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  • burnt-toast2
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Don’t mind me, just suggesting to my friend she should write a book about mafia Childe x writer Lumine expecting her to just laugh


    She’s doing it

    She’s 4 pages in

    She’s dedicated

    It’s 2am, how do I tell her to sleep

    It’s so good too tho-

    You can tell she’s a Xingqui kinnie

    #chilumi#writer friend#Childe#Tartaglia#Lumine#Genshin impact #writer x mafia au #au#writeeveryday #she needs sleep #someone help this girl #she’s a Xingqui kinnie
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  • water-mel
    24.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Yep, I got Childe and I'm ready to show this art.

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  • sugarssayshi
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    quick sketch.

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  • syilcawrites
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    detective partners & there’s something in the house they’re stuck in

    #genshin impact#chilumi#gi#my art #yeah drew this last night @ 3 am and forgot to post here too sfdouhsfdk #tumblr y u gotta shit on the quality. . .
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  • syilcawrites
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nights Are Cold in Snezhnaya

    s. Family means everything. a/n.  Had a little one-shot idea in the late hours some weeks ago... my first genshin fic!! Hope you all enjoy it!

    read here

    #genshin impact#chilumi#gi#my fanfics #i totally forgot to post this on tumblr #anyway im currently in chilumi brainrot
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  • ludicrx-dreams
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    genshin impact + rock band au (i)

    character(s): lumine, childe, xiao, hu tao, fischl
    pairings: childe x lumine
    synopsis: with multiple unique personalities stuck together, chaos ensues
    t/w: slight swearing, small spoilers, small acts of violence
    a/n: based on an instagram hc by @its_cl0udy. i altered a few details but if you want you can check out their account to see the original post!
    lumine: leader, main singer, songwriter

    a.k.a the disappointed mom friend that everyone admires. she cares for all her band members equally (except childe).

    completely smitten with childe but won't ever accept it. she acts like she hates him but anyone can tell that they're giving each other googly eyes. even the media ships them

    lumine will be the first to look for when you're in trouble and is extremely reliable. it's the reason why she's the leader after all.

    don't expect her to act all cute and nice when she snaps, it doesn't happen often though. will and won't hesitate to rip you to shreds, especially if you insult her height (or if you're childe).

    has a resting bitch face and all her fans want her to step on them because she's a girlboss. everyone loves her.

    childhood friends with xiao. she tried to ship him with aether when they were kids but failed horribly.

    ajax: drummer

    a.k.a childe a.k.a tartaglia a.k.a mr. steal yo girl

    an absolute simp magnet because he's rich, hot and sexy. likes to occasionally give fanservice to either piss lumine of or to seek for attention because he's a huge show-off.

    childe thinks that he's everyone's big brother even though lumine and xiao are older than him (dotes on fischl a lot). in reality, he behaves like an 5-year-old gremlin who annoys the shit out off his band mates and won't stop giving lumine headaches every 5 seconds.

    teasing is his part time job and he takes pride in it. makes fun of you affectionately because he's such a good guy and won't ever stop if you don't show genuine distress. in the end, childe would probably still cheer you up by teasing anyway.

    if he's the first thing you see in the morning then it's an unlucky sign.

    xiao: bassist

    a.k.a the quiet eboy. also a huge simp magnet because of the overall bad boy vibe.

    the only other responsible adult besides lumine. takes things very seriously although he sometimes ignores everyone as he's too old and tired to deal with disorganized children.

    xiao's hard to fluster. but as long as you know how to push the right buttons, you'll get quite a violent reaction out of him. he'll recover quickly though, so you better hurry up taking those pictures because his embarrassed face is a sight to behold.

    is always hu tao's and childe's #1 victim for harmless pranks. he's just so exhausted to the point where he'll ditch his duties as the group's babysitter and listen to angsty rock in a corner.

    once cosplayed with fischl but somehow their photos were leaked and the fandom went apeshit. the leaker was definitely hu tao.

