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  • when i was in preschool

    the teachers would make us go outside on warm days

    and run through the sprinklers

    i hated it

    the waterlogged lawn squelching between my toes

    the cold water spraying me in erratic bursts

    strong enough to hurt

    if i got too close

    i would do it for a few minutes

    chasing the other kids and laughing

    like i was supposed to

    but then i’d return to the safety

    of sun-warmed concrete

    and the soft beach towel

    that my parents had brought for me that day

    i think this is when i first discovered

    that i preferred to be indoors

    sprawled across the carpet with my coloring books

    (which would eventually turn into reading books)

    it wasn’t until i was older,

    maybe eight or nine,

    that i rediscovered the outdoors

    we had a big back yard

    and one day my mother,

    tired of me rewatching the same movies

    over and over and over,

    nudged me outside,

    too fast for me to even put on shoes

    and so i stumbled into the sunlight

    and ventured into the grass

    it was cool and soft

    and i smiled

    i spent the rest of my childhood

    in that backyard

    on the cool green lawn

    on the flowery slope behind our house

    i loved the feeling of the damp, packed earth

    and the soft moss that grew in the shade

    (though i learned to avoid

    the wood-chips that my parents had put in

    because they were sharp

    and splintered)

    and now i wonder how many things

    i might actually enjoy

    if i’d been allowed

    when i first tried them

    to try them on my own terms

    if i’d been allowed

    to explore the things that i liked

    instead of being told how i was supposed to have fun

    because now that i’m older

    i spend my days barefoot

    forever chasing that feeling

    of grass beneath my feet

    chasing the memory of sweet-scented tea roses

    and brightly colored nasturtiums

    in a place where butterflies and hummingbirds colored the sky.

    i spend my days inside

    missing something that i almost missed entirely

    because we’re told as children

    to run and play and be loud and messy

    but i was quiet and shy

    and nobody told me it was ok

    to want to sit in the grass

    wishing on dandelions

    and making crowns out of clover

    -the age of exploration (and expectation)

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  • image

    Saw these chairs at the Home store. Once again my chosen childhood colors! I really wanted them but can’t afford $70 just for 1 chair…

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  • Hello guys

    I want to share something with you guys. From a really young age I was traumatized and I kept the trauma and guilt for a number of years hidden away from a number of people that I thought I was putting in danger

    I was dignosed by a specialist with


    These are the symptoms

    • feelings of shame or guilt
    • difficulty controlling your emotions
    • periods of losing attention and concentration (dissociation)
    • physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches
    • cutting yourself off from friends and family
    • relationship difficulties
    • destructive or risky behaviour, such as self-harm, alcohol misuse or drug abuse
    • suicidal thoughts

    I was also diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and eating disorders

    My parent who is aware of this problem that I’ve and half of the trauma I’ve been through treats me like I’m making this up, my parent just recently fat shame me and tried make me feel guilty for not seeking professional advice and not loosing way and for not doing enough.

    The reason why I’m sharing this is because abusive parents are extremely manipulate and tend to make you feel like you’re the problem and without you their life will be easier even though you are struggling to find an answer on why they behave in such dispicable manner

    I’m. Begging you to never EVER EVER if you have a child or look after one to treat them like their life isn’t worthy because until this day thanks to my abusive parents I’ve questioned my own sanity, well being and safety.

    No child should feel that way

    If you believe in hitting a child is the answer of fixing bad behaviour,

    I wish you nothing but pain in your life, please unfollow me and block me I want nothing from you

    One last thing


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  • One of the first books I remember choosing for myself was The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine. I was visiting family in New York State and we had gone to the bookstore one of them worked at and my mom told me I could choose one book that she would buy for me and we could read it together. I was somewhere around five or six so I could read on my own but nothing higher than The Magic Treehouse books. So I saw The Two Princesses of Bamarre and I decided that it was the perfect book. My mom read it aloud to me. It is still one of my favorite books and I wish it was still socially acceptable to be read aloud to by my parents and that they had the time to read to me.

    #childhood#books #gail carson levine #the two princesses of bamarre
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  • Do you know that feeling when you slowly start to realize that you’ll never actually be able to become an astronaut, go to the university you really want, travel the world, be able to buy a house or, heck, marry Harry Styles? Because same.

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  • image

    My childhood in one picture

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  • 07/04/20 02:53 am

    I‘m sitting on my windowsill rn. The air is fresh and it is so quiet, the world seems to have stopped.

    Next year this house will be sold and I will loose any hold I have in this city. I should cherish these moments because I cannot experience them for much more time

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  • guys, club penguin is back

    #club penguin#millennial#childhood#throwback#the fuck #lowkey where we all had our first transitions #games#animals#penguin #what the nostalgia
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  • book worm asks 📓

    lord of the rings: houseplants or wildflowers?

    donna tartt: favorite spring tradition?

    the catcher in the rye: bath time with the rising sun, or late in the moonlight?

    lord byron: succulents or dried herbs?

    david copperfield: go out with friends or stay home with books?

    wordsworth: study at a desk or in bed?

    mansfield park: favorite music artist/band?

    huck finn: dogs or cats? 

    agatha christie: favorite form of exercise?

    alexa chung’s “it”: dealbreakers in relationships?

    rainbow rowell: sunlight or rainy day?

    the life-changing magic of tidying up: sunflowers or tulips?

    to all the boys I’ve loved before: favorite classic book?

    brontë sisters: bike ride or hiking?

    robert frost: minimal style or romantic?

