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    #me looking at Kuzuryuu: if you can’t find more content homemade is fine #I love him and the fact that he’s under appreciated depresses me #anyways#chishiya shuntaro#Chishiya#keiichi Kuzuryuu#keiichi kuzuryu#AiB #incorrect alice in borderland #alice in borderland spoilers #alice in borderland #source: tumblr
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    #aib #alice in borderland #chishiya shuntaro#murakami nijiro #kitty chishiya is very soft and sweet and very much judgmental #look at him as he perches on his hat throne overlooking his kingdom #ask
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    Incorrect Quote

    Last Boss: Are you tall enough to play basketball though?

    Chishiya: Are you calling me short?

    Last Boss: I'm calling you vertically challenged.

    #aib #alice in borderland #alice in borderland incorrect quotes #last boss#takatora samura#chishiya shuntaro
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    Akamegami (02)

    Pairing: Chishiya x Reader

    Genre: Dark fic, Angst, NSFW

    Words: 4k

    Summary: You are happy to live at Akamegami island. A roof over your head, a tight community to back you up, and a righteous leader to guide you through the right path. But can you follow the destiny that was traced for you?

    Warnings: Alternate Universe, Cults, Cult Leader! Chishiya, Brainwashing, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Sexual Content, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Arranged Marriage, Forced Marriage, Dubious Consent, Loss of Virginity, Forced Pregnancy, Lies, Gaslighting, Dark Themes, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Religious Cults, Manipulation, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Age Difference, Aged-Up Character(s), Other Additional Tags to Be Added

    Masterlist | Part 1

    You were staring. You knew you were staring, but you couldn’t force yourself to stop.

    “E- Excuse me?…” you hesitantly whispered. Did your Goddess say what you thought She said? “I don’t think I understand–”

    “I want you to marry one of my apostles,” the Goddess continued, squeezing your hands in Hers. Her grip felt a little too tight, but you ignored it, trying to make sense of Her words. “He has already agreed to it. Now all I need is your word.”

    “But my Goddess, I don’t–”

    “It’s destined to be, Y/N,” She interrupted you again, eyes never leaving yours. “You are to marry him, and your children are to serve a greater purpose.”

    “Children? But I–”

    “You’ll have your own home, a husband from the inner circle to share a life with, children to make this community proud!” Her words overwhelmed you beyond reason, but you couldn’t say a word. “Who knows, your daughter might even become my vessel one day. Wouldn’t you like that? Wouldn’t you like to make us all proud? To honor your mother’s wish?”

    “I- I don’t know what to say…” you finally uttered. “This is all so…”

    “I’m sure this is a lot to take in right now,” the Goddess said, finally letting go of your arm. “But we’ll give you time to get used to the idea. The marriage doesn’t need to be tomorrow, after all.”

    “The marriage…” You felt like you were in a dream, still not fully believing what was being asked of you. “Who- who am I to marry?”

    “Well,” the Goddess said, going back to sipping her tea, “I originally had two suitors in mind, but after some deliberation, only one of them is right for you.”

    Your mind went back to the Hare’s words; how they seemed to make no sense then, but was starting to make a lot of sense now. You felt yourself starting to sweat, your heart beating faster as you realized who your husband-to-be was.

    “The Hare–”

    “You called for me, Red Goddess?” A voice from behind you stopped you from uttering the terrifying realization.

    You turned to see Cheshire approaching you at his usual pace, a knowing smile on his lips.

    “Ah, you arrived at a good time,” the Goddess said, “I was just telling Y/N about your engagement.”

    Your eyes went wide once more – mouth agape as you looked at the man beside you – a mixture of relief and fear taking over you. Relief, because you weren’t to marry the Hare. Fear, because you were to marry regardless.

    You now saw Cheshire in a new light; the man you looked up to, the man that saved you, the man that you almost considered a father figure… was to be your husband.

    You couldn’t control the wave of nausea that took over you, standing up in a haste before running to a corner – just in time to not throw up in front of your Goddess and your future husband. You retched as your mind remembered everything that had been said to you in the past five minutes. How your life had changed so suddenly.

    You weren’t ready. You weren’t ready for any of this.

    You felt a cold hand on your face as someone grabbed your hair for you. A soothing hand went up and down your back as you finished emptying your stomach, tears streaming down your face from the effort and the emotions. You could hear them speak behind you, but you couldn’t force yourself to understand what they were saying.

    Your life was changing way too fast.

    You whispered an apology as you stopped throwing up, closing your eyes with a sigh as you tried not to pass out; as you tried to breathe. There was a tightness in your chest – like a weight was crushing you from the inside – and your head was spinning, your eyes unfocused.

    The hand on your hair went to support you by the waist, and that’s when you realized that it was Cheshire, holding you so close to him that you could feel his body heat. It was too much, it was too warm.


    “I- I’m fine,” you whispered as you tried to make space between you. The hand on your waist didn’t budge, but you could feel his intense stare as you tried to stand on wobbly knees.

    Inhale. Exhale

    “You’re clammy and losing color,” the Goddess said as she put a hand on your forehead. You noticed how her hand was cold as well, refreshing against your heated skin. “Take her to the infirmary.”

    Exhale. Inhale.

    “She’s going to pass out.”

    You barely registered Cheshire’s words before the man was carrying you bridal style, taking you inside as you felt yourself lose consciousness.

    You woke up sometime later in what you recognized to be the infirmary, the beeping of machines making your head throb. You knew the sound all too well.

    A massive headache almost kept you from opening your eyes, but you forced yourself to do it anyway. You looked around the small area you were in, the shadows of busy nurses clear on the other side of the white curtain that gave you a resemblance of privacy. Your limbs felt like they weighed a ton, and you were so thirsty you swore you could drink a whole gallon of water.

    “You’re awake,” a voice made you jump with a gasp. Cheshire sat on a chair beside your bed, an open book in his lap. For some reason, you fixated on the fact that reading glasses sat on his nose, making him look more like the medical doctor you sometimes forgot he was.

    “What happened?” you managed to groggily ask, trying to sit up. He stood to help you, fluffing a pillow behind your back before giving you a full glass of water. You took it immediately, ignoring the plastic straw and gulping down the refreshing liquid until the cup was empty.

    “You had a panic attack,” he said in a serious tone, going back to sitting on the chair before he dragged it closer to your bed. “Do you want to talk about it?”

    It all came rushing back to your mind. The meeting with the Goddess, the news of your imminent marriage; the marriage you were supposed to have with the man right beside you. You stayed quiet for what seemed like hours, mind processing as you nervously twisted a blanket in between your fingers.

    “Do I have to… do it?” you hesitantly asked, gulping under his gaze.

    “Marry me?” You nodded. “Yes. It’s destined after all, and the Goddess herself blesses the union. Why? Would you prefer someone else?”

    “N- No, it’s not that, I-” you stumbled over your words when his eyes locked on yours, a raised brow showing off his disappointment. “I just… I’m not ready.”

    “I’m going to be honest with you, Y/N,” he said with a shake of his head, “I was expecting more from you.”

    You reflexively flinched at his words, eyes down as you tried not to cry, tears already threatening to fall down your cheeks. You didn’t want to disappoint him. You didn’t want to disappoint the Goddess. You didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

    “I’m sorry,” you whispered with a sniffle as a tear fell on your hand. “I’m just scared.”

    You weren’t expecting him to touch you then, hand on your cheek as he turned your head to look at him. He sighed, thumb grazing the corner of your eyes as he wiped away more tears.

    “It’s okay to be scared,” he said in a low tone. It was almost hypnotizing how his brown eyes lured you in, trapped you in his words. “But I need you to be strong and follow your path. I’ll give you time to get used to the idea and for you to get to know me better, but this marriage has to happen. Understood?”

    You nodded. You couldn’t say anything else. Not when he looked at you like that. Not when you had a destiny to follow.

    “Rest for now,” he said as he stood up, a final pet to your cheek before he walked towards the curtain. “I’ll come for you at dinner time. We have an engagement to announce, after all.”

    The cafeteria was booming with the sounds of talking and laughter as everyone enjoyed dinner together. Long wooden tables were filled with the freshest fish and meat, a variety of vegetables and rice serving as side dishes. On a normal night, you would be like everyone else, talking about your day and eating the amazing food that was provided with so much love.

    But tonight was different.

    You stared at your tray of food, chopsticks in hand as you played with your meal. You had tried to eat, but you felt nauseous after just two or three bites of your salmon.

    You were hyper-aware of Cheshire’s eyes on you as he ate from his place above you. The long table on the platform was reserved for the inner circle and their families. You supposed you would be part of it soon enough, but the thought did nothing to calm your nerves.

    The conversation you had earlier with the Goddess and Cheshire kept replaying in your head, over and over and over. To say that you were scared would be an understatement.

    The end of dinner terrified you.

    “Are you feeling ill again?” Shibuki asked from her seat beside you. You shook your head and averted your eyes from the man, going back to staring at your meal. “Are you sure that you’re okay?” she asked again. “You don’t look okay…”

    “I’m fine, Saori,” you said, nibbling at a piece of salmon with disinterest.

    “Did something happen when you went to meet the Goddess?” your friend pressed further, concern clear in her tone. “Are you… sick?”

    “What?” you focused completely on your friend then, feeling guilty for making her think the worse. “It’s nothing like that. I just got some news I wasn’t expecting, that’s all.”