    hu tao: guitarist

    a.k.a the memelord and the true epitome of madness

    body of a 19-year-old girl, mentality of satan. xiao has to follow her and clean up the mess she leaves behind. she might actually be more chaotic than childe but there're are few disagreements from certain individuals.

    is the one distributing dumb memes about her friends including herself. the whole fanbase worships her creations and even has an entire website dedicated to ridiculous images of the band.

    hu tao can get surprisingly philosophical and sentimental but chooses not to and prefers her troublemaker persona.

    joked about planning a detailed funeral for each member on an interview. she was not joking.

    fischl: pianist, songwriter

    a.k.a the prinzessin der verurteilung

    her real name is amy since fischl is only a stage name. however, if you ever call her amy, she'll stab your eyes out with an arrow.

    the source of creativity for her group. from song ideas to costumes or even the general aesthetic of the band, she does it all.

    beneath the confident and boastful facade is a really shy and awkward girl. she has trouble expressing her feelings but somehow everyone will automatically understand what she's trying to say. also respects her seniors a lot and aspires to be like them (she's the youngest).

    will always be asked to record things with hu tao and childe for blackmail material. she reluctantly contributed to the pranks for fun a few times already.

    has a pet bird named oz and he's trained to repeat curse words.

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  • lilac-5ky
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Chilumi x Squid Game AU

    I've seen many posts about Childe being part of the soldiers/announcers of Squid Game but what if he was also a contestant alongside Lumine?

    Disclaimer: It's late, I'm rusty, hope it turned out well!

    Warnings: Angst, Death, Violence ( it is squid game AU after all)

    Childe joined Squid Game for a reason: To support his family financially. Being one of six siblings, especially one of the older ones, he had to do whatever he could in order to make sure no one would go hungry.

    And this is why he took on job after job, running errand after errand in an attempt to earn cash. His life was the opposite of dreamy and he had no real aspirations or dreams other than to make sure his younger siblings wouldn't suffer the same fate he did.

    When he got offered a spot in the Game, he was relcutant at first; it looked too good to be true. But it was Christmas, and something about the way Teucer looked at his friends' toys with envy or the way Tonya would hastily look at pretty dresses while no one else was looking, only made his resolve stronger. He needed the money and he needed them fast.

    It was no surprise to him that the Game wasn't what most of the other contestants had made it out to be. Besides, the prize money was over 40 millions, thinking that it wouldn't involve risking one's life was foolish in the first place.

    What did surprise him was her. With eyes brighter than the sun and beautiful golden locks that fell onto her shoulders like stars in the night sky, she was the one thing that made him gasp in awe. Number 016. Or else, Lumine, from what he'd heard.

    The first thought that ran into his mind was how. How did someone as pretty as her end up there, amongst the bottom of society, amongst human trash, amongst people like, well, him. Looking at her only filled him with more questions but also an urge he'd never felt for anyone other than his family; the urge to protect her.

    He didn't know how many of them would survive and how the prize money would be distributed but he knew that he was getting out of this place with her, even if that meant doing unspeakable things to get there.

    At first, it was small insignificant things that he'd do. Convincing nearby contestants to make wrong moves, reassuring them that they were doing just fine when in fact, they weren't, aiding them towards certain death while pretending to be the most helpful in the lot. The way he spoke, the way he looked, no one suspected someone like him would have ulterior motives like that and everyone trusted in him. Besides, all the games were games he had played countless times with his siblings, he knew the rules of them inside out.

    After he made sure that the numbers of players around them lessened, it was time for his next move; winning her over. It all started with an extra piece of bread he'd snatched. He claimed that he was full and didn't need his bread and then he-oh-so-kindly handed it over to her. She smiled and the world around him was set alight. His heart was captured, there was no doubt about it. Childe had to constantly remind himself that the reason for being there was not her but his siblings. Tonya and Teucer and Anthon and Lumine and what?

    Not too long after, she had warmed up to him nearly as much as he had. With the games moving forward and the players becoming fewer and fewer with each day, less than half the contesters had remained, the two of them included. Childe had convinced her to form a team with him and they even had made their own pact; it was them against everyone else.

