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    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 4, “Explanation”

    Kairi was, well, surprised. She probably shouldn’t have been, being so used to Sora’s antics, but she still found herself impressed by the amount of time Ven was able to keep himself entertained by staring out the window. The look of wonder had yet to leave his face, and he had hardly moved from his position at all, even when Chirithy had gotten up to explore the ship. She watched him with her hands in her lap. Chirithy was somewhere in the closed off quarters that made the bedroom and bathroom, and Aqua and Terra were sharing quiet conversation between each other as they took turns piloting.

    Kairi pulled out her Gummiphone, the screen flickering awake to show the time. It had been nearly two hours since they left The Land of Departure, which meant Ven had kept himself busy staring outside for nearly two hours. That also meant that Kairi had kept herself busy watching him stare outside for nearly two hours. She sighed, sliding her phone back into her pocket.

    She never could have guessed how much of a constant reminder of her best friend Ven would become. There were days when being around him hurt, just as there were days where she felt as if she was talking to an old friend, instead of a person she had hardly known for a year.

    A whole year . Sora had been gone for a whole year now, and any progress they had made was small. Sure, they had some leads from Kairi’s memories and Riku had left for Quadratum to look for him, but it didn’t feel like anything had changed. It was different when he was gone not long after Kairi had returned to Destiny Islands when she was 14. Then, missing him was just a dull ache, a longing she couldn’t quite place for a boy she couldn’t quite remember. And as horrifying as it had been, the steps to get him back were simple. Destroy his nobody, reconstruct his memories, recomplete him. But now things hurt so much more. Kairi knew exactly what was missing and why . Sora had sacrificed himself to save her , and what was she doing about it now? Hardly anything. She was supposed to be the one protecting him now; she had promised . Instead, he had become a festering wound inside her heart. A gaping hole that she couldn’t fill despite her best efforts.

    She closed her eyes, resting her head on the back of her chair. She was tired of being cast aside. She wasn’t going to be the weak, helpless girl of the group anymore. This time, she was going to get Sora back, no matter what it took. They were going to go back to being the carefree trio that had lived on Destiny Islands what felt like so long ago.

    “We’re going to be landing soon!” Aqua called from the driver’s seat. “Chirithy! Can you let Ven know?” At the mention of his and his Dream Eater’s names being called, the young boy looked up from the window for the first time and instinctively held onto the back of the couch. The spirit quickly shuffled into the room.

    “Nevermind,” Aqua laughed. “I think he’s got the idea.” Chirithy sighed and turned to Ven, saying something to him in the language only they understood. The boy nodded, relaxing slightly into the couch. They chatted back and forth, Ven pulling the Dream Eater onto his lap at some point.

    Ven, as Kairi was learning, was full of surprises. He had already changed so much from how he had been that morning. Even before that, he was always quick to find the positive in any situation. Aside from occasional flickers during sparring and his scene from earlier that day, Kairi couldn’t really remember ever seeing him upset. Maybe she just hadn’t known him for long enough, but what she had seen so far was, well, impressive. Even Sora hadn’t been this content all the time.

    She watched as Aqua carefully chose a landing spot behind the world’s castle, nervously setting the vehicle down in as clear of an area she could possibly find. The blue haired master was still nervous about driving the ship, and usually didn’t have much good reason to practice. Upon landing, she wiped her hands on her pants—yes, pants; she had finally decided that her previous outfit wasn’t fit for her line of work—and released the pressure lock holding the door closed.

    The four of them, er, five, if you counted Chirithy, exited the ship, stepping out into the warm sunlight that reminded Kairi of her home on the islands. Aqua closed the ship up once Ven had stepped out, curiosity in his eyes. He spun around slowly, taking in his surroundings. His gaze finally settled on the blonde girl standing in the shade of the castle.

    “Naminé!” Kairi called out to her. The girl smiled and carefully walked over to the group.

    “It’s nice to see you all,” she said. “You said Ven was having some… issues?” Aqua nodded.

    “We think he—” she glanced at Terra, “—may have suppressed some of his memories while trying to uncover ones he had forgotten.”

    “I see,” Naminé nodded, a solemn look flashing over her face. “Oh, I shouldn’t force you to stand outside. Please, come in!” Kairi followed her other into the large castle, the others close behind her.


    Ven liked this new world much more than the one he had woken up in. It reminded him of Daybreak Town, in a way, and the lack of hallways so far was a definite plus. The blonde girl that had welcomed them shared quite the resemblance with the redhead girl— Kairi. Maybe they were sisters? He would have to get Chirithy to ask. If Kairi had reminded him of Lady Ava, then this new girl—he thinks her name is Naminé, but he can’t be sure—reminds him of Lady Invi. Quieter and more shy, but she seemed nice all the same. Unsurprisingly, he can’t understand anything she says either, but it’s less of a frustration now that he’s getting used to it. Probably-Naminé makes conversation with the others, while Ven pulled his Dream Eater a little closer to his chest.

    “Her name is Naminé, right?” he asked. Chirithy nodded, and the blonde girl perked up at hearing her name being said. She gave him a polite smile and then turned back to talking with the others. They followed her through the castle, passing by several libraries and rooms Ven didn’t even have names for.

