believed them. But seeing the state in which some of the people were, it was clear as day that Rex Lapis, Liyue’s Archon, had passed on.

    You frowned at the thought, but pressed on, not wanting your mind to be plagued by such thoughts. Not again. Though, something told you that the people would bounce back and prosper, despite the loss of their Archon. The people were strong, admirably so, and with the guidance of the Qixing, you were certain the region would heal.

    Be it consciously or fully by accident, you found yourself nearing the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, some part of you perhaps hoping to get a glimpse of its consultant. Something akin to a friendship had begun to blossom between the two of you during your time in Liyue, and you found yourself seeking his company from time to time. His calm and collected nature and eloquent way of speech fascinated you, some would even say you found these traits rather attractive, though you wouldn’t allow yourself to admit that.

    Mr. Zhongli was peculiar, yet so very charming and elegant. He had been your guide when uncertainty followed but most of all, he allowed you to forget all the sinister things that had brought you there to begin with.

    A smile crept onto your lips as your eyes glued themselves on a familiar figure, that dark hair lightly swaying in the wind. His back was turned to you and he appeared to be engaged in a casual conversation. Perhaps he had time to listen to all the things you had experienced in the land of Barbatos while you were-

    Your face blanched and your feet stopped abruptly. The hand holding the basket let go, the flowers plunging towards the stone ground that laid beneath your soon trembling form. Your eyes widened, an eerily familiar feeling of dread you had wanted to forget digging its nails into you as you looked at the person whom Zhongli was conversing with.

    Your stomach sank. That orange hair, those dull azure eyes that somehow managed to feign life, and that careless smile he wore as he spoke words you couldn’t hear that would have fooled anyone but you. For you knew what laid behind that seemingly innocent smile.

    It all came back to you. All the memories from the time you were plagued by an obsessive monster, hellbent on keeping you to himself with no regard for your feelings or protests. Without knowing, your legs carried you somewhere, your mind clinging onto the slightest piece of hope that he hadn’t seen you. It was suffocating, all the joy and relief you had previously felt crumbled into dust at the mere sight of him. Just when you thought you had managed to escape from his claws that had dug into your skin so many times back home, he came back like a vicious snake.

    You found yourself in a secluded alley, desperate for air that had left your lungs. You panted, head feeling as if it would burst from the fear. Questions whirled in your mind. Why was he here? How did he find you? Was your difficult escape from Snezhnaya utterly fruitless?

    You fell to your knees, hands buried in your hair as you tried to simultaneously fight back tears and somehow clear your mind that had become heavy and clouded with terror. Despair coated your entire being, all of your efforts to stay far away from your tormenter feeling hopeless. Would this nightmare ever end?

    The sun was setting, night would soon coat Liyue Harbor, a place in which you had once felt safe. But now that you could practically feel Childe’s presence even when he hopefully wasn’t near, you lost all hope.

    You somehow managed to stand up again, frantically looking around you, the paranoia of him being just behind the corner digging itself into your frail being. Your breath hitched and you placed a trembling hand on your chest, trying to make some sense of the situation. There was a slight chance that his eyes had not noticed you standing there, though you were more than unsure about this. However, it was the only hope you had and you clung to it desperately knowing that the next course of action was to leave Liyue for good.

    As you came to the realization, you allowed the swelled tears to fall from your eyes, bringing a hand over your mouth. Once again, you were pushed to the point where you had to leave a place you called home behind, just because even the thought of seeing him again made your stomach churn. You didn’t want to go through that again, but you were out of options, and he, once again, was one step ahead.

    The way home was silent, but not the peaceful kind. It was grueling. For once in your life, you wished for the usual yells of merchants or loud voices of the children. You walked with careful yet fast steps, eyes frantically glancing from side to side each time you passed a corner or another dark alley. You were terrified, it was almost ridiculous. You were sure he was somewhere, laughing sardonically at the state of you that he had caused. The thought reminded you of just how cruel he was. You were sure he got some twisted form of satisfaction from seeing you suffer.