    After the girl with whom Lumine shared her bunk with died, he moved to the bed underneath hers, a wise choice really considering what was coming. One of the gang members of the room had initiated what seemed to be a witch hunt; kill as many as possible in order to reduce the numbers rapidly.

    During the night, Childe ordered Lumine to stay hidden under the covers as he grasped his fingers tight around his dagger. He wouldn't let anyone touch her, not even a single strand of hair. Yet Lumine, much to his disdain but also admiration, wasn't too much unlike him. The second he let his guard down during the fight, someone jumped him from behind, feeling the cold steel graze his neck. Just as he thought he had failed, he heard a muffled sound and the grip on him was released. Turning around he saw her, arms covered in blood, small stains decorating her face and neck like freckles. She had saved him. She had done this for him and he couldn't help but feel hopeful for a second that maybe she felt the same way about him. That maybe he had a chance.

    The rest of the night went by in a flash before the guards came in through the doors, aiming guns at the players as they started to clean up the mess. They were both surrounded by havoc and calamity, frantic cries and angry scoffs all over the place yet Childe could not be bothered to hear a thing. Not when he had brought Lumine to his side, not when they had laid down together next to each other, and certainly not when he kept her tight to him while whispering to her sweet nothings, reassuring her that they'd both make it out and he'd protect her.

    It wasn't until the semi finals that Childe would do something regrettable, something that nor a hug or a sweet smile could erase. The glass bridge. In his defense, 149 was taking his sweet ass time with choosing the next tile and he couldn't take the chance. Not when they had less than 20 seconds remaining, when Lumine had followed his example at choosing a later number, the number after his. It wasn't because he enjoyed killing innocents, it was to ensure their survival, that's what he told himself. However, something about the way 149's cry echoed in the room as he fell into the unknown, only to be crashed into a pulp upon landing onto the floor, woke something in him. A very dark desire that surpassed any survival instict or wish of getting rich. Up until that point he'd only assisted in the indirect killing of the players but this was it, the first time he'd covered his hands in blood for good and honestly, it didn't feel so bad. Hell, it even felt kind of good actually.

    With a final jump, he watched Lumine from the other side of the bridge as she joined him, only to be met with the one thing he dreaded the most; an expression of obvious disgust. Her eyes had darkened and the way she looked at him wasn't warm anymore. She looked at him with eyes full of dread, hatred even, and there was nothing that could hurt him more than this.

    "Lumine--" He tried to speak her name many times but she wouldn't answer to him. She did her best to ignore him, pretending to be unable to notice the tears in the corners of his eyes. Who could kill a man so easily, if not a monster?

    And thus Childe spent the rest of the days in wonder; is being a monster that bad? Whenever he inquired that, her eyes would answer to him. Monster. Murderer. Freak. Psycho. Each word more painful than the other, words that weren't voiced but voice that haunted his mind. If she thought of him as a monster then fine, but still, the game went on and his goal has clearer than ever; to survive, to protect her. If not a monster like him, then who else could?

    After their reward dinner they were all given a knife. Him, Lumine and... 378, a guy not too old but certainly not very young either. A man in his 40s who was caught embezzling money from his company. Shameful act really. A sinner like him could and would not stand in the way of Childe's ambition. And so the next morning, after the two of them woke up, soldiers entered the room in a hurry, the announcer speaking in a clear voice "378 eliminated".

    He expected her to yell at him. He expected her to kick him, punch him or even stab him with that knife. He really did. Instead Lumine stayed quiet, choosing to not say a word to him until they were led to the playground for the final game.

    "Death is far too kind for monsters like you."

    Giving her a sad smile, he followed her into the sandy area, his steps long and drawn out when the realization kicked in. Everything he had done, everyone he had stepped on or killed, every lie, every scheme had been for nothing. Because the game would have one sole winner only, and for all he knew he had lost ever since he met her.

