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    —𝐬𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡

    pairing: childe x afab!reader

    w/c: 2k

    warning: smut, 18+ content, minors dni

    disclaimer: no set use of pronouns, college au, drug use (marijuana), creampies, fingering, porn with plot

    Just like clockwork, the fall semester was starting up once more. Students from all across the world flocked back to their universities. Some, happy they are free from the clutches and rules of being at home with parents and guardians. Others, unsatisfied by the classes they would be partaking in on Monday. One thing everyone could agree on though, things would relatively be back to normal as they were before everyone left.

    Your head slowly nodded to the beat of your headphones, lips mouthing the words as if they were your own. Your hands retrieved another shirt from your suitcase, unfolding it and putting in on a hanger. It seems like you’d been unpacking for forever, clothes thrown on your dorm bed before you put them in a closet. Thankfully, your suitcase was now empty. Zipping the clunky object, you pushed it under your bed where it would remain until spring or summer break.

    A small smile crept up on your lips, satisfied with the work that you’ve done so far. You’d have the entire dorm to yourself until tomorrow. Lisa was always the type to wait as long as she could before coming back on campus.

    You reached down to your cellphone, getting ready to text Lisa you made it to the dorm safely, you felt someone taking your headphones off. With a gasp, you turned around. Cyan eyes gazed over at you, brimming with mischievously and amusement. A cruel smirk was plastered on his thin pink lips, ginger hair covered from the expensive black beanie he was wearing. You let out a sigh, ripping your headphones out of his grasp as he snickered.

    “What? I figured you’d miss me,” Childe murmured out. You rolled your eyes, trying to fight the smile on your lips. You slowly walked into his chest, his arms wrapping around you. His head nuzzled into your hair, his grip on you slightly tighter than before. Childe usually wasn’t this clingy.

    Your neighbor was an interesting one. The two of you met when he knocked loudly on your door, demanding you and Lisa turn down your music since “your shitty music was blaring into his room”. It seemed like anytime he saw you, he’d let out a scoff or glare over at you—classes were no exception to this Marine Biology major.

    Things were relatively sour between you until you found out you had the same dealer at a party the two of you attended. Instead of mingling with the drunken, high or crossed student body smushed in a small house, the two of you passed a bong on the rooftop. He showed another side of himself that night. He wasn’t the irritating, annoying red-head you took him for—that was just the surface.

    Thus an informal relationship blossomed between you. You weren’t exactly “together”—you had no idea if he even wanted a serious relationship—but you were happy with what you had.

    His kisses, his touches, his time, his attention.

    You leaned out of his warm touch. His hands retreated to his jacket pockets.

    “I did miss you, asshole. You shouldn’t have scared me like that. I figured you would be busy with Scaramouche or unpacking,” you replied. Childe shrugged, taking a seat on the purple ottoman Lisa always had for guests.

    “Your door was open you dingus, or did you forget you put the doorstop in? Plus, Scara isn’t coming until tonight,” he replied. You chuckled, crossing your arms and leaning onto your bed.

    “Aw, was the poor baby lonely?—”

    “Shut the fuck up,” Childe whined. You let another laugh out satisfied by Childe’s behavior. He could be so needy sometimes, but you couldn’t blame him. It’s been about a month since he saw you last.

    “Okay, okay, chill out. Was your winter break okay? You seemed kinda thrilled to be back,” you stated. Childe clicked his tongue, unsatisfied with your question.

    “...Work is interesting. It was nice seeing my siblings and all. Why wouldn’t I be happy to be back,” he asked back. You shrugged this time.

    “Hmmm, dumb college kids messing with you? I don’t know,” you giggled. He sighed, rubbing the back of his head, an unamused expression plastered on his face.

    “You’re lucky I like you, (Y/n). I also came over to see if you wanted to see Thoma and get our fill for the month. I don’t want to go alone because he likes to charge me extra for no reason,” he murmured. There was a reason for that all right. Thoma enjoyed messing with Childe after all.

    “Nah, I actually saw him earlier today. Why, are you trying to bum some off of him? Freeloader,” you teased. He narrowed his eyes towards you.

    “We smoke right now, and I’ll buy us take-out later. Deal?” he muttered, talking over to the door to fully close it. You let out a sigh, walking over to your drawer where you stashed your weed, grinder, and lighter.

    “I’m holding you to that, freeloader.”

    “Quit calling me a freeloader. Don’t make me remind of all the times I had to spot and pay you for shit you wanted,” he argued back, putting your clothes in the closet to free up space on your bed.

    “And I’m grateful for that,” you joked. You bent down retrieving the crystal bong you hid during the break. You felt a gaze on your backside, causing a smug look on your face hidden from Childe. You leaned up, looking back at Childe momentarily, pink spreading on his pale cheeks causing you to laugh again.

    “God, you’re such a dork,” you snickered. Childe grunted but remained quiet. He couldn’t even think of a retort back. Things you relatively quiet as you prep everything. Childe opened a window so the smell wouldn’t spread throughout the halls. The last thing you need is the RA reprimanding you the day you got back.

    You took a hit of it, blowing the cloud of smoke until it dissipated into the cold air. You passed the bong over to Childe, taking a large hit, mirroring your behavior by blowing the smoke out the window. The two of you repeated this action over and over, welcoming the airy feeling in your head seemingly relaxing any amount of tension in your body.

    Tunes softly played from your phone, as you curled yourself on your bed. Childe took one last hit, placing the bong on the ground. He slowly crawled on top of you, resting his head in between your stomach and breast. Feeling his hands tracing shapes on your side, you took his beanie off, weaving your hands through his hair.

    “...Can I ask you something serious without you acting like an asshole,” he murmured. You looked down at him, eyebrow quirked up. Usually, when he was high, Childe remained quiet opting to enjoy the peace of it all rather than letting his anger or mischief take up everything. He generally wasn’t even serious.

    “Yeah. What’s on your mind,” your murmured, stroking his head. He let out a deep sigh, pressing his face into your stomach further.

    “Let’s just say...I wanted us to be exclusive. Just you and me. You not messing with any other people. Me not messing with any other people. ...Would that be okay?” he muttered. You stopped stroking his head, confused as to what brought this on. You didn’t mind being in an exclusive relationship with Childe, you welcomed it. You just wondered what led to this.

    “...Yeah. I’d like that a lot honestly. I thought you wouldn’t be down for anything like that so I didn’t bring it up,” you responded.

    “I thought I wouldn’t be, to be honest. But, over the break, I couldn’t get the idea of other people being with you. Or if you ended up finding a serious relationship once we got onto campus and you breaking things off with me. It sucked. I hated it so much…” he confessed.

    “Look, I like you a lot and I don’t want to give this up. If catching feelings makes me weak, I don’t care. I just...I want you so fucking bad,” he muttered, moving his head to cover his mouth on your stomach.

    You’re eyes softened, leaning over and gently lifting his head up. Through his bloodshot eyes, he gazed at you wide up as you met his lips. He welcomed the kiss back, propping himself up so he could kiss you with much more passion. You felt his teeth nibbling at your bottom lip, his intentions clear to you. You slightly open your mouth, letting him properly enter as his cold fingertips traveled under your shirt.

    You squeezed your thighs together, eager to please the arousal beginning to pool. Childe leaned away—a strain of saliva connecting your glossy lips together—only to attach himself on your neck. He nibbled at the skin, teased it until he heard you moan. The sensitive skin was slowly sucked on, a hickey clearly forming. His hands pulled on your waistband, tugging them down to reveal your panties.

    One hand remain on your thigh, squeezing the plush skin as the other entered your clothes panties, slowly rubbing your clit. You let out a moan, feeling his calloused fingers pressing on the bundle of nerves.

    “So fucking wet already? I think you did miss me after all,” Childe muttered. His hot breath made your body shivered. Two fingers pressed into your entrance slowly pushing themselves in. A whine escaped your lips feeling him slowly move his thick fingers in and out of you. His thumb remained at your clit, pressing circles on it.

    “God, you’re so hot. You’re already so tight on my fingers,” he groaned. The pace of his fingers increased as your hips lifted up unconsciously from the attention.

    “Fuck...Childe...ah!” you moaned out. Satisfied to hear his name come from your lips, he gave you a quick peck and retrieved his fingers wet with your essence. He placed the wet fingers in his mouth, and let out a moan.

    “Taste just as sweet too…” he mumbled. Childe quickly took his shirt off, throwing it on the ground, showing off his fit form to you. He slowly pulled his jeans and briefs down, cock springing up on his chest. He pumped his length a few times, precum slightly dripping down from his pink head. As he positioned himself, he rubbed his tip into you, causing you to moan in frustration.

    “Childe, fucking please...put it in already,” you whined. Childe let out a chuckle slowly inserting himself into you.

    “Fucking needy…mmm” he whispered, before bottoming out. You were squeezing him so tight already, your legs firmly pressing on his hips. Childe thrust up abruptly, watching your breast move up with his tempo. His hands pressed themselves with yours, fingertips slowly weaving into one another.

    “F-Fuck...you’re the only one that can make me feel this way. This pussy is mine, do you understand?” he growled, palm slapping down on your thigh. You gasp from the sudden pain, back arching back.

