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  • miraculous-prompts
    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Write a Crack Post-Reveal, Pre Hawk Moth defeat, Pre-Relationship body swap fic featuring Queen Wasp and Snake Noir

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  • pro-bee-sisters
    28.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Since so many people do and/or love AUs where either Chloé and Zoé both share the bee miraculous or where Queen Bee and Vesperia both exist, I might do something similar with my own AUs, but instead both use or switch out the bee and, my own idea, the spider miraculous!

    Like maybe, on one day, Ladybug needs Queen Bee for the job but on the next, she needs Vesperia depending who can defeat who. However, one sister decides to use the spider miraculous and they become either Miss. Fangs (Chloé) or Arachnica (Zoé).

    It just sounds like a cool idea and maybe it could give them both development. Heck, I'm already doing two AUs where one sister will have the spider miraculous in one. Chloé is Miss. Fangs in The Lost Miraculous while Zoé is Arachnica in The Undercover Tales of Rena Furtive and Invisible Hornet.

    What do you guys think? Do you love it? Hate it?

    If you wanna check out the full details of my AUs, you can view right here:

    🐝💛🖤BUZZ ON🐝💛🖤

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  • a-chlolix-blog
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago
    #Ask CC#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Chloe x Alix #Chlolix#Aloé #Jessica x Zoe #ZoJess#Audrey Bourgeois#Other Characters#Other Pairings
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  • a-chlolix-blog
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago
    #Ask CC#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Chloe x Alix #Chlolix#Aloé #Jessica x Zoe #ZoJess#Other Characters#Other Pairings #Bourgeois Sisters AU #AUs#Olympia Hill#Barbara Keynes
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  • symphonic-scream
    28.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    Jocks Despair Bear is here!

    #feral jocks au #ml feral jocks au #alix kubdel#miraculous#miraculous ladybug#miraculous au#ml #kim le chien #crimson beetle and chartreux noire #chartreux noire#kagami tsurugi#chloe bourgeois
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  • gemsofthegalaxy
    28.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Future AU where Chloe is a social media influence and Marinette works as a stylist. Even tho Chloe is quite rude, Mari is one of the only people she will work with, and Mari slowly understands this is because Chloe actually likes her and trusts her sense of style unlike tons of others because she's picky, and the eventually form an actual friendship

    #miraculous ladybug#chlonette #is that their ship name #ml #marinette dupain cheng #chloe bourgeois
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  • jennrypan
    28.01.2022 - 11 hours ago


    Just got inspo to draw marinette and chloe <3

    In my head theyre rivals/reluctant friends.

    Cuz she had her redemption. Idc.

    #j.p speaks #i just..prefer bitchy characters #also. outfit ideas #and i reaaally wanna draw Marinette with brown eyes too #it looks so pretty #miraclous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #chloe bourgeois
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  • honeysukel
    28.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Au where Chloe runs away from home at 16 and gets away with it somehow?? And is reunited with The Gang 2 years later via wacky highjinx and akuma shenanigans

    Chloe leaves home, taking as much money and expensive jewellery she could pawn as she possibly could so that she wouldn’t be entirely homeless on her extended surprise vacation.

    Basically she has to return to Paris at 18 to acquire her legal documents and shit, but the process is tough and leads to her eventual akumatisation. She spirals into unchecked negative emotions because the govt is giving her a hard time getting the documents which really sucks since she hasn’t done anything illegal and it’s literally not her fault that they didn’t look hard enough so?? Why are you blaming her?? And also she hasn’t been in Paris for 2 years so she’s gotten used to not being under threat of akumatisation for any slightly bad emotion

    It’s also difficult bc both visually and as a person she’s changed a lot so she doesn’t get recognised immediately or anything. She feels too awkward about confronting any of her old classmates at this point too bc of how she was

    She gets in her own head about things, and is doing her best to redirect her frustrations and eventually finds a way to blame the whole thing on hawkmoth. After all she is very good at blaming people for things they aren’t necessarily involved in!

    The miraculous’ have all been growing stronger over the course of Chloe’s indefinite surprise vacation, both the good and evil holders. Which is dangerous in many ways of course, but also beneficial to Chloe bc hawkmoth got cocky and didn’t properly check who she was angry at.

    His monologue drones on about some shit on her getting revenge and she stopped paying attention halfway through. But the important part is she kinda wants to get revenge on hawkmoth rn so you know what? That’s what she gonna do.