    Squid game; Lumine was the one to pick first and she had gone with offense, leaving him to defend. Glaring at her as she hopped around him, he was unable to understand what went on in her head. Her amber eyes were clouded and her expression was that of a sheer determination, not even a hint of desperation or sorrow.

    When she jumped at him, his first reaction was to catch her as he spread his arms open, only to be stabbed on his calf. Losing his balance, he collapsed onto the floor with her on top of him as he did his best not to shout. The end was near and he could see images flashing into his brain already. His siblings, his parents, even her. His mind was in a disarray, filled with beatiful memories of the past but also with possible futures with her, were they given the chance. Long walks through the beach, fancy candle lit dinners, nights underneath the stars, her looking beatiful as ever in a creamy white gown during their wedding, their kids that would have his eyes and her hair, all those spiraled through his brain, vividly as if he could see them right before him, and that was when he smiled. A genuine smile that was meant for her and her only.

    Lumine who had removed the knife from his calf, hovered it above his chest as her hands gripped onto it tightly. For a second, she hesitated and looked at him, the first time she had dared to truly look at him ever since the semi finals. He couldn't read her mind before but now he could see that something lingered in that brain of hers too, perhaps the same thing that lingered in his.

    "Let's get married after this."

    Childe spoke in a teasing manner, lips shaped into a soft grin. She was about to kill him and all he thought was how much he wanted to kiss her. Lumine wavered for a little, releasing her grip on the knife ever sightly and that was exactly the openning he needed. With a swfit move, he tackled her onto the sandy floor underneath them, hovering her with his weight as he pinned her hands above her head with one hand.

    "You really thought I'd let you win this easily, girlie?"

    He inquired as he took the knife into his free hand. Tracing the curves of her face with it, he rested the tip of it against her lips, forcing her basically to open her mouth. Every last piece of regret had left her face, features shaped back into utter disgust and disdain.

    "You are sick." This was the first time he'd heard her voice in the past couple of days.

    "What did you just say?"

    "I said that you are a sick psycho who finds entertainment in manipulating and killing others." She paused briefly to spit some of the blood that had gathered in her mouth. " Was it fun? Playing with me like that? Pretending we are a team only for you to, what, murder everyone? I bet you must have enjoyed it a lot. Hell, I even bet you left me for last on purpose, to kill me with your own two hands. And all that to save your family. Tell me, Childe, was this a lie too? You don't have anyone waiting for you back home, now do you? Come on, don't lie anymore. You are just a monster who takes pleasure in this. Most likely you are just a coward who can't kill anyone out there and so you thought this was the perfect opportunity."

    "No, I-" He tried to explain, his voice softer than usual as her words cut through him like knives.

    "Tell me, Childe. Was it fun? Was playing with my feelings that fun that you had to bring me to this point? Was making me fall for you all that entertaining to you?"

    His mind had gone blank. The hurt he felt from her words alongside the fluttering he felt in his heart upon hearing her final sentence, left him in an utter state of confusion, nearly forgetting about the game. He stayed there frozen, unable to talk or move.

    Taking advantage of the situation, Lumine managed to kick him in the groin as he lost control, falling next to her as she reached for the dagger. Childe was struggling not only to fight her off but also to grasp the situation. What had he done? The only reason he joined the game was to help his family, to see his siblings smiling again, it was something as noble as that, yet what had he become? Lumine was right, he was manipulative, he was pety and worse of all ,he was a murderer.

    Accepting his fate he closed his eyes, doing his best to keep those previous images he had seen carved into his brain. He waited for the knife to strike him down, he waited and he waited but nothing happened. Not until he heard Lumine yell from the top of her lungs, lunging forward to him with the knife in her hands. This was it.

    But it really wasn't. Cause after an entire minute had passed, he was still there and he was still able to feel her weight on him. Opening his eyes he saw the knife stuck into the ground next to his head, as she made her way back to her feet.

    "I want out. Game is over, let me out." She declared to the anouncer and the soldiers that oversaw them.

    "Are you willingly giving up the prize, 406?" The anouncer asked her, his arms fold in front of his chest.

