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  • fr444nkie
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    whatever I’ve been listening to recently must make the spotify discover weekly algorithms think that I’m some sort of insane sicko

    #it had a song called chloroform girl on it and it was vile #jan 2022
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  • lucky-seashell
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #kidnapping tw#kidnapping#tw #pls dont get mad if u dont have the tagged block #it wouldnt be my fault #talking abt a guy i like irl #and how i like him #and just my problems combined #song lyrics #not auto queue #chloroform girl#seahorse happiness
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  • space-pilot-3000
    05.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Betty is my favorite character but only when she's being completely insane

    #'yeah i just casually kept a copy of a sniff film depicting my cousin being murdered by my uncle' #'yeah i think you should show it to his sister that sounds like a good idea' #'yeah my mom wont listen to me about her cult so im going to chloroform and kidnap her on the advice of my serial killer dad' #girl. GIRL #scout talks#q#rvd #*snuff film not sniff lol
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  • eyeofnewtblog
    22.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Things that happen at work:

    Head Billing Girl: *barges into the shop* Get in the car, bitch, we’re going to lunch!

    Me: *shoving shit I need into my purse* You forgot the chloroform!!!!

    Head Billing Girl: I don’t need chloroform. HEY! GUYS! I’m kidnapping your admin for lunch!

    My boss: *sticking his head out of his office* Kay, have fun! Do girl time stuff! *actually waves, like the complete dork he is*

    Head Billing Girl: It’s a lot less fun to kidnap you when we actually have permission.

    Me: I know!!!! What’s the death sentence if I do it in reverse?

    HBG: Nah, just march in and be distracting and annoying until we can leave. Also, you haven’t complimented my boots!

    Me: Oh god, those are combat boots with fuck me heels, where did you find them!!!!!

    #things that happen at work #head billing girl is the sweetest most terrifying peeson i know #kidnapped for lunch #no chloroform involved
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  • dummiezone
    24.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    LMAO yknow what I'll expand on my thoughts on Maya in the tags

    #at dead of night maya #adon #at dead of night #ok youre telling me that you expect maya to stay with jimmy?really? #im sorry but jimmy took her friends captive and was most definitely going to kill them #through out the story jimmy was looking to do harm to her #ALSO IF WE WANNA GO INTO WHERE JIMMY WAS LOOKING TO KEEP MAYA WITH HIM #which was creepy #jim was looking to take her life away and you expect maya to just accept that and help him? #NO #hell if jimmy caught her while trying to get her friends free he CHLOROFORMS her #maya is a normal girl #her gift aside #even if she did try to help jimmy #how the hell would she even do it?
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  • queen-of-chaos667
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    The Magic House

    The whispers have always been there, tugging at the back of my conscience.

    Bang Bang Bang!

    “Wake up freak! It's time for your breakfast!”

    “Oh, god. Already Albert?”

    “I said open up freak.”

    I sigh and make my way towards the door, opening the bottom flap so he can slip a metal tray under, before moving on to the next room. As I pull my breakfast out from under the door, I groan.

    “Albert!” I yell. “What's for breakfast today, bread with extra maggots?”

    I hear someone start to chuckle, which turns into a guffaw of laughter.

    “You know, for a lunatic, you're a pretty funny kid.”

    The corners of my lips turn up into a small smile, which quickly reverses itself when I remember that the bread is in fact my breakfast, and does have quite a few maggots more than usual. I wince as I scrape the bugs off of my toast and manage to shovel it down without gagging too much. Thankfully, today my water cup is filled with clear liquid and not scummy like yesterday. I barely get a chance to breathe before the spirits begin to bombard me.

    The whispering grows harsh and intense, almost as if a thousand people were crying onto my ears. In the corner of my eyes I see sips of smoke and haze filling the room, settling in like a thick fog. A face materializes, an old woman with long hair and exotic jewelry.

    “Child, the time has come for you-”

    She’s cut off as a young man's face materializes, he wears many battle scars.

    “You are ready now to face the-”

    A young girl's face with pigtails and ribbons in her hair.

    “The day of judgement is coming you must prepare the-”

    Her face changes, growing into an old man with little hair and a patch covering his eye.

    “Do not be a hasty child, death is coming on swift wings.”

    “What?!” I cry.

    More and more faces materialize in fog, packing in closer, coming from the brick walls of my cell close to my body, giving out a cold aura. They all are whispering to me, the languages change, from what I recognize and German and Polish, and tongues so old I’ve never heard someone utter a word in their dialect, and yet I can understand what they’re saying, warning me a thousand different ways, closing in on me, suffocating me. I scream. The spirits come closer and closer, choking out the air from my lungs, and the light from my eyes. I can't even feel my rough nightgown, the cold concrete on the floor, the musty smell of my cell, nothing. The spirits come packing themselves into my room. I scream again, louder.

    “Please, help me! Help! Help!”

    I see a crack of light from the doorway, but it seems so far away that I can't even crawl out of the room and away from the spirits.

    I hear someone yell.

    “Albert, get in here, kid, what the hell’s going on? How are you doing this? What the f-”

    I smell the familiar scent of chloroform and feel a rag against my face, and my consciousness weans away, I see the fog begin to dissipate.

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  • hyzenthlayli
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chloroform Girl how have you been?

    Don’t let me catch you sleeping again

    You're only alive because I like you (Because I like youuuuu)

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  • jemmahazelnut
    22.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Under the mask

    Summary: Gajeel hates superheroes, that’s the only reason why he agrees to obey José Porla’s orders. But when he starts dating the pretty boy from the same course of study, everything will change. [Freed/Gajeel]

    Link: AO3

    Notes: This was based on a request by an anon, who asked for a Superhero x Supervillain AU. Hope you like it!

    Under the mask

    Gajeel landed in the attic of the Heartfilia house, honestly surprised by the ease with which he had entered that villa. He had thought that rich people like them would have better security systems, but a device the size of his hand was enough and the alarm went haywire. At least that asshole José Porla made his job easier.

    Gajeel went down the stairs and walked down the corridor, trying to figure out where the room of little Heartfilia might be. It didn’t have to be hard to recognize, and catching and kidnapping her would be pretty easy, as the girl was probably asleep. And if she wasn’t sleeping Gajeel would have shut her mouth somehow. José had given him some chloroform, maybe he could use that. Gajeel had no idea why the boss wanted that girl, he just thought it was something to do with debts that Jude Heartfilia hadn’t paid. In any case, he didn’t care. All he had to do was get his job done, maybe meet one of those superhero bastards and tear him apart, and then go home to eat and sleep.

    His life with José was a bit disgusting, the boss was an asshole and could not bear delays or unforeseen events, more than once Gajeel had been punished for not having completed his task perfectly. Nonetheless, it was the best he could have, as he had nowhere else to live since his father died.

    Ever since those superhero assholes let him die.

    Gajeel gritted his teeth not to think about it, and began to open various doors to find little Heartfilia. It wasn’t difficult, after a few attempts he reached her room and found the girl asleep on the bed. Gajeel took handkerchief soaked in chloroform and let her breathe it, then put her on his shoulder and opened the window. It had been pretty simple. In fact, it had been too simple. Gajeel had hoped to fight one of those assholes, so as to vent his anger and destroy them with his own hands. He wanted to fight that asshole Alexei, or the guy he pretended to be Thor. He would have been satisfied with Albion too, to tell the truth, he just wanted to beat one of those stupid superheroes who really didn’t do anything heroic.

    As if fate had read his mind, he felt a dark wave whipping against him and Gajeel promptly moved aside, letting the magical attack hit the wall of the room, creating a small crack. Gajeel grinned and turned to the window, out of which Albion was flying. The usual green hair, the red and black jumpsuit, and that mask that made him look like some kind of demon and that covered his entire face except for the purple eyes.

    “I thought it was too simple” Gajeel grinned, ready to have some fun. He would still have preferred that asshole Alexei, but Albion was fine anyway, he was still one of the so-called superheroes, acclaimed by the inhabitants of Magnolia for no real reason.

    “You’re always in my way, Black Steel,” Albion said in his usual cold tone. “Drop the girl”.