    Eventually they ended up in a futuristic looking room with a large computer. One of the walls was made entirely of glass, giving a view into a long corridor with tons of… Containers? Ven couldn’t quite tell. Stacks of papers and books littered the floor and the counters. Naminé motioned for them to sit in some chairs that looked like they had been set up specifically for the occasion. She nodded at the older two, commenting something in their language, before excusing herself from the room.

    “We just have to wait a little bit now,” Chirithy explained as their wielder watched Naminé leave. He nodded in understanding, then chose to occupy himself with observing his surroundings. This new building shared some similarities with the Clock Tower, at least more than the castle in the mountains had. It felt mechanical, and the piles of books reminded him of his bedroom. It made the nearly empty room feel lived in, gave it a little bit of personality.

    Ven wondered why there would be so many books in this room in particular, given that there were many libraries that probably served much better for housing them. Maybe this room was someone’s favourite spot to read, he thought, as he remembered how he would spend hours in his own reading corner, far enough away from everyone else that it would be quiet enough to concentrate, but not so far that he would get lost trying to find his way back. After his reading sessions, he would usually stack the books he had been reading somewhere on the floor or tables in his room. Despite all the books he kept in there, he tried not to read them in his bedroom, as he would usually get tired, try to read in his bed, and then fall asleep only to wake up later with a sore neck and his book dropped on the floor with no indication of where he left off.

    He temporarily pulled himself from his daydream to hug his Dream Eater closer to him. Kairi was showing Aqua what looked like a small, flat, box.  She would occasionally tap and swipe at its surface, smiling and talking with the blue haired woman. Terra watched over their shoulders, adding his own comment every now and then. Ven wondered what the box could possibly be, if it was able to hold all of their attention like that. He was about to ask Chirithy when he heard a loud crash outside the door. Everyone’s heads jerked up at the sudden commotion, and Terra got up to his feet and sped to the door to see what lay on the other side.

    “Again, I am so sorry,” the young scientist muttered, bringing in the last of the books he had dropped in the hallway. “We’re still in the process of digitally archiving all of Even’s notes and you came on such short notice—.”

    “It’s alright, Ienzo. Really.” Aqua gave him a patient smile. “We’re not in any hurry.” Terra sat the pile of books he had helped Ienzo gather on the counter, giving a nod that showed he agreed with her.

    “Right,” Ienzo sighed. “Well, would you be willing to elaborate on your issue? With… Ventus’s memories, I believe you said?” Aqua nodded.

    “Well, he woke up this morning and suddenly couldn’t recognize any of us or speak our language. The only one he remembers is Chirithy, and they can talk with each other just fine. Chirithy said they had been trying to restore some of Ven’s lost memories, and we think that he somehow repressed his memories of being with us in the process.”

    “That is peculiar,” the scientist remarked, looking over to the young boy. “Have you been able to deduce what language he understands now?” Terra shook his head.

    “It’s nothing like any language I’ve ever heard before.” He looked over to Ven’s spirit. “Do you know the name of it, Chirithy?”

    “Oh, no, I don't,” they squeaked. “Only that Ven and I have been speaking it all our lives. I’m not sure about him, but I’ve only recently become fluent in English.”

    “I see,” Ienzo said, resting his hand against his chin in thought. “And you’ve known Ven since he was a child? Do you recall the name of the world he grew up in?”

    “It was known as Daybreak Town,” the spirit explained. “But I don't think it’s around anymore.” Ven suddenly perked up and asked them a question in his strange tongue. Ienzo listened intently as the two of them conversed.

    “Uh, if you will excuse me for a moment, I believe I may have some resources on this language.” He moved towards the door. “I believe Naminé was assisting the guards with a task; she should be back momentarily.” Aqua and Terra nodded, signaling they would be alright in his absence. He slipped out the door, leaving the five of them in the computer room.

    “Ven grew up in… Daybreak Town?” Terra asked, turning to Chirithy.

    “I’ve never heard it before,” Aqua remarked.

    “Neither have I.”

    “Um, yes, but, I believe it was, er, destroyed a long time ago,” the spirit said. “I haven’t been there in quite some time…”

    “It’s a shame,” Aqua said. “I was kind of hoping we could pay a visit. Especially with how Ven is now...” Chirithy nodded.

    “It would be nice, but—,” they shook their head, attempting to clear their thoughts, “—sadly, that’s not possible.” They leaned in closer to Ven’s chest, feeling his warmth that they had gone so long without. “I’m sure right now, most of all, Ven is the one who wants to be there the most.”

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    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 3, “Reuniting”

    Terra walked down the various halls, looking back occasionally to make sure Ven was alright and still following him. The younger boy still seemed unsure of himself, and was awfully on edge around Terra, and probably, the building in general.

    His memories must have been messed with, Terra thought as he guided the young boy. That’s got to be why he freaked out when he saw us. And why he’s speaking an entirely different language… He felt a slight tug on his wrist, and glanced down to see that Ven had latched onto his arm. Terra gave him a sad smile and fluffed his hair a bit.

    He must be terrified. Waking up in a place he doesn’t recognize, with people he can’t remember. It reminded him of when the boy had first joined them as one of Eraqus’s apprentices. Scared, lonely, unable to answer questions.

    It hurt Terra’s head knowing that had all been seventeen years ago. If you counted the years he had been without a heart and asleep, Ven was nearly thirty years old. And yet here he was, still the frightened child holding onto Terra’s arm like his life depended on it.

    Technically, the three of them had only known each other for five years, yet Ven had always felt like family. The little brother to complete their trio.