    “Well, if you say so,” you gave her a small smile as Shibuki’s face relaxed, a playful expression replacing her worry instead. “You know, I and some of the girls made a few bets over who Cheshire’s bride is. Wanna join? The winner gets–… Y/N? Are you sure that you’re okay?”

    “Y- Yes I… I’m fine. Just give me a moment, please.”

    You didn’t wait for an answer as you hurriedly stood up, making a beeline towards the exit while ignoring Cheshire’s gaze. You desperately needed some fresh air. You needed to think, to prepare yourself for what was about to happen.

    You took a deep breath as you stepped outside, the sound of talking and laughter being replaced by the ocean waves hitting the shore as you walked behind the cafeteria building. You closed your eyes and listened to the ocean sing, taking deep breaths as you tried not to erupt into tears once again.

    It was all too much. It was all too fast; too soon. You had taken your position on the island for granted, never expecting for something like this to be asked of you. How naive you were.

    You were about to take a step towards the beach – wanting to sit in the sand and, hopefully, avoid your own engagement announcement – when a voice from the shadows made you jump, heart thumping against your chest like it wanted to escape.

    “It should have been me, you know?”


    “But that bastard always gets the good stuff first.”

    You stood quietly as he came into the light, a lit cigarette in-between his fingers. You gulped but stood still as he stopped beside you like he was also there to relax. You coughed as the cigarette smoke filled your nostrils.

    “I- I don’t think those are allowed,” you informed in a meek tone.

    “So what?” he said with a shrug, raising the stick to his lips and inhaling. “Gonna snitch to your hubby?”

    “She doesn’t need to if I caught you myself,” Cheshire said as he came into view, eyes on you. You stared, mouth agape like you were just caught doing something you shouldn’t. “Y/N, why don’t you go back inside. It’s time.”

    His words almost sounded like a death sentence, but you nodded and did as he said. You turned around the corner, ready to go inside when something Cheshire said made you stop in your tracks, holding your breath as you listened.

    “Why are you so mad that you weren’t the chosen one? Aren’t you sleeping with her friend?”

    You heard as the Hare tsked before letting out a chuckle.

    “I could have both if only she didn’t play favorites,” he said, tone full of venom. A chill ran down your spine; you were so glad that at least you weren’t engaged to him.

    “You should be careful. Disrespecting your Goddess and coveting another man’s wife are sins.”

    “Fuck you, fuck her, and fuck your sins,” the Hare snarled before you heard him spit on the grass. “I’m so sick of your bullshit, you dissimulated freak.”

    You held your breath as you pushed yourself further against the wall, trying to hear Cheshire’s answer.

    “Y/N,” you gasped when he said your name, a heat rushing to your cheeks at being caught eavesdropping, “Go back inside. Now.” You froze for a moment like a deer caught in the headlights. “Don’t make me repeat myself…”

    You didn’t wait for him to appear, almost running back inside the building as you tried to control your frantic heartbeat. You took a moment to breathe in the empty hallway, glad that everyone was still in the middle of dinner.

    The door you had just used suddenly opened, startling you as you expected to face the Hare and Cheshire. However, it was the Goddess herself who appeared in front of you, followed by her guards.

    “Y/N, here you are,” She said as she approached you, a tender-looking smile on her face. “Feeling better, I believe?”

    You greeted Her with a bow, nodding at Her question even if it was all a lie. She saw through you, though, because Her smile fell as she held your hands.

    “This is the best thing that could happen to you,” She said, eyes locked on yours. “This will make your mother so proud. Lock your fears away and think of all the good this union will bring you, yes?”

    “Yes, Goddess,” you nodded again, forcing a smile.

    She surprised you by gently putting a veil over your head, downing the light white fabric over your face – no doubt to preserve your identity until the right moment.

    You could feel cold sweat running down your back already – a tremble you couldn’t control taking over your hands – as you were not so subtly guided towards the dining hall doors. One of the Goddess’ hands was firmly set against your back, pushing you forward when your feet refused to move. Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky – the Goddess’s guard – flanked you, looking as intimidating as ever. Jabberwocky in specific always filled your heart with terror; you knew what he could do with his katana.

    You couldn’t run away even if you had the courage for it.

    Your small group stood by the open doors of the cafeteria, hidden by the shadows of the dark corridor. Fervent whispers could be heard echoing in the large room, showing the excitement for the news that you would be the center of. It only made you more nervous.

    You watched in silence as the Goddess looked around the dining hall, no doubt looking for someone.

    “Where is Cheshire?” She asked no one in particular, looking slightly annoyed.

    “He was–”

    “I’m here, my Goddess.”

    You looked behind you to see Cheshire approaching with his usual smirk, previous pristine hair now free from its usual ponytail. Your eyes widened at noticing the blood at the corner of his mouth before you averted your eyes down; you were well aware that he knew you had been listening to his conversation with the Hare. Part of you worried if it had gotten violent because of you.

    “Everyone’s waiting for us,” the Goddess interrupted your thoughts with an excited clap, apparently unaware of Cheshire’s disturbing appearance. “Sweetie,” she turned to you, “deep breaths. Remember how important all this is.”

    You nodded, glad that your true expression was hidden behind the veil. You could do this; compared to what was expected of you soon, this was nothing. Your silent reply was enough to please your Goddess, who entered the hall with all the poise and grace you had seen several times before.

    The silence that followed was heavy with wonder as every believer watched Her walk down the hall. Blessings and prayers soon followed as the congregation fell to their knees, shouting promises of love and devotion to the deity that had changed their lives.

    You watched with trembling breaths, fidgeting as you tried to remain calm. A hand on your elbow startled you, and that’s when you realized that Cheshire hadn’t followed the Goddess like her guards had, choosing to stand beside you instead.

    “I want you to forget everything Hare said,” he whispered in your ear, only loud enough to be heard over the chanting of the faithful, “he has been particularly… difficult, these past few weeks. We think he might be turning into a heretic.”

    You gasped as your eyes went wide; everyone knew what happened to those that started to drift apart and cause trouble in the community. You had seen the consequences with your own eyes.

    “So you better stay away from him,” he continued. “For your safety, of course.”

    You nodded, glad that he had appeared before the Hare could say anything else to you. You didn’t want him to turn you into a non-believer either. You would never see your mother again if that happened.

    You went back to looking ahead of you, where your Goddess was now blessing and holding hands with Her believers. You smiled; it was so rare to be in Her presence. You were glad that at least something that brought you distress could make others so happy.

    “I hope you know that I have no intentions of being a bad husband to you,” Cheshire said, hand leaving your arm for the small of your back. You flinched without thinking, regretting it instantly as he looked at you with that disapproving stare you hated so much. “Do I scare you, girl?”

    You shook your head – maybe a little too fast – as you tried to find an excuse for your reaction.

    “Hmm… there’s blood…” you pointed at his face.

    “Oh, of course, how rude of me,” he touched the corner of his bruised lip before cleaning it with a tissue. “My apologies. The Hare got a little too aggressive.”

    “Was it because of me?” you asked before you could stop yourself. “What he said–”

    “Forget his words,” Cheshire interrupted, “remember?”

    You nodded once again, biting your lip under the veil. You would have to thank the Goddess later for not choosing the Hare to be your husband. You weren’t sure what you would do if that was the case. It sent a chill down your spine just imagining the possibility; his crass words from before showed how much he regarded you as a person. You would take Cheshire any day even if he made you unhappy; at least he never gave you a reason to actually fear him.

    “And now, the moment you have all been waiting for,” your attention went back to the Goddess, now standing on the wooden platform where the apostles ate, “it’s time to meet your leader’s – and my most trusted apostle’s – new bride! The woman that will bless this community in more ways than any of you can imagine. I’ve seen her future, and it’s nothing short of splendid; a blessing!” Her arm reached in your direction, “Come to me, my child.”

    You would be frozen in place if it wasn’t for Cheshire’s hand on your back, pushing you forward as his other hand grabbed yours in a firm grip.

    “You’re going to be fine,” he whispered to you as you started to walk in direction of the Goddess. You supposed he was trying to be comforting in his own way, but you felt nothing more than a criminal on their way to execution.

    You weren't even aware of what your crime was.

    The walk down the dining hall was too fast for your own liking, eyes still on the floor as you took the steps up the wooden stage. You tried to keep your breathing even and calm, but all you could manage was shaking breaths as you tried not to erupt into tears.

    The cold hand of the Goddess touched your own as she took Cheshire’s place beside you, now with you facing the expectant crowd. You didn’t dare look up, too nervous to look at anything but the point of your shoes.

    “This is the person I’ve chosen,” the Goddess spoke with a hand gesture in your direction. “This is the woman I saw in my visions, the one that I know will do wonderful things for this congregation. And this is the man I’ve chosen for her. They will both share a destiny greater than all of us!”

    The next moments felt like a dream you weren’t part of. Like you were nothing but a fly on the wall, something completely detached from what was happening the moment your veil was lifted to reveal your face.

    There were expressions of surprise and happiness as the people you had known for years recognized you as the bride to be. The people you had known for years. People that had comforted you, cried, and laughed with you. People you had seen every day, people you had shared food and stories with. People you loved.

    And they had no idea how you felt as you heard them congratulate you, blessings and prayers directed to you as everyone came forward to hold your hands with a smile on their face.

    And you cried. You cried inside as a smile stretched your lips. Your soul sobbed as you wished to go back in time when your mother was still alive and you were free to live your life as you wanted. But on the outside, you smiled and laughed with everyone else.