    “I don’t think I will,” Gajeel grinned. Instead, he reached out, intending to punch Albion in the stomach. As expected, the superhero moved in time and Gajeel took the opportunity to charge his real attack, a roar made of steel and iron, which hit the superhero, making him lose control of his wings and making him fall down.

    Gajeel looked out the window only for a moment, and then decided to throw himself down too, just clinging to the window with one hand and extending his arm which covered itself in metal. Within seconds he was in the mansion garden, with Albion already standing sword in hand and ancient runes spreading from his weapon.

    Gajeel had already experienced once how much pain those stupid writings could cause, so he hurried to deflect the blow only to be hit by another dark lash that made him stagger. Damn, that stupid superhero was fast and the fact that Gajeel had to keep that girl on his shoulder made things difficult for him. It was also an advantage though, as that meant Albion wouldn’t use powerful attacks.

    Albion lunged at him, attacking him with his sword and Gajeel could only raise his steel-coated arm to defend himself. It wasn’t a big move, as the runes flew from the superhero’s sword to his arm, sending pangs of pain all over his body. He gritted his teeth and tried to coat his body with even more steel, but a punch hit him in the face and his grip on the girl loosened.

    Albion immediately took advantage of it, grabbing Lucy Heartfilia and raising the sword again in front of him, other runes shot from the blade, hitting Gajeel in the chest and causing him to grunt in pain.

    “Bastard,” he growled as his body became more and more covered with dragon scales and metal. He only needed a few seconds and he would have overcome that pain, as he had already managed to do in the past. Albion, however, was writing on the ground at an impressive speed. Writing that were spreading out in the grass in a circle that would have surrounded him. Gajeel knew what was going to happen. Albion would have trapped him and at that point anything would have been useless. To his advantage, however, he had speed. He ignored the pain he felt and opened his mouth again, launching another roar at the superhero, who was forced to interrupt the spell to protect himself and the girl.

    At that point Gajeel came out of the incomplete circle and with his arm stretched out in a metal stick struck Albion, who fell to the ground taking Lucy Heartfilia with him. Gajeel still felt pain in his chest, although to a lesser extent than before. The problem was that he could already hear police sirens approaching: he had little time. Either he fought against the hero and tore him to pieces, or he took the girl. Gajeel would have preferred to go with the first option, but he knew José would be pissed off.

    So, he reached out to take the blonde but when he did, a purple barrier prevented him from doing so.

    “Shit”. He turned to Albion, who still sat on the ground had sparkling eyes and was drawing more runes on the ground. Again, he wanted to trap him. Gajeel punched him but Albion parried with the sword, and at the same time continued to draw those cursed writings. Hell, that guy was multitasking.

    The sirens were approaching. Gajeel attacked the barrier that protected Lucy Heartfilia but couldn’t make a crack, if it worked like that damn superhero’s traps then he knew he had no chance. Unless he defeated Albion.

    The police had arrived, and so was Albion’s bunch of friends. Fuck. Gajeel launched a final attack on Albion, hitting him in the head and breaking a piece of his mask. At least he would have had a little satisfaction. Then he walked away before Albion’s superhero friends caught up with him, running off into the night thinking about how he would explain that failure to José. He just hoped the boss didn’t get too angry.

    -The day after-

    Gajeel yawned loudly walking down the college corridor with Juvia, who was talking about the last lesson he had missed the day before. He had lost it only because he had fallen asleep, forgetting that the professor had changed his schedule. Not that he was so worried about it, Juvia would pass him all the notes, and if she didn’t, Gajeel would ask the rich boy.

    Rather, he was more concerned about the job he had failed the night before. José had reprimanded him, also because now the superheroes knew of their goal at Villa Heartfilia. Gajeel didn’t see where the problem was, José had so much business with so many families that he could make him attack other people. The Fiore family also had some debt to the man, which would probably have been the next target. Gajeel had no idea, he was still bothered by the fact that he was defeated by that stupid superhero.

    Defeated wasn’t the right word, but he’d failed the mission anyway.

    “Look, there’s Freed,” Juvia said, nudging him. Bored Gajeel looked up and noticed the boy standing in front of a vending machine. As usual, his long green hair was flowing down his back, he was wearing a light shirt and shoes too elegant for a college boy. Usually, Gajeel would find such a guy annoying.

    Usually. In reality, however, he had talked to Freed enough to understand that he wasn’t at all like those stupid spoiled boys pampered by their rich father. Freed was actually quite nice too. And handsome. And, well, he seemed to have a crush on him. Gajeel wasn’t sure, and he certainly didn’t want to delude himself, but sometimes he noticed the pretty boy staring at him and blushing a little. But then those thoughts went away when Freed made a joke at Gajeel’s expense.

    It didn’t matter anyway, Gajeel didn’t have time for that bullshit.

    “You could ask him out,” Juvia said.

    “Mh, in fact I could take him to bed” Gajeel considered, glancing at his body. Eh, that boy was handsome. Juvia gave him a small punch on his arm.

    “Don’t be vulgar, you can go out on a date.”

    “I don’t have time for this bullshit,” Gajeel cut short.

    “But you like him,” Juvia insisted. “If you don’t, Juvia will go and tell Freed you have a crush on him.”

    Gajeel looked at his friend in shock. He had no doubts that she would. Juvia tended to be pretty and sweet, but she had weird behaviors when it came to romance. She certainly wasn’t ashamed to admit her feelings. Or those of her friends, in that case. Gajeel for a moment considered the idea of punching her, but he immediately chased the thought away. Juvia was one of the few bearable people he knew.

    “I hate you,” he said. Juvia smiled satisfied, as Gajeel approached the vending machine and Freed, who was holding back yawns badly. When he got close enough Gajeel noticed the deep dark circles and a bruise on his forehead.

    “You’re a mess,” Gajeel commented with a raised eyebrow. “The hell did you do to your face?” Freed barely held back another yawn and Gajeel smiled faintly. He was pretty. “Let me guess, you bumped into a shelf because you were half asleep.”

    “More or less,” Freed muttered as he get the coffee.

    “You didn’t sleep at all, did you?” Gajeel asked.

    “I could say the same about you,” Freed replied, probably trying to regain some dignity. If he had been less tired, he probably would have succeeded, but it was clear that the only thing he wanted to do was go back to bed to sleep.

    “Yeah, but while I was awake having fun in a club, I bet you were studying locked in your room” Gajeel replied inserting some coins to get a coffee. He needed it too, though he probably would have fallen asleep during class.

    “Exams don’t study alone,” was Freed’s response. Gajeel smiled a little.

    “You should go out and have some fun, rich boy”.

    “Maybe I will, when someone invites me to do something interesting,” Freed replied. He gave a small smile, and stared intently at Gajeel, who looked down at the coffee filling the plastic cup. Was it aimed at him? Ah, damn, why did he feel his cheeks warm? “I’m going to class, Professor Yura has arrived”.

    “Keep a seat for me,” Gajeel grunted.

    “Sure,” Freed smiled as he walked away.

    Gajeel waited for the coffee to be ready, then lowered himself and took it, but as soon as he did Juvia came over.

    “You really don’t know how to flirt,” she scolded him.

    “The hell do you want?”

    “Help you. If you keep insulting him and calling him ‘rich boy’, you won’t be able to go out with him”.

    “I don’t wanna go out with him,” Gajeel retorted.

    Juvia raised an eyebrow. “You always look at him.”

    “Well, maybe I want to sleep with him,” Gajeel agreed, not being able to lie so much. “That doesn’t mean I wanna go out with him for romantic bullshit like you think.” Juvia continued to stare at him in silence and Gajeel got nervous, because he knew his friend was right. Freed had a strange effect on him for a while now. Like hell he’d admit he had a crush on him, first because he wasn’t a fucking teenager, second because he was Black Steel. Magnolia’s supervillain certainly wouldn’t fall in love with a rich guy who spent his nights studying.

    “Juvia recommends paying some compliments instead of commenting on the dark circles of the guy you like. You could also give him some gifts”.

    “For God’s sake” blurted Gajeel. Juvia’s advice was the last he needed, especially if it included giving some silly heart-shaped cookies. Because yes, Gajeel knew that was what Juvia did with the people she liked.