    “Y-Yes Childe...this pussy is only for you,” you moaned. Childe pressed his face onto your neck, hand squeeze on your breast tightly as his momentum increase. The sound of skin slapping echoed throughout the room, drowning out the music that was playing. The scent of sex and weed mixing with one another.

    “I’m gonna cum, fuck. Ah...shit!” Childe cursed out, furrowing his eyebrows. He let go of your chest, rubbing on your clit again.

    “Cum, cum for me baby,” he demanded. You loudly called out his name, as you reached your high, body quivering as a result. Childe sucked his breath in feeling you squeeze tighter around him. Childe promptly stopped his thrust, his cum painting your insides white as he groaned out your name.

    Heavy breaths escaped him, as he looked down at you with a smile. He leaned down firmly planting another kiss on your lips. He didn’t know what it was, but you always seemed to glow once he finished with you. Your chest heaving up, a small smile on your glossy lips—it was always beautiful to him. You were beautiful to him.

    “You’re gonna have to help me clean my sheets…” you said catching your breath as Childe toppled on top of you. Childe should have known you would have said something smart back at him. It didn’t matter though.

    “Yeah, yeah… I’ll do it after I buy dinner for us…” he murmured wrapped his arms around your sweaty body.

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    𝐢𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐱𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

    “ooh, flood it like a tidal wave, ooh, see I'm just tryna misbehave,” ─ tidal wave; chase atlantic

    ╰─➤ ft: dom!childe, zhongil, diluc, kaeya, aether

    ╰─➤ synopsis: your like an addictive drug he can’t run away from, and he desperately chooses only to indulge into his mindless ways with you forever.

    ╰─➤ tw: size kink, unprotected sex, overstimulation, dacryphilia, belly bulge, praise kink, creampie/breeding kink, petnames, sub!reader, established relationships, slight mirror sex, slight yandere intentions, horrible writing.

    ╰─➤ an: please, do not interact with this if you aren’t above the age of 18; this is my first time writing something based within the Genshin Impact, so please don’t bring harsh criticism towards me; this isn’t proofread fully, but soon will be reupdated; i might have done more justice towards Aether, because he’s truly underrrated. this work basically is just small scenarios from various genshin men.

    ╰─➤ minors do not interact !!!

    perhaps he was an sadistic, a man who got off so easily seeing his doting woman so casually writhe around doing the most simplest tasks that it undoubtedly lingered an creeping sense of desire coursing through his body that others would deem weird.

    would that really make him mad? studying your every slight movement, taking note of how your body was becoming needy for just affection, specifically he believed would be his own feelings of adorning touches and words.

    you were an rare purity, no argument could change his mind that you were more than heaven sent and blessing that was graced upon him.

    and they would come to the conclusion to make it to you. you were simply his, right? you wanted him the same as he did you? well then, let him have you…

    ࿓ childe

    “can’t even keep your eyes on me, can you?” his teasing rand through your ears, the reminder that it’s been so many hours since he started fucking his cum inside you.

    “too much..!” such nonsense, he barely stuffed you enough to be considered full and knew you could endure more of his seed. truthfully, his cum was leaking out of your tightly, small hole, but that wasn’t satisfying enough for him. not when it was dripping out instead of staying in. it irritates him deeply that his seed was going to waste.

    aren’t you joyed? knowing the possibilities that you might even be carrying his offspring soon enough with how he devoured every inch of your pussy with his cock. his smile crept onto his face seeing your face contort to pleasure, eyes shut with tears brimming through.

    he could cum alone from just watching you squirm under him all so helplessly from his cock continuously reaching your womb. it was such a shame you can’t see how cute you looked, drool smearing your swollen lips as he would rearrange your guts without mercy.

    “wanna breed a baby inside you, start a family of our own together with you,” he laughs gently, raspy voice ringing your ears. his smile widened seeing you vigorously nod at his statement. he knew you felt good with his cock filling you up, the bulge appearing on you stomach was proof enough as it slides in and out smoothly due to your slick wetness and mixtures of both his and your cum.

    the wonderful mere thought of you having swollen breasts and belly carrying his child, showing off proudly how you belonged to him where the proof was noticeable, by the archons, it has him thrusting his hips even much harder till he was balls deep, making you scream out from pain and pleasure.

    “going make sure your swollen up with carrying our child.”

    ࿓ zhongli

    “no more, please, no more…!”

    “we’ll have to have an in depth conversation about your relentless nonsense of whining later,” he so calmly spoke, rubbing his hand against your stomach as his cock kept nudging your cervix, pounding you deeper into your both shared mattress mercilessly without giving you the chance to catch your breathe.

    zhongli wasn’t one to indulge into his selfish desires nor needs, but with you, nothing was certain. you gave him an overwhelming urge to hurriedly claim what he treasured most, give witness to everyone’s eyes whenever they look over your body and see what he’s marked. normally, the very thought of breaking his fragile darling would harshly haunt him, but you were too tempting.

    days like this; where his emotions would control him and unfortunately bare glimpses of how the hunger within the eyes of mortal men rake your body up and down causes him to only rely on you to help him with the frustration of pent-up anger building up within him.

    besides, wasn’t this want you wanted as well? having your pussy stuffed fully with his cock?

    he clawed at the bedsheets beside your head, pushing his length inside further while you cry out how deep it was and how you couldn’t handle so much more, when he certainly knew you could. you’ve done so before, and you will again.

    but even he was reaching his limits; however, he wanted one more, just one more. he wanted to see how your face would contort to pleasure after another orgasm, how your pretty face twists in pleasure while digging your nails into his shoulder of fair skin, warm walls sucking around him, clenching him like your life depends on it.

    “my darling, taking me so well,” with his close proximity you could feel the heat from his body, your legs trembling from the intensity of cumming over his hard length and thighs, his cock twitches inside you at the unholy noise you made from the delicious aftermath.

    everything was too much, nearly unbearable to handle coming from him, but you always found a way to adore what he gave you. his flushed, softened cock leaves your aching cunt, gently rubbing his thumb over the seeping load of both his and your cum.

    “my love, your always so gracious for me.”

    ࿓ diluc

    “you’ve taken it before, and you’ll do it again.”

    “but, I can’t! please, I can’t.”

    “don’t blabber such nonsense,” more whimpers escaped your bruised lips as his cock inches slowly into your soaked cunt while gripping your hips tightly as his chest pressing against your small back, towering over your petite form.

    diluc has always presented himself as an gentlemen with his calm and collected personality. so much so that no one in their right mind would imagine him possessively holding onto someone like you. although, he has his reasonings.

    compared to him, or anyone, you were sadly weak. your smaller frame made you an easy target to everyone who posed a threat to your very being, and diluc being the so kind man he is, locked your in his home to protect you.

    you were grateful, weren’t you? he asked nothing in return for his kindness, only that you become his other half, and you did so amazingly good. but when you whined endlessly about how you couldn’t take the entirety of his cock that pushed through your much smaller pussy, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed by it.

    he didn’t like it one bit, not when you always endured his sweet givings to you like a good girl. crystal clear tears clung onto the tips of your lashes, streaming down your cheeks and from your chin. through your peripheral vision, you catch how pleased he appears with yourself over how stuffed your cunt looks with him hitting deeper inside.

    any whining attitude you had before disappeared within an instant, replaced by unabashed moans. his flushed tip soon leaving your weeping cunt only to push back in even more, brushing harshly against your cervix with an pleasing glint adorning his red shaded eyes.

    warm breathe fanned over your cheek, his hands roaming over every part of your body in slow motions as he watched your thighs trembling and hips going forward in an attempt to flee from his coming onslaught of thrusts. you truly did look adorable.

    “look at you now, clenching on my cock so desperately.”

    ࿓ kaeya

    “you truly are an divine blessing.”

    kaeya breathes we’re heavy and raspy, voice hoarse from whispering your name against your ear, hips rutting nicely onto yours. he’ll press kisses on your neck, spilling praises and ‘I love you’s’ over and over while he thrusts harder.

    even as you grip his hair to try and pull him off you, your begging him to stop since you’ll end up making such a huge mess staining the sheets—for him, he’ll keep going. he had the urge to test your limits repeatedly, seeing how further you could handle his thrusts.

    “I’ll take care of you,” he’ll murmur softly, placing an open mouth kiss onto you lips. “you’re so perfect…” wrapping his arms easily around your small frame, his toned chest fitting perfectly onto yours.

    his usual flirty and teasing attitude was nothing more than him covering up his act. behind that plastered smirk he wore everyday in front of everyone was really him trying to wash away the pain he burdened himself with. truthfully, kaeya believed no one could see right through him and his actions, until you made your way into his life.

    you were something he couldn’t wrap his head around, breaking down his walls and revealing how broken he really was deep down. to him, you were beyond that of even the archons themselves. every lingering touch you laid on him made his being swirl in different directions, your soft words drowning him into an blissful state of tranquility, and how you comforted him after telling you how he hated himself and everything he did.

    there seemed to be no way he could make it up to you for what you’ve done for him, even when he rams his cock into your right hole, praising you for being his one and only for just him. rutting wildly into you, he kissed your forehead and spill his cum inside you over and over and over again until you have a swollen tummy, all filled with his cum, and even then he continued pushing you further passed your limits.