    You glanced at your Goddess, where she stood right beside your soon-to-be husband, both watching with smiles on their faces. But their eyes had a spark that sent a chill down your back. Your eyes locked for a moment and it was like a mask fell into place, hiding what you thought you had seen.

    You smiled.

    It made you hate yourself just a little.

    Next Chapter

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    17.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Superhero AU

    Okay okay, listen. Imagine them being superheros/villains.

    So Arisu, Karube, Chota, and Shibuki are regular adults doing normal adult things, nothing changes about that. Shibuki is a part of this because she can, she’s just pals with a group of dudes and doesn’t mind it at all because they’re all genuinely good people.

    Anyways, because life wanted to fuck with them, something happens. Maybe it was a shady guy giving them weird drinks or jewelry or whatever, maybe it was a freak accident that gave them powers. Whatever the cause was, they receive powers out of their control at first and are now tasked with using said powers for the greater good of humanity.

    Why? Well the city they’ve lived in all their lives has been terrorized by a villainous group, or maybe separate villains that just so happen to be in the area. Either way, the group is tasked with protecting the city or else terrible things will continue to happen. The city was already being protected by one group of heroes, but the villains are getting more and more frisky and dangerous.

    So now it’s up to them to help. Yay.

    Arisu and his friends do form their own mini superhero team, because there’s nothing better than fighting alongside your friends. :D

    Arisu was tasked with the nice power of what can be counted as future sight and analytical planning. Basically he can track the future movements of anyone within a room as well as problem solve in case a problem has occurred. Example being that they are stuck in a rapidly flooding room with ninjas… or something like that. He’d be able to not only track the ninjas movements but also seek a way to escape the room before they all drown. When he does this time effectively stops for him, like a game where he has to make choices that appear in front of him and allow him time to think before acting.

    Karube gets a sort of super strength ability. It thankfully isn’t one where he has it at full power all the time, or else some things may get a bit convoluted, but when he puts his mind to it he can punch and kick and shatter a spine if he really wanted to. He can manipulate it as well so it can fit more daily needs, like opening a tough pickle jar, so it’s handy.

    Chota has the power to see through walls and record them, which can be handy in case there’s something the others needs to see but is obscured. He also can turn it off and on at will, and Shibuki makes sure he isn’t doing it for anything dirty (because this power can be used entirely for really bad intents). It at the very least makes his eyes like projectors when he shows the others the recording (which is as long as he can keep his eyes open. When he blinks it cut the recording there) and can only hold one recording at a time as the power overwrites it each time.

    Shibuki gets the power of oral/written word manipulation. It’s like a super version of hypnosis really, where she can get anyone to follow her requests without much resistance. That is, unless the person has an immunity or high resistance to it. It in itself sounds like a weak power compared to the others, but words are powerful depending on what she says, and for her it doesn’t have to be in close contact or even spoken. Shibuki can induce her power into a written sentence or small paragraph and trick her victim into reading it. It all depends on her getting to her intended victim.

    Together, they form a pretty formidable team together and protect the city, although they do have to work to make a name for themselves. Which gives the added bonus of villains gunning for them. How fun.

    Of course they’re not the only superhero group in the city, just the newest ones. The other team, which had been previously keeping the villains at bay, end up hearing about this new team, and their leader gets interested in them.

    So what ends up happening is that the leader and his right hand man meet Arisu and the others at the local coffee shop, because obviously this is super important and all important things happen in cafes or bars somehow.

    The leader simply introduces himself as Hatter, and his right hand as Aguni. Arisu already knew about them from news articles, and occasionally fangames about them. Anyways, Hatter questions them on random things, mostly about their work ethics and how willing they are to put their lives into this city. Not everyone is prepared to have a whole population on their shoulders after all, and there’s always a loom of death over their heads at all times.

    Of course Arisu falters for a bit, nobody wants to die an early death out of their control, but it was also for the greater good. So he (and the others) state that they were completely willing to help their community, because it meant other people can live their lives knowing that they can be safe from the threats that are outside normal human abilities.

    Well Hatter loved their spunk, and he ends up inviting them to come join his little Hero Union so they could have a little less to worry about on their plates. After a bit of conversation the four end up agreeing, and Hatter takes them to an apartment building that he owns, which double as a superhero base for his (and now Arisu’s) team. The base serves as free housing and availability to weapons and immediate medical attention in case they need it. Hatter didn’t mind if they preferred their old homes instead, the offer always remains.

    Especially the medical bay. Superhero business is tough work.

    Arisu and his friends eventually meet up with Hatter’s team of heroes.

    Hatter, the leader, has the power of what Arisu can only explain it as ‘The Power of Teamwork’. It basically works in two ways: A) Hatter can summon hordes of anything he puts his mind to, although only can keep one horde at a time, and the amount entirely depends on how many he can muster. The less energy he has, the smaller the horde. This is ridiculously powerful, but it drains a lot out of him so he can’t do this half too much. Plus he can’t control the horde that much, outside of one simple command which they will do until they perish. B) Hatter can boost his teammate’s powers. This one is much easier on his bones, but the boost again reflects on his own ability to muster it up. There’s no limit to how many people he can boost, but the more he does the less each person gets.

    Aguni has plant manipulation (Mmm delicious Chlorokinesis….), and can therefore summon and control any plant in any way that he chooses. He can make them grow and move in any way that he wants them to, however he can only do so in sunlight, so he has to rely on natural strength or weapons at night. Aguni also can summon plants from his hands, although not trees, and it doesn’t hurt him as long as it isn’t a cactus. When he summons from his hand it simply undergoes a fast forwarded version of its growth, which looks cool as fuck.

    Ann is the resident necromancer, as well as owning the ability to test any substance or object for origin or ownership on the spot just by touching it (It works through gloves don’t worry). She usually doesn’t act on her necromancy powers often, and when she does it doesn’t last long, only using it to temporarily gain information from the dead or heal dead tissue on a living person. Her superhero work mainly resides off-field, but she is still capable outside of it.

    Chishiya has both invisibility and teleportation, which explains for itself. He can remain invisible for as long as he wishes, although is still tangible to others, and can still interact with objects. Teleportation can happen in any area as long as he is aware of the area existing. Chishiya can also teleport while invisible and remains as such, so the only thing keeping him from being a little shit for everyone’s privacy is his own morals. Anything he wears becomes invisible with him, but anything he carries does not, however will teleport with him.

    Kuzuryuu has a power similar to Arisu’s future sight, however it works that he only sees a justifiable future depending on events that has been shown or described to him. Basically, he takes in what he’s given and sees what would be the best possible solution to take based on that information. It’s not perfect, as any new information given changes his future sight, even if the information is false. If he can’t disprove it he has to include it. He also can’t see any factors that he isn’t able to know.

    Niragi has what basically is ‘Glitching in Real Life’. Basically any silly glitch or cheat mechanic that a game could have, he can do. It’s a bit of a broken power (literally), but it also can be dangerous if he isn’t careful because he isn’t in a game and is still human. Any object he interacts with can share the glitch ability, but only one at a time, and Niragi still has to comply with some rules of physics. So… he can’t breathe if he clips into anything solid. However it is extremely funny to watch him repeatedly jump and freeze objects in the air to stand on.

    Mira has a power that counts as hypnosis, but convoluted. She basically makes everything a game, and the loser has to comply to the conditions set in place. Usually they are quick and simple games, but the conditions can be brutal depending on how she feels like. She of course is also liable to the conditions, so she finds it in her favour to win.

    Last Boss gets sharp pointy summons. It’s exactly how it sounds, he gets to summon anything sharp (and by anything it means anything) and use it however he wants. It ranges from swords to glass shards to thumb tacks to just a very sharp spoon handle. Last Boss doesn’t even have to hold it, as he can summon them to shoot from the ground or specifically rain on a target.

    Anyways, they have to get along and protect the city when they can. Hatter lets Arisu to continue protecting with his little group of friends, but also lets him borrow one of his people if he needs their help, with consent from the other party of course.

    ( Does Mira end up evil in this? No, thankfully. However every time she speaks about her past Arisu is low-key convinced she might have been a supervillain at one point and is just in retirement as a hero now)

    Usagi is also a part of this, but she’s instead a solo hero who works on her own terms and slowly gets integrated into Arisu’s little friend group. She does help them on occasion, but prefers to just vibe and climb things instead of focusing all her time in hero work. Her powers are in the same vein, in that she can climb any surface she wants without risk of falling if she doesn’t want to fall.

    No shame in that. She knows Arisu has all the help he needs and helps only when she needs to be. They can be friends outside of hero work.

    Does she get kidnapped a few times in an attempt to be leverage for Arisu? Yeah. Does she manage to escape on her own terms a few times? Yeah. Usagi is simply trying to vibe and be supportive in this AU.

    Kuina and Tatta are both normal civilians in this. Kuina is Chishiya’s friend and acts as his normalcy factor, because hero work takes a lot out of a person and even Chishiya deserves some time where he doesn’t have to think about being a hero for people he actually doesn’t emotionally feel for.

    Tatta just works at the local coffee shop and occasionally as maintenance for the apartment base. He also acts as a sense of normalcy for everyone. Just a good friend all around.