    This leads to an eventful akuma ‘fight’ for the heroes of Paris bc they’re really just trying to hold her back from low-key trying to track down and kill hawkmoth and *goddamn it Chloe this could ruin our whole operation!*

    On that note, the heroes don’t recognise her either, between her unexpected reappearance, personal changes and her akumatised self, aptly named ‘Queen Karma” she’s unrecognisable. Which makes figuring out what happened kind of difficult for LB and CN

    On the bright side they do find out that hawkmoth can’t undo his akuma! (At least in this au he cant, or at least under certain plot convenient circumstances he can’t)

    Eventually though, LB manages to talk her down enough that they can grab and break the little ladybug pinned to her jacket where the akuma was hiding. (LB figured she might be a fan and managed to get her to calm down enough to listen to LBs plan on how She can defiantly help them right now!!)

    As the akuma is purified and the civilian beneath is revealed the heroes are Shocked. They are stood silent with their mouths open for a solid minute, Chloe doesn’t notice this because she’s busy being Maybe Concussed and groggy. (While she’s changed a lot they can still recognise that it’s Chloe, having been in close contact with her for years and getting a closer look right now)

    Once Chloe’s head clears, she explains her situation to Ladybug, who promises to get the government to cooperate and give her the medical records, legal docs and the paperwork for a Name Change.

    Ladybug also hands Chloe a piece of paper with an address on it.

    So Chloe gets the legal stuff sorted, no longer a bourgeois but rather a simple Beau. Has some shocking realisations aided by her medical records about just how sketchy her family is, and cautiously sets out to find where this mysterious address leads her.

    “Tikki, do you think that was smart?”

    Marinette is pondering her Excellent Decision Making (tm) to herself and her Kwami in the reflection of her bathroom mirror later that day.

    Her had was forced! Her heartstrings had been thoroughly tugged! She had promised Chloe as Ladybug that she had a friend who could help her out, of course neglecting to mention that SHE is the friend, and also not exactly thinking through that she would now have to be sharing her one bedroom apartment with the girl she (used to?) hate! Not to mention that this would make sneaking off to be Ladybug just as hard as back when she lived with her parents and oh god what would Chloe say about all the posters and magazine cutouts of various celebrity crushes all over her walls?? /Shitshitshit!!/

    So anyway yeah, older!Chloenette roommate au anyone? : -)

    #chloenette#miraculous fanfic#miraculous au #I’m going to call this the honeysuckle au #just so I have a name for it #since I’ll probably put my other aus here too #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #chloe bourgeois #except she’s Chloe Beau now you’re welcome :) #I think it has a nice ring to it :)) #chloe bourgeois redemption #the gangs all back together babeyyy #I’m ignoring a lot of canon for this lol #canon divergence#Honeysuckle AU
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  • hangesidekick
    28.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    is it just me or is season four Chloe much more insufferable??

    like even if she chose to be selfish and try and get all the kwami’s, that doesn’t just magically remove all of the growth and maturity that happened in her.

    so why did the writers just poof all that away? this isn’t just taking away her redemption, it’s rewriting her character bad to the bad guy.

    i think the reason they did this is because they wanted a character to blame for people becoming akumatized. they can’t use lila because she’s pretending to be nice and so they have to have a bully in the show, so they chose chloe even though she was well on her way to a zuko redemption.

    basically, instead of coming up with more situations where people can have an overflow of emotions they chose to have a character be the reason for they’re negative emotions, and replace chloe with the nice version of chloe (zoé).

    which let me gets this straight, zoé is a nice character but her writing is cheap, she’s two dimensional, and she’s a symbol of what chloe could’ve been. which is kind of a slap in the face to the people that were excited to watch chloe become a better person.

    i really don’t know if we’ll ever see chloe become a better person but i really do, ‘because this whole chloe is always going to be that bad person because she can’t learn to be nice’ thing is really annoying. and this whole, ‘here’s zoé as an apology for not coming up with another bully character or giving the akumatized other real life problems to stress about’.

    and, yes, they probably did this because it’s a kids show and it would be “too complicated for little kids” but avatar the last airbender is a kids show and gave the media the best redemption arc in cinematic history. it being a kids show, is not a good excuse. anyway.

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  • mattw83
    28.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Miraculous Tales Chapter 5 - PG09

    Sometimes a little sweetness goes a long way to temper the vinegar within.

    A tale of how Chloe’s many false starts in life were just the beginning to a real redemption of heart and hero.

    Zoe walks in as Audrey confronts her elder daughter about how the crutch is not a good look to their reputation.

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 ---

    Deviant Art

    PREVIOUS <<< - >>> NEXT

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  • purpleratbastard
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i love the hope we have for adrien & marinette but if all these alternate reveal episodes have taught us anything, it's that there is no version of the reveal which ends in anything other than tragedy

    #adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir#cat noir#ladybug#miraculous#miraculous ladybug#miraculous spoilers#chat blanc#ephemeral#ml #tales of miraculous ladybug and chat noir #rena rouge#carapace#chloe bourgeois #miraculous season 4 #ml season four #winter 22 #fav tv shows #adrienette#marichat
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  • phoenixyfriend
    27.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    The second AU inspired by this dream is less simple:

    It's time for a Jessica Jones AU of Miraculous Ladybug. (This means things are... dark.)