    “flawless…” he murmured, cock twitching as you clench onto harder. you could barely say anything without slurring simple words of pleasure, but that doesn’t matter; he’ll lap up whatever mess you make from your puffy cunt, the drag of his length against your sensitive walls enough to make shy moans leave your lips.

    you cried out when all the sensations became too much to handle. he exhaled shakily at how your walls spasmed all around him, and tightened his bruising grip with his arms upon your waist. your lover was happily fucking you through your ninth orgasm of the night, greatly pleased by how your body responded so positively to him. he didn’t know what to say what he was thinking for you to know.

    finally, kaeya pulled his hips flush against his, and a sound akin to a low whimper left his lips when he emptied his last seeds inside you as a final blooming blow.

    “you came so beautifully, my little darling.”

    ࿓ aether

    “stay still, my love.”

    aether drinks up your moans as he continues to suckle on your nipples, massaging your chest while you sit in his lap. he’s been sucking and abusing them for minutes now, light petals of purple and pink blooming on your skin from his mouth alone.

    “aether..!” you whined softly, and the blonde pulls away with a small pop. he licks his lips while staring at your now swollen nipples. “you’re extra sensitive today, love.” he hums as his fingers flick the delicate numbs.

    “what’s wrong? don’t tell me you’re tired.” he chuckled, smiling when you nodded you head vigorously. “but I still haven’t gotten any milk.” he mumbled out loud, and his grin only widened when you squirmed in his lap.

    it was no secret that you was his spouse, since he would desperately always make time for you since you helped him the moment he stepped foot in Mondstadt. this world he once believed was nothing but down right cruel with their archons and power obsessed people actually did have one person with such a beautiful heart; and he was the right one for you.

    he effortlessly picked you up and laid you across the bed, spreading your legs further apart with his slender fingers as pressed kisses down your chest and stomach. “maybe if I filled you with my cum,” he lifted your dress up and plants an kiss to your soaked panties. “that will give me all the milk for me…”

    the blonde focuses on stimulating you through your thin panties, rubbing light circles on your hips with his thumbs gently. “such cute ones you wore for me… unfortunately, they have to come off.” cold air hits your core as aether ripped off your panties, a soft hum of satisfaction coming from him when he sees how tempting you look.

    he prods softly at your hole, whispering out loud how soft your cunt is squeezing his fingers. you were delightful from his point of view, tears clinging to your lashes and smaller hands compared to his attempting to push him away while his onslaught of pleasuring you was becoming too much.

    everything about you was absolutely alluring in his mind when he saw you in this way. the beautiful expressions was something he thrives off; so erotic you make just only for him; the perfect face that his spouse should be giving him, one that’s overwhelmed and innocent-looking. you look so cute with the way you’re so mindless right now.

    deep down he knew you wanted him to fuck you until your cute hole was abused by his cock, and swollen with his cum bulging your womb.

    aether doesn’t hesitate to pull out his cock and press it against your entrance. he notices how your nervousness lingered in your eyes at the very sight. even after many countless times where he would surprising fit himself into you, that built up panic would rise.

    “shh…it’s going to be okay.” he murmured softly, sealing a sweet kiss onto your lips. “will you allow me to fuck your cute hole?”

    an soft whimper and nod showed him of your acceptance, he pushed his cock inside, your warmness nearly made him cum right then and there. he’ll bring your arms around his shoulders and guide your hips.

    “thats it, love…roll your hips just like that…ngh.” he’ll make sure you feel the entirety of his cock, moans and praises spilling from his mouth about how he can’t wait to see you carrying his child, breasts filled with your milk and starting a little family together in Mondstadt.

    you’ll like that, right? having all his cum inside you, and one day soon holding his child for everyone to witness that he was the one who knocked you up. and him being the good husband that he is, he’ll make sure that happens.

    “can’t wait to fuck you full of my cum…”

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    NSFW Alphabet Event ღ

    I organized all of my requests from this event here:

    Ty all for participating!












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    golden child masterlist //

    disclaimer: all works are nsfw and belong to me. strictly do not repost or translate.


    nothing yet


    nothing yet


    7:50 pm


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    nothing yet


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    7:50 pm


    nothing yet


    nothing yet

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    filthy devil brat
    includes. Childe and fem!reader
    warnings. demon!reader, priest!childe,dubcon, degradation dacryphilia, brat tamer, sadism???, idk what more..

    "I never thought that a priest would be so hot, God must be rolling in his grave because they took his position" you confessed in a mocking voice "Do not speak in such a way about our lord" Childe answers in a serious way while crossing his arm, closing his bible "Your lord..ha .." the demon laughed as she approached her prey.

    "You know sir priest..there are not many good and innocent boys as cute as you, I bet the stress of following your religion must be horrible .." you murmured slowly, while you wrapped his shoulders from behind with a smile "That is not your problem. , and if you want to continue making fun of me, I invite you to go for another idiot if you do not want to end up humiliated before your unpleasant sir "you look at him with surprise" Wow .. I did not know that priests could curse another .. and perhaps .. are you threatening me?"

    "Treat him as you want, I am not interested" you see him walk away, closing the door of his room with a padlock, curious you looked at him making all his journey, you saw how he left his bible on a piece of furniture "mmm .. I treat him as a threat .. that Would you make me little angel? You are just a pathetic human, I could destroy your cock if I wanted to, don't think that your body so ... big and ... wide will scare me "you started to back away when you saw him approaching you, taking off his clothes, while you watched that..that man was strong..not much like your other victims.

    "Filthy devil brat..you like to make fun of innocent believers" he murmured while taking advantage of the fact that you were busy watching the exit, to tie your neck with some chains "What do you think you do ?! Do you know that this will condemn you?" You heard him laugh while he threw you to bed, you were disabled, after all the chain had liquid .. holy water.

    "L-Listen to me! This is wrong, it is against your beliefs ... o-okay? Let go of me and I won't tell anyone! Just let me go please" you whimpered, feeling burns on your neck "poor demon ... maybe you regret everything what have you done? " he laughed as he left holy water on his hands and ran them over the soles of your feet, making you scream "Wha..What do you want from me- ?! I'll give you everything" you whimpered as you tried to escape, but your feet hurt when you walked, so no You could do nothing but beg and lose your pride

    He smiled when he saw your tears, and brought his face to yours to lick them "you're just a dumb whore who wants to be fucked, I'm going to fuck that pathetic brain of yours if you still have it, and I'll make you my own cum pet. "He spat on your cunt while he inserted his cock without preparing you, without anything, to start fucking you watching you twist in pain" I-it hurts a lot! Ta-take it out .. take it out please! I b-beg you " you screamed as you moved on the bed, but he just hit your face to shut you up, and put a cloth in your mouth "I want you to stay quiet, I don't care what you want, bitch"

    He started hitting your entrance with his cock, decaying you inside while he just looked at you with a smile, you were so tight, you were waiting for him, you were waiting for him to fall for your charms and fuck you at once, and he fell anyway, I was using you as a toy so that you were the one who won, I had lost the way of the Lord just because of you. The pain you felt turned into pleasure and after a few minutes it transformed into need and obsession, you moved to feel his cock destroying you, to be able to feel it better, you were begging him to use it as he wanted.

    "You're going to become my stress game, go ... ah! .Yo-you're going to do what I want, if I want you to fuck with other guys you will ... and if I want you to crawl like a cat in heat begging for my cock you will .. you are my property now, I hope that is clear to you, filthy devil brat "

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    I will be posting one new fic / hc / drabble every week!








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    Modern AU headcanons - Childe as your swimming instructor

    Warning: NSFW
    Pairing: Childe x gn reader

    You are going through the preparation for the swimming competition when suddenly your swimming instructor is forced to temporarily take a break from his job. You’re deeply saddened by the news and, with a slight dose of scepticism, await the arrival of the substitute teacher.

    With Childe’s grand entrance, making everyone’s legs turn into jelly and heart pound like a jackhammer, you can’t shake off the impression that the obnoxiously handsome man seems to know jack shit about teaching people how to swim.

    To your great surprise, the rest of the swimming club members do not share your aversion to the drop-dead gorgeous ginger-head.

    The very first time his cerulean orbs rudely size you up, from head to toes, there is a flash of a seductive smirk creeping over his tantalising features. He does not bother hiding it. He continues gawking at you, eyeing up and down as you turn up at the usual spot of the club’s assembly.

    He does quite easily pick up on the ill-blood that you’ve been harbouring towards his persona, and does nothing to get on your better side. In fact, the man has been intentionally igniting the flicker of fire to the point that it has evolved into a raging sea of flames.

    He’s been sashaying around the swimming pool with tight swimming trunks, bringing out the round curve of his sculpted by gods ass. His bare torso demands undivided attention when he demonstrates the proper way to execute different types of swimming strokes.

    Instructor Childe is adored for being always smiley and disgustingly cheerful, especially when he orders you to go for the next lap, because apparently, you didn’t try hard enough.

    „C’mmon Y/N! Have you always been this slow or do you just enjoy when I call you a lazy bum, eh?” He would yell, gesturing at you to go and start all over again.