    #aib #alice in borderland #arisu ryohei#karube daikichi#chota segawa#shibuki saori#hatter#takeru danma#morizono aguni#ann rizuna#chishiya shuntaro#kuzuryuu keiichi#niragi suguru#mira kano#last boss#takatora samura#usagi yuzuha#kuina hikari#tatta kodai #my rambling went on longer than I expected #me: oh wells it gets the point across #yes I could've made some of them villains but today they can just all be teammates #that way any drama between them is between friends #some of these powers are better to stay on the good side because hot dang imagine the terror if they used it for bad #just imagine niragi glitching through walls because doors take too long #his glitch power also extends that yes niragi can cheat infinite bullets on his gun #kuina and tatta also get used as ransom sometimes for being associated with the heroes #but kuina can hold her own usually #and tatta.... can't #but! he also can manage to convince his way out long enough for help to come at least
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  • softsliders19
    17.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Chishiya and Noah Closed Starter ( @mvsicinthedvrk )

    He tilted his head, staring at the other. “You look quite... strange.” He commented. He couldn’t put his finger on just what was so off about the other. But perhaps the other would answer it for him. Unless he had said the wrong thing.

    #**Shuntaro Chishiya** || HW #**Shuntaro and Noah Interactions** || HW
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  • thefinalboi
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Chishiya: Militants come in three flavors- Arrogants, Hotheads, and Edgelords

    Chishiya: They all have a mean side, but Arrogants like Saiko just think they're the best

    Chishiya: Hotheads like Niragi wanna fight anything that moves

    Chishiya: And Edgelords like Last Boss retweet Joker accounts unironically

    #this is a modified version of an unraveled quote #I would have put Aguni for arrogants but like #he's not #alice in borderland #incorrect alice in borderland #alice in borderland crack #niragi suguru#aib niragi#last boss #aib last boss #Chishiya#chishiya shuntaro#source: unraveled#sorta
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  • aceofspadegrass
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Now It's an Entire Swap

    Characters: Niragi Suguru, Chishiya Shuntaro, Kuina Hikari, Mira Kano (Briefly), Hatter, Morizono Aguni

    Genre: Crack. Somehow even worse (better?) than the last one. They're really going for it now.

    1.4k words

    AKA Part 2 of Hair Day. It's just gotten way more weirder than ever, and it was just on my mind the entire time. Just.... ' How far would these two get?'

    Well apparently it meant stealing each other's clothes and being them for a day. There were probably a whole lot more interactions I could have done for the day, but alas.

    Niragi watches as Chishiya approaches him, carrying a bag in his left hand. Since two days ago, Niragi’s been keeping an eye on the man as Chishiya went around with his old hairstyle, his own still delightfully bleached blond and kept in the same style as Chishiya’s usual hair. People still did double takes upon seeing him, and maybe it held true for Chishiya as well, but Niragi didn’t care what anyone thought of the sudden change. All he cared about was making sure Chishiya didn’t go ahead and re-dye his hair so soon, keeping a careful eye on him.

    Sure, it was a little stalkerish, but it was for a good reason.

    Chishiya dumps the bag at Niragi’s feet, Niragi looking down to look at the small opening the bag allowed. “ What’s this?”

    “ Well if you’re going to steal my hair, I might as well steal your life for a day.” Chishiya briefly explains, and he walks away without any further explanation, Niragi raising an eyebrow. He kneels down and opens the opaque bag some more, his lips curling at the white mass chilling inside.

    “ Is this a joke…?” Niragi reaches in and pulls out the outfit, recognizing it as Chishiya’s favourite jacket, or at the very least copy of it, as well as swimming shorts that matched Chishiya’s. Niragi looks back towards where Chishiya had disappeared towards, and scoffs. “ So be it then.”

    He puts the clothes back inside the bag and stands up, taking it and heading back up to his room. He starts stripping once he gets inside, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside. Next came his shoes and pants, and he pulls out the two articles of clothing back out of the bag. There were sandals included inside, Niragi leaving those for last as he slips on the shorts. They were somehow a perfect fit on him, not at all as small as Niragi was expecting them to be. “ So the mayo man got me accurately fitting clothing, hm?” Niragi pulls on the jacket and quickly retracts his earlier statement, staring at his exposed wrist. Curse him for not bothering to get a proper jacket for him.

    Still, Niragi wasn’t about to back down from the supposed life swap challenge, slipping on the other sleeve and zipping it up. It definitely was just some spare jacket, the bottom barely meeting with the shorts with his arms extending outwards. Niragi drops his arms and tugs the jacket down as far as he could before moving to the sandals and sliding them on. They were also about the correct size, if not just slightly smaller but still manageable. Humming, Niragi walks around to make sure, catching sight of his rifle.

    “ Well…. as much as I’d like to….” Niragi sighs, and tucks the thing into his bed. “ If Chishiya wants whatever this weird role-play shit, then he’s gonna get it.”

    Niragi spots Chishiya by the militants a few minutes later, a few loudly questioning and gesturing to Chishiya. Or, from the back, a much smaller him. Niragi couldn’t help but snort at the obvious sheer size of his shirt on Chishiya’s much smaller frame, or the fact that Chishiya was toting around a massive super soaker instead of the real deal, as if he was still semi-aware that he could be killed despite taking on Niragi’s aesthetics.

    Niragi didn’t think this was much of a punishment for his hair thievery in the slightest, sauntering away. Just his face still kept people from coming too close, and the talk about him was near pleasurable for him. His reputation continues to precede him at least.

    “ Hey! You, slow down, geez-“ A female voice catches Niragi’s attention, and he turns his head to see that lady Chishiya was occasionally by every so often, although Niragi didn’t bother with her too much, down to her name. She catches up to him, her eyes quickly scanning him before she lets out a sigh. “ I really can’t believe you agreed.”

    “ Yeah? What’s it to you, huh?”

    The lady folds her arms, letting out a sigh and chews on the stick hanging out of her mouth for a bit. Niragi was about to turn and leave her there when her hand reaches out and grabs him by the shoulder, Niragi whipping around and slapping the hand off. She recoils, but otherwise was unperturbed, looking at him with a hint of displeasure. “ Okay listen. Chishiya told me that since you stole his hair he was going to….. apparently take over a day of just being you, saying that…” She pauses. “ Well, that’s not important right now. What is important is to ’sell’ this, is that I have to follow you.”

    Niragi blinks, raising his eyebrow and unconsciously flicking his tongue across his lips, leaning onto one leg. “ Why, does the toilet bowl not trust me?”

    “ I wouldn’t trust you with a barrel of green tea left in your care, so you can figure out what Chishiya’s opinion is. Look, we can do this peacefully, no violence required, okay?” She extends a hand as if it were a peace offering, Niragi staring down at the hand.

    “ Yeah, uh….. no. I do what I want, cinnamon stick.” He turns and walks away, said cinnamon stick’s footsteps coming up behind him.

    “ Rude, but I really can’t expect anything else from you, wig snatcher.”

    Niragi ignores her, although he didn’t bother to push her away today either. She was at least mindful of their positions, and kept her distance as she should.

    It wasn’t long until she invited him to at least watch a movie with her, Niragi agreeing since he was technically absolved from doing his patrols for the day.

    ( Niragi wasn’t allowed to in any way touch her, and the one time he tried he got his toes crushed by her foot, so he had to behave the rest of the movie. Not worth it, in his opinion.)

    Even at the meeting nobody really mentioned the sudden switch, although Niragi swore he thought he saw Mira’s smile become a little wider, and her eyes glitter in interest at the two. Hatter had to do a double take at the two, before sidetracking into what they were up to this time. Chishiya, surprisingly enough, just sticks his tongue out at Hatter like Niragi would’ve done, and Niragi had to suppress a laugh when he caught a glimpse of a stain on Chishiya’s tongue.

    “ Oh my fucking goodness, did you seriously eat a fruit roll-up with those tongue tattoos before this?!” Niragi howls, bursting into uncontrolled laughter. Chishiya slips his tongue back in and just smirks. Aguni shakes his head slowly, pinching the bridge of his nose, Hatter just watching and waiting with amusement.

    It takes a while before Niragi finally reins in his laugh, and that was only because one of Hatter’s pretty boy kimono men handed him water to calm the fuck down. Hatter grins, clapping his hands together.

    “ Well, either way, this is an absolute rollercoaster that we’re all seeing today, aren’t we. One day I’m greeted with a hair swap, and the next you two are becoming each other! Aren’t you just… two peas in a pod?”

    “ Tch, no. I’d rather burn.”

    Chishiya glances at Niragi for a second, his lips curling ever so slightly in disgust. “ Not to be rude, but I decline that as well. I’d rather be shot instead. This is merely payback.”

    “… How though.” Aguni questions. Chishiya turns his attention to the man, and leans back casually.

    “ Because it leaves him practically defenceless in order to be me. Me, on the other hand….” Chishiya gestures to the super soaker lain on the table. “ Have temporary access. Even if this is merely a substitute.”

    “ I will strangle you in your sleep anyways, you naked chicken nugget.”

    Chishiya doesn’t react to the threat, Niragi glaring at him. Hatter looks between the two of them, then smacks his hand against the table a few times to get the meeting back to focus on him.

    “ Like I said last time, grab a martini or something you two. Now, as much as I love a good drama and an enemies to lovers trope, we have to get back to real matters-“

    Niragi huffs, leaning back slightly as Hatter starts his usual spiel. His glances couldn’t help but look towards Chishiya every so often, just glaring him down. Occasionally he’d lock eyes with him, Niragi smirking and miming random ways that Niragi could murder him with his bare hands.

    If anyone else was watching their little act, they certainly didn’t bring it up. At the very least it kept Niragi occupied long enough.