    The boy in question leaned his head against Terra’s shoulder. Or, as much as he could when Terra was so much taller than him. His eyes gently fluttered, trying their best to stay open. His desperate attempts to stay awake made Terra smile softly.

    It’s no wonder he’s tired if he’s been dealing with this all morning. And he’s probably been doing quite a bit of running on top of that. He set his hand on Ven’s shoulder, a signal that he was giving the boy a moment to rest. He rubbed at his eyes, still holding onto Terra with his other arm. The older man stretched while he rested, his head lifting when he saw Aqua speed walking towards them. Ven hid behind Terra when the woman called their names, peeking out slightly.

    “You okay?” she asked when she finally caught up to them.

    “Aqua… How do I explain this,” Terra winced, trying to find the right words to explain the situation. “Ven… I don't think he can remember any of this right now.”


    “You, me, the castle, any of it. I- It seems like he can’t even understand English anymore.” Aqua’s eyebrows furrowed, her glance shifting between the two boys.

    “What… Makes you say that?” Terra tucked his arm around Ven’s shoulders.

    “When I found him, I asked him if he was alright, and he started talking in some language I’ve never heard of. He hasn’t been able to answer any of my questions…”

    “If he can’t remember,” Aqua muttered, putting the pieces together in her head. “Then that would explain why he… Was acting so strangely. Because he was scared…” Terra nodded.

    “But that still wouldn’t explain why he can’t understand what we’re saying,” he added. Aqua folded her arms, looking back at Ven. He cowered further behind Terra, trying to avoid eye contact. She couldn’t help but smile.

    “At the very least, he’s still latched on to you, as always.” Terra smiled at Aqua’s teasing.

    “Even if his mind forgets, his heart will always remember, right?” He laughed, messing with Ven’s hair again. The young boy suddenly perked up, staring at something- no, some one running down the hallway.

    “What is it, Ven?” Terra asked, despite knowing that Ven wouldn’t answer him. He and Aqua lifted their heads to see Kairi and-

    “Chirithy!” the young boy called, his eyes lighting up. He ran out from behind Terra, nearly tripping over his own feet. The Dream Eater leapt out of Kairi’s arms and into Ven’s. He cried the spirit’s name again, then a string of words that the others had no hope of understanding.

    “Ven! Oh, no-” Chirithy groaned, before switching to speaking to the boy in the strange, new language. Aqua let out a small gasp.

    “He remembers Chirithy-! And Chirithy can understand him-! Didn’t Ven know Chirithy when he was young?” she asked Terra. His eyebrows raised.

    “Then, he must have spoken that language when he knew Chirithy… So maybe, he hasn’t gotten new memories-”

    “But remembered ones he had forgotten,” Aqua finished. Terra nodded. Kairi walked over to the two of them.

    “If that’s so,” she asked. “Then why would he have forgotten the memories he’s made since then?” Terra lifted his hand to his chin in thought.

    “You make a good point,” he muttered, glancing over to Ven and his Dream Eater, who were deeply engaged in conversation. The spirit sighed, jumping out of the boy’s arms and waddling over to the others.

    “I am so sorry about all of this,” they squeaked. “I was just trying to restore some of Ven’s memories and- well, I honestly don't know what went wrong-”

    “You can restore his memories?” Aqua asked, dropping her arms to her sides.

    “Of course I can! I’m his Dream Eater!”

    Dream Eater? Kairi wondered. She had briefly heard Sora and Riku mention the term before, but she wasn’t quite sure what they were. If only they were here to help us… As if reading her mind, Terra asked the creature to elaborate on what exactly Dream Eaters were.

    “It’s- ugh,” Chirithy sighed. “It would take a long time to explain, but essentially, I’m connected to his dreams, and through his dreams, his heart. I can influence the things he dreams about and- supposedly help him remember forgotten memories. But, uh, as you can probably tell, that didn’t go all that well.”

    “Maybe- uh, maybe Naminé could help?” Kairi suggested. “She worked with Sora’s memories, and Ven shares a strong connection to him…” Aqua’s eyes lit up.

    “And perhaps the other Radiant Garden scientists would be able to aid as well!”

    “I’m not quite sure who you’re talking about,” Chirithy commented. “But you seem to trust them and if you think they could help…” The three of them gave the spirit confident nods. Terra walked over to place a hand on Ven’s shoulder.

    “We’d better take the Gummiship, just to be on the safe side.”


    Ven was relieved to have finally found a familiar face; his Chirithy. He was also glad to be leaving the wretched maze that the hallways created. However, he was nervous about boarding the… Well, it was hard to describe. It was a little smaller than the room he had woken up in, and looked like it was made from large building blocks. The inside looked like a very compressed house, with a small bedroom and bathroom in the back and tons of computer-looking gadgets in the front. The brown haired man took a seat in front of the computers, and the girls found places to sit on various couches and chairs that had been squeezed into the small space.

    Ven sat as far as he could from the rest of them, tucked into the corner of a couch. These people seemed nice, sure, but he still felt a little weird around them. Maybe it had been so long since he had seen others who were that much older than him, that he was instinctively cautious around them. He sat Chirithy on his lap, his leg bouncing slightly.

    “I- I’m sorry, Chirithy, what did you say their names were?” he asked the Dream Eater, tucking his hands beneath him.