    He is a people’s person, a social butterfly that attracts attention with his spellbinding charisma. He’s also a sharp one, and knows very well how to make others dance to his tune. Therefore, it does happen in a blink of an eye that your friends from the club start inviting him to your get-togethers. Not wanting to be seen as petty, you do show up at these events. Stiff as a headboard, you do your best to put on a fake smile when instructor Childe fools around like the clown he is, sending others into fits of hysterical giggles.

    Every now and then, his eyes sneak a cheeky peek at you that hits you like a ton of bricks. Your fists clenched so hard that your knuckles turn white. Oh, how satisfying it would be to land a punch or two on this smirking face.

    One particular day, he is exceptionally insufferable, bossing you around like a little kid and persistently shooting these over-confident glances in your direction. He told you to stay after the lesson because you had been late for the practice. When you tried to explain that your bus hadn’t arrived on time he just shrugged you off, dismissively waving his hand.

    „Tee-hee. Do I look like I care, Y/N?” He snickered as he edged closer to you, making you cock your eyebrow in disbelief of his arrogance. „If you have any complaints you can see yourself out.” He challenged, curling his lip in icy content. „I have no time for sissies.” These had been his last words before he spun on his heel and swaggered back to the swimming pool, leaving you as mad as a hornet.

    After all, you’ve been forced to stay longer, taking these extra laps like a champ. However, instructor Childe keeps finding flaws in your form, the practice dragging out to no end due to his stubbornness. It’s very late, and at this rate, you’re worried that you’ll have no other choice but to go back home on foot.

    So, with yet another mockery criticising your form, you’re ready to jump at your instructor’s throat.

    „Oh, fuck you, Childe. You and that crappy training, you can suck it, for all I care.”

    A silence that follows your words gives you time to acknowledge how much you’ve just fucked up. Instructor Childe crosses his arms on his chest and his eyes glimmer with devilish intent. Your legs feel like stones, and the initial thought of walking out on the douche bag of your trainer does not seem to be that easy anymore. Childe gives you a lopsided grin and his eyes drop to the pool behind you.

    „2 more.” He demands, arching a sly brow.
    „No, I –I, look I’m sor-,” you try to reason with him, but he remains unfazed.
    „Fine, let it be 4.”
    „Fucking hell, are you even serious?” With widening eyes, you throw your hands up, helplessly.
    „6. Keep standing there and I’ll make it double, Doll Face.”

    Utterly shocked, both by his rudeness and the audacity to address you using this degrading nickname, you dip into the pool to get over with this ridiculous punishment of his. You’re totally spent, and by the end of the last lap, you can barely catch your breath. Huffing and panting like a steam train, you lift yourself with your arms to get out of the swimming pool. Childe comes over and crouches beside you, extending his arm to help you. Pissed off and sorer than a hooker on a pay-day, you deliberately ignore his friendly gesture, and head to the changing room, trying not to wince in pain with every step you take.

    As you take a shower, you really don’t want to dwell on how obscene and inappropriate this pet name sounded when it rolled off Childe’s tongue, but your head keeps replaying this moment like a Christmas tune on the radio. Wrapped in a towel, you step out of the shower to fetch your clothes from the locker.

    „Get that sexy ass moving, Doll Face. I’m gonna give you a lift since you can’t walk straight anyway.”

    You didn’t see him coming and your stomach makes a double flip, hands immediately grabbing the towel to protect the safety of your body from your instructor’s prying eyes. You turn around to face him, and your lips set in a grim line seeing him so nonchalantly leaning against the wall with his hands in the pockets of his tight blue jeans.

    „It’s the club members’ changing room. What do you think you are doing here?” You snap, your face crimson with fury, or rather embarrassment. Childe juts his chin and his gaze freely roams over your physique, making you feel like an animal on display.
    „Don’t worry, Doll Face. I won’t tell anyone how good you look wearing only a towel.” His unnerving smirk irritates you to no end.

    Hopping mad, you take a step forward determined to make that smile disappear from his face, but you’re halted by the sharp pain in your thigh. The cramping muscle renders your body immovable, and you find it difficult to remain in a standing position. With a grimace of discomfort on your face, your body slumps down to the small bench behind you.

    Within seconds, Childe is at your side. He envelops your thigh with his fingers. Both hands gently cocoon the hurting muscle as he expertly massages the cramping flesh. He is kneeling before you, brows knitted in a frown, and you hate the fact that his face appears to be even more flawless from up-close.

    His cerulean orbs zero in on yours, catching you staring at him. Instead of the usual cheeky smile, the man looks worried. Your gut clenches and your heart starts hammering in your chest. The way he sinks his fingers into the inner side of your naked thigh makes you gasp and you shut your eyes tight, not being able to withstand the mix of fondness and nervousness radiating from his gaze. The pain is already forgotten, it’s just the warm caress of his fingertips wandering freely over your thigh. 

    You think you must have lost your mind. You should push him away, and tell him to stop but you sit there with your eyes squeezed, afraid to make even the tiniest of move that could end this sweet torture. It’s only when you feel a fresh, icy sea air scent that addictively invades all of your senses, do you realise that Childe is inching his face towards you. Every breath you take smells like him, and the moment you finally gather up enough courage to open your eyes, Childe’s tongue is already gently licking over your bottom lip, as if asking for permission to let him in.

    Your body shivers and a swarm of butterflies brews inside of you in excitement. He places his hand underneath your jaw, guiding your face in the direction of his greedy lips. Childe keeps his eyes half-open, wanting to gauge your reaction as he pushes his tongue inside. The man purrs into the kiss mesmerised by how soft your lips feel against his. 

    Childe’s other hand keeps leisurely stroking your thigh, getting dangerously close to your sex. The taste of him silences all your thoughts and you don’t know if it’s your mind tricking you, but Childe’s kiss feels intimate and affectionate. Too affectionate, in fact, and it scares you how much you want him to keep going. When he does let go of your lips he chuckles, adored by the colour of your cheeks and confused eyes.

    „That’s what you get for dropping your guard around me, Doll Face.” he mocks as he straightens up. „Gonna wait for you in the car, don’t take too long.”

    Dumbfounded, you blink your eyes over and over again watching him leave as if he didn’t just kiss you breathless. Having no other alternative, you let him drive you home, listening to him ramble about the most random things the entire way to your place. By the end of the trip, you actually do wonder whether the entire situation wasn’t just a product of your imagination.

    The next day, everything seems to be back to its usual course. Although you have to admit that seeing you limping a bit, Childe does cut you some slack and doesn’t force you to swim an obnoxious amount of extra laps.

    He appears to be in a generous mood, and suggest that you should finish today’s session by relaxing your muscles in the jacuzzi.

    So, when you’re sitting there with two other friends from the club, he decides to join you and gets into the tub, choosing the free spot right beside you. Right off the bat, he begins entertaining his audience, retelling some of his funny stories. When you feel him this close,  your brain involuntarily reminds you of how good of a kisser he is. The mental image of Childe’s face inches from yours makes your cheek turn into a dusty shade of pink.

    Sneakily, Childe slides his hand up your thigh while still talking to your friends. Your body freezes on the spot and heart threatens to jump out of your chest. Your eyes are about to bore a hole in Childe’s forehead with how intense you’re glaring at him, but he doesn’t mind, too busy laughing with the other guys. He keeps stroking the same muscle that caused you so much pain last night, It feels just as good as yesterday too, if not even better.

    „What makes you think you can grope me in front of my friends like that?” You whisper-scream at him when you’re left by the others.
    Childe snickers. „What, does it mean you’re ok with it when we are alone? Tomorrow 8 pm, don’t be late or I’ll make sure that yesterday’s training would be a walk in the park in comparison to what I’ve prepared for you for the next time.”

    So, when you arrive at the swimming pool the following day, instructor Childe is already waiting for you. The entire building is empty and you’re not sure if you’re up for the task of one-on-one practice with Childe. Nevertheless, the ball is already in motion. He remains professional, telling you to keep going for more laps as he normally would. He never fails to notice even the smallest mistake of yours and it ticks you off immensely.

    „How about you race with me then? Let’s see who’s gonna be better.” You blurt out heedlessly, too blinded by anger and a mix of other emotions you don’t want to admit to just yet.
    „Is that a challenge? Ha-hah.” Something in his eyes changes and there is this flicker of excitement dancing in the depths of the cerulean orbs. „Fine, but if I win, you’re gonna do exactly what I tell you to do, no more wussing out, Doll Face. You think you can handle that, huh?”
    You snort, hating how over-confident he is. „If you win, that is. Bring it on.”

    Despite having done your best, Childe finishes victorious three times in a row. After each loss, he would kindly offer you another chance to beat him. Still, he overtakes you without breaking much of a sweat and chuckles heartily seeing the disbelief on your face. Having suffered the third and last defeat, you storm out of the swimming pool with clenched fists and teary eyes. He catches up to you real quick and yanks your shoulder to force you to look at him. You’re in the changing room again, your back hits the lockers behind you when Childe spins your body around. He traps you, placing both of his hands on each side of your head.

    „Where do you think you’re going, Doll Face?”