    So, he ignored her and walked into the classroom, quickly finding a seat next to Freed, who kept yawning behind his hand. Gajeel smiled a little while he hid behind the figure of Elfman -thank goodness that man was tall and muscular- and rested his head on the table, without bothering to pay attention to the lesson.

    “Wake me up in half an hour,” he told Freed, who smiled faintly.

    “I don’t understand why you come to class if you have to sleep.”

    “The first half hour everyone sleeps, there are those who do it standing up like you, and those who do it well like me. In fact, you need it too, at least then you’d be awake,” Gajeel replied. Freed just smiled without saying anything and Gajeel closed his eyes, thinking back to the boy’s sweet smile and the adorable way he hid his tiredness.

    -Two weeks later-

    Freed was outside the Heartfilia house, wearing the Albion mask and suit. He had been returning there for nights, under the orders of Laxus, anticipating another attack from Black Steel. In those last months, the villain kept slipping out of his hand and Freed was starting to be extremely annoyed. He was bothered by everything about that supervillain, from the metallic laugh to the way he behaved. Moreover, it was his fault that Freed no longer slept, forced to stay awake to prevent other attacks, especially in that period that seemed to have increased.

    Freed sighed in frustration, wondering if he could ever have a normal student life. He hadn’t even attended a party since he’d started college, unless he counted the one Bickslow dragged him to and Freed had to leave at midnight when Laxus had called him.

    Gajeel had made fun of him by calling him ‘Cinderella’ and Freed hadn’t been able to do anything but give him the middle finger. Freed looked from the Heartfilia House to the street. If he thought back to Gajeel he just felt terribly agitated as if he had his first crush. The man had a strange effect on him, probably because he embodied exactly the ideal type of him and probably because every time he saw him, Freed was too tired to be able to pretend not to feel anything for him. Fortunately, the first half hour of class Gajeel was always asleep, so Freed could enjoy that moment by gazing at his features and his piercings.

    He smiled a little at the memory of that morning, when Gajeel had offered him coffee after Freed had forgotten his wallet at home. It had been a bit embarrassing to tell the truth, but Gajeel was cuter than what he was showing. Maybe he should have asked him out.

    The idea was definitely bad. Freed didn’t have time to go out. He barely had time to study, or sleep. He didn’t even have breakfast anymore, always waking up late. At least at night he was always active, his rhythms had undergone an incredible change since he worked for Laxus Dreyar.

    He felt the phone vibrate and Freed picked it up, noticing it was Laxus. He answered immediately.


    “Go to Villa Fiore, Black Steel is there. As soon as I can, I’ll join you”. Freed immediately stood up and in an instant his wings had already appeared on his back.

    “I’m holding Black Steel in a trap until you get there.” Soon after the call closed and Freed was already flying to the mansion of one of the wealthiest families in Magnolia. Damn, why had Black Steel started attacking wealthy families? Freed just couldn’t figure out what the hell was going through his head. Before that supervillain he had dealt with several robbers or drug dealers, but Black Steel didn’t seem to need the money.

    A few minutes later he was inside the atrium of Villa Fiore, and as soon as he saw the unconscious bodies of Mr. Fiore and his daughter Hisui, Freed threw himself towards them. But they were alive, they were just passed out. Freed growled, wondering once again what the hell was wrong with Black Steel. Was he angry with the rich in general?

    He had no way of answering himself that he felt a lash of steel against him, he barely had time to raise a barrier to protect himself but above all the two innocents. He looked up and saw Black Steel in front of him, his skin covered entirely with metal scales and sharp teeth, the usual black jumpsuit and the usual annoying grin.

    “See you again, Albion. Too bad you’re late,” Black Steel said. Freed narrowed his gaze and looked around. He had to get people out of harm’s way and frame the man, or at least keep him busy until Laxus arrived. He pulled out his sword while with his left hand he continued to write protective runes around Mr. Fiore and his daughter, in order to increase the barrier.

    “Multitasking” Black Steel commented ironically throwing himself at him. Doing two things at the same time was difficult, but Freed still raised his sword to defend himself against the enemy’s steel blade. However, he was unable to attack him and just parried the blows, at least until the barrier around Mr. Fiore and his daughter was completed.

    Then Black Steel threw a roar at him and Freed found himself being slammed violently into a mirror, which shattered into a thousand pieces, knocking over an atrium closet. The grip on the sword loosened and Black Steel took advantage of it reaching him and smashing a violent punch in the face. Freed gritted his teeth and pushing himself with his left hand, he got up and planted a kick against the man’s stomach, grabbed the sword and summoned the magic, casting a pain spell on the enemy’s body, who doubled over and snarled from the ache. Things were finally starting to turn in his favor. Freed shook his hand on the weapon, recalling other runes.

    “Pain,” he hissed as the magic hit Black Steel in the chest. And that was the second. Black Steel was covering himself with metal to overcome the sensation but it would take him some time. Enough time to crash a dark energy bomb in his back, knocking him to the ground.

    Black Steel gasped at the attack and Freed crashed on top of him, seeing an opportunity to finally frame him. With his free hand he squeezed the villain’s neck to weaken him, while with the sword he drew the runes on the ground in order to trap him. It sounded too good to be true but it worked. The circle was complete before Black Steel managed to break free, throwing Freed into his own barrier where they were both wedged.

    Freed stood up with a satisfied smile. Finally, he had managed to get it, now he just had to wait for Laxus to arrive.

    “Bastard,” Black Steel spat.

    Freed with a smirk leaned his back to the runic barrier, remaining alert for other attacks.

    “Ain’t you gonna kill me?” Black Steel growled in his usual metallic voice. At least he had lost all the fun, now he just seemed pissed off. Judging by the way he moved his eyes, he was also looking for a way to escape. Too bad for him there wasn’t.

    “It’s not in my interests. I don’t act like you,” Freed replied calmly, trying to control his breathing after the blow the bastard had dealt him. He still felt pain in his ribs but it was better if Black Steel didn’t notice, or he would take advantage of it. Freed could still move his sword, but he would be slow and it would lead to excruciating pain across his chest.

    “Ah, right, you’re the good ones.”

    At the ironic tone Freed raised an eyebrow. “Exactly,” he said firmly.

    Black Steel gave a half laugh. “You really think you’re on the good side, don’t you? Heroes who protect the city” he continued derisively.

    Freed narrowed his gaze. Was it a way to distract him? It wouldn’t work.

    “If you’re on the good side, why the hell are you just protecting rich families like the Heartfilia or these two assholes, instead of worrying about the people who really need help?” the man growled.

    Freed stared at him without any emotion. “If you want to distract me, it doesn’t work. I protect everyone equally”.

    “No, you don’t,” Black Steel retorted. “You follow the orders of an asshole who only wanna protect those who’re most convenient for him.”

    Freed stared hard at him. “Don’t you dare talk about Thunder when it’s obvious you don’t know anything.”

    “Thunder?” Black Steel laughed. “I’m not talking about your friend pretending to be Thor, I’m talking about Alexei.”

    Freed paused for a moment. Why was he talking about Ivan Dreyar? Was he the reason Black Steel was so pissed at them? And was that why he attacked rich people? Freed knew that Ivan had had some questionable behavior in the past, so it was likely that Black Steel harbored a hatred for him and consequently for all superheroes. But he couldn’t understand why he should attack innocent people. Unless he did it to get to them. It still didn’t make sense.

    Freed became aware of the Black Steel attack too late, and mentally scolded himself for bad timing. A violent barrage of steel and iron hit him and Freed was forced to knock down the runes in order to deflect the blow. It was a mistake because Black Steel immediately took advantage of it to jump out the window and run away. And for the umpteenth time the asshole escaped from under his hands.

    -One week later-

    Freed couldn’t help but think about the argument he had had with Laxus. After what Black Steel had told him, Freed had talked with Laxus, and Laxus had told him that Ivan had let several innocent people die in the past. He had also ignored some requests for help. Freed hoped that way to figure out who Black Steel really was but it didn’t work. There were just too many people that Ivan had taken advantage of, hiding behind the facade of the superhero.

    “Coffee is ready, rich boy,” Gajeel said, awakening him from his thoughts. Freed returned to reality and reached down to get coffee. He had spent another sleepless night, at least this time it was the fault of a gang of robbers, and not Black Steel. Freed couldn’t hold back a yawn and blushed slightly when he noticed the boy was looking at him.