    “Oh! No- It’s fine! The one with blue hair is Aqua, Kairi has red hair, and he’s Terra,” Chirithy explained, pointing to each of them as they listed their names.

    “Aqua, Kairi, and Terra…” Ven repeated, making a mental note to remember them. “Right. Thanks.” Chirithy gave him a patient smile, or at least, as much of a smile as they could when they didn’t have a mouth. The older man- no, Terra. Terra turned in his seat to say something. Tell… the others something? Chirithy perked up at his words.

    “Uh- He says we should probably hold on to something!” Ven’s brow furrowed.

    “Hold on to something? Why would we need to-” The room suddenly lurched forwards. This thing… Can move? Ven was nearly knocked off the couch at the sudden movement, and Chirithy landed on the cushion beside him. The woman- Aqua ran over to steady him, and he quickly shifted to look out the window to his right. They were moving . No, the entire room was moving. It was almost like being in an elevator, but they could move in any direction.

    Well, except for going up, Ven thought. This contraption was cool, but he doubted it could move like an elevator could without tracks to rest on. The vehicle lurched again, the ground outside turning askew. Ven’s eyes widened. It…. It can go up, too?!

    He watched in amazement as they soared further from the ground, the mountains and castle coming into view and then shrinking to the size of toys. Before much longer, even they had disappeared and the window’s view filled with stars.

    “Chirithy! Are you seeing this?” the boy squeaked. He barely registered the spirit nodding out of the corner of his eye. Ven pressed his forehead against the window, trying to capture as much of the marvelous view as he could. He heard Aqua laugh behind him, and she ruffled his hair before returning to her seat. The boy relaxed, resting his head on top of his arms that were crossed on the back of the couch.

    He felt happy , as if he was going off on some grand adventure. He still missed his friends from back home, but with Chirithy and his new friends by his side, he was sure he would be able to find them in no time.

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    Dreameaters 💕

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    #drabbles#fae au #fae blood out in the waters verse #me dropping fae blood chapter at almost 11pm? more likely than youd think #anyways yeet have this. whatever it is #chirithy
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    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 2, “Confusion”

    Ven’s feet slammed against the floor with every step. If the maze of this new place had scared him before, it had quickly become a comfort compared to facing the strangers that had confronted him. He desperately called out for his Dream Eater, hoping for something, anything that was familiar to him. Tears threatened to pour down his face as his metallic footsteps echoed through the hallways. He didn’t know anyone. He couldn’t understand anyone. He couldn’t find his Chirithy. Even his keyblade was different. He was alone and confused and still stuck in those horrible halls.

    What he wouldn’t have given to open another door and see the rest of the Union Leaders inside the room.

    To at least have people he recognized and understood. To at least know what was going on at that moment, no matter how terrible it might have been.

    At least it would have been familiar. At least he wouldn’t be lost in this strange new building.

    Ven’s heart ached almost as much as his head did from the constant running and slamming doors open. He began to stumble, tripping over his armoured shoes.  

    He wanted to see his Chirithy. He wanted to see Ephemer. He wanted to see Skuld and Lauriam and Brain. He wanted to hold his keyblade. The unfamiliarity of it all, the confusion and frustration, finally broke him down and he crumpled to the ground.

    It was all too much for the young boy. He found himself wailing, begging anything and anyone who may have been listening to bring him back to his home. To make this all just a bad dream.

    Between the endless running, his terror, and now, his sobbing, Ven was exhausted. Too tired to stand, he continued to lay on the floor even after his tears had dried. A part of him wanted to stay there forever, to stay perfectly still until either time or darkness ripped his consciousness away. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, he heard heavy footsteps echoing nearby, growing louder. He heard his name being called. By the sound of the voice, it must have been the man that had been in the dining hall. He pulled himself up on his elbows, rubbing at his puffy eyes. Preparing himself to start running again.

    He was about to get up onto his knees when he saw a large pair of metallic boots step into his peripheral view. Surprised, and frankly, scared, he scrambled to sit up, hitting his head against the wall in his panic. The unfamiliar man put his hands on Ven’s shoulders, seemingly trying to steady him. He hesitated, but brought his eyes up to meet those of the stranger.

    Blue eyes stared into concerned brown ones, and the man comfortingly said Ven’s name. Then more words he had no hope of understanding. Tears began to return to Ven’s eyes. This man… It was as if he was trying to help. Trying to understand Ventus, but not knowing that his gentle words were spoken in vain.

    “I can’t- I can’t understand anything you’re saying!” Ven sobbed, tears once again rolling down his checks. “I don't know where I am or who any of you are!” The man suddenly looked shocked, pulling back slightly from the younger boy. His glance sifted quickly between Ven and the hallway the man had previously walked down. Ven pulled his legs closer to his chest and buried his head in his knees, tears soaking into his clothes. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder, and lifted his head back up.

    The man nodded towards the path they had entered through, nudging Ventus gently like he was suggesting they go back to the dining room. Ven was still anxious, but something in his heart was telling him, begging him to understand that this strange man was only trying to help him. He gave a hesitant nod, and the man grabbed Ven’s hand to help pull him up. The boy wiped a few stray tears from his face, and the older man gave his hair a reassuring ruffle. Ven gave him a shy smile, and they started to walk down the hall together.