    The moment it was done, Hatter simply watches the two leave the meeting with a little more haste than he’s ever seen, and he leans towards Aguni. “ Think they’re gonna fuck it out with a nice martini?”

    “…. Beats me.”

    #aib #alice in borderland #aib fanfic #alice in borderland fanfic #niragi suguru#chishiya shuntaro#kuina hikari#hatter#takeru danma#mira kano#morizono aguni #sorry kuina you don't even get a name in this #that last interaction sentence is ness' fault you got me thinking about them doing the do #yes somehow hair swap evolved into a whole outfit swap it's just how it progressed #everyone just has to roll with whatever bullshit happens there every day this is tame really- #yes they specifically are wearing each others tops the other pieces are sized up correctly to a point but the shirt and jacket? Swapped. #yes chishiya ate one of those candies that stained his tongue just to mock niragi's tongue piercing #he also stuck rhinestones on his face I just don't mention them
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  • euphoriauxs
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    Do not repost my works

    welcome to ren’s masterlist! this will include all of my works. please be advised some stuff may be NSFW so please, those who are 17+ preferably only may interact with those works! the key is as follows:

    ✩ - sfw
    ❦ - nsfw 
    ✏ - drabble
    ✔ - series


    𝚃𝚘𝚔𝚢𝚘 𝚁𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚜

    Manjiro “Mikey” Sano

    Ken “Draken” Ryuguji

    Mitsuya Takashi

    Baji Keisuke

    Chifuyu Matsuno


    ✔ Devil Town - Manjiro “Mikey” Sano x OC

    ✧ warnings: major cursing, mutual pining, friends to lovers, slow burn, heavy angst, NO smut, descriptions of s3xual abuse + assault/child traff!cking, graphic descriptions of v!olence

    Part: one / two

    𝙹𝚞𝚓𝚞𝚝𝚜𝚞 𝙺𝚊𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚗

    Yuuji Itadori

    Megumi Fushiguro

    Satoru Gojou

    Suguru Getou

    Maki Zenin

    Inumaki Toge

    Toji Fushiguro


    𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝙱𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍

    Shuntaro Chishiya

    Suguru Niragi

    Ryohei Arisu

    Daikichi Karube


    This will consist of any character/s that does/do not fit in one of the above categories!

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  • aceofspadegrass
    15.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Let's see if my brain allows enough power to not only write Part 2 of Chishiya and Niragi switching hair but also Part two of Chishiya leaving Legos all over Niragi's floor.

    ..... Well I'll be darned I lined my bowling pins up for these two twice. How the bagel tables.

    #aib #alice in borderland #chishiya shuntaro#niragi suguru#it's beautiful #maybe after them I give last boss some love too he looks like he deserves to mass blend bananas
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  • aceofspadegrass
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hair Day

    Characters: Niragi Suguru, Chishiya Shuntaro, Hatter, Last Boss

    Genre: Crack. Niragi stole Chishiya's hair.

    1.7k words

    I did it. I have made a fic based on the cursed Niragi pic. It's.... very chaotic, @niragis-right-hand-rabbit.

    Do I know how hair works? Barely, but hey, it's gotta work somehow.

    Also look, I did it. Yes I had to slap normal bean on top of cat bean but I tried. A real shame the strand is on the wrong side though I forgot to edit it out and it's too late for me to put it on the correct side.

    Oh yeah, and there's a little hint of sleep drugging. Just a tad.

    Niragi stares at the empty container with pure disdain in his eyes, hair loose after a couple of days without his beloved hair gel. Sure, it’s left his hair decently soft enough and nobody has really noticed the distinct lack of shine when he pulls his hair up every morning, but he missed the smell and feel.

    He runs his hand through his hair, still a little knotted after he slept, but nothing a brush couldn’t handle. Niragi squints at himself in the mirror, his hair falling in front of his face and framing it in a way that reminded Niragi of a certain someone. He tries to tuck one side out of the way, but it falls back inevitably like a stubborn thorn in his cheek. Pausing, Niragi stares at himself in the mirror, thinking to himself as he leaned closer before he got a rather ridiculous idea.

    Standing up proud and straight, he ties it back as he always did, making sure to brush extra well so no hairs would fall out of his bun, even sliding a few pins in the back to properly secure it. With a pleased grin, he leaves the bathroom and grabs his rifle from where he left it on the bed, positioning it over his shoulder and heading out for the day for a quick patrol.

    The hallways themselves were fairly empty, with the only real instances of noises being from within a few rooms, but Niragi didn’t bother to check inside every single one. He makes it down to the stairs and heads down with a whistle, flashing a smirk at a pair of women who were chatting in the stairwell. The girls stepped out of his way as he made his way down, their conversation halting until Niragi was at the bottom, their whispers rampant and echoing from above.

    Niragi walks around until he makes it to the cafeteria, people already grabbing and eating breakfast. He doesn’t bother with sitting by any of the residing militants however today, his mind on something else. He instead grabs a bottle of strawberry milk from the fridge and some rice balls that one of the current kitchen workers handed him before rushing out with a sort of excited fire in his eyes.

    Niragi slips into the medical bay whilst cramming a rice ball into his mouth, ignoring the nurse on duty as he goes towards the medicine cabinet. Sliding it open, he pushes aside bottles until he finds what he was looking for, shoving it into his pocket and running out, nearly knocking over the same nurse without so much as an apology.

    Niragi shoves yet another rice ball into his mouth as he walked back to his room, pill bottle and milk in one hand and rice balls in the other. He sets the bottles down on the nightstand and takes a brief break to finish breakfast before starting on his silly little switcheroo mission.

    Niragi quietly hums to himself as he makes his way to Chishiya’s room, hoping the man was still in there. If he wasn’t, Niragi would just hunt him down anyways and drag him back in here whether the fried egg wanted to or not. Opening the door, he peeks inside.


    Chishiya was sitting at his desk, with the only sounds being the scratching of pencil on paper. Niragi slips inside and shuts the door, coming over to the desk and setting the perfectly innocuous bottle of milk on the corner of Chishiya’s desk. The man barely even acknowledges him, Niragi staring at Chishiya in silence. One glance to the paper only showed Chishiya drawing a bunch of squares in a distorted array, with exactly one circle inside in red pen. “ What the fuck is that.”

    “ Why are you in my room.”

    “ Why do you care, hm?”

    Chishiya slowly turns his head and shoulders to look up at Niragi blankly, and Niragi really wanted to just say fuck it with the drink and choke the little bitch until he was unconscious by his own hands.

    “ ….. Do you need something?”

    “ Yeah. Drink this.” Niragi taps the cap to the milk, Chishiya not even taking a single glance.

    “ And if I don’t?” Chishiya blinks, cracking a lazy smirk. Niragi leans down and turns Chishiya’s whole body around until their noses and legs were nearly touching, Niragi licking the top of his lip as he grins.

    “ Then I’m gonna make you drink it by force. So how about you use your brain and figure it out.” Niragi responds, Chishiya staring directly into his eyes without so much as a flinch. Chishiya clicks his tongue and flicks Niragi’s forehead, Niragi recoiling as Chishiya takes the bottle and inspects it, letting a small puff of air through his nose.

    “ Strawberry, how quaint.” Chishiya twists the cap, the safety lock cracking without an issue. Chishiya looks back up at Niragi, who was watching him now with a blank expression, and toasts to nothing before turning back around in his chair and taking slow ample sips. Niragi backs away and heads into Chishiya’s connected bathroom, digging through his cabinets as he hears a soft thunk noise from the main room. Niragi preens internally with his plan working as he pulls a box out from the cabinet and sets them on the sink bench, along with a second box that he was hiding behind his back. Sure, it was now warm because of Niragi, but he didn’t think it would affect anything.

    The local blackberry heads out and comes over to the table, Chishiya slumped over the desk unconscious. Never the wiser really, Niragi hoisting him out from the chair with not too much trouble as he drags him into the bathroom. Niragi leaves him in the bathtub and stares at his prone form for three whole seconds maximum before going back to rummage through Chishiya’s bathroom cabinets.

    He finds a sizable plastic bag rolled up under the sink, as well as scissors and gloves, Niragi pleased that Chishiya kept them in reach so he didn’t have to go anywhere else.

    Turning to the unconscious cat, Niragi’s grin grows wider as he approached with the bag.

    The man dutifully makes sure to leave the surfaces decently cleaned despite no real reason to do so, his hair covered in aluminum foils and plastic wrap. Chishiya remained completely and utterly unconscious in the bathroom, a plain plastic bag tied over his hair as the dye set in.

    Niragi didn’t feel like staying around, itching to go take his shower and tone his hair as soon as he could. He slips out of the room without a sound and makes his way down the hall to his own room, not caring who saw him. The path was thankfully empty the entire way, Niragi ducking in and heading to the showers.

    By the time he got out, put toner, waited got back in to finish, and got back out again, Niragi could tell Chishiya was probably going to find him sometimes soon. He’d be ready of course, Niragi quietly humming as he checked his hair in the mirror before leaving.

    He passes by a few of the other militants, who stare at him in confusion. Niragi glances over at them and sticks his tongue out with a proud smile, striding past them before they could even get a word in, back on his mission to Chishiya’s room.

    That is, until Last Boss approached him from buttfuck nowhere and dragged his now blond ass to the meeting room.

    “ Hey what’s the rush?!”