    “Tonight, I’m playing at the Blue Pegasus,” Gajeel said. Freed looked at him in surprise and hoped the way Gajeel avoided his gaze meant something. Damn, he really had to do something about that crush. “Wanna come?”

    “You play?” Freed asked in surprise instead of answering. On the one hand he wanted to go, if that meant spending time with the man he was attracted to, then he didn’t want to waste such an opportunity. On the other hand, he had to be on alert in case Black Steel attacked. It had been a while now that the villain hadn’t shown up, probably he had another attack in mind soon, if they had studied his movements well.

    “Yeah, I play the guitar. And I sing. Juvia put me in a stupid contest, but it’ll be fun. We can have a drink when I’m done with the performance,” Gajeel grunted. He was a little uncomfortable, and it could really be a date. Freed couldn’t refuse.

    “I’ll be there,” he said without even thinking. It was a bad idea, the stupidest idea he had ever had. Laxus would have scolded him, but Gajeel’s smile made him forget everything again.

    “Great, see you tonight then,” he greeted him. Freed couldn’t help but smile as he watched him walk away. He still wasn’t sure it was a date, but at least he was going out with Gajeel.

    Freed jumped when he felt a pat on his shoulder. “The rude hot guy finally will serenade you” Bickslow teased him. Freed couldn’t help but smile, jokingly pushing his friend in part.

    “Idiot” was the only thing he managed to mumble. But if Gajeel had really dedicated a song to him, he would have been the luckiest man in the world.

    -That evening-

    Freed was sitting at the table of the Blue Pegasus Club and with the phone under his eye he listened and watched different musicians play. He couldn’t totally relax, as he waited for a call from Laxus at any moment, but he paid attention in case Gajeel came out to sing. When it came to his turn Freed managed to get more distracted from his worries and holding the phone in his pocket so he could feel the vibration, he turned to the stage.

    Gajeel was even hotter than usual with a guitar in his hand and that cheeky smile. His hair was down as usual, but he was wearing a hat and Freed smiled at that. Even dressed like this he managed to be handsome. Otherwise, he was more or less dressed as usual, in dark jeans and a pair of brown boots. Unlike the usual t-shirt or sweatshirt, however, he wore a shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows and a pair of leather gloves on his hands.

    Gajeel introduced himself and then sat down on a stool. Freed smiled when he heard cheering from what must have been his friends, Juvia and another guy with half white, half black hair. Then silence fell and Gajeel began to play and sing. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact, it was mesmerizing, but Freed probably would have liked Gajeel whatever he did.

    When the performance was over Freed applauded and noticed that Gajeel had found him with his eyes, winked and Freed found himself blushing slightly and giggling. Maybe this was really a date.

    He had no way of thinking that a few seconds later Gajeel was already standing next to him, with two drinks in his hand and the guitar on his back.

    “So?” he asked sitting next to Freed.

    “You’re not bad,” Freed said.

    “You’re not bad? Is this what you will say?” Gajeel laughed pushing a drink towards him.

    “What’s that?”.

    “Just drink and don’t ignore the question,” Gajeel retorted, resting his chin on his fist and smiling cheekily. “So? Don’t you wanna admit that I’m the best here?”.

    Freed took a sip and smiled a little. “You’re too presumptuous”.

    “I wouldn’t say, they’re all lightweights, nothing to do with me” Gajeel retorted confidently.

    “Well, there’s Orga...” Freed began with the intention of teasing him a bit. Orga had sucked, even though many cheered. Either he was famous or people had clogged ears.

    Gajeel frowned immediately. “You’re joking, right? You can’t compare me to that gorilla who didn’t get two notes right,” he snapped. Freed remained silent, struggling not to let an amused smile escape him. “You’re fucking kidding,” Gajeel repeated. Maybe he had offended him a little too much.

    Freed at that point let out a laugh and Gajeel relaxed his shoulders. “Bastard,” he muttered.

    “It’s fun to tease you,” Freed retorted.

    “Bastard,” Gajeel repeated.

    “If it consoles you, you are definitely the best singer tonight. The only one I’ll remember,” Freed said with a sweet smile. Gajeel’s face broke into a euphoric smile, and Freed felt his heart racing a little at that. Gajeel didn’t smile often, not so sincerely at least, at most he grinned, but that smile made him gorgeous.

    “I fucking knew it,” Gajeel said taking a long sip from the glass. “So, do you really spend every night awake studying or there’s something else you do?” he asked. Freed tensed a little at the question, remembering that he had to be on the lookout in case Laxus called him. In the meantime, however, he could at least have some fun. And if that asshole Black Steel had ruined his date with the most attractive man he knew, then Freed would have really beaten him up.

    He thus began to speak, and was pleased when the conversation with Gajeel came out simple and spontaneous. As usual, the man was arrogant and conceited, and perhaps a little rude, but that was also a thing that Freed liked.

    The night was fun, and when Mirajane was elected best competitor Freed made sure to repeat to Gajeel that he had been the best for him. Although perhaps the man didn’t need to hear it, he was already quite presumptuous like that. Nonetheless, Freed didn’t regret it. They drank several drinks until they decided to go out and go home. Freed didn’t want to admit it but he felt tired, with all the sleepless nights he’d spent he would rather be under the covers, but Gajeel’s company was all too pleasant.

    They walked silently up the sidewalk to the parking lot, their arms brushing from how close they were. It was nice to be able to have that closeness with the boy, and Freed was happy to have accepted that date. Surprisingly it had also gone well, as Laxus had never called him.

    “Have you finally found the man who invites you to do something interesting, then?” Gajeel asked when they got to the car. Freed turned to him and found himself staring into those intense red eyes.

    “I’d say yes,” he said without question.

    Gajeel smiled. “Good”.

    For a moment they stood looking at each other. Freed didn’t know whether to push forward or not, and Gajeel seemed to have the same doubts. Maybe it was stupid, but Freed didn’t feel so sure of himself when he was around the man. But Gajeel had invited him out. And he had clearly made it clear that this was a date. And he was looking at him like he wanted to do what Freed wanted to do.

    Freed decided to take courage and to push himself towards the man, but before he could Gajeel had already grabbed him by the hips, pressing his lips against his in an intense and fantastic kiss that completely overwhelmed Freed.

    He felt Gajeel’s arms holding him firm against his strong body, and the man’s chapped lips against his, moving as if asking for more. And Freed wanted to give him everything Gajeel wanted. For one night he wanted to be a regular college boy with a crush on a hot guy and have a wonderful, carefree night.

    “Would you like to come to my apartment?” Gajeel asked hoarsely as he parted from his lips. Freed didn’t even think about it for a second. He quickly accepted, then was again swept away by Gajeel’s arms and lips, which made his heart do incredible things.

    -A month later-

    Gajeel couldn’t believe he had succeeded. He didn’t even know how he had done it, but he had made it and that was the important thing. He had finally caught that asshole Albion, so he could take it to José and use it as bait for the two assholes who deserved worse: Alexei and the fake Thor.

    Gajeel was tired after the battle, it had been honestly exhausting and the bastard had ripped off his suit and inflicted a deep wound in his side, which made it harder for Gajeel to walk, even though he tried to cover it with metal so as not to lose too much blood. He had also taken a blow to the head and tasted blood in his mouth as well. Albion hadn’t gone easy on him that time.

    Nonetheless, Gajeel had managed to win and that was the important thing. Finally, he would have some revenge against those damned bastards who had ruined his life. He didn’t care much about Albion, even if the asshole had thwarted his plans too many times and Gajeel would surely have enjoyed seeing him trapped and helpless. But what interested him most was Alexei. In any case he would see him shortly if that fake superhero wanted to see Albion alive.

    He dragged Albion to José’s villa and threw him into a cell. He was about to call the boss but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to find out who was under the mask. However, he doubted that José would be angry about that.

    So Gajeel knelt next to the unconscious man and took off his black mask. The face he saw beneath it made him freeze.

    It wasn’t possible.

    It wasn’t fucking possible.

    It was a joke, it had to be. It couldn’t be Freed.