    @firebirdeternal and I initially joked around with this

    Firebirdeternal: JJ flavored older Marinette who is, in fact, a huge hot mess, being time-travelled to Spunky Teen Superhero canon-adjacent Paris Something something wearing the miraculous for so long gave her Passive Superpowers so she literally just jumps through Gabe's Fancy Villain Skylight and punches him in the dick
    phoenixyfriend: Chugs a beer (ugh, so American, what did you DO in New York?), crushes the can, skips the Akuma issue to punch Gabe in the facehole

    but eventually knuckled down and drew up an actual AU structure.

    Let's go! This will meander. Bear with me.

    So we have Hot Mess Marinette, whose traumas are very different from those of Jessica Jones, but resulted in a similar air of 'just give me a drink and something to punch so I can stop feeling like trash for a bit.' I like Birdie's comment about the passive superpowers, so we're keeping that.

    A JJ AU needs a competent mean lesbian to be a sharky lawyer, and I've decided that's Lila. She's giving PI Marinette jobs for court stuff (find evidence of an affair, serve a subpoena, etc), as her Jeri Hogarth.

    Lila would make a good politician. She's got great hair and loves lying.

    We're setting this in Chicago. Both of them moved out of Paris for different but similar reasons, boiling down to 'holy shit, trauma' and 'I don't want anyone who knew me as a teenager to know me now.'


    They both sass each other constantly, and everybody who sees them interact for five minutes would swear that they hate each other, but low-key they're extremely close and can always count on the other to come pick them up when they're wasted (And make fun of their outfit) while dragging them home Lila + Marinette friendship based on the fact that Marinette is the only person Lila doesn't feel any compulsion to be liked by so she can actually express herself honestly with her and vice-versa

    Marinette is such a mess these days that she's almost ashamed of being seen by her old friends BUT she's never cared what Lila thinks, and Lila pays her to serve subpoenas, so.

    Yes, that's it exactly! "You don't expect me to be anything other than a Fucking Mess so I don't have to feel guilty about being a fucking mess"
    I'm imagining that like, years post canon, everybody from the old Miraculous Crew has done remarkably well for themselves (on paper) and Marinette feels like a fucking wreck because Never-fully-processed PTSD from being a Child Superhero and her only social connections are either people who Didn't Know Her or people she can be comfortable being a mess around (Lila)

    (Lila is having an affair with her secretary. Just. That part of the Jeri thing is very important to me.)

    (Lila and Marinette messed around a bit, before Marinette dropped out of college for the aforementioned trauma-and-burnout reasons, when she was still trying to keep it together and thought Maybe It's Just A Sexuality Crisis I Can Kiss My Way Out Of.)

    also, idea for general/vague plot points: Marinette "I can't bother my friends they're all well adjusted and successful within their field and I'm a wreck"
    Alya "I can't shake the horrible feeling that all my success as a blogger/reporter is based on the fact that as a teenager I hit the Popularity Lottery by randomly being best friends with a superhero and everything I've built from that point on feels like a huge lie that I don't deserve"
    Nino "I'm a touring musician with success and notoriety but I've lost touch with all my friends from highschool which makes me feel like a sellout bastard and I'd trade it all away to have them back except I'm terrified they wouldn't have me so I can't let go of material gains"
    Adrien "I have exactly three neurons remaining that aren't drowning in stress and guilt about the fact that my Fashion Empire was built by my supervillain father and I never had the chance to figure out who Ladybug was before it all came tumbling down and I have no way to contact her or any of my other friends because I've convinced myself they'd all resent me for my father's actions anyways"
    Chloe "Is actually remarkably well adjusted because she went to therapy and ditched her abusive family and is living her best life in her own lane and is probably the one Marinette runs into first"

    Kagami is Marinette's Matt. The blindness was hereditary and hit in their twenties. Mostly I want Lawyer Kagami, and in regards to her and Lila being in the same field, I think they're unrelated lawyers who do different work? Lila does mostly civil suits.

    I am also just like, deeply into "Lila is a lawyer because it lets her weaponize her Worst Traits to do Good in the world" and also "Lila does not by any measure actually stop being a huge bitch or actively problematic in her personal life" she's just like, actively trying to shovel garbage out of the world in order to personally make up for the share she put into it. Does a lot of divorce cases for abused spouses pro-bono, still definitely cheats on her fiance with her secretary.
    "I am committed to making the world a better, safer place" "Do you want to examine any of your personal actions in the face of that statement?" "No"

    A mess, but a shiny one. Chloe got therapy, Lila got a law degree.

