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  • slavet0thegrind
    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Since it's almost Halloween, I give you a collection of some of my fav bands in KISS makeup

    Steve Brown as Paul Stanley:

    PJ Farley as Peter Criss (and his brother as Paul Stanley):

    Dimebag Darrell and Snake Sabo as Ace Frehley (With Ace Frehley):

    Sebastian Bach as Ace Frehley:

    #feel free to add cuz i tried to find more but couldn't #anyhow uh yeah the trixter childhood pictures are the cutest ever i don't make the rules #steve brown#pj farley#trixter#snake sabo#sebastian bach#skid row#dimebag darrell#pantera#kiss band#kiss#paul stanley#ace frehley#peter criss
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  • theywillallbeyourfriends
    23.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Look, I'm terrible at the flying race. Much better at the sliding one. I never get to the bottom of the hill first...

    But at least I know I'd beat Jack! I'd be not-last for once, but that's hardly fair, winning against someone who doesn't know what they're doing. I'd feel pretty rotten if that happened to me.


    I think the ones less used to flying wouldn't take it so hard.


    Someone else can show them the races, and I'll be the last one to reach the bottom like I always am. But it would be fair, at least. And it's plenty of fun, no matter how long it takes to get there.

    #sky: children of the light #sky: cotl #that sky game #koulakani#ROTG #Season of Childhood #the Skids would ABSOLUTELY smoke Jack in the races #and everybody else but I feel like Jack would take it more personally given that like. how TF you beat JACK FROST... SLEDDING.
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  • sour-apple-juice
    23.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    I just want to be able to forget they did that to me

    But I know I have to remember to heal- even the stuff I don't yet remember

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  • beautifulmagick
    23.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Not me realizing Scream 1 came out in 1996 and remembering I first watched it at a sleepover party after it came out on vhs. So like 1997 or 1998. When I was like 11. What was the 90s?

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  • fireshot
    23.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    childhood friend aus.  

    it doesn’t HAVE to be just inazuma muses either -- ~  would anyone be interested?

    #*°:⋆ₓₒ 𝘊𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘦 𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 / ooc post #I like plotting back stories for how characters met #and childhood friends always seems the easiest route
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  • pynkhues
    23.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    I need Retta and Reno as romantic leads in a romcom together.

    #i want them as like #childhood friends who married other people #and reconnect after their respective divorces #and have to learn to love again #gg 1.09 #gg rewatch 2021
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  • fuckingfish1234
    23.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Not to be that guy but I want to give c!eryn multiple sets of eyes. My reasoning? None. Absolutely no reason at all except he's just a funky lad.

    But on the other hand of the spectrum I want to take it the tommy and tubbo 'just kids on the server' route and make him so human

    #dream smp#eryn #like not to be that guy but FUCK goat tubbo man #its cool i guess but like. #ehhh... #i dont like it #- villainises c!tubbo in relation to shlatt #- takes away his humanity #- unessesarily angsty?? why did you do this???? hes fine anyway bro #- weird animal instinct stuff. this fandom does it s o m u c h #- dadsparklez or whatever thst eas #was* #like dude imagine one day people start headcannoning your oc as being your childhood youtubers son #like ?????? #plus human tubbos got so much going for him!! #+ hes done so many jobs but hes still just a human kid #+ it doesnt associate him as one of the harmful figures in his life #+ its really cool!! like this kid is smart and good at fighting and you want to make him a GOAT?? #like dude cut him some slack okay #idrk #its fine if people draw him like this but when headcannon gets mixed with actual cannon #qnyway draw what u guys want but im having thoughts okay
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  • palukoo
    23.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago
    #asks#answered #ahh wait you changed ur url #beecoto#amy gardner #fun fact this is also probably as blatant as ive gotten on here as far as shit ive completely made up abt her childhood #tww
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  • corvianbard
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Give up your childhood And break fantastical falsehood, My dear Red Riding Hood.

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  • quanxui
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i finished a short manga with a shoujo type of art last night and it was like reading a wattpad story.... insane

    #the plot was very wattpad and the art style was very 00s shoujo. the combo made it very wattpad #the plot: a s girl is dating her childhood friend who has a twin but the twin lives somewhere else with the dad cause the parents divorced. #she thinks the twin hates her cause he pushed her down the stairs. anyways on the week of her birthday the boyfriend died saving her #from a street accident. and then the twin appeared and said it was her fault the bf died so he'll make her pay for it. #he moved to her school and started dressing up and acting like the bf and then he'd do some /s*xual torture/ with the girl #(they did as much as shoujo-manga art style could provide them hahaha) and then the girl and the twin were all confused because apparently #the twin only pushed her because he liked her and the bf knew the twin liked her all along bla bla bla i like u. u like me. #woe! we shouldn't like each other it's our fault the bf dieeeeed huhu #ako
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  • symphony7inamajor
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    discovering i am two degrees of separation from the boston bruins head coach. that’s the o-town lifestyle i suppose.

    #my dad’s work friend is childhood friends with the bruce #my dad wouldnt ask about securing me free tickets tho so sad 😔
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  • vifuyu
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #GET OUT OF HERE #adding you to my dni 😐😐😐 #at least my man isn’t half bald #at least my man doesn’t have childhood trauma
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  • theywillallbeyourfriends
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nobody asked for this but I don't think Pitch gets a cape (maybe he doesn't need one?).

    Mostly because the Stealthy Survivor would kick his butt if he tried to get hers, and that's just facts.

    #sky: children of the light #sky: cotl #that sky game #ROTG #Season of Childhood #get his ass girlie #you think he would go for NOT black? yeah okay no
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  • misszarves
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    why is convincing men to fuck me a less emotionally fraught task than attempting to befriend women?? I know why but I’m just saying

    #trying so hard to break old patterns rn and so much shit is coming up #I hate remembering my childhood lmao
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  • ask-dr-simon-glass
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #glass.txt #ooc: bully him if you want #I planned this story out already on his childhood and he will not give in that easily to how messed up it was
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  • wowieeitsisa
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I drew Wizard by memory but HEY. That one scene GingerBrave just. Sniffes Wizard out? 🤨

    #IsaArt#Cookie Run #Cookie Run Kingdom #Cookie Run OvenBreak #GingerBrave#Wizard Cookie#Strawberry Cookie #I LIKE TO THINK GINGERBRAVE IS WIZARD’S CHILDHOOD CRUSH #like GingerBrave one day went ‘what is like o kiss boys’ and wizard legit volunteered himself #strawberry also is wizard’s childhood crush :>
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  • hsc285
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you. #past #childhood #twenties #college #collegeidpic #childhoodmemories #candidchildhood (at Mumbai, Maharashtra) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVWa-KnoMAV/?utm_medium=tumblr

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