    No, fuck no. It was an illusion, a stupid spell from Albion because Gajeel couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t accept that Albion was Freed.

    Everyone but not him. Not the only boy he had fallen in love with in the last few months. Not the boy who fell asleep on his shoulder the first time they slept together. Not the boy who drank three coffees every morning and woke him up after half an hour of class. Not the guy who made him laugh heartily and warmed his stomach every time he smiled.

    Fuck. Fuck! Now it all made sense.

    That was why Freed was always tired. That was why he rarely went out in the evening. It wasn’t to study, it was to fight him. His boyfriend had a fucking double life and fought him at night and then crawled into his bed during the day. That was why he fell asleep easily. That was why he always had that damn phone attached to him. How the fuck hadn’t Gajeel realized it until then?


    He couldn’t let José take it. Gajeel had no idea what the man would do with Freed, but if there was even the slightest chance that the boss would hurt him, he wouldn’t have allowed it. He didn’t give a shit if he was his enemy, or if José was pissed off, he had to get Freed out of there right away.

    Without thinking for a second more Gajeel loaded Freed on his shoulders, forgetting to take Albion’s mask, and carried him out of the villa. He ran under the street lamps until he saw some stairs and climbed to the roof of a building, when he was at the top, he felt Freed move against him. Gajeel placed him on the ground and waited for him to wake up.

    Freed’s face wrinkled a little, but as soon as he woke up Freed put his hand to the sword, and when he noticed that it wasn’t there, he raised his hand and his eyes shone. Fuck, seeing him use magic without a mask was even better. Between the green hair that fluttered in the moonlight and the purple eyes Gajeel couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t breathe because he didn’t know what the fuck to do. That was Albion, fucking hell, but it was Freed too!

    Freed looked around inquiringly.

    “Where we are?” he asked hoarsely, frowning. Gajeel didn’t even answer him, too shocked by what he had discovered. What the hell was he supposed to do? Just let him go? Reveal his identity? Freed would hate him, he was a supervillain kidnapping people and robbing homes. There was no way that Gajeel would tell him, he didn’t want to lose him. Not him.

    Why the fuck did he have to be Freed?

    “Where did you... my mask” Freed finally noted with a surprised and a little scared voice.

    “I won’t tell anyone who you are,” Gajeel growled after a while. “You better run away before someone sees you.”

    “What?” Freed asked surprised as he stood up. His body was tense in a position ready to fight, his eyes still purple ready to use magic, but he was bleeding from his temple and Gajeel knew he was exhausted. Besides, he wasn’t sure he wanted to fight him. In fact, he was sure he didn’t want to.

    “Just run away,” Gajeel growled.

    “Why would you let me escape?” Freed asked with a slight frown. His eyes traveled the roof of the building from one side to the other. It was evident that he was evaluating the situation, maybe trying to both take time and understand what was happening.

    However, Gajeel could not tell him who he was. He couldn’t absolutely explain why he had saved him.

    “Do you know why I hate superheroes?” Gajeel blurted at that point.

    “Because Alexei treated you like shit,” Freed replied immediately. Gajeel fell silent for a moment.

    “You know me?” he asked with a hint of panic. There was no way that Freed knew.

    “No,” Freed said. “You made it clear, and I know that Alexei has treated a lot of people badly. That’s why he’s no longer in charge of Fairy Tail, and now Thunder has taken his place.”

    Gajeel was silent for a moment, but he had no intention of ending the explanation there.

    “Fourteen years ago, my father was the victim of a spell, he was transforming into a dragon, his lungs were bursting and he could no longer control the magic,” Gajeel said in a voice that was shaking with anger. Freed looked at him with a slightly confused expression, but he ignored it and went on. “He asked for help from superheroes, from Alexei. And do you know what he did?”.

    Freed was silent but a compassionate light passed through his eyes, which returned to their normal color. The blue color that Gajeel had fallen in love with.

    “He killed him, thinking he was dangerous to Magnolia. But my father would never hurt anyone,” Gajeel snapped. “They killed him without even giving him a chance, and they left me, a nine-year-old boy, on the street, with no home or penny,” he spat, shortness of breath and tears stinging his eyes. His temples throbbed and he just felt a great desire to break something.

    Freed lowered his hand and relaxed his shoulders, undoing any kind of magic that until a few seconds before was sizzling from his fingers.

    “The only man who took me with him was that asshole of... the boss of Phantom Lord, he raised me. That’s why I hate you, that’s why I hate fucking superheroes who really only care about fucking rich” he threw out.

    “I’m sorry,” Freed said sincerely after a few seconds. His voice was calm and Gajeel noticed at that moment that it wasn’t modified like Albion’s. Freed spoke cautiously again. “I know the past will not change, but now Fairy Tail has changed. Thunder is doing everything to keep the whole city safe, he no longer has business with the wealthiest families and tries to protect everyone equally”.

    Gajeel didn’t answer, still trembling with rage. He wouldn’t believe Albion, but he believed Freed. He knew that Freed would never do anything wrong, he knew that the man had solid principles and he knew that he was a good person.

    “Why did you tell me?” Freed asked.

    Gajeel jumped slightly. “Because you’re the only person I don’t wanna lose,” he admitted in a low voice.

    “What?” Freed asked confused. “Wait, do we know each other?”

    Gajeel said nothing, just took off his mask and pulled the scales and metal from his body. Freed’s eyes widened as soon as he saw him.

    “Gajeel?” he asked breathlessly.

    Gajeel said nothing, thinking that the action would speak for itself. He didn’t know what the boy was thinking. Freed looked shocked, and of course he had every reason for it. He probably would hate him, Gajeel deserved it. He deserved worse with everything he had done.

    For long minutes the two boys they remained silent just looking at each other, with the cold night air on their skin and only the moon illuminating their faces. Gajeel knew he should run away, leave, but the last person he wanted to run away from was Freed. Hell, he was pathetic. Had finding out that Albion was Freed upset him to such an extent?

    After what seemed like an eternity Freed walked over to him and took his hand. Gajeel jumped a bit and looked at him confused.

    “Come with me”.


    “Leave Phantom Lord and come with me,” Freed repeated in a firm, gentle voice. “Whoever Phantom Lord’s leader is, he used you for his purposes, leave him. Fairy Tail is ready to welcome you, if you want it, it’s no longer what it used to be. If you don’t want it or if Thunder doesn’t want to take you, then we will run away together”.

    “What?” repeated Gajeel in shock.

    “I’m serious. I know you hate the organization of Fairy Tail and have every reason to, but don’t let that turn you into a cruel man. You’re much better than this, Gajeel. You’re more than a pawn to your boss. And I know you’re a good person,” Freed said.

    “You... would you really run away with me?” Gajeel asked. “After what I did?”

    “You were a child and you were alone and the only person who welcomed you is clearly a cruel person who used you for your powers. And if you don’t want to be part of Fairy Tail I understand that, so yeah, I’d run away with you,” Freed said.

    It was disconcerting, absurd and reassuring. Freed really would have run away with him.

    Gajeel managed a small smile. “You’re crazy”.

    “Never as much as you who saved your archenemy,” Freed retorted running a thumb on Gajeel’s cheek. Gajeel spread his smile and took Freed’s face in his hands.

    “Then I come with you,” he decided, before bending over him and starting a wonderful kiss.

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    chloroform girl is such a banger <3 <3 <3

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    Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School

    Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School

    Miss Klein runs a boarding-school. The girls that go there are really “free spirited.” They chloroform a peeping Tom, lock two plumbers in the dormitories, strip for a gamekeeper and tease their gym teacher. In class, their biology teacher gets carried away while giving a demonstration of sex positions with the gym teacher. In the meantime, one of the girls makes some exciting alterations to…

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    Just want a girl I can buy chloroform for...