    His unrelenting stare causes your cheeks to heat up and when you glance down, wanting to avert his feral eyes, your breath hitches and you can’t control the flutter in your groin at the sight of Childe’s rock-hard erection. It’s shockingly big. Your pupils dilate as you keep staring at the man before you with an open mouth. A weak whimper escapes your throat before you can even attempt to stifle it. His long shaft stretches the material of the tight swimming trunks, laying bare the desire that’s been bubbling inside of him right from the very moment you threw him a challenge. Adrenaline rush. So much of it and so intense that Childe nearly forgets to breathe when you wantonly eye-fuck his boner. He can’t recall ever being so horny for anyone in his life. The effect you have on him is insane, makes him want to lock you up in his room and fuck you over and over again.

    „Like what you see?” It’s your fault so you’ll have to take full responsibility here, Y/N.” You swallow hard as his hand grips your shoulder and forces you down, to your knees. „Arms behind your back and mouth open.” He orders, quickly getting rid of the trunks.

    When he releases his cock, it looks even bigger and more intimidating than before. It’s deliciously thick and veiny, with a lovely pink tip that contrasts with the man’s pale complexion. He is so ridiculously perfect that even his dick looks surreal.

    Like the doll he chooses to call you, you do follow his instructions, knowing that you have to keep to your end of the bargain. Your knees drag along the cold surface of the floor tiles and your brows knot as you try to maintain eye contact with the man towering over you. With mouth open and slightly trembling, you wait for his next move. Despite your vulnerable position, there is this gleam of relentlessness and fervour emitting from your darkened eyes. It makes his cock twitch and he moans lewdly, taking his member into the palm of his hand. He starts pleasuring himself with his eyes cast down on your open mouth. He can already feel the warmth of your breath fanning over the tip of his dick as he works his hand along the entire length of his erection. His jaw is clenched and chest heaving.

    „I’m gonna stuff your face full of my dick. Na-ahh–, You gonna look so fucking p-pretty-ahh.”

    He keeps stumbling over his words as needy moans shake his whole being. The salty smell of pre-cum gathering at the tip of his cock surges into your nostrils. It’s mixed with his pleasantly dewy scent, causing your senses to go into overdrive. Small drops of saliva trickle down your face as Childe takes his time getting off to his heart’s content. The impossibly sinful sounds he makes go right into your crotch, each flutter of your contracting walls leaves you more and more frustrated and needy. If he only stood a bit closer, you’d be ready to rub yourself all over his legs to subdue the trails of fire pooling in your lower abdomen.

    „Tongue out.”

    With these last words of command, he forces your head down on his dick and he hits the back of your throat in the process. You gag on him, eyes glistening with tears as he repeats the movement, grunting hoarsely. Childe digs his fingertips into each side of your head, rooting you to the spot so that you don’t have even the slightest chance of escaping his powerful thrust into your drooling mouth.

    „Fuck, ahh-, you’re so fu-fucking beautiful.”

    He cries out, as a single tear rolls down your cheek. You want to cum. You want him to touch you and make you feel good. You let out a choked whine, sending vibrations to Childe’s pulsating member and the man almost spills into your mouth, but he halts his movement abruptly, whole body quivering as his head keeps spinning.

    „Touch yourself for me, Doll Face. You’re gonna cum with me.”

    A loud sob of relief echoes in the changing room when your desperate fingers finally come into contact with your leaking sex. Childe’s nasty comments die in his throat as he is fighting the urge to release his seed upon witnessing how worked up you are just from sucking his dick. He keeps encouraging you to chase your orgasm with him, as his thrusts turn into sloppy, uncoordinated jerks of the hips. 

    He feels like walking on needles, the muscles in his lower abdomen tighten with each slide of his dick into the depths of your wet and pleasantly mellow mouth. Childe’s moves get really chaotic as he greets his teeth, diving into the ocean of want and desire. With a couple of final strokes, you join him in the heavenly moment of finding your release. As you’re swept by the rippling waves of pleasure, Childe ejaculates into your mouth. Thick and heavy liquid spills down your throat, and you milk his cock out for all it’s worth, not wasting a single drop.

     His orgasm is long and physically exhausting. By the end of it, the man can barely keep steady on his feet. Struggling to catch a breath, he sinks to his knees, trembling arms seizing your used body in a desperate embrace. His lips perfectly mould with yours. He didn’t even give you enough time to swallow properly and the rest of his semen ends up on the tip of his tongue. Not moved in the slightest, Childe kisses you stupid, cupping your head in his hands.

    „Let me take care of you, Baby.”

    Utterly spent, your body goes limp in his arms but you can’t deny the tingly feeling in your belly when Childe picks you up and carries you to the shower. He diligently washes both of you, devoting extra time to massaging your over-trained muscles. You don’t have it in you to protest as he leads you to his car. He fastens the seatbelt for you, stealing a short kiss on your nose before starting the engine. Your eyes close against your will, and the next thing you know is the blissful feeling of fresh sheets hugging your body and the warmth of Childe’s breath against your neck.

    The following day, you wake up to the feeling of something hot and wet gliding along your collarbone. You hum as everything around you smells absolutely divine. It’s this fresh and crispy scent of ocean air that calls you back from the world of your dreams. There is a shiver going down your spine, like a falling domino when a wet digit probes against the ring of muscles between your legs. Your eyes crack wide open as the tension intensifies. It’s Childe hovering over you, elbow placed on one side of your head as his finger stretches your entrance. The bottle of lube placed next to your thigh is still open. Drops of liquid languidly seep away, staining the luxurious covers. Through half-lidded eyes, he regards your stunned facial expression, and the corners of his mouth quirk up as he fully dives his finger into your core.

    Childe wants to hurry up. Or maybe, it’s not the matter of want, but urgency, one that he cannot neglect as his cock is betraying him again. The arousing blend of sleepiness and shock painting on your face compels him to claim you as soon as it’s possible. It’s been on his mind for what feels like forever, and the little taste he indulged in yesterday left him starving for more. His finger brushes over the bundle of sensitive nerves inside of you and your fingers dig into the skin of his toned shoulder.

    „Na-ah- f-fuck!”
    „Morning, Doll Face. And here I was hoping to wake you up with my cock.”

    No longer drifting between the state of slumber and consciousness, you’re fully awake and keenly aware of the finger plunging into your core, which makes a flush creep over your face. Your nails scrape over Childe’s porcelain flesh, leaving red blotches of irritated skin and the man hisses, obsessed with the stinging sensation. He looks frantic, eyes feeding on your helpless reaction when he decides to reach out for the bottle of lube, and pours a generous amount of it on your sex. It’s cold, causing the little hair on your skin to stand erect as you quiver before him with a displeased frown on your forehead. The man chuckles, but it slowly morphs into a guttural growl when his second digit is swallowed whole by your throbbing opening. Harmoniously, you cry out together with him, as all the blood rushes into the depths of your groin. Childe hooks his fingers toward your belly, eliciting a stream of profanities from your still sore from yesterday throat. 

    Childe is getting impatient. He knows that if you continue making all of these lewd noises he might just as well shoot his wad untouched. Brutally, he removes his fingers, leaving you clenching around nothing. You clasp your thighs, hoping to get rid of the pulsating feeling inside, but Childe will not allow any of that. He yanks your thigh and places it over his shoulder. His hand on your hip forcefully pushes you into the mattress, making it virtually impossible to squirm out of his merciless clutch. He positions himself, the tip of his thick shaft easily getting through the taut sealing of your hole. Childe’s head slumps forward, breathing ragged, as he curses you for being too tight. Determined to fill you up to the brim, he further pushes into your velvety walls, which try to accommodate his abnormally big member.

    „P-please, ahh-h, stop!”

    The plea for pity is followed by your hands latching onto his lower abs to stop him from moving. Your eyes glossy with tears as Childe’s member stretches you to your limits. But all too vivid memories from yesterday cause you to hyperventilate. You wouldn’t be able to take his powerful thrusts like you did pleasing him with your mouth. Childe becomes mindful of your panic and stills his lower body, cock twitching, only half of it buried in your heat. He shudders, veins on his neck popping due to the knot that has formed in his groin. He leans in, nose brushing over yours, as his cerulean orbs disarm you. The tenderness dancing in Childe’s pupils thaws the icy walls that you’ve built around yourself. Your fingers relax, lightly ghosting over the hard surface of his abdominal muscles.

    „H-hey, Baby,” his half-moan, half-whisper creates a lump in your throat and you swallow thickly as he continues in this heart-melting manner, „I just want to make you feel good, mhmm-, want t-to to make you cum as hard as you made me.”

    It’s devastating. Your soul shatters like a piece of broken glass and, you just nod in agreement. The anxiety from earlier has dissipated into thin air. Childe dips his cock into you, inch by inch, with his forehead resting on yours. He mumbles words of praise, looking at you, gauging your face as if he was looking for the smallest traces of pain, but this time, there are none. You’re panting, allowing him to claim you as he finds it fit. 

    Once he bottoms out, he gives himself some time to get his shit together as he’s on the edge of coming. Your walls hug him just too firmly and the fantasy he’s replayed in his head for countless of times is finally no longer an illusion. You give him a gentle squeeze on his butt to let him know that you’re ready. Carefully, he repositions his pelvis and begins rocking his hips. Each rub of his dick over your g-spot is like a downward spiral to the blossoming in your core orgasm.