    Kairi picked at the remaining pieces of her breakfast. Between her training and trying to get Sora back, she was normally starving, but the incident with Ven all but drained her appetite. To be fair, she didn’t know Ven very well, but they had gotten close in the time that she had spent in the Land of Departure. He reminded her of Sora, in a way. Determined to make friends with everything with a pulse (sometimes even that wasn’t required) and strongly connected to those he loved. Supposedly, Ven had been within Sora’s heart since her friend had been born. Maybe Ven’s influence was what had made them so similar.

    The red head pushed her plate away from her, leaning back in her seat and pulling her Gummiphone out. She idly swiped through her texts and social media, disappointed but unsurprised to find that not much had changed since she checked her phone earlier that morning. She yawned, stretching her free arm up and out behind her, as a puff of smoke appeared and Ven’s Chirithy landed on the table.

    “Oh, hey, Chirithy,” Kairi muttered through her yawn. “Is Ven okay?”

    “You’re asking me!” the Dream Eater squeaked, extremely on edge. “I haven’t seen him all morning!”

    “Can’t you just… ‘Teleport’ to him..?” Kairi asked. Chirithy shook their head.

    “I can’t seem to find him! He wasn’t there when I woke up, and I can't sense him anywhere!”

    “That’s… really strange. He was in here a little while ago, but he seemed really scared about something. He even summoned his keyblade when Aqua tried to comfort him. He ran out after that, and Terra and Aqua followed after him.”

    “Oh, lights,” Chirithy groaned. “This can’t be good!”

    “Do you think we should go after them?”

    “Please! I can’t leave Ventus if he’s like that.” Kairi nodded, scooping the Dream Eater into her arms, kicking her chair in, and running off into the castle hallway.

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    Finally made a vani to match with ven ✨

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    #kingdom hearts#xehanort#young xehanort #well technically its like. baby xehanort #chirithy#fae au #fae blood out in the waters verse #YEET #fae au is fun and great
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    Kingdom Hearts Fanart Sora and Kairi Reunited Love Forever with Chirithy

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    ★~ VenquaWeek2022 ★ Day 6: Fairytale ★ Read on Ao3! ~★

    Dame Aqua gripped Terra’s reins tighter, urging the horse onwards through the gloomy forest as dark creatures stalked through the trees, their red eyes gleaming with hunger. The knight leaned forward on her chestnut steed, his long brown mane brushing her face as they sped along through the sharp brambles, dead leaves crunching under the stallion’s galloping hooves.

    Aqua unsheathed her silver sword, the blade shining bright in the darkness as she carved a wide hole in the thicket of thorns, causing the dark creatures to scatter. She and Terra rushed through the gap and cleared the forest, emerging onto a rough, rocky mountain path under a stormy grey sky. Up ahead was a castle, once beautiful with white pillars and gleaming turrets, now dark and ominous.

    She rode on, encouraging her horse up the perilous climb. Halting only once they’d arrived at the castle entrance, Aqua quickly dismounted, the weak sunlight glinting off her silver armor as she reached up to pat Terra’s nose. The stallion snorted and shook his mane, pawing at the ground as she told him to stay; it would be too dangerous for him, ahead.

    Leaving her faithful steed behind, Aqua pushed open a set of great oak doors and entered the dark, desolate castle. Cautiously moving up a spiral staircase, she found herself in a large, near-empty chamber. Against the far wall was a glass coffin resting upon a stone dais, within which lay Prince Ventus. He was asleep, yet completely still— as if dead.

    As Aqua took a step towards her prince, there was a deafening roar which shook the very foundations of the castle and a great, winged dragon descended upon the chamber. Aqua only narrowly escaped as the monster’s black, scaly tail swept over her. The dragon turned and spread his leathery wings, which filled the entire chamber. The beast’s yellow eyes burned with malice, his curved talons scraping the floor as he advanced with dozens of white fangs bared in his blazing maw.

    Despite the fearsomeness of the creature before her, Dame Aqua was quick and clever— evading both his swiping claws and fiery breath. She raised her silver sword, the blade shining with a radiance brighter than the sun. The monster howled as the light blinded him, rearing back as Aqua took that opportunity to run circles around the beast, between his legs and under his scaly belly. As she went, silver chains burst forth from the tip of her blade, binding him and dragging him down to the chamber floor with a tumultuous crash. 

    The black dragon lay defeated, growling and snarling his displeasure, yet unable to do anything but feebly struggle against his bonds. Aqua sheathed her sword and ran to the dais. She placed a hand on the coffin and murmured a word of magic, the glass melting away into nothingness. Despite the clamor of battle, Prince Ventus had not stirred; he was under a magic spell, to sleep for all eternity until his one true love came to rescue him.

    Dame Aqua leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. The Prince’s eyelids fluttered, and he blinked open his blue eyes. He slowly sat up as he breathed her name, and she knew the spell was broken. Aqua threw her arms around him, tears of joy springing to her eyes as she and Ventus embraced. Together, both knight and prince left the castle and rode off under the clear blue sky.

    “…And so they both lived happily ever after; the end,” Aqua said, finishing her story.

    “That’s my favorite story, Mommy!” Aerie cried enthusiastically, clapping along with the rest of her family. They were all seated on plush chairs in the small library before the warm fireplace.

    “It is?” Aqua asked her daughter, amused. “I thought you didn’t like kissing.”

    “I don’t!” Aerie insisted with a serious little pout.

    “Even when it’s Mommy and Daddy?” Ventus asked playfully, wrapping an arm around his wife and leaning in close to give her a kiss on the lips.