    You gripped the railing of the crimson stairs far too hard, your heart racing and throbbing in pain as you ascended them. Despite your horrified state, you were fueled by a small drop of determination to escape once again. As for where you weren’t sure. Mondstadt was the first place to come to mind, but you soon realized just how obvious that would have been. If Childe was as steadfast in catching you as you surmised, that’s where he would go first. Inazuma wasn’t any more comforting as the whole nation had been locked down, and no outsider would even make it there due to the raging storm at sea.

    No matter how you looked at the grim situation, you were stuck. You tried not to think about it, for right now, your top priority was to leave Liyue as soon as possible.

    You allowed yourself a slight moment to release the breath you had been holding as soon as you stepped into your dark home, closing the door behind you. Leaning against the door, you breathed, closed your eyes that had become red with tears, and tried to figure out your plan in your head. All you needed to do was to gather all the necessary items for your journey ahead. Still, it felt overwhelming. Difficult even.

    You couldn’t help but think back to the moment when you first met him, how clueless you had been. He was perfect, almost too perfect, and you realized that when it was far too late. It saddened you, in a way. But what kind of a relationship with a Fatui Harbinger would work anyways. Childe was too far gone, too sick with what he thought was his undying love for you.

    “Did you honestly think you could run away from me?”

    Your eyes shot open and a cold shiver filled with dread ran down your spine for the second time that day. Only this time, it was worse. A single lantern at the other end of the room was lit, and that’s when you saw him again. His eyes, full of death watched you, an unquenched hunger floating in them. One corner of his pink lips was slightly upward as if he was trying to suppress a ruthless laugh at your pathetic form.

    “Childe…” Your voice barely held anything in it, your body soon beginning to tremble under his gaze. The air became thick with something and your breathing became uneven. He tilted his head to the side, that dark void in his eyes looking straight at you.

    “W-what are you doing here?” You were not sure how you managed to ask that, and you found yourself regretting the question as Childe took a single, threatening step towards you, that small smirk widening into something much more sinister.

    “A business trip. On behalf of the Fatui,” he spoke, voice colder than the Snezhnayan blizzards. His tone was monotone, but you could hear the underlying wickedness embedded in it. 

    You were not certain if he was telling the truth, as the disturbing glint in his eyes told more than his words. As he walked, his hand found a single piece of your clothing on an empty chair. He grabbed it, bringing it closer to his eyes and examined it. It was a local dress you had bought for quite a large sum of mora. It was your way of trying to move forward and forget everything. Forget him.

    His eyes darkened at the sight and he gripped the fabric tighter before turning his painfully scalding gaze towards you. You flinched as he tossed the garment aside.

    “I should be offended,” he said with a slight shrug, before housing a smirk on his lips once more. “Yet, strangely, I’m not.”

    “How did you find me?” You asked, surprised to hear a bit more volume in your otherwise shaky voice. Childe couldn’t contain the chuckle that slipped his mouth.

    “You seem to have quite the friendship with the gentleman at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.” He spoke with such glee it made you sick and his words didn’t bring you any comfort you secretly hoped but knew weren’t getting. Had he asked him about you?


    Childe frowned at that. How you said his name, almost as if it were a cry for help.

    “He spoke quite highly of you. Just what kind of a relationship do you have with him?”

    His wickedly calm voice changed, and your heart throbbed in fear when it did. You had heard it too many times, all in situations like this. Back home, if you so much as looked at someone else in a way that didn’t please him he would demand answers using that exact threatening voice. And you could never lie. You never dared to.

    In a way, he chided himself for allowing you to escape as he was now faced with the chance that you had caught feelings for another man. And judging by the way your eyes widened at his question, it was not a mere chance. He didn’t like that. Not one bit.

    He began walking towards you again, and you felt like you were choking, the pressure from his displeased, silently furious face worsened with every step he took. You pressed yourself against the door behind you, your hand trying to find an opportunity to push it open. But you were frozen.