    „B-baby, nah-ahh-, I can’t, c-can’t,” he tries to deliver a rational sentence but his brain malfunctions as any coherent thought is swallowed up by the promise of the nearing ecstasy. „Can’t go on a-any longer, p-please, ahh,” his voice cracking each time his dick nestles deep in your fluttering hole, but he wants to reach his high with you so, he carries on pleading against your ear, „I’m s-sorry but, f-fuck, nahh-ah-, we need to be quick about that today, Baby.”

    You moan his name, your back arches and toes curl when the dam in your abdomen breaks abruptly, releasing the waves of pleasure surging through your being. With a couple of final thrusts, Childe joins you, pounding frantically into you as he rides out his orgasm. Your hips push back into his spasming member and you cry out even louder when his cum floods your sex. Lost in the moment of pure bliss, Childe rams into you for the last time before his hips go rigid.

    „I love you.” He whispers with his eyes squeezed, shuddering helplessly. „I love you, fuck.” He goes again, sounding almost angry or frustrated, you can’t really tell. You can’t answer either. Words do not come out of your throat, no matter how much you’d like to say it back. You think you must have imagined all of it. Childe collapses on top of you, head resting on your chest as his arms scoop you closer, as close as he only can.
    „Next time I promise I’ll do better than that, Baby.” He chuckles, nuzzling his nose against your chest. He feels like a teenager who has no control over his dick in front of his crush.

    His heartfelt giggle makes your stomach sink, and you become teary-eyed again. Did he say next time? With eyes shut tight, your fingers bury into the softness of his ginger hair and, the man purrs. Shiver after shiver, stroke after stroke, he lets himself forget about the days when you weren’t here to make him this happy.

    After the initial struggle to get out of bed, as Childe claims that you don’t need more education, he prepares a quick breakfast and drives you to the university. You’re already late to your morning classes, but he refuses to let you get out of the car unless you kiss him „like you mean it”, which results in you making out in the car park behind the university. With cheeks of beetroot colour and an accelerated heartbeat, you rush to your morning lecture. The day passes by uneventfully. Your mind is going in circles, time and time again looping around Childe and everything about him.

    When you arrive at the swimming pool for your daily practice, a group of your friends is waiting for you in the changing room. One of them pats your shoulder and gives you a knowing smile, leaving you utterly confused.

    „So, you and Childe are dating?”

    Your break in a cold sweat and blink owlishly, wondering how they managed to find out so quickly. Taken aback and totally unprepared for any confessions, you shake your head in denial, shooting them the most disgusted look that you’re able to fake.

    „Have you lost your mind? As if! I’d never be interested in someone like him.” You laugh out hysterically. Perhaps, this answer wasn’t meant to convince your friends, but a lie that you chose to believe yourself.

    Anxiously, you observe how the colour drains out of your friends’ faces and their eyes dart in the direction of the door behind you. When you turn around, your pupils flare and, there is a line appearing between your eyebrows. It’s physically painful to see Childe’s disappointed and almost dull-like stare focusing on you. His eyes narrow and your heart misses a beat.

    „Hurry up. I’m not going to wait for all of you like some fucking damsel in distress.” He warns, his voice, despite the threat hanging behind his words, seems hollow.

    Scared stiff, you can’t even recall how you changed into your swimwear and finally got to the pool. Childe doesn’t spare you a glance when you walk by his uninterested persona. You can notice that the cerulean orbs lack their usual gleam appearing dull and empty.

    Eaten by regret, you mess up each task, falling behind others like a rookie, not a professional preparing for the next week’s competition. Childe does not reprimand you, nor does he correct your mistakes. He behaves as if you were not even there.

    At some point, the practice is interrupted by Childe’s fellow swimming instructor. Out of breath, he runs up to him and whispers something to his ear. Childe’s arms drop to his sides as his eyebrows draw together, alarmed by the news he’s just received. Without a word of explanation, he gathers up his things and proceeds to hurriedly leave the pool. You are bewildered, the sinking feeling in your stomach gets even worse and it makes you feel nauseous.

    „The practice will be carried out without instructor Childe. I’ll be taking over him for the time being.”  

    You can hardly register the voice of the man standing right in front of you. It’s like your soul has left your body and the sensations of numbness and void paralyse you.

    In the following days, Childe is nowhere to be seen. You come to realise that the substitute instructor is a poor replacement for the man that has been driving you hard to help you reach your goal. The competition is just a few days ahead and, you’re stuck. The practice sucks, and you can’t make yourself give it your all when Childe is not around to motivate you. The mental state you’re currently in, makes you want to curl up in the corner and cry at your stupidity.

    You would gladly sell your kidney to go back in time and bite your fucking tongue as you should have done in the first place. To make the matters worse, you don’t even have his phone number. Having no better alternative, you decide to go to his apartment and hesitantly knock at the door. It’s all futile, he isn’t home. Pathetically, you wait and wait in front of his door for long hours. Childe’s neighbours walk past your hunched body, giving you side-looks full of animosity.

    „Are you perhaps looking for Childe?”

    A tall handsome man with long black hair and gold eyes stops before you. You blink twice before you shake your head slightly. You’re exhausted and on the verge of crying but, his soft smile lifts your mood, even if just a little.

    „I’m Zhongli, his friend. I think your name must be Y/N. Am I right?” With a glimmer of hope in your eyes, you nod at the man, rising to your feet.
    „Childe was forced to go back to his home town as his little brother Teucer got a little bit ill. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Would you like to drink some tea with me? I happen to have a spare afternoon. I’ve wanted to meet you for quite some time now.”
    With a trembling chin and welled-up eyes, you lunge at the strange man, hugging him tightly and refusing to let go. „Thank you, thank you, thank you,” you keep repeating as he laughs out merrily, reassuringly placing his hands on your shoulders.

    It’s the day of the competition. With leaden legs, you walk around the jumping platform, waiting for the referee to give the contestants a sign to prepare for the race. Your heart keeps hammering in your chest and you can’t calm down the tremors disempowering your whole body.

    „Hey, Doll Face!” The familiar nickname echoing in the swimming pool jams the loud cheers of spectators gathered around you.

    It’s the sound of his melodious voice that makes your eyes dart around the audience in desperate search of its source.

    „Over here!” Childe shouts louder, waving in your direction.

    Your skin prickles and heart stops beating for a few agonizing seconds, but eventually, you find the shimmering cerulean orbs among the crowd of people. Your hand covers your mouth in a gesture of relief and shock.

    „Hurry up, Doll Face. Don’t make me wait for you. Go and get them!” He screams for the last time before the onset of the race.

    Fuelled by the need to feel him close again, you swim like a madman, leaving everyone behind. You go as fast as you can, but not because of the desire to win. It’s the promise of brushing your lips over his and cradling him up in the safety of your arms where he’ll never slip away from you again.

    Finishing victorious, you hurriedly get out of the swimming pool. Childe has already jumped over the railing in a rush to offer you a helping hand. He lifts you and your wet body clings to him, ruining the clothes he’s wearing. Childe doesn’t mind, though, scooping you closer to him as he places a kiss on your scalp, inhaling the mix of your favourite shampoo and chlorine. It feels so domestic. He thinks it’s perfect, like the missing piece of the puzzle he’s been too blind to notice he needed. Your arms circle around his waist and you bury your head in his chest.

    “I’m sorry! I love you Childe, s-sorry, I-I–,” you wanted to apologise, explain everything to him but, you can’t, gulping back sobs, your fingers grasp the wet fabric of Childe’s t-shirt.

    Your shoulders go up and down, chest heaving as you choke on your cries. The two of you standing there, in the middle of the swimming pool full of people. Tears start streaming down your face. There are voices in the distance. Some reporters flashing their cameras in your direction, sensing a good material for the front pages of some gossip rag. Childe protectively swathes your swollen from tears face with his arms, the palms of his hands stroking your damp hair in the process.

    “Shushh, Baby. Don’t open your eyes. These lights are going to blind you.” He swallows hard, sensing that perhaps the wetness gathering in the corners of his eyes has little to do with the camera flashes.
    “Who is that? Can I ask you a couple of questions?” 

    The nosy journalist attacks you and Childe, fishing for more details concerning the background of the winner of today’s competition.

    “It’s my boyfriend.” You answer, peering up at Childe through your wet lashes. “And I love him.” You repeat the confession from before, this time more audibly, not bothering with the confused man and his shitty interview. 

    Childe’s heart skips a beat, and it’s like the ground has just moved from under his trembling feet and, he is falling. Falling harder than ever before.

    “I’m taking you home.” 

    He takes off his jacket and throws it over your shoulders, attempting to cover your reddened cheeks. There is a playful smile on his face, the one that used to make you seethe with rage. 

    “Still, you’ll need to ask me out properly, Doll Face. I haven’t agreed to be your boyfriend, yet.” 

    He side-glances and, your eyes meet, and then the skin around your eyes crinkles, bodies gently shaken by the little quivers as the laughter swells in your love-filled chests.