    “Eww!” Aerie cried, covering her eyes with her hands.

    Aerie’s uncle Vanitas gave a loud bark of laughter, while the expression on Uncle Terra’s face indicated he shared the girl’s sentiment.

    “You know, Aqua…” Ventus began, winking at Aerie who was now peering at her parents through her fingers, “I’d like to be the knight, next time.”

    “Yeah, and why did I have to be the horse?” Terra grumbled.

    “Dunno; I think I made an awesome dragon,” Vanitas chimed in, his golden eyes glimmering mischievously.

    “I wasn’t in it at all,” Chirithy whined from Aerie’s lap, her fluffy tail swishing.

    “Don’t worry, Chiri!” she giggled, snuggling the feline Spirit’s warm fur. “Mommy will let you be the horse, next time!”

    “Oh, joy…” The cat’s naturally folded ears drooped even more.

    “Hmm… Well if my story-telling skills aren’t good enough for most of you, I guess you’ll all have to make the next one up, yourselves,” Aqua sniffed mildly.

    “Can we have another story?!” Aerie asked excitedly, turning to her father.

    “I think your mother would say it’s a little late for that,” Ven grinned sheepishly with a glance at his wife, who nodded.

    “Aww,” Aerie pouted, but she knew it was already past her bedtime.

    “Alright, let’s get you to bed,” Aqua spoke gently, scooping up her daughter into her arms.

    Uncle Vanitas and Terra wished Aerie a goodnight as Aqua carried her to her bedroom, Ventus and Chirithy padding softly behind. The walls of Aerie’s room were painted with scenes of a pretty seaside castle. Ven flipped off the light switch and the nightlight in the corner automatically clicked on, casting silhouettes of dancing fairies along the pastel walls. Together, he and Aqua tucked Aerie into bed with her stuffed Pegaslick Spirit plushie.

    “Goodnight, my princess,” Ven whispered, smoothing her blonde hair.

    “Sweet dreams,” Aqua murmured, and kissed her cheek.

    As they left, Chirithy lightly leapt onto the bed and curled up against Aerie’s shoulder. Aerie hugged the pegasus plushie and closed her eyes as Chirithy began purring softly, ensuring she’d have good dreams. She couldn’t wait to hear another fairytale, tomorrow night.

    ★~ The End ~★

    Chronological order: Embrace, Sleep, Loss, Flowers, Ocean, Anniversary, and Fairytale.


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  • nonameskeeper
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    But, such compulsive behavior is eventually going to bring you nothing but sorrow.

    Luxord's words to Sora pretty much describe his decision and logic skills towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 and into Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind?

    Sora decides to take it upon himself use the Power of Waking to revive a slain Kairi who was brutally killed by Master Xehanort despite the warnings from Young Xehanort that also applies to Master Xehanort as well King Mickey and Chirithy as well.

    Hell in Kh3 Remind we know that Xigbar/Luxu and Luxord were well aware of Sora's fate, pay attention to Xigbar's dialogue in Olympus and Luxord's in the Caribbean World.

    “Take note of Xigbar/Luxu's last words to Sora and Riku in the Keyblade Graveyard?”

    There's a reason he faked his death and made Sora and Riku believe he died.

    But, nope in KH3.5 or in future games in phase 2 are gonna be interesting.

    Especially when Riku and Sora say wait a minute how are you still alive?

    - take not Sora and Riku don't know that he faked his death.

    The Power of Waking wasn't meant to revive the dead, it was meant to traverse hearts and awaken sleeping hearts. This is an important information and details Chirithy clearly states and still, Sora doesn’t listen.

    Sora is learning the hard way of the consequences of his compulsive behavior and actions by not recognizing the consequences, dangers, and risks and for not taking heed of the countless warnings everyone was telling him (allies including villains)?

    #power of waking #sora#kairi#chirithy#young xehanort#master xehanort#xigbar#luxord #All in favor that Master Yen Sid didn't..... #fully explain the Power of Waking especially to Sora and Riku? #The situation could have been avoided if Yen Sid or Mickey explained to Sora the dangerous risks associated with the Power of Waking #if used improperly #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts 3 remind #luxord is really good at foreshadowing! #most likely he along with Luxu already knew of Sora's fate #most likely the two of them knew Xehanort was doomed to fail too #sure Yen Sid might have but all I remember is him saying the two of them need the power of waking and become Keyblade Masters? #To defeat Master Xehanort #But Riku didn't defeat Master Xehanort? Sora did. #Luxord sums up Sora's entire dilemma and situation at the end of KH3 and KH3: Remind and not too many people are aware of that?
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  • vengeverse
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ★~ VenquaWeek2022 ★ Day 5: Loss ★ Read on Ao3! ~★

    Aqua’s breath came in steamy white puffs as she slowly traipsed up the snowy mountainside, bundled head to foot in a pair of pink earmuffs and a heavy blue winter coat. Though the sharp wind from earlier that morning had died down, the air remained frigidly cold.

    She saw him just as she reached the peak of the mountain— Ventus, wrapped in his own green coat and standing as still as a statue before Master Eraqus’s grave. 

    “Ven…” Aqua whispered as she approached, her boots softly crunching in the freshly laid snow.

    The blond boy startled and looked around.

    “It’s freezing,” Aqua commented, halting at Ven’s side. She didn’t need to ask what he was doing out here.