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    Below I have copied and pasted a complete list of offences. A new start for a new year. I have decided to read every offence. If I am responsible for any, then I will be visiting a police station to hand myself in/ make a statement. Could you do the same?.......see below



    (Alphabetical order)

    NB, this list does not specify the Act and must therefore be cross-referenced

    with annex 1B

    Offence Class

    Abandonment of child under two C

    Abduction of defective from parent D

    Abduction of unmarried girl under 16 from parent J

    Abduction of unmarried girl under 18 from parent D

    Abduction of woman by force J

    Absconding by person released on bail H

    Abstraction of electricity F/G/K

    Abuse of position of trust D

    Abuse of position of trust: causing a child to engage in sexual activity D

    Abuse of position of trust: causing a child to watch sexual activity D

    Abuse of position of trust: sexual activity in the presence of a child D

    Abuse of position of trust: sexual activity with a child D

    Acquiring, possessing, etc the proceeds of criminal conduct B

    Acquisition by or supply of firearms to person denied them C

    Acquisition, use or possession of criminal property B

    Activities relating to opium B

    Acts outraging public decency H

    Administering a substance with intent D

    Administering chloroform, laudanum, etc B

    Administering drugs to obtain intercourse D

    Administering poison etc so as to endanger life B

    Administering poison etc with intent to injure C

    Affray H

    Aggravated arson B

    Aggravated burglary B

    Aggravated criminal damage B

    Aggravated vehicle taking H

    Aggravated vehicle taking resulting in death B

    Agreeing to indemnify sureties H

    Aiding and abetting suicide B

    Allowing or procuring child under 16 to go abroad to perform J

    Allowing the death of a child B

    Armed robbery B

    Arranging child sex offence J

    Arson (other than aggravated arson) where value does not exceed £100,000 C

    Arson (value exceeds £100,000) B

    Assault by penetration J

    Assault occasioning actual bodily harm C

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Assault on child under 13 by penetration J

    Assault on officer saving wreck C

    Assault with intent to commit buggery J

    Assault with intent to resist arrest H

    Assault with weapon with intent to rob B

    Assaulting prison officer whilst possessing firearm etc B

    Assisting another to retain proceeds of terrorist activities B

    Assisting illegal entry or harbouring persons C

    Assisting offenders I

    Assisting prisoners to escape C

    Attempt to cause explosion, making or keeping explosive etc A

    Attempting to choke, suffocate, strangle, etc B

    Attempting to injure or alarm the Sovereign C

    Being drunk on aircraft H

    Blackmail B

    Bomb hoax C

    Breach of anti-social behaviour order H

    Breach of harassment injunction H

    Breach of prison C

    Breach of restraining order H

    Breach of sex offender order H

    Breaking or injuring submarine telegraph cables C

    Buggery of male 16 or over otherwise than in private H

    Buggery of person under 16 J

    Burglary (domestic) E

    Burglary (non-domestic) E

    Care workers: causing person with mental disorder to watch sexual act D

    Care workers: inciting person with mental disorder to engage in sexual act J

    Care workers: sexual activity in presence of person with mental disorder D

    Care workers: sexual activity with person with mental disorder J

    Carrying loaded firearm in public place C

    Causing a child to engage in sexual activity J

    Causing a child to watch a sexual act D

    Causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity J

    Causing a person with mental disorder (impeding choice) to watch sexual



    Causing a person with mental disorder to watch sexual act (by inducement,

    threat or deception)


    Causing bodily injury by explosives B

    Causing danger to road users B

    Causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs B

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Causing death by dangerous driving B

    Causing explosion likely to endanger life or property A

    Causing miscarriage by poison, instrument B

    Causing or allowing the death of a child B

    Causing or encouraging prostitution of defective D

    Causing or encouraging prostitution of girl under 16 J

    Causing or inciting child prostitution or pornography J

    Causing or inciting person with mental disorder to engage in sexual activity J

    Causing or inciting prostitution for gain D

    Causing prostitution of women H

    Causing sexual activity with penetration J

    Causing sexual activity without penetration D

    Child abduction by connected person C

    Child abduction by other person C

    Child destruction A

    Child sex offence committed by person under 18 D

    Circumcision of females C

    Committing offence with intent to commit sexual offence D

    Concealing an arrestable offence I

    Concealing criminal property B

    Concealing or transferring proceeds of terrorist activities B

    Concealment of birth C

    Conspiring to commit offences outside the United Kingdom I

    Contamination of goods with intent B

    Controlling a child prostitute J

    Controlling prostitution for gain D

    Copying false instrument with intent F/G/K

    Corrupt transactions with agents I

    Corruption in public office I

    Counterfeiting Customs documents F/G/K

    Counterfeiting notes and coins G

    Counterfeiting of dies or marks F/G/K

    Criminal damage (other than aggravated criminal damage) C

    Cruelty to person under 16 B

    Cultivation of cannabis plant B

    Custody or control of false instruments etc F/G/K

    Cutting away buoys etc C

    Dangerous Driving H

    Dealing in firearms C

    Destruction of registers of births etc F

    Detention of a woman in brothel or other premises H

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Directing terrorist organisation B

    Disclosure prejudicing, or interference of material relevant to, investigation

    of terrorism


    Disclosure under sections 330, 331, 332, or 333 of the Proceeds of Crime

    Act 2002 otherwise than in the form and manner prescribed


    Drug trafficking offences at sea B

    Embracery I

    Endangering an aircraft B

    Endangering the safety of railway passengers B

    Engaging in sexual activity in the presence (procured by inducement, threat

    or deception) of person with mental disorder


    Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of child D

    Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of person with mental disorder

    (impeding choice)


    Escaping from lawful custody without force C

    Evasion of liability by deception F/G/K

    Exhibiting false signals etc B

    Exposure D

    Fabrication of evidence with intent to mislead a tribunal I

    Facilitating child prostitution J

    Failing to keep dogs under proper control resulting in injury C

    Failure to comply with certificate when transferring firearm C

    Failure to disclose information about terrorism C

    Failure to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering C

    Failure to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering: nominated

    officers in the regulated sector


    Failure to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering: other

    nominated officers


    Failure to disclose knowledge or suspicion of money laundering: regulated



    False accounting F/G/K

    False evidence before European Court I

    False imprisonment B

    False statement tendered under section 5B of Magistrates' Courts Act 1980 I

    False statement tendered under s9 of the Criminal Justice Act 1967 I

    Firing on Revenue vessel B

    Forgery F/G/K

    Forgery and misuse of driving documents H

    Forgery etc of licences and other documents H

    Forgery of driving documents H

    Forgery, alteration, fraud of licences etc H

    Fraud by abuse of position F/G/K

    Fraud by failing to disclose information F/G/K

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Fraud by false representation F/G/K

    Fraudulent application of trade mark F/G/K

    Fraudulent evasion of agricultural levy C

    Fraudulent evasion of controls on Class A and B drugs B

    Fraudulent evasion of controls on Class C drugs C

    Fraudulent evasion of duty F/G/K

    Fraudulent evasion: counterfeit notes or coins G

    Fraudulent evasion: not elsewhere specified F/G/K

    Fund raising for terrorism B

    Giving false statements to procure cremation I

    Going equipped to steal E

    Gross indecency between male of 21 or over and male under 16 D

    Gross indecency between males (other than where one is 21 or over and

    the other is under 16)


    Handling stolen goods F/G/K

    Harbouring escaped prisoner C

    Harming, threatening to harm a witness, juror, etc I

    Having an article with a blade or point in a public place H

    Hostage taking B

    Illegal importation of Class A and B drugs B

    Illegal importation of Class C drugs C

    Illegal importation: counterfeit notes or coins G

    Illegal importation: not elsewhere specified F/G/K

    Ill-treatment of persons of unsound mind D

    Impeding persons endeavouring to escape wrecks B

    Impersonating Customs officer H

    Incest by man with girl under 13 J

    Incest other than by man with girl under 13 D

    Incitement of terrorism overseas B

    Incitement to commit incest D

    Inciting child family member to engage in sexual activity J

    Inducing person with mental disorder to engage in sexual activity J

    Indecency with children under 14 J

    Indecent assault on a man D

    Indecent assault on a woman D

    Indecent display H

    Infanticide A

    Intimidating witness, juror, etc I

    Involvement in arrangements facilitating the acquisition, retention, use or

    control of criminal property


    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Keeping a disorderly house H