    Other boys:
    Zhongli  as your History professor
    Other series:
    Thigh job with Genshin boys
    Going out on a date with Genshin boys
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  • nyx-does-stuff
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Dottore but he’s submissive and breedable, idk why I even added the Choker in the first place but it makes him look like a manwhore so it’s fine, if diluc is wine man in day and batman at night, dottore is mad doctor at day and a manwhore at night <3
    #il dottore#illustration #genshin impact dottore #dottore #dottore x reader #dottore smut#dottore genshin#genshin hcs#genshin fanfics#genshin fanart#genshin art #genshin impact fanart #childe #childe genshin impact #scaramouche#scaramouche genshin #genshin impact x reader #genshin fandom#genshin fatui #this man is so sexy Mihoyo don’t ruin him
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  • axehatesyou1
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hello! Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself; my name is Axel and my pronouns are they/them. I will block anyone who is homophobic, racist, or transphobic. Now onto what is important, I will be writing for;

    Genshin Impact

    My hero academia

    Attack on Titan

    Jujutsu Kasien

    Once I watch more animes I will update my list. Feel free to drop requests or just some thoughts

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  • kxxaeya
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    What kind of kinks I think genshin boys would have PT 1 [18+]

    Role play…….. need I explain cmon
    Would love the feeling of you pretending to be a little tiny villain, while he plays the hero, capturing you and taking you into ‘custody’ aka, being strapped to the bed with some handcuffs while he rules over you.

    “Well well, looks like this little game of cat and mouse is finally up, going to try and fight back? Or better yet, you should stand down with no complaints and I might just go easy on you, little pet.”

    Praising and, or body worship.
    Littering your body with warm kisses while he tells you how amazing you are, you make him feel so good, pleasing him so good.
    And when you praise him back, no matter who’s in charge in the moment, he would feel so appreciated.

    “So good darling, you always know what to do to make me feel great. Do you feel good too? I hope I can make your body be filled with pleasure. My perfect little love.”

    Edge play, edging your body to see what limits it can go too so he can learn everything about the human body.
    He’d want to know all the feelings you can experience just by his own touch, tell him what it feels like so he can do it more.
    Would hold off your orgasm while he jots down every about it, ignoring your pleas to for him to keep going.

    “How does this feel? Good, just stay still for a little while longer. It’ll all be over soon, i just want you too feel as best you can, wether that be after i experiment this body of yours. Which will of course take time…”

    Erotic humiliation, wanting to see just how much he can turn you on with his voice. Would go to further ends and tie you up and see if he can make you cum by his words.
    Calling you names like whore, fuck toy, cock slave, and any others that make him sound as if he’s in control.
    You should just be a good toy and behave while he degrades you with love.

    “Your hands are tied bitch, there is no chance for you to untangle them. Why don’t you just sit still like a good little cum slut while I have my ways with you?”

    Maybe impact play, loving when his large rough hands leave red marks all over you body.
    Just seeing you cower down below him with your ass painted with his hand prints, also leaving some love bites all down from you chin to your neck.

    “God, I love it when your ass bounces back after I spank it. How does it feel? Does it sting? Aww, well, that is kind of my main intention dear.”

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact smut #genshin impact x reader smut #genshin x reader #childe x reader #scaramouche x reader #albedo x reader #kaeya x reader #kazuha x reader
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  • liyeus
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    hello hello im so bored and uninspired right now so please send me thirsts i promise i'll write most of them hehe~

    #childe smut#diluc smut#zhongli smut#genshin smut #genshin x reader smut #genshin impact smut
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  • genshin-lovers
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    the only time zhongli is allowed to bottom is if it’s because childe has never topped before and so he comes like, immediately

    #admin dain #this is a joke #you can headcanon characters however you want #zhongli#zhongli smut#childe#childe smut#genshin smut#zhongchi#genshin impact
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  • beidous-boobs
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #genshin smut #🍬 – thoma #🍬 – diluc #🍬 – childe #//🍬 phone sex
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  • key201303
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pairing: Bestfriend!Jangjun x reader

    Word count: 1812 words

    Warnings: mentions of alcohol, mentions of getting drunk

    Genre: best friends to lovers AU, confession AU, college AU, fluff

    Plot: Finally, after a year of rejecting every single invitation you have received to go to a party and after Jangjun spent an entire week to convince you to go there with him, you accept. Now you find yourself locked in the male’s dorm of the college with everyone drinking loads of alcohol and your best friend being drunk. But he has been keeping a secret for the last few years and alcohol is not always the secrets’ best friend.

    A/N: Here is the first fic for the #FallingIntoAutumn event from @kdiarynet ❤ Hope you guys enjoy it ❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @ailoveyuta @lost-inthedream (let me know if you want to be added!)


    “Please please please pleaseeeeeeeeee.” Jangjun kept saying, grabbing your arm and pulling you back into his arms as both of you walked around the college campus, heading to the library like every Wednesday. You and Jangjun were what dictionary defined as best friend/inseparable even though you could be considered soulmates by some experts. You have known each other ever since you had conscience, your mom and his being best friends and making you both become one as well. You both have always been really united. Wherever he went, you walked behind him closely. Whatever you did, he did the same a few seconds ago just to copy you. You both even went to the same college and were majoring in the same career because yes, that’s how close you are with each other. But years passing by has made you both a little bit different from each other.

    Jangjun, as soon as you both started college, made friends pretty fast and loved attending every single party that took place in the campus. You weren’t surprised though, he has always been that kind of person to always have that good vibe everyone wants to get themselves involved in and he was the type of person to always be surrounded by people. You, unlike him, enjoyed the quiet and nerdy side of life more, never wanting to go to crowded places like parties and having just a few more friends apart from him. None of you complained about each other’s life decisions though. If Jangjun wanted to hang out with other people or go to parties you were fine with it and if you wanted to spend the whole weekend with your face buried in books to get the best scores, he was fine as well. He was fine until you wanted to hang out with boys without him. You have noticed a few times he was really reluctant to let you go out with boys if he was not there to “protect” you, or at least that’s what he said. You didn’t pay much attention to those details though, not only because you hardly ever hung out with boys but also because in your own world it was completely impossible that someone like Jangjun were in love with someone like you. Yes, you could be in love with him and have the biggest crush ever on him but it was impossible that he felt the same way towards you.

    “Please come with meeeeee!! We’re going to have so much fun I swear.” He kept saying, knocking you out of your thoughts. “I said I’m not going to go to a stupid Fall party. You know how much I hate parties.” You finally said, getting rid of his grip on your arm and walking away from him. “Come on! Why can’t you just do me a favor for once in your life??” He said, running towards you and grabbing your arm once again. “Excuse me? Do I have to remind you of all the favors I have always done for you and how you never did any for me?” You said, looking at him with an upset gaze. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” He said, letting go of your arm and removing his gaze from yours, perfectly knowing what you were talking about. “Okay let’s make a deal. I’ll go to the party if you come with me to the literature club.” You said, stretching your hand out and waiting for him to seal the deal. “What???? Nah uh, I ain’t going to that boring place.” He said, crossing his arms on his chest, clearly not ready to accept your offer. “Then I ain’t going to that party either.” You said, taking your hand back and restarting your march towards the library. “Wait! When do I have to go?” He said, almost giving in to the deal. “Sunday.” You said with a wide and teasing smile. “What? You know I go to watch the football match every Sunday!!” He complained. “Then I won’t go to the party.” You said, knowing he would give in just because he wanted so damn bad to go to that party. The point where you got slightly lost was on why he wanted so bad to go there with you. “Fine, you win.” He finally says, giving you his hand to seal the deal. “As always.” You said with a proud smile as you shaked his hand.

    The day finally arrived. You had to admit you were feeling more excited about the party than you ever thought you would be. You couldn’t tell if it was because Jangjun asked you to go with him, making you feel like you were actually dating, or if it was that he was starting to infect you with his social butterfly personality. You denied the first one even though deep inside your heart you knew that the 16 year old crush you had on him was nothing temporary and that it remained intact inside your heart though. “Are you going to take longer?? You said you wouldn’t get too much done!! You didn’t even want to come!” Jangjun’s voice from downstairs knocked you out of your own world. “Stop complaining! You were the one wanting me to go with you, now carry on with the consequences!!” You answered back, finishing the last details of your delicate outfit.

    “Wow.” Those were the only words Jangjun managed to say when he saw you walking down the long stairs. He tried to cover his red ears with his dark hair but the beautiful gleam of admiration at the person standing in front of him that appeared out of the blue, betrayed him making you blush a little. “We should get going, don’t we?” You shyly said, trying to break the uncomfortable atmosphere that was created all of a sudden. You didn’t know how to act in those kinds of situations with Jangjun. He was your life time best friend after all and whenever you both felt flustered because of the obvious love tension that has been growing between you two through the years, none of you knew how to react or treat each other. “Oh, yeah, sure.” He said, shaking his head, trying to erase all the sinful thoughts that appeared on his mind as soon as he saw you.

    Once you arrived at the dorms where the party was taking place, you had to admit it was beautifully decorated. Big and beautiful lamps hanging on the ceiling, a few pumpkins decorating some of the tables, a beautiful red carpet covering the wood floor. What a pity all that would be damaged once the real party started.