    "I am not like him. I can't do this anymore, let me out." Lumine exclaimed again, this time her voice cold as ice.

    "Very well." The anouncer spoke one last time, as he made his way towards the door, Lumine following on his stead without even giving Childe a look.

    This couldn't end like this, he thought. Not for her, not for him, not for them. Going back into that shithole only meant seeing his siblings' disappointed faces once again after they'd realize that his new high paying job- aka the reason for his absence- had been nothing but lies. He'd be forced to see them starve, to see his parents wither away due to all the debts and worst of all, he knew that he'd never see her again. Her, who like shining star filled his dark and empty life with beautiful light. He had to live knowing that everyone he loved and cared about would resent him, now and forever and so the choice he had to make became clear.

    His fingers reached for the knife that was next to him as he quickly stabbed his neck with it, forcing him to gasp out loud. With the corner of his eyes, he saw his own blood this time spilling all over his clothes, his hands and the are around him, warm to the touch as his eyelids started dropping.

    The last thing he saw was a flurry of golden hair rushing to him in a spiral of loud noise. Lumine fell onto her knees, cusping his face with her fingers as he gave her another sad smile.

    " I promised I'd protect you." He spoke, his voice as weak as it could get. Hot tears fell onto his cheeks, not from him but from the girl above him. He felt tired, struggling to keep his eyes open enough to take in her form. She was so beautiful, a literal angel there to take him. Seeing her tears, her anguished expression, he felt truly sorry that it had to end like this. Childe was able to see her opening her mouth again and again and he could tell she was speaking to him but he could not hear her words, not when the light was so warm and inviting, promising him to take him away from this dark and cruel world. And so he surrendered himself to it, the frontman's words the last thing he'd hear:

    "Player 011 eliminated."

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  • witchlightwilds
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    im dying

    im down so bad

    #i hate him #i love him #im going to draw chilumi pegging
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  • thirstyfortaglines
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lumine w/ Tentacles go brrr lmao

    2.5k words. Just some Chilumi adult stuff, I tried to keep it pretty short. Still getting accustomed to writing non-super vanilla stuff so this might be a little messy.

    The grip Childe’s hand had on her own tightened as he seemed to near his end. Unrestrained moans from both of them filled the air, accompanied by obscene wet sounds as they fucked.

    “L-lumi,” he managed to force out, voice hoarse from overexertion. Sweat slicked his body, his copper hair mussed from when Lumine had forcefully grabbed him by it to make him eat her out, which he more than enthusiastically did. Nothing more needed to be said for his intent to be understood.

    “Go ahead and cum for me,” Lumine purred, voice a lot more steady than she felt. Her back ached from where his nails had dragged across it, his own sporting a matching set of marks, and she couldn’t feel her fingers with how tightly they were entwined.

    The harbinger buried his face into the crook of her neck at her response, finally letting go of her hand only to bring it down to where they were joined and roughly rub circles against her clit. It was oddly endearing how determined he was to please her in bed, always considerate of her own enjoyment even when she told him he could use her. If it weren’t for the fact he was a human and constrained to a mortal lifespan she would have jumped at the opportunity to take him as her mate after the first time they had slept together.

    Feeling the knot in her own stomach start to unravel, the blonde took the opportunity to mess with her lover a little. She wrapped her legs around his waist to let his cock move deeper inside of her, rewarding her with a small gasp. All too soon, Childe’s movements stuttered as he came. The warmth flooding her insides in tandem with his ministrations was enough to push her over the edge, leaving her breathless as she moaned, pulling his body flush to hers.

    “Such a good boy for me… huh? It’s so cute that you take care of me,” she murmured, already over the aftereffects of her orgasm as she moved her right hand to play with his damp locks. He remained there, leaning against her half to catch his breath and half out of the embarrassment of being called a good boy, clearly overwhelmed from both.

    While the weight of him against her and his heat were comforting, it would probably get uncomfortable fast. Luckily she didn’t need to address that as after a few moments he had recovered enough to pull his length out of the traveller and apologize.