    Kidnapping B

    Living on earnings of male prostitution D

    Making false entries in copies of registers sent to registrar F

    Making false statement to authorised officer I

    Making false statement to obtain interim possession order I

    Making false statement to resist making of interim possession order I

    Making gunpowder etc to commit offences C

    Making off without payment H

    Making or possession of explosive in suspicious circumstances B

    Making or supplying articles for use in fraud F/G/K

    Making threats to destroy or damage property C

    Making threats to kill B

    Making, custody, or control of counterfeiting materials etc G

    Man living on earnings of prostitution D

    Manslaughter A

    Manufacture and supply of scheduled substances B

    Meeting child following sexual grooming D

    Membership, support or meeting of proscribed organisations B

    Misconduct endangering ship or persons on board ship H

    Mishandling or falsifying parking documents etc H

    Murder A

    Neglecting to provide food for or assaulting servants etc C

    Obscene articles intended for publication for gain H

    Obstructing Customs officer H

    Obstructing engine or carriage on railway H

    Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception F/G/K

    Obtaining property by deception F/G/K

    Obtaining services by deception (Theft Act 1978) F/G/K

    Obtaining services dishonestly (Fraud Act 2006) F/G/K

    Occupier knowingly permitting drugs offences etc B

    Offences against international protection of nuclear material B

    Offences in relation to dies or stamps F/G/K

    Offences in relation to money laundering investigations B

    Offences in relation to proceeds of drug trafficking B

    Offences involving custody or control of counterfeit notes or coins G

    Offences of publication of obscene matter H

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Offences relating to the safe custody of controlled drugs H

    Offender armed or disguised C

    Offering inducement to procure sexual activity with person with mental



    Other offences involving money or property to be used for terrorism B

    Participating in fraudulent business carried on by sole trader etc F/G/K

    Passing counterfeit notes or coins G

    Paying for sexual services of child J

    Perjuries (7 offences) I

    Permitting an escape C

    Permitting defective to use premises for intercourse D

    Permitting girl under 13 to use premises for sexual intercourse J

    Permitting girl under 16 to use premises for sexual intercourse J

    Personating for purposes of bail etc I

    Personation of jurors I

    Perverting the course of public justice I

    Placing explosives with intent to cause bodily injury B

    Placing wood etc on railway B

    Possessing anything with intent to destroy or damage property C

    Possession (with intention) of apparatus or material for making false identity



    Possession (with intention) of false identity documents F

    Possession (without reasonable excuse) of false identity documents or

    apparatus or material for making false identity documents


    Possession etc of articles for use in frauds F/G/K

    Possession of articles for terrorist purposes B

    Possession of Class A drug C

    Possession of Class A or B drug with intent to supply B

    Possession of Class B or C drug H

    Possession of Class C drug with intent to supply C

    Possession of false identity documents F

    Possession of firearm by person convicted of crime C

    Possession of firearm with criminal intent B

    Possession of firearm with intent to endanger life B

    Possession of firearm without certificate C

    Possession of offensive weapon H

    Possession or acquisition of certain prohibited weapons etc B

    Possession or acquisition of shotgun without certificate C

    Practitioner contravening drug supply regulations B

    Prejudicing a drug trafficking investigation I

    Presentation of obscene performance H

    Prison mutiny B

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Procuration of girl under 21 D

    Procurement of a defective D

    Procurement of a woman by false pretences H

    Procurement of intercourse by threats etc H

    Procuring others to commit homosexual acts H

    Producing or supplying Class A or B drug B

    Producing or supplying Class C drug C

    Putting people in fear of violence H

    Racially-aggravated arson (not endangering life) B

    Racially-aggravated assault C

    Racially-aggravated criminal damage C

    Racially-aggravated harassment/putting another in fear of violence H

    Racially-aggravated public order offence H

    Rape J

    Rape of child under 13 J

    Removal of articles from place open to the public G

    Rescue C

    Riot B

    Robbery (other than armed robbery) C

    Sending prohibited articles by post H

    Setting spring guns with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm C

    Sex with adult relative D

    Sexual activity with child J

    Sexual activity with child family member, with penetration J

    Sexual activity with person with mental disorder J

    Sexual assault D

    Sexual assault of child under 13 J

    Sexual intercourse with animal D

    Sexual intercourse with defective J

    Sexual intercourse with girl under 13 J

    Sexual intercourse with girl under 16 J

    Sexual intercourse with patients J

    Sexual penetration of a corpse D

    Shortening of shotgun or possession of shortened shotgun C

    Shortening of smooth bore gun C

    Solicitation for immoral purposes H

    Soliciting to murder A

    Stirring up racial hatred C

    Supplying instrument etc to cause miscarriage C

    Support or meeting of proscribed organisations B

    Annex 1A

    Crown Copyright

    Graduated Fee Scheme C

    Manual of Guidance

    With effect from 1 March 2012


    Offence Class

    Taking, having, etc indecent photographs of children J

    Theft F/G/K

    Tipping off (POCA) B

    Tipping off in relation to money laundering investigations (DTA) C

    Trade description offences (9 offences) H

    Trafficking into UK for sexual exploitation J

    Trafficking out of UK for sexual exploitation J

    Trafficking within UK for sexual exploitation J

    Trespass with intent to commit sexual offence D

    Trespassing with a firearm C

    Undischarged bankrupt being concerned in a company G

    Uniform of proscribed organisations B

    Unlawful collection of information for terrorist purposes B

    Unlawful eviction and harassment of occupier H

    Unlawful wounding C

    Use of firearm to resist arrest B

    Using a copy of a false instrument F/G/K

    Using a false instrument F/G/K

    Using explosive or corrosives with intent to cause grievous bodily harm B

    VAT offences F/G/K

    Violent disorder B

    Voyeurism D

    Wanton or furious driving H

    Weapons training B

    Woman exercising control over prostitute D

    Wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm



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    04.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Silence Broken



    (An average increase of 8 over Chloroform, for 200 more AP.) At level 19:Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming premier of Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition. Gag Order strips 57-64 MA. At level 9: Chloroform strips 53-59 MA. It scales with Finesse, costs 3 AP to use, and has a 4 turn cooldown. Gag order (Scoundrel 2) strips magic armor and applies Silenced (soft CC) to targets without MA for one turn at a range of 3 meters.

    If you apply Truthseeker and Ave Layal and put on The Silent Path then Blinded gets removed, Sincled blinks there and you get a momentary Clear-Minded only state. Unique items and status mishandling. We read a report on a demon obliterating a child's soul during a failed exorcism.Divinity - Original Sin 2 - Bugs & Technical Problems. In today's Divinity Original Sin 2.The Silent One/Silent as the Grave is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Silence Broken Archive On The

    This book can be found at multiple locations, including the archive on the northeast of the island, and a Black Ring member near the tree.)Use the hymn to destroy the statue, enter the vault then cast Spirit Vision. (To open the statue, you need to let one character with Scholar tag to decipher the book Ornate Hymnal, it turns to The Taming of Holy Fire. Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive.To acquire this quest, you need to get in Bloodmoon vault #2 on Bloodmoon Island. Axiom Verge Azkend 2 The World Beneath Azur Lane Crosswave.

    You can then teleport her back (Through dialogue) to Lady Vengeance for later treatment. Talk to the girl, you need a high persuasion skill or you won't be able to advance the quest. (if you fail to persuade him, you need to use Source Vampirism on him, the skill is learned in the quest Powerful Awakening)Persuade or kill the undead cat to approach the possessed girl.

    As you approach you can hear her trying to fight the demon in her head. She can be found amidst some ruins, surrounded by corpses at co-ordinates X:358 Y:170. Go towards the harbor, past the burning bulding and take the right path down to the beach, not the road to Arx. It's the possessed girl (until you reach Arx, she can be found, unresponsive in the below deck area of LV).

    From it you learn that her name is Iris (the note mentions also the cat). In the reception area there is a note on the floor, near the door to the dorm. To find the little girl's name you have to go to the closed school overrun by junkies. He'll laugh at that and reply that she's no-one, she doesn't even have a name! Back away at this point and go to Arx.

    After he's dead talk and comfort the girl, then ask her what she plans to do now. You get some xp for killing the demon but the drops are pretty meh. Ignore them completely and nuke the demon, as they will disappear once he's dead. The demon will jump out of the girl at this point to fight you, accompanied by four minions. Several persuasion test options appear, choose the one that mention's the girl's correct name: Iris.