    “You have feelings for him, don’t you?”

    His voice was full of malice and it was clear that he was holding himself back as you were certain he would snap into a fit of rage at any moment.

    “C-Childe… I-”

    He got closer and tears pooled in your (E/C) eyes.

    “Does he fancy you as well?”

    You moved your hand lower, panic settling in at the sight of his unhinged eyes. You didn’t dare look back at him. His eyes darkened.

    “...Has he fucked you?”

    “P-please… D-don’t do this-”

    His brow twitched and his jaw clenched.

    “Answer me!”

    That was all it took for you to try and push the door open, but your attempt was short-lived as Childe dashed forward at almost inhuman speeds, grabbing your hands and pinning them on the wooden surface. You struggled in his grip, his fingers digging into the skin of your wrists as you pleaded for him to let you go, tears spilling from your eyes. All you got in response was a maniac chuckle.

    “You really thought you could get away from me and get yourself another man, huh?!”

    He pressed his body against yours and you found yourself losing your strength against him. Still, you tried to break free, sobs escaping your lips, despite knowing just how futile it was.

    “Childe! P-please!”

    Your protests did little to slow him down, instead, he let out a laugh so sadistic, it trembled in your bones.

    “Yes! Beg some more! Because that’s the only thing you’ll be able to do from now on!”

    He brutally grabbed your chin and made you look at him, his eyes now burning with a twisted form of desire and hunger. He licked his lips, that wide smile that was sick with a thirst that could never be quenched making your core twist in the most horrible sensation of fear you had ever felt. At this moment, amid that fear, you felt regret. You should have never escaped.

    Upon seeing your frightened expression, something twitched in him and he lowered himself to your ear, gripping your both wrists with one hand, while his other held your jaw tightly. He inhaled deeply his mind processing your heavenly scent that was so addictive to him. He missed you, how your face twisted in fear at his actions, how you desperately begged for mercy. A part of him found your little escape thrilling, as he was now on edge from having you away for so long. He craved you and he was losing his mind. 

    Perhaps he had already lost it.

    You gasped when you felt his tongue on your earlobe, followed by his low, sultry yet shaky voice that send shivers down your spine.

    “I’ll ruin you… I’ll ruin you so fucking bad you won’t even think about running away from me again.”

    #genshin impact#gi #genshin impact x reader #原神#childe #genshin impact childe #childe x reader #tartaglia #genshin impact tartaglia #tartaglia x reader #genshin impact childe x reader #childe x you #genshin impact imagines #gi childe #gi childe x reader #childe imagines#yandere#yandere childe#angst#reader insert
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    #im having a sense of doom #idk why i did this to myself i havent even gotten to inazuma yet #ill never be able to level kokomi lMAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOFNJFJKFFD #and now that i dont have beidou like how am i even supposed to defeat childe and osial....... #WITH SUCROSE??? LSMLKFLKFLKMFG #mous.ask #💌anon #mous.genshin
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    21.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Psmith writes to Mike complaining that Bickersdyke (who is currently a houseguest at Ilsworth Hall) “is a poor performer at Bridge,” and “the cut of his clothes jars my sensitive soul to its foundations.”

    So when Psmith sets out to haunt Bickersdyke at their club, he makes a point of showing up in “faultless evening dress,” as if to demonstrate how it’s done, and unsettlingly staring at Bickersdyke during a bridge game until he loses.

    The initial haunting is a calculated and direct revenge down to the detail for what happened during that weekend visit, because Psmith is just That Petty.