    “Yeah,” he replied, turning back to the grave.

    Master Keeper stood where she had plunged it into the now icy ground many months ago. A thin layer of frost covered the three Wayfinders which adorned a withered wreath hanging from the Keyblade’s hilt.

    “…I miss him, too,” Aqua murmured after a long moment. “This is our first Christmas without him.”

    Ven merely nodded.

    Aqua didn’t have to explain her grief. It was a sorrow all of them felt— her, Ven, and Terra. They mourned the tragic loss of their Master— their father and teacher. She’d hoped life could return to normal, now that the three of them were together again. But as days turned to weeks, it had become very clear life would never be normal, again— not without Master Eraqus.

    After what seemed like ages, Ven spoke. “It’s not just the Master… Sora’s gone, too. He’s like a little brother to me.”

    “We’ll find him,” Aqua said quickly. Their brief excursions to the Realm of Darkness had so far turned up nothing, but they couldn’t lose hope.

    “And Vanitas?” Ventus asked, his voice barely audible. “He’s my brother too…”

    Aqua blinked, a puff of vapor issuing from her slightly parted lips. She wasn’t sure what to say to this. 

    She still didn’t quite understand the connection Ven shared with Vanitas. The masked boy had been their enemy, yet she’d overheard Ven and Sora begging him to join their side. Vanitas had called them his brothers, and in his final moments he’d seemed almost… regretful, in his own strange way.

    “I mean, yeah he was a jerk and all, but… He’s a part of me,” Ven continued at her silence. “And now he’s just… gone. They both are.”

    Aqua placed a hand on his shoulder. “We’ll find Sora, and Vanitas, okay?” 

    She knew the heartache of worrying that her loved ones were lost forever. Trapped within the Realm of Darkness for twelve long years, Aqua had thought of nothing else but returning to find Ven and Terra safe and sound.

    “I’m just glad I didn’t lose you,” Aqua murmured. “When I was all alone in the darkness, I missed you so much. Thinking about you is what kept my heart strong.”

    Ventus turned to her, his eyes wide— But before he could speak, there was a loud popping noise and a puff of white smoke filled the air.

    “You know,” a squeaky voice piped up, “Lost things do have a way of finding their way back home.”

    Aqua and Ven peered through the dispersing vapor to see the little grey form of Chirithy staring up at them with her clear blue eyes, the feline Spirit’s thick fur all puffed up to keep herself warm.

    “…You’re right. We’ve still got each other,” Ven turned to smile at Aqua, who beamed back.

    Not to be left out, Chirithy leapt up onto her master’s shoulder, rubbing her face against Ven’s cheek and purring loudly. Laughing, he reached up and petted her soft fur.

    Aqua glanced back to Master Eraqus’s grave, extending a hand towards the Wayfinders to rub away the layer of frost with her thumb, leaving the three charms glittering in the chilly morning light. She reached out and curled her gloved fingers around Ven’s; he returned the gesture, squeezing her hand.

    “Let’s head back inside,” Aqua said, and she gently led the way home through the snow.

    ★~ The End ~★

    Chronological order: Embrace, Sleep, Loss, Flowers, Ocean, Anniversary, and Fairytale.


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  • chiaraeliz
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i just really like these two

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  • ari-writes-stuff
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 1, “Awakening”

    Ven’s eyes fluttered open to the glaring light that had filled his room. He shut them again, hoping to catch just a few more minutes of sleep. Even with his eyes squeezed shut, it was still too bright for him to fall back asleep. Eventually he gave in to the light, opening his eyes to find a large window taking up most of the wall he was facing. That definitely had not been there when he had gone to bed the night before. The shock jump started his still tired brain, and he sat up and whipped his head around the room, taking in his surroundings.

    Now he was certain that he wasn’t in his room at the Clock Tower. It didn’t even look like the bedroom he had had before becoming a Union Leader. It was much smaller and messier, a desk next to the bed covered in knickknacks and papers. There was a small fireplace in the corner, and stacks of books littered the floor, much like in the room he had grown used to. The giant window to his left had no curtains, and he could see a mountainous landscape outside.

    Ven leapt out of the bed, on edge at the change of scenery. He grabbed the shoes sitting by the bedside. They were heavy, metallic, and looked way too big for his feet, but he found they were rather comfortable and fit perfectly once he got them on. Anxious to explore, he nearly slammed the bedroom door open and ran out into the hallway.

    He called out for his Chirithy, suddenly noticing their absence as he began to navigate the strange new place. He became more nervous with every moment the Dream Eater didn’t show up next to him. The hallways seemed like an endless maze that he had no hope of escaping. Every door he opened would lead him to another hall with even more doors. Even more wrong decisions to make. He was about to curl up in a ball and let all of his frustration through tears, when an open door finally led him somewhere promising. It opened out into a large room with a long table sat in the center.

    Three unfamiliar people sat at the table, in the middle of enjoying a meal. A brown haired man had been talking with a red head girl who must have been a few years older than he was. A blue haired woman was standing beside them, placing dishes full of food on the table. They all looked up as Ven entered the room, calling his name and looking happy to see him. The woman with blue hair said something in a language Ven couldn’t understand and looked at him expectantly, as if she had asked him a question.