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  • Movie Monday - April 6th, 2020

    “Favorite Tearjerker”

    50/50 (2011):


    Please note this week the topic is personal “Favorite” and not the “Best” as quantifying the “Best Movie with All the Feels” does not translate across the board.

    I will admit I did try rigorously to establish the “Best Tearjerker” but as I was doing my homework and asking others for insights I found myself saying, “How is that movie the saddest?”

    Why is it so hard for me to get a solid answer across the board…

    One memory stands out while self reflecting in research- Back in the day when I worked at the movie theatre and saw Marley & Me (2008) with a bunch of male coworkers because - hey - it was the weekend, we were bored as shit, and the movies were free.

    One coworker in particular was the jaded type with an arrogant demeanor and came off as a prick, asshole, who was a harsh critic towards everything - It takes months to warm up to this guy - Well, towards the end of the movie I am welling up due to the subject matter and doing my damndest to wrestle back tears when all of the sudden I hear this blubbering. I turn to my right to see my jaded coworker losing his shit and I then I quickly became the asshole because now I am uncontrollably giggling at a dogs death scene in a quiet theatre.

    After the movie I razzed him about crying and he immediately shot back, “I never cry in films! Okay - Never! But when a dog dies I lose my shit!”

    Two years later he would lose it again watching Toy Story 3 because toys are like 6" plastic dogs I guess…


    Originally posted by gunfire-d

    We are all just wired differently…Which brings me back to my homework. I don’t get emotionally invested during A Walk to Remember, or The Notebook, or Fault in Our Stars, or Five Feet Apart, or The Other Movie with Gorgeous People with Life Threatening Complications.

    For me, the setup of being young, having perfect diction, and being riddled with [enter untreatable cancer or disease] is played out - I do understand (and have been affected by) cancer, disease, sudden death and suicide can disrupt family and friends and be truly devasting In The Real World but for some reason in film it seems like a crutch for “Gimme Tears”. Seriously, Watching a Nicholas Sparks Movie (especially if you haven’t read the books) becomes a game of “Who Is Going To Die Before the End Credits”.


    Originally posted by goodbyetoneverland96


    Originally posted by movie-tvquotes

    Further into my own self reflection and last minute discussion I settled into 50/50 (inspired by a true story). Now, I know 50/50 it seems highly focuses on the protagonist and his cancer diagnosis and it may seem that it conflicts with my cancer being a crutch in cinema, but through discussion with my sister the storyline does seem more elevated than the melodramatic romance flicks and drummed some feels. So, 50/50, you get a pass - a Cancer Movie Done Right!

    Side note - 50/50 was the first time I heard the time “Man Cry”.


    Originally posted by damoviemaestro

    The cancer in 50/50 doesn’t serve as a device for offing the main lead just after they found love for cheap tug at heart strings.

    No, the cancer is a catalyst - almost a main character - which provides us a genre of tears - Tears of Saddness, Anger, Sympathy, and Joy throughout.

    More over 50/50 is more story of Friendship, Family, Strength, and Starting Over which can be all to real on many different levels which allows for a multitude of people to connect to film.

    So, that’s it… My Final Answer.. My Favorite Tearjerker is 50/50… so now you can get off my porch blog…


    Originally posted by open-new-tab


    - Life Is Beautiful (1997) - A Jewish Father navigating his son through the Holocaust with games and humor.

    - The Green Mile (1999) - A Stephen King story of executing an innocent man who may be one of “God’s miracles”.

    - Toy Story 3 (2010) - At the time when TS3 came out it was thought to be the final chapter of childhood favorites. A time to say good by to an old friend and enter adulthood.

    - About Time (2013) - A Time Traveler from a Patrimony of Time Travelers making the decision of living in the Past or letting go to live his future.

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  • Digimon Adventure:

    A “modern version“ of Digimon Adventure

    This is a great throwback, and something you can (only) enjoy if you’ve seen the original Digimon Adventure. It’s definitely not as emotional as the original, but there’s still time to change that opinion. I love the artwork and overall have high hopes for this show.

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  • Szerintem mindenki más lencsén keresztül látja a gyerekkorát. Tudjátok, más szemszögből.

    This is us - 2. season 11. episode

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  • Anyone remember little big planet?, I friggen loved it, and the sound track is awesome.

    #little big planet #nastolgia#childhood
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  • Everyone should have a good friend that reminds you that you are the world to them, support you, loves you, keeping you strong.

    I have mine.

    love you.

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  • found on yeethub on facebook, which ironically probably got this from tumblr or reddit.

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