    “Sorry for leaning against you like that, Lumine,” Childe apologized, flustered but mostly back to normal now.

    “It’s fine. Would take a lot more to hurt me, I’m not exactly as weak as you think.” “Oh trust me I know that you’re plenty strong, it’s just that no person would really like having their blood flow cut off from their partner lying on them y’know.”

    The outlander carefully considered what to do next. She could go along with what he said, play it off with another mysterious answer that implied she wasn’t what she appeared, or go straight for the truth. Maybe it was how incredibly lonely she had felt for most of her life, even with her brother. Her heart had always yearned for someone to share an intimate relationship with and Childe certainly checked all of the boxes besides lifespan for what she would want in a partner.

    It was probably that plus the post-sex hormones that she still wasn’t immune to despite her inhuman nature and a healthy dose of perpetual sexual tension that led her to her decision. While Childe did his very best to satisfy her, hell the average person would have probably been overstimulated to hell and back with his treatment, she needed more.

    “I’m not really the average person. Person is even negotiable,” she started, tone trailing off as she faux absentmindedly dipped her fingers into her own cunt, intentionally dragging out a bit of their mixed release. The ginger’s gaze was fixed on that movement, evidently aroused again from watching her if the fact his dick was hardening again was any indication.

    It provided the perfect distraction from the multitude of yellow tinged transparent tentacles that were sprouting from her back. Lifting her hand to her mouth, she dipped them inside, cleaning off her fingers. It was only then that he snapped out of his distracted haze, falling back slightly from how he had sat himself up as he took in her new appendages.

    It was much, but it was a part of her original form that she could let out, requiring very little energy to sustain. From where he lay, propped up on his arms after he had nearly fallen over in surprise, the traveller could see how Childe’s dull eyes were analyzing her, trying to assess if she was a threat like the trained warrior he was. However, just as quickly as he had fallen over his gaze shifted back to being amicable and flirty.

    “Well, I can’t say I was expecting that, girlie.”

    “I did tell you multiple times I wasn’t of this world and that I wasn’t the average human,” she shot back.

    “What’s a guy supposed to do when a girl tells him she’s not like other people? Assume she’s a space alien with sex tentacles?”

    Not feeling up to dealing with his banter anymore, Lumine decided she’d very much rather hear his voice moaning her name again. Before he could make another quip about her form, she climbed on top of his waist and straddled him, her tentacles moving to caress his skin gently.

    “Wh-whoa there,” the harbinger said, voice unsteady as he tensed beneath the odd feeling touch. They were smooth to the touch, cooler than he had expected as well, and it seemed like miniature stars themselves were embedded into the flesh(?) of the tentacles, shining ever so faintly in the low light of the hotel room.

    Reaching her hand out, the one that had previously been inside of her, Lumine grasped the man’s face and pressed her thumb into his willing mouth, his jaw opening to accommodate it almost immediately. Giving him her sweetest smile that seemed to make him melt even further, relaxing into the hold of her squishy appendages, Lumine angled her thumb to open his mouth wider before pressing the end of a tentacle inside.

    Almost instantly Childe moaned, the foreign sensation that was already strange on his body almost overwhelming on the sensitive flesh of his mouth. His tongue instinctively pressed up against the intrusion, eliciting a moan from the blonde girl seated atop him.

    If his mouth had been available he would have chosen now to make another remark, but alas it was occupied so he did what he would have done after and what most people who too completely smitten to think situations through would do and began sucking on her tentacle.

    Immediately she retracted it from his mouth, leaving him whimpering.

    “No, it’s time for me to take care of you. I’ll get to have my fun too. You can probably tell from that stunt you just pulled, but I want to see you crying beneath me by the end of the night,” she scolded, golden eyes darkened as she stared into his own muted blue. Instead of letting him respond, Lumine thrust the same tentacle back into his mouth, cutting off whatever reply he was conjuring up as she shifted, his now fully erect cock having been pressing uncomfortably warm against her stomach, leaking precum down it.