    The relief that Ven had received from finally finding his way out of the maze of halls quickly vanished with the appearance of the strangers. It seemed as if they knew him, but he had never seen any of them in his life. He found himself slowly backing up towards the door he had entered through. The woman’s face became concerned. She called his name again and approached him with her hand hesitantly reaching for him. He didn’t know this woman. He didn’t trust her. He reflexively called his keyblade to his hand to defend himself. It felt like his, the same blade he had called to his grip time and time again to fight off Heartless. But this was not his keyblade. It was bent oddly, as if it had been specifically made to be used with a backhand stance. It was accented with brown, instead of the cool colours he associated with his Missing Ache. He dropped the blade out of shock, nearly throwing it at the feet of the woman whose horrified expression must have matched his own. It disappeared after settling on the floor, and Ven used the distraction as an opportunity to run back into the maze of doors, not really caring where he was going as long as it was away from the unfamiliar people.

    Aqua watched as Ven ran out of the dining room, deep terror struck across his face. She had never seen him so terrified before, and considering all they had been through over the past 13 years, that was saying something. He had never drawn his weapon against his friends like that. Terra stood up from his seat at the table and walked over to Aqua.

    “What did… We do?” Aqua muttered softly to herself. Terra put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong, Aqua. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for this.” Aqua turned back to the table, where Kairi was sitting.

    “Sorry to… Catch you up in all of this, Kairi,” Aqua apologized. “I- He’s never been like this before…” Kairi shook her head.

    “Like Terra said, it’s not your fault, Aqua.” Aqua nodded absent mindedly, gazing at the door again. Terra gave her shoulder a reassuring pat.

    “I’m going to go try to talk to him. ‘Kay?” he asked, Aqua nodding in response. “He probably just had a nightmare.” He followed after Ventus, leaving the girls in the dining hall. Aqua sighed and walked over to sit next to Kairi. She found she had lost her appetite, and gently pushed her plate away to clasp her shaking hands on the table.

    Kairi set her own plate aside and turned to Aqua. “Are you okay?” she asked, her expression posing the question before her mouth did. Aqua gave her a small nod.

    “I’m just, I’m always so worried about him. I lost him because I wasn’t looking out for him. I can’t afford to let that happen again… Why- Why would he summon his keyblade against us..? I don't understand…” Kairi placed a hand over Aqua’s clenched fists.

    “I-I’m not sure why he did that. But you two are his best friends.” She gave Aqua a shy smile. “If anyone can help him, it’s you.” Aqua finally met her gaze, returning her smile.

    “Thank you, Kairi. I… I think I’m going to go talk to him. Will you be alright on your own?” Kairi nodded her response. Aqua stood from her seat, giving the red head a reassuring nod, and followed her best friends paths into the castle’s hallways.

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  • flameliberator
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    piggy DIPPIN'

    piggy dippin' at the

    piggy pond

    nah you went sausage swimmin' in the water bowl n got your little toes in dere


    #lea @ chirithy @ the beach
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  • maverickflare
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i like . rlly wanted 2 do some more kh oc ref stuff now tht xero unblocked tht part of my mind but it rlly feels like im just not gonna do anything for a while.

    #dave rants #think it would b cute 2 have my wielders w their chirithies . it would b like 'character + whtever they named their chirithy' #still not sure what freyr would name his tho so maybe good i cant make her ref.
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  • keykidpilipili
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I think my problem with a khux hd port/remake/final mix in 3d is rooted in 

    my love for the 2d style which served so much the story book/age of fairy tale setting, 

    UX is already a port of the browser version from 2013(even if its also a sequel) but so many have already forgotten its existence, 

    in a very Recoded/Recom way they would change cutscenes and dialogue to match new spoilers that will happen this next saga, 

    You cannot match the hilarity of being 2 YEARS into the game and FINALLY SEEING THE LOGO IN A CUTSCENE LIKE TWO YEARS IMAGINE! (also never ending Agrabah)

    Male default Player with the blandest outfit imaginable

    #pili rambles #pili plays khx #khx #keykid fashion can be so much fun but dark road just threw the most basic one #they will also probably never give player the Dream Eater pet(not Chirithy the other one) #to see the sewer squad being scrapped I could not bear it
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  • maverickflare
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    follow up. do keyblade wielders in daybreak town name their chirithies.

    #dave rants #i just need 2 know if its socially acceptable for rubrums chirithy 2 b called cheeseburger. thats its fucking name.
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  • nonameskeeper
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    "I wonder how much time the two of them spent looking for the Master of Masters together? Imagine the two of them actually had a talk (long before the Keyblade War happened and the trust between the Foretellers fell apart), it's stated by Chirithy and in Gula's character file that they're best friends and the two of them share a special bond?"

    Imagine what was said between them, especially most likely the two of them admitting to each other their feelings?

    Later on, in the epilogue of KH3 Gula still, deeply cares about Ava despite how much time has gone by.

    #gula#ava#gulava #gula x ava #chirithy #omg if they actually talked long before the keyblade war and told each other there feelings? #if this actually happened omg I'd put this ship at the top of the list because of the subtle hints the games are showing us? #In in the span of three games #kingdom hearts x back cover #kingdom hearts x #khux spoilers #kingdom hearts 3 epilogue #omg the number of times the two of them held hands and touched each other more than anyone else? #they even held hands #despite how much time has passed love always prevails #imagine when Gula and Ava are reunited in phase 2 or future games? #you don't touch an individual whom you have no feelings or relationship with unless you already have an established bond and relationship?
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