    As soon as hours started to go by, the beautiful scenery you saw when you arrived, slowly turned into an American movie college party. Chips and popcorn were spread all over the beautiful red carpet, the dim orange lights that the beautiful lamps gave were now replaced by colorful and flashing lights typical of clubs and the beautiful pumpkins that once decorated the table were now replaced by tons of glasses full of cider and some other alcohol you couldn’t tell what it was. ‘You wanna dance?’, ‘Holy shit, you’re so pretty, wanna hang out someday?’, ‘Do you have a boyfriend? ‘Cause I can be yours if you want from now on.’ Tons of different questions towards you but a simple and same answer to all of them. ‘No.’

    You asked yourself where the hell did Jangjun go an hour ago when he said he was going to the kitchen to grab you a glass of water. At this point, you weren’t thirsty at all and all you wanted to do was go back home. “Damn girl! Was your dad a grill master? Because you are sizzling!” A random boy said as he passed in front of you. You just rolled your eyes annoyed until a familiar face and voice came into the boy's frame. “Leave her alone you idiot. She’s my girlfriend.” Jangjun struggled to say. His red cheeks and difficulty to create a coherent sentence clearly let you know he was drunk. But he saved you from having to deal with an annoying ass with pick up lines so you didn’t complain a lot until he sat down on the couch next to you and threw an arm around your shoulders to pull you closer to him. “What are you doing?” You whispered, not wanting others to hear your conversation with him. “Saving you, baby.” He said, smiling and laughing like an idiot, you guessed it was the 7 cups of cider he drank already. “Have I ever told you how pretty you are and how much I like you (Y/N)?” He added, getting a bit closer to your body, making you feel slightly uncomfortable. You knew you had been dreaming with that compliment coming from his lips for so many years but you didn’t want it to come out in that situation when he wasn’t conscious at all of what he was saying. “Jangjun, stop saying stupid things. You’re drunk.” You said, pulling yourself a bit away from his arms, and looking into his eyes to find a sign of him not really meaning what he just said. “I’m not drunk! I swear I like you a lot! Ever since we were in middle school actually!” He said, a pout appearing on his lips as he crossed his arms on his chest like a kid. You really tried hard to find a sign that could let you know that he was just a drunk idiot saying stupid things but you couldn’t find any. “Why are you so blind? I have always liked you! That’s why I never dated anyone idiot!!” He kept saying, trying to convince you of his words. What could you do right now? Reject the boy you have always dreamt about just because he was slightly drunk? It was the only opportunity you would have to do something and confess your feelings as well. You hated it had to be like this, you hated none of you had enough courage to confess your feelings when you weren’t at a party and drinking alcohol but it was now or never. “I like you too…” You finally said. You could feel a heavy weight lifting from your chest as those words came out of your lips, and you could tell by the way Jangjun laid back into the couch that he could also feel that heavy weight lifting after so many years.

    The way you both confessed to each other might not be the best way but now, 2 years later of having a beautiful relationship with him and being happier than you have both ever been, you regret absolutely nothing about that party or the way you both confessed.

    #kdnfallbingo#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fluff#kpop smut#golden child #golden child x reader #golden child imagine #golden child fluff #golden child smut #gncd #gncd x reader #gncd fluff#gncd smut#golcha #golcha x reader #golcha fluff#golcha smut #golden child jangjun #golden child jangjun x reader #golden child jangjun fluff #golden child jangjun smut #gncd jangjun#golcha jangjun#lee jangjun #jangjun x reader #jangjun fluff#jangjun smut
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  • literallyajax
    14.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    ❀; ꜱᴍᴜᴛ

    ♛; ꜰʟᴜꜰꜰ

    ✦; ᴀɴɢꜱᴛ

    ❣; ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴꜱ/ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ





    ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇᴅ - ʙᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴜ ❣


    ʀᴜɴɴɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ✦


    ᴅɪʟᴜᴄ ʀᴀɢɴᴠɪɴᴅʀ

    ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴜɴ ɢᴏᴇꜱ ᴅᴏᴡɴ - ʙᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴜ ❣

    ᴋᴀᴇᴅᴇʜᴀʀᴀ ᴋᴀᴢᴜʜᴀ 

    ᴋᴀᴇʏᴀ ᴀʟʙᴇʀɪᴄʜ




    ʟᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ ꜱᴛᴇᴀᴍ ❀✦





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  • go-ask-ash
    14.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Chapter Five-


    Link back to the original story on AO3 here


    As a River Carves Through Mountains, a ZhongChi love story 🔸💧


    Zhongli is Morax.

    I’m in love… with Morax.

    Childe’s thoughts raced with images of the white hooded figure often depicted in the Liyuan art and tapestries: arms black as coal painted with golden veins, long fingers ending in sharp dragon’s claws.

    A warlord. A conqueror. A god.

    Realization burst to life in Childe’s mind:

    Zhongli’s eyes shining like pure cor lapis, his calm, unshakable demeanor, his incessant knowledge of all things in Liyue, his underlying prowess and ability in battle.

    That fucking statue.

    Childe cursed his obliviousness. Who was he? Reduced to acting like some empty-headed barmaid, swooning over an unobtainable prize? He’d never felt so small and insignificant in his entire life. All the accomplishments, the accolades, the victories he had amassed in his lifetime, they were meaningless in comparison to the most ancient of Archons.

    A lump formed in his throat.

    The most ancient of Archons, who with silken whispers and lavished in kisses, had said he loved him.

    Childe was a goddamned fool.


    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! This was my favourite chapter to write! 🔥🔥 Hope everyone is still enjoying!

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  • wisteria-writings
    14.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    genshin kink hcs pt. 2

    part 2 of part 1, linked here

    warnings: nsfw, smut, filth...

    minors dni



    heh- just let me show you~

    Sweet words pour down from his lips, heavily contradicting the rough pace of his hips, his dick all but abusing your poor, tender cunt and sensitive nerves.

    "What a good girl," he purrs, slithering an arm around your stomach to feel the slight tummy bulge. "You're taking me so well~"

    You can hardly think, your entire mind ensnared in the onslaught of pleasure he's subjecting you to.

    He loves loves loves to press down on your belly; loves to feel the way his cock makes such a pretty little imprint in your skin, loves the way your eyes roll back and the way a throaty moan tumbles from your lips when he traces the bulge.

    He also likes to lick. Whether he's behind you or in front of you or whatever, he'll lean forward and lick the sweat from your shoulders/collarbones/wherever he can reach. You just taste so fucking delectable...

    "Such an obedient little girl, all for me, hmm?"


    Kazuha's so into facesitting you don't even know-

    The moment both of you are in the bedroom he's already on the bed, urging you to take your clothes off and come sit on his face already.

    He'll grip your thighs tight, loving the way they tremble around his head. He also loves the view of your breasts bouncing as you grind on him, loves the way your face goes slack when he rolls your clit just right.

    And the taste of you- Celestia- he could get drunk off your taste. He'd drink it all day if he could, loves the somewhat bitter taste that's so wholly you.

    He can cum (untouched) just from you sitting on his face. But even after he comes, he'll still be hot and bothered, like a bunny as he arranges your boneless body on the bed so he can take care of you like you deserve.

    "You taste so good, Y/N. You can give me more, can't you?"


    Ningguang is all about control.

    She'll have a strap deep within you. It's one she crafted herself, made of the finest jade and stone.

    And while the strap is moving within you, she'll manipulate the rock with her Geo abilities, cooing over how cute you look drooling all over the blankets.

    loves to pry your legs or ass open to watch the way her strap slides in and out of you.

    She'll also keep her gloves on sometimes, dragging the pointed nails over your body and nipples to watch your shudder and jolt.

    She knows how to play your body like an instrument, and archons does she do it well.

    "Louder, darling. I can't quite hear you~"


    Albedo will ask you to run a few experiments with him, and you'll know instantly what he means.

    He wants to tie you up and push you to your very limits.

    He'll lap at your weeping cunt, press vibrator after vibrator over your erogenous spots, explore every inch of your body with an intense scrutiny to see if he can discover any new ones.

    He'll stretch you out to see how far you can go, play with only your nipples for hours on end to see if you can cum just from that- and if so, how many times you can cum before you start to blubber and beg and sob for him to stop.

    And through it all, he'll be asking you questions about the experiment, asking you exactly how you feel when he does this?

    And, well, if you can't answer, he has no choice but to redo the trial, right?

    "You don't know? Well then, we'll simply have to redo it. Pay attention this time."


    Childe is a sucker for pain. Slap him around and call him a filthy little slut and he's a wide eyed whimpering mess.

    Be as rough as you want. He can take it. Pull his hair hard, bite him all over, leave angry red scratches over his body and nipples, tug on his cock, slap his sensitive thighs...

    He loves the way you treat him, can't help the curl of arousal in his gut when you glare at him with that disgust in your eyes.

    He knows, also, that if that pretty little word falls from his bruised lips, you'll stop immediately. You'll take his bonds away, soothe his burning skin, massage his sore muscles, kiss his tears away and praise him for being a good boy.

    That's why he lets you do it. Because he trusts you, and that's just so hot to him.

    "P-please! Y/N! M-more! Ngh- I- I can take it!"

    #genshin#genshin smut#genshin impact #genshin x reader #childe smut #childe x reader #childe x reader smut #genshin x reader smut #genshin impact x reader smut #genshin impact smut #zhongli x reader smut #zhongli x reader #zhongli #albedo x reader #albedo smut #albedo x reader smut #ningguang #ningguang x reader #ningguang x reader smut
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