    #Psmith#Psmith Pseptember #Psmith in the City #I love this child but he is an absolute holy terror in this book
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    21.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #maybe after some time he'll calm down and think through things #actually take a step back and try to figure himself out and realize he's blaming the wrong person #and that sophie hasn't done anything against him and he's being an asshole to a literal child for no reason #or at least not for the reasons he's using as excuses #terik is an interesting one to look at so I want to know more!! #he just seemed too nice in Exile #it was unsettling #like he was trying to hard to be trustworthy #*too hard#kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #councillor terik#quil's queries #kotlc character analysis #long post#spellbound-fire
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  • moraldyad
    21.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    other things to do today before i DIE trying to finish that art

    dbd verse (maybe some other horror verses too???)

    maybe a meta on jekyll’s relationships in general??? 


    replies to throw in the queue


    #✦ who is this murderous lost child? › out ❞
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  • instituteled
    21.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    @enchairr | cont.

         Mᴀʏʙᴇ ʜᴇ hasn't been seen down here because technically, he's not directly supposed to be here. Not that he's not allowed; but he's still officially working up in Artifact Storage and most people up, they tend to avoid the Archive staff for all kinds of weird reasons, none of which made much sense to him. He likes being down here; no useless office chatter or someone typing a bit too loudly or laughing a bit too shrill. Besides, nobody really cares down here, and if he goes out the back door to smoke to call himself down when everything becomes just a little bit too overbearing again, then so far nobody mentioned it. (And if he maybe stops by because of the blonde archival assistant, then that's between them.) Still, the fact that nobody else seemed to like coming down here had meant he's gained the unofficial position of messenger between departments, and this especially meant running back and forth to see if there's anything to be found in this absolute mess that relates to any new Artifacts. Maybe it's meant to be mean, but he genuinely didn't care.

         Still: it puts him a little on the spot now. He's not sure if he'd be supposed to know about anything if he was actually Archive staff, so either admit to knowing nothing, or lying, and both things are equally dreadful. He's not very good at pretending. Not even after years and years of mimicking after classmates and coworkers and what his father expected him to do.

         (There's something a little bit odd about this one. Not bad; most people are simply not that cheerful when here. Not a surprise, given what's likely the reason they came.)

         Maybe he shouldn't have said anything, maybe he should have just —

         "Oh! Sorry. I guess — I guess there's not much to do but check then? She doesn't exactly say when she leaves, so — "

         It's not a lie if he keeps avoiding the topic entirely, right?

    #enchairr #hands u a child #[ V ] ;; O RECKLESS YOUTH; YOU WERE SO BEAUTIFUL WHILE YOU LASTED. (pre jonah.)
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    21.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Welp, post+ is here. If I see any of you fuckers using it, you're dead to me

    #dead to me!!!!!!!!!!! #the star child speaks
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  • utahhime
    21.09.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i have so many mixed feelings about lesbian yelena being a hc for so many fans bc yay lesbians but also the only reason it's so popular is because she fits the mean lesbian stereotype perfectly

    #she's like OBSESSED with zeke and ppl don't care #but god forbids if you hc an other female character as a lesbian if she has ever looked at a man #or............if she had to get a child to survive lol #i get suspicious when non lesbians say they hc her as a lesbian #esp if it's the only character
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  • thenewsfactsnow
    21.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    COVAXIN Maker Bharat Biotech Shares 2 Promising Updates Today

    COVAXIN Maker Bharat Biotech Shares 2 Promising Updates Today

    COVAXIN – India’s COVID-19 vaccine maker Bharat Biotech shared two significant updates that include details about augmenting vaccine production and significant advancement on covid-19 child vaccine against coronavirus. COVAXIN production would touch 55 million doses next month as against 35 million in September.Pediatric COVAXIN just completed phase 2/3 trials. The data analysis is going…

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    #Bharat Biotech Intranasal Vaccine #Covaxin #COVAXIN CHILD VACCINE #Covaxin News #covaxin production update
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  • anauwhere
    21.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    If you think a 20 yo is barely an adult or a literal child u have no rights to judge any person of any age for what they do or how they act

    #so you're infantilising adults but a 25+ woman has to be a mother and a wife and have a job and a 30 yo man has power #so you put yourself over minors and take care of them but you are also one of them? #yes 20s is young yes you're growing up still yes u can be a kid for older people but you are an adult you are not a child
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