    Chloe got therapy and a motorcycle and a punk undercut and the only member of her family she regularly talks to is her half-sister. (And her dad on his birthday. He was incompetent but not Evil.) (Also shoutout to the Crimson Vision version of Chloe for being my ideal Headcanon for Adult Chloe)


    I feel like Kagami visits Lila for Law Reasons and runs into Marinette in the lobby, and it's deeply awkward for everyone (except Lila, who thrives on drama), because this is the first time anyone's seen Marinette in years.

    Alya, after the gossip reaches her with Marinette's new contact info: SERIOUSLY? ILLINOIS? YOU LEFT PARIS FOR ILLINOIS?

    Marinette and Lila both wanted a fresh start and NYC wasn't an option because Chloe.

    Kagami and Chloe bullied their way into staying friends with Adrien and Nino still makes the effort so Adrien does in fact have a girl gang. (Per Birdie, it lessens the "Everyone's a hot mess bitch let's get you some fruite" vibes, but it's also still good.)

    Lila seems like the kind of overachiever that would have a license to practice law in both the US and France. She makes her big fancy return to Paris for something insane like "Ivan was framed for triple homicide" and she's decided to take the case Pro Bono (and dragged Marinette along with her).

    Marinette just bulldozes her way through the investigation and it scares the shit out of everyone. She has a "Talks about their city like they kind of want to have sex with it" monologue in Paris.

    Lila gets Complaints about Marinette and just laughs it off. This has been happening for years, people. She's not concerned. This is the new normal, friends!

    Alya: Girl I haven't heard from you in three years and NOW you come back with Lila of all people, smelling like a distillery and punching information out of people?

    everyone expects her to be the Clever Inspiring Leader and instead she's just. The Tank. Plows through obstacles and drags people out of bars into the alley to have a Talk with them.
    segue but Chloe is the Kristen Stewart of this reality in the "Is incredibly, visibly gay, just short of Actively Having Sex with her Girlfriend in Public, and all the tabloids call them Pals and speculate on whether she and Adrien are in a relationship" sense Chloe: Okay so maybe I was carrying a bit of a torch for Little Miss Perfect in high school so what" Lila: Bitch you were carrying a roadside emergency flare and repressing so hard you tried to drown it in a lake"
    Marinette, pretending to not be in the hotel room when Alya comes by: Lila you have to cover for me make up an excuse you're good at that Lila: Hey Alya, yeah no Marinette's not here right now, do you want me to tell her you dropped by? Alya: uh... yeah that would be good. Sure. Lila: [turns her head] Alya dropped by. Anyways I'm gonna go get some coffee you two sort your shit out before I get back [opens the door wide open as she leaves]

    Bitch Love her

    helpful bitch! Ain't nobody got time for this shit, get the messy crying stuff over with she already knows you're going to be fine afterwards!

    "You shacked up with LILA?" "Hell no, she's already got a fiancee AND a mistress, I'm not getting involved with that." "Oh. So you didn't sleep with Lila then." "... I didn't say THAT."

    Alya, certified Flannel Wearer, looking at Lila walk down the hallway in heels and a nice suit ".... okay yeah fuck I can't throw stones here"
    what if all the Miraculous Kids kept some measure of power after Whatever Happened Happened? So there's an element of like "How are you so sure that Ivan didn't murder those people?" "Because he didn't level a city block in the process, Lila. We'd know if something made him lose his temper." to that angle of the plot.
    hmmmmm no Kwamis, because however the final nonsense with Gabemoth went down they all had to go dormant for a while to recover? (no Trauma related to it other than "Wait what do you mean my emotional support Cute Magical Mentor isn't going to be around to give me advice any more" but isn't that enough when you're also a Teen Superhero who never got therapy?) And that's part of why Marinette is spiraling so hard?
    Marinette "Why didn't I keep the good luck powers my life is a mess" Tikki, in the Great Beyond "Because I am trying to use coincidence magic to make you confront your trauma in a healthy way and reconnect with your friends but you keep turning LEFT and getting DRUNK you IDIOT MORTAL CHILD WHOM I LOVE" [banging her head into the fabric of reality]
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  • miraculous-prompts
    27.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Write a Hurt/Comfort Pre-Reveal, Post Hawk Moth defeat, Post-Relationship fic featuring Queen Wasp and Kagami

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  • parismystere
    27.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    concept art chloé, you are dearly missed

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  • a-chlolix-blog
    27.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    These four pairings I adore & their moments in one episode as well as others.

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  • misquotedladybug
    27.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Sabrina: Are you having second thoughts, Chloé?

    Chloé: I never have second thoughts. That’s the luxury of having great first thoughts.

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  • miraculousbeezcentral
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #Chloe Neutral#chloe bourgeois#ml#mlb #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir #miraculous#miraculous ladybug#forgiveness #I can still like and relate to a character without justifying anything that she does #mlb bee exceptional #bee exceptional #bee exceptional au #softvioletqueen25#miraculousbeezcentral
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