    Last Boss doesn’t bother with a response as he pushes the doors open, Hatter standing there as Chishiya slowly turns to Niragi with eyes of murder. Hatter, who apparently was dragged into this at some point, claps his hands together. “ Oh, I see now! Well then, if I may be so inclined to ask: What in the bright fuck is this.”

    Niragi just runs his fingers through his hair, which he managed to style somewhat close to Chishiya’s normal hairstyle. “ I stole Chishiya’s hair because I ran out of hair gel.”

    Hatter slowly nods, and Chishiya continued to stare directly at Niragi. Last Boss had dipped out completely the moment he completed his mission. Hatter turns to Chishiya, and brushes a finger through the shortcake’s newly blackened hair. “ And this?”

    “ I stole Chishiya’s hair.” Niragi repeats. It wasn’t that hard to understand, really.

    “…. I see. Well then, it certainly is something! If you had just told me I may have been willing to help, but the job here is rather phenomenal.” Hatter muses, then looks back to Niragi. “ Do you have a tie?”

    Chishiya was already trying to move away when he knew something was up, but Niragi and Hatter were faster as Niragi tosses him a hairband, Hatter grabbing Chishiya’s shoulders and forcing him still, his other hand reaching up and brushing Chishiya’s hair back. Chishiya continues to look directly at a now grinning Niragi as Hatter tied Chishiya’s upper hair into a bun, and then patting said bun once he finished.

    “ There you go you! You look…. better, in a way!” Hatter chirps

    “ So! Chishiya, what where you doing with him, huh? Were you trying to complain to the manager?”

    “ Don’t word it like that. And no, I was merely talking to him when he mentioned my apparently sudden hair change. So, Niragi, how did you do it.”

    Niragi slowly rolls his head to the other side, repositioning his weight onto the other leg. “ Do… what.”

    “ You slipped something into that milk, didn’t you.”

    Niragi scoffs, rolling his eyes. “ Course I did.”

    “ Yet the bottle was unopened.”

    “ I’m not stupid, stupid. I have thoughts. I can problem solve.”

    “ Sometimes.”

    “ Oi, you take that back!”

    Hatter chuckles, and puts a hand on Chishiya’s shoulder, pushing him forward until he reaches Niragi. Putting a hand on his shoulder as well, he pushes the both of them out of the meeting room. “ Ladies, ladies, no fighting~ If you need to, take it outside, maybe have a good martini or whatever. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to mentally process this look. Okay byyyyye!” Hatter shuts the door on the both of them, Niragi and Chishiya continuing to stare at each other.

    “ You give me my hair back or else.” Chishiya whispers.

    “ Or else…. what.” Niragi leans forwards, smirking. Chishiya just smirks back, eyes narrowing. “ You’ll see.”

    #aib #alice in borderland #aib fanfic #alice in borderland fanfic #niragi suguru#chishiya shuntaro#hatter#takeru danma#last boss#takatora samura #ah yes fresh chaos #niragi really took one look in the mirror and decide to steal a man's hairstyle good golly #in case anyone is wondering niragi inserted sleeping drug through a syringe and poked a tiny hole into the milk #last boss just so happened to oversee chishiya talking to hatter and thought niragi would want to see it #niragi really went all out #i like watching them bully each other using absolutely trivial methods it's hilarious #i like to think niragi has practice dying hair for reasons unknown #i don't know what chishiya was drawing either
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  • aceofspadegrass
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Just the idea of, for whatever reason by the grace of the stars above, somehow all five of Aguni's and Hatter's children (The adult version not the kid version) have to have a wisdom tooth (or teeth I'm not judging an exposed bone's life) removed.

    Hatter somehow managed to get all five appointments on the same day, and Aguni took one good look at him trying to figure out what possessed him to think having five men coming out of anesthesia at the same time would be in any way rational.

    Especially when one of them is Niragi ' Probably ate a ghost pepper to attempt to intimidate Chishiya at breakfast' Suguru.

    #aib #alice in borderland #morizono aguni#hatter#takeru danma#niragi suguru#chishiya shuntaro #cut to hatter driving and aguni having to keep niragi from biting last boss because he looks like cinnamon bread #as well as reassuring arisu that no chishiya did not shrink he's just sleeping weird again stop trying to offer him gauze- #meanwhile tatta is just preoccupied with finding his fingers
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  • aceofspadegrass
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Me: Ah man how am I supposed to remove the hair in front of Chishiya's face so it doesn't look horribly painted on?

    Also me:..... Time to politely steal Nijiro's face. ✨

    #aib #alice in borderland #chishiya shuntaro#murakami nijiro #close enough! :D
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  • aceofspadegrass
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Me: *Silently stands above Chishiya's head with a pot full of ramen noodles.*

    Chishiya: *None the fucking wiser*

    Arisu, who is also in the room because someone accidentally filled his own room with whipped cream: :

    #aib #alice in borderland #chishiya shuntaro#arisu ryohei #arisu is not allowed to stop me even if he feels bad for chishiya's ear and head
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    Niragi farts an everyone in the room laughs the ass off

    Chishiya does the same and everyone is like


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    Lego Floor

    Characters: Kuina Hikari, Chishiya Shuntaro, Niragi Suguru (But he's sleeping)

    Genre: Crack. Lego crack.

    723 words

    I couldn't help but think about the Lego floor again, so have this short little story. ✨


    “ So… tell me why we’re doing this?” Kuina asked as Chishiya toted the bag through the halls. There was faint music still pulling from somewhere outside, although it was unlikely anyone was awake and about at this time of night. Chishiya says nothing to his companion, merely instead humming a tune to himself. It was late, but Chishiya liked this time of night, it was quiet and good for walks.

    Kuina, on the other hand, would’ve liked to be sleeping at this time, but she was awake despite it. So, instead of it, she was left to follow Chishiya as he stalks down the empty hallways, confused on what his mission was with the bag slung over his shoulder. He didn’t even tell her what was inside, nor did he ask Kuina to leave or let her carry the bag. At the very least she got front row seats to… whatever this was.

    Chishiya makes his final destination before she knew it, setting the bag down by his feet as he stares ahead. The bag makes a faint noise as it makes contact with the ground, a sound that Kuina thought sounded familiar, but couldn’t pinpoint where else she heard the sharp clicking noise.

    Chishiya carefully swings the door open, making sure not to let too much of the hallways dimmed lights to filter through. He takes a look inside, then at Kuina, a sly smile on his face before he picked up the bag and heads inside without a second thought. Kuina quickly follows him in, making sure not to make a noise and alert whoever this room belonged to and shutting the door.

    The room itself reasonably dark, despite the light that filtered through the curtains from the lamps outside, and she could hear someone snoring in bed, Kuina directing her attention towards the bed to see if she could tell who was in here.

    The moment she spotted the rifle tucked into the covers alongside the currently face down man in the bed, her apprehension spikes a little. She turns to Chishiya, who had stopped humming and was digging through the bag, the faint clicking noise partially drowned by the periodic snores. “ Chishiya, what are we doing in his room….!?” Kuina whispered to the man, Chishiya not even sparing her a glance as he places something on the ground, repeating the motion multiple times. Kuina squints at the unbaked bread roll, specifically his hand, trying to see what he was doing. She blinks once, then twice, then looks back at Chishiya’s head. “ Why are you putting Legos on his floor?”

    This time, Chishiya answers her, scooting backwards to set down a new row of tiny plastic feet destroyers. “ What does it look like I’m doing, hm?”

    Kuina watches him, then shrugs. “ Putting Legos on the ground. I’m asking why.”

    Chishiya continues carefully placing Legos on the ground, silent as ever. Kuina continues to watch in silence, occasionally looking over at the burnt bread roll to make sure he hadn’t woken up as Chishiya laid Legos all over his floor. Both conscious parties pause when Niragi suddenly rolls over, grumbling and pulling the blanket over his face, Chishiya tilting his head at the sleeping man before he continued onwards.

    In no time at all, the floor was completely covered in the tiny plastic building pieces, with not a single piece of floor uncovered. Chishiya even left a few Legos on top of the blanket, somehow not disturbing the volatile man sleeping as Kuina watched from right besides the door. Chishiya turns to her with a satisfied look before opening the door and letting her leave first before slipping out himself, neither making a single peep the entire time until the two were well away from the door, Kuina shooting him a look of confusion.

    “ What.. what was that.” Chishiya, the secretive raw crepe mix he was, just continues walking without a word, Kuina letting out a quiet sigh and following after him.

    “ Can I at least ask where you got all those Legos from?”

    “ You don’t want to know.” Chishiya starts walking faster for no particular reason, Kuina pausing for just a second at the monotone response.

    “ Wh- What do you mean-“ She quickly heads to catch up to him in a few strides. “ Chishiya, where did the Legos come from-“

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    [summary: chishiya is thrown off when you're almost injured in a game. When you reach your apt, he decides to show you how much you mean to him.]

    "Five of spades? Again?" I sighed in annoyance. The days on my visa ran low like others at The Beach, therefore I had gone with Chishiya and one other person I didn't know to a game arena a few minutes away. I was disappointed when I found out it was a card I had collected a few weeks before.

    "E-excuse me," A young voice called out. I turned my head to face a young boy not older than maybe twelve. "Which game is this?"

    "There's a safe room you have to reach in a limited amount of time and there are two buttons to press. There are masked killers in the building though so you have to navigate around them and not die."