    She divided the limbs she had released into a few different jobs, one obviously to occupy his mouth, a few to restrain his arms from grabbing her and taking control or escaping, and 2 for what she planned to do with his dick.

    Despite her excitement being a little dampened by how she wouldn’t be able to fully hear the cocky bastard’s delicious screams, for a first time this would be more than enough she supposed. Moving her body so that she was seated upon his thigh, grinding her wetness down against it for good measure which only made his mouth’s grip on the tentacle occupying it more violent, the outlander carefully used her two free tentacles to wrap around Childe’s erection.

    “Let me give you a treat now, something for the both of us hm? I’m sure you’ve been thinking of it since you first saw this part of my original form.” After a few moments for him to get accustomed to the sensation and take in her words, she began moving the squishy appendages up and down, alternating the tightness in which they wrapped around his cock to create a unique sensation. She had unknowingly begun thrusting the tentacle within his mouth even deeper into his throat, unconsciously seeking her own pleasure.

    His body fought against her grip, trying to break away from her but she didn’t relent. It wasn’t readily apparent whether he wanted to escape or if he was just in the throes of pleasure but he wasn’t dying which was all Lumine needed in order to feel reassured in pinning his entire body down with her cold jelly-like limbs. Oh, it was probably the temperature difference against his rather hot cock that was causing the discomfort. This wasn’t something in her control though so he would have to get used to it, and even then he seemed to be enjoying it if the tears in his eyes were any sign. Or they were from choking on the tentacle in his mouth. Oh.

    Relenting her movements slightly, she brought his body up from where it had been pressed roughly into the sheets to pet his face reassuringly.

    “Be good for me okay? It’ll feel really nice for you. You always go on about how you want to take me to your home to meet your family and how maybe in the future you want to start one with me, but you need to get used to this then okay? Nod if you want to continue,” she said softly, voice firm but reassuring. Sure she wasn’t presenting a completely objective choice to Childe due to his obsession with settling down with her but she wasn’t an objective person and morality be damned she wanted to have someone of her own to keep. Especially someone so perfect for her who had one of her tentacles shoved into his mouth and decided to suck it at the first sign that it had felt even vaguely enjoyable for her.

    The harbinger nodded at her, tear stained eyes locking onto her visage the moment the motion finished. He seemed expectant and determined, she loved that in a mate. Faced with a challenge for her affection and always willing to take it head on. If it was a challenge he wanted it was one she would give and if he stayed with her after this he really was perfect and she would find a way around the whole mortality thing. If not, then Teyvat would be one human shorter to keep her inhuman status safe but she would be sure to support his family the best she could.

    Lowering him back onto the bed sheets, gently this time, Lumine was surprised at how his calloused hand reached out for her own through the restrictive grip she had him in. Always affectionate and touch starved it seemed. With a chuckle she complied with his implicit request, taking his larger calloused hand into her own before squeezing his cock almost painfully tight, relishing in how his grip changed to crush her own hand.

    Childe didn’t even last a few minutes under her touch, but it wasn’t disappointing to her. It had been longer than she had expected from a human in the first place and she was quite proud of him. Removing the obstruction from his mouth, Lumine looked casually at him as if she hadn’t just throat fucked up and given him a tentacle job.

    “Archons, girlie. That was…” his sentence trailed off as he lay there panting, barely able to formulate a thought due to post-orgasm high and oxygen deprivation from doing his best to, for a lack of a better wording, blow his girlfriend. “That was something, I think you’ll need to explain to me what exactly you have going on later though.”

    “Sure. We still have a while to go, I’m not even close to done yet,” the golden eyed girl agreed, taking a moment to fix up her hair and make herself somewhat pointlessly more presentable and it was sure to be ruined within the next five minutes.

    “Uh, hate to disappoint you but I’m not sure I can get it up again so soon, even with how absolutely sexy and ethereal you are,” he said nervously.