    There's nothing left? That's it? You can't do anything with her after she's on the ship? That's the end? There's no way to cure her? No puzzle, no process, no moral dilemna, no fight against a demon.nothing? And Buttons! The loyal cat is cursed for what could be eternity to be locked in a vault on an island with absolutely no way to ever find the girl that it loved so much. But let's say you're a kindred spirit and you do have hope she can be cured. You know there's a demon in her that could burst out, after all. You can't do anything for her, you can only teleport her to your ship, at EXTREME RISK since even the greatest healers of her day couldn't cure her condition. You'll receive xp for killing himThis seems to be one of the most poorly thought out quests in the game. As a goodbye gift, she'll give you 8 source orbs (and you also get the xp for completing the quest at this point).

    This one feels like it just got scrapped halfway through and they had to rush to get an ending in. That's cruel and it doesn't sit right with me, and there's no reason you shouldn't be allowed to bring them both together, at least with the assurance there's always a noble undead cat guarding over the child in your absence.

    #Divinity Original Sin 2 Silence Broken
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    everyone goes “vi shouldn’t have done this” and “vi shouldn’t have done that”. my question is — what should she have done? Your sister blows up your entire family? Ask your Twitter moots to send you calming videos. Your sister is adopted by the crime lord that is responsible for the death of your entire family? Just. Join him. And do crimes too, I guess?? Understand that your traumatized sister and this manipulative crime lord totally have a healthy, balanced relationship and you should just be cool with the fact that she kills people for him and helps him sell drugs. He’s that best family she has! Why would Vi try to separate Jinx from him? Why would she assume her sister does crime lord things because of her crime lord dad? After all, after holding her entire family hostage, he kindly took in Jinx in and raised her. She turned out fine!When your sister laughs manically while killing people? Encourage her! She’s a girl boss! When your sister is on a bridge and she aims a machine gun at you and your friend and starts blasting but your other friend goes to fight her and buys you time for you to escape???? Spend 2 minutes squabbling to argue about it and hand off your injured friend to Ekko so you can confront your sister that just shot at you with NO WEAPONS. Your sister fights your childhood friend and you don’t know who came out alive?? Silco and his goons (who will murder you if you have the chance) pick up your sister, separating you again??? Just, fix it. Somehow. Watch a 5minute crafts video and DIY yourself some hex tech gauntlets and then parkour over to your sister. If she doesn’t want to trying shooting at you again you can carry her and get her medical attention… somewhere… idk. And when your sibling (who hates your girlfriend) and (just shot at you and your girlfriend) says she “made her a snack”, menacingly puts a platter on the table in order to deliberately provoke you. Don’t freak out. Call her bluff! She would never cause physical harm to someone you care about! She did kidnap your girlfriend, though. That’s unfortunate. And when your sibling asks you to kill your new girlfriend and promises they’ll be your sibling again in exchange? Drop her. Just blast your friend in the head. That’s what siblings are for! And when your sister kidnaps you and makes you sit a twisted dinner table so she can determine whether to off her estranged sister or her adopted father? Invent cognitive behavioral therapy. Undo all of your sister’s trauma over dinner. She is literally neurodivergent and a minor.

    Also, if I were Vi and Marcus chloroformed me I would simply…stay awake.

    #caitvi#arcane victor#arcane silco#arcane caitlyn#arcane jinx#arcane jayce#jinx arcane#arcane vi#vi arcane#arcane show #GOOD FAMILY JIST ACCEPTS YOU AS A MURDERER AND REFUSE TO HAVE FAIRG IN YOUR HUMANITY
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    Girls don’t want flowers and cute dates. They want the scent of chloroform and the feeling of a collar around their neck.

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    I posted 88 times in 2021

    54 posts created (61%)

    34 posts reblogged (39%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 0.6 posts.

    I added 264 tags in 2021

    #voltron legendary defender - 43 posts

    #voltron - 41 posts

    #voltron keith - 37 posts

    #voltron au - 33 posts

    #voltron pidge - 33 posts

    #kidge - 28 posts

    #keidge - 26 posts

    #voltron lance - 9 posts

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    #voltron fanfic - 6 posts

    Longest Tag: 103 characters

    #but there' s a fic already out there but it's not going to get updated anytime soon if any time at all.

    My Top Posts in 2021


    An Unlikely Couple

    Serial Killer Keith x Writer Pidge
    (Inspired by the joke in @flannelfangirl fic: Tread Marks.

    Pidge was always told that she shouldn't put all her eggs in one basket. She was a smart girl - she had her doctorate in astrophysics at 25, at a young age, she's worked on so many things, patented even more.

    But, her friends told her to stop burying herself in work and try something new. So she did. Now, she's attempting to write a novel. She's read so many murder mysteries, so she decided to write one herself. But alas, she's stuck on a murder scene.

    She would've tried to search for it on Google, but then again, she didn't want to raise suspicions at the company so she kept silent.

    "Ah shit." She grumbled. She threw her head back and frowned. Her coffee sat on the table, her cake slice barely touched.

    "Your serial killer is dumb." A voice said. Pidge's eyes snapped open and she rose up and looked at the source of the voice.

    "And you are...?"

    The raven-haired man shrugged. "Just a man who read your draft."

    "And who gave you that permission?"

    "You left it wide open on the table."

    "That still didn't give you the right."

    "Anyway, the killer is a fool. You can't kidnap someone like that. Chloroform doesn't work immediately. It takes about five minutes."

    Pidge raised her eyebrow. "And how would you know that?"

    The raven-haired man leaned back and smirked. "I'm a serial killer." He folded his arms, looking smug.

    Pidge laughed. It resounded throughout the café. The raven-haired man didn't seem fazed.

    "You're a serial killer?! What a joke!"

    "You don't believe me? Fine. Wait until I show up in your house with a cutlass."

    "I dare you, bitch."

    35 notes • Posted 2021-09-16 02:25:29 GMT


    Lionheart: Mages of Voltron

    Bonus: Long-haired Keith

    Being Half-Galra, Keith is able to use two separate Fires - the regular Fire of heat and destruction and an unusual Purple Flame that which was the combination of his father's magic and his mother's abilities.

    After finding the Blue Lion and getting carried to the floating Castle, Keith became Voltron's Red Mage, his Lion and partner being Désordre - The Red Lion Deity of Fire and Chaos.

    Out of the other five (yes, there are Six Mages of Voltron), Keith was the first one to bond completely with his Lion, so much so that Désordre is able to manifest in a form of Keith.

    Both Mage and Lion are like two peas in a pod —hotheaded, audacious, impulsive and share one brain cell. The two, on their good days, are nothing but the embodiment of chaos, hence the nickname given to them by Lance: "The Chaotic Duo."

    Additionally, both are proficient with Swords, Désordre being hailed as not only a Deity of Fire and Chaos, but Swords as well.

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    Kidge Child

    Kelsey Alexander

    "My parents are wonderful artists. After all, their greatest work of art is me. So get that in your thick skulls, fucking extras."

    He is the son of Keith and Katie Alexander, the Black and Green Paladins of Voltron. This boy be low on caffeine, low on hacking prowess, but damn, he sure is high on sass.

    When he was much younger, Lance always volunteers to babysit because Kelsey is packing those snarky comments, it's never a dull moment with the brat around.

    38 notes • Posted 2021-11-13 04:16:18 GMT


    The Sword and Shield

    The Voltron:LD Shield Hero AU wherein Pidge is Naofumi and Keith is Raphtalia. Dunno if this has been done before...

    The thought came when I saw something about Shield Hero S2, and I felt VLD's recurring Sword and Shield theme could be applied (with a dash of romance, of course!)

    Also, the original backstories of the Shield Hero characters cannot be applied here.

    After journeying together for weeks, probably months, feelings start to catch and Pidge learning more about Keith’s past and how he had no one but Shiro (who's now missing) and he feels like giving up because life is throwing all sorts of shit their way, Pidge says the above...

    (I'm weak.)

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    So, I'm co-writing a vld fic and decided to do some art for it. I spent a lot of time on their hairs though *cough* Keith *cough cough*. Fic link is right below:

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

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