    The young boy nodded, but i was concerned for him. He looked as if he should have some kind of person helping him out around here. He could be easily killed seeing as he probably didn't have the strength to handle anything dangerous nor the mental capabilities to handle the stress.

    "Do you have anyone here with you?" I asked and he shrugged. I glanced to the side for Chishiya who was idly staring out a window. I could take the child with me to The Beach. Then, he would have enough food to eat and a place to rest.

    "Do you want to stay with us after this? You can eat and rest. We're working together to leave this world," I offered, smiling at the boy who in turn nodded at me. I nodded back.

    As I turned to my side, I met Chishiya's eyes. I placed my hand on the shoulders of the little boy next to me and guided him over to Chishiya. Chishiya raised an eyebrow; he did hate children. I gestured to the boy who eagerly stepped forward to meet the man.

    "Hi! I'm Akio."


    It was silent so I spoke up.

    "So the plan of action is that we stay here until we hear the first gunshot and we determine where to go depending where it came from. If we're half way through and no one has found the safe room, we go through each room. Got it?"

    Both Chishiya and Akio stayed silent so I guessed they were complying. Seconds later, I heard the first gunshot from below. Directly below. Flinching, I decided to think about where would be best to go. I'd be safer travelling upwards, but it'd be smart to return to the bottom floor in case the safe room was there.

    "Don't worry. They won't be here for a while. We can just leave the room and run down to another level."

    I was about to say something but was interrupted by another gunshot. It was closer. Akio flinched and drew closer to me whilst Chishiya watched silently as if he couldn't care less about the killer growing nearer. Deciding I couldn't take it any longer, I took a step out of the room, motioning for Chishiya and Akio to follow.

    I stumbled along about a metre of the corridor before Akio overtook me. He placed his hands on the railing to the side to look downwards. I also stared to see the masked killer; they were staring upwards. It took me a second to realise who they were staring at. Before the gunshot could ring, I leaped forward, pouncing on top of Akio. Just as the gun fired and a bullet passed over my head. Chishiya stood still for a second, staring at me.

    He sat down against the wall, shuffling closer to me. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest: nothing new there. My ears rang from the sound of the gun.

    "[Insert Name], you okay?" He whispered, his eyes widening. I nodded my head, clutching the 12 year old who tightly hugged my waist. I was only confused at the man next to me who displayed more concern I had ever seen him show. Usually, he would shrug it off even if it was an ally who had died.

    “I’m fine, but we should get out of here before that killer finds us,” I replied nonchalantly but really I wanted to ask about what his sudden outburst of emotions was. Especially considering he never displayed any wild emotions.

    The little boy I held in my arms was shaking, sniffling a little as he began to cry. Sighing, I rubbed his back and pulled him into a hug. I urged Chishiya to also hug the boy and he reluctantly complied, pulling us both into a small hug, patting the boys back. I quietly thanked him as the boy stopped crying.

    “Okay, we should get out now-“ I spoke before being interrupted by the sound of a robotic voice and a sound from the phone I carried. Someone had won the game, meaning whoever lay behind the masks were about to be killed. I’d grown used to the guilt and it was no longer there. It’s kill or be killed in a world like this sadly. Chishiya smirked and we decided to head out of the building. The young boy clung on to me tighter than ever.

    “So, Akio. Tell me about yourself!” I attempt to lighten the sour mood but the kid stayed silent. “Okay, I’ll tell you about myself first!” He nodded.

    “I was an artist before here. I like to paint scenery and people! I’ve also made some art for certain anime-“

    “Which anime?”

    “It’s called Yumiko’s Game.”

    “That’s my favourite anime!” The boy yelled excitedly. Chishiya raised an eyebrow but stayed silent and observed. Like he always did. The boy told me that his parents were rich and neglected him so he turned to video games and anime. He wanted to be a famous gamer before all this happened. He knew even if he went home, he would still be ignored by his parents and feel little purpose. After Akio introduced himself, he asked about Chishiya, who in turn stiffened and said he could not remember.

    I knew he was lying. He told me he was a medical student and about his parents. He never told me the whole story but I knew better than to pry. This world seemed to be the only thing keeping him alive which annoyed me.

    Once we reached The Beach, I was quick to talk to Hatter about the child who was still clinging to me. Hatter allowed him in and was given a separate room, but still clung to me. Chishiya waited outside with Kuina who introduced herself to the child. He took a liking to her and quickly struck a conversation with her. Meanwhile, Chishiya and I stared at each other; I wanted to say something but didn’t know what. I wanted to mention his rare outbreak of emotions, the child, why he was so quiet even for him on the way back.

    “[Insert Name], I’m hungry…” Akio stated next to me and I hummed in thought.

    “I can take him!” Kuina smiled at me and Akio quickly left with her.

    That left Chishiya and I alone. Well, not alone because there were still those around us, partying the night away like always. I took a step forward. Chishiya didn’t even flinch. He stared at me, but not with the same smug smirk he usually wore: just distant. Like he was in another universe.

    “Can we talk in private?”

    “We are in private.”

    “No. I’m talking about one of our rooms where we’re alone.”

    I decided to not joke around since his tone didn’t hint even slight sarcasm. He didn’t call me an idiot or make a half joke. After I nodded, I followed him to his room which was somewhere on the second floor of the hotel, close to mine. He opened the door for me, motioning with his head for me to enter.

    “You scared me,” Chishiya started, his tone raising slightly. He raised his head to meet my eyes; my breath caught in my throat. He looked worried almost. “Never. Never risk your life like that again. You can’t survive like that.”

    “I’m not ending that poor boy’s life at 12! Besides, why do you care about me so much all of a sudden?”

    “You’ve just met him though and he doesn’t have a life whole we’re in here. None of us do.”

    “You didn’t answer my question.”

    The room went eerily silent as I let my eyes slowly trail to the floor rather than his eyes so I wouldn’t feel the guilt he gave me. It’s not like I did anything wrong; it’s just he’s able to manipulate me easily even with his eyes, let alone his words.

    “I’ve cared about you for a while. Maybe for a few months. I haven’t tracked the time.”

    I felt my blood rush to my heart at the sudden confession and my face heat up. Finally, I gathered enough courage to stare into his eyes again. This time they weren’t distant or smug or just blank- they held some sort of emotion.

    “Well, I.. I care about you too.”

    Chishiya took a step forward. I didn’t flinch. He took another. He was arms length close to me now. I could hear his breathing in the now almost silent room. Maybe he could hear my breathing and how loud my heart thumped inside my chest. I took a step forward and stared into his eyes. Before I could gather my thoughts, I pressed my lips to his.

    He responded by kissing back, placing an arm around my back to draw me closer. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his soft lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

    “We should go back outside. Akio and Kuina are probably waiting for us and I wouldn’t want them to worry,” I spoke softly as our lips parted. He rested his forehead against mine and then pulled away quickly. Chishiya smirked with a shrug and simply left the room, leaving me to trail behind. As if he wasn’t affected by anything we’d just done.

    Sighing, I trudged down the hallway closely behind Chishiya, trying to make it not obvious what we had just been doing. I realised my lipstick had probably left some kind of stain on his lips although it seemed he didn’t care too much as he walked into the outdoors as if he had simply been chilling in his room.

    Kuina stood beside Akio, just where we had been before. I greeted her happily as Akio jumped into my arms to hug me. Humming, I glanced to the side at Chishiya who was staring into thin air. Kuina noticed and brought her fingers in front of Chishiya's face and snapped them. He flinched.

    "I asked you where the lipstick came from," Kuina asked and laughed afterwards. I swiftly returned my attention to Akio and he told me about the nice meal he'd just enjoyed. I smiled at him.

    "Hey, [insert name]. Do you know where the lipstick came from? You were with Chishiya, right?" Kuina suddenly questioned me. I nervously laughed, glancing at Chishiya who raised an eyebrow at me.

    "Yeah, but i think it's from what he was drinking or eating earlier," I responded promptly. Chishiya nodded and Akio's eyes widened. He stared at me curiously as if he knew I was lying or even as if he knew exactly what happened.

    Kuina knew I was lying but chose to move on. As the time neared 10pm, I decided to direct Akio to where his room is. He stated that he'd find it on his own since it would help him remember more.

    As he left, I decided to walk up to the bar and buy a drink. Nothing heavily alcohol based, not enough to get me drunk or even tipsy. It was more of a sweet concoction with a strawberry flavoured tang. I sipped at the drink as I returned to where Chishiya and Kuina were.

    I quietly sipped at the drink that burned my throat slightly but not in an overwhelming way. Deciding that it was too hot, I took off the sage green cardigan covering my white bikini top. Chishiya temporarily gazed at me, but averted his eyes when I caught him.

    "Yo, [insert name], Chishiya, I think I'm gonna go bed. Don't die while I'm sleeping, okay?" Kuina stated, walking away from us. We waved as she disappeared inside the hotel. I hopped onto an empty chair I saw by the pool, placing my glass on the table beside me.

    Silently, Chishiya sat on the chair next to mine. He awkwardly adjusted his white hoodie. "Are you drunk again?"


    "Well, you haven't been slurring your speech or walking awkwardly. You don't look flustered either," He observed, looking at me. His eyes skimmed my outfit and then my face. I always had adored his eyes; they were so pretty and always had a way of making you feel like the only person in the room.

    "It's starting to get a lot louder out here. Can we go inside?" I asked. He hummed before standing up; he reached out his hand to me. I took it and followed him to the hotel. We wandered up the stairs, giggling as we talked about some dumb things we saw outside.

    THE room was quiet other than the occasional laughs of random people still partying outside. A glance outside the window could tell anyone it was at least 2am. I, however, recalled almost nothing since I had walked into Chishiya's room. I was currently sitting up in one of the two beds that were in the room. The second one was probably there for me due to the amount of nights Chishiya had to take me to his room when I was drunk. He refused to let me stay alone and out myself in danger.

    Yawning, I pulled the cover off my bed. Chishiya was on the other bed in the room, which was slightly closer to the window. He usually didn't sleep well or at least woke up essily. Deciding that doing nothing was boring, I wandered over to the window. There were a couple people making out in the pool or on the chairs. I shivered after remembering that I had been sitting on one a couple hours before.

    I was tempted to pour myself a glass of water, but remembered the sleeping man behind me and ruled it off. Even through the window, I felt the moist breeze of the late night.

    Tapping on the window sill, I tried to replicate the beat of my favourite song from outside the borderland. Still, as I paused to remember the beat, I couldn't help but strain my ears to hear the sniffling and loud breathing behind me. Turning around, I saw that Chishiya was facing me, not that he was awake. In fact, it looked as if he was experiencing some kind of nightmare with the way he was shifting uncomfortably and the small tears staining his cheeks.

    Luckily, I wasn't another person. Otherwise, he would have been embarrassed for me to see him crying. I had known him since the very beginning. We were both new to the borderland. Yet, we both managed to survive together through intelligence and fighting power.

    It just so happened that we both managed to stay together through all the games and eventually we found The Beach.

    My eyes lingered over Chishiya for a moment. Then, I moved over to his bed, whispering for him to wake up. After he didn't wake with just my words, I placed a hand on his shoulders, shaking him slightly.

    I heard a sharp inhale and his eyes opened, almost grieving. I swiftly lifted my hands away in case he wanted a moment with his own thoughts. He shuffled over on the bed and patted the space beside him. I carefully sat on the bed, pulling my knees up to my chin as Chishiya calmed his breathing down. I placed a hand on his arm for some sort of comfort, knowing he didn't like people touching him much unless he elicited it.

    "I keep thinking about when you saved that boy." Chishiya raised his head to state into my eyes. I didn't know it had scared him that much, seeing as I hadn't been hurt at all. "I've decided that from now on, you'll stay by my side at all times. I don't care what kind of game it is. I don't want to lose you," he stated and I knew this wouldn't be up for debate.

    Our eyes met longingly and it felt as if we stared at each other for almost an eternity until Chishiya moved.

    Slowly, his eyelashes fluttered as he tilted his head. I leaned in as he kissed me on the lips. I was still able to feel the cold wet texture that his tears had left on his skin. His lips left mine, trailing from the corner of my mouth to my jaw, and then to my neck.

    Chishiya left small soft kisses on my collarbone and neck: not hard enough to leave marks but hard enough to be noticeable. Soon, his hands trailed from his sides to my arms, his head still buried into my neck.

    I raised my arms so I could hug him closer. He nipped a little harder at the crook of my neck before shifting on the bed. He moved in front of me where he could swiftly push me down to the mattress. His lips were still attached to my skin.

    I could feel the way his hands ghosted over my bikini top, tracing patterns on my stomach. It was as if he wanted confirmation that he was allowed to continue with whatever he was about to do. To urge him on, I grabbed his hands and placed them on the waistband of my jeans.

    "Are you sure about this?" He inquired, his cat-like eyes burning into my eyes. I nodded, but he raised his eyebrow. "Use your words, [insert name]. I know you know how to use them."

    He tilted his head with a smirk.

    "You can do whatever you want to with me, Chishiya."

    I could feel shivers run down my spine as Chishiya, almost painfully slow, dug his fingers beneath the waistband of my shorts. He pulled them down, watching my expression. I pouted at him but he just smiled sadistically. As soon as my shorts were below my knees, they were placed beside the bed.

    "Hm, what's this?" He hummed, smiling as he ran his hands along the inside of my thighs. My arousal had dampened my panties and it seemed as if the man in front of me had taken notice. His fingers neared the damp, raising his eyes to meet mine. I turned my head to the side to avoid his eyes that undressed me 10x before he had the actual chance to.

    Chishiya simply brought a hand to my face tilting it to meet his eyes again. Heat rose to my face again, hating the feeling of being so vulnerable. Lowering his head again, Chishiya brought his lips to my inner thighs, placing those soft kisses almost dangerously close to where I wanted him the most. Then, his fingers traced the hem of the panties, pulling at them to the point they were lowering but not too low. Impatiently, I whined at the lack of contact I was receiving.

    "Be patient, honey. It's barely been a minute and you're already so worked up..." His voice vibrated against my thigh, sending another wave of arousal through me. All of a sudden, he pulled down my panties and threw them onto the shorts by the bed. I felt almost entirely bare as if I had been stripped of all my dignity, yet somehow was enjoying it.

    "Chi, please do something. I want you so baddd," I whimpered, drawing my hand to my arousal so I could help myself. Immediately, he used one of his hands to grab my two and pinned them above my head. He used his other hand to forage in a drawer next him where he pulled back a tie. His hands worked to knot my hands to the bed frame, not too tightly though.

    Chishiya let one of his arms hold my legs apart while his free hand drew circles over my arousal. Two of his fingers rubbed against my clit, moving down to part my folds, slipping them in. If my thoughts weren't so clouded, I would have been embarrassed at how easily they slid in. I felt a small gasp leave my mouth and Chishiya softly laughed.

    His two fingers thrusted in and out of me, steadily, never losing the same pace. Moans left my mouth without thought, quiet breathy moans: not loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Not that either of us would have cared.

    A thumb moved towards my clit, rubbing it in long circles and for a second, I thought I heard a purr emitted from Chishiya's mouth. Deciding this wasn't enough, he added another finger, sliding them in and out in a steady rhythm.

    "F-faster, Chi, faster-" I uttered out, legs stuttering. His slow pacing was still enough for me to see stars.

    "Say please," he mocked, fully removing his fingers and I unintentionally sighed.


    His fingers re-entered, wasting no time as they plunged in and out with force. They curled in the right places, burying them inside of me. Just to pull out and push back in. My breathing quickened, moans and whines leaving my throat, not left unheard by Chishiya who knowingly smirked.

    I could feel my breathing hitch in my throat, my heart thumping in my chest, and pleasure overwhelm me. As the feeling climaxed and the fuzzy static buzzed in my head, I took notice of the man in front of me kissing my thighs gently.

    Closing my eyes, I didn't acknowledge the sound of zips nor the sound of a belt unbuckling. Tiredly, I opened my eyes again, observing Chishiya's toned stomach. His v-line that dragged my eyes down. His soft skin. The scar across his abdomen.

    "My eyes are up here, honey," he grinned, pulling my attention to his lust filled eyes. I made an attempt to sit up before Chishiya used one of his hands to push me down again effortlessly.

    He kissed me again, holding me against him. The feeling that had overwhelmed me just ten minutes ago surfaced again, admiring the man in front of me. How could someone so perfect exist?

    "Are you comfortable?" I heard him whisper, dropping his dominant act for a second. I nodded, adjusting my head slightly, glancing at his glistening lips. He returned to my lips, removing them after a moment. My eyes trailed to his hard cock that almost pressed against his stomach. I inhaled sharply.

    Chishiya leaned in, his warm breath fanning against my neck. His tip slowly entered, slowing as I adjusted. When I calmed, he'd push a little more until he was finally submerged in me. One of his hands rested above my head while the other reached for my clit.

    He slowly pulled out before thrusting in again. A low gasp left my mouth as the pain in my pussy dissipated. Chishiya's hand rubbed steadily at my clit, causing me to jerk as a result of the aftermath of my previous orgasm.

    "Fuck-" A soft moan left Chishiya's mouth, his thrusts maintaining the same speed to assure I'm not hurt.

    "Mm- faster-" I stuttered.

    His pace quickened, hesitantly as he flicked my clit. I sighed and leaned back into the pillow. I whined as my second orgasm followed. Chishiya didn't slow his pace, however, until he'd finished, pulling out quickly to release on my stomach. He pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes.

    "You look even prettier when you're wrapped around my waist..."

    My eyes widened at the comment, but I didn't respond. I realised how warm I was after everything and how the room smelt of sweat and sex. My attention was altered when I sensed his mouth attacking me again. His tongue lapping at the cum (mine and his) left on my thighs. He licked my clit, sending my legs shaking again but I didn't experience another orgasm this time. Instead, he moved on, sitting up from the position.

    He didn't untie my hands straight away, but walked into the bathroom attached to the room. I heard the faucet running, assuming he was probably running a bath. Soon, he returned and tossed a towel at me.

    "Take a bath or something. I need to clean the room," he sighed, taking the tie off my wrists. He immediately wandered the room in search of new sheets and some air freshener. I nodded and found that in the bathroom there was already a hot bath run. My legs shook a little as I struggled to stand up entirely straight.

    "That was kinda hot."

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    Chishiya and Jim Closed Starter ( @youllalwaysbemyporcelain )

    “You know walking around late at night isn’t that great of an idea.” He commented from the spot he was standing in. Under a little awning outside of a shop. Not where he wanted to be right now but he didn’t really care. 

    #**Shuntaro Chishiya** || HW #**Shuntaro and Jim Interactions** || HW
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    Niragi: *to a bug* Go away, you tiny bitch!


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