    “Oh it’s okay, I’m going to be doing most of the work anyways so all you have to do is lie back and take it obediently. There are other ways for both of us to experience pleasure without using your cock after all.” While the traveller’s smiles were always blindingly sweet to him, as rare as they were, this one filled him with a sense of mild dread along with the normal warm feeling of seeing her.

    That sense of dread only increased as she raised a cum slicked tentacle up and used two others to prop up his waist, making sure to use the rest to cradle his back so that it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for him to have his lower body raised so much.

    “You talk about how nice and tight I am a lot when you fuck me, whether it’s my ass or pussy.” Oh he didn’t know how he felt about where this was going but apparently his body did as he felt his arousal resurge. “You always want to please me right? Well this would really please me right now, and I want to make you feel good too.” It should be illegal for her to make puppy dog eyes at him while she was preparing this but she did regardless, and the situation didn’t make it any less effective. Oh what the fuck this definitely wasn’t the worst way for this to happen and was honestly probably the best.

    Covering his face with his other arm which had been freed soon after the first, Childe pushed through his own embarrassment to nod his assent to her. She found him extremely cute like this, embarrassed as he took the back seat to being pleasured by her. Maybe this was why he liked being over her so much, it was a bit exhilarating to have him at her mercy, but as a reward she would be gentle. At the beginning at least.

    As he felt the slicked tentacle press against his ass, he knew he was going to have a hell of a time tonight and a hell of a time walking tomorrow. All worth it for the look on his girlie’s face though, all pure excitement and satisfaction.

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  • fatuicore
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I couldn't resist gkfkdjdhshsjsd

    #childe#Lumine#chilumi #childe x lumine #lumine x childe #Genshin#Genshin Impact #tag yourself I'm Childe
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  • vkw-art
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Little tiny Chilumi sketch I drew during geology class instead of taking geology notes!

    I did this in a note taking app and not a drawing app which is why it is the way it is.

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  • cno-inbminor
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    okay because i’m hoping that posting about it will help manifest this fic into completion but currently working on a childhood friends to enemies to lovers chilumi fic, and also 50% of it is just childe pining because he doesn’t know how to properly apologize 

    #kay rambles#chilumi #it'll come together right kay???? you'll actually finish something start to finish???
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  • erins-celestia
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    pov: you're the new transfer with a crush on lumine's boyfriend

    #chilumi#lumine#tartaglia#childe#genshin impact #random doodle after so long lol #yes hands are hard don't judge me please 😢😭
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  • fleurmoon
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    chilumi in a nutshell pt. 1

    Lumine: You tried to kill me.

    Childe: It was a love tap.

    Lumine: ...

    #genshin#genshin impact#chilumi#incorrect quotes #childe x lumine #chilumi fic #childe x lumine fic #genshin impact tag
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  • mondstadtbreeze
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Chilumi 5 + 1 fic progress: 7k words

    Chapters 1 and 3 (yes it is in chapters now bc this is getting too long for a oneshot for my liking) done with only minor adjustments needed

    Chapter 2 plotted and partly written

    Chapters 4 and 5 plotted but not yet written.

    Chapter 6 left untouched (+1)

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  • fallencrowkarma
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Genshintober Day 10: (Your Bestie’s) fav ship

     I like too many ships so I asked my bestie @notthechelsea (aka. the biggest Childe simp I know) about hers. Ofc it’s Chilumi lmao.

    #this is a callout <3 #genshin impact #genshin impact chilumi #genshin chilumi#genshintober #okay but like i kina gave up on this. i'm no good with profile views #sorry lumine. at least childe looking cute #genshin impact fanart #genshin fanart#chilumi #genshin impact childe #genshin impact lumine #okay enough tags i'm lazy #my art
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  • ohmygodtheywereparabatai
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    chilumi 🤔

    chilether 🤔

    ladies and gentlemen try

    tar tar traveler ✨

    #i’m funny i swear #but. a suggestion :3 if i may #genshin impact#genshin#chilumi#chilether#tartagila#childe
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  • lucyskywalker
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    The way my pity is going, if I dont get Childe untill the end of his banner, I will get Hu Tao